50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 32 - Mad Con: Fury Silk Road

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:38] No

[0:40] Hey dragon con the podcast that you know fold all sorts of different ways and joining me as always is.
I don't have a poem play.
Hey how are you dog i don't have a pen and a knocking big and take off one for us schedule thing i would add me know the oregon me.
How was the best one i had didn't have anything else i'm not yeah but that's okay with you know you're so so how are you doing.
Who good am i we have it's twenty one days that's a little terrifying twenty one days three weeks is we like to call it in the industry.

[1:31] We are like to call calendars,
com not sure three weeks does any better than twenty one days
who knows your pretty darn scary numbers though i mean if you are a developer need to open and i could be the like the one sprint so not really but then again its only once print started beating fast and free remix a okay
yeah that's really really fast coming coming coming to roanoke i forgot tell me you,
don't try to cross the tracks in fr is cuz it's a comment regardless of anything that's going on.
Is it still happening lol but even tell its getting closer to dragon con because we had a really cool space.
Yes announce just recently,
so we have a ralph myjio williams got and martin ko you know them from the karate kid and the new code so good,
it is but i'm sorry i'm so yeah yes you should,
is it ok hello who is on you tube tv on you tube or always be cold or you tube red knockout you tube premium.

[2:48] Umm but you tube tv also i also get their explicit content however,
i know what's happening but they are going.
Play the first season um.

[3:05] Is there gonna only having up there for like two weeks or something but the second season just came out there keep up for awhile,
and the third season will release and at the same time both on you tube and on tv so i know what's that's cool that is very cold so that is awesome we also have jason march ten th.
Not the other saying and going no that's the wrong one james like james marsden jason been a lot of movies and voice actor.
Great i have an upcoming drunk and then course okay the original oh captain my captain william chat.
Is coming back and people are.
The squeezing her drowned atlanta cuz a lotta what were very happy what was interesting about that pod is very interesting words.
Read from you have always put the credits in the.

[4:06] In the am but when i put them in the head with a credit on the dragon kind of typical thing is who is lower than a corner like justified,
the name and then re enter their mail and credits of their mostly there to talk about you he's just captain james t. kirk united federation of planets,
how many bollywood star trek anymore it just eat oh yes no yes no what is done.
Yeah i mean i remember also from tj yeah so yeah who gone out.

[4:42] Who's saying you're gonna see more of these i think they're gonna be more people who are you
able to finally say yes or no and you're gonna start seeing announcement to not screw anyone don't see anyone else minutes it's still one amazing let's just looking pretty darn awesome ready so yeah
no we didn't get any mail today yet there.
No i did not have email today i'm not like that that kind of email today sorry what are you so,
i meant when i have to put up because i forgot what are the other will basically was saying a week up a saying the,
which college,
yes it's great great don't have it ready when i got the update the hotel room with a hotel room the ballroom the street ballroom is and what hotel.

[5:43] Do you know what hotels in um i do.
And the sheraton i think well according to um according to my goal mike umm hmm.
It is actually in the western level.

[6:03] Well there might be too so we're gonna look up peach street ballroom sheraton atlanta because i was actually i think he was saying the pope is on the podcast that it's in.
Western although i think.

[6:21] Will let me honest so peachtree atlanta it's probably all the hotels,
there is possibly a peach street and he never wanted them except i think for the hyatt which is actually the only one that is actually well no the western to pay directly is on peachtree st tall,
that way so yeah IM trying to find that out and i guess it is the western because the sheraton doesn't give me that name it gives me,
other things so i guess that is in the western oops okay so how are the times i was in the sheraton brittany um,
and the westin so but as always double check everything dragon con double checked the app how well okay mr peachtree ballroom westin peachtree plaza email also.
Check out one more thing and will mention it in the end of the podcasts i can listen again but doing that so that's really good,
umm but you know it's kind of amazing it's kind of amazing and you know we're does not know what and umm chairs.

[7:33] You know what a lot of curtains are made out how this is this is horrible i know we're going to read the terror the lady that do any better i couldn't figure out what what kind of.
Who is the mayor right out of the director we have right now is the director of silk road at dragon con do best,
i'm doing great how are you guys would,
good afternoon,
what is the worst one we've ever done that is probably the worst radiation we ever get back and i could not figure it out who is your god skyview way
you can come up with,
hey alright well listen to this personal bath welcome is what we like to,
i don't know what i was gonna do i'm getting high so only one prepare for this play in what.

[8:34] What you mute yourself road so just put us to make a shut up for a little bit uh what is what is the silk road track,
i'm so the silk road track at dragon card covers everything along the path of the silk road route from ancient times three tomato so that everything from the mediterranean all the way to japan
i'm down in to india,
so add the track to see things that range from valley dance to marshal arts oregon just a wide variety of things because it covers a large.
Wow ok so you can martial arts.

[9:20] Review we we cover everything that is considered asian culture and live action film.
Okay john johnny i'm really glad about the martial arts that's awesome and i think everybody should look into that but i really want to talk about godzilla,
how much is advil
who doesn't wanna talk about the king of the monster who drew and wonderful of the monsters,
why so we have a guy who is gonna come too rp and all that just all about godzilla.
And on monday we plan to close out the weekend with this screening of a classic godzilla movie chosen by the audience who see others actually who is actually several options and they're gonna decide which one.

[10:10] Yes add tom plans to bring several options and allow the audience to choose which one that's pretty much have most of the screenings work with the silk road
we do a general discussion of the genre that's going to be shown in the main give them choices and watch the one they picked.
Oh that's not sad that's very very cool so like umm you do any of your classic kungfu martial arts movies.
That'll be included in the instant asian film school panel um so you have some choices from horror comedy martial arts and again audience pick which one they wanna watch that,
enable do another one that's just seasoned horror.

[10:55] Ok and everybody and i'm still not done with godzilla cuz i am a casual and i would a godzilla argyle events are losers
no it's not awful godzilla hey you got godzilla vs martha,
that's the one you want to see because not only do you get cheeky person no big rubber suit,
stop being on cardboard buildings which is awesome already you also get to see this huge thing but it looks like all they do is kinda like throwing.

[11:32] In order to show the fight scenes godzilla vs mostra off OK i'll stop now i'm good no i.
Perfectly understandable thanks though sorry you all so much and i uh like things are we dancing which is not traditionally i'll be sleep.
Ummm the japanese or chinese culture that's more tourism in the area of the desert,
right who doesn't know more middle eastern and more middle eastern and indian,
man i think it um belly dance pretty much been the only representative of that area as far as asian culture goes,
and alot of people forget that that's part of it to i'm actually including who are indian culture this year within,
pantalon on traditional to modern women's indian dress,
who all can wear while getting update soccer cleats no yeah,
do you have it is i'm sorry caribbean cinemas at the same time.

[12:37] I wish that i had time to show of bollywood film
the problem with that is that it would take up almost a half day of programming just to go through one true calling
are there usually its for really really really long yeah right so what i'm hoping to do is find someone who can readers digest one one four.
Send to a standard film showings law firm and hopefully it will be able to include some bollywood next year because i mean it's one of my favorite genres and they do epic fights seems like nobody.

[13:18] And they did it first or the epic fight scene that you dance numbers on an interview,
you can send up in the middle and we like la la land was lol there was nothing,
go see some bollywood folks cuz lamp with compared to bollywood had no just people breaking the song and dance it's just die.
No more guest the colors and everything else is just it's a very beautiful to the color is always there are stains and things like that its just beautiful.
Go very good so um now what are you know that john just asked about indian cinema but i'm asking can see what kind of things are you really looking forward to this shit,
gear because this is your first year is the director am i correct.
That's right i have been working with drag and cons you thousand three.

[14:20] I started off running signs to bring my money goals and i didn't some behind the scenes operations departments for,
years and years and finally they decided to give me a chain have a track director so we'll see how it goes out,
but i hope that goes really well i'm excited to finally see piano,
for the first time in ten years i'm actually applying payments before,
you actually gonna be about this what all do you see if we can put something together way to go that well i'm hoping the previous director who's expo,
cash who still had the feeling a lot of the administrative side of that but she passed on a lot of information on previous years performers in,
i hope i get from all that information what i was given some guest list this year that have been together something that's really gonna entertain everybody the whole week.
That's that's actually interesting to think about gas too.
Hmmm first of all do you have any other major media gangster no feature guess if u welcome.

[15:40] Set the major media gas for godzilla king of monsters the most recent movie that was released are handled through the main scheduling for guess they are not going to be in the silk road track bill be and alright.
That's handled from a different i'm i do have some guests i have any shift when i was our belly dancer
hmm then i have bought nick at them from the skip track,
hi beautiful will it hawks about spies and electronic espionage because that's his job,
but he spent several years living in china and japan hate you and i don't know which trending i like a chinese i like and japanese,
i'm NEL svcs in houston martial arts is there who's gonna run a self defense,
no and he's gonna do you know on the history of samurai,
record yes i am another guess who's gonna do some testing on.
The reality of ninja vs movie.

[16:53] I'm sorry that i didn't hear the album the ninja think i want to add something i wanna tell you something about it and just but ok i'm ready does that sometimes shit doesn't mind busting panel on math,
movies versus the reality of vengeance you in practice.

[17:14] What do i wanna say about well hey don't want to say something about nothing,
actually disney disney disney for saying that new jersey never say anything cuz different shit and jeff dont need that kinda negativity is not doing their job.
That's exactly where is the last thing you see nigga but my six year old nephew um,
turn six in february and so my sister said to him.
What do you want for your birthday and he told her he wanted ninja lessons.
Because he's gonna grow he wanted to grow up to be in there and she was like they're really,
new lesson you can take you know we get we get signed up for martial arts and you could do that and he was like no
i want to go to school there has to be a way to find the ninja school and he was absolutely convinced that he is now going to grow up to be a ninja and there are no injuries schools you can help me about this,
add is birthday party i said i want to be a ninja he is like yes mom said are any schools but i know there are goals and white.
Ok living drink and i was like your help fish fillet of fish play noah to.

[18:42] I know one that doesn't get an answer.
Master massage she will be at dragon con can i know of one perform that japan fest in malmo can you tell me you and he's actually local to the atlanta area.
Yeah there's no way he will it was good dream get yo on,
turn on local development because all of the sudden be like close to up on my doorstep i ran away from her
cuz there's no schools in atlanta oh wait i gotta explain this to your mother first of all that you are away from home without how are you got here and second of all,
gotta go back so it could be like its the third one what's the weather in dubai that's also i actually though i am.

[19:37] Choose a card or something else so that he could actually see some of this i think you would really greatly enjoy that you cannot go back,
may i have your whole track over their road to get pregnant i just who that is where we talked about the dangers and i had a weekend,
he would die.
We're also gonna have to give me panels will have two different level where can u beginner level one and never gonna do intermediate level.
Hey people can select for the one that fits their a level better,
and we moved into our workshops room this year so people will have tables and have paper.

[20:24] We are just making a folder on their lap race,
you are the best district director yes.
And the bigger room so more people can get yang benar every time a range of what i know and more than what is one more.

[20:46] I have signed up for a projector to show the instructors hands as he holds you can't actually see what he's doing is order does not what is yo house,
why would a cleaning with modern technology and everything else you know shops people it really does a good a work,
i will baby you everytime all those all those years serving in the background meeting all those people,
snap how old is the other guy you remember we had a deal years ago you'd always get your signs on time it stand up payout body is operating.
I just that
that would be awesome so we're OK i didn't know this is gonna sound terrible because i'm trying director but again i don't see all of còn where is the workshops room and where is the program what can i say this a couple of times but hey,
alright silk road track is located primarily and i said primarily because i have things happening in other spaces but our main track room is in the hilton down in the bottom on the gallery level,

[22:06] Ok the work ups workshops are held on the third floor of the hilton and our workshops will be in three thirteen and three forty.

[22:16] Very very awesome there we go i know you're talking about so we're both of them are in the golden senior yeah right also i mostly help me as i do you have on.
We're gonna do the silk road expo is fingers crossed going to stay in hilton grand east there's always the chance that will shift around hoping that the hilton grand is sunday afternoon.
And paul from master massage she is going to,
and the hyatt and the international south ballroom.
Where his demonstration and in the kennesaw a room for his q and a session,
does not boast be at the high on saturday and sunday ok so good so what brings direct it differently i know that for a large space accommodation,
bourekas when is friday night i have a kpop dance class,
followed by a kpop dance party is five hours of learning and showing off your hip hop dance moves on friday night,
and that when it supposed to be in the imperial ballroom at mary had have ever heard you guys.

[23:38] Silk road has done a kpop dance party before i believe that was at the sheraton last year um add director for another convention i have run kpop dance parties.

[23:52] Lots and lots of time i hope i'm pretty friendly with the crowd and the moose and the music and everything so it'll just be,
vigor i was not trying hard everything has been the screen was cracked the dragon must be a huge event i mean it seems like a yeah i'm expecting it to be about,
why is the space and turn out that i'm use to it my smaller convention.

[24:19] That's what's up that's great so many people love and and that will be great and john i heard you go about kpop
is there you know how good a plain mean it okay who are you looking for something to talk about moving on
okay bet that we'll also will also be discussing k dramas you must be watching how you get beth beth if zack,
and the weather in ny,
hi will i don't know what to give you but i will find something if u get pictures of em dancing like a kpop start please please please it's lost it's almost as likely to spotting so much,
how do i get to drink and was wondering who sass watches possible is pretty common yeah huh,
where do you go to the dumpster and move on quickly um you gotta play pop yo on,
silk road expo what is the texas tech bulldogs.

[25:29] I'm so great expo with a range by the previous director of the department and it is a chance for congo to come and put on basically a talent show.
How so i deleted it so it could be a large demonstration it could be a dance group it could be someone who plays an instrument from asia it could be.
A dramatic reading,
the application is live and available through the dragon con silk road website there's a link for the application and also been posted on the dragon con silk road facebook page.

[26:13] Anyone can email me at silk road at dragon con dot work and i can forward you the information for the application if that's easiest for you,
and as always who also a link to it from the post
where at the unique dot com along with many other things that we talked about during
does podcast so any of those places so asoke road at drinking to organize the clip is the email and i am trying to organise your source for most everything trying to sell,
um tell me when was exciting thing yeah we got any i have,
i have who i have several panels that involve trivia and prizes.
Who are those are the k member living room i mean not like i'm good a related cuz i jus i'm gonna be there.

[27:11] There's a name that kpop turn the quiz show there's going to be a general new trivia want to go o what godzilla piano in new york,
who knows how,
john john can you could you home ok bye i have not had no there's no way cuz i wouldn't that would mean that i have no idea what you're talking about solat,
so what i heard there any other panels that you're looking for twenty major panels reminder pills just that interested that up to you if you want to share with the audience.

[27:57] I'm actually is jason are meryl is one of our fashion panel and he usually does panels for the costuming track where the art history track.
But i managed to sneak away for a piano this year and what kind of you and a reversal of.
Silk road influence on the world because the rest of the panels are influence of the silk road on the world leader agent or modern.
This is taking a look at western influence on japanese.

[28:31] How would like to return your very google has you see what you're seeing or whatever revival be a straight version from the us popping up when
i am in china and thailand now and i'm interesting to see how.
Global influence has come full circle that we allow family get incredibly interesting topic and um.
Yeah because we only thing im going to where it normally don't have american queen comes everything but any way i'm really not and yes but not a lot of japanese technology from the eighties.
Describe fashion in the eighties and so taking it and saying it and taking western fashion and applying it to japanese fashion is kind of like having a call back to itself.
Hey marco marco was awesome and so we,
you got your details about you know that you did you did you years moving around signed but how did you get involved in dragon con how did humans start.

[29:45] I was dating a guy and he had been going to dragon con for years and years and years and i didn't know what it was.
Nm rơm nhé.
And almost couldn't get me to leave the first film that was the last time i computed in and out from the convention.
Where is my purchase i found a way to sleep on the floor and somebody's room i found away to sleep at the convention never yourself.
Because i don't want to leave and i hope,
that's what dragon con ese for everybody who comes there first year is the biggest thing i want to leave.

[30:26] Yeah it was it was so much fun the first time i went and i just can't remember what,
how many people are there having fun with it and then i also can't believe how much that was going on and this is where i go events and thus my first time it was,
remember only one hotel but it was still like oh my goodness this was only morning.
We adjust the height at the marriott in the garden and now is yeah it was it was still big for me then but now it.
It's over eighty thousand people and not a lot of people i have social anxiety and general debt and i in large crowds but i cant escape,
when people ask me all the time because they see me standing in line for a football game start how we roll do you go to dragging card,
no that's totally different man is just eighty thousand of my closest,
randi i just don't know all their names yet right that's what it should be for,
everyone hope that's what i get to be for everyone the details of my closest friends and all the names.

[31:41] No more yeah yeah yeah there,
how did you go from attending to the meaning of volunteer well the first year are big i was dating but my badge for me,
the second we are no longer together and i could not afford to purchase my own bags so i signed up to volunteer yeah that's actually really yes
in a room with eight other volunteers and i record our first weekend cost us together,
um what i paid for tonight so what is your i stay at dragon con on-site the hotel,
yeah okay change the wallet but mostly better mostly for the better i really.

[32:36] I like watching the convention girl i like c papa it didn't exist in.
I like that everything the little bit different but completely the same every year
what is it i think you know you're talking about that is he said you have social anxiety and am an extra so i don't have social anxiety,
yes john doan john i'm sorry you laughing nope not at all like the umm,
so as i call myself i'm just kind of like you know and energy empire i get my energy from other people and i get out of that by the end of dragon gone i don't want to talk to anybody.
I want to see anybody in need i need some quiet time,
what is the weather here it's awesome and i just i love it and i just go go on and on and on and on and you.

[33:35] Will it go in that is wonderful and i think that's always what's interesting is cuz i know
are there people who have social anxiety or just also they don't like to feel.
I want to claustrophobic but they dont want to feel like in that tight space it would like a personal bubble and there's still no like how do you
do you like actually for the yes i figure out a way to get through it myself,
what band i'm okay with it and i didn't turn on so i think because it is that all your friends that you haven't met yet and it's it's family reunion are called that for years because there people only want to hear.
But it makes me so happy to see them yeah yeah.
What are my like a little more than a baby summary.
Never say that not all that loud we switch from where.
I want no one's listening i'm getting.

[34:33] I'm are there any other panels other before we move onto our next part of this podcast.
No i think that that summary in my oh yeah i have one more rear wheel okay so.
We've never had thursday programming in the silk road track before i got permission to add one thing.

[35:00] How to make sure that i could still go to wrestling,
i'm get to an on-time shipment start yeah i heard after dragon con wrestling and will and before the drum circle is over,
well hello i'm writing the middle i am watching and hyde you improv theater.

[35:25] Rotate a happy movie i just like first of all i want to find you and theatre that many words makes me a little nervous but yet yo please what is this,
oh yeah we will have a pause button and wondering microphones for shout improv commentary.

[35:45] What happen until ten PM it may involve adult language because of audience participation that should be strongly discouraged and we will do our best.
Keep it family friendly has everything should be but.
Yeah it should be interesting when you say it kind you.
So are they gonna be dressed up like to order the have to be something like gaj what do you think.
So he's gonna show the jason is gonna show.

[36:22] Something who do something involving asian movie monster.
And he will pause it for AMS to three k style commentary.
From the audience other girls who is his projected in the audience input their own commentary slash,
funny bed slash ok yes thankyou yes i got your prescription and turn it sky the movies three okay thank you movie.

[36:55] You are the MC three people know you said before the drum circle ends so it's going to end sometime before monday at six am.
Hey no i dont want help next when is it scheduled to start after two am,
for some reason because we have some things that are technically early morning but started to thirty am.
Think we are my end that two am so in theory,
everything should stop at two am.
It's really up to the hotel and they said the door but in theory the drum circle is the end at two am on her,
yeah i'm sure okay yes i know who just moved up yet i didn't know that i feel the drum circle just keep going
for the entire drank a good asian near dimension two things tho two things i have never seen a dragon con all the years i've gone which are boys want to book drum circle
i've never been able to find and know where it is,
hey do you know like three or four people playing drums like that wasn't the drum circle as i understand it from and to,
wrestling which i've always wanted to go watch but i never know where it is.

[38:16] Wrestling centennial one thru for your bio how many centimeters are at centennial hall room in the hyatt,
what is the ballroom blitz right next to the pool.

[38:28] I'm and it takes up the whole thing and really go start an hour ahead and it really does go out the door um.
And is one of the most packed events at dragon con every year,
they had sting in china last year or the year before i can't member and they're supposed to have a couple years ago but your number is considered lawn set on porch light but,
i'm looking them pulling and more and more big name classic wrestlers to come and make parents is not pretty cool,
and um no trouble maker from the neil podcast does the announcing during the matches.
And when i can be there for the last ten years or so i ring the bell though you are really important.
Yo on i can take you if what i can hear of other than electronics,
hi on add another rough call and tell me when the ring the bell and,
i hate how it says who what can i get instead of the run table and the.
I gotta throw a podcast or one year because he's never been thrown before and some of the wrestlers would do it.

[39:51] So i did well how did you know what time how much i got.
Well i have over twenty years experience in martial arts i think just like my whole life and so i don understand.
You know something i was just wondering like you through it out of the room because what has this got thrown out of a room but you're actually interacting wanted somebody to throw him on the ground so i didn't have wheel.
Yeah who would like to return nobody other than the b.

[40:32] You are because you know there there are ways of throwing people that,
um are assistant in a plan by the road where do they train well enough to know how to lantern how to.
I can know and that's why i didn't have wheel because i am doing all i have complete control over his balance through the whole throw in
add when i go down to my knee cuz i training i was very sad when i found money i still have all of his weight balance on my hip until i actually get that first knee down to the ground
i'm just want them off my hip on the floor so at that point you shouldn't feel anything um i did not the wind out of him he was surprised,
but he was laughing the whole way so it was good
please get some john john what are you wrestling and let that be that to you that you have in the wrestling yes
pro wrestling in paris on i'm progress.
Roll not anymore it is i will send it,
hello hey m expired who are you,
i practiced you know for a couple of years it when i was in tallahassee um ya y,

[41:57] The martial arts and i have a working vehicle in the right way not know when my niece is pregnant um.
You was probably the one that is associated with the most is well as far as being enjoyable to me,
ugh did the sum come to for a while and it didn't come to umm but i like you know like you know.

[42:24] Yeah trade in juneau for a little while because the olympic judo team from brazil was here in macon during the olympics in atlanta in ninety six.
And so i was in high school and they're practicing in my high school cap,
yeah over the summer so i was there every day with brazilian olympic judo team.
Help recruit a middle judo team and we.
What is a girl's club in.
You know it was it was lots of fun umm but eventually the instructor had to stop teaching classes because he was having back and hip issues and it's kinda fell apart.
I'm mad my husband is a black belt in karate,
and it's all the same body can't mechanic's installed the same rose i just had to learn some kicks and punches,
hey weather and weapons because we didn't do any of that into that stuff,
that's pretty much my whole background but i did spend a few years working at a hockey to school and that's how i'm very in style and then it's the korean style that's most like ito,
salut was.
Jumps and kicks as type window in a lot more um body mechanics joint lots of things like that for my.

[43:43] Go enjoy the demonstrations using your dimensions are martial arts administration use um are.
Always in the room i know that one of them mentioned was that outside of that outside your name but i want arts.
Yes measurements are shit with the ninja panel will be in a larger space so will the jodi,
short staff fighting it's a japanese fighting style that one has a larger spaces well i'm i want to say that that's also going to be in international set.

[44:18] Because of the ceiling will never get well as we say these things right now we are talking about rooms that we,
anticipate and plan for them to be into but do check the app.
Close you can write out.
Hey girl yes i could change the other.
Nothing is set in stone until after it happened that is deaf and a dragon
i love snow and feeling sorry happen and somehow find you certainly know that i'm gonna have a cancellation or are there any chance that i'm gonna have somebody who gets it all or i'm gonna have a chair and there's a chance they're gonna have to move it to a new space,
i understand that i certainly hope that the congo understand that sometimes the logistics of these things they have to change a little bit but will keep everybody posted as quickly as possible,
make sure the daily dragon haser updates and everything it's updated in the app is quickly as possible if anything changes at all,
diageo and before i go to think john wants to do.
What are you guys doing until road four deep is john and i talk always talk charities would like,
what's up for you guys.
Set the driving kinda fishing charity this year is the american heart association and i hardly support that so we'll have a donation box for the american heart association in the silk road track.

[45:47] Yeah so he remind me remember yes you did god create a whole dollars is good you can you call them and go to lunch,
record twenty in what's left do i have any more gabby ottoman throwing a bucket are you go.
You would a shouldn't say to do the oregon because regina helps account that money
will they certainly certainly do the oregon me that lol okay i'm glad you are the director beth and i did not agree where is winter winter again i'm gonna be completely gone ah ok
yeah i get it right,
i forgot what day is so bad this is awesome this out that sounds great and yeah give your money remember to give your money i'm not gonna say what is the temperature.
Read me a.

[46:59] My lucky number has gotten nicer pop culture trivia pop culture trivia how.
Okay so petty she in when i help john has um.
Do you have an addiction he really cant problem if it's not that i know i'm texting your wife,
later okay umm but he loves to have all of these trivia games in his house he was hard running games do you play i just be a card.
I need yes i need full disclosure.
I have twenty three full sets of trivial pursuit question are at home,
oh wow this is just to get your head out your that your mom would go how is your sister for my mother
category somewhere help help help you love trivia and he loves having trivia card so he is going on after sales or his going to big lots or wherever l tuesday morning and he buys trivia card
he does the speakers then at the end of this podcast he asked questions,
and probably now it's not,
it's not as much set up for me to lose as i used to be which i'm very thankful.

[48:28] I don't wanna for winning this other than yes no,
should a purchase but never mind then yo on sony xperia and try again please code zero if you're actually six,
categories in training robots are five categories and roll dice you have a second up with sex then you get to pick which number.
Category want to leave you listening do you know me play against you will go to five and it.
Ezra put number six right off bed so when can i pick one of those numbers i'm gonna go with three again and i cant help but i'm not landing was a spin off from what tv series.

[49:14] Who.

[49:17] Who is the nurse who.

[49:23] I have no idea do you want him to have him.
Yeah it will take place in texas.

[49:33] What is the balance is it yeah i don't know.
Could you provide me the hours like if she is gonna kick yourself send john john just FYI.
We had that question before so yeah you need a will for third idea idea okay new open back soon can you open the bonnet so um,
what happen could it be open in the two for you leave is what i get a box what king novel see the teenage girl yoghurt connect,
powers to exact revenge against their classmates at senior prom.

[50:16] Yeah i'm a stephen king fan man.
Yeah i rolled a four.
Hey zero one two three four that's me.
What boy bands best selling single with step-by-step.

[50:38] What boy bands best selling single with step-by-step man.
See it's a problem between one and two on your head right yeah i hope so i'm gonna guess.

[50:57] And second hope it gets the other one i don't know what's the other one new kids on the block when i want the one that wasn uh which one is justin timberlake one,
now you can say is that i said personal fact can you confirm the block was my first live concert,
you need to meet some of my some of my track members uh yeah and if there was anything yeah oh yeah.
I know when open for them and that was before steve was steve and make him mad a perfect gentleman because voice change.
Any use that to create the characters of steve oracle really.
Who know where that is review john should get at least half a point for that period i'm going to add airtime i like that.
I use road for free was well with his music has one thousand sixteen as it doesn't sixteen pretty sure daughter has head thirteen albums.
Reach the top spots on the billboard two hundred by what name is shawn better known as.

[52:18] What was the name again sean corey carter.

[52:22] Yes she has had thirteen albums reach the top spot on the billboard two hundred.
Is it reach top spot on billboard one disable first payment whenever i'll just i don't know um carter i'm.
Hi where can i get that is not right.
No that's outline hey,
sorry yeah no other one for you bet that james looks like tho what green fuzzy creature is the official mascot of the philadelphia phillies.

[53:15] Oh hmm how's you.

[53:21] I don't know what's like weird and green beans banging and did the black horse know how you because you're describing it perfectly
um i know it works but i gotta still no issues can be like little black corner things to home because i am blogging it's small hand he's the philly.

[53:44] Who put another one that you know because these shorts.

[53:56] Hi it's billy fanatik who was the philly fanatic,
yo are trying to help
yeah yeah i didn't get one ok i eat but then in sports that
i'm bad at sports questions be like in what do you know what year did she what about a light bulb nineteen seventies or ice hockey coach.
Yes it's alistair,
who for you which is a box a guidebook and art i guess because this person was bad artist what painted i need more recoup rating from routine gallbladder surgery at the age of fifty eight.
What painted painter died or recoup rating from routine gallbladder surgery at the age of fifty eight.

[54:45] I like to know oh and the warhol anywhere lol how was my order.
That's good if i just i guess i was older oops never mind about the same time.
Yes there are new not no politics dad so ups sorry sorry people that made in art history,
oops i broke the three free bets um who directed the movie trilogy the lord of the rings.

[55:16] Who directed the lord of the rings basically.

[55:20] And the hobbit is the true out right bryan bryan something hmm no heat or something.

[55:30] How can i have no idea okay so get the new arena but question about the lord of the rings but then find my first grade.
Can you help me book question is how bad what is what was john grisham début de boue did it do that debut novel what is john griffin was debut novel novel,
man which one came out first i had no.
What was the time to go begunbari was peter jackson.
Jackson thank you.
God we actually had that want to do that one cuz,
who won what is what is hard.
Yes uh oh okay others too easy,
what up just know the person okay so good add more difficult road which is what duo who created spider man.

[56:33] What do yo create spider man.

[56:37] Usually when was what is price and when i saw far from home.
Yeah name would been another executive producer jack kirby steve detail.
Hey girl that kirby probably did the other one to eight then back out yet shipped.
Okay bet what do what do where do archie betty reggie and veronica go to school.

[57:09] Riverdale hi that is correct hey yeah yeah you get it riverdale i am i,
mr you get mystery number five hundred it's a person where the question mark inside a bit uh who tried and failed to jump the snake river canyon on a rocket powered motor cycle.
You can correct yeah.

[57:35] Add a role of policy uh by what name is singer robert zimmerman better known as.

[57:45] I want name is singer robert zimmerman better now than in the ass before.
Uh hey hello have no idea what you're trying to give as i was trying to impersonation of the singer
add increasing like sammy davis jr i wasn't there was nothing add turn it off now people that already know the answer going
hey give me the strength he is yes a very unique voice and this day and age probably will never get a recording contract.
Can i see the first thing i thought it would a i know no good a yeah.
What music in this six news the other folk artist and everyone freaked out when he went to electric.

[58:40] Bob dylan bob dylan is correct yes hey good a work who am i,
are you hear yo i speaking for roll of my dick a,
hi janice joplin jim morris and jim hendrix and kurt cobain died at what age.
I need to know where i could give to know what is seven,
who is twenty seven.
That was so damn horny now any white house is on your learn yeah i knew that though irritating.

[59:30] So

[59:33] I forgot i gotta rob afraid so technically you get the TV question but still no look up what is asking a question but ok.
Just because he's asking for or yeah i could go a different card it's a one from the jersey shore and im like nope dont feel like in a man.
I know right so up to what pop-culture saying inspired by seen in the sitcom happy days.
Is used to describe a point of decline and a TV series.

[1:00:07] Jump in the shower or jumping the average purchase price was good is done so but anyway yeah i would.

[1:00:16] Ok thank you for being a good sport.

[1:00:21] Umm no what would happen what would know where they can find you again at dragon con and on the web.

[1:00:30] Who r track room is in the hilton on the gallery level we're in hilton gallery.

[1:00:36] And i'm on i'm at dragon con silk road on facebook we have around groups,
and i can be reached at silk road at dragon con dot words for email.
Sorry but thank you for taking time outta you know as we approach only three weeks left bragança.
How funny busy learning learning the directors job is never,
hmm wondering if this is probably why you signed up to do any of its members skating i think no.
I appreciate you taking the time and we appreciate your volunteers do please please please please please please thank your volunteers for us and those of you listening of course always think of auntie are,
whats today i drank on because they are doing their best to make your experience even better.
Play after lane.
So well said thank you so much for having me on the shelf so awesome thank u so much so until its time for bed,
this is john nice.

[1:01:49] Find this has been a production of the unique pink.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
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[1:02:13] Music.