50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 33 - Big Fantasy Track

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Play a
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] Welcome to another edition,
the dragon kinda a podcast that no other dragons of time and joining me as always.
Please try again if i drink on all the time no i don't no anyway are dragon team or league.
Hey hello jon its lovely to be here in this.
Amazeme what are you doing any what do i do if i was trying to use hi
NYC speed and it's just not gonna happen i read much stephen game then,
other stuff had just want me to talk like stephen king's so hey i cant believe we are.
Hey i don't like how many days we are now done,
i honestly close yeah let's go and it's very close hood hi matt it's rated at twenty.
Show recorded yesterday it was that you know three weeks when you can't even three weeks two weeks and really really close.

[1:54] Hey it's twenty days now so oh my oh my my,
do you want any i wouldn't say guest notes but we got some dj and entertainment people up production assistant and production director people with entertainment,
find comic groups and also more bands were announced today so that is great should go and look at that which is right
i didn't want to mention that go from yesterday's podcast i finished reading the email to you but he can't say that he's willing to up
add dan the young any shit against get back to kevin so awesome good to know i will.
Have your name forward will i mean they were covered at the in the western area of tears over that area,
i am done so,
news the web is working is all times i guess that idea also.

[3:00] So we're just doing stuff nothing good HURON roof.
There's no reason we have to go after we don't have to try to many dragons right now but you know if you wanted to,
what we can find some i can talk to right now who be that would be the director of fantasy literature go,
hey when are we clear play how are you doing.
You got it is very para asleep close who is um.

[3:40] Yes it's been a black stuff can i hide from my email now if it had no no no that will email hunts you,
yeah when i learned what is your is the schedule check his last year was my first year so this is my second year um.

[3:58] E-mails and schedule changes keep happening sometimes we are getting emails about schedule change after the event already happen if it,
oops what,
i only that the army did stuff like that how many times will happen there a dragon time is what happened is this a bot when i try to remain did anything it sometimes especially at show,
it's going so fast you are finding out about the start what's gonna happen and then all the sudden like two days later you look at your email.
Who trying to tell me about that was nice family and a penny from where u r your email make me not be coming through yo honestly a blur i feel like i did nothing i get everything all in one,
yeah what can i do to try director.
So u i wanted to know so your first but i play a track and send you this year so immature second nearest your first year went well.

[5:02] My first year what is the georgia tech great feedback on the app and naam.
I think people take me seriously when i said i will eventually sleep and what ever kind where he told me will dribble out under my pillow i'm not come back in,
smh so we got some very good constructive feedback last year and.
I did anyways a blast i wouldn't trade for anything in the world i have had an amazing crew behind me and i have no,
person personality switch shifts this year and even great but maybe this year i don't know we'll see time will tell but i'm really excited we've been brainstorming,
they're all jazz and energized away started plotting panel right after the dead dog last year.

[5:49] No i'm looking
yeah that's why it was great i've never never gonna stop the momentum because we are a passionate group and i love the collaboration we have our track is it fabulous
it is wonderful but it's like unless you're gonna write this down and remember that don't tell me a dead zone upper marlboro on facebook that would a,
add new list for just the volunteers and it was all through that's because be knew that i was,
i was falling asleep in my chase gangnam style is very very kind to me on that one and we'd we had a great support from the authors,
we are people who donated are working are we rebooted the entire track and one friend you feel add,
been publishing donated posters to us last year they sent me some new ones for this year is michael j allan gave me artwork people gave us
stop books to give out as prizes so i was just really warm and welcoming i felt very loved and welcomed into fantasy literature is community again,
hmm i was wonderful and we had a great facebook presence going through out the year and can in community there on facebook.

[7:05] Very cool very awesome know something we've already talked to high fantasy and we've already talked to file it.
Seven out what is fantasy lit.
End this now because now he really has three adult literature panels but tracks which is awesome.

[7:25] I like to say that my brothers tell me that i sound like a mega maniac when i say everything because i would really but it really is everything good with you some fantasy with magic then there's some fantasy that,
how does a mediocre amount to large amount a lot of high fantasy and um,
properties as well as the urban fantasy tracks properties are ones that have a lot of media presence a lot of books would really our focus is.
Series that are only a buck okay no.
Yes we really get many of those author actors on our panels but we have a blast and it's a really big.

[8:11] Broad spectrum and we had lot of fun with that like we always do we get a sub genre panel last year and we're doing one this year very creatively named all the subs because i think its funny how to forget that shang.
We are doing one this year and.
What make something dark fantasy vs horror as well as where doing one all about food this year in the representation of literature in that was going to be,
fun and also the authors we have on i think jodi lynn nine on it and i don't know quincy um quincy allen on as well as reading it and those three can you talk.
Show and talk about food so it can clear is good and put it in the road and the umm,
i feel that maybe it would be really cool if they are some recipes to put on facebook for those who are our fans you can't make it to the event so that would be awesome,
i really wanted i'm trying to build a bot.

[9:18] Turn on line coz dragon con it's a display driving concert community and it's still waiting sixty days for some people yes and that's awesome because i know how much people love doing it and began being about jeff.
I wanna date with a guy like the meaning is dragon con a lifestyle that i want to thank my lovely play at my baby and i help you.

[9:44] Yeah it is absolutely great i love it because many many more are bad for you.
Hobby how can log in and loves outside of your family there that can really hurt you,
so this is good morning in my opinion that's what you're reading you for your
watching hopefully good tv or bad tv and enjoying it and your hubby want to see it so this was what is that all people as honestly i don't know where i would have started at dragon con eighteen i don't know where,
i will be now i feel he is later.
If one for dragon con got it was a safe place for me to explore who i was and figure out what things i liked and didnt life in and learn to the first public speaking thing i ever did was at dragon con,
so i learned and grown as a person and taking some of those skills that i probably needed to develop.
And my monday normal life where kinda to driving can get me a safe place to learn those sites to,
what are my sweet experiment with that too because i think one of the things jon what we say of somebody's coming to dragon con and only one thing on your command ragtime for the wrong reason.

[11:07] That's exactly right words the weather coming driving drunk right use the app because first of all surely coming for one person and that person cancel that activity details of whatever
will you be there when i get you money back for the ticket we don't do that and can transfer your tickets are the membership membership membership membership members do,
membership membership i'm gonna have that tattooed on my hand dad and volunteers both the doors on my hand one
but that's what i think one of the greatest things that i love and what are the first dragon con i retained to what i actually said sat in on some of the literature,
things that were going on cuz i just don't know what i know i like to read what was awesome,
so i just sat there and i just started writing down books people were talking about like i did know any of them but i then got some things i like do my husband like you know things like that i still have yoga outlet now,
just send an email what you know what's good for um lol eleven year old who,
want to get into graphic novels and you know actually i don't but what are some good ones crown of was my favorite one that i read this year,
ok see that we can get the barnes and noble and its phenomenal.

[12:28] Who did the production quality in the blog is also just amazing round of feathers write it down.

[12:37] I join your call as soon as you sow so what kind of weird talking briefly beforehand um you have,
some topics for after dark if you will what were you what you cover his share what bowl last year for that is not well.
We did the s p last year in people really like that is a chance to look at,
classic fantasy we do focus on dancing but you know what somebody wants to bring up behind golden it was a great author when you write stuff it out there its permanently out there,
but society changes and moves forward and even sometimes
often the authors move forward and develop and change their viewpoint so particularly with classical literature
you read something and think oh my god that's so successful at the time it was probably fairly having guards for that time so it's a discussion on that and it was really great to twenty y scott moderate it last year and she won best compliments i ever had which was
that was a what are the most scenic panels that she never seen and she would the world be moderate again,
hello we actually video taped that one and had an ob,
we had our website which would drag and cons revamp so i wanna find a new home for it.

[14:00] But it was really a great discussion and then bringing that back we're,
not running back when besties and i am not moderate it cuz we found out last year i'm not doing good at moderate enough,
panels that are about that topic what is the dress okay.
Yeah i was a little bit risky but we are having blinking beast with simpson silver moderate again so and he is very excited about that um,
we had the fantasy dating game wit we never gonna dragon con in ordering had.

[14:34] Um it's gonna be a little bit audience participation as well as some ls for gonna have a.
I'm moderator up there and hopefully three author cosplay.
Announcing the role of a character from their series.
Add an audience member who will be selecting them for a date and then the question a chance to talk about be like this is not who they were,
add this is a serious problem and so we are hoping to have two rounds of that which should be a lot of fun,
and then we are bringing back if you can come too fancy or you know we don't sleep in fantasy literature it seems because after i close out the candles then start gaming center doing,
midnight gaming and charity color on saturday night and,
will probably end up doing it again on sunday but it's of artificial event for saturday.
At midnight or eleven thirty whenever the pain starts.

[15:33] Anime and all the proceeds from the drawing will go to church and so are her other the american heart association atlanta chapter which is our unofficial charity this year,
that was very right u gotta hey i can study on it and then uh we're also having the famous each other which we premier last year,
ask cocktail hour me bookfair me social,
and it's terrifying we had nine officers committed last year we have a team this year umm yeah its gonna be fun a couple of them actually i just kind of grew up together like a,
flagstaff publishing and just put it all over them at one table,
ummm and christianity publishing out one table because there are so many of them and that will get their offers a chance to kind of loading it out but i guess people a chance to meet authors can talk with them,
and i'm more low key setting last year july nine and larry never came through and talk to people um.
Chris was one of the dragon award finalist for last year is totally embarrassing to recognize that person.

[16:44] Yeah that's open book and then i realize what i saw but if i don't have a budget for getting them to her,
give the quickest route first did i lend up yet so what would a bot yeah i do i love mart,
relax you can meet your prayers and where we're doing on friday night so that is a chance for people to,
get me orders and go maybe i want to see this person on the panel but also dragon con is great for networking but its so hard it's really hard to network turn off because theres a chance to mix and mingle with each other and,
i mean each other to sell it it's worth undefined i highly recommend coming and that we have a swag ribbons this year,
who yo are thousand.

[17:33] Get there soon get there early yes girl and black i am so looking forward to it.
I would like to wear a seventy nine thousand people will be disappointed.

[17:46] Good a least a hundred thirty trax time the thousand so yeah i mean it's more like you know forty,
five girls only forty five only forty five dollars and it will be delivered forty five thousand,
what i'm sure they're all at the drum circle right now cuz you know
we will keep doing it and i wanted this i keep telling regina i want
the big power my mind can i have a regency seven and eight i think it's seven at eight but i'll continue level and cheese light of the highest you do when your not yeah.
You know what which can probably forgot i had a piano in their last year in iraq.

[18:32] Call me in like they're going to have to call them at six because and i'm like i woke and i'm going.
It's okay okay enough i apparently went sheet white and mike how many does it hold a hundred and fifty.
Yeah what u blood.
Like i'm not the moderator in them because dragon con gets crazy in the dumps five minutes beforehand moderate in the panel no and then i was saying i was so regina.
Cancel this shit at your mother calling this year and she was telling the story and regina goes,
it doesn't hold a hundred and fifty bucks thousand and fifty i would a little small yeah,
thank you,
give me shit cuz you're not allowed to post freaking out about this cuz apparently i started going there again.
I love it no that's awesome i love it because there is something about that with you see some of these rooms like.

[19:27] Hub id just ask your directors you get that way to sort through everything so sometimes the guests whenever they are there light,
its one day one its always me nate we fill the room and they're like don't worry nobody's fool the remote i like.
It was three hundred and fifty person panel on talking about science and magic.
Awesome that sounds like a really interesting,
i also want to say only a dragon can i would be i wouldn't that if anybody ever find this.
I really would love to get a copy of that program but i got only a dragon pond you see something called blinking beast.
As an actual whole panel topic and not tell me and she's like we're gonna talk about how big is blank.

[20:21] That's a beautiful title that i just got a día.
You know i had help with that anyways we're sitting there talking after the last panel and i'm not sure.
It was christopher jackson,
we're leaving myself what i think we all kinda came up with together and i'll.
It's a fun title is the fun title like that is a refund i got sounds good we have great one i like subtitles,
what is that you're telling me just before the right one in here but ummm you're doing something kind of about young adult or yes we have it handled that um hopefully,
if the schedule works out right we will have david brandon sanderson jodi lynn nine.

[21:09] Cannot remember who else in the panel and no i have somebody monitoring it um what talking about writing why an adult and kinda went and saw that again um because he.
When is all of these are authors who threatened both why an adult.
Add and have very strong feelings about what it should look what the difference is should be and what they should look like in the trends calm.

[21:39] Can i ride all both of every single i've read both are adults and there were so that this is i made a concentrated effort to.

[21:48] Find it do the research on who would be good for this on a lot that so i think that's really the one the always wanna say as parents aunts guardians.
Whatever term you use its so important to get,
kid reading really like you know stuff like google
you know that it'll princess star wars darth vader princess leia buns think it's a little weird cuz there's some issues there but
pic of it because you know i get to start it early built you know any keep going up and i think dan being able to say hey i like this author and their house to a series,
who are younger child or my child from my niece for my nephew my grandchild or whatever god child that is also by that author won't know that someone who is a very,
what author and that great to be able to start somebody on that author really well and also there is some of them at once again in the classic,
some of them and that he has many titles that are very inappropriate and why she wasn't live when i was a genre,
right i mean for good which is it is while for me to say that because she's only been pass for seven years so why is only been really a genre for a short amount of time i remember cuz,
i knew what i was.

[23:17] Not that i'm ok with that because i would a i think that i want to know the technical how old my my spanish,
you got that that's a good one i like that idea
i have to look back at some drunken of my spine was x old then this year and that's a good way to do it like that i only have one response i don't know what you are so,
can i have one woman from italy yeah what's yo on
yeah i have to leave probably get them confused all the time which is fine so i asked my youngest brother and my spine confused some days have that happened yet look i have been called every name.
The from my mother's other sister do my grandmothers name to my sisters and my nieces made before my mother will get to me so it happens so it's because you didn't have to yell at you alot that is actually true but i was the good one,
and i will die on that hill thank you very much some out there so of course.

[24:28] You're director everything is crazy who knows what might happen.
The sun shining down and double rainbows are very dragon con and you get to go see someone or something at dragon con what are you looking forward to doing.

[24:47] Oh i don't know all of the
yes i don't either i will stay got it becomes dragon god i know how about it oh yeah i'm dr him about it because i have the biggest.
Biggest biggest biggest fan thing for oh well i am yeah i heard you like girls ass is huge progress yeah yeah i like um.

[25:15] What the hell i don't know.
I know i didn't know i don't even know who i really like the featured guest in oh yeah forgot that persons coming yet that i like a lot of people from my i don't like the color to god pleasure buddy,
you know this is not high i love lucifer i so glad netflix saved and loose for gas for coming if there's anywhere i can go and see that.
I would probably really enjoy that one david tennant would be an awesome yes yes and no bills coming as well.
Yes and i'm like probably see that,
newly released here hey i left i was that i was driving conference.
Five days and i left the hyatt where at fantasy letter is in my hotel room four times.
Who know i'm assuming one of those times was eating i hope.
One of those times was sitting at one of my my volunteers is a wonderful gentleman the hue on.
You brought a box of these and tell me you make me if i come.
Didn't willingly was actually the one great thing about um my volunteers because we've known each other for so many years is that at some point somethings like to have the.
We're gonna go get some food.

[26:42] Is beckley get back but you're gonna eat some hello and i'm praying is an old army buddy of mine when we had personnel changes and like i need you here cuz i don't know what's gonna happen,
and i know that you,
will make me sit down and i will listen to whatever it is you have to say where they go to sleep but i will probably do you tell me the date yeah.

[27:07] Let's go to one of them was i want to go down to volunteer services for something and then one of them was four and
basically they're all work related except for the one time i was like.
I'm going and getting my pad thai from the newsletter get a new car which is great by the way i would like to take take take i don't get the pipe at my annual pad thai
for the new location new cafe
none of you guys will have a track because i got the help will also john i don't know i know you have to go get chick-fil-a i also
no you don't go to check under that serves sorry serve i do have to go get an orange julius at dairy queen at some point he has to go in order to from dairy queen unicorn your vanilla yogourts adieu,
we can somebody brought a tray of cookies,
oh no and i love you so much when we have an opening she was like i wasn't shit we ended up having an opening in if she ranchi that i was like.

[28:13] Shit ok if you have not been like hey you wanna come.
I haven't had a cookie with assist him yes could a cat on the big,
sam size nine but they're all homemade cookies in like banana bread and stuff like that we would like i love you.
Yeah that's true that's very nice banana bread is both a dessert and breakfast food it yet and this could airport please not that there really how you get into volunteering with their department didn't who is like god hey,
remember to like you i remember you,
will you have a cooler full of snacks instead of would also works great who's a there was a time when we had a panel is coming and i'm like oh great your blood sugar is crashing here have this.
So that's that is a good thing we usually yet you have me back some cookies or something because it's got chocolate rice krispy treats.

[29:25] What is a good somebody just came into the room please mute your not finish with the other one thanks there.
I'm trying but that's nothing but i want to see your muffins asleep show we are okay and he talking about they are you make something your saying sorry i make.

[29:47] Mocha chocolate rice krispy treats,
ok so tell me where u are so i can come by,
i would love for you to come to see me where is the embassy level of the high it still be going into the hyatt can you go.
You see where they hi it's stories like that the souvenir store not this next to the symphony when can you go down that hallway that's international tower and the you go down two levels are not in the basement here one level above the maze,
yeah and we're right there on the.
Right side of the hall right across the hall from fantasy of my stuff i order a picture and tell the remote is right,
are you a nicer area together that's not the excellent so high it international very good
how can i join you get to do your part now i just got this is the time of the programmer i ask you for a number between one and twenty.

[30:55] Twenty one.
No what what what do you want to twenty three elm one plus twenty is twenty one yet
is the magic of drinking three four five six seven and drinking under age dragon con add all.
No we do not you will be garden are you pulling you pulled movie and trivia it's a new desk so i can open it.

[31:26] Please leave a group simply show yourself go on as you know john must find a way to have fun at the end of these podcasts to know if i'm.
We're having fun but john especially likes to have games because jonathan,
is kind of addicted to buying these kind of trivia game that you just love having them in the house.
Show you can ask you some questions please open a new pack because you pick the number,
that was the new pet number and where can i go back and forth probably either two three or five questions and yeah summarize this is another site he has this mistake so has five,
um different no for different categories on it and roll a dice roll five or six you get to pick one hundred four which number you want.
I would run the forest side except that my dad isn't here so i might die but how i know you who is hey yeah i was about to say your losing some point.

[32:31] Where is haddock had a four sided die because it another version this pack before,
play the phil off the desk and italy i'm going to step on it something that trying not to save yourself know your not meant to go earlier six hundred.
We will start with you since good and two sets actually venture.
How does jon bitch prefer to disguise and carry weapons in red.

[33:04] Find gender bending know it won't close that was awesome and see what happens inside a stuffed pig inside of something else,
i really get down i give her points are you a horror and sci-fi,
okay number for who did u say something other than what's your horror or where,
who are or were sighted by itself what phrases does jack type over and over again in the shining.

[33:37] All work and no play makes jack a dull boy is correct press one point for lady said.
Stephen king that's not a good thing when you're twelve eleven but hey my parents.
Alright so i will the four of us well which is the same category i just said to my concerns were and how excited are and this one site of i in the matrix.
What are the enforcement was where the enforcer of the machine inside the matrix called.

[34:15] Agents ghosts or viruses agents yet.
Hi three musicals in dramas know yet,
what musical stars catherine zeta jones and renee zellwege.

[34:35] I think i know that once what musical store is catherine zeta jones and renee zellwege.

[34:44] I'm in rhodes i have no idea you want to yes.
No it was in chicago chicago how your remember that again.
Who are you got everything roll that one which is comedy in cartoons so add in happy gilmore.
What sport does happy want to play.

[35:12] Play it on ice hockey curling know what it's like i would not feel this cause i never seen it.

[35:24] Well that's good to see you.
Yellow bananas when is gender bending think of this pretty darn good yeah we'll to three with his drama and musicals again okay.
We are okay there will be blood follows the conflict of an oil baron and the preacher which is daniel day lewis.

[35:50] Is the oil baron or the preacher.
Well baron ok so the gas then turn to your right was that does that mean.

[36:04] Let me delete the bart and barb home bar don't guy is,
the preacher i don't remember a smell when i order me an uber to which is an action adventure,
what is the name of the second mad max movie road revenge wild ride road warrior.

[36:28] I want wild ride like that answer is no road warrior.
When was mad max the road warrior was number one no no that was nearest know there is mad max stream mad max is mad max and mad max road warrior.
Am i just called her though and van be on the thunder dome and then fury road.

[36:52] I know to erode was yeah i like to know if you do so furious is still not here up for u kevin curtains what 1991 comedies starring billy crystal gave us a line that was crossed rest of us.

[37:08] Oh crap bruno khabees an select is correct.
I like comedy and curtin for you and the disney's the disney's apple next morning something in disney's lady and the tramp.
What dish do the dogs where spaghetti wrong supposed to be,
end of desire that is so cute up start it no i'm sorry okay i know who the guy rudy gay add.
Not it's a family podcast people in go faster.
Ok will freezing whatever horror and sci-fi what horror series featuring the serial killer.

[38:07] I don't want char.

[38:16] There's no that was so is there anything i can use it was not rolled the wheel.
Um i get music send me musics musicals and drama who coaches hilary swank in million dollar baby.

[38:37] Will it delete that correct.

[38:41] Yeah i got one more for you assistance.
Ugh her drama and musicals for you play.
Which hollywood movie man was in spy game the horse whisper in all the president's men.

[38:59] Ok at robert redford 's correct who is still always gonna be in my top ten.

[39:07] It's pretty amazing is pretty amazing um.

[39:14] Yes product is doing well i have a question.
Um i rolled a 5 so u get a pic one thru for which number do you want to ski your choosing around.

[39:31] Psi phi psi phi r.
Will attend the hornets i find out what nineteen seventy five film related and service type stuff dont well hello miss this this is this is interesting cuz its it's me,
it's a sort of meat,
any way you can wear this is what nineteen seventy five to reset.
Nineteen seventy five film people are afraid to go into the water.

[40:01] Chuck could a woodchuck chuck
hope you sure if that's what you must alpha it'll opportunity j.

[40:21] Shorten them a lot more than that if you just called that shark i like that i just know when i want you to get notified hey beautiful five am five and a half whenever this kind of me,
hey that's what i like ok so tell me again where you are and the highest.
And on the inter web social medias,
so on the hyatt side of things we're in the international tower on sea level and when you.

[40:57] Your right add when it comes to the inter web we are and facebook as finance director at dragon con.
As well as that page and then we have a group called not a room fantasy literature where we keep stuff going all the way having shenanigans all year round.
And then we have a twitter account i am guilty but not getting on there very often but it is DC fantasy at DC,
i think everyone should avoid twitter anyway so yeah.

[41:33] Who is friend only if you only follow your friends believe all your friends and and find out who your real friends are there,
i basically only following dragon con in stuff in like tumble class this morning,
add the best way to get it i would not disagree with that ok that's good thank you so much for joining us in taking time outta what is.
I'm sure a very busy schedule an as we approach you know about twenty days to listen to sports authority field dragon time.
I'm sure your email when you have like fifty emails i have not been red since the yeah.
Where are so many stupid with us so want to get doing that.

[42:16] Begin a voice for ever good enough.

[42:21] What anybody else is making all kind except the sincere of you.

[42:29] How is sirius news,
hum please thank your volunteers so he said earlier you have yeah awesome crew volunteers there but think common is listening think i think around here at least once a day where can,
they are working very hard to make your experience even better.
That isn't working either the coffee was gonna say that also.

[42:56] So until next next time for cisco family this is john saying peace.

[43:05] Best guru on this has been a production of the unique pink.
Leave a comment suggestion for less that eight one three three two one zero to go.
Or email me the pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the cyan twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share alike.

[43:33] Music.