50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 34 - Character Encounters Of The Dragon Con Kind

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.
What can we do another standup give me the tracking conduct
hi john leaves me in charge of so i can act like a little disney movie this is lee john is not here because really like you know those things that we have to do things of that nature
call tim today but we have three amazing people we have faith amber and danielle.
They are cops players who are very involved in the meeting greet which goes on in the young adult i'm sorry give me the track.
Every year so who does organ play slow people.
Hey yo are safe with you before and it's always been wonderful kids every year this has gotten bigger and bigger so.
What is the character meet and greet if you have somebody who has never heard that before.

[1:34] Ok so the character and counter started as a panel four years ago now wow yeah she just like.
Hey so what if we had this thing where kids to come in.
Meet the princesses and superheroes in everything that not like well.

[1:54] Could be done enough people so it's kind of just sits coming where,
parents can bring their kids or,
is it hard enough can come and meet princesses and superheroes you have some one on one time with them and getting high on the hog you know that conversation asking that question you've always been dying to ask,
spencer's painting for the kids the past couple years it's been super awesome to watch you grow and our first year doing at the reception.

[2:28] RC amazing,
and i'm looking back now it's like wait we're that small had a fever start so small like massive house umm but it is a really awesome panel for the focus mostly on the kids' on their,
will you tell me to ask you to not start actually wit danielle can you help me so
talking about the character and counter which are called meeting greet sorry wrong name character in calendar so for the character counter,
we have wonderful um attendees at dragon con urologist your members coming to dragon con you are dressed as a princess super hero
who ever and how did you get involved am starting with daniel cohen playing as a character like this and he play.

[3:18] Well it started off playing as i can,
for the past three years am i and i'm part of their student volunteer group call costly volunteers atlanta and space of,
we just are you who are you friends with her before i can she reached out to me and i in,
hey dude is nice set alarm,
create the princess for real okay search if so that's kind that started and pretty much every year,
this is actually the reason i get to come to dragon con to get off of work because of the school teacher
my principal knows i do this event and so she's like this is so cool this is like a big family thing so i go to do it is awesome so,
ok that is awesome and so am bursting question for you how do you get involved in this.

[4:21] I'm looking for a long does sam like um.
Actually start playing disney princess.

[4:36] College uh oh can i didn't realize like there was a thing that you could tend to be a character that was really exciting to me.
So when i want to danielle before she passed was and said you want to be up.
Add to my order and where we got our start um.
And of course i didn't mention we're both joann.
Are we doing with them and then uh.

[5:20] Who who was at the reached out to us first visit you in malay the area.

[5:31] What is seattle remember what steps would a cubic been hub,
the area because she was really good friends with less than i think she knew you face before and she was also really good friends but i think she may have reached out to us students we yeah umm.
Yes i was remember messaging someone remember what the time,
i was like hey m can do this thing do you know other princess carriage who are the red sox do you know to princess i'm new can you,
spiral out from there because who is going.

[6:14] Interesting direction it's been what is the password is eight character in counter now not a princess and counter cuz i think the first year was.

[6:23] What was the princess in some super heroes you have bananas you have spider-man.
Who is who,
i was so we have like twenty people the first year i was about half and half in terms of credits a year.
That was not i like that i like that grouping i do if like that can you know that versus that's a good
side show and amber alert so talk about playing on are u playing this shit or are you somebody else now or what.

[7:00] I actually got my first your opportunity now so i.
I spent during her for four years now she is one of my favorite so i already here,
every year that's pains reaches out to me i'm just so happy that this beautiful full of energy again,
i and i love miranda is
oh ive talked about this many a time of aunt and i love buying disney characters for people um,
recently there's been a whole lot of raise and a bot but i also had what move on and miranda and refunds of course.

[7:48] Belle and ariel and everybody else but yeah i love the ones that come with your own weapon,
search idea that frying pan with refunds makes me ecstatic happy so that's great and mary with her but
which is the area of this year and i am super excited because ariel is
my child hood prince how can i i'm so excited and i am really yeah that's gonna be really neat to and i'm sorry that was danielle rate to your new number
i'm sitting here are things lighting up with different people so that's awesome so you're good at and faith
how did you get involved in being a princess aurora character and also how are you this year.

[8:38] So has my boss is a long story so i want to georgia tech in atlanta i'm good jackets everywhere
where is the marching band and so it always on saturdays we have to be games
i'm so our last year at tech wind march cuz we have conflicts or something,
i meant so we have people talk about others who are you staying downtown use to go check out the silence
sorry what we want down there wasn't more than one center wandering around that made it all the way through high at marriott help me before you like
ok i think we need a badge to be here where do we buy that we like stop some random person where we buy a bass yet so i gotta tell me about sara turn it was like we better badges for that day like the one day pass and then uh,
where did i buy in batches for the following year i have a question on your strawberry all the people in cosplay as i was like obsessed with,
how awesome it working how can cell the next year i can i got into it
i'm kind of just starting work getting better and better at cosplay in learning more and more different stuff in or not when makeup center and so on my first cosplay with actually bell.

[9:54] Can you move iris crying i love to read wired glasses to read in the dark kids i okay flashlight thing it doesn't work when you get older really doesn't but i don't know,
say what.

[10:09] I got in the car is playing bell umm no went to the following yards getting more and more and set my phone to jail something i want to know the family friendly dance for something i don't remember that is a princess and then after that when she is like,
so what if we can all meet up for american spiral into the,
is a meetup.
Four characters for kids that it's today in what is the percentage of critical lot of fun today,
bring seven turn up bring something new every year i'm gonna keep the same but bring something new.
That's always good for doing MCA can you tell us who your character is this year is that a surprise.

[10:54] I do what i do the past two years and i'm not gonna perform okay,
did i perform to the first which was fine but the past two years especially has gotten bigger,
how much spinach for me to kind of be more management and circular arena take care of my performance i do have a lot of performers i make sure that enough,
health is good it's not overheating i don't need a break water,
i mean it's easier to cut a managers the room and giving farmers if i'm not you know it's gonna be so you know like your my clothes on so i can take care of them computer,
my performance there volunteers are doing their you know what a car is our make sure that there.
You're not miserable while they are so i don't think that's possible if you will notice that being a possibility it just depends,
who does it mean a lot of characters and masks
hey violet and the different characters like more of the sentence,
someone have your exit you can help it down sometime,
can i get to see water stupid talking for a long time i know but not performing at
add the piano teacher for me to come take care of my people when,
you know something goes wrong i can you take them off to the side but the tickets shoes off for whatever they need what's gonna find the watch me like.

[12:21] That's put the sign in to see the kids reaction yeah,
will increase it's wonderful because this started as a smaller group and one one hour now it is a lot more people like more characters and performers
hey much will room and now it's at least two hours to payroll period to dallas.
Ok let's hear the first year we did this we are given an overflow room at the marriott,
yeah no good taste like pencils were arizona can an overflow room the first year,
the second year we are giving the family friendly dance julianne what does a much bigger one was super great.
I'm prepared and that room at the time was awesome when is ball rooms.
Are when the rooms in the back of the marriott like in the main level im dance of the back and i remember having to the picture of it.

[13:21] The line to get in with stretched all the way around that whole circle,
i'm kinda like wow how proud you know nothing
cancel after that last year they said they can't have that one change will that skirts the highest what you think of the kids that moved up to the highest standard which is what i'm about little crazy sometimes
yo what does the iran hanover last year which again i'm sorry.
I'm here we are going to be in the highest again but as of right now things could change not happening it's not right,
we are in the hyatt regency ballroom what you just bring me some so i'm.

[14:08] It's chrome is the guy still can't believe it it's in wondering how about next year.
There's a little bit i will,
take it as a cancer and what it's displaying and again all things are tentative always check the app always check the most updated info not right now it's on sunday at eight thirty am.
I would like to start at ten AM on sunday that's the set up sorry so that i am on sunday and regency five so
that will be often regency five is enough and everything is subject to change so pleased you know that happens so that's good so no,
this is because im just so awesome in the one thing you do fail that is wonderful is you always make sure you have.
When of each person you don't have six spider man u have.

[15:04] Spider-man you have you know i don't have to having spiders,
how long would a mother is a multiverse i would like to say thank you,
i would like to know why it's been a movie where they had several is not right,
what does people may or may not be at piano notes several,
when there's a spider gwen and there spider man of which i'm looking at right now can i would be so proud of him and i love it i am a nurse
spider mans there spider-man peter and then they're spider man
miles said yes there a whole lot of difference you could be more more than that but theres only one.

[15:49] Your spider-man already miles and what ever yeah i'm glad you know i am planning on having miles peter spider gwen and then starting with the
who that was lol sc is like my teaser for the supermarket have all the spider people i love,
who will be under that outfit you are wearing,
yo are my favorite movies i loved that im hated so bad he has to go see it because it's amazing,
what is such a precious baby i love him miles and miles comics sorry we're just
bring it to my old comments are a great idea.
Absolutely adore am and i cant wait until we get miles in the end in case you think that all know they won't have it.

[16:41] Mr glover pele up peter.
Did the shitty things and put into the card after everything was going that was miles uncle in the universe not only in the flat so yeah i was coming at somebody and i'm cu plans,
sorry i am not,
that i have to think about it was original question how did we get in the site that guides you can have one when you have the characters you really,
what's yo on eight th on carrots is it to maintain character integrity has part a lot.

[17:21] Disney is expensive and a lot of people can what is the disney can't really afford it right now so feel free adult thing um i tried and cannot make it as.
I'm really possible for the kids i want to maintain that magic i maintain the integrity so i only have one of each character i personally hand picked them,
everyone has to unite its involved if i didn't stock them on facebook if someone suggested him to me i have to leave,
no it's just my wife actually but i wouldn't usually find them i make a i have people send me pictures and i want a peru weather gonna be wearing
what do you look like you wanted to be reopened the kids i wanna be,
what are the colors like in my jasmine support color to banana
is there internet.

[18:15] To put it but not white people dressing out like its suppose there is certain to the character that you have the kids can see that represente
you're is cute is possible is really what was u or i got to see your a moaning in your mouth last year in the winter during the parade set up.
Hey and they were amazing i'll pictures later of pizza on facebook i actually enjoy it looks like it does party cuz we're so excited so you can amazing job and
many of you are in the parade to amber.
Danielle do you do anything with the parade or is that like no it's too hot and i didn't last year is yours before i got married in my first couple years
is it going alice great but the mad hatter so very cool gang i'm which which alex are you doing are you doing,
does anybody dollars for the burton alice an american family also okay.

[19:26] N danielle what were you saying i'm sorry i hit a pretty last year november
remember we room together credit card last year we decided,
take a break from the heat last year was very bad in the first year i am i did the parade i was also.
Um and then the second you're not.
What is that could a nuclear me tickets how is the ol off in a puddle was great good he is good he,
hey today's podcast we should a delaware,
i was refund so um the next the next two years i did lol up both times and this year i will actually be on a.
Ok who did we sell,
yeah and i hopefully will get to see you guys i help,
you help setup so hopefully i can get to you like that your hands so that is really great though so what you are atleast to talk about the cosplay volunteers of atlanta i was gonna ask amber what is that group.

[20:43] So basically it cost my volunteers is a pretty much dedicated to going around two.
I love places like the children's hospital and they do a lot of work.
Yo can you start the show.
And we dress up the characters and just kind of the way that you would,
you seem like a princess party company or super heroes it's me appear at events and then just,
you know that some through cosplay read.
We do allow pets away and we um wishes menu like this time last year.
Excellent okay just kinda like reach out to more places but you know we put forward.
Add banana pepper um.

[21:47] Leaving already doing a that's it so i'll see what i ask you a question because you all talked about different characters you do what.
Character a flash outfit has been your most challenging weather it was the time to put it together or wearing it or just.
Does your hotel will be great and i was hey what's a good a number from sofia i want the number asking for a stroke.

[22:20] I was wondering what you said that who difficult about melissa.
I can only do apple pay as a princess makeup in about forty minutes,
alexis makeup takes me about an hour and a half classic website what do the live action to the classic so i got a greeting.
Online browsing the yellow eyes and i love it when people ask because i have yellow contacts i love when people ask what he realized and yes i walk away,
what flights are you asking me if my yellow eyes real really
i'm sorry i got little sarcastic so i had no hour and a half putting on makeup you deserve that is a good agent character is truly it is
Actually is super hot i can only wear it for about an hour or cinemax ulad kwarto that where it feeling the heat like outside and ask evening air conditioning,
should i take two hours max not question can i get um,
i'll be migrated also overheat what do you love the reactions i get when i make eye contact with people when they see,
the follow up together on the have been blowing staff an everything smh how old that wants fine.

[23:43] That's the way from danielle how are you.
Probably else can you do that when i cosplay tulsa ugh i had i been through five different addresses and three different wigs,
i just because the maintenance for her costumes is so high because of all the sequins on the bodice that
what's like after like a few where's the start falling off you'll eventually have to replace the whole thing
how does it feel that good a.

[24:22] I like bradley but it's still difficult to maintain the braid ankle is julio there the cape the cape is also when i had my keep it was six meters long.
So if we get transfered idk if it didn't hold it if it ever get
on the other hand they just don't know why that's like,
really doing what you love to six cake and then also just being an
else's character was really a challenge for me because i'm.
I'm a very bubbly person and this is so like calm and reserved,
and it was so i love being outside what was it like this is not who i cannot call not reserved your dancing over the wall crazy so.

[25:13] Hi this is.
There is no negative there's nobody should be in here that would be a great help.
Yeah that's how it yet lol the definitely has been my most challenging class i've ever done,
wow ok amber your kind of god who loved them everyone that girl.
Oh no no lol ok i'm sorry i didn't know what man u like outside things to prosper and i would a don't know where.
Yeah i was gonna say you guys wanna swap rooms for just a minute because i really echo i'm so happy i know that my room.
Get started with your was sent back in your like now i'm in macro was like really.

[26:15] I mean currently when you compare the air like i'm working on a full body nude house oh,
a full body roku rockets record.
Thanks galaxy i wonder if that was i feel like you think that would be awesome so the idea so we have that can directly we're looking at like yards and yards of fur.

[26:45] In this heat it does not seem what i mean like in consideration all of my costumes have been relatively.

[26:56] In comparison i think i mean besides mariners like butt.

[27:02] It's like i'm leaning the easiest,
that's ok let's get to know we talked about the character counter.
Who are some of the characters that are gonna be there because i don't want to hear everybody an idea.
Which genres is ADC is it in new marvel disney we got comment.
Yes i would,
yeah yeah yeah right now i got your up with that does.
Yeah it's been fun at work um high understand on.
I have a disney princesses look like i'm not the bank one of the superheroes me a wonder woman green lantern and superman super girl.
Managing some not so you know that black lightning in static shock yes yes there is super awesome i'm at bat girl this year.

[28:13] I'll let see.
I didn't know you didn't ask that may i know you're awesome i like you may schedule disneyland.
Wow i didn't my jaw dropped i literally was that are made at how you just look gorgeous absolutely wonderful but also bad he said that spirit within my means,
you guys really become your characters that's the goal should a knew what you need your volume
i'm not about that at some marvel superheroes in a cat marvel of course iron man antman black pants or,
black widow dr strange and you know couple others that of course you know my spider people i'm having a pretty cool we had,
reset to the file on first again aman there is kurt still have people coming again we had a bunch of poorly seven or eight.
The final verse members last year so,
the star wars people on and then coming back last year but my dude who are you,
yes i'm super excited for them so they are handlers for that droid sir.

[29:35] Really go have any agents of shield coming back cuz that made me so happy married lady,
would a wood just curious and then the other one i wanted to ask her because its just hit me is when disney princesses with a disney princess film
prince charming weather he's blonde or brunette you help change other from.

[30:07] When you see technically been solo slash color red would be a disney princess sell was wondering do you have any princes coming this year,
um i um hate hayden library is really just trying to process com and that was president of america is your add in pastor had one of the princes,
i'm michael michael buck and um what can i make em all the princesses and a.
When is superhero my superhero that shit out number my princesses in the house,
what bitch yeah disney princess that if that is really good for princesses
i forget that were the superheroes that's okay so um we organise we're pretty much at the end of this forgot play a game because john is evil and says we have to.
Um and this is a game that we call it
it called family feud style which is disney family feud ask question and all your gonna answer it in which everyone gets the most points like in family feud at once,
so we will move to those first so i'm just gonna go as i have you on the.
Good right now so the question is,
what would be the most annoying thing about having her as long as the pencils.

[31:34] What would be the most annoying thing about having here as long as you also faith what's your answer.

[31:42] The washing it okay and amber rushing it.

[31:55] Girl rushing it's okay.
And i don't know where danielle i wanna always be failed starting first and then yeah what about it i get stuck on things.
Okay that's good and all three of those congratulations are on the board wich
trust me from many of these that happened so then what is the deal with that picture eight am so happy that we will it is hot in your name was that with with
points stepping sitting on it was ordered the next and split it not.
Rushing it was twenty two point and washing it was the top answer with thirty one points so yeah,
can i insure that you say you cannot imagine the conditioner who is this question,
and we will be starting with amber on this one but name the disney princess character that would make an excellent best friend.
Girl i didn't hear you had questions.
Oh i said wow okay okay i like that answer right up daniel what's yours.

[33:21] Is it disney princess or that disney character or disney princess character.

[33:28] I'm gonna how this is prince so yeah i'm gonna go with snow white in NY.
Who is really nice not having very bad okay and feed what's yours.

[33:47] The question is who did good best friend that would make an excellent bass friend yes.

[33:54] Ok well what view is on the board
and hear the lowest dancer is milan with three the we go to belle ariel,
choose snow white at twenty eight points and cinderella at twenty eight so what does eric and i don't know what yo on.
Yeah you said that yo weed open people actually answered those except i didn't physically random word generator and a set of disney words okay so that's something you'll really have some.
Five questions.

[34:41] And this one add danielle your first name of a disney princess character you most want to dress up as for a halloween party.
Snooze and i will push you to this this is really they are kinda talking d.
The email reads as it were okay.

[35:03] I'm gonna go with cinderella and okay and faith.

[35:11] Also elsa okay and amber.
Gonna say lol because i am all about those girls ok there we go well we are on the board hey,
ok so it from bottom to top pocahontas snow white.
Jasmine belle ariel for ten point and cinderella for twenty three.
Hey line up cuz ain't nun else i'm not been on either of the no.
Add note to self don't use general,
what should i wear a thing i'm saying we start with face again,
is belle and the beast got married where do you think their wedding would take place france.

[36:06] Add directly not like not france but like um hello like a venue type yeah like a venue like a school which is not an answer that's why i could use in the garden.
Hey garden the rose garden.
What's the roads are okay there we go and how about now that i've released that exposed amber library.
Open the library okay it actually that library was gorgeous wasn't,
that's what he was doing really it makes her husband was that again and then um daniel.
Yeah set the ballroom ballroom.

[36:48] Ok so actually only one of those answers is on here and failed to tell your husband it wasn't library hello from the bottom to the top it is rooftop.
And i cave i have no idea of people i thought where would the landlord yeah okay,
got it what you got fifteen points for face get answer from the forest twenty one and a half so for the top answer.
Yo on police
can we get okay so no remember as far as you can tell
anna and elsa are not in this gripping so when i start with amber here's the question with the last question yeah it is a princess character could help you with your homework.
Who would you choose.

[37:47] Tell her thanks that's right cancer cancer curable and daniel.

[38:01] I'm gonna go move on ok move on and the faith.

[38:11] Hmm.

[38:13] Reply with okay to go around the board congratulations so from the bottom to the top is jasmine.
Cinderella belle for sixteen points way to go will on for eighteen point and then snow white as the top answer,
which makes absolutely no sense that i never proofread and also check,
apple from somebody should a co workers know what would you really good that i get this homework yet i know like its cool haha i understand how many books l running
i don't know what yo are.
I'm not i'm not disagreeing here so i got your please.
Please tell us again where the planned character in counter is,
wine to be drunk.

[39:07] I'm sorry you can understand me in the hiit me in the regency ballroom as of right now we're filming a recording this um it's gonna be in the regency ballroom of the hyatt which is,
what are the right next to the pool,
i'm so i can go in the main entrance to go down level if there were to the right am next sunday at ten AM,
um we encourage families and kids to come i'm adults welcome jennifer young at heart.
I wanna ask you please try not to pretend to be the character,
hope this is for me to.
Can't believe in the magic for another year younger some to be nerds again.
I'm a skater so i'm ask please dont pretend to be a character to come best up or just don't come tested that be great um yeah welcome to our kids families,
is it hard to commit the princesses superheroes some star wars characters skip my files hugs take pictures.
Ummm and stephen woo awesome.
Sounds great thank you and uh i really so here are the answers the scores for the.
Are you old disney family feud fails you are,
six points amber you are forty eight point.

[40:30] Danielle your seventy three points congregation who again with a victory dance.

[40:38] Do you really doing the victory dance i wish you can pay that back.

[40:44] Yo are great and where are you all doing.
Does the stuff on shelves spacious being made each other i like that idea right well we look forward to seeing you.
All three of you and everyone else for the character and founder at disney and see you in the parade so thank you very much for your time and parents.
What discounts are these people are buying a membership still coming.
And being a part of this on your own time and spending a lot of that to ensure that magic and make it continue to make little quiche things.
You guys and so forth john this is lynne.

[41:30] Is amber and a new saying peace.

[41:35] Find me a what.
Everybody everybody everybody do the princess wave incense.
Thank you for being good a song.

[41:52] This has been a production of the unique king.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the fuck on twitter,
that's is the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[42:15] Music.

[42:26] She yeah she accidentally left the room i don't know why i would a direct you back into the room we was talking to you just talking to yourself there.
Just let me know if i do include you click on the general voice activated skype again,
yeah heard anything you said.