50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 35 - Bright Con, Big Diversity

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:44] Do another move if the dragon can the podcast is your email,
all things to all people i don't know joining me as always is lee lee how are you doing i am doing great i think you do that and a lot longer,
wen u havent been on one or two level.
Can i get my stepmom a yeah they back up a backup and canada hell out of there so yes john john you know today is.
Huh did i get it is ready but today the engaging dvd and digital codes and everything else came out how ya is what i am doing tonight.
Who does i gotta run to my local big box store.
Yellow black dude in the mouth state how do you not RTR don't like the disney movie thing what you mean what does the new version of the disney movie club volume.

[1:51] Yeah i mean if you get three cup of honey you don't know if it's something interesting how,
huh i had such bad experience with columbia house that yet the other years ago will be how are you,
do you know what i mean coffeehouse at least you know i can't hide from disney you can't hide from so you can not hear they will find you will find you so,
um there are there was one announcement we will hold off on that to another
podcast product march but your kristen is it that time of year to remind yourself up okay driving time is it in twenty days so maybe.

[2:33] I need to do some stuff and i was thinking one of the things because i m old and take medications,
is that you know start looking for medicine refills and see if there's anything you need to leave i'm so many eggs,
many many medications because i said i'm old and falling apart i'm doing that and remember that the dragon controll is that you are to take your meds.
How your meds each and everyday know she random added folks come on i mean i guess,
no advil or tylenol but no don't share beds bring your own self um because you only for you,
that's right if you have the little but it's only for you so there's that and then i started thinking about um you know,
start a go on and look at your if you're flying
how do you really you are good for you times of your things haven't changed even though it's possible that they'll change closer and things of that nature so i was trying to think of things,
also it's time to quit yourself your animal with whatever show you might be talking about is that yeah that's a good idea,
that's a good look on me what football to wait ninety days ago that she probably hit a nice bouquet.

[3:55] I'm not seen you should be in there is anybody watch term you want to do a little update right radio on,
hi don't do that see your wallpapers one for me focus it's been a long day it is has been a long week
hello bill just get longer as we go,
the other thing is dragon awards um those are out and your gonna be gone very soon or you may already have something that item for don't do dragon con awards are dragon words.

[4:30] Dragon warriors i said dragon dragon the dragon words are awarded on gives to many many people so the register to vote time is now,
so you can go on to,
drag and drop words and then go under things to do in your dragon awards so you do that sign up and then you can register to vote,
yes and replace the things on there like best fantasy novel including paranormal best young adult years old is a list of different ones that were nominated throughout the year best graphic novel um.
Uh yeah there's a bunch bunch bunch bunch bunch of different categories to vote on.
Yep and dumb lol,
bal was sent out on august six this week so you not behind so gone up there and do it but johnny know that as i said in game count and you know i really loved about a game from.
When does the marino um i bet everyone came back spoiler.

[5:42] Yeah go that no one ever came back to spoiler don't swelling and what i really like the running game,
what is that marvel had it has done a good job not great but good job of listening to people and say you know what,
when did the make sure a lot more people represented in it and you know who probably was one of those people that was telling marvel today that is our guest,
replay who's that our guest is jarvis the diversity track director hyderabad oh how are you i'm sure you were.
Yeah and i'm sure you've really nice letter you sent tomorrow will saying dude really seriously we gotta talk come on,
What was your right gripper think it would reach the years not required yes they get what in their big mouths yourself,
are there so high
that's a jarvis where doing last year but diversity try is a new truck yet because it says that your right you're still thinking twelve but is the newest thing we had one this year right.

[7:01] I think you track maybe the newest track and this is all the more you
sophomore year okay so far people who are new to the podcast had forgotten because we have over three soundtracks for everyone what is the diversity truck.
Alright with the diversity tried we just wanted to let you know when.
Who did all of the different facets of driving can they have been around since nineteen eighty seven.
Could be race ethnicity gender social economic status nationality.
Set associate religion sexual orientation ability nh and anyone else we can and umbrella and make sure that everyone is representing.

[7:56] That is excellent that is very very important inside and really doing that set out how did you get involved in dragon con in then how did you become director of the diversity truck.

[8:11] Oh what the fucking issue and trying to drag it come with the griddle two thousand six hundred with the parade and the plate is missing like this awesome thing ever sense for me and a lot of my friends
and um how is running adobe running for eleven years now black science fiction society which is,
over six thousand black people from around the world like science fiction and one of the members in paris.
Rotate to me or the need for representation representation.
Dragon can i talk me about two years about this out we will you guys need to do to make that happen i'm hoping for and so between him myself
henry who made this come to fruition um yeah that's where the douglas dietrich born.

[9:14] What is the first year no cancel
how do you say thank you how did your house if you go wizards any surprises or things that it surprise you integrate where are you now lol
hey you find me to get milk of people here if um you know it filled the room or something like that guy who is a.

[9:39] What was the life-changing experience and a girl everything is the outpouring of support that i had not anticipated everything which
you are great and then i thought it would you hear about ninety percent capacity,
do a hundred percent and no track run virtually everything only a few of the dean hale capacity in may i think those were early in the morning,
learn a lesson someone who.

[10:15] What was pleasantly surprised with all the love that was given and they would know that we can run into any kind of f pushed back in terms any negativity everyone behaved themselves and work.
Friendly and open and supportive he was it was all positive.
What is the end that is of course that is very thank full that everybody it was so positive i just i heard so many people saying.
I am so glad its there because they said there are some things i had questions about the issues i wanted to talk about
you guys were already talking about is you brought up just representation
and not just an unkind but also it would not just in science fiction and fantasy in gaming but also in the car and i really liked and wanted the things i heard and i
i'm wondering if you got this feedback to was.
I was surprised at how and the panels were are you really even an hour really had a great day.
Poppin on a subject and say this is what you know here's what's going on yet still have a lively discussion in the room.

[11:37] Thank you have really appreciate that and i have to pretty and list themselves and the volunteers we had best volunteers and really really,
great a family so and the girls today,
um also we listen to work.
Where he at the time there any funda we don't know which track to take other and pouring into them as much as we could into um.
Actually leaving us your taking some notes from last yr was told that will,
it was destroyed disabilities and hey yours got the at the same panel and have input did i get from the email was enough so we can split that into just believe.
No separate are seniors panel um so we open to.

[12:40] Nice a all of our constituents that matter the panels improve are the
excellent is not just came missing a teaser of you know u gonna do two panels on this what our like okay so i heard parties right last year are you doing parties again this year what are you doing,
i'm looking forward to in the first quarter hulme thursday would be rn ngang
need you boy is gonna be very exciting last year with welcome to our kinda kinda keeping with the theme this year with the latest film
may i have the thing up,
elicia white mesa holiday for being instrumental in putting it together this this one and the one that you would not have been possible without their support and put in a yeah.
Is the first major part of your help.

[13:44] How to keep this tradition going where we have a scheduled party um for about four to fifteen participants a,
what party where the boys painting similar to last year and also not.
So we're really excited about the work we just came together and can let off steam and have fun made new friends and had a great time.
What no you doing the game night cuz i need to let my husband know he is already getting all of his gaming schedule and he's really excited about it he's already told me that this is the year of the game for him and it's sad yeah.
That's actually at ten on sunday no word games video games is like big cars and even hell is your still thinking continue to have vr gay,
how very wrong that it's not who i if i were awake on sunday at ten i'll be off somewhere where is tentatively scheduled to be.

[14:54] You virtually everything outside of photo shoots up.
It's going to be in the highest international,
in the end in rome again back to the rescue,
yes that's the plan but always check on the app and the app gets updated because things could maybe change you never know when you have another great much would a cubic no
it doesn't happen until at least the gotta wait two weeks to come on how can we help.
Oh he's like everybody else and say you are just like us yes you are,
however we know little more nervous a little more nervous spirits and out of peoples ways,
do people like to use the sweep we put on our clothes one leg at a time if you remember it
add monday three that might take some remembering cuz we're pretty,
remember to put on my clothes are how to bring up the clothes put uo
both i think it will either have to wear clothes and how do i do this again cuz
i am very glad i heard i heard a co worker which was photo shoot what you doing photoshoots.
Where we're hard up again this year with the.

[16:22] Black dragon kind of on so what day is the photo shoot you have to go to the gym had the brawl you have to go to the,
ummm the verse the group on facebook to the first inspection and signed task schedule.

[16:39] Let me see the chance to get it the same as a director you need to learn net word that isn't that where i'm going right now two years and never stand speculative fiction and literature,
came right up and what did u want to know how you act when the photo shoot with this,
i was so i am looking up why don't you traffic hey i need to go there so yeah i can't find the guys but it could create one email is friday eight,
add five pm work on the unit photo shoot.

[17:18] And the other one the black dragon con photo shoot is sunday at two third.
When are you open steps in the help with stats already know actually all that i did not know there were steps at the hilton how
that's a lot about me because it means i'm never got enough in god help me to know the steps but that is the place were they do most of the photoshoots so you re not cosplay that.
So yeah nothing groups as well i didn't mean to.
The track is well as photoshoots what is alternative lifestyle or age group so whatever we work with open a more diverse group.
Excellent excel and um i just looking i could you have something up here for some people who are gonna be at you have a pet fox and walter dean you have there
fantastic panel is coming up and they're talking about where they're gonna be and i just want to say can you talk to um the.

[18:25] Character encounters people yesterday and they're really looking forward to you having a very diverse and a very large group of superheroes characters and princesses in,
princes and everybody else so go and have no kids that's gonna be sunday at i think it's,
ten AM but yeah i think it's ten am to ten AM at hyatt so.
Just as i saw some other cosplay people right in the front page which is whoever did that that's really,
which the best cosplay people on.

[19:02] I cant say that enough and i never know what time is the knicks get enough clear the elevator who's going to step it is kind of amazing is that coz i
i keep looking out of every year and thinking what you can do anything more elaborate than what i sell last year,
are there and i don't know what i said i'm not jinx myself it's kinda like somebody wit,
challenge accepted hello ahead without even hearing me say it,
it's me when i can next year ago i need you know,
big horns that i can hold in my head you know my melissa is gonna be the actual VIN gonna carry that dragon from alyssa you know from sleeping beauty last years it's kind of amazing every year which is,
how much.

[19:57] Any man lift when you can really connect with your tribe with that nerdy guy.
Um tell her that don't look like you are sound like you were never made before but you connect.
When are the devil excellent excellent excellent.
Okay and then i was gonna so we talked about whats the photoshoot and then is there any i think you're doing something else with some kind of light,
films are some exhibitions.
Yahoo gonna be showing excellent short film um one of expression is a truck load clips from upcoming,
we videos and also on a separate night where we gonna show short films.
Are there more than eight cm yeah,
feel better animated that you please stop.
Yeah hey i didn't even know we did things like that so that is very very cool and i didn't find your mum.
You're schedule for your panel so it is on there folks i found that you have this really amazing excuse me but really amazing.

[21:17] Basically like a little commercial about yourself so that's pretty darn cool very well thank you i did i your you get.
Not only did you bring diversity you bring in new fun ways to tell everybody about schedule so i need to have tentative schedule on that so
how we all know there can't are we in another candidate right because it said on the bottom schedule what we're hoping so.
Ok daniel turn out do you have any major media guests coming dinner gonna going to pay for your is that all being handled outside of.
How far are you guys.
We have some subs that i'm really excited about we have to ask if she was one of the,
the pink power ranger at issues the first pink power ranger who was and i'm excited about that we have.

[22:18] When is the reunion commentator yasuo wrote some of the black panther comic books.
We have how its from guardians of the galaxy turns rose more.

[22:38] Ok yeah yes you was just want the bad guys.

[22:48] Actually so help me in.

[22:52] Jarvis is hubble is where we will i start researching get hold on.

[23:01] Music.

[23:23] Is there a back where we are discussing media guests come and take it from there.
Okay umm in addition to the terrace worth and sharon st,
we have jesse holland he is a CNN commentator in when the writers of the black and the climate cool.

[23:45] And another grey speaker and tell him he's a dick speak your motivational genre.
Oh musician so is there a few the right hand that i could tell you about.

[24:02] Actually those are cool that's that's really need people to take the paper and i would a had a cousin whom was show.

[24:12] Show engine power rangers at one when my aunt was like do not buy this child don't tell my parents i'm younger than me but it was that a late,
between is and i was like do not buy this child anymore power rangers stuff if i have to step on one more power range,
i'm gonna lose it but yeah i'd like all the different ones and yeah,
he loves you he love any snow that the actually still dangerous which hey can,
so i'm looking at your schedule hear a very hard not in the plan but there is a diverse level of topics on here,
what are some of the other what are some of the panels you looking forward to this year from your list your home man umm.

[25:05] Onkyo oculus one kid you wanna keep yo are mean you have
how many panels you doing i can't count least that fast you doing good how many over thirty five forty.
Yeah yeah so how to panel folks hoes for exhibitions two photoshoots for what,
hey over forty.
Shut up.
If so look i just like you like that some of the ones i sent in your mum LGBTQ relationships entertainment and popular culture uh that's the one um.
Oh lighting for cosplay that's interesting lighting for cosplay that's a bet is sounds like something that i am.

[26:01] Are you a small for everyone who tried to transfer i don't know if the rooms gonna be big enough for that is um
okay there's a game that make service tonight ten o'clock i like the web comic creators can do about
get come to gather freaking discussion of their projects best practices and how to do your other because so many people are doing webcam jeans and comments things like that now so that really helps.

[26:30] How is educators in fandom.
It appears often are the audits for students or young one science a fantasy or sci fi fantasy fandom
other spelling let's do some really really cool in deep umm up and is going on here,
you are asleep like ive
i did want to say for some of these like the after hour paint party there are like a limit to how many people are in there but if you go to the diversity and speculative
fiction literature and and with the umm.
They have it listed as and they'll give me the link of bed and come open yet until the twenty ninth but.
You know the link saying go on and get signed up for that but that's relate doesn't like the solat this is so cool women of color but television.
Emily and i will you're dumb restarting there were other talking about your.

[27:33] The analytic all those the google web video things intro video things who are there for you in your.

[27:43] You're dumb facebook group there tho me who was that.
Add the videos i do though why don't i don't know which master you say you did yours i'm like i'm so they are really well done
they're very very good if you had one of my previous positions in marketing at recognizing university so i got,
add a experience u kno put together.

[28:17] Meeting packages of things that nature so i would like to eat.
Kids people's attention and then we will get your attention and you will you the details after the fact.

[28:32] I'm actually have been very privileged and blessed to have the position at tennessee state university don't actually the media center coordinator hello.
So i gotta be all my stuff where i'm sorry tennessee state horn frogs.
Nope tennessee state university for the state funeral isn't your mascot know who is a tiger.
The tiger okay weight where i can get it now it's yours or inference i don't know the whore and i'm looking up the toronto tc u which is
let's in texas texas christian yeah it was fun it was nice to finally build reminder that friday night lights anyway ok
how could bringing how we know if there are you ok i got your because the weather gonna be bro,
what are the apts one of the football players in the name michel wanna go to tc u,
why did texas get hub
ok so the jarvis remind everybody again where were your purpose get back on topic here we come
remind me where you're room is fine most of your events and where i can find more information on the inter web about the other persons making a picture.

[30:01] Thank you the track is in the high international lower level three and the rome again this year.
And you can find out most of the updates that we have for everything.
Facebook which is diversity inspection and delivery tour and we're also bringing some.

[30:27] When are twitter feed and instagram with like got stuff to,
right now you can find everything off facebook group.

[30:37] Hello this is a part of the show would like to play a game with her guests were hoping you would skip over that i want what i hope for it every time we don't know
you are in a metre you give me a what,
go ahead what you can remember the one thing you can remember every time something doesn't remember to record it but no he can remember this game thing i give me a number between one and twenty there jarvis.

[31:05] Oh well working one two three four five,
seven eight nine ten eleven twelve ok let's see,
are you got movie trivia movie trivia is is random movie trivia,
there are four that mentions the last podcast willing to pay gas because in the,
order there is one in between there that wasn't on uh hmm that uh this actually has for topics i need to the card so i roll a dice my for saturday still don't have,
i still have not found it is c going to stephane at any point now because i fill up the desk in this room,
umm but i roll six dice roll five or six you get to pick which number category um.
For that made basically there is comedy action adventure,
drama and music drawing musicals in horror inside fired combined together um,
so where u play to find if you can play again sleeve and i'll roll dice first for you,
jarvis and it comes up with florence i hate your first question is who directed jurassic park.

[32:16] Who directed jurassic park is bill burke steven spielberg is correct.
Hey okay is that what he is high out the gate i believe you should we got this one as well how many in cartoons is what i wrote for you
which accident which action which actor was left alone in the movie home alone.

[32:43] Cock.
Yes why or if i get questioned well turn better so jarvis here yo arnold schwarzenegger goes back in time to kill john conner,
end the terminator arnold schwarzenegger google this is a question.
Is the trip right questions arnold schwarzenegger goes back in time to kill john conner.
End the terminator.

[33:21] I think the account is closed shop from that's correct false movie he goes back to kill sarah connor.
Remember when the original one that i must quit yeah okay then am for singer in the second the second one actually goes back to saying john conner.
Reprogram by john conner many of those hollywood life in those movies who's coming up this summer believe that we're a small actually sitting here trend account i'm going to be there three.
I will be there who are your floor like in the first thing and then now we had,
no they're five if there are flats in one if i may have your read the article,
how many that tell a lot of people learned about lena hardly she was
sarah connor and that was awesome wish you were here is it yes you are right not okay a singer for some reason if uh oh
the targaryen some lady get uber the actresses named in the six for you lead me to pick one two or three or four.
I can't remember anymore show too who is action adventure what was tom cruise is call sign in top gun.

[34:49] However it is correct,
also if i do not feel that in a very very bad idea all the four for you and by the way if you got this one wrong address we just hang up on you
what what what because you can a few to figure out why you just second what movie start the words,
a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.
Who is corn star wars book now technically start with the same way but star wars,
four episode four yet and a new hope are leaving where i was.
Where three to two currently leaving your question number two i roll two action adventure what 1993 thriller feature to murder your wife,
one armed man and obsessed detective.

[35:49] Who did the fuse that is correct their checking out houses chicken houses.
Bird could a woodchuck chuck norris my harrison ford obsession will always keep me did we get here ok if.
Okay umm i robot two for u ok.
Uh jarvis action adventure what new zealand and actor play robin hood and the two thousand ten version.
What new zealand and actor play robin hood and the two thousand ten version.
I have no idea he is behind he was in gladiator.

[36:41] I can't see his face but can't remember the name.

[36:46] He likes the yellow people are leaving your help i don't know his actor hope i'm sorry i don't know okay russell crowe russell crowe is answer their call you.
Okay umm don't know where your nearest edika lose any ground because,
you wanna be getting this one what kind is the three muses a drama and musicals well i mean you know you can ever surprise me what canadian directed movie quotes that are related snow me.
Read faster because what,
canadian directed the movie the sweet here after.

[37:30] What can i put it in fast was when i start that on the wrong words what canadian movie the sweet here after.
Ok i'm trying to think of canadian directors and um pretty much the only one i can remember is paul also what no i mean the.
Leaving around the answer is adam ed and go on and go how okay good a.
Yeah i would only include nope i uh jarvis still,
three to three and we're on comedies and curtains in the film screwed.
Who plays the screws like character in the film screwed who plays the screws like character.

[38:25] Is it hot.

[38:28] Do you remember the scratched know who did you see a groundhog day.

[38:40] I restarted groundhog day.
What is that you guys hey no problem i just can t shake what little better.
But when the user will be america may i verify for you you get to pick um.
Three i will drop by musicals we provided the famous line i'm mad as hell and i'm not gonna take it anymore.

[39:12] Oh no yes network is correct network anything remember seeing a movie.

[39:19] Set the light in you should see it especially now.
Harris i will the six for you you get a pic as a reminder the categories are comedy action drama and sci-fi.

[39:32] Alexa who are horrified by what film features the immortal line take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape.
Play the eight categories that is correct hey that's probably best charles has ever to.
Hello piano.
What i get huh.
The bachelor party with a tiger in the hotel room b lying to which boxer.

[40:10] Ok first i would have to see that movie so who box or mohamad ali.
Yes i was muhammad ali muhammad ali of course was starting and that it was a gift and the hangover and yeah i help you wasn't the okay okay i've never seen it.
Are who this is for the wind here jarvis comedy in cartoon what rob reiner coach classic does the bands guitar amps does the bands guitar and go up to eleven.
Random quote classic what are the debit on the.

[40:56] What rob reiner cold classic does the band guitar amps go up to eleven y is it go to eleven because it louder than ten.

[41:06] Um i would have had see that one is my primary it's a.

[41:18] This is.

[41:22] Can i get the new visitor to know what if you don't know if you have received this is spinal tap this is spinal tap was answer your driver's yeah great thing about that is there like so how does it go to eleven it's like well i just.
I just stayed put a level on it and where can i get the lights aswell okay.
Network network inspired that yeah what are all of this is for u ugly what ralph,
bachi kartun i could probably sprint so that room features drugs sex and cats.

[42:03] Felix the cat.
No oh fritz the cat fritz the cat is stuck and so enclosed i can't close this okay.
What are the floor so again i will think about your future get this one does who is hands coupon.

[42:25] What is that could be anything i would like you so happy,
goes on to it stopped who is hands of his hands co pilot
and the question rights when i was in star wars episode four a new hope so it's gonna change any points has no.
Awesome what could god you are hey guess who is terrible at the lake was a co pilot for in huntsville that was no yell whenever fly back on the other.
No can't remember how to join the movie um and you know.
Lambda which could a letter was awesome that cuz you know who webber is awesome i know mando.
If i'm self,
select preferred method of payment plan together at some point um,
are you a graduation present the slides yo are and again remind me one more time what room you're in and where they can find more info.

[43:37] We are and the hyatt international lower level three.
The man room and you can find us on facebook amd inspect go and.
Please give me the first inspection and literature group and also just because we haven't mentioned it.
You guys are going to have a bucket that will take your change ten dollars,
who are the dragons it this year sorry yeah the atlanta affiliate of the american heart association so yeah.
So we have a change in your pocket you know this the only change just around the bucket.
Get up get up to one hundred also great but don't know when wants whenever whatever they were like a dollar.

[44:33] Snow until next time again jarvis when do the penny hundred twenty six exactly what are you.
You're a loser um again getting a thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule right before and i like to do that to the directors you know there's only nineteen days left um i wanted to switch shifts.
Anyway i would actually probably is this in apreciated,
please thank your volunteers um for pre shave their work as well in so tell everyone has been telling everyone i'm in the last podcast be sure to think i volunteered,
what volunteer day for the work that your doing today are working their hardest to make your experience better.
So sad and that way it's alot of work being a volunteer not the one to screw anybody for being a volunteer could use a lot of work um prazo dos hotel there are you know.
Do your job to make your experience better more fun yes so until next time.

[45:39] Jarvis emily this is jon saying he's back.
This has been a production of the unique pink to leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero four email that pizza you need to come.
Move the cyan twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[46:10] Music.