50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 36 - Full Military Sci-Fi Jacket

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:42] Who.
Do you use a dragon kinda podcasts a good review and joining me as always is the leadership hey.
Hey hey.
I'm good i'm gonna have purple hair to i'm gonna go do it again when i put my little purple purple i had it a couple years ago and had the back and when i say that is because of you prepare with.

[1:10] I will hot life is sad lol do that and star wars and she like made of she did that and you can actually see her voice going to during one of the shots in it sister learns that was going.
Yep i love it i didn't in i do i love it so high
hello we are under twenty days we're under twenty days you know where we are right now you're supposed to bring them on a reward nineteen hours and four minutes
good a you sing for icenter around that sucker up till eight hundred eight cell that sounds like its probably not gonna happen otherwise
yeah you hear this is probably like fun fourteen days i think we'll be there and that going for about five five leaving.
That would like ahead of ourselves well yeah if she turned the beginning along me and you know that madewell that happened um so you know we got some people and now we got.

[2:17] I want you to tell me who this person is jake the snake roberts chase the snake roberts is a classic classic wrestler,
um i believe starting with the ww could be wrong um i start with one of the other me audra state police turn the smaller.
Smaller wrestling league but i think first came in the comments with a firm,
good me wtf and he's getting a quote he had a snake in a bag that you would take me after EE pins you down or whatever he was then taken throw on top of your body.
Who yeah who knows about looking for disney buddy how is your headache there's also a modified if memory serves correctly there was a documentary made um,
about to my family by someone to capture name of the umm about what's happened to him since he stop wrestling and i wish you know his,
the life of a well.
Jake the snake was famous but it was pretty big contract,
sort of time trying yeah so you want the rock,
yeah so he didn't get you know who is n and a,
what night was in bed crying he think that anyone i could be speeding up turning get remember to get everything looking so we talk but ummm.

[3:46] He need to get your from.

[3:50] What are some surgeries we need to go through a bunch of color up kickstarter whenever i go for help if memory serves correctly but that's the same person and i smell that restaurant documentary on.
Actually that's what you're talking about that too is i remembered of dylan to push further use to be and restaurant that he opened in atlanta a bill of the house of ribs and chinese food.
It was the best of god and that was the best food the ribs a dream
they had little red tips that were just amazingly wonderful in the egg rolls were like the size of my head they were that because i feel like i want to get to a girl that i just like him go and you
yeah but it's close now i was about to say you could go there and it was awesome but it closed and i'm reuse the DTL is a finishing move what is dd to let see whats up its
it's a movie basically take the head of course you know it's,
wrestling is not fake that's facts um i take someone's.
Add the light in a square head lock and along the side your body and then felt your body to the ground and helped him to the internet oh yeah yeah so.

[5:09] Oh
I don't understand okay so i'll have to tell you something i can wear on the highway but you are correct about terminator movies yesterday we were talking about their words,
terminator terminator two judgement day terminator three rise of the machines terminator salvation which is um.
Just not that good christian christian bale was in it don't yeah and then terminator genesis with came out in fifteen and now it's gonna be terminator dark fate,
i read disclose very confused it's actually a sequel to terminator two judgement day.

[5:52] Can you talk about yes no skipping all the other yellow skipping all the others and the can everything three salvation genesis and going back so that would be very interesting to me,
and there's also somebody who's coming to dragon con i just had his name up david blue he is a grad what is that,
why is bing so i open the last name maybe like johnny walker blue skies i don't know why he did that so
i was wondering john news on stargate universe and moonlight and ugly betty and i don't know what henry danger on nickelodeon cuz i don't have.
Kids that young anymore umm but i was wondering do you think
those people that are in the military find movies that terminator would be one st university the day had to learn like wrestling moves and where stuff like that i am.
Who should i don't know for sure if only we had experts that would know.
Who that would be good just what we do we have to choose jif.

[7:00] Only the second worst transition we've done there's been high spirits would a military is i drank is are you,
how are you doing today.
Where do anything to get the part that's what we've been working on wrestling that's schedule
will it be better to remember to get a free wrestling that's good do wonder tho do the actors have to.

[7:37] Do that mean you have to learn to move sooner we have to learn
i love these especially the stuff in the military flies by especially ladies roll things and fighting and punching in,
hello learn how to leave a lot to left to the right when you're ship it.
No i don't
hey what's the benefits of conditioning for these roles lol new skills that day trying not to practice too much because
will there suppose to be a sad skill or sorts of different things sometimes not people not going to bring her home,
i would also think our i just like it when john was talking about that whole thing and i'm all i can go karen is help,
oh good bye we should introduce her these who these folks are right ok i gotta change the canon on the phone,
who is gavin i just get the directors of military stuff either is fine,
hey james im here hey events in david blue and,
does actually a story about him and stargate universe good yeah,
they hired me because she was heavy set an alarm so i kind of like that for the game roll the easter and out show where.

[8:52] But he want to get healthier and he actually went to the producer just said hey can i start working out and swimming down i know these people running shirt,
reliable resources know what to eat necessary how much did i owe yeah so can i block up salmon and actually get set and he looks amazing today i just looked them up and yes yes she does
how can he has appeared before the dragon kind of people who arent sure he why is repair use to a very different feel in a uber
move the case that you very pleased that a yes well good for him for getting in being healthier on him because i was actually something john and i would joke about is how did her early stage like that on an island but,
yeah well now we know,
well now we know the answer but it doesn't really work does it still doesn't work i don't care what they think i'm stuck up when i get a coupon its ok its ok so it's a lost cause.

[9:53] Who started working before you play ya hey hey i was gonna get it somehow what is military side five,
at dragon con what is that track,
ok i track it isn't explicitly focus on the military is just like us military thing like that
it's kinda sick of all these different shows deal with,
create an orange forces in space and
exploration what stupid things and some of the shows that we have our babylon five
reorder now one of ours how is that i can start a divorce yeah we also have butterfly which
where commands to get picked up a couple other we had,
nineteen ninety nine so there's a lot of different things that we cover
and we make sure that we are out responsibilities fraud so they each of those
get ceremony time that is right so we believe was reluctant or the examples used earlier um volume and actually have a penis but that would
tell me about terminator following your military sci-fi.

[11:12] No i'm at work so i'm looking in terms of robotics and things like that.
So it's kind of on the side of what we do but i'm spending having discussions that kind of taking other things.

[11:26] Hey big is your preference,
star trek might be what about i'm just send it yes a haircut yeah they get what twelve million
different no i mean yes how can i love trick dog but we having a pimple on discovery and the order of who was the first day of it up or tell me about that kinda cool,
so what are the things that we talked about
when we are looking at different shows coming out if we currently did not a bedtime how to show that was actually off the air and the water came out and it what is star trek what it was that.
What was the watsons,
add but some of the karate the other than relationships actually felt a little bit like stargate need to be entirely honest.
And so we can petition for writ and they decided that well to give the star trek might be a bit too much
i believe that my number is still when did it and so far it's been a really interesting it's hard because a lot of shows have dealt with exploring monitor issues in our futures.

[12:45] Drop turn your back.
How are you are you ok started that happens at two i actually um just my husband and ice.
Why did the jews or the outfit was actually after dragon con are at some point this summer we,
started watching the season one of the or because i am not a big fan on his mark opportunities things like i don't know i don't know if i can do submit products start watching it and,
we both fell in love with that any idea get that starte track via bit of course you can assi five i been that he said that he would throw up with side by not love so.
Really cool i like that you said you're doing what is it with discovery am talking about the two new shows are your condiment
comparison because what time does he put his head so we're just gonna stare into this kind and do hey star trek discovery of christmas or girl can't handle.

[13:55] Can you go in strait now will they get how is wine i'd go big or go home yeah i got four five six twelve no how many days will it is currently a seventeen days live
five its six days of g one sec i'll fix stop at six.
Your the one that made you somehow spoke into the easter and things happened so she should roll up roll the big simulation so that's possible,
let's try that is true for james what is talked about how you guys are killing it off there's some about your available in there some about stargate,
what is your area of parc sold parts to make sure everything is equal.

[14:47] Whatever i'm pray for you with all of the shows that we have all the properties so i can not.
Help steer everybody into making it even.
Compare and contrast different show news reporting and other shows.
I'm mostly around and do that extra room but that.

[15:08] No i do help out a bank with all of our properties no actually i call him it always stargate to do that was
what kind of kids first big asparagus span on track that wasn't security how much would a wood still stargate was actually get up world that was so fun now it's,
no there isn't but.
And stargate think was the one after x-files kinda broke my heart a little bit uh ira,
i don't know when i can never get enough in and start create ten andrew me just like it's okay,
you like the movie it's okay come on the shows not that so yeah i like ive,
yes forget atlanta sister my favorite and i know i want to hear it and no don't don't even go there with me i knew like what you like and at a good thanks.
How many kilograms coming up to henry.
Yes he's an awesome awesome guests husband a couple years a couple your something came i think but hey it's been great.

[16:19] Show are you do if you are doing of course start date.
Panel is that i'm assuming you will be on that or are you just gonna throw questions in javanese on just on est
actually have a couple of different roles the hubby going through can help where is the media panel to be printing a few folks on those
they will be on at least one is probably with
all is well it's we're gonna try to steal back then browse here for a few of those and still be doing a lot of skateboarding stuff to talk about that
yes how and he will also be serving as the guest in sea weed unless david's memorial charity auction so you translate gonna put a few things to mend a couple times,
yep nope the if you have never heard of adonis davis memorial option you guys do that on sunday,
and how did that come about because it's a great story about how that came about and how that became a part of our big charity push.

[17:19] Back in the old days would a yeah i was actually um probably and was in our room for a panel.
Because it might is that really hit it stride the popularity just yet sorry we're still able to come into our track room as opposed to a bigger room.
And we had a few items that people had.
Donated that wanted to help out with the charity for the convention so we had an impromptu sword option.
Add that was a little bit while dad prices my kind of hyped because paul decided to start giving out kisses for high beds how well.
Oo ok so let's start it off,
umm but when it really hit,
is hardwell satu thousand eight i'm done at staples supposed to be there at dragon con.
But i ask why you his heart issues before i get to the convention.
Add so happen that your the charity what was the american heart association.
So we didn't call dollars for don and addition to an impromptu started option.
Add them actually still have all of those dollars tho print out the papers signed that we had a party wall.

[18:43] I am glad.
Every year after that we had the option to just become an official part of track on the docket in a bigger room.
Assigned by the convention.
Add orange and then direct your actually at the time i contacted the family but no your the one that you have the option to have encouraged and gave us permission to use his name associated with the option,
so that's kind when it became official guide on st vincent charity auction
yeah and ever since then we've been running it every year i will be expected pass just starting items are we up or press cake pans,
if an all-star fans in crisp and thats not what i want the everything,
what i remember from years and years ago when it was just the stargate,
track and the dishes i think the first your michael it's okay maybe the second and,
i the director that point and i thought she was going to pass out because you think we have a pan we have a pair of michael checks pants from the show i don't like,
ok just no no light who are them why i got sure i'm understanding this,
you got to breathe and like okay yeah right.

[20:10] Who are you selling that's good that's great and it's a great charity so you are welcome
this is a good time to go and get yo are we set for each of them but we have a private banker minutes if she
who do i get to me so that was okay so yeah we were not on stage or anything like that yet umm,
where is that no one is davis very luckily got to do one panel with him about being spell his dad
i am extract many many years ago and he was a absolutely lovely,
really really yes he is really lovely lovely man but you guys always do a lot for charity,
hey just happened this year it's also got back to the american heart associations so we can make it even bigger and better than before,
okay so what you guys doing good no it's not just this action you got your bitch tho you got some other things that is lee i'm.

[21:11] Tell me about things that were gonna do we have activity games and crafts night that's a kid ran to the vet that's gonna be at eight thirty on saturday night so you know like the kids have some fun what games and crafts and stuff before they have to go to bed,
when we have the charity team trivia night at ten just for mature audiences and we give you download that raise our money
what is the suggested donation and forgot to enter the team trivia.
Hey i was wondering how did you raise money for that cuz i like you just can play games but basically you say can we like you to donate.

[21:47] We as i remind them that
you know we have the sad dragon kinda charity donation bucket and a brooch and you know we have these items that track is generated to produce where all the items that money go straight to charity because
we have a strictly or charity items that that tracking does that will also be making available
add a cat stop the signal dance with your other major though and that is if you don't know i can't start.
Can't stop the signal is you didn't watch firefly the movie actually yeah serenity you know what's also friendly fire fly
record every fandom as well but will have some things therefore it's specifically for charity will be dancing i DJ cousins going to be spending or a separate gym bag can you get adderall peach street ballroom friday.

[22:42] We're rich which film which hotel is the peach triple room.
Yeah okay well can you at all so where are track room and chest pain.
You there is some debate earlier in the earlier the podcast series this year about where the history but with justine it cleared up once again its in the winter but jeremy we are the atlantic elements peach tree somewhere,
yeah it's always only speak something.
How can you be my last day at thirty one st name peach trees oh yeah i'm angry about some charity items were just can you give me a tiny little teaser of what may be one of those would be,
so we have a charity challenge going now or track produced the challenge going on which is something that military groups who often do was gonna recognition for visiting a place or something like that.
But we have a charity version of bull got smaller but it's our flight orientation that will be offering and dance so brittany thing or tracking new.

[23:48] Show how to upload everything like it's and when your,
rom and no just looking at them just not there's gotta go to the party and and giving you money for charity and get a present.
Give me a new place.
When can i get your gift donation and here's your get that's right it's baggy goes along with your,
yeah three dollar donation to PBS i'm back if forget that so i had wine earlier time of the moon,
with the proper tracking in yeah we started really talking but brian hansen but he's really not there to support the public track surprisingly but to support some other,
property related military sci-fi which would be a far is cape so you have it was against your right.

[24:46] Ben is correct and we have a whole slew,
who are first to talk about.
Oh god has been there a bit but this year she's gonna be joined by lonnie to ben there,
rebecca eggs at this center and besides brian henson this also going to be abandoned or the twentieth anniversary of our state,
yeah it's twenty years it's not possible because i remember watching it when i was in my twenties so therefore can only be like maybe,
ten are the most my life i felt terrified like i know what kinda math you guys doing over their military life it turn it up but its wrong.
Where you were good with that it is very very wrong we are the ones moving at the speed of light you guys seem to be adding those years where we're going just very very slow
hey how ya i know sorry go jump.
Add this is the first year for acne abandoned car for horoscope for us and a lot of people.
Talk about how we're far state bears but actual good reason for that though whatsapp when he pushed two side by,
remember to buy the show the head upside by the time said just make it as weird as you can i don't want the cat show.

[26:13] I know how can it succeeded challenge accepted challenge what i did know i mean no you start watching,
i don't want to say older but in that twenty your twenty five thirty years.
Fifteen years was the end museum number of things i mean he has been a part of.
Eric for escape sea quest i even helped write the first warehouse thirteen episode so he's,
you how many touchdowns did tom you love them what and that's been it is just amazing i love that they said make it as weird as i could so that's why we got the fighting.
Can you get me that was what i was wondering that fighting game from now in OK.
Interesting interesting so you're talking about been browser with first dates are you.
Hoping begging the powers that be well maybe light yet still a little bit for some stuff.

[27:19] Google snag am for a little bit hey how to convert the other stuff too but i think we might be looking for at least one but we're probably not gonna be able to grab our other guests,
that we want to keep around and that would be mark sheppard who is retiring because this year after all.
Little black dress of fandom that is he there is he so and everything is wonderful.

[27:47] What did you wanna steal him for wednesday which what what are your properties are you.
Yeah i definitely belle starr black to add me that would be great for the real magic unicorn also,
you're absolutely for fire by fire volume up,
but that's probably because he is pretty popular and best that make them make you should he
i just always want to remember it was one year it was healing for one year and as we had a lot of supernatural before urban fantasy super natural was still with extract
add i was trying to explain to my husband who he would like a smart shopper he is and everything needs like i don't know what he is and everything is ben and there's nothing and he's like looking thru fish
dar uno are the days and that you want a battle star galactic that was the email but yes put the wire and he's like um,
how would like the guy that carried a dead cat around me lol i got okay i know i remember now remember not like thank you so.
That's always fun to.

[28:57] Don't care and god cats and if i spoil battle star galactic before you folks yes she to caught up a long time ago cuz it was really really good,
i mean it has been ten years since the end of et which we actually will be doing a panel talking about the ending of the real magic,
how well that's not possible i remember watching that when i was in my,
exactly i remember being upset repeat this i already did my yes i remember being upset that it was like a whole year between seasons so that had to be,
a long long time ago um no i don't think that.
He's going to be an interesting discussion because that is still a finale that.

[29:46] I divide fans find fans comprar,
controversial take some pictures cuz that would be and may you have the season finale of other you never heard of you get that now are you doing
because jon is the one who's spoken to the easter and talked about thursdays,
dim the new day wanna come on are you doing anything on thursday.
Oh yes no yes no yes no.
We have our second annual which means we got away with that friend of yours i'm a mess that meeting create one z mixer.

[30:29] So i will bring explain what are rights so
we wanted to have an opportunity to do cannabis after opening per our contract anyway you could come and learn about the different shows that reviewing hang out meet some good people they will be locked in a room with for several days
and we thought why not but everybody wants you have a good time,
is it the normal process when does the union ones that like have the zipper and they were used to be for little children and now my product didn't,
absolutely we have even version,
hey are perfect for the last year we are rocking star trek one.
Add a little bit of everything but want dessert require just the way to have little bit of fun before everything gets started.

[31:21] Do you have a one z nothing gonna talk about why i was just gonna say if you what the you go and get a picture with them.
How do money to charity for their group who.
What's that where that ones hey i don't get a picture with sharon james on thursday night.
We wanted gummy john what's the new one that won three hey m can jah no security it goes for charity john,
trending so what so you have other panels into doing also yo on that spokane brought thursday forward how much it's for charity.

[32:05] It's for the baby could he done,
i'm sorry i have my own your shit i will text you would a normal text.

[32:25] I so hope so there is a six.
I think somebody on john we do have a couple more things i can tell you about a little bit different if you like,
did you stop at a non traditional hours,
no no we also have a little bit late night programming this year who.
How can i get a good aid i can stay out past eleven thirty they got these ones is weller.
No unless you what you see is what the optional find we have the time.
Im so mad libs live panel where,
what we do is we take a scratch from one of ur shows.
And then we have the audience performing in an act of suggestion give me a give me a verb.
And we're doing it late night so we can be let's just crush a very open and very hurt.
Hey there we placed at the script like mad libs and then have people perform this grips.

[33:37] Ok alright so that usually won the italian me have to schedule that saturday at eleven thirty,
yo yo on after spending labeled mature yes there yet.
But we're also trying something different this year two on saturday at ten pm this sunday starting at ten PM and that is the improv pelle grant right out we are coming giving general info for hotel i love you start date is any way.

[34:11] Add who just do it cuts like a lion situaciĆ³n,
and throw out things for people to model and act as the couple posts on for that became i won't participate then we can pull people from the audience what do you do.

[34:28] Okay.
C'mon people you know you wanna volunteer got the volunteer interview is using your truck room properly in big hole in the tracking property held in the copy the only thing proper about it,
So what are you doing i want to delete and yahoo starting at ten folks are tentatively tentatively scheduled.
My sister brought that one temperature at some point in the night it have to be after the beep after the witching hour so yeah x.

[35:10] I yeah okay,
hello what are we ok so your media panels you talk about those to you what are the groups that we see the parade every year you got the battle star galactic group what you guys usually see stargate,
and some scenes of our flight people so do you guys ever march in the parade you know those groups like go.
Say how wonderful that we can coordinate ugh generally they wanted us anything about that allows you but
we generally more doing it some in the room rapid stuff during the great time we don't really march because we have to be marching through the rest of the mi,
drain my resources a bit more than i can handle may i get that,
what is needed are track it such that we actually watch the parade turn the corner to go down the hill peachtree st because we have a window of you create a while.

[36:16] That's that is very cool if you just schedule a piano that is a cool turning the corner,
are you there.
That donations to charity are always loved turning the corner for dylan for charity.
Where do you have a add all the items saturday it sorry want to re watch panel where we talked about things and see if they hold up
and so is google low key alternative for people don't want you to parade and hey they can look up the back and watch the world go by that works out.
Where is the parade goes by that school that we nope,
okay so.
Let's see let's is there is anything else we need to make sure we highlight any other big events are dancers or where from.
I mean you have enough yet so let's let's get some more stuff i will absolutely will have more we have a couple things that we're doing,
what kind of celebrating espace 99 working combining with people from trac and american psycho classics to do that,
you got some anniversary is the babylon five twenty-fifth anniversary for the show twenty years that's crusade premier do we have a special price and open that you got military.

[37:43] I will start the one i mentioned are the big anniversary count for the end of the real magic that will help,
um one other thing that we also do we have a diversity and inclusion and terrified by media handle and that and let on sunday and we'd like to make sure.
There's an opportunity where all voices inside product and to talk about what they are currently saying not satisfied and what date might want to see in the future.

[38:16] You there you go that is it that is wonderful and we got to diversity track with drivers yesterday so you guys can do whatever stuff that's going on just.
Yeah keyword that or something i don't know but there is a lot is that i think we are really,
all lights inside find now i really want to do better,
you know which color do i buy most stuff is no sci-fi is bout you know,
hope all future so um where.
You know people are getting along supporting jobs what can you pay which is also you know.
But with better from me never come to fruition but why do you want to go yeah that was the goal when is the next full moon.
The record i'm sorry yeah you are busy beavers.
Do we even have a habit trip no what's your poetry powder who is gonna be a cannabis infusion puppet show and,
there is a crossover between a doctor who moments and colonel carter from stargate called companion carter.
Ok hey are going after a new bed.

[39:34] How i like it i'm giggling at that time trying not to giggle too loudly that was my lost smart.
How monday at ten,
is it somewhere you need to sleep at some point and caffeine because i think the caffeine intake goes up
everyday its been great but i really always think like that monday i have to get up and get out of this hotel and your other stuff to do i think the monday caffeine intake is even bigger
almost every other day and i always feel that yet
suggest you guys are in the western show that's very cool and remember if somebody else told you that the western has a really tasty
and reasonably inexpensive food area so he goin' on that level that's from the street just keep on back.
Go and grab some food and then you can go and see the people you want to see and then clean up after yourself don't leave messes in the background during.

[40:35] No but we do if we have a space in the back of the track and chill with tables and stuff set up so
if you want to come and take a nap i know but you also really need to eat you don't wanna die new house that the back of the room and watch the panel and eat your done can you go up to the front because,
that sounds good sounds good are john you evil to its' now i feel this is important when the show i ask you for a number between one and twenty.
Oh lord hey you want to three,
four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen thirteen isn't any open beds,
are you can explain this and what hello this is actually gonna be the nigga with side today,
just there was a sign that i read before,
i need some pop culture trivia this actually has five questions and them told me running a six sided die roll a six you get to pick which number james karen leaves we playing against each other.
Smh and general trivia will play to five or three depending hello trista become.
I want to start first.

[41:58] Start yoga so around here you number one which is like use um.

[42:07] Play games with the rubik's cube thought it was popular for attribute in between what what product.
Because this is nothing good games what product was pitch during the nineteen nineties by three frogs named wise and bud.
Smh who be able,
your type that got him how do i answer
but yes yes what else i forgot about those silly little frog well ok umbrella for for you which is music,
ask for james who caused controversy when he claimed that the beatles were more popular than jesus christ.

[42:54] When did i'll be john lennon that is correct.

[42:58] Rate link to it can hear are awesome music yet another beatles question what record company was started by the beatles.
Well i'm sorry no that's incorrect apple record sorry apple record company that yet.
Hi karen this is for u add a role to one against you backup the top this card,
what electronic toy that featured it's own language what is a must-have choice of nineteen ninety nine.

[43:37] What electronic um headphone language must have to wait ninety nine.

[43:46] Yo are the i don't know maybe i was wondering if you would a nose are cursed i wouldn't have gone to my house yellow scary
they are very yeah.
I dream the wheel that you which is exactly sure books that i got journalist hunter s. thompson.
You're living in writing with what motorcycle gang.
Research for a buck the house angels that is correct.

[44:22] But its the point name another motorcycle game cuz i got the great i don't know what yeah like what are the credit be.
I am i don't know your mom i like that your mom i like that once i would like to know what sons of anarchy.
Someone has a television show me uh five okay i.
So this is the head with a question mark inside of it move in a few what will it be cold metal list appeared on the cover of vanity fair in two thousand fifteen.

[45:01] What olympic gold medal list appeared on the cover of vanity fair in two thousand fifteen.

[45:08] Mm ok that is good bruce jenner at that point yet where i just think that because it was a transaction of the time.
Hey hi uh back to you can um this is a real number two.
So let truly looks like what she became a celebrity after publishing kitchen confidential and adventures in the culinary underbelly.

[45:38] What shift became a celebrity after publishing kitchen confidential adventures in the corner under belly.

[45:48] Schedule me a uber i'm not sure i give me another cannes to cnn series for a long time and recently passed away.

[45:59] How everything about me.
August am not reading just books book no problem and the girl i rolled a four for you james and the question is,
if you had my love was his first single to reach the top spot on the billboard hot one hundred one hundred brother.

[46:26] Who sang if you had my love.

[46:36] J
I may i just ask is a low it i'm sorry this is jennifer lopez i do not recognize if it is just perfect,
how so you think i will the trivia question for you because of him,
list because the results seinfeld episode with double bed.
The answer is the morris but it moves on the card is a pretty good so good that no point anyway
one hundred what company sold three billy's one them what company sold three billion dollars worth of product in nineteen ninety one only to declare bankruptcy a year later,
is digital technology became the norm.

[47:25] That's a very big and open question but ask that you please hold three dollars for the products in nineteen ninety one.
In a decade later became declare bankruptcy due to digital take to do digital technology.

[47:41] A blockbuster but that's not right hold the road was a killer ok hey karen back to you.

[47:52] I want to five am what was princess diana is maiden name.

[47:59] That would be awesome spencer hey question how did you know that.
I just know that ok.
Yes i know if you are if you are the only familiar with most details of the royals family i mean you don't know how to create the lives that understand.
Oh yeah,
i will to for free again james this is music who was charged in nineteen sixty nine before exposing himself on stage in miami.

[48:38] Baby you can light my fire james busy google that.
I'm actually just have a secured with that look on my facebook i know the name but it's just not just not coming up i know what band he saying four.

[49:02] Are there rolling stones know we're thinking of jim morrison from the doors and the doors are the doors yet.
Currently there are no direct,
yo lee road five which is who was fired with the people who was fired and try again who is fired of ceo of apple computers in nineteen eighty five.

[49:29] Job steve jobs that is correct red wire.
Back to you karen three who played lifeguard named mitch you can in under TV series baywatch.

[49:46] I'm guessing i''ll have to be david how so how is that if you really the only male i know from that show jason start it on the watch.
I forgot i didn't delete that from an active member of x,
you was history your concerns just atlanta to visit.
No i am quite willing to stay from robert c. yeah.
No i will the six for you james means you get to pick which category do you want.

[50:22] How to startup for out there i'm sure it's category let's music again recent expenses it's just stick with what was elvis presley middle name.

[50:38] What was the red that is correct right.
Leaving 06 for you what you are what would category one.
I want wine now remember what slogan was first used in nineteen sixty three to advertise lucky charms cereal.

[51:03] Add legally delicious.
That is correct um ok you can't win here caring because that's how we do it you were getting high first you have to go for a piano lesson.
What are all the three okay what tv series with set up william mckinley high school.
What tv series with set up william mckinley high school.

[51:36] Do you need and i will answer and uh yes it it involved.
High school students how important he is unable to adult acting is high school student and i'm not there is a god who is on fox and it mostly on place in a room.

[52:05] Oh ok i'm gonna have to go where,
leon that one should he go ahead,
i wanna give give james a chance to actually tie and let them labeled as i want.

[52:26] Sorry i'm what's left for you,
what soft drink with the champagne of ginger ale.

[52:37] Web apps VR to draw your kind of the draw.
You know cuz we have the champagne a beer which is.
Nothing test case anybody there.
Oh congratulations karen i hear non price enjoy it i hope you had to spend well.
Alex that my bragging rights with fried um i really am fine cuz i was able to look up jason moma in baywatch and i'm okay with that except follow a lot of things around the water.
Are you a human atlanta i just i just people just like to see what the weather is.

[53:24] Would a friendly blog has,
i am so remind me to get where they can find out more information on the military side five track is well as what you will be,
umm i am for military um add a handwritten card.

[53:49] Woke up a place you can go now we have a twitter account and my cell phone or track and we also have.
We have a facebook group that you can reach from our page which is military stuff i media address and you can see also information about the dragon card to order regular page.

[54:11] Awesome who all right so again folks a thank you for taking time outta your busy busy director life to um.
Talk to us we appreciated and as he has i don't like to remind folks,
um be sure to thank the volunteers not only at the military side tracked but also all around driving time trying to think of volunteer at least once a day um for the work they do to put on this side of the screen show the we look forward to.
Every every year you have to wait three hundred sixty days until it comes back around again it's over um so until next time.
James and lilly this is jon saying he's.

[54:59] This has been a production of the united kingdom.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit he don't come.
Move the phone and twitter that's is the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share like non commercial license.

[55:22] Music.