50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 37 - Plan Con From Outer Space

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] Remember to know if there is a drink on the podcast that doesn't always planning at the last minute and joining me as always is the keeper of the planned.
I am not last minute thing that you are not we are we actually getting ahead of the game but in this melawan sure who will is only what,
two weeks ago no don't do that don't don't don't let me hear this it's no longer two ways yeah no i talked to another director today and.

[1:20] She said so how you doing i like it's like a train is coming out when the lights are getting bigger and bigger.
What yeah if you tell me today we gotta be ready to go tomorrow let's go i know if i figure out in the home.

[1:40] Who won the be there yet yet who is we record this um who's there.
Other sheridan has been so good.
If i get unexpected i guess you know that i don't know if we expected but i am not surprised at the sheraton has extended but they are not opening on yesterday,
we're going to the fort to buy some,
yeah i just i just know the same thing is going on the papers they are doing all the cleanup and they have the people in there testing so ayana summer planned out
bro we be the cleaners hotel in atlanta by then but tell me i am easy,
yeah anyway but the output and happy subject and i met you a voicemail we got an accord as usual i have not listened to i gotta email him and talk about the new house find tips for folks are you.

[2:39] Save this coming through at all appreciate if.

[2:44] Hello one of my retainer it could a public spot chair.
Who did that pi phi làm will be in the third person.
Actually probably don't want to play a,
what temperature again and it will be sunny out of midnight.
Why is what dose i don't know regina is what senior director of programming cs review director program how can we basically she who must be listened to and she who holds all schedules
and speaking of which she also send an email to bollywood directly to me again,
add yogurt military without with the silk road she said she's fine with your folding bills in me as long as i don't have the nomination is visible.

[3:49] Oh there we go okay that feeling i like that so yeah,
good eight am to driving regina slowly mad um quickly madness post um fails on space just because she was like well you can go and do that hear the words.
Is there a god we first of all needs to be availed big enough eyes and the nomination lies.

[4:16] So that we can see that nice one hundred there when you do organic creamer what everyone so yeah so um
when did i send the current provider for everybody just ask and i'll get it confirmed through não.

[4:32] No don't cuz she will find done if this was the idea that he got all set up that way i'm not be trouble,
yes gonna be running for his life italy funny i watch videotape.

[4:46] Yeah so uh that's not what we want to get together here to kinda go over some um last night not what i said last minute but from
tips and tricks for you doing your final planning here for drugs so please take away and i will just stay back here and a vacate on your stuff.
Oh sure do that are first wanted to say we did get another i think we'd get an update right after we um i wish i had has the military side of you whenever we were there by the time the business hours.
Show military if i wanted to let us know that they had two different kinds of coins they have one,
that is only available online before,
you can get the length that their facebook page with choose their other military stuff in dutch umm but i was in a house in the podcasts i listen
what is the online only and they will be given to you at the time but it's on line only an all of that money goes to help military stuff i run into all the other things,
should a queen the twenty dollar charity cool,
add all their parties and things like that and all of that money the proceeds complete all of that money because something so yeah.

[6:10] Donated actually the queens in the work on it and will be going to charity.
Open justin updates will also be doing a second podcast with art show this my department done by nolan have
i will not have okay google show your art she want podcast without showing you have a second one because i wanted some of their stuff that's gonna be really want you to grab onto it and see
no i don't have it cuz it start but come in see it like it was your eyes that sounds wrong too.
Switch on the hooper before i go in the saudi students do you have anything i be sure to check your airline the status for special loved these days because of ur.
Ugh max seven thirty seven stuff some thirty seven in december something something something
i'm hungry let's max weight of it is um i know that for me ugh sensitive to beckley flights
are they reschedule my flight and push to back up put me on different flight two hours later and cancelled the previous flight even tho i know for a fact it was full beat well.
Only scored the website because there is only x number of seats left when you want to go from.

[7:27] Order them i was months and months and months ago but i didn't wanna double check your flight status giving me flights are still being cancelled,
r us quite frequently so if i would make a suggestion that would be the number one suggestion give you want you to make sure we have a ticket,
i could never forget change your gonna be later coming in on thursday but i like couple hours but still yeah stop the yeah.

[7:57] Turn on your computer you double check again it's really uncalled rule yay ok so what are the little hints about dragon con if you're coming in early,
for a third before friday actually to foodcourt she can go to there is a big important that peachtree center,
which is the main recorded open the whole weekend but there is a second food court that is one of the office buildings in that you can get to it after that would you go from the hyatt to the marriott on that bridge
and instead of turning right to go to.
Repeat tree center turn left and you'll go over another small bridge and there's a building there that has their food court go right into their food court area it's really nice it's am.
It is different than sucking your peachtree center but it's good to know because it will be less crowded um.

[8:59] How about doing anything food what are the biggest things the dragon and sonny jose gets a great at whatever okay first of all lets go on a get healthy now so start eating healthy now,
hey your items in your mad do whatever else you supposed to do with the other thing is when your employees eat real food.
There are a lot of options to eat good food and not spend a fortune there's a car there the pad thai place over new vegas actually can just call noodle.
Bad has really good pad thai ahead veggies and there is a sushi place i know i feel like small parts sushi this can't be that great it's not bad and i like it and it,
decently healthy for you plus you can also get so that you there do that,
there is a farmer's basket or something like that i cant my what is called where you basically get a meeting where is there are places to get food anyone we talked about like you're going.

[10:00] Choose mark and what did western there is that low place right there and they have fruit.
We have fruit no i'm not saying you need to pay the dollar fir now because i don't think you should go buy fruit.
There is a publix
when is walking distance and i think there's a kroger what you know and buy some food if you're willing to uber i know you can get to a grocery store and you can go and get some help here if you'd like got some fruits and veggies and.
Yeah that's got accepted at every i do that every year i come and um what one thing that i might also suggest is that you throw a couple of um,
reusable bags and the airbags you had become.
Loser be helpful if you going to do grocery store run in the can i get the over there and back if you don't feel like walking all the way down there,
but when are the website that wont you taking groceries out obviously that can be used for other things wrong you never know when you'll need to,
a bag just a carry-on um stuff that maybe you find another vendor so owe some rent the cabin pick up along the way um so you carry reusable bags inside your bags is always rings everything.

[11:18] How is a good thing and you will be amazed at how much u will just pick up and other things but yeah and talking about like when your around and things like that one of the other things is to think about phone.
Listen got one and so just remember to have a charger with you if you do not have one i am seventy find out you have left them there is a CVS.
End the center and you can get it um.
Also if you can't afford to bring a portable batteries sometimes you can't find a plug,
so that's good thank you do i know someone that trying to extract does this we actually have like ummm,
what were they called extension thing what would the date on florida within a paris trip.
How much did i make you bring it up we have a power strip in newton,
look up in there you don't need to bring up lunch so home now have USB ports not i think the one will be bringing the kind does so you can pop USB cord but.
Good idea do you have a bring a portable charger to charge it every night when you charge your phone and then do it that way because it's important and i don't know how long phones last.
I won't be using mine much then text messaging saying where i am and where other people.

[12:42] It's a good idea to do if you know take pictures and pictures seeing the battery only join it,
i know it will it is probably correct um depending if you have the camera open all the time but probably grew what i would say is.
Umm you want to be sure to have some way to upload those pictures you can take a lot of them how will i be getting from,
i like your wife in your hotel.
How's good time by the way to double check your data plan,
if you are
do you know if you're use to work so you know maybe listening to your phone when i go to sleep at night i'm in streaming stuff if your house you probably have wifey you may not have it at,
Go tell fb saying same i want to double check your,
your data plan data plan insert saving up someday if you need to.
Can you get i'm actually about real food in you just talked about throwing some of the reusable bag that's very good if you have the space in your bag or when you get to kinda gonna going to the grocery store going to receive yes.

[13:58] Get some protein or granola bars or something like that just how many back pack of whatever you want to because at some point he might just be,
hungry but you're trying you know it's like it's two o'clock and i like him but i'm not eating dinner til seven but i dont really want a big lunch so good,
so may i have an apple and a protein bar an apple and a granola bar that's a really good idea also,
is there an open and you find somebody who is not with you looking like to have some low blood sugar anything on that,
remind me all the help me out with a half a granola bar your granola bars that serve really good thank,
you are what you need and i have seen it this CVS and at the publix right that's not the problem probably is it this is a public it's not.

[14:54] It's within walking distance and i've done a donut before and sometimes um,
but yeah groceries coming back is the problem that's why they are very bad gonna be the problem uploads neil six dollar uber xl like that um depending on the time you know
surgery um is a public.

[15:19] Who has him because this isn't true is if you're in publix is pump.

[15:27] Applies would a world in florida.
They're bogo deals you have to buy beer mugs to get one free and you only have a few by only one of the two logos it's half price.
which is the uniqueness i know to georgia so if you go into any stall the same is not good publix is makeup for dragon goddess no no special pricing research pricing and whenever you get the same bogo deal normally gets usually have some candy that usually on sailing
serial things like that you could get
away with some good deals don't have to buy wood by etro you know if you like example florida goodbye,
two boxes of captain crunch or whatever because i'm gonna get the free one.
Um what you just buy one box of captain crunch or if raisin bran so um for snack.
I like that that's a good idea i like honey nut cheerios and i like my new girlfriend honey nut cheerios and a snack.
I don't hold off label prescription.
What is the music which is the correct brand off hand sorry off label,
let me know if i am off labels help me prescribe some medicine that your medicine yet because i asked
by the way it also curious um.

[16:56] Blindness what's project that i found out both packs helps because we're all the sudden caps saying,
you know every time i get to show my migraine is just wonderful for three months oh really get to nap
so that's why god heard your terrible example because if if there was a did some l um i don't think that would be the off label
where would be the main imports but whatever i'm trying not to talk about viagra and you know
it also can really help women with cancer but they don't.

[17:29] They don't marketed show me confirm with them but when i was trying to say but the city has a public figure out the bogo.
Up their prices for the evening at CVS,
bellow hollywood he never said price so you have the surprise it's like any other CBSE go to if you all the same get there any like damn it i forgot my deodorant which gonna need a car because it hot.
Is there a tell you that.
You can run that CBS and get your brand of regular deodorant it'll be there any would be what's up at your home CVS barring any coupons or where to price gouge.
Umm which is nice cuz that's good and also that she is if i am remembering correctly sell VR,
it's how it doesn't sell beer and that's nice that they dont price gouge on because some other places might.

[18:23] You never know and by the way i will mess about going back to publix again they often have BOGO beers well you know they both gave me the latest business news.
This wig is a bring mom like a brand as a micro brew what yeah it's up to craft beer.
Company and it called shout yeah.
Ok i'm done you know they can various ones of the end of the passover seder u have buns once every other week for samantha.

[19:02] I'm also just kinda said this alot but watch the app look at the app everyday get it refreshing because panels change.
Umm you all the sender like no we get this room is gonna take anymore people dying.

[19:20] This is the more people we get a move into another room we didn't realize yesterday we have two smaller rooms for six at on saturday,
what's your app watch twitter of the dragon cards,
twitter is very important because that is also where you see.
Things are changing as a change social media will do it,
i don't think facebook does it much is a lot of people don't like just go to facebook for quick updates but twitter will be on the app will be as soon as i can update it also there is something called the daily dragon,
many people are there is um and it is a.
Can you have by eleven sheet of paper to see all around in the morning,
and they tell me what's going on at usually has a water too small article and then it has
any changes updates whatever in the schedule so it's very important to look at that as well as one MB and one other last thing working and upon this one and less you have some more
ummm is that if you're somebody who has it.

[20:29] Chronic diseases your different me a bold you are diabetic,
yeah okay let's chronic illness but yeah sure something like that um,
if you are somebody because i've been trying director for long time i haven't what year like some two pianoes in a rose somebody.
Haven't been eating right and crashed didn't one panel and the light three hours later another panel won't happen,
so what we didn't know is what was going on and one of them had to do with them and one of them didn't.
Its great if u get one of those labels you know there's like three inch by three inch three by four and twitter labels and put on the back your badge to put down not you have a chronic illness and who can we contact if there is a need.

[21:16] U just write no have am diabetic.
Contact contact number if there's a problem and it's really important if you can do that that gets.
Let's help you faster so i know what's wrong when somebody comes to see you is weekends i welcome the back of the raspberry say this.
And it also if you are alone and which does happen we split up with people been waiting about a contact in case of problem,
set up just below can't also for two other,
things that go along with that accessibility or other issues,
if you are someone who need an accessible room access both room either you got to get wheelchair through the door things of that nature you need to make sure the hotel has that.
Already done for your room all hotels have those room they are required to have those room,
and they will help you with that just need to contact the hotels now and the other thing is i'm,
that some of the rooms have a fridge and some of them wont i will promise you that the big marriott.

[22:28] Your no friend you can get wine red wine you can extra charge but it may already be gone so yeah and if somebody was like i want the mini fridge im real you need to look into hotels gonna have and see if you need that there.
And go on and requested if there is a charge for your willing to pay.

[22:48] I'm so something you said while remind me about post on the dragon con um facebook group which would result of pretty brilliant ideas are losers of
folks and creates several different um images that say he found my phone.
Um please return it to simple insurance,
or marriott or whatever what do you need casey can probably make your,
only if you create a few right out with a magic marker and paper and take a picture and send it as a home screen,
what is your is relaxing rather than completely black screen and even put stuff down on there like that
hey call this person in trouble or no also read or return the phone to the hotel to the hotel front desk,
ummm and someone asked about you know well you can i just return to los,
lost and found a drink on you can when it's gonna be there and open that can be yeah there's only one lost and found,
that's relate like information services will get them and they come to one place of your lost and found is at the hyatt,
where was that a phone for a bit.

[24:11] Yeah yeah yeah so if you have a pet you know credit limit again getting destroyed,
i'm so something can read it and make your paper take a picture and then send your lock screen um,
do you know where did you lose your phone again please go there to put on your usual don't you remember but not enough which is your first last name or something like that um,
what's the first name last initial problem smart idea um yeah and.
That way you know that the front desk for hotel you can you can just grab it made me not wind up their beliefs.

[24:54] Better than nothing.

[24:56] That's right and at least that is a pen is probably get a better chance of getting it back smh that's a good idea i like that idea that's awesome.

[25:06] I think that you anyone.

[25:11] I have nothing else that you know for about.
Fifteen dollars on amazon and get a phone charger so um up portable battery.
Uh that's about what i have seen these ones there are some really crappy ones don't get the ones that are like five bucks cuz it's not gonna help me to review him yeah who is emma nature of the there,
reviews not you know cuz their all into the trees and how to get around for her to.
Scan the review system on amazon that's not what i said.
Are we having for a fifty dollars and get decent a decent wall,
hold a charge and gets really yeah get through the day.

[26:00] You don't tell something needed you want your phone cuz we can't live without them anymore.

[26:08] See that's either a good thing or a bad thing feeling pretty bad right now but depends on the day yes it depends on that.

[26:19] Set the lights in the spring and thank you guys so much for everything.
And rome in two days and everything else you got and we sold a few days though.
Recording left to do so if you want to leave a voicemail for rushing and rachel said.
One three three two one zero.
Let c three three two one zero eight eight four or email us at fifty days five zero DIY is.
Add the tune to delete comments that we're sending out and um.

[26:59] What are the author also i also have to be on skype you can just type in your name.
And the call via skype through the key to the phone.
Open realize you can do that i like will you should be more glamorous than you think about it not know phone number of the skype.

[27:17] Are you the manager.

[27:22] Yeah i think it's great i'm looking for it when you re gonna play with me so until next time for leave,
this is jon saying he's i don't know this has been a production of the unique pink.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
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[28:00] Music.