50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 38 - The Day After Apocalypse Rising

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:38] Good agent to.
Yo are the waves,
who did seventy slow boot space or anything is included twenty how do you know who always is my partner in the film leigh leigh i don't know,
i can i wanna know now that's a good a novel i want i want i want to install the app update the schedule for two thousand twenty now,
hey can you show my what love you said for yours and only show,
and we actually pretty can do help u its on it's way john
find a time this is up it'll probably be right at that fourteen day mark two weeks until karen start which is amazing and gonna be awesome um so you are some.
People that have been announced or know what to say or whatever made claudia gray,
who is an author and if you've read any of the stuff that come out.
Four star wars cents um.

[2:03] The force awakens she is written a lot of those who wrote princess leah she brought blinds she is amazing so what you got a good deal on another one so.

[2:15] Its great read her and her and then we also have some.
We have somebody who is gonna know this person i think john marshall nichols,
is snow on twenty four and on the CW drama series riverdale she is john do i have to go look i don't know the.
The actors by name but i know that because i know
yeah and then she's also in the gates and to also be cool,
and then we also have an gray coming back who is the actress who played will monday,
i even knew that without looking it up on that one i got that brain cell
who is butler which is now also shipping and other stuff too so great and so amazingly sweet breath and enjoy it for people to be there which is great,
and then we'll also got some new names we've got people from black lightning jordan is coming
hey i'm james ramon and we are williams so we got to read people from black lightning right now which is really cool and am very glad
we have some good night just announcements now and that makes me happy.

[3:34] I need more i'm sorry my husband is speaking to me a cross it's more than just three he's like there are other names and your replay yeah five yeah chris will your dreams more
ul turn away with his uncle williams and christine adams well
how did you find out sofa twitter,
i'll rent on our guest search and also keegan connor tracy from the magicians once upon a time in beijing
motel is also tell that came out will return
does it turn on i look on the website you looking on twitter and my husband's looking on facebook and he was whispering to me as we're doing so yeah there's got see this is why i want to watch twitter and facebook,
and the web sight but i did john
open the car because i just saw the announcement for jake the snake roberts that we talked about it but be the documentary is trying to remember what is the resurrection of um,
take the snake roberts that was name of the documentary that was not i watched enough yet been no heat run into some bad times and the body is better know how because he's.

[4:56] Also boston butt from anyone there doing wrestling i don't like tips nice slow more like the slow wrestling i play hoes remember you somewhere where you brush.
I'm sorry what nothing gone no say it again i said it's definitely a sign of the end times one wrestling is slow in the,
who is probably a sign of the intended i want a real twitter signs of being um let's see,
when um i don't know actually you know what we have and expert on this discount thing is attracted to such a thing.

[5:36] You are smart or so they spend on sodas of the unique a break when there no somebody what i know somebody who can help us yet though we actually had the director right now,
who does apocalypse rising shannon an apocalypse rising is already antisocial.
Hey need help you need to know about the end times should a skip track all together.
Who trying to play
what will either we just skip it altogether or we sit in the house in a closet going ok im gonna still let them come please on the search what's the population rises,
apocalypse rising is all things the end of the world and preparing for it um what was pressing but you'll be funny,
it's not exactly super interesting,
what was the we recover tv shows and white at our post apocalyptic end are still be in nature,
practical side where we teach you how to prepare and survive disaster either on a local or global.

[6:55] It's from all over and a command and he was like first aid umm what to do in active shooter situation,
how to repair the bugs out bad all that kind of stuff as well to help me feel a little bit safer would a.
That i like feeling safe i actually have a bug out bag in my car not because of a zombies are coming but you never know.
Do you know if there could be a tornado when the only thing i have left is the,
couple outfits will actually eat my family members have an outfit inspired the things that i got back so yeah i'm but the other thing is you kinda like me next track is your doing the fictional stuff,
the shows are also saying well you know how can i get to be mommy's i what average is here's how to be prepared for that's really cool,
i have a news measles like a metaphor for a wolf ex natural disaster i mean i live in california so earthquakes for me who are you doing.
How would he know its california at some point you got a flight in the ocean restaurant northern california,
how big is the girl in alaska yeah so yes you because.

[8:19] I don't know what use i'll be bringing makes alot of sense the walking dead was being when everybody really especially after hurricane katrina started talking about you know what would happen if.
Say exactly know what,
what are some of the panels that you're gonna be doing this you're going away i want to do something else so you california hello world did you get involved in dragon con which is a please for half hour flight from where u r.
Yeah it actually began with a little-known not new zealand post apocalypse TV show called the tribe i know that you're yes,
so back and a green two thousand three stars on quora but some of the cast members over.
Driving while and i was super big fan of the show so i found away to get my airfare together and flew out new.

[9:14] Share a hotel room and the marriott with like seven other girls the flat envelope.
How was my bag then i'm sorry what you say back then like nobody is doing that now that you are doing an important close the bonnet so i think as you become more seasoned,
bad dragon con the odds of you sleeping on the floor with the massive amounts of people,
lessons every year that i'm sure they're still are people that do that but,
umm you know once i referred you know what,
i need to read what people probably my max in bench but i did my bad,
what can you follow me driving and then i don't have a driving caron me broadcast back two more times um,
in the second year they brought them back i actually developed that right track.
Add track run the show and i'm not being staff member and that and then.
How much baggage is better with it as it's kind of all over the years and become a rising that its today that is right so it was so apocalypse rising was originally to try a drink.
It was well behaved what time does cuban it have a phone dedicated track.

[10:40] It was strictly that right racquet for probably the first five years and then people can realize that you know the show was the air really can sustain a full track with just one TV show,
i'm finna look at what happened tracks then.

[10:57] Women in the tribe really was about condoms and end of world situation was provided a lot of tracks have started just one show we had the drag and then went to wheeling very sad,
x-files and then next track on pandora
they always extra but first of july as well so happens with the like on TV is just well everybody's really into the trial now and i don't.
It doesn't three were there any other like apocalyptic shows on i dont really.
I can't make it one i can either insert mean towards a younger audience liked it and was trying the drivers right now i was hoping how to say what the problem is rising it's hard to have,
you know anything for,
family wholesome family or anything i bet during all your stuff is gotta yeah tell me when there's no possible way that you can make it any children's programming right
no what there is yo are the only really terrible at the strong just fyi
what's the time we've actually got our first,
find me a panel coming up this year and we are together
i'm a lot of express that are also parents i'm so empty businesses.
That working disaster preparedness for a living and are putting together.

[12:26] Kids and their parents so crazy how to prepare for a good blaster at your house.
Add milk,
disaster plans like where do we outside the house if everybody has to leave it all of a sudden i'm stuff like that so that kids can feel a little bit more prepared and a little bit more in control when something under control happens.
Unfortunately that does happen these days so that is good too,
find a way the kids can understand that and that's what you're doing that is awesome that you do not maybe i could even get out of my truck and go see a concert actually i don't like chuck eye when is haley scheduled for,
um it's whatever it is schedule for sunday at one pm ok and remember as we say,
everything is tentative until your what's in the seat and panels going on
black n even and waiting for the panels at work who did know what is the year of the time but where where is the apocalypse rising
we are located on the sixth floor of the westin in chest and threw h.
Now would be called at the sixth floor is that the foreign come on that if you're on peachtree st and going to western that way that six already up go up or down or whatever.

[13:55] Walking on the streets of the n. u r basically track run,
gary and i know that sounds weird six four believe it or not there is he gone,
you're down a hill there more floors when running back area behind the,
i would totally do i will tell us that resident of florida that is really weird.
Yes really black basement sand or a bottom how does it cold hurricanes and flooding and we'll get interviewed a guy,
no six feet into the ground and most of florida in and a water yeah the water is a water table is that role swap over here,
what am i from mcdonalds.
Let's help refugees were hoping that the end times still come with the rising of water uh oh okay or screwed,
i think she might have a little thing on
some informations what's the show about climate change and what should a boat but god john program i got broke my boy is a du
john will find a fitness family friendly lol not gonna say what i just came in okay spirits search event what r what else are you guys doing bad people need to know about.

[15:19] I have a party on friday night would he.
No it's about a bot going to promise though as they often do you hate the having your annual the prom.

[15:35] I'm hungry when i love you say that without any hesitation zombie from,
anyone would you ever hear you we do need to start your doing good you,
we also offer a complimentary zombie make overs before hands on,
buy some of our professional people so you can come to charleston before the prom starting at four pm and get yourself a makeup done by a professional artist in preparation for the prom.

[16:07] That's it that's complimentary doesn't.
Is there a way out can we ask for tips that you tap the artist so that they can cover their costs for donating your time no function yes it's a great reminder to everyone.
That is a great moment but otherwise the other donating your time and they're just there to help as many people become the best in bed self.
Hi there you sweet sweet and just a little scary.
Okay perfect i actually i love see people who are on their way to zombie prom because they don't have their makeup done yet but the officer and have there clothes are you done.
And so the light walking with these tired close at all that you like,
i want to know your speaking bad in the ass having you assemble them what you want to go to prom before is that still a thing now.

[17:04] Reminder list happen for sure or not doing that this your house i want to report what was the weather there will be a.
Shuffle fast zombies umm hello do you do anything after that huge zombie contingent in the parade every yr mom and i know that uh oh i can't remember that haunted house,
is a big part of that i don't know do you help with any of that in the zombies walking with them or is that all that the world knows that another road that is all there fantastic work if you are in atlanta and you like being,
who be less,
never world i here is a great one to go to i don't like being scared i'm a pussy so i don't get how it's a great rhythm and then also like.

[17:54] What is some of the other things are there any of the things that you really doing that,
i really want to make sure yeah that's what's gonna be really cold what would you do on monday so many people like i don't know what to do on monday,
so on monday we are having our walking dead fear the walking dead fan panel you so yeah.
Create a panel called a park twenty four which is basically like what you should be worried about or doing during the first twenty four hours um um.
Yeah i wouldn't that's good a good like were doing one serious panel.
And one panel where people will be yelling at each other because some people like the walking dead and someone would like the walking dead and you know they're just gonna go out and hopefully we'll end up with zombies at the moment so yet can you ask that,
no do you cover other shows or media.

[18:58] We definitely do other temperature in to the badlands hmm use the one hundred is one of your properties.
I love that show another where do we get from here now,
yes you know that i will no is we don't we have water too don't we do we set the price range
yeah do oyo on trust me we can be wrong she can get it,
also are there any other handmaid's tale we on that one is ours as well which is super popular right now i will assume there are no actors from said and meant to compete sale,
no not yet trying really do we can try but not this year unfortunately.

[19:51] Oh yeah there's some women are some pretty big sack him ask why the sky is dark spelt no no that,
joseph is this really you know convention kinda guy knew i make it would be driving i found one type also lol is owen,
is playing piano on the one hundred he's here in his butt on has seasons and unfortunately his comment,
his current work yes he's actually yeah he's currently in supernatural so i will get so i just i did i didn't remember at least one person so i feel better,
and i will play zombies not with you guys rates with um note that the red fans every fantasy and a pretty much have the entire t the entire cats
do it's impressive if you was a blizzard who is impressive like to three years ago when they had you do free PR for of the mirror this time,
basically unload the entire cast except,
does it mean to be forward dani isn't.
Is there some reason if you in person it's like the left and then the main castle hes not is not going to be gone um.

[21:11] Add who you,
you have a lose your essential doing fan panels on pecan for those most definitely
and up but because there's no real gas not doing any mean that has pictures where is the main priority right now no but you can discover the nation to write.

[21:37] New black underwear,
yeah you should have the black summer i like z nation to get the deposits coming but no he's also super natural and other stuff so,
when is the natural slap your coming up no i get it like that all i know that is everything that is that shows been going on forever,
when is it fifteen seasons ten seasons.
It's so amazing number yet we add it and possibly a large.
Is there any guest if you would like to see that's not.
Yes we have many major media guess with is there any chance that you would like to see that are not your real or can you handle it your track.

[22:28] I am really looking forward to a zombie i wanna catch one of those i love the show i think the cast is very funny umm that's actually what am i.

[22:39] My todo list to try and get out and get to one of those,
how to cut about half hour when they were here ummmm.
I got like a something was like two years ago um yeah and yeah i was really entertaining really entertaining panel just to the three of them that were there at the time of.
Yes listen what do we get along really what i assume it's gonna be packed a given that the.
Bobby flay what is its other not incredibly popular in the,
mobile world i guess um it's early what is very popular within the group that would be going to drive south lol thinking we got the mobile world because i actually went to a appointment today had a doctor appointment,
and i said something about driving here like who and when you like stuff in there we had a,
add a five minute conversation about psi phi and how much i would get so hey there are mobile there are people who look like models but say that always,
bring that up i'm so also one of the things what if.
Not a pen you wanna go see but is there something you really try to do every year at dragon honey try to find an hour to.
I don't know what that's not a payroll but just highlight do something else.

[24:07] I usually try to find an hour to to hit the thumb
you only one hour but i have like a couple of books that i like to visit every year and see what's going on,
um yes i can wear trying out some time to do that is what i like that i would like that on the art show i find some for me have to make a reserve b zero.

[24:32] Track through but relaxing so i get there are there other like i guess you have llega authors what not that coming.

[24:43] Where are the authors weve got a lot of post apocalyptic off layers like in marina mark when they are gonna be doing.

[24:57] Lol it reminded me that we are doing a walking dead.
I didn't turn out well um yet so damn far is a dragon con in here.
Family karen david and andrew so there gonna be doing.
How's the new president world of the walking dead panel for us on sunday anyway who is daniel in the walking fear the walking dead or the walking dead walking dead.
Make a thing no should a i can i have,
i have the internet right now in front of me will i can't look i will say this you are giving the roughly two weeks left till dragon kind the fact remember anything at this point is a pricing
what's the use of a lot of things that are constantly shifting and changing at this point,
dragon con world especially director world,
uh so the fact that you did not remind is not does not surprise me at all given the b.
I'm out of data the chicago ventura view is the adventure lol yeah it's fourteen seasons of supernatural.
Wow holy cow.

[26:26] I'm sorry that just kinda amaze me some i remember to win the us to be part of your product,
that was like ten years ago i was exactly right,
what is the best president of us interact,
that is pretty cool the person that i mean the show that sticking power and i think it was a good one shows go out do they wanna go out like i think the nation this year next year the party said,
that are green and we know exactly yeah we're gonna do with it and i think that's a supernatural gone out on its own terms free.
Who covers the good place anybody i mean it's technically american side five yes i can you forgive me for being an apocalypse.
I made an argument forward to but i woke up hot of fireball behind the hotel is remind me to come on monday have it.
That is ok if you heard you have a good place to.

[27:31] Shannon play a lot,
i absolutely adore and now i can actually put post on facebook without bad words i used asshole and shit alot and you know what people know what i'm talking about so that she was out there too so yeah.
What people the weather in hollywood of know what you're saying with what god please let me restart it for me i didn't think anything would like i would that.
Yeah okay you turn down.
Tag mri who what are the requirements one more time.
We are rooms after oh actually i wanted too it's through and then age,
do you do programming are you programmed bathrooms will be running at the same time.
How many hours a permit to have this year.

[28:35] Hello ned yesterday and it's like thirty five hours of panels not including the profit right,
yeah not including the problems and then not including a couple special and special events that we're doing like this the makeover i'm actually doing a twentieth anniversary panel for the tribe because it search twentieth anniversary of,
when they first aired,
oh ok that's actually how does that was the roots so as we can i guess so i do not know because this fella a great way to twenty years of tribe.
Yep twenty that radha who are you,
that can't be right what's yo are the who is lol ok i'll get it and where can i find you on the inter web.
On internet we are on social media instagram.
When are and facebook i think we are on instagram di ka napak.

[29:43] Ar under score track order score dc on twitter,
we're just dragging con apocalypse rising on facebook.
And always will have those links up on the post of the podcasts can download from
so you can head on over there in find that information there is well i mean as you mentioned if the easiest way to find a room to come off the peachtree other street peachtree st to the right
snap a new pic she is interest rates um and it's right there on the right hand side.
I let him ramble go around the really awkward background table for kirsten who am i.
Adjust going to move that would like to have it weighs like five hundred pulled hey oh yes you are right that is true yes.
I need to call so anything you all the things that never is there anything else i need to know before we move on to the next part of this podcast.

[30:55] I don't know i was thinking of getting the shot but some of the content that we have or not when i want a lot of people expect that is good and also i think it's just really important that i like how you do that with the outcome.
It's that merge of.
Real and fictional you done the other day you know think about it if it did happen what would you do and how to have a little better preparation for it yeah do you collect,
do you carry things like what to do when your iphone falls into a great can mean to a lot of people that is the end of the world,
no but we are having a ham radio panel this year who are you,
now what does rita how is school,
will dustin be there it will he be responsible for the deaths of major characters.

[31:46] Let's put the yogurt in the production watch stranger things i actually if you have watch stranger things i really really really really wanna do a sing along to the never ending story.
What's um ok so this is the point is i asked me number between one and twenty.
Sixteen of a sixteen good for u shannon hale.
What's before i started forget ideas.
What is a sports car,
i don't think we should be how no i think he said fifteen.
When fifteen seven fifteen yes thank you and i do not know what these cards are people i just don't want modern videogame quiz.

[32:43] C said seventeen new deck what is a horror dec.
It's a trivia i mean whatever options your options that's the best one yet hopefully that can be used if your it up so how do you ask questions.
What is the lsu this question what is the most kind enough to have with you if you're in the apocalyptic us.
Is it still is if what is there a better one any kind of multi tool,
yeah multiple auto more details like they would like a credit card now very heavy to carry around with you or there are alot of um is that actually acts as a bunch of different tools as well like screwdriver is not that kind of stuff.
I actually got my son wanted i think two or three years ago i would like a part of his christmas stocking and he still has the little credit card sized one in his wallet.
Big old do you have a cover some things like video games that were relate to others amazon apocalypse and things like that that.

[33:54] Still recovering you and we've tried and kevin is trying to help,
how about a lot of those games are very elaborate cover them in like.

[34:06] No like to our panel i'm sorry you look into where we try but we haven't quite found a way to make it work yet.
Will you still you've tried and it's collaboration between two panel that you tried so hey if there yeah to get there right.
What date.
Get your guide open when you know that gets b's like big lots and tuesday morning where else because add a little bit of an addiction and i think people should bring him cards i can,
i didn't say aloud that birmingham packs of cards for a gift would be awesome does it have to take it,
about what also thinks it's a classically thanks jeremy life is alright so so um.
How many do the questions on each of these um.
I gotta look at it and trying to be the easier of the two glasses i know these are necessary in a horror fan is it hot,
um is it raining tomorrow or her on TV like movies and TV us know,
i okay yeah i made this is a play the three one john will solution.

[35:33] What creature from the print release what creature is the focus of the two thousand eight movie meg.

[35:42] What can i need to send two thousand eight two thousand eighteen movie meg oh it's a short free start the miguel in that is correct yes i make from italy.
I believe this ones for you what nineteen eighty two film directed by wes craven centers around a scientist who is transformed into a plant-based monsters creature.

[36:09] Swag the opening and okay hey one who wants okay umm,
how far will yeah let's do you say that now smh best nineteen eighty two film featured in escaped mental patient with a drill who decides to crash your high school,
student slumber party.
This nineteen eighty two film features an escaped mental patient with a drill who decides to crash high school students slumber party.
What is the name of the film.

[36:44] Engine that for you yet and i have absolutely no i will tell you that uh oh choose the words are actually in the question.

[36:57] Turn the words from a title read the question um i don't like horror.
No can i make a guess rubber party massacre allowed only because i gotta say had summer party words together what else can you out with the guy with the drill.

[37:21] Our that's what nineteen seventies pop music i con and starting nicki and david cronenberg video drone.

[37:34] What nineteen seventy spot start music in the pop music icon started nicki and david start as nikki and david cronenberg video drone.
However harry that is correct their was a huge pull out the actress cuz i have no idea.
How many guys you waited sally she wants email did i know i said because name is nikki,
who directed the nineteen notion this real who directed nineteen ninety film nineteen ninety nineteen ninety nine film sleepy hollow which star jonny depp is a good pic above a prayer need some water.

[38:16] Tim burton tim burton did that is correct you have to read them or try to add johnny depp how is that using to helena bonham carter up.
Um let's see eric silly who was born at six am on the six th of the six month.

[38:37] How are damien change your last name please.

[38:43] Damian the son of remember i am not okay is that okay,
who is the area this nineteen ninety movie i got the date right then this nineteen ninety movie about infestation of murder spiders features john goodman and jeff daniels.

[39:04] No big is correct it if you really.
Open channel surfing and i came up and i was like in newspaper having nightmares tonight you know i'm like no no spiders i'm already having my name entered for dragon con i don't need spiders,
come over.
What two thousand for you what two thousand five movie contains elements of both the supernatural and the cut courtroom drama.
What what year is it again two thousand five.
And i also contains things that are just veggie.
Is this is that al pacino keanu reeves movie it's not.
Oh thing it devils advocate yes i was okay umm well that was my guess so i don't know if the exorcism of emily rose.

[40:02] Ok let me know as soon as i don't.
Now that turn down the volume which actor asks you mean there's snakes out there this big in the movie anaconda.

[40:18] Hmm which actor asks you mean there's snakes out there this pig in the movie and canada.
I want to make a hit i want to book a family friendly so i did not i didn't add any extra words and there wasn't gonna help you,
who is i'm gonna go with samuel jackson who is the best movie okay,
i would like i remember somebody who's a rapper rapper yeah okay.

[40:52] Ok what is the name of the tile in domesticated zombie in day of the dead.

[41:02] Add norma no it's butt her nose that's bad no not right.
Okay what's hey what are your stores in the nineteen ninety nine film stir of echoes in which a man sees visions after being advertised.

[41:23] I would give you a hint isn't a lot of movies or lease connected to a lot of people and a lot of movies.

[41:33] I'm talking between two min ago where nicholas cage make an outfit that uh oh i see what you did there RT i didn't pick up on the.

[41:48] What nineteen fifty one nineteen seventy eight classic horror film was originally titled the babysitter murders.
Halloween is um who directed the nineteen ninety two film random stroke is dracula.

[42:11] Remind me of speaking of nicholas cage who know francis ford coppola.

[42:19] Chicago fire right that's good for you girl OK i'll let me know what your asking am looking for women's difficult.
View not noticed that i've really not.
Yeah i know i don't like i don't know if you have a stephen king question books i might be better i guess.

[42:42] Okay what does the green liquid contained in the nineteen eighty seven film prince of darkness.

[42:52] Oh you're lucky we're a family friendly podcast um,
greenview us yet emeralds know the essence of certain.

[43:07] The essence of certain as it always does every time i see google it yes the year does it need me ghostbusters are very different movie.
Internal two.
Hey yo are there ok this can be for the win here.

[43:30] Add an order of the cards i just looking for the cards which is the right one yet right now i'm glad you like to talk to pay,
what's the name of the sequel to really scott's alien.
Alien predator that is correct you could add,
close the side i can use those who does the who knew what would the light hide those suckers yet,
what are you trying to be autistic and telling us that it was gonna be sports but yeah yeah yeah other is that you didn't pick sports,
let me speak no she didn't she picked her cuz it was something that he said.
Not fifteen sixteen no questions like in what year did petty shit when first first win the us women's open single golf tournament oh no.
Can i have a nineteen sixty two i have no idea 92 900 you are there.

[44:43] Other OK because presently we were anyway let's not let's just not let,
goodnight and say we re who are older with know exactly where you're the track is again and how to find more info on track.
We are on the sixth floor of the western union walk in from the street and h.

[45:07] On twitter or instagram and facebook.
Awesome awesome and so you gotta you were just talking the previous party guests to double check and flights you double check your flight right you're all set to go to drink.

[45:23] Yep southwest events family member like the last two weeks where i could add anything good movies i got moved i got moved my southwest flight.
I did not but i was super happy they actually create a flight that would let me leave on monday because originally it was like two PM.
Yo are you what time are you flying out on monday.

[45:48] Create him how much what's the perfect prayer stuff and safety room.
Diageo are you gonna be a four hour flight so that brings you back it basically the same time that left.
Remind me something like that.
Yeah so where is the husband forgot to mention something charity donation and apocalypse rising you're gonna have worked for and then bag and have a suggested donation amount.
Where can i have ur calling me apocalypse arcade.
Replay for a suggested donation of five dollars you can calm and play one of the many games that we will have their,
and if you win the game than you when opportunity to get like first aid okay thank you so um a row bracelet why bunch of.
But the things that will be given away to keep living there is any remember the prices is the point if the donation was actually the donors like the point that i was a.
Yes what is your funny but its really about sticking it to them and the dragon con house to match dollar for dollar.

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say piece who are the top one of the.

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