50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 39 - An American Sci-Fi Media Track Goes Con

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:35] Welcome to another edition of fifty dragon con podcast that jon let's me record all by myself.
Cash is real life can suck.

[0:50] How much is hey this is emily and jon was gonna be here tonight it real life sometimes just jumps in and that's why we pay mortgage isn't.
Keep the lights on and feed ourselves so it's important i m really want to say everybody who has been sharing our podcast you got a lot of new people.
Who r tell listening to us and also saying thank you for that so yeah thank you for listening and your welcome that we're doing this.
I wanted to say we have upset me or is it telling myself things are repaired doing at con and we have who's the social media coordinator for werewolf atlanta.
Made jobs in the past about werewolf being like don't play werewolf on the floor dont care with in the halls.
It's fine play werewolf the dragon hundred dollars or people walking in an area that they tell you not to do any kind of things like that.

[1:50] Vietnam war will be planted group is
doing alternate social deception gaming and an ultimate werewolf dragon con will be on the four th floor of the westin through thursday to sunday and have some,
amazing prize giveaways and tournaments and if you are interested in the best way to find them is on facebook.

[2:14] And they are werewolf one were regular well he l they have your facebook page werewolf ATL.
And you gonna perform.
I just want to say this also have anybody else is doing something like that you doing a tournament you're doing a concert that maybe want to make sure everybody knows about you're doing.

[2:36] I can't think of anything how you doin alert you know who drop is a lot more on facebook a few days are dragging on.
We are on twitter we have any email do you know how to get it all listed in there on the feed forward.
The podcast so thankful i would love to love to love to give me a song free.
And somebody else you probably does not need any free pampering your social media support.
Is there golf tonight because she is full of family fall.
Forward this years dragon con and that's kelly the director of american psycho hey how are you do you are full.
Yeah complaining about that fall,
no no i got it you know what we do it every year was like i think it would be an easier hey no no no no no no that's,
nope i'm not scared we love the nearest gas and seventy professionals you want come drive slowly in the middle,
yeah the embarrassment of riches sometimes is absolutely wonderful and what you guys you just who are a black lightning.

[3:50] That is so cool but so i can you so busy i'm batman
oh yeah it's actually shooting atlanta so they're like a hometown crowd there so it definitely was really great when they want to drop in and have connections in there been doing a lot of things and,
so it's a really really good to have them show up and be able to connect with people there too.

[4:13] That is awesome and i think also i got some a good riverdale guest are some riverdale guests writing now its a bed and you know as well as i do they often dont like to do just one though.
I don't know anything you don't know anything we do not have any inside and remember she fictional,
try to contact but yes so we can find out when everybody else who,
turn where my facebook everyday you never know
sorry yeah i got a was like no i was just yeah so am i
experience tells me there might be more but there's no guarantee but you know it should be very good we never had a riverdale gas before,
and i know there are a lot of friends that really like it cuz it's just very different but yet it still from the
add potatoes chicken at mcmurtry extreme level i love people of love the campaign you know just how over the top it is so i'm sure i'll be a different perspective on some stuff.
Well and i mean nothing against mr sprouts who is on the show.
But my son grew up during the period when the sweet life,
zack and cody were the sprouts twins was on and i use to be like uh five to watch seven more of those and road can we doing both.

[5:42] I need the time and my son would just set there.

[5:46] Staring at it when i was six years old and be like okay get up from the tv serie yellow giver.
How may i know the sprouts on TV but it does not look anything like the use too and that little bucket hat is still a coupon yes
what know what else you doing this year i mean you got any embarrassment of riches of gas so the best idea people is to look at the app.

[6:11] Who does and im gonna bet american psycho is there
oh yeah what are some your embarrassment i'm well i love the fact that we have expense guests coming again we are different people than we had last year so it should be really good to have a different perspective and then they're always really interesting
will we get there fascinated with the science disrespected many fans are
set the love bringing up you know how they really try to work on that so i'm either gonna be doing assignments of the expense so that's great wall
are we got we get big names with guards actually via wishes and coming and i know you have dealt with him but am
i'm definitely looking forward to it and we got them and was really bad and so i know we have a small collective them so it should be really interesting to hear some of that perspective as well so i'm really glad that everybody is coming back to the yes he was wonderful guests
talk to you will talk about or answer any questions about any of his properties during and his so so great,
you are great got somebody so that too that yeah.

[7:29] Can you also send you know that his stuff he does comics not here that would be well he talked about that one point trying to do that i was actually kinda trying to.

[7:42] Kickstarter or something so i don't know what happened to talk about that one i think what you're two years ago so maybe i have an update on that baby is gonna be that can use the kind of white guy.
Behind the scenes add if you don't know this yesterday he the small interviews with.
Comment in gas and bring a man and you want it was a little more laid back it was 1on1 how romanian wine.
Together just kind of in the chat so yeah i didnt know it was often for charity purposes and gas is not so no.
Are very friendly and it and they recorded most of them so i'm there on line so they are aligned what is you talking about your AD what you doing for charity this.

[8:28] Will i have to admit i am not as good of a charity thing but i go this year to charity is pretty phenomenal and.
we're doing something that we've done other year sentence got a lot of good traction we're doing our game show which is heroes villains and humidity
hey hey its it's a little over that it's a lot of shop experience who are you
can you go over the top what's exactly yeah,
it's gonna be sunday night and we're gonna it's after ten so it's very intimate don't content but its you know that heroes vs villains kind of a team thing that is in the bible again skirts against humanity um
play with don't need to buy,
can you please gather of its based on cards against humanity it's not exactly you know pg snow not even close not even close you doing that for charity so are you like.

[9:26] Is there a suggested minimum donation or.
No i just forget every passing around a bucket there if you can throw in some something that would be great.

[9:36] Well if anybody,
notice how cards against humanity cuz you have a certain amount of cards them we don't ask for any money to start with what we do is we allowed heroes or the villains two
buy extra cards though i know that any feelings being who they are they will drop large amounts of cash to make
what they want to have happen there you go hey you that hysterectomy your pretty successful as far as that goes and.
Usually has a lot of fun just in general that doesn't like a lot of fun out.
What are you doing anything because you know that thursday is the new friday which actually means,
we actually start on thursday so you doing anything on thursday
yes we are revisiting are fixing a long that we have done think this is our of your actually doing yeah yeah,
and it is jessica and bigger every year it's not all those
theme songs and the things that get stuck in your mind from when you were kid from you know whether it's like speed racer or she you know anything at all those extremes and greatest american hero other songs that you just kinda like oh yeah that why i know what i used to sing it all the time

[10:56] Can you give me a good yeah that would be fun on thursday and there will be in the app where it's gonna be um u set the christmas here like believe it or not you play what i do
ok i was on netflix the other day and all the sudden i saw they had green acres,
and i started humming to green acres MQ myself i wasn't watching the show i just like in los banos or green acres green acres of yet
yeah stick to a genre stuff because there are you out of those bins out there by now and everything like we got some new staff get i like.
Masquerade in sabrina that shit i'm all kinds of different things so it's all the way from like basically sixties today
that that'll be fun in that is because the last time we getting that come off so start it off right so in the mood get ready to have a great time for the weekend.
I don't have to be over the same could you give me the big group got nothing i'm nobody can hear you just by yourself.
When do the go and have fun.
Yeah i have one person who came in there like if i say i want invoice for the rest of economics then just sit there and enjoy it although i don't know weather up along dancing with whatever.
I will be fine and then uh what are.

[12:20] Show what are the other of what it gas panels now what are some of the fandom in older gonna be in your room that you're excited about.
Well i can expect meeting with a couple of things i have one that is basically i think that we can appreciate it is basically fan history,
we're gonna kinda look at the new house and am has affected media in general you know about campaigns things like that but how old they been really changing things up and now fans are really most part of the narrative that weve seen a lot of shows
effect i noticed there's a brand new show coming on starting like next week where it's basically all about being finish
what happened is horrible,
i love that you're doing that because i actually am re watching jericho now again.
Netflix i don't remember when jericho got a sec,
season because people send him peanuts and.
Other fandom things like that and that's a big deal and people are listening now which is really good.
You didn't send the living room.
Looking back on when no one ever listened to as we are the weirdos and now it's like what are we have the power.
We have to see marvel and DC movies in the theater you want our money we are very fun people.

[13:42] You know that one of them i was also gonna be talking on basically how it's kind of been made a research in spark we've seen at you with the expense what lost in space a lot of these
i even the one hundred hes move into space i'm not so there's a lot of those where i have a problem that spaces it dangerous place up
yeah we're gonna look at me and talk about somebody she was touching i know you skills,
i'm very proud back space into a place to do science fiction
very who have lost it except things like star trek and you know i started but those were kind of like wow yeah now it's back to being a thing that they ll do it maybe i don't text or cheaper
just like it.

[14:33] I will leave a little of wrocław and a little from column b.
Turn on your from many people that do effects now do you think about that i don't remember what i was watching.

[14:44] And i was like thanks for that really good but now when i watch on ten years later but fifteen years later thing on this was like oh.
Where can we know where we have the technology like the six million dollar man we have the technology we can do better would you rate.
Yeah i was talking to somebody bout this great classic movie so good to see you
can i watch the weather my mom i got these effects are so bad now but could you assist
oh it's not help but feel nostalgic doesn't let it's crazy that way until i starting with the end we still love it it's
because you doing.
Some explain about star track motion picture and is like being re released the movie and i'm like.
I really love it cuz that was the first star trek we had new star trek yourself over a decade.
And i remember going to the theatre watching an interesting and all the whole time but then i watch them like that first scene of.
Basically ten minutes of just watching them and by the enterprise i was like yeah that was long lol not mean i still got love the movie i didn't actually yeah.

[16:02] You know is that much more painful or less painful when all the lens flares.
Newest yeah.
Yeah j love that yes that's okay yes
okay so what i'm anything else i can do the fun ones often to go to sleep.
Yes it is i was gonna robots to along those lines of got some folks from
red shows from the industry along with some fans we're gonna look at how robots are showing up again you'll get lost in space i am mother,
ironman or anywhere saying an westworld,
sing robots come into a new place again and how they've kind of now there is a viable thing that really
tried out is passed white dad the others and doing new form of it because i disappeared for a while.
Yep way from danger will robinson danger.
That's yes yes by the new robot yeah i think i dropped it once just unit furnished laugh.
What else you love that you just said and i am mother like i remember i just watched that and it's so good yeah not what i said where it's an embarrassment of riches to be a side five fan right now.
Because you can watch something and then you like.

[17:24] Kind of remember you watch that forgot you watch that because its like oh yeah and also watching us i don't know what else i can help yes
that's been around for a while it just
sounds me the amount of content we had now has no contact but really good contacts and absolutely yeah,
i am a firm believer did the check did the cashier i'm glad that movie have fun why we have everything from short nato which i love dont leave me alone two,
things like i am i am mother and oh wonder woman and so many other things
yes all the space we go through the whole list so yeah where they really have,
and i've always said science fiction is at its best i'm finna see when it's used as metaphors for our experience and it's like we lost that for a long time they were fine
buy now it feels like we re discovered that and by doing that we get some amazing stuff black mirror road west where all the all these things are catching in a lot of these things.

[18:38] That is just like when is my mind help good luck is what i need cats are you talking about like some of the movies and then paid TV channel is HBO netflix whatever but was looking at the sea w.
No firm yes i did we look this up yesterday on the podcast it's been fourteen years of supernatural.

[18:57] Which i'm like that just came bc it was just all know i guess it could be why slower lol not yet x-files and then some of those people that operate and that you had,
yeah coffee and that which kind of doing the same time is a twelve depending what kind of a coerce and we had super natural and a few other shows,
no i doing on regular tv you can find something you can find supernatural or black lightning.

[19:27] Riverdale we whole lotta one yellow any given night of the week on some streaming service up where there is something,
along these lines and some of its great quality so much oh yeah absolutely i see who is like oh you know they played have a type thing all those years ago but now.
I think that's probably ninety middleburg where is my investment which is just wonderful for us so yeah yeah for the fancy awesome.
Yeah i love that lions actually we are in preparation of course they spend a lot of talk about the big crossover for the CW arrow verse shows coming up in fallout is there a finally bringing up
the classic DC storyline oven rice in the mail building this up for light.
What are all yours if i said this gonna happen win of the around that time arrow is actually gonna end its run i'm leaving from the arrow finale without giving spoilers it.

[20:32] Some interesting things where drought um gonna kind of touch on the history and italian but we know about the comics we know about,
the information that's been drop so far and kinda trying to figure out what might be coming that looks like it's gonna be
considering that casting their there bring in so many people i mean word from the sixties that i am i'll these people from so many times that have like
give me the period zero one ps on in the DC universe while breaking them and they hay
yeah it should be quite an event i really shirts or gonna look at that a little bit to,
no that's awesome that is what i do you love to say something that like the flash and arrow and alot of meds done has also been a playboy homage to the air.
Did they breach the flash flooding ugh.

[21:30] Well i want to call him what shit was last night yeah what was up with yeah.

[21:37] Dead abraham in there and things like that which is just nice when i say you know yeah we're gonna.
We remember where we came from so that's always continue will i need spending with them is abraham and and the storyline in general in the beginning and then they also brought him back later on as that flash,
really lol uniform he wore,
what's there not sure about that kinda stuff so that they're bringing in a lot of grand rapids actually go to the beach superman.
Ok and the crossover to review the character in legends they're also bringing mana superman
call brandon ecstatic that so should i put it and interesting event no matter is converted what it would like what holiday is.
And i would bet that there might be some spoilers that to your mom would be possible for you go to that,
luckily there's time and we are good morning people
yeah we usually are going to canada lead and a little bit and that was kind of sad the descriptions,
i forgot you're gonna read it in the app will say no pets can be speculation
there is the kind of warning about that its gonna be part of it
yeah we're doing in agents of shield season seven and it's like we're gonna talk about agency it's clicked.

[23:04] See sexy better watch it cuz we're gonna talk about what we what happened and what we hope is gone,
yes and so is the announced its to final season two is the final season.
And you're saying that i think what's also great about this.

[23:20] Find shows are able to go out appropriately now.
What's the weather gonna be their last season this in the midst of great storyline and they wrap up stuff or leave something open ended on purpose i don't feel like justin finished it was ok,
actually i'm not in a we remember when we love the show and then they cancelled it on some cliff hanger you never find out,
how much does art of the deal that's actually much more in common nowadays when so that's really nice to see,
yeah we get a lot more of that tying up stains.
I should i still worry about land of the lost did they ever get home with their uncle who will tell us are very cool now.
Um so even if you have a busy everywhere busy it's just ridiculous.

[24:21] What if you wasnt busy is there something if you had to be able to find yourself on our porch.
What r maybe some panels or something,
humidity is the really hope you get that your trying time.
How well am i actually had to put up and unfortunately has david tenant is set up multi talented individual i would love to
go to his piano i,
but i traded off i'm actually getting his car star from atom doctor who is its a pit
but i'd still love to hear cause i was like can i use them for jessica jones good how was yo on,
how terrifying in jessica jones really what is MIMA
i'm between mad and good men's and all these things that he's done so many things that i'd love to hear about,
be on dr who is that i'd love to hear a joke about brad church euros love that show and yeah.
Oh awesome yes of galaxy ten at google i need your help since i handle with free who plays mark in doctor who and when.
Where is full something that's cool.

[25:39] Yeah i think it is a pen that a lot of fans i really have
ask me for three years can we get the cash but i haven't heard of them really travelling to the us to do many panels,
seo this was a great way for me to kind of slide one and get to talk to her and find out about the experience everything i've heard about
and oppression gang
fans demanded that last season.
I demanded they demanded a good ending to a good movie ending and the goblet we gotta did i watch.
Send that to you.
Yeah so i need an that's pretty amazing that we got that i managed to pretty much world wide impact so i don't want to hear your perspective
i'm being a part of that experience what it was like it's been different than most every other things she needs done.

[26:33] That is very awesome good and you,
do you ever get to go i might be able to do you like running through the dealers room.
But not usually getting to look at anything i mean i have to know i mean this in the speed of the two things i'm looking for eye exam years i have managed it,
my bet is this year it's not having a place you know where it is it's a lot harder for us to get over there and the place is very busy so it's not like you can just,
imagine announce that what you said that where we are who you are where is the american size.

[27:13] Track,
adblock got groups yeah it's kinda hidden track it if it is in the mayor of it is on the bottom floor but the front
bottom floor is so it's not that the mezzanine level it's
i'm sorry one two three yes we have to track rhythms that we run simultaneously through the whole weekend so
yeah so where talking there's basically panel from,
you are everywhere from ten or eleven everyday til about ten at night.
Very okay give me a gasp and also we've run stuff in the truck run ok and as we talk about marriott you gonna go straight.
And then yeah go down to the mezzanine.
Who's amanda but yeah u going to the mezzanine level so you're not gonna go anywhere like sideways or anything you just going straight to message me if you find that.
Good ab,
the walk of fame is or where they can go store is it where kinda towards the fresh there so i can detect after we signed but it is checked off into the front of the building i need yeah
i like those rooms.

[28:27] We are very want black shirt but that's why i cannot hopeless all of that by keeping them separate the whole weekend so i bought this when we get to get more stuff for everybody what's the good news is
john's not here so we don't have to play a game that would be painful.
But before we know where can people find more about you guys on the inter web and social media.

[28:51] Well we do have a twitter i don't have a social media coordinator like some tracks to so i just nike it is a data is much is i would like
but are the biggest what is our facebook page cuz we have
people who update you let us know shauna news it's a good place to keep.

[29:11] Anything genre on the streaming service is on cable or any kind of insight that
we kind of update everybody and i know a couple other directors are like yeah other then got the news so,
i am it's a great place to just find out what's going on in and keep intouch and that's just a drink on,
you're inside five fantasy media just find that there any new music.
Yeah there you go invest remember to grab.
Update everyday during time because something couldn't be planned for something and then they're gonna move to another room.
End the app and the twitter will be updated with that so yeah.

[29:51] No we're hot spots are not know where the hot spots are and unfortunately probably where your city.

[29:58] Not the best just consider i'm sure it's kinda under a level and his we are searching sales services that work down in ours
not my what i need to pay because they just come out and get like going to the escalator is and then you got this huge open area and then you have.
What exactly yeah yeah open know the places where your phones work in iy when is a good guideline in general that's exactly right so thank you.
Well though again this was american size five and fantasy media or how to set up icenter you had a good day meme,
i just called me because that's actually help you type it,
yo on.
Again thank you for been on john so he can be your silly silly real life but i'm having john do we have.

[30:55] Kelly who is here this is link send peace and i'm why this has been a production of the you need cake.
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[31:25] Music.