50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 40 - Big Trouble In Urban Fantasy

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

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[0:40] Can you deliver.
The dragon kinda podcast that data into italian turn into a vampire and joining me as always is the mystery of the dark,
the dark streets are you doing,
good i'm glad i am about woman does not that woman i like that one that's also where is UB you were you need to be.
oh boy lol blade you be a nice to me right now could you know it's coming up your rd two weeks out this point folks can you read that shit word about me taking you shit i think the punching machine with the number,
oh okay there's another one so we had some big announcements um that come faster furious now guys keep watching but.
Fast if you are the best fast and furious that's not what i john no stop you rd may to middle of the road you could be there.
You are your damage with it's five days and so stop.
How far what is david jack ted and karl urban
are gonna be there we saw that not new show of the boys i'd like to think we been i like to think that we invoke them when they were talking about the moon.

[2:04] A few episodes back i'm sure has i'm sure somehow it came out and that was the positive,
that brought it all together when we heard the listen listen okay we have a twin bedroom done that and we're excited about them coming and of course some people know karl urban from lord of the rings,
some people know i'm from the rebooted star trek and some people i'm still from so red,
and red wolves ways currently coming in for set the boys and then this is what we have more black lightning,
people coming christine adams is on an article and and all the other ones.

[2:50] Which is good and then we got jasmine lemon who's legends of tomorrow so and then also christine adams is so jesus tarawera black lightning,
make sure you were on agents of shield and i like the app i was only,
yes but i also found out today cause i was doing some work in our lovely database and checking on some things and i found out that who comments people i like or comment,
oh really who's that well one of them is eric henderson who is with scroll a comic buddies family friendly and everybody should have.
It's awesome it's awesome and everybody to read it you can read that to your,
toddler all the way up to me and i am very very old who is that,
and there's also and its not a nice word but guy that sexually lol bitch planet who has managed and a step,
is a step or is that i'm not sure if est um and i'm really excited because i have some trades,
ima gonna take over there or else i'm gonna beg my husband to take over there and go through the scary dark.

[4:09] Hold that is filled with vampires wolves and other demons to get on science,
i don't know if you make it through that black hole of the warehouse in vampires and demons
maybe somebody there can tell us what kind of the vampires and demons in another street.
Ugh me even been a new monsters a medical expect to see over there
is there someone that is that you know what we got somebody who got the relief that carroll who is the director of urban fantasy.
I like hi hello hello how can anybody in my face and doing last ten years or still get my like my first question for real tho
has it because it seems to be the only cast members it's missing i'm has the actor who plays danny other side can you drink on this well.
For my zombie have number i have not heard that yet add what what what what what if i don't understand what if literally if we can i submit your dragon.

[5:16] What did can still on for real yeah you played major yeah it has just announce yeah.
Put in that work graduation special loved getting worse but even that even that serious that yellow
the entire cast the entire cast is coming back good he has a nice zombie who is it played on me and
um i don't dining offers scotty is well busy display it google search i be donnie and i'm great so you just start talking about whatever and feeling so good so pure minded what is urban fantasy.
Blame not nobody ever ask me that question no i had called broken inside i'm looking for fantasy is distinguished from
some other types of fantasy by it's setting for one thing it's worth it.

[6:15] Place an recognizable world are for example it could be,
just u know the pay could be a real place,
that exists because some stories are set in atlanta or it could be a made up city or area but it still recognizable world that's not something that
you know it exists and just in someone's imagination or whatever it is its a real.
Life setting but with the supernatural involved and that can be in the form of magical creatures
are all sorts of you for mentioned vampire werewolf but can also be things like you know a joke.

[7:02] Men's n all that sort of thing that magic is always involved for the most part so.
I had my yeah what people at flight why is why is this between this track to that track another one
here all day i can run hard track and myself get that alot of times cuz we kinda see the overlap each other but like everything about it it's weird and some how the government involved or governmental agency.
I hate weird and government is involved is probably carol is probably true fantasy.
And now it's just weird when there's a whole lot of blood and gore it's probably there,
how would a thumbnail for it so what is your government yes was it really really blood no okay that sleep hey
yeah set up now i feel like i was correcting my zombie isn't falls on your crack right.
Yes yes cancel it to iphone lol yeah it's a it's not quite a monster,
series but just a place to organize and then no recognizable studying in seattle ummm sometimes to see some help um ainda.
And it's yummy bowls so museum and it's not.

[8:27] I mean there's a zombie the third what other shows falling under your um track is well.

[8:36] However i have a whole bunch of them actually this shit this year things that are current but in terms of shows that
are not currently airing that i do cover but also are now under the just hoping fantasy because they don't that's what.
What are essentially we can always call it that back then but that's where they work and uh i'm got.

[9:03] Add milk from the different show cast that i have coming this year in addition to the zombie i have lucifer
and yes and we have to cast member list for coming and we have the magicians we have some folks from there salt,
very excited about that as well and then we have supernatural
for the first time since my track has been in existance were actually getting some supernatural cash so that's very exciting and when i try to push more thrilled to have back so those are.
Five examples right there right because of the ones that we have cast members will be at cannes but there are.
You know number of other things that we cover as well american gods falls under would a track we had some of them come last year and that was that was what they were great.
Yeah what are you gavin and the wrappers are a cute my love that show i got a zombie i sent her papers in.

[10:07] What movies and more i mean you loved one is gonna read it i tried to get they're gone sorry but you're no that's awesome can banana original.
It's a good embarrassment of riches and we are and we love it and squeeze it in college george because you know theyre yours when it's
pretty tight for any of it any other gas so,
read what are some more like this not get star panels would just like gasping fan panels you're doing like in your room.

[10:39] I'm doing fan panel on all of the shows the cover on the track,
create ad with the we did have i.

[10:51] I'm calling a combo fan panel which is going to cover seven different shows and the reason for that is because
well there are only so many hours in a day i've already got fifty
55 of them schedule so you know you can only do it just so many and i just kind of fond of them together,
and i have
the piano has representatives
that will be talking about each one of the shows and so they will be and then being able to interact with the audience so that was something different never done that before i think the only time that we never did anything with slightly similar to that what is
when is one time i combined vampire diaries and originals panel because they were no
most people to watch one watch the other and that one was great the other but this is something totally different shows and they will be listed in the app which ones are you going to be
covered by the discussion set the i'm gonna see how that goes how to be kind of an odd,
hi new thing for us we do have
55 different authors being featured on the track wow that's a lot of authors that's so cool.

[12:11] No that will be you know appear and all kinds of things that i've i have authors that enjoyed taking part in the fan panels as well so i try to do a mixture of you know the.

[12:24] The author who are really into it or returning professionals and then also the uno.

[12:33] Turn the highest they can all kinda picks it up together and that's it seems to be working so far so good
will be doing more of that i will have
in addition to all of the ematic panels that we do like you know talking about we have one that's gonna be about ware wolves we have one that
that would be about the buffet in auburn fantasy what about music either.

[13:01] Authors who write it or by the yeah what role does music actually play in.
You know in the books themselves.
So we have we have has been addition we do have the yellow cube with jim what's your and patricia briggs and sharon canyon.
What are the reasons for that is that you want you want them to his fans to be able to have a chance to ask.

[13:35] I was that person so that when those other people when those people are on panel with other people if you know it's it's not just.
I'm getting questions to see if that makes sense and it anyways so we do the solo que andas we have we have those three coming up for those folks,
will we do have and we do not go.

[14:03] Ugh last week that stuff goin' on,
will in um you talk about cheryl ng canyon there is a big group in the parade every year better share a link indian fans and does that mean there and i would also say
look for if you got fandom their probably somewhere in there,
who yeah yeah baby in there somehow somewhere because we have like all things dragon con is a big thing and a lot of people are like just four of us that wanted to march today but.
Find out tomorrow june where are bars in morgan and i'm like yeah them up and she gets more ready and it will be great so yeah that is kool um.
Send john has made have thursday programming are you doing anything on thursday,
how i am gonna say that again till we get wednesday programming stop
i swear are actually doing something on thursday evening so i did last years well but i have but i want to try something different this year and.

[15:12] Yes i don't want people who miss the picture show and it that use to be able to start with starting out as an annual event and then it became i just said every other year and.
Get out now it's been a few years since we bought it and i want to kind of do something
forwards or going to scream just the episode and the track room on thursday night so hopefully,
will there might wanna come and just say it with a bunch of other fans and i had somebody comment when i said i was doing it
comment on the facebook page instead well um it's okay sing along and i said what courses you know go forward so.

[16:00] Add that is what we are doing thursday night that is your cuz everybody loves me it's cold out.
And even if i can only saying i got the mustard out that they got the most out of is always good as always get no i'm world since i came out there times now most of your,
can also understand it just because you know that it before our family friendly for general audience is there anything to do on light at ten o'clock hour that moves us into,
adult only time on eighteen and over time.
The only exception to the only thing that we have marked a as much is we are doin
the fan film that i read something which is a dressing universe fan film and it's screen before at a couple of years ago and i was actually the first time that it
i was in two thousand seventeen and i will it premier dat dragon and we are showing it again and it it's
it's march mature mainly because of language i mean it's not you know it's not a.

[17:13] I have that in the minds think alike to bring their you know,
tim try out with them or something that's the only reason why is first item can remember that it's marked that way but i would like yeah have any other late night program and usually stop at ten or do you have any other,
i do it i wish your i do have something going on at eleven thirty but it that's only because it kind of seemed to fit in,
thanks is what we're doing is kind of
gonna pretend we're around a camp fire over not going to actually build a fire in the western dinner anything like that um don't we have a group of authors who are going to be either reading or an least one case
tell me a spooky story the things written,
and then we also have the,
wonderful band valentine walls is going to be there and they are going to be playing in between each the readings and they will be doing some some underwear.
Let me know some accompaniment so under scoring to end parts of the ratings as well we are feeling that as the details on haunted mute hunting music and i'm hoping that you know people will enjoy it.

[18:34] Open the play but there's nothing about it that needs to be marked as.
Make sure you are signing people are welcome to bring whatever so let's get me that's good because then you know you got it.
Say hello anybody can't do that because there are people.
I have younger people that can stay out very very late um,
my child was able to do that when he's like fourteen or fifteen and go into an urban bourbon story webeng great knowing his father would've had to take him cuz i take a nap i'm going to bed
hi i'm not been on going to sleep,
show yeah that's no that's really cool i get you doing that jon what your scary is that woody the short rib in you know can also setup i thought of one which is.
I got the dragon con and i forgot my deodorant and then the cds and peachtree center was all out.

[19:36] Have a good scary or a fine yes i will be absolutely hard and,
and i had to stand outside waiting and waiting for the parade to start.
Yes yes outside and i don't have time to shower between the next panel and helping what is call waiting scary and way too real,
hello give me some recommended books in it recognizable system settings so i had no idea are you doing anything for your charity this year do anything special event for charity.
Where do we collect donations for whatever dragon con this charity is for that deer is a way called the battle of the track show fandom
and i have a little container
is the represent each of the shows that we have around the track and,
people who wish to show their support for particular show will put their money
end that particular container and then we added all up at the end and tell you who the winner is now it's usually true that the
the ones who win are the ones that have cast members there because they've got.

[20:48] You know that some extra fans and opportunity to do so but then i also last year.
Hey category of container for people who want to contribute but didn't you want to pick between shows or where.
Could care less about the shows and so i just called the pocket.
And it and they could donate that way because i since i do cover both.

[21:20] I have a number of people who come.

[21:26] I want ipa programming or the other and i do have people who come to us but i bet there are some distinct groups that come just for the one type of thing and so,
yeah i think we'll get out there with some directions that last year so we'll see.

[21:45] Alexa better that's super cool i'm are there any other inf.
You know like you know you liked a definite like to highlight that you're doing this year i know we talked about before hand is like,
well if i highly pissed won the melbourne doesn't get hunted men when did i get so yeah trying to figure out which one of your children you wanna keep,
good af what's the love them all but there are a couple that little bit more connected tiny bit of time yet,
now one thing is that we're doing is that this year is the twentieth anniversary of an angel
and so you are fan panel about iran that shes gonna be kind of looking back over the show and talking about you know.

[22:38] What started out as i spend half.

[22:42] Can you tell my daddy so you know the progress and stuff,
that sounds anyway so it's gonna be kinda fun in that was
no trying to also recognize the fact that the show has been around that long we will also have a
something i should've mentioned before dec your stalker will be back with us again this year doing a presentation on saturday and he is the great grand nephew of grandma
i would a wood like oh that info,
that is interesting yeah and and this is his third here
tell me to dragon con but he wasn't able to come for the whole can this year so what he's doing is doing a presentation on my track about the writing of a book,
it was actually a pretty cool.

[23:33] Hey and i had a co author and they did this together that's pretty cool to dracula his talking about.
How they did thus on his presentations are really very good and then i will but later hes gonna be doing one for derek on the horror track and then they're actually after that they're gonna be talking about tho.
The yeah movie so i wouldn't eric talk to you about those whenever he
gets to come on with your bitch de gonna be there doing office stuff in one day kind of spread out over the over the time but that there is certain that something that's a bit more than usual and it.
We have we have the return of the horror the horror.

[24:18] Could be depending on who's on the production connection kinda hey bot the return of the panel we do that every year i am an urban fantasy and it because i want people to feel that.

[24:33] Hey,
kinda not really a requirement because there is some out there that doesn't have any or doesn't have much but it is whatever fantasy that doesn't have a thread of humor so.
That panel is always very popular no.
Different with different people and the sheer that i ordered last year and it is so should be a lot of fun.

[25:01] That should be out of that is really getting in the how did i not know that great great,
nephew wasn't there before i sent this like it's the year and i was just on,
sum of one something today it was one of the reports we review and like i didn't know this isn't a pizza.
I don't know because he was there.

[25:26] This is this being the third time not that his car and he's a he's a wonderful speaker he is a lovely person he's really,
you know that has become what he.
I have spent most of his time i doing these days is kind of.

[25:47] What can to make sure the people are aware of his am getting open.
What what he.
And you know that's not the direction was not the only think you wrote the most famous thank you road so in a case that that's wrong
very exciting that we're going to have him back with us again and i'm sorry you didn't know before.
That's okay i did know exactly what i just noticed the payment how worried that's really nice.
So you know we have to mention that is where is the truck actually located who has done,
who is that is correct and then yeah juneau gets a little wilder every year but still not it's not
still not as wild as some of the other places so we're on the,
the main floor that what i said man for the one that you command
add to the most people coming to the hotel from that front entrance and six for beers the chest and level we're all the way back
behind the escalator and the one thing i'd like to tell people is that,
if i don't want to have to come through the crush is the that firm.

[27:10] Hallway that's the main floor there on that six four you can actually coming from the side of the hotel
and you can come in the side door which is like a handicap ramp and it has stairs to bit it's me you can get in that way you coming on the fifth floor and if you take the escalator up one level
right there right there right in front of you when you get off so that's a convenient way to.

[27:39] What's the track and believe me i do not like myself going back and forth between usually the hyatt and a lot of are in a big house and being so.
Enough because you have big name stars and fandom their are really let that fans really love their family so hey roommates.
Who's the pastry while i'm there always there.
Would you share a bedroom with a few other track so when we can get all the time so we do have,
we do have a fair number.
There and then this your hands no canada because we know that sarah planned for by great like going.
That is what we do have some big puddles in the highest and we can have a coupon the marriott this time that has the best of time and twilight that i've done that yet so we're
you know we're getting even a little bit more spread out this year but.

[28:43] Will i want to track is in the western enough because overall dragon con has an embarrassment of riches which is great and we are not embarrassed by it we just very thankful,
show your even having to share the hyatt,
we have so many so that is great you add john and i,
well i don't know how we get it but don't the peachtree ballroom that is four panels is in the western.
We corrected that a lot because yellow perfumes what is in the western wear party with harold and before that we were gonna say any other hotels to get on computer.
Welcome when weston yes.

[29:24] Create four yes i guess you had several people correct and that's good.
Thank you for thinking we will do for us so we will now that i'm the person who is talking about there are activities being in there never requested weather.
Ricordo nada will be great is a pretty good actor was in los mo cus people wander over a year ago will be was here,
yeah then we will provide me going you could ask god knows why
okay thank you so much for being on the show i wanna know know star trek o bad trip is the part of the show carol where i ask you for a number between.

[30:21] How about sixteen please don't be sports please don't be sports please don't be sports.
Sixty help.No its new deck OK derrick and was thinking this is last time.
Logo he has open so for people who made this may be the only fifty dollars you listen to usr bin fantasy people
john carroll as you know like to play a game to me and he also has a little bit of an addiction and that he loves to buy,
trivia cards so he goes to big lots and tuesday morning in whatever your brand,
and by this trivia game so he has not wanted you can hear the sound of giggling in the background and those are what i can ask boots and am really glad its a new deck instead of,
who is supposed to support from sports yesterday and that was just a bad idea.
That was a bad idea of only event with all college football i might have a chance or where he is,
he is a yeah eighties tennis and on but that's what i don't know yet.

[31:42] Are there is no pending for this is this is what someone is another pop culture trivia deck in williams so there is,
five questions on here roll the dice and whatever number comes up as no other question i will ask you if it comes up with six when you get to pack um,
pay attention and figure out which categories which will play to,
define depend on how much torture it is.
I forgot where you carol other then the first and the first three are five again depending on where at a nature so excited to me.

[32:20] What's a good tour in the poem was the night before christmas what dance did the head to the children's ball stuck in there beds.
Reply sugar plums that's right revisions they will be big question so far visions of sugar plums danced in their hands.
You're sexy get a pic of one two three four five.
I like this to thing go with to what it is but i like sugar and the world according to gps.
What does the s initials stand for what is the ts who can afford much what film.

[33:04] I think it's just go so that's why they call it doesn't stand for anything no no just him for something you want to get some with my bank.
Room in SF no technical sergeant,
technical sergeant technical all lights right coz the app okay it's been a long time since i've read that book so yeah in the road the one which has a picture of umm.
Rubik's cube next to it but i think it has anything to do with games what brand of vodka was first produced in moscow during the eighteen sixties.

[33:39] Who is brian carroll how can i move my gosh what brand of vodka was first producing in moscow during the eighteen sixties.

[33:52] I'm actually drawing a blank on brands of vodka i actually need help with the madness and wasn't.
It was the dancing currently does the their advertising thing that is correct,
yeah that's just the madman thing because and then we had smirnoff vodka and it was kind of a big deal you can get in the sixties,
set up a will like you have anything on my card except for the smart off just a little weird thing
i'm ready and are the three which shows that eva but yeah this is a movie,
what actress does a does the twist with john travolta in pulp fiction,
Who has the role the one um so carol this is for you in nineteen seventy one general this is actually vaguely related to track um.
Where could be in where track them for a nineteen seventy one general mills introduced what cereal featuring a vampire on the box.
I want choc you are correct.

[35:06] I had a number to okay what published in nineteen oh two launched.
Beatrix potter's career as a child children's arthur um.
What book published in nineteen oh two yeah it's fun it's peter rabbit in it i can't remember that okay your the tale of tales of the tale of peter rabbit but that's ok i got it.
What are you.

[35:36] Uh oh your in for your old three which is gonna television but other than fantasy movie.
In the movie slam dog millionaire.
Eighteen year old jamal malik is a contestant.
The indian version of what TV show.

[35:56] I'm not seen that movie to but i can't explain the repairs reminder the title the title is slim dog millionaire.
Okay umm what game show.
Oh yeah haha who can't remember the name of it.
Who won who want to be a millionaire,
that's correct okay.
I want a picture of the hey hey is your mazda three for you and good luck with this one,
what a pussycat doll one season ten of dancing with the stars.

[36:44] Stop.
Add john boo i've that's yes i apply for that one fact dont know if i was the person watching me to watch a man yet the sea is the address for the win.
Um hey who replaced the five who replaced rudy julian as mayor of new york.

[37:14] Who is that the blob to know somebody beforehand however i can't remember,
lemme how is number eight,
what the what brand of coffee is good to the last drop.
Natural house how are you.
Why don't we go to your who is lisa live who is leading the NL east mother.
LISA LISA mentally thank you how's running a blink of how to pronounce your name for some reason.
Who is which is kind of embarrassing because its like my other favorite movie of all time so why i can't remember
her name is see your face i can pay for it
did i don't know what to expect from you remember the book are you there god it's me margaret,
remember that was written by judy blume add.

[38:17] Judy judy.
I want to hang out business i can i know i know you are ready to help i'm sorry all time judy garland judy ireland
ok and i could think of how i can get the garland i was trying how your try and i appreciate that and i make my meyer,
i want making excuses for myself i just couldn't remember that me trusting it happens.
Is there a shop now we're underwear hundred twenty days so yeah i was shocked.
Yes for you which us president said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

[39:03] You are correct again for the weigh in road three.

[39:11] And let's see who rise lori your nickname family and the remake of cape fear.

[39:22] Robert niro is not that correct
who did the ohio question if i said who are you talking to me what can u are you talking to me would you note it was gonna rain this winter
no good eight i'm never seen a movie that i don't get it remember.
It's a figure out if it was in the freaking movie when it was in black and white so i got on that yet.

[39:52] Are carrots let's remind everyone know where they can get more info on the urban fantasy track on the web as well as where you are located at dragon con.
Okay well as far as on the web goes since we have had our recent,
website revamp would a drink and um.
Most of us don't have personal your own individual track page is up and running at this point so i mine is not.

[40:26] Rate a moment in where people the best place for people to find this on line is on our facebook page and if you go to just put in dragon con open fantasy.
Yeah take you right there and that page that page is also active all year long not just.
You know during con but that is what people are going to get the fastest updates to think we do also have a twitter page which tends to only be more active in the
you know in the few months leading up to can answer my be a kiss on the things that,
yeah i will do it that during the rest of the year but that is urban fantasy DC,
and those are the best places to get information about it and now people are welcome to go ahead and contact me directly which of the
email address for the track is urban fantasy at dragon con dot org.

[41:26] So i'll be happy to answer any questions that people might have or are you on the.
It's probably easier for them if there are you look at the facebook page get through there before.
Are how is the room testing one and two in the western which is at the very back of the sixth.
What's the sixty four technically but it stay the main floor that has the main entrance on peachtree and
that we're at the back behind the escalator we do have some some program that program will take place in the peach triple room we also have an overflow room.
And in the western which i have a few panel is in this year.
That is downloaded on the same floor visible bit of down the hall and let's just say niger.
And it's next to porch rising and then we also have some other programming going on in both the high in maryland this year at least as of now.

[42:28] So so sorry thing at dragon con is tentative until it happens and possibly even then it might not actually really happened with justin.

[42:39] Who am looking for a place you thought of dating anyone yet.
Thank you carol for taking time outta your busy busy busy ramp up to that kind of appreciate you and all of your volunteers as i've been reminding people of please at least once a day.
Probably several times a day at bank of volunteer as you see them dragging they are doing their doing.
Their job to make their beds very best to make your experience even better and remember don't get paid anything there just there just a fan,
i would like you to return the only benefit i get it is not working properly number is a free bad because that hardly.

[43:25] Movie man to work there doing it's it's really a labor of love is supposed to you know just how many savings.

[43:33] So yo are the bank i'm so until next time for carol ann li this is john.

[43:43] Music.

[43:49] This has been a production of the unique pink.
Leave a comment suggestion for less that eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit here to not come.
Move the cyan twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[44:12] Music.