50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 41 - The Skeptic... Track

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] Welcome to another dishes.
D is a dragon con the podcast that we can analyze on you joining me as always is one who is questioning authority as well as question the existence of being leave.
Yes always questioning always question question everything i have a t-shirt that says ask question everything hey i'm not i'm not worried
i'm not i'm not sure what time people here this is like no other well these are ten days out of my hewlett where i'm ready go sharp
yeah its getting worse getting crazy oh so it's getting close getting a little closer show everybody still remember to check your.
Check your flights track guy that's got everything you need and also that you know where that CVS is when you forget what you can find anything.
Sorry i meant check to see if if the drinking app is updated.

[1:40] Don't start just ok so you re late i'm checking and everybody is doing a gif so time to drink no sorry i don't ask about the app,
just would able be there.

[1:54] Will be there and it will be before kind you don't need to be skeptical about that cuz you don't for the past.
For years we had a had this thing button you know if it will be the six they are actually okay it's been up before con for the past six years it be ok if you want to be skeptical about something.
Skip to call about ion trails or be skeptical about.

[2:22] I don't don't not climate change climate change is real what would u be skeptical about i have i have a whole list of things i cant possibly categorized them without someone here to help me.
Well that is really good so we have someone this is eric and he is the truck director for this step
hi there i like the umm what is a tg could you change it doesn't all the time so many broken for him,
yes i am,
yeah so how do people freak out but you know it's pretty much like clockwork every year it's always two to three days after your last directors meeting,
what happened this coming sunday yet so itll start checking the app you know tuesday to wednesday i need to get a happening just remember even if it comes up next week,
that's still more then week if it comes out so just relax is gonna be there.

[3:23] Just remember when you have to get those are you start just get those pocket programs in what different color ir didn't get to reschedule until you got a car hire that time,
add your loving mirror on the big girl when i put the pdf below the download before they got the gun yes exactly exactly.
Sorry let's get we're old we finna come on it's so much better hi there what's good to talk to you how you doing how are you doing okay switch everything has just shut up.

[4:01] You know it's like only days before the calm i'm going,
i wanna play a couple days ago visit my mom to surprise her birthday so you know i need that i just made a vacation before drinking i guess i forgot my mobile and i'm missing the last
address meeting with contact where is made because i am not what's going on with sharon and um,
we will there is a plan to measure what is the plan but i hope i hope.
Turn bathroom to say this i hope your clothes were they have to move reservation to somewhere reasonable if america.

[4:40] Where can i get where is hayward is required what do you mean never be the convention want to the one hotel have a walk in the brick in here,
provide my own half you know you can get from the hyatt.
To the sheraton and there's only two a block and a half to jeff to be in the heat.

[5:01] Yeah still that black and half and he's you have to go to parking garage but you know details,
no i know the day you mean taking the really long way when you're on set up day we have notified well yeah i did
yes going to have to go outside really is set up today cuz hey what's the,
what are my events are actually helping this year so you have to move my hotel hey,
where are you located you are just sending the hilton where i am always been access to become a director when i voiced the same hotel,
i have the entire previous one side of the second floor so we got to the point where,
i can't go anymore of them giving me a large ball room which my beagle would love but i don't have to show that room
no i'm good with paul outside of the home which we bring my charger lead to a hundred and ten percent
for all the times you made you made some how to take out the science cracking and podcasting tracking will transfer over there is a big circle,
yeah let's play some find tax and am getting a much better location same floor just across.

[6:20] Does the other wing when okay so be good from the marriott to help monitor
skip track is your right when you come off the sky blue and the other is not there
space sciences directly to the left right left right um par guess and to the basement which is now all glorious renovate was really nice,
yeah is my order the stork and a nap for when the air condition some fucking horrible dialogue take the past two years it's been great is it really don't bother trouble we have,
i had to return,
i haven't heard of hurricane in my truck room for it last three years,
how for for AI data ten years before that every year the back my truck room always being a flood but
not the best computer so i helped okay receive one out something to the podcast right but we looking for it is now called the digital media track.

[7:22] Should i find that funny that they decided to rename it would now that like everyone the relaxing nobody exists if only i do i know u computer been tracked yeah yeah yeah so let's change the name with them sample.
I don't know how but i said okay i wasn't director but you know that's not a baby anymore so,
is a hello and have no say in that know how many years has the skill to extract been going on cuz i was thinking if we get only fifteen yrs will start at two thousand eight.
Two thousand eight hundred eleven eleven well congratulations who you are.

[8:01] Yeah so what is the step instructions been really cover that just the electric oops i am not well.
Where is that scripture kinda like i guess.
Misunderstood by many people and so really work pixar is where.
If your me broadway can i science cheerleaders and why really what we are we are the.

[8:28] The side of science that is on the public.
Our protection i guess i am just dont care about that is on the menu but they don't have time for it to come so who did.
Usually have other people and then just the science is watching out for that part so happy but thats what is hard for me to do that got robbed many of the week okay
example if i manage a great so all is fine just know everything about this week i want the one with them he will explain it to you
you have no doubt in your mind that was real.
I don't have time for this i don't know how many is there people in my industry even though they are working what is water,
no and everything about florida to i'm and like minded people at my office to talk one on one like you either.

[9:18] The florida suite or like not in the water system anyway we were in fact many applications we have to take it away to make it the right level so some play yellow added something to take it away,
its not some weird conspiracy thing but they have time to talk about that so no,
so yeah the weird rumors and security conspiracy theories nabi.

[9:44] Skip this track i like the yeah the folks to print out.
Try to cheer leave the science and also if god is real roots and um consumer protection of white people spending lots of money on site.

[10:01] Do anything good service never been one to be found does anything more then a normal human or people that
get freaked out about something vaccines cause autism but yeah no,
can you turn on dining because navigating the diseases that we've gotten rid of the property in because
you would rather listen to me garcia then the guy who you know actually,
is your rocker so play road n g MLP reviewed and has everything that would like in science so now what,
yes republic doesn't really understand the guy who started the rumor that vaccines cause autism news,
imprison because he set here is that ass he do this because you want to start that rumor to sell his version of the same vaccine,
so he was trying to make every scared of the mainstream ones so they would switch to hills,
yeah and then yeah he's oh his lost his medical license yeah he is no longer able to be letting it right now is andrea alright brother yeah so you know that,
so what's the content aside the lakers they do that kinda thing or are they help baby help people do not be afraid of things that just don't exist.

[11:24] Go to start the search for you can you can,
actually investigate every purchase i know several people actually for a living you really go spending it doesn't involve the real EM.

[11:38] Enough readers up it's all can be ass because we never actually found ago so we can talk one way to russia one umm but these people are actually go when they actually do real ghost hunting and the
try to find out what's going on please because i never once.
Not been able to figure out what is actually causing the paranormal activity.
It's always something real um it's it's totally original,
virgin scooby-doo was it written by a big dick and if you think about that old shoe makes sense that it was the show on purpose cuz like i did movies like that so he created that movie that.
Show the show the kids the monsters actually were yours
don't be afraid of the stuff is not real it's always a god and the mass for that somebody did something weird in a lot of ways the FB old man old man brown is let's hear more scary and lethal than three,
because why is your name and credit transfer humans are monsters.

[12:44] I'm not feeling anything else i don't need any help you
me party that's exactly right yeah you have pots and hitler isn't we're playing humans that can do
the word the most awful things of the world you don't need a monster.
Do that part first fortunately no we don't some help
what are some thing now we are big things about you you do something about it,
i don't know of another truck that does what you do with your mp so what is your TV setup and how hard that come about.
Ok so yeah thats like the thing that most people don't notice the most when they walk in my driveway so lions might want to learn.

[13:27] People on my staff anymore but i remember sarah feeling pretty good yes.
Transfer is in room u think room chromecast micro am i like that was good
so what are my guys um is my charger but maybe he actually owns a production company didn't stuff really walking dead stuff around here
he's involved with all that so he on the company he does this for a living he puts on a v.

[14:00] Set ups for big things um so when if you have any open slots on your team.
I would love to come in here and deal with all of your i said okay.
And i didn't know i'm handsome every year he makes a little bigger which i think is amazing so now you we have a good drama turn on TV,
in the back room with god,
he he is also a veteran of stuff here then sells to companies like if you go to a drag wikipedia giant switching bored the has like,
pink slips will the half of my of volunteer stuff.
Is all his people because well that maybe i will be able to feel more empty flats with people that he needs to do what he does i'm three go to learn any advantage,
put some of those people off about use to do so i can do something different so yeah if you think i should go my dragon meal suicide joanne,
i was like i'll.

[15:12] We want to listen to the movies or TV when you see people in the production room with scott joy sticks in so i mean the whole thing is crazy so he now is.
Everything although resume the track meet we doing for camera shoot we have a camera man gonna for camera people that's all gone because he is.
How he invented forward.

[15:37] Cameras now everything in public now how humans or reduce the a. k. cameras don't know some wizard tiny and there.

[15:49] Robotics so she can move around and you don't put on little track so you can see the help can you this isn't just amazing how tiny cameras are now i know what is amazing i mean there's like sleep,
put stephen started word uses iphones to film this movie when is it ready i'm going to jump in that was like is that not you just start thinking about it like i used to be these big bulky things are required resolution and all haha,
it's okay entertain your pocket
amazing so yeah sorry but you've told me apparently we record everything and we have only backlight two thousand ten web site
skip track order a good video dot skip track that word if a co video,
what's happening here um there can i use my r track my truck for eight a task,
will the fee at the new streaming system for grading gone so you can buy them,
you are the nearby yard stream package thing go back and watch things a missed where they can watch some things you help,
shortly after the happened but my truck is actually one of the tests for dinner,
give me one offer in the year to which you can then bye is much stuff they can get.

[17:10] Do you live streaming actually will that be really cool yeah so this year winter track everything in my truck room,
will be in live streamed so this is gonna be free so that the that drug dealer model no that was your first one free jasper that she will be free in the next year its probably gonna cost money u one say.
Work out the kinks let's get up four days of the content from my drive than the highest the rank on tv side with the help,
how to figure out that how can we do that,
what's the other track so yeah rn even mentioned that there is a dragon con
membership remain by that as well as determine ownership it
i will look it up and how much is thirty dollars i just because you know because my my family will be will be here and ummm
i know they would like to see some of the stuff that's going on to drag on so um yeah so,
so i guess i can skip this track channel.

[18:17] May i know people not just one like the hotel tv so i so i don't know what's gonna work when did all that,
just yesterday we did all the behind the scenes back home video feeds and all that so we can live stream of me lol,
alfred set up to my baby got so now the only thing we have to make sure we get.
Is the actual um theatre cable to plug in to the system because last year,
rachel morgan and yes i drink and paid him to harvard.

[18:55] Where do they are under the sea last year too but.
What happened is him drop the ball,
what date do we pay the rent and pay bills give assist have unlimited data during the con so i can stream everything and they never actually gave us stuff,
put the wire to plug in and am fearful people from helping ashley came in i heard you had a problem sa what can i do to help so i'm my cousin's only needed the cable,
where can implement the end it all get that and it's sunday funday around six o'clock in the evening.
Define the term i would like a nap is okay glad y'all set up and i doesn't matter no,
does your hands on the activia cable i start now because i have to remember if i got it so it's walk away which sometimes things happen but that's where we.
I'm out the next year to you safely use helping give this are,
stop this week products everything up on thursday so we're hoping they'll have it all worked on thursday so we can you know running some tests on it so starting friday morning everything will be.

[20:11] I will stop working ok if you know their stories and weird stuff happens on friday starting with the setup to my room yet there's always something yeah or no last year about doing a did.
I do this year for the last year,
keep up the heat because the one thing that did the hilton which is the dumbest thing in the world with a remodel what film black.

[20:37] Covering the windows from old white back.
Insulated reply so now we don't sleep we gonna rooms now though what's your i'm done with this.

[20:53] I actually what a lie man i ordered a in industrial roller is a eighteen foot wide,
roll that deck and one foil.

[21:07] Add in more of wild shiny side out every single room window in my entire drive so one for being.
Unbearably warm,
the last year or complaining it was cold because he couldn't able to work,
i know but what most don't forget to seattle from spending on us,
yeah people mentioned that event and also because we have the giant roll of yes i know people,
how to make a bunch of tin foil hat you have more pictures of like my audience with,
lot of people had speaking say we as i can tell we have to speak to your role the stuff some people i found it.
I will you do with irony is but i believe that is the definition of fire pink blouse like there was a big moment so that works so well that after the game cuz,
i want from blake every your having or no call they say we stole it
eighty four degrees in iconnect nyo on line then i will have big events for first and only
i want like that with god like so hot and then would always make the conditions work too hard and they would liek and then we have arrange our bye
saturday night or sunday morning add ya to bad thunder so,
what kind of m. what kind of program what panels you can me running this year where someone highlights.

[22:35] We have not moved you know check grabflex get the girls stuff.
We have a couple new people this year don't we have,
i'm really excited because ive never met her but every child is amazing is your doing it on stage interview with a billy harris,
god she's a new york times best selling author and it's all the science book and she don't want you was nine years old.
Hi if you like twelve now what will really yeah yeah
umm but she's coming from idaho no family is coming girl excited about it um
yeah yeah so hopefully with the twelve year olds more people are becoming so that is really good so that your ways hey we have some kids programming out what happened um,
then we have a lot some of our normal business got the universe.
Make a room way too crowded um.
I think got a couple thou a person was a big hit last year i bought guard who is actually worthy only actually lease long for some people who actually does,
try again.

[23:54] Which are the fake psychic in jail because there call comment people you want to the nearest and dislike its only because no say it powers don't exist and i'm just being funny died.
It if they work if they didn't wrap that in the midst each.
It would be exactly the same with some dirty congress did the same thing to do to steal your money.
Add people they do they and they're always it's always like to come back in next.
Wake n thinking this would in read the cars again and they never let these people.
Stop giving them more money from an the sky is busted many of these so called psychic said he asks.
Add busted what's your name the long island medium girl a couple had fucking planned what's um.
Because what happens is people that he got hired by people who have gotten.
Where do out of many thousands tens of thousands of dollars and some very smart people.
You are amaze latest stories and he tries to get the money back if you can usually buy them in different ways but the money protected some help.
Can you translate these people and put them in jail from hubby back to this little more some more of his stories he just put a few more in prison since last he was a drinker um.

[25:23] Also we have met donna honey you're um i'm gonna try to get him there for while he is a.
He actually has a other tv show that's in texas,
and it's all it after asking.
Who and the deep,
texas you can imagine um weird so he's actually also mentally big time like to listen to justin beiber i always have a couple minutes where we have some,
oh and magic so big,
magic show this year we got a kurt anderson is the holes record record for the fastest.
The disappearance and the round of november meal
hey i was actually really expensive to get some free thing it's crazy i haven't received the videos that i don't,
it was fun to feel honoured have no idea what this guy who does i know lot about purging but,
summer stuff that you designed what did u just retarded.

[26:30] Yeah i actually a few years back he acted the body bully catch.
I'll relay i was fine play pack abs and somebody from the city and the manager of the hilton lakeside a bunch of paperwork can look at everything in the equipment we had to go and some private area.
Explain why wait did at dragon con oh.
Hey m i will get a growth that would scare me too okay i will hot i know that rick is dead then he would leave without giving it away to leave and the people who actually convinced that it wasn't that dangerous.
Good work.
No we can't hurt it all magic it's all what side had the magic this is rodriguez.
What a headache can i show them enough to make a milk.

[27:26] Accepting is a cool procedure,
close room where they assign all sid's paperwork that if anything happens to the us there was can i create a layout so was not what i mean but jacket,
catches can i track but enough,
do you understand help you know what an solution works.

[27:50] It needs a good job of making it feel like on my god and my dog will you send this to as a lot of your tell them that something else and i think i am for sure,
what are you doing dishes and then almost every year with at night um overnight content usually stand up comedy um and state.
Let me ten or so years i've had some e and harris and lillian lord,
i have been on my tracks for their big day as i had a feeling it's too late to come to when i open my enemy staples and that you're drinking,
add a ban tom up brother is being mean,
transformers for drinking so i actually had a big event i think it's on friday or saturday,
um so they're doing it because i know what what is your name what about liam and edward and heresy,
i think it um friday at like eight or nine.
Currently planned friday grand ballroom at ten PM there's a reason for not ten pm folks what's good yeah.

[29:10] Yeah so its it's kinda crazy so what can i call because we had like people already drank the other just an guess all the year and both of them are you doing your dragon came to my dragon,
another girls like,
yeah create a gray helmet fedex um canal they were so excited i found out from them before anybody else the both asleep put in their applications like.
Do you know what just happened who else is there like to have the really really excited about that um.
Weather was bad in the parade everything good weather we vagina a track about rated breed and rear and that's all.
Hello buy another one for my gas to the third tier me running the drag,
um i get down he came up to visit you know when there's a parade the guy said ever been.
And the country was incredible and forget but i was in a pint of fluid again this year but there's no specs and it was like ok.
Yeah so what is a steal all their stuff and don't in this room i'm looking for that wasn't so good bye.

[30:28] Do something good could you just introduce me to the person i have to know when i will put.
Sher adam why we find in right now we're run away and a,
anna margaret donnie guest to try call you every year so feminist activists and all that um i didn't know until that moment that which you use to do for a living was awesome,
costume design for movies and TV will show every year are the people that want to come be in the parade for the contract,
i feel like like you know that anything you disagree.
Set i will get your measurements i want to figure out your costume don't have to do anything you just come here i would give your guys gym.

[31:18] Hey your phone so that she can reset the ribbon getting bigger every year when i turn,
what are you yeah glad we were third in the premier league right in the front yep i sure do you sleep milan beginning to feel a little like just lounging around but prefer,
foreign the front and i think its because margaret make sure that all the people of march and her group
reorder me that she is as as you know my group is a have nothing to do with what i know i know i didn't do it i didn't do it just a cheap make sure that all the people that.
March actually interact with the kids.
I very close to the company turn you off from her marching group am i talk to the kids and giving things to do and yeah so i think that's the reason why i can ski.

[32:16] You start the following the,
put on skype group because the kids would like to hang out with lover's talking to them so it can play up sorry we don the thing about tell margaret,
set the three what to do if the use and as an outreach for.
Telling people with kids more about how to think critically.
No not be grouped by scam artists and they look bad so
yeah so i don't want to repeat every year she doesn't theme,
what about gonna be this year compared to go west all from i feel the only guy she had a lake sean guys because it was all about am.
Women scientists that people don't really know who i am so close all summer get it from stanford jazz festival with scientists.
Um keywords i'm just no realized i apply it was always no weather man last yr um it was all classic.

[33:18] Bill for history plato in,
aristotle and all these people from the past that were assigned to icenter was gonna be that here every other subway turn the theme so,
i would like the moments when you're always just all the stuff that doesn't exist by using bigfoot and ghosts and thanks so you never know what's gonna be don't i don't know when i find out usually in the third on the thursday wen she,
tell me stuff my track record setting up in the stores all the costumes and i am not yeah yeah,
hey so can i call so we do yes we got fingers and everything mailing it like the parade in the,
we late night comedy and no i actually have i got mean ballroom thing going on but i think we're we're pretty keeping your tentacles out to the world.
Mark my hubid keeps and what's gonna happen when they become to me and said can you help me with drink on TV is when i'm saying god can have mark help
no guys only what is because mark and is a VM toys even invented no results yet,
the magic mike which yeah i'm saying that for the reason um,
what is the app frustrated with.
Hey text microphone williams for those who is,
so he invented it's microphone that does facial recognition.

[34:47] Who woke up with a big sign that says don't touch the volume,
can you walk up to internet adjust automatically adjust the lakers right where your mouth is.
Yeah we'd like that we would like a lot cuz no mikes forever where is that you download.
How can i stop the drama and i'm not kicking the shades again yeah i will have because we have a good,
go to your place seven year old kids from the lake ask question actually it's not rare because the very first,
person ever ask question on the tracker.
Is that no is a is the kid who is now,
my second charge my assistant director and jim mckelvey,
got the time and no angie,
reverse first then ask question to my drag was one of her kids wolfgang the time i was.
Use like nine years old and it was perfect would like return negative impression that mostly adult private model of a mom.
So now i don't know who it out in college so how are we alone like that because again its going anywhere next generation of geek,
nereden all of those people that always get hey do we have a video of life will he was little tiny kitten you know number of house,
how's life is in college and i like raisins like.

[36:15] How do i know you don't show up and another person who was mom that i didn't really know,
no my second job so yeah hello,
you never know what's gonna happen until i don't know where is the spa yo on oh,
who got something and again now lol so um just for,
can we talk about charity be atlanta american heart association,
so excited to be supporting them and i know you got to many things going on but i know you did not doing anything.
Are you what are you doing some for charity but you get so much when i'm there that this is a note.
Will take your dollars right hell yeah well i got told you were talking before we start recording we never you fucking know you have any up with the yep,
will you put every year at the end of the gotta whole x you have to wait,
come up with like in havana or something the fans to do with a charity could always want to dance around now everyone the oh crap i'd jump,
i was looking for god and everything else red mother's house mode of things i want to do that did make it either from them so
yes who every year because i have all the stuff i usually have a big enough voice guys actually one of the guys who are moving voice.

[37:43] Star wars for like movie trailers is friend of mine i should do some voice overs for my track on so you'll hear some.

[37:53] What is the we tell people hey by the way we have scans without the winter when we have some flyers that play in between um.
The actual events but i always wanted to kiss me either so there tracks i will get jealous and then i should do something cool events for the journey which i was.

[38:10] I just coming tuesday around this time of year crap about that again what did it doesn't hold the owner of this company soon then its ok,
what how did that happen what's coming up and planning for a very long time,
i know that we are like the like the stargate track always hands like crazy i hold stuff for the charity then took the,
the tractor who knows mood all over it wasn't the director of the heart rate became like the children to hurt or something yeah then it's stargate started it
i think i think the one that kinda got this idea that.

[38:53] We will be the opportunity here to help some charities hands that's just a wonderful thing to do and yes guys does one dollar bills those,
i gotta change in my pocket going jing a ling a ling just will i get enough good things cuz it all goes to charity and would like to match dollar for dollar up to one hundred dollars so yeah,
like one of my boys over guys things that gets play now and then between november,
you know we want all the jean ghaly jean ghaly change messing with your SSO fancy cosplay,
who hey jarvis minimize you wanna do that yo are consensus on your way home i was feeling so yeah your turn now i will me ready for church.

[39:43] I miss who we've talked but i will mention to add all of the main guests that you have this season is here this.

[39:55] Find recovery a lot,
i know that you're recovering that ok so who am less then again remind people where they can find more information on your track as well as were they can find you physically had a drink.
Um ok so online you go do you skip track dot org,
skip to next drink and i ordered from the find my tracking or pretty easy to find which is gonna cost if you are.
Help me the second floor right next to the.
Sky ridge rate the left of the marriott just take the sky bridge to help me
how many comments to walk to the right because we have the time shares everything in the truck is here i'm so busy.
Get lost so this is a part of the program when is can you give me a number between one and twenty.

[40:56] May yes yes yes phil too much okay well hello there are you got movie trivia
does organ other card this particular day quote regards there are four other questions overall because i still can't find that.
What films are there playing me stroking find that surprise you haven't stepped on a feel somewhere in this office and don't like the floor is covered everything.
I heard you play yeah yeah whatever.
What can i say enough of rolling gate park having a salad either just use that i fight you,
yes i would also mean that i had the bag it is here in the room and i don't switch the contrast is work in other podcasts i'm supposed to have that at the ready at all times but,
i am nervous excited that.
Are there and if i get a five hundred six you get to pick which number three one four umm will you be playing against here so what star with you.
There may yet and um.

[42:05] Animal women's comedy in cartoons right who runs for school president and napoleon dynamite.

[42:15] How do you use when it wasn't planned and i was not napoleon dynamite.

[42:25] Pedro it was alright guess that was it.
I've never even seen that movie i just seen the t-shirt,
not it wasn't have any of these in my life
where lol people love the movie and i was like i watched it as a guide i don't understand why really love this thing that much so i didn't know that can retain with me is what is like god was the other way around.
Oh crap i forgot to say that several of those old email like some TV shows like i just like him.
You don't get it yet i actually am i with doctor who i don't get it.
What do people like better understand i can understand why but that's a lot of baggage that shows like it depends on which season is which set of seasons you watch tho,
what is traffic in this questions for u roll that which is action adventure who plays good wife in top gun i want you.

[43:23] I'm trying meg ryan is correct.

[43:28] Rolls rolls that whining okay i forgot,
you know you are,
i'm sorry but what do you do i dont no thanks so.
Your hobby find news.

[43:53] Let's see uh uh i really hope three for you which is ur music and drama,
music and drama who directed it's a wonderful life yes sorry gotta give me a hug.

[44:10] I know i ve seen the movie many times and they are asking us who directed it at.
Sorry i got you i know the name i did you didn't get enough figure out a way to hand it to you and sr.

[44:26] Who is gonna lose so do i have with you cuz you play prepare remember to hang out with the cats freaking break out books yet yet i hope i would not.
I was trying to figure out how can i get how can i how can i get how can i.

[44:45] Give people hands on go with that go in a horror and sci-fi.
Unfortunally got the horse i did thank um.
New play award yes i order is not remember to pronounce that what's your hobby they will if i have a pretty woman reading something else and feel like i disrespected okay umm huh.
Who plays reporter john klein in the mouth man prophecies.

[45:17] I'll rent gear i had no idea how i know how ya my memory is not great right now cuz you know i can't type.
The right time on things but u sustainable like richard gear within the same price of properties that toilet,
my brain is holding that's just not right i'd like more can i come in to do an introductory a-kahu skip track.
Trivia about them is so here's what's really funny so i was actually create a whole quad by james randi and one of his friends.
I was also doing a strawberry of histology.
Write ups for all of the newspapers in new york city.
He did he created the whole concept the boss man on purpose to see how far he can spread
i completely nonsensical stupid idea this is who he actually said the time i drank last year even feel like to talk about it so i just came up with this whole idea because a so stupid.

[46:24] Add people though.

[46:27] Somehow is still hanging around newest completely just made up just to see how far i can spread a stupid robot.

[46:36] Well well did who was the most stupid thing star trek you have forgot who was the m.
Who is him and o is a pretty famous author of this film really well known by case yo man.

[46:53] Weezer guy was right or if he does comics books are there.
Ns just taken out so now but yeah i did actually the southern big.

[47:09] Alright because that was so stupid that people like for about.
Some piano ideas about aliens instructions show you what we could create some crap you got on the topic of psychology at the time and a.
Yes let's make up someone's list maker broan thing so let's go with something really stupid.
So i thought man think it's gonna be a dominos national leadership ok william who is batting.

[47:40] Open up so yeah that's my skeptical moment about them also like are there.
Okay orange get horror and sci-fi is well um bisx one that won shit should be easy what is planet the star wars episode five the empire strikes back,
strikes back begin on i'm sociable xo my favorite movie of all-time new purchase price but because you know i love her umm,
yeah we got answer so yeah yeah thank you very favorite movie of all time because i love the fact that you know.
Hear us loose i don't get how i actually also love ya its my favorite so far how well does my favorite hello sir i will the six for you lisa need to get to pick one hundred four.

[48:36] One.
Ok what sport are right no one is commenting curtains what this is actually easy uh what form does goes take in ivan right,
yes road clarify okay well it's,
best marshmallow man is the one where you select it ok if i get well yet nothing because it was what made it first and then okay.
I want the five for u so u get to pick there.

[49:12] Who is 4 for inside fyi from what was hannibal lecter profession before he got.

[49:24] No one just like if people a barbecue and i was actually where did sonny studies barbecue hey yellow version of it.
How are u that again please listen to hear um.

[49:39] When watching a psychologist mostly else i could use a psychiatrist but but how about this one yet because that one that whenever i go to my therapist always confuse the two terms anyway.
Are the.
Hey road road i want to order a twelve monkeys was directed by what british director.

[50:06] Hairy girl that's correct i'll one of the mani pedi un iphone.
Remove to a realistic view other which number do you want.

[50:22] Let's go for happy hour with a one and a horror and sci-fi in oklahoma so is heather um what is the name of the clown in the movie it.

[50:33] Tell me why.
Yes terrifying terrifying clown of big bang actually got for the new ones is great,
so yeah i actually i was like i can't believe they're gonna get anybody other than him korean,
i don't like how is that creepy if i was like this nigga not get what i am not have not happy about in the second ones gonna be really cool to,
yeah i actually am looking for the same this open restaurants like when can we meet tomorrow,
are there note about pulling that cash cow in the heart rate for they use the yeah so he's is a good product,
what the weather like you had like three bucks three movies out reply just say you wanna spend money on,
next bus which is sitting out all the sex sex so i can't find the cartoon thing.

[51:33] Ok and what distracts the dogs and pixar up.

[51:39] Spell scroll is correct that's five points li li when did we win.
Free when there's no problem,
i refuse to eat it always play trivia with a guy who's gonna have bread and i don't know what that was that CD jon a tell you we don't want it sorry what what you would,
hey what's good to hear about it was written that stressed yes yes john.
Shit one more time and more time for those that bed was the first time where is where is the truck run and also where is the internet place to go.

[52:21] The anchor of place to go that order or not
bring him uw find my track we are to old for all the way through two hundred nine,
how much for helping rate the door to my track
that's right near with the sky bridge to the marriott happens.

[52:43] Are you are so again thank you for taking time outta your busy busy busy busy schedule.
N done in joining us tonight erica doesnt know koufos,
i am a couple days and going on vacation to surprise my mom for her birthday because i don't have anything else to do within a week and a half left not right now i was thinking this is good timing for that one.
Garcia birthday nerd nerd iphone.
Yeah is it in my grandmother's fault i got both her father hello.

[53:30] Hi ada,
please thank your volunteers so blank i think you guys crying out loud.
Close the door attending dragon can be sure to also think i volunteer at least once a day they are doing good.

[53:48] Select you don't have to really ever do you see who runs this whole thing everybody.
Any i heard people not believe that is very true not of us.
Navigate all the money they bring can make presents gift bags and the god of one way or another but you think we have one for one.
Turn it on he matching yellow takes all that money wasted probably back to the convention center number so.

[54:19] There's a hair wig if i try kind of his penis exercise,
directions make one hundred thousand dollars this for the rest of the house right now could i have nothing,
let me know if there are you a genius mind i think we have had a call what is the theatre
the incidental check with john doesn't color to cover the amount of money have to spend that on the graduate careers so and remit dislike.
Ok i'm very nice so can i.
You can pay for my pens my paper and copy a peanut.

[54:54] No other alexa were their only this is john say piece.

[55:03] Can you open the hood he this has been a production of the unique pink.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the cyan twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[55:29] Music.