50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 42 - The Hitchhiker'S Guide To The Space Track

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:35] May i know when i gonna do that hi this is leigh this is a pretty good podcast and i am not gonna do that really made long and because first of all.
Shit get loud as john on that yet,
hold it as long as john doe so you know they are but its affiliates trying hard and were so excited fifty days during which cannot believe it we are under twenty one hundred twenty right now,
that's tracking i am high of action on facebook in a lot of the groups were people like when will that be updated when will that be updated and gas what should be updated.
Whenever is updated for the first time and guess what.
Use i want those people who like you use to have to come and get a paper write it kinda figure out what you wanted it so i am one of those old people going get off my lawn about.

[1:31] What up what are all the panels gonna be but it should be out soon and edit it when it is have fun with that but.
If you keep talking about it you have every time you say when will the app be updated on facebook.
You have to take a drink and i'm not saying has been alcoholic drink but if it's not an alcoholic guess we really been drinking like a gallon or a quart or something to drink that sucker down.
And then your like having to the bathroom n have to think about why did i even ask about the app being updated because i don't get update when i get something.
And the person your day going in the back is rain who is the director of the science track and nope
nope stop space i said science space is another app who is the director of the space track
and rainy we think about it we all wonder how do the astronauts up in space and let's just be honest everybody wonders

[2:34] Hey you know what i wouldn't do that if we had richard gary are the first two that came in talked on space track he literally went through the entire process in both ways
he is graphic as you can get talking about how you go to the bathroom in space so we got it.
That is just really odd to me but whatever i want but no wwb,
hey haley,
can you believe we're hundred twenty days now okay i don't make my stress levels and how can there be a few minutes.
In space so what is the space track okay space track at dragon con is.
Real is the best way i describe it umm i dont do.
What about star wars in and what it's like space um i don't do sigh books n n n all that i do i get a real astronaut this year which spend time.

[3:37] Is an on the shuttle is in space why and i have people who come and work admissions from
promotion laboratory or have worked in the main office open NASA or
strawberries who are looking at black holes and you know studying the different planet and very young to everything doing and all the people i have,
actually work with in the space industry in some way shape or form that is very cool any issues because they.

[4:10] Are you gay what fifteen years ago do we start like a cyan since you first started science in space and then i was like well there is a lot of information.
Show me what it two thousand that that was but the tracks,
search ethan is split and what was five lb ten years eleven today ok and then what was the couple years before that when they are still together so how is spacex this is.
This is your seventeen for me i still have it cuz.
Restart in space and science track in two thousand three when to shut down if any on the excel do next and taking over and i had just met him about six months beforehand,
look up one day instead your gunna be my second dragon what u second what,
what up girl that was me id never been to dragon con before that.
Really i have never done anything at dragon con other than work.

[5:13] That yeah that's a heck of a bachelor by fire i got it there what about the space and start to skip the umm before this and we're done for dylan i can't begin the science behind.
Real life stuff in any to using schedules but i love that we have these in error i love that we have we're really talkin hard science because everything we are talking about.
How come you talk about everything that has the base and.
That is so important you know we need to remember what awards were ten sounds great what does it really mean so i know you don't like that you got.
Okay i am very jealous because i grew up wanting to be an astronaut,
river not there was a period where i really want to be an astronaut my husband would still be an astronaut of eat good but u got a real astronaut can i insure that is so cool three last right hook guy,
his name is dr steven robinson and he sort of dropped into the track without any real effort when i get contacted contacted by um
space scientists from the university of california davis she be she and four other people one of them who is at georgia tech working on um.

[6:42] Project is funded by NASA to hell,
new materials that will help other go for mediation okay
this sounds really cool i'd like to do this especially because so many local whatever so she sends me the list of the four people who be coming with kristi have to get approval and everything and i'm going to give me a little bit of information and then she says and there's dr steven robinson who just being astronauts are your comments are there yet
he's de what did i read four.
Who are the he's gonna four times and i mean he first his first space shuttle was eighty five.

[7:20] We have last space shuttle STS one hundred thirty so he's really did i mean that when a man eighty five is going there wasn't a space station.

[7:31] Right when is.
I just the shuttle is just the shuttle designation is the shuttle to the nations so that was the not the fifth shut up.
Well no is it,
its complicated because if the supposed to be the first shuttle mission sometimes because of different things that happen you have a mission that goes before.

[7:58] Finishing his number is after he made it does get confusing good ab five times but he was on twitch anyone hundred thirty six hundred thirty six,
best place i can't believe hundred thirty six now that i think owl is the first one and then yeah okay sorry but is yet,
that is 95 when will the mission said that dr robinson was on and he went up,
with astronaut john glenn when he got jumped over seventy seven when john glenn did it again oh that's so cool though
oh hey have a new panel i wanna go to if i have an hour and in that so which sites thirty on sunday five thirty on sunday at crystal ballroom,
and all times and everything else is tentative until your species in the seat in the bathroom on so watch the app when it up.
Around what everyday and content last week so that will be great anthony's doing two more pounds for human options between one hundred and some other one he is on this is the first time that one of the attachments before i move in bavaria to in regards always been fabulous
um who literally is just going to be a regular panel list,
what is the one of them is the one that he's doing with his umm.

[9:25] Use groups talking about their special radiation type of prevention are doing,
okay umm and.
His other one umm no that's great i'm trying to remember which one he's gonna join at the last minute.
Is that works yet yet my brain is just going cross space actually it is it is really close the first time i'm doing this i'm.

[9:50] I have never done whole two hour before.
How so i saturday morning people who really dont wanna go and fight the crowds for the parade you coming down to space track and actually that again should be in the crystal ballroom
and we're going to talk about how to colonized planet that dr robinson would be a part of that as well.
Who is google group if i mean weve got a dr and a neurologist and yours um just hold gamit of people to.
Go into all the things that go into why you can never played you knows he couldn star trek in all these it's like you have some government of god and said okay you know.
Where can i take a plan to do we are on world your own government or whatever you can that be done if you know can.

[10:52] Native american group to go back to start track
take off and decide that there going to colonized planet and you know it will just be them so it's private corporation
if there a doctors all these types of things and then you know when the why in the u. come and go when who owns when yes i am next,
that's interesting because there is that showing that i know may not be perfect but there is a show about marks and how
we set up a stationary and then there are.
Companies that are coming in doing stuff and i like when a man to hold yeah that evelyn five petra
babylon five at two so yeah what country that's naughty i'm actually expenses to a lot of mcdonald because it is.
How amazing is a big deal in the how to do that so i also want to say no when do the things that had to go way at one point where the telescope.
What is it what about the telescope will be loved,
we did have them and they were there last year but steven and hes been so fabulous to us since like two thousand eight um.
Is he didn't give up his charlie bates is it what you just did the day started running you into something um a little different that doesn't have to do with.

[12:18] Solar astronomy still has to do with the sun so technically.
He's group is not gonna be there all the options of his group is NJ who is um
when am i blocked i'm feeling tears and he is bringing
telescope lane is gonna have a lot of a similar setup won't be exactly the same but will be a very similar set up and i will be in the same place as it was last year and so as long as the sun is there and we can do it we are still having such a restaurant,
that is very cool and.

[12:52] Gets the guy i get to look at things during day and night and it's different it's really lazy when you see that so do do that that's kinda awesome.
I'm looking gotta like we got lights solar storm that night i mean life night understanding as well going on i would like midnight and goes until like until we fell over,
okay yeah i'm not gonna be there tonight but we made jokes bout it i got a good night hun lol if i want to go back to the column reservation for a second because i'm actually an extra.

[13:27] I would use the feature outside of all of this i am doing a panel on your feelings did come down,
would we won't what baby inclusive or exclusive would be included or excluded and i think it's a really interesting topic is regarding the accommodation single and talk about.

[13:47] How would immigration com and we can come and talk about something more social.
And theoretical a cold kind of thoughts about that too so that it will have to dragon con covers everything in one way or another,
yes it does it have thirty plus tax paid that's at least thirty plus i don't think it's thirty six or thirty five percent so amazing you can find something to do if you say you're bored it drags on,
you're not trying you're not you're not alone you're not even walking round roast me or you looking at because just watching people can be found oh you believe what is it saturday night times at the hyatt,
how would a vegetarian now to,
marriott now too so you got a mall just want to just do in marietta that we're so what about um,
i am a big person about raising the next generation or even third or fourth generation of an urge,
what are you guys doing for anything with kids is always no.
Solar strike me as always kid friendly so definitely that um but we've been doing for number of years now a kid space workshop.

[15:02] And i'm going back to something that the kids loved to do and two it's gonna be available this year you literally make your own little robot their college or a brush bots.
Hey you.

[15:18] Put the pieces together and then you can decorate them and fix them up so they look really funny and they just sort of weekly on delivery and then you get to keep those and those are always find your house
i wanted to say that my son got into robotics and the slide is little italy bitty things like robot i look like bugs
who did u turn on and it was like and i was like i will get you one but so help me if i all the sudden i see this coming at me i'm stopping all that before i'm wondering if it that a really big spider so
the ones that we were just very cute only accept the ones in the web under july just a little,
what's the crawling on the floor me know that some think you'd love to be able to,
how much should i delete cool of you to be on we got a couple things with that is well who um
what if i guess it does a lot with medium right so she's going to bring her collection
has to be looked at and then i will have an actual medium right that landed on or belt five thousand years ago that all the kids will be able to touch it's a small wang and it's a metal.
That's okay it's firewall and get attached to it and neither do you know where it's from but it's not from here and i think that would be great is that there will be some child,
in that group that will look at there.

[16:43] I don't like person and say hi thousand years ago like you around then and how we always feel this got reggie tho.
How i'm not that i would,
i forgot to have a thing.

[17:01] We talked about before alot kids want to get into
doing something related to space or whatever but you know if this age they don't know what they can do so there is a lot of citizen science,
end of things you can do to your computer and kids can do it to the different types of women will be talking a little bit about that,
next to that will be doing printouts
so that kids can have their name printed and galaxy.

[17:29] Oh what's wrong yo on interacting galaxies that look like letters of the alphabet.
The galaxy letters so my name is spelled l. e.
When are you planning on doing these are different times to look on the app for ipad just kind of an idea kids workshop is scheduled for saturday at one o'clock,
When did the space cadet to our gonna be two everything is well the second we take all the kids outside too with space telescope sar and we have over one of our guest has a rock and a briefcase.

[18:19] Okay that's good a home so that we can tie it rock it in yeah it sounds terrifying but also sounds really cool and i really want the current parents if you're listening to this you're talking my kids
you're a lot of things i love the dragon kind of watching kids see dragon con is,
i'm going thru it my own sign i seen it through other kids and friends and then just kids walking around where that is
they're awesome see what others kids like when they see their favorite character in a costume cuz
no there twenty seven spider man should air seen them in the parade.
Ecstatic middle hundred.

[19:07] Open over there but than i seen it when you take the kids to something science and especially the telescope with your son to it uh am at somewhere not driving time but it was a drug.

[19:23] Q what's their face when they're light weight i can look at a telescope when it's light out
i finished their face you tell me when you say it to you because you there when you when you look at you know do you don't look at the sun directly because i know,
bring your eyes to look at the different filters and different filter show you different things that are happening at the sun to get a wonderful show you like the sun spots.
Hey open the just busy movie across the united face of the sun and another one which you probably insist that you can see so you get the discount the centers strange things that are like kinda weird arms are coming up the sides effect,
what is the news that we are to be like the sun in your spare keys around that
and message u say don't look like it when you look at them but they are massively huge some of them work today there.

[20:20] They're technically um to do it i know it sounds really weird.
They are doing electric need to catch the sunset way.

[20:29] What date do these giant loops a lot of time and sometimes they are so large coming up so you can
homebuyer straight through them let's just got a ring that's the other thing too when you are done you see now what i do not.
Completely to scale but like this is the son of the sunshine orange,
where is this little tiny baby right here though so yeah let and this is great that what's next,
yes yes i'm gonna i'm gonna put a plug care because um i am because
unfortunately you're not gonna be able to talk to stephen with science track this year,
diets track also does he do there um i think it's called the science power out our yes
and i think that's is sunday artist on saturday night and sunday so parents out there if you got kids you got a bunch of things you can do with them besides the kids tracks they are both space and scientific theory about
very good and
you're both very near each other so let your across the hall from each other and are in the hilton and its few walk the sky bridge from the marriott to the hilton,
come right on their level and you turn to the left you do and put down the next year,
take pic news for me who they have added an extra room to speech tracker.

[21:57] What's the weather like longer bigger longer i have but now two twelve to thirteen which i've always had an empty room behind this was to fourteen you know
will you send me some people dead and nobody's using it so they said space track open that its your everyday that's not what will you guys be good.
Its already standing room only so this is good and mature kid stuff in the tracking site of course as you said don't tell the telescope how does no work shop the workshop is in upstairs on the third floor.
Okay we're out watch the app but it's separate thing so um.
We go if you don't have kids and you still want to do space track you can and if you do have kids and you need them something fun to do you take them upstairs.
That's good again,
rain just LEIGH for that consolation seeing if i could add no i'm going to show
you should do stuff which i think is great because you really think about like really really science things and i'm gonna say it and i was there right would you really go go
let me correct that okay like oh like go workout.

[23:16] Ly goal i go ok i should've yeah i can go right place so go m. what in the world is this will,
ummm the legos are um it's strange is a strange way of saying if it is
a massively huge instrument i will play it there underground they're really really huge and detect gravitational waves.
Which is something that has been.

[23:50] Do you know if they were they weren't predicted to other people said they should be out there and it took over a hundred ninety nine ears let's be friends ninety nine years after they were predicted to actually detect the first one.
How will the first like oh i is in us and then is in italy.
Add another like out in the us and know that there are three of them.
I mean in in the first three years we have stuff we first detected the first one.
Three years detected six calling guess some of them are black hole mergers and we've been detected a um.

[24:35] Neutron star made her which is just massively massively huge we actually.
People about it and officially other we talked about and three different purples a couple of years ago and they made the announcement i was prompted that um.
This year all three are on line two get there.
End that happened in february when i'm lying and since february i've already made six detection.

[25:00] Really really really cool
i know you gotta be like me to refund the cancelled okay that's good i actually find a really cool i don't always understand it i was a sociology degree and i didn't become an astronaut
that had to do with biology and chemistry i would like some people find it was the biology and chemistry today in.
Okay so i got this way because it support when they talk about space and they talk about time end gravity yo these different types of things that.
Essential to have the universe works and um.
When you have massive huge gravitational.
Objects and they come together in some way you know whether it's a black hole mergers of the new transformers whatever.
The mass of gravity is just so it in compliment and comprehensive the hue so when they actually come together literally shake.

[26:10] Space and time okay so what's going on vacation weds that is what you are
energy i know this,
would a skinny really cool you could come to come
dragon con space track on friday morning and attend a panel that is called works on the moon.

[26:36] And for all of you.

[26:40] Or not talking to you know not all of this has to do with a new way to store thermal energy when do the big things about going into space you know lending on on mars landing on the moon it's cold.

[26:55] It really really call you need to have a way to not,
keep your electricity go up a lot of these can be solar powered but litteraly solar power only works for so long it's it's a historically not been able to be stored very well.
And i have some people coming in.
Where am talking about a project they're working on that necessary interested in that is a new way to store.
Solar energies of thermal underground storage and it's just it's a really cool topic and in something that um,
i know people have you working on for many many years in different ways just trying to find good ways to do that so.
That's where can i order something,
where can i love it was really funny i love the names um and you know we'll make the joke that we have heard people say we don't need solar solar you don't work cuz what happened that night.

[27:54] Let's get how just.
Science is just kinda like the wind the winter just cannot breathe breathe without help explain and then just now he can even say and guess what these are worth storing.
Who did this this will make your thanksgiving conversations that your maybe dreading really cool,
set that were very good way to look at it you sound so intelligent you talk your way you are so it needs stuff,
it's really neat stuff no i'm not joking usually our thanksgiving somehow we start talking about physics ok google tell ya my grandfather my husband my son and a couple of the other friends that we have so.
We start talking science too so its great it you can learn something so that is really cool now we're getting to the end here but lets talk about charity.
Show it as we know its be atlanta affiliate of the american heart association that is a charity this year and i think you're doing something really cool be auctioned off,
yes and no we've.
Always try to be as involved this weekend we have can you close donate your pennies into the little bucket center in the room,
can i have i do ummm,
will it be cold challenge coins in doing them from six years now so i got a whole bunch of different ones and i always do something that is.

[29:24] Relevant to whatever you and talks or whatever is going on that your not this year i'm going to have one that is related to the fifteenth anniversary the length of the moon so i know that you can you can you can,
buy one of those when the money that goes to that goes to the charity auction itself i have a backpack and i'm stuffing it with space books.
Please big planes for berlin just kinda picture beautiful picture type things just all sorts of space.
Space books space that is awesome.
I'm done as backpack that sound even more awesome.

[30:06] Who has school school has already started it mr lol no but,
oh actually i would never get to the kid if i had an ass about shit i love my phone and i love my nieces and nephews and no.

[30:22] What's the agenda books bucks are important cuz he won't gas interested in you can get on and steam which they now added art.

[30:32] Do that search science technology.
Archie what's the science no are you have not answered yet is art and then ms mathematics a dark.
Mathematics there without engineering art mathematics.
You got some beautiful books that have gorgeous pictures.
And then you also have books that are explaining stuff and that's really cool so i'm hoping its not books available to who's little ones do i need for babies and toddlers they take.
All the scientific concepts,
in a breakdown turn the most basic thing you can think of you can get after physics for babies you can get grab these for toddlers you can get i want to be an astronaut you know
for a two year old whenever there just they are fabulous and it's a great way to.

[31:24] Introduce children really really young to the scientific concepts when it it doesn't straighten that it's supposed to be hard.
Dinner with justice prevail concert there any when they actually get,
it's cool later it's like we're doing it whenever that.

[31:42] I felt that winter was okay so i just want the amazon is your speaking.
And the baby universe for book set is twenty seven i'm not saying to get your name please get me drills to get a printable please get a ride to noble.

[31:58] Are you goodbye anthony i'm a manager at vallejo are always small book shop somethink that's not the
are you have to do is put in baby university or astrophysics for babies which is astro five yet it came up limit for thirty is
n amazon so these look awesome board books and there like forty five ish is that do the.
So that robotics for babies is the little seven in sports that take yes i need a masters uh nuclear physics abcs of space statistical feel like i know
i'm sorry i feel really really do feel good af up quantum entanglement for babies.
Ok i need that one is that so yeah there you go so that's awesome and that there are first reading the kids at all helpful,
anytime start reading your comments so important but also it's always fun to find something a hey we're gonna talk about something they do make sure you bring in a love,
razor kinda a little scary cuz you are there.

[33:14] We're having stuff like you know double next month and then quadruple just that until it's amazing so think about mean stuff but you know what it does the stuff we learned in high school,
who you gonna get like middle school my son in his last year of high school to.
What up mathematical i was.
I can't remember exactly what it was basically mathematical theory zzz anything the whole thing and it was i was like so what you doing well we take place and we prove them right.
Okay good a snap the other night
you like it that's great can i support you in this this is awesome.
I love you when you visit history so let's talk about the history and you are the fifty.

[34:12] Fifty if you prefer to eleven just just past um it was really really cool i spent most of the entire day there was a website that was replaying.
Only the audio from the time that the umm hmm
getting ready in a command module to get into the lambda go down you know that whole thing of my god there rug nigga so we can keep going and your gonna run out of energy and vegan running out of fuel um
yeah time on the moon you know when armstrong first got out and then like fifteen twenty minutes later all drinking all of it and you're not hearing from your hearing,
control room down and johnson and what they were talking about
you know all the different things going back and put it was just good timing i listen to like twelve hours which made that won best of bucks,
that's good CNN did a great special on it it still on the website,
that history has done alot of things on it science channel on science channel is well i'm not in channel did some good things that lsu.

[35:20] Yes i have that channel so yeah so where are they doing a channel on my tv and they did it take so it was awesome but that is really if you start thinking about that.

[35:31] What that meant at that time is it is an amazing achievement it is the most.

[35:42] Historic and significant achievement that human kind has ever done we left.
Yep and walked on another meeting you know what it earlier times you know it was leaving.

[36:01] One continent and going over to our pride know you're gonna run into another,
your not it's comparable to that but you know it's it's just.

[36:12] Pick a good agent too because some people have said basically the computing power that we have in the smart phone im holding in my hand.
Is what day were using all of it no no if it lasts because i think back to the first time.
You have a not even the smart watch i watch that was capable of doing something more than just spending time,
yeah that's what about yeah because,
they went to the moon if you don't like six hundred and forty.

[36:55] Make a pipe bursts and everywhere it was,
who was less than that even if you guess astonishing
please donation it's amazing and all the people that had we see mission control but they're also home building of people behind mission control,
who did the kings and buildings and feelings of others being you had all of the contractors all you know all of the united states and even some overseas and you have the people who know when the office is even the janitor you know who never things could happen without.
Many many alexander yeah it's just amazing and so i just
hats off nearest so many wonderful what movies and things of that nature to watch hidden figures came out recently yes i did love the tom hanks did a mini series on the astronauts and wanted to.
Amazing so
it's awesome so it truly no you're not i am never going to have to say that there is anything that is not amazing event space and it's frightening sometimes is you know it can kill us and instance how bad it's it's just
astonishing and it is.

[38:07] The biggest thing that people most people don't think about this in this day and age especially in this day and age are the things that you use every single day,
you think you could not do without that you would not have if we did not have the space program that's very true.

[38:27] Good he is everything we can even get easier because of anybody else had a child and you have to put shoes on lol find a large.
You know those ones that come with velcro headed on space.

[38:42] That's because we have to go to them and they can't cancel is that you that dick again yeah does this well.

[38:51] Leave it up to you can find websites that will tell you all of the different things there's just tons of it,
thunder the other thing i wanna ask that before because we don't have a game john's not here i'll have to play game on so it's like it don't ask me a fun question is are last one to wrap up.
Let's just pretend somehow.

[39:10] Did there's a time turner or there is this little you can do it so you can be in two places once what everyone to like.
Can you get to go and do something fun at dragon con for you weather,
hey what would you do if he's had two hours to just be.

[39:28] Rain walking around dragon,
oh my gosh this is this is never done anything outside of space track ever yo on years ive never done anything outside space okay i like you,
the volunteers in space kicker out of the room turn on find find two hours kick her out if you need backup without another track directors
extract driving contact organically we will find other people generally because there is a lot of stuff but its not just it's not just in the hilton you that your ticket out
two years ago computer was coming to dragon con,
robots an actor robocop and it started one of my all-time favorite movies but once i ventured across the extra mention it while it is free yes,
what amazing casts ever seen because these people were unknown
but most part whenever doing this and they are now everybody know something okay just don't bloom yes way outfit
yes my goodness just what i need to go see that its on either netflix or something else because its always out there anyway
he was quite windy put the original schedule together he was going to be doing an hour long talk by himself and for the first time ever.

[40:51] I said okay i took my schedule and i made it so that there was something going on in space track that i knew.

[41:00] Nobody hit me if i wasn't there for good ok if i was going to go see this because i had a question i had to ask him.
You seen the movie i take it i have seen that movie that i actually adore that movie just u know perfect me.

[41:17] Yes show me the scene where they're at the jail.
Navigate get pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty out of jail yahoo look at a private company says perfect me give your jacket.

[41:32] Tell me what you like jacket and it looks at me and says because you are perfect.
Any stops in every time i see that feeling is that tell me right after that it drives me nuts to figure out say because you are perfect.
So i wanted to ask you to alert if they never discussed.
Changing that and also how come perfect me in.

[42:03] What is perfect because it for the first time you got any asparagus just is going and yes perfect me is gorgeous so yeah you know it,
explain this movie if you gone,
bons it is a good term for it but it
wonderful anyways so glad that you can watch it over and over and over again and see something different every time the first couple times you watching for what's going on in front of you,
and then you start watching what's going on behind you it is just out there,
it's amazing and what you also said error again i cannot say this enough.
Jeff gold blue cowboy outfit complete full everything,
choose who is you and what should a good thirty,
erica i will get backwards from peter hopefully he will come to try it on again but yeah so yeah,
where can figure this out one point so yeah the other thing i would do with is trying to see mercedes lucky cuz i left,
yes she's doing things that the people so i don't want to see the others who can i talk with MD want to see this.
One person and be able to ask him something sad but yeah.

[43:26] Who can deliver around here with other people usually you can ask just wanted to prove that.
Yep i can usually a long line of people because more people are trying to see six different drs rather than just people trying to go c.
Right that is true i will just okay but now we're where can be able to find you physically at dragon con,
i am in the hilton on the second floor come across the little hamster bridge immediately go to your left.
Can you go down the hallway on that hallway,
yes of electronic frontiers track they have the first rooms on the left hand side u go all the way down to the end of the hallway on the left hand side of the end is science track that on the left on the right hand side
twelve to thirteen and now two fourteen where is track,
sorry i got confused in the solar telescope there on the third floor outside.

[44:24] In hilton yeah no other where did they find in the woods like facebook or wherever else,
will it kinda find kinda hard right now because of course you know good eighteen just did the upgraded the wall who did you go to facebook,
remember these drugs and space track add um facebook.
We have all my goodness i've had over fifty people join the site just in the past month i'm a lot of our guests will put things on there we update
do you know new things that are happening in the space world all that you know time and you never quite know who might come in and answer you when you know like you think we can set some of my gas do that all the time so if that's what you can find the salt.
And i just want to say i put into my little facebook thing dragon construct and popped it right up and am already following you so i would like to set up a.

[45:18] So everybody that i'm fine thank you so much for being on you keep doing this you do this every single year it's so much fun and it's a great way for everybody to find out more things about dragon kinda thing ever knew.
You get to know how the sausage was made and then dragon con in case u it's me.
How did you real sausage but no dragon con you wanna know that if i think that is awesome
and it is amazing amazing wonderful people like you know like you who go out of the way and don't just do their own track stuff but you do things and add more to it so it's even better.
Thank you and god always remember thinking volunteer there for you can have fun and there's space volunteers.
Pick up for two hours man should a walk,
what were like hold your hand to the art show or whatever it was raining that has high alarm.

[46:17] Hi awesome i just want to thank you for being a good.
No for john who is not here for rain who is this is lee saying he's somebody guide.

[46:31] This has been a production of the united kingdom.
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That's is the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share like non commercial license.

[46:54] Music.