50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 43 - Exit Through The Vendor Hall

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] Yeah i'm not doing that whole thing the first circuit allowed to sam.
Hey i'm just whoever this one here that i just am not that full of hot air as john is in laughing somewhere in florida at the years that.
Disable and i'm so glad everybody came back to another fifty days a dragon con john is not here that real life thing that pays for you know mortgages and close.
Food so here the deal size for that and if you wanted me to do something very specific that he should give me,
are there instructions and not show me how to take myself so far john.
You're gonna be so that get from the business news which came out thank you i think we late yesterday early today is that the sheraton has been.

[1:40] Open the sheraton is room is open and all clean and its probably that clean a hotel in atlanta right now so that is great if you're worried,
i was not i need this is all gonna work out because of trying image
go in at with a positive attitude and it shall happen we have a couple
announcements today and wall who was in sm harry came but is also our star trek director is now listed again is coming back which play are we here am i do much who
i don't know what this show has and i'm gonna have to look it up its the ABC family series bun hands,
she's melanie i hope that means that construct something cuz abc family usually goes there and she was also a card with no end the NBC series aquarius
oh ok you splurge on the gifted
turn on your face totally now is your menu different one so very very cool for that and today we're doing back a little bit.

[2:49] Feedback a couple of days ago when we had art show on,
we had what are the directors on their and the other two couldn't be there,
show me know what has come up as we have what another one of the art show directors and we have the vendor hall director here so hi tracy ten hi mary how are you guys doing,
hi how are you hi can you tell we're doing great we're glad to have a ladies night after it so much when he jumped up got me how to record
is it some way.
Go into it she had not done that so i can help me cats but we also search tracy you are the director of the vendor hall and you are one of the new directors of the art show and i am very right.
Reorder or what is good AM considered the community directory
you welcome new director ok so you want to talk about some more about today we're gonna talk more about the community and how are shows going forward now tracy i wanna get to you
hitting everybody because i know everybody's ready to spend money at dragon con,
i want to spend money at the art show.

[4:06] What else i know they're gonna wanna t-shirt with i don't know i have never heard of a new show with my son do not let your children under the age of eighteen watch this called pickle rick i don't know how many i wanted t-shirt with that.
Use langdon nicholas there is not a pickle rick know there is a lot of people are there a lot of pic of okay so,
yeah i don't know what this is it for a minute and okay and yeah that's what are the hours of the hall.
The hours are friday thru sunday from ten am to eleven pm,
ok and from sunday on monday,
rom ten am to five pm ten am to five pm all the way to find very cool.
Can you have new hours on thursday no no no hours on yes,
and another question there is how does it look in a min do we have.
Order more vendors how big is the hall whats updated.

[5:09] Show the mark who is where the hell is located and we have first or second floor what,
and we were at capacity as far is bend some new new vendors coming on seen and some existing members that we normally have,
i'm gonna be gonna be there some pretty big um exciting know anything you can imagine shopping for,
yes this is the first three floors and then the fourth floor is our comic and pop artists alley and they have the same hours as we do we actually get something they are and they programming as well,
i'm and that is awesome and please look that up an the app and it updated do not ask.

[5:55] Yo are there if you want some shopping time um we suggest people come in obviously on friday when they open that's when the biggest crowd comes,
read note it right after the,
right after the parade will we getting really hard so i am for people that are gonna be there all weekend we suggest they gonna skip saturday and let all those saturday only people,
shop to their hearts content and everybody else take friday sunday and monday yes you really don't want to go right after the parade you know just listening to people who done this before,
yeah do that and um the other thing is no way i heard dory forward for that i hear that right,
correct three floors yep how many do we have.

[6:48] We have three floors last year you didn't okay maybe maybe it was because i had to go out like,
very fast during good i think i'd like an hour and a half to go through the whole hall or vendor hall as it were so that's very cool and also really want to encourage people from pot and comics,
artist alley did i say the right and nope artist alley,
how many amp artist alley see it just very good i'm is wonderful i saw i got the incredibles,
it is absolutely incredible i got mom a first edition the air,
comic that is out and got it signed by two of the people that are working on that which is really cool,
what did you see last your tracy that you thought was just kind a needed anything.

[7:40] You know there are so many big names we have its just the dragon can feel their enough.
You know like a like that art show that theres gonna talk about they have from open camera and they have ones that are um have been in the industry for years so you can see some,
pretty big names in you can you can get your hands on some pretty good comic books on and some that um you know of an open kamers that's what i think it is lovely,
that is wonderful to know i remember who is keith urban at my local.
Add comment bookstore and i was like oh this is oh well yeah you from,
addition one and two will where's three and use like there isn't a three like note there is a have it already,
i forgot how yet but there is so that was really good too and um no i'm not access of mary in a minute but tracy how did you get involved with dragons.

[8:39] How many years ago i just received my twenty yr pin,
congratulations hey thank u live in a volunteer for twenty years i'm twenty plus what i have to take a year off when i add a child.
I had happened yet.
Yeah it happens and i am just kind of fell into envelope with and the excitement of it all and it was something that was broadway,
i really enjoyed everybody that i have met through and
just maintain that over the years you know hoping from one position to another,
yeah you can get around on different stuff in different positions which is good i have yeah that is awesome i was thinking i just kinda remember your face because i m just
over twenty years to get there we go,
what was the better yo how did it become twenty years that fast and it appears lights i don't know how that who who are you don't seem like it's been that long,
no there okay am i o ninety eight ninety seven ninety six,
somewhere in there that's when i started ninety five yet.
What ya depends on when u start counting and yeah i know i know i was there in ninety six that was the last year with only a one hotel,
right now respond so i was started in ninety four ninety three,
yeah i did that too but i am confused i don't know.

[10:09] What was one hell of nowhere nowhere five it's gonna smartwatch watch but it's been exciting to watch the grove,
it has been it's been awesome team because it keeps getting better and better every year and so,
mary you are again one of the trying directors at the art show so.
Can you explain what your position with us community involvement cracked.
Right i'm considered a community director and basically i am the onsite interface for,
artists for the volunteers for making sure that um the art show sets the tone that we love for dragon con that love dragon con that love sci-fi and pop culture,
just bring it to the asking about it so that kind of money my goal in my role is to make sure that all of those things are.
Taking care of is when was the safety and security of our attendees and artist center and art.

[11:17] I'm dr yes we wanted to make sure the art is all good and the artists and everything else but in the attendees remembers members and i didn't mean to have it tattooed along with volunteer.
Is there to pronounce who is our,
yes toronto this year you'll always have one yeah i'm sure we help julie dylan,
are there and she had her blog is just fantastic and amazing shit is just some really beautiful um psi phi work um.

[11:52] I can't even describe it in words it's one of the things that so google it julie dylan and you know.
Umm but she will be there and she has a couple different programming um.

[12:05] The session list add to really discuss for work from anywhere it's really excited to have her.

[12:13] That is awesome and now you send programming and i who did tracy say programming too so there is art show programming and there is.
Smh comic alley artist alley program.
Add um i'm not sure what kind of pop artists are having their programming but i can only talk about google.
I'm so they are things that i am super excited about it,
one is for the first time i don't mates who has an incredible four year career in design and,
an art um he is doing a keynote speaker address.
That um he's never been able to present at dragon con.
How so he's not super super excited about that also has a really fun the some.

[13:11] Yes another fun programming event called the funny thing happened on the way to my masterpiece,
where he where he just talks about all the wacky things that happened hundred forty years.
All of the calamity of comedy arizona so i think that's awesome can be really fun.
Um another piece that we are super excited to present,
search search dragon con a con.
Who is we are doing a piece called the architecture of dragon con and how jon portland genius built home that is awesome,
i love that is an awesome awesome talk actually really do i get to come to that cuz that's just great so,
no department is let me explain.

[14:04] John portman is a little architect that designed the westin the marriott and all of these places that we call home for dragon con now.

[14:13] And i'm actually gonna be doing this app this programming event twice,
happy friday at one PM and monday at one p. m. okay.
Search you cant let get to one make sure to check out the other one and it can be presented by leasing llc.
And she is a local display a local i'm huge researcher and a collector of portland history.
She totally ignores the asked about him and his work,
and it's gonna be cold presented by our own dragon con celebrity sambutan yeah yeah so weird
yeah so where are the two of them talking about it talking about all those things that kind of.
Yeah get dragon con bi kinda the iconic um.
Feel better it has yeah and what are the things that apartment building um i learned.
When i move to atlanta on nora started being downtown if you have something and you can look all the way up.
And see like the sky weather and scarlett usually do spotlight of course you maybe even the roof but you can look all the way up and basically see all.
The flowers that apartment building smh and that's the best way to do it so the westin the hyatt.

[15:37] And the mayor at our apartment buildings i see the hilton as well but i always have to look that one.
I can't get it to i'd like i think it is but i am not sure so yeah that is really needed but i really,
if you're interested in art and architecture and how warm it's function not be really cool.
Yeah i meant the other thing that you know it's always been a staple of the art show programming is that we're gonna have our hands on workshops again.
I'm now these are always super popular and super limited availability so i am you can swing by the information desk at the art show and sign up for any of those ahead of time.
I'm so that you can make sure to get them to get a spa.
Some of them didn't some of them do have some of them don't so just make sure to check out the app when it's all about be listed in the app when it does,
will it comes out it will come out it's a play eminem,
sheraton is open breathe me how you open no umm you said hey when does that mean.

[16:47] When somebody comes and get actually get their hands dirty.
Or not so i'm gonna say get your hands dirty and they get to take something back with them whether it's a little thing a big singer is it that you get to go and get your hands dirty and.

[17:04] What where can we will two different types what it is um one where the artist is actually creating it and your watching them create a,
no still not quite as limited availability i'm looking gotta couple skating classes pencil drawing classes that are like that.
I'm did we have a make and takes where yes you sit down at a table with artist and they woke up and yeah i'll do it side by side and out step by step and then you can get you to take it home and finished,
it's not finish the word take it home and enjoyed.
That is really neat and um i don't know what you have again you'll be on the app are any of those.
Suitable for under sixteen understand any of that.

[17:52] Actually send them probably are with adult supervision when the specifically for kids hey and i didn't even i didn't even hello was gonna ask for that question lol.
Yeah and this is something i have never done before and was super excited about it i'll that is really cool.
I also got no you go first u the first i'm just gonna say what what we're doing is um those of you who have been to the art show before.
I know that we have a specific artist option peace.
Every year which usually based on whatever it is,
we had our charity of choice is the um the atlanta food bank we used the plate.
And artists are getting a plate and they decorate that plates and they decorate you know whatever they want you wanted me to go to auction.
This year because we are working with the american heart association we have this little heart shaped boxes.

[18:57] And um yeah and so it's fun and practical.
Ummm and the artists will be decorating them to the auction
we'll also have a programming for kids ummm sunday at ten am.
Where we have the same boxes of the artist are decorating the kids can decorate themselves,
no school also be available at our auction.

[19:23] That is very cool and also just a reminder days and times may change it will be in the ap watch the app.
Update your app and twitter your facebook so that's okay i'm.
Before we leave programming uh one thing i wanna say which is really good the kids and.
Is if you re in atlanta early are you gonna stay a few days later we already talked about how wonderful are the children that patrick center for the arts in atlanta is it an absolutely wonderful thing it is well worth taking.
Children to also depending on what day it is have hands,
on things that the kids get to make a mask for their own.
Puppet sure what to different bank so if you're interested in that you're trying to find something to do.

[20:15] That's a really great thing too and again that is both the director of the track he is also one of the employees a one,
time please so any time we can give him a low plug will i get to know tracy before i leave programming,
you have some programming to so what's that programming gonna be in where is it gonna be help.
So um it's really not in the bin collection coming apart sally on the fourth floor,
OK i'm sold,
play well find out any information about that on the app that's really out of my.

[20:49] My wheel house that is perfect yes okay get the watch the app,
what's the address you're interested in coming to sally i'm interested in coming to our guests never whole line of programming on the fourth floor for that,
and i was also a comic artist alley there are some that are there of these,
pop artist these comics artists and they will be selling their prints where they might do something for you right there are you gonna chat with each of them individually there was also will be in the app,
when me if there's somebody there,
anticipating what have a really big bill online they will have times when they're gonna be doing a signing in you,
thank you up and you do the signage so that's really good okay so now go back to me,
mary mary you just talk to about charity with the heart shape boxers which i am just i can't wait i'm,
but what's those who is ben an actual option just what everybody thinks of you hold your hand but yeah i'll take a hundred dollars what ever show
what's going on with the option this year because i think that's change it.

[22:05] Ok so the art show use to have um run inside options throughout the weekend you could go over to you on,
you can't afford any peace and what have a good episode amount in you can either buy it now or you place a bid in an asylum i'm in order to come.

[22:29] Change are just what is important to have more light please make connection with artists,
add really enhance the gas or the attendee,
member experience on weed it away with the silent auction card.
I'm because we want the we want the attendees and members to,
be able to see the artist face-to-face hear stories about why this may be their favorite piece of work you know the little things that you cant get just from seeing a peace on the wall,
and um,
so that's that the silent auction is gone because we really want to enhance that interface but we will definitely always keep our um our charity auction which is that standard live action.

[23:18] And so that's gonna be our live auction is gonna be on monday.
And we are opening up kind of the room to let everybody look at all the pieces.
I'm looking to open up that room at eleven o'clock once again times,
can you bring me a chance with checker app,
umm around eleven o'clock on monday will open up the room to start just looking any optional start at eleven thirty.

[23:44] Hey there we go and that is there anybody have to pre register for that option sign up or anything is it just show up for the auction.

[23:54] Good because we done away with the silent auction we no longer have a better registration so i distanced up and yellow makes it easier for everybody i like that,
you were mentioning about you doing signing um.

[24:11] I don't understand josé is going to be doing an event with brandon sanderson news.

[24:19] I'm so they're gonna be doin that signing though.

[24:25] Oh is brandon sanderson is the writer guest of honor okay thank you for bringing this is sam.
It's so wonderful when i read that sentence works a lot with so the check out for that as well.

[24:43] Alexa sorry just kind of swing back around with that um.
Can you help me the options not working how am.
Pieces from different artists were gonna have these the handmade heart heart boxes from artist from the kids have a wide variety of things.

[25:05] That just sounds awesome i'm sorry,
the heart boxes are making their making me tear up a little bit and i'm just i'm really hurt,
the order is still selling iphone so um the other thing i wanted to ask you about his.

[25:26] What artists do we have how is it going to be set up for those articles i want to make sure this is new so i make sure people understand it the more we say it the more we understand.
Absolutely so we're gonna have a lot of the fan favorites that are always with us but have you know,
fantastic and much adored but there's also a lot of from really fresh faces that have better joining a drag come for the first time this year.
Um so once again all of that those will be on the app no currently on their website,
i'm just wondering what we're really excited about the diversity of our artists this year i actually excellent that's great answer now,
instead of having all of those little a little like to call him like you know.
Q one q lights could you just walk the grounds and start you can have the artists.
There's not gonna be that as well that's not gonna be the focus it's gonna be actually interacting with the artist talk about their where.

[26:29] Buying it on your own things like that.
I am yes artists are going to be handling your own transactions um so you will not have the the.
The cashier line will be happy and in previous years i am done.
I'm kinda running down the middle of the room so one addition to,
going to each artist and looking at their individual pieces im looking at their art and purchasing from that artists will also have a gallery,
we expect to be quite a draw as a young man while you are walking round looking at the different artists who is boots and um.

[27:21] Looking at the gallery pieces uh well we still have our um balance for fan favorites ummm which we do a word other artists.
Wie wird artists based on fan favorites and boats and stuff so i accidentally stop by,
and we will all have those words posted on monday,
what's the award ceremony sunday night ok and what i love about this cousin.
This is terrible i don't know if it like last year felt more like this but it was still the little cues and stuff like that with the silent auction what i loved about it is you just said is i got to talk
choose the artists about their art and art here is nice.
It's a very holistic term its are there were,
paintings there were prints there were um i cant get the order oh wait,
there paper and that was everything was everything in bedroom,
say we got jewelry we got three dr we create a goal scorers.

[28:45] We doing that i think wonderful is that ok maybe if you're really looking for your.
Module right get it there and it's beautiful i wear the bracelet i got there last year all the time it's just gorgeous so.
Find you a lot of different people say you can find out what do you like you have to just meet.
What time does he get to the stores or even if you go to some of the other kind of a rude like i feel like i am bothering them you know that's why they want they want you to talk to,
that's why they are there at dragon con so yea go and talk to him remove them many of them will do commission pieces if you have something special that you want if you have,
you know something that is important to you that you want incorporated be asleep most of them will not be able to make it on site
i'm just get the information get your contact um.
I have one of artists do a very special sculpture for me i'm a few years ago so.
Get the info it never hurts to ask for the info it never hurts to talk to people and figure out so that is always great and so,
what are the other thing is like are you firm about where the option having no that come in at eleven and look,
play are you gonna have some of those options pieces out kinda like trying to build.

[30:12] How are people gonna be building like oh i could just buy it,
snow there's no there's some stuff that all different in the options.

[30:21] Yes there will be some pieces up on the gallery wall i'm that maybe in the auction.
Umm and they're some of the artists themselves may have things at their booth umm but they will be.
Donating to the charity auction.

[30:38] I'm not an expert in that also have some things i as things to get donated by the artists throughout the weekend,
i will have the message info table um where you will find myself or jeremy that one of the directors for joseph the other color.
Add what are the thing i wanted to ask you is um so,
i got an offer plant about it we talked and the last art show and i got to talk to.

[31:11] Shirley that the person a little bit and i got one more for climate and all excited.
You guys are gonna have that wonderful dragon con charity event,
coloring book or add on skype.
I don't know if you've seen the pictures yet but they say they turned out fantastic.
We will have someone would get some coloring books available and i hope that we stay out of all of them do we have,
is again when you buy it up two hundred thousand dollars charity event up to one hundred thousand.
Dragon is gonna match and you heard from the lovely executive director of the umm atlanta heart association that's how she was callin i like it.

[32:00] That there gonna have holiday education and they're gonna have all of these outrageous things like that there will really help so the more money we can do.
The better no i just keeps saying that christmas is done cuz a lotta people can begin coloring books.
Well i'm glad that you guys what kind of going back to programming and special um special features that we're gonna have been having a really really special feature that has been is being um,
long term it is a collection of original magic the gathering artwork.

[32:44] Hi yes and so we will have that setup an exhibit for other people to come look at and um it's it's it's just a huge collection its gonna it really excited about that,
what are you okay so how are you doing not is that like.

[33:04] Do we know how we are gonna taking people buy these or.

[33:08] No it's basically percent but it's and gallery,
ok so we right next to our programming rooms we have a whole CMD are programming rooms inside the grand ballroom,
i'm right next to that we have just sold outs in space to set up this little pup special gallery.
Oh wow that sounds awesome an adult gathering i'm not again not as big a gamer as many people.
I even imagine ive not project for many many years those cards are like important there,
yes could a comic and absolutely you know they created their own cult following me,
and some of these pieces that have been long to go back to the very beginning of.
That's the crazy um advogado beginning of the trends.
So that is awesome no i don't think we said where is the art show and when is it open.
Oops the art show is um for those who might not know it was the grand ballroom of the highest,
i'm in a sandwich this sub basement.

[34:30] Yeah two floors down but when you come in the main door of the hyatt or,
if you are coming in from the marriott from the lil have a trail,
right there near that made that is the lobby floor in take the stairs to the escalator,
do you not get an elevator unless you must go down two flights you can if you'd AI that get why,
you can go down two times and then handed turn and be like oh there it is and it's a huge power marissa.
Yeah will there still lots of signage umm and lots of people to help direct traffic if you if you get a little turned around but sometimes these hotels you know they can be that way,
it's ok jonno jai it dont follow john.

[35:23] Find out where u r or we need to go don't ask john don't follow jon cuz,
fifty fifty he might not know him i think he knows and he doesnt know whats trending,
he will lead you astray and he will not mean to you because he didn't have portray and that's really sad years hon,
ad i know you're listening that's really sad and the power yes hours are going to be open on friday at one PM,
i heard island and we close that day at seven then saturday and sunday will be ten am to seven PM and that monkey is attentive.
Turn the fan light whatever you call that will you have time on monday.

[36:16] I wanna go to checkout done,
you wanna see so just wanna get up get your shopping done you may already senior panel and hopefully,
you done your homework of what you doing up right now new fan,
pan old you turn your um pink room and all u gone to the walk of fame and.
Who did your morning updates and hopefully you saved enough money to eat that day and then you have leftover show,
you got the vendor hall and you got the orange shirt yes semester open,
this is a lot of times to the other thing i would like to say about this is yes some of them i am sure are.

[37:04] Big name whatever but most of these i've seen a special artist and a lot of times what i'm looking for a dealers in theaters small business,
show a good dragon con is a real help for their business and think about that and think about that for not just our artists are also in the comics and pop artist.
Haley i gotta write search get your pizza is my,
i haven't my places that i always have to stop stop and how i can never make it through the whole thing so egg yes let's and there is also no n talked about the exhibitors space,
i mean talk about space yet.
Help hello my there's just so much to do what they want to everybody here is one thing both of these lovely lovely ladies have said.

[38:01] There are no hours for art show and there are no hours for vendor hall on thursday the rest red.
If you get too bad go wander the phantom tracks cuz there stuff that maybe going on some of them are,
amo be having parties later that evening go and start looking at that look at all the app a little bit like wait wut did what you need anything like that.

[38:29] I'm really bored we need that time to build the beast,
exactly which there's a whole lotta bones in a dragon.
Hey how will need a little more time to you know kinda want to say merry,
that just sounds wrong you can yell can go that sounds even worse i have been,
what are you know remain it other some parts need a little more build out so,
go there on friday saturday sunday and monday and that's really good and also the thing on monday is move in now i know that all of the fandom tracks we're not supposed to have any panels after two thirty,
could we have any your after two thirty.
Show huh then you got two and a half hours for art show and or vendor hall and or both or a good chilean so yeah.

[39:27] Get the email ladies have i forgotten anything that i was supposed to say or ask you about.

[39:35] Alexa i think i think that covered everything that lets you have any any lasting question i know you know me both departments are so full of energy and so excited.
It's just something a say in our volunteers are outstanding invoce i can speak for mine and mary can speak for her,
i'm there we have a phenomenal volunteers no there's just it's just a fun fun time if you get to him either,
are posting is it's it's lovely and it just has that the field that that dragon con um no that we have,
do we know that all of it's one thing to have that energy,
throwing it out there and being really you know just positive is wonderful and.

[40:24] I always think it's very interesting and tech ops pickup sorry that i check out an art show and vendor hall,
the one to five so you know they're really.
There's this energy that i won't have after about three o'clock.
Three thirty on monday so they keep their you know i have to do some on thursday hey,
that's why they build out on thursday cuz i gotta do a little more energy at the end the contents of grapes will you open up and say i'm starting on wednesday and
move new found yours too can i say that again please ok yes that's very loud.
I am speaking for myself and then we can use some volunteers thursday friday and monday for,
load and load out war during the show on the american got the needs that she has for volunteers i am still in need of volunteers for our first and second shift.
I'm basically how we have that lined up is on friday saturday sunday monday and support the four main days since thursday is it sunny wednesday.

[41:37] How,
let's so friday saturday sunday monday i'm having a morning shift that runs from nine thirty to two thirty and then we have a second shift
that is from two to seven so whatever hours go out go go any later than that it's not a super late night you can put in your five hours and then go party,
text and you need anybody for load and load out.
I think my load and load out crew is pretty sad if there is anybody who just absolutely has their little hearts set on it i'm contact me and we will never turn away set hands,
no they won't and they're good they're gonna send fifty days their email addresses so that will have a map on the website and our fifty days stuff saying something right there a man
tracy you said load in and load out so what load in and load out means is if you are can and your there not what it.

[42:40] You there earlier than its starting with a lot of activities that go on with load in and load out of the vendor halls,
and some other places yes we start loading in wednesday at noon and make new volunteers for wednesday noon until ten PM and then thursday from,
ebay am to ten pm and then monday from five PM until about one o'clock in the morning.

[43:08] Yeah okay see i told y'all they have a lot of energy at the end of qui gon remember we say thank you to those wonderful volunteers and it's a.
They are we can remove who are you who are there they're there to make on.
Find an make it.
C bs seamless and organic as possible no like organic and either that because i can go whole thing yeah i'm not sure if that one is alexa,
no let's get my stuff yer can i add that three o'clock leave my car doesn't open til one what was the thing my whole can and three rd letter stuff too after three but.
Yeah that's a different kind if i start how much for moving a little slower can i search that is right so yes take a vendor
what do you think of you for being there and also think about here so yeah right so what u volunteers during the show.

[44:18] Oh yes been a while can also use them during the show too so good about load in and load out especially cuz it's wednesday and thursday you can get,
possibly all of your hours done,
yep on those days unload and load out and then you have the kite fair.

[44:41] Yeah so it's expense that but hey if you can do it we understand not everybody can so that's why we give you options,
hey volunteers there is a tracy one more time where are where is the vendor.
Suggest past um the highest there's the one where we post our lovely gaming area and then just past my one is mark you,
turn on download from portland,
and um what are they hours are friday saturday and sunday from ten am to seven pm and monday from ten am to five pm.
Excellent and mary what are the art show hours.
And the art show hours which is highest grand ballroom umm we are i am to leave,
i want to talk hey noon so i totally blowing my mind i'm so hey one to seven,
saturday fun day from ten am to seven and monday from ten am to five.

[45:54] Actually okay and do remember they both said there's programming going on so i update the app,
and look at that too cuz there's different programming for whatever your your coming to dragon con for one thing your not coming for the right reason there are so much to do and find something new to,
i found new condoms i never reply yeah i feel like a new fan on imo.
I have way too many fandoms but i have any of your founder driving time phone call,
i want what i want running see something cute img alt i wanna what that is nuance into some tv show and did not that i needed that i don't like desperately did yeah yeah it.

[46:40] Display doesn't know we that except there so.

[46:47] I want a drill head despicable guys think i don't.
It's not about the people its not much what about you really not a lot of people and.
Is there a children under the age of eighteen i'm really sorry parents.

[47:05] You need to go watch my little pony friendship is magic because that's awesome,
family channel and nick toons and all that there's lots of things read what i need to watch gravity falls.

[47:17] Scary so that's good right so i'm gonna stop now because i think myself a bigger hole with every parent in the world,
what will get yelled at by yet i hope you die and.
You listen to add nope nope who is john.
This is say thanks to both tracy and mary and bye.

[47:51] Yes why hide this has been a production of the you need cake.
Leave a comment or suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go.
What email that pizza you make painted drop com.
Move the fuck on twitter,
that's is the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[48:18] Music.

[48:26] Where are you john where are you guys you can ask him that cuz yachts take it out of college so he's freaking out because how did we come to your.