50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 44 - Look Who'S Talking Con

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Hi i'm done nothing try did you read that hello thing the john welcome whatever,
end the end of what's being done early morning as we are recording this so have only had one cup of tea so far which is good for this delay.
With the fifteen days drug crime podcasts do you have not lost years john is again not on this one unfortunately real life has come in and it's been very funny though because usually what's my real life.

[1:06] Impact dad recording in prior years but now he's taught me how to record for myself and so he's not here i can,
i'm making them the wi really worried about that um okay and then of course everyone should send emails to fifty days of driving high on saying john you should wear a one z thursday night
i'm sure you listen to that podcast where we talk about what he should be aware of
where and at on thursday night it's military stuff i drank honey dew thursday night want a party so i should be aware,
i hoodie had not heard i want the on friday night too quickly announcements yes everybody clap your hey
the shirt is open as some people are saying it is the queen of hotel in downtown atlanta and hey maybe metro atlanta right now so we're very excited about that everything that is planned for the sheraton is moving forward don't get nervous
of course the continued the app is not updated don't ask don't ask it will be very soon when the app is updated um.

[2:13] Just keep watching that because it will tell u where places are in a lot,
people where doing this on friday night we're doing the somewhat ever night and we're doing a dishwear and specially for the parties,
always check that because those are been changed mostly to give it bigger space and we are not bringing those people that can but it will be on apps a look
also as i've said before do not follow john,
is jon says oh yeah i know.

[2:40] No he's really trying to help he's not being mean,
what he doesn't know he still cant find con sweet after ten years so that set and also he will stand in the middle of hotel and go.

[2:54] Where am i so next time he's on out o you have all models so you can remember which hotel is in the first three hotels
i'm also just quitting quitting announcements and other people got added from last night we got a new tongue who is,
known for films dragon ball evolution grown up,
is really big hero six big if did and once upon a time that's really cool we gotta let the party said that but dim on
is also when i sent her yesterday but say it again can u refer or she here rn than amorous who is an author.

[3:36] We've got sebastian roche or i'm gonna say roche a. r. c. h. guy with the little accent on the scottish french
add please let me have a bright black david tennant who is denis being that devoted friend supernatural,
and vampire diaries the originals and the man in the high castle who plays rice minister of martin house and that he is excellent,
when am bryce hudson who is best known as gone ever heard donnie on FB
sy xnk
this might be the hola ise me cats john will know better so will bring that up again and he'll look and then it said get wall who is
rate is wonderful as him send harry camera watching some veggies and i like the umm is great but he is also our star trek
track director too and he don't believe he comes meetings i see all the time and he is wonderful wonderful person hi there if you listening okay show where do something a little different,
again john left me in charge so i can do whatever i'd like to introduce jesse and rob hawkeyes house.
Hey can i come over the new and not god's hi all of y'all.

[4:58] I'm southern so i can get a hey they are three people who are blessed that dragon time,
this may mean that they're proud hoes are the same energy they're just panel is just pointless does not a better longterm but they are the most important backbone of dragon con because these are the.

[5:17] Who r moderate or sitting on those panels that are so much fun of all three of these people are on the extract,
pan old this year and in the past to where the real be there and i'm going to start going through so soo.

[5:36] Who are you and how you have the time time to do it that way well.
I am a podcast and one of the hosts of a women at work and it look at that star trek three feminist lens that's fire.
And i was how i got involved in dragon con right not no.
So i have been podcasting not with the show.
Yeah since two thousand eight ish my yeah and in the community and specifically on the escape cast of because first characters came alot around this time to dragon con,
wake up talking about this event and i was like this sounds interesting i wanna check out this convention i was talking to my brother,
at the same time am
round two thousand twelve two thousand nine maybe i need the same thing i've heard about this dragon god i want to check it out.
We talked about a little bit more and both decided to go to the con and twenty ten,
we decided this in june,
that's good side to go to dragon con in june will i get your first one know if it's your first one that makes sense yeah that's okay karl,
put me and it was it was easy to get a hotel room it wasn't nobody was freaking help yeah.

[6:58] Can you open on okay we were and one of the urine when the host hotels but really great next door and it was no big deal to get a hotel room okay so my first year was two thousand ten y
two thousand twelve i had purchased internal membership in japan also.
You have one of the special badges that got some yeah.
Okay and then providing everything that everyone attending for all that anyway and you also see that pro for us from evil that are on podcast or up reading podcast are doing other
things that r very in fandom and media.
And your relation so that's really cool that's awesome so um yeah two thousand ten hope you are hotels depending on where you want to be not that bad usually but that's good to know does your brother still come.
It's not helpful speaking for couple yrs on and off but he deserved,
much farther away i'm in new york so it's like a two and half hour flight but my brother is out in nevada so much more difficult and he gets a lot of the gaming specific conventions because he is a designer.

[8:17] Ok so will it be overcast want to come kevin would love to talk,
i'm just laying back down on my list cuz this is not alphabetical or anything its just how i saw them in the box search yes.

[8:30] Who r u i hate that doesn't sound right fast can you give me some information on your fandom presidents and how did you become involved in dragon god
not not that track suits that just trying
just trying got okay what i am jazz i am a podcast here in co host of the tomorrow's legends podcast so we talk everything legends of tomorrow so come check that out of your a babe legend span to talk me about if i said i'm in dragon con how did i get involved in dragon con well,
i'm looking to atlanta so i have been hearing about dragon con for a long long time and
probably in like i want to see you there two thousand eleven or two thousand twelve i decided to see what all the fuss was about
i'm hello i just couldnt local i just buy a day pass if i just went down for a day and decided to check it out and got hurt so i kept going down
the weekend and i was like you know what this is amazing and i'm just gonna make this like my whole vacation every year so this is like my big thing that i do every year and some local i don't
haven't really started staying downtown honestly until this year who taught hey so i would usually just commute because i'm in the land that so it was kinda easy to do that so that will be my first like
not going home at all during dragon con experience so how many twenty four for five days so you are there.

[9:58] Hey there and the love it is who are you doing love it is gonna be in so that would be great i'm now so what year i don't know how to set what year did you start coming do you remember.

[10:10] I think it was easier two thousand eleven or two thousand twelve that's great and the legend of tomorrow have some legends of tomorrow.
Coming to the conference you're that way.
Yes yes okay see know when there there fan on though and so i use that first date which i love that is what i do love you i do luv i love rose on
and star wars done talking who it.

[10:39] Yeah first we a lot of people were excited it looks great from vladimir yes what twenty right.
Top twenty event for twenty,
twenty ok let's go with that it still doesn't sound right and way too far and long an old are we still doesn't sound and no just right to bear,
that's it haha
that's awesome i can go to rob robert and also how are you into fond what how did you become into energy when i go to your not local cause i know you personal.
Um so i was in college and i went to a.
Journalism conference a college journalism conference in atlanta nineteen ninety nine before and um.
I want to take myself i want you to be a star log store.
What was the underground atlanta and i was looking around i saw a flier and its own dragon con that something called nancy.
And i'm like i'm not sure what this is but they looking out with you okay okay okay i like you know my life is pretty dull and boring i need to do something.

[11:58] Minnesota from one to another convention stuff anyway i want to log doctor who convention since i convection sear on the latest chapters that well with new friends is kinda looking for something to do.
And is there someone the other side like five nevermind i got no idea what i was getting it so i.
I am going to my first one is ninety five.

[12:21] And um i um valley and that we can there's a very nice man is running the truck at the time i was doing.
I would like to order a couple of hours watching a couple panels i made a comment on some paella saturday and sunday can that sunday.
Show me insta for palette it has not come on your help so then i help you do anything,
hello sense to send us like twenty what is math i don't do that itll hurt you'll do the mass of driving time,
yes that's pretty amazing and i'm bored so i'm wary election not that far away from you,
it's not like i'm going to a different posts or coming from canada at work and it's a lot better cook and going to san diego is finest and it's a little more mixed veggies change someone since i first met.
But basically about yours and still very much a people convention so that was really feeling.

[13:28] Yeah okay that's awesome and gonna give me one second here cuz i'm trying to find out if i can we have our fourth person who is coming in and i,
don't know where he is here and i feel really bad but has been in my girlfriend still muted so nice to message me in the little box if you want if you can talk or can't hear us so
i want that rob what you said in yours about how i was feeling a panel talking and that all of the sudden i was like oh yeah okay let's let's do this right
i'm like oh yeah sure whatever
i love that because sometimes that helps people become involved is the store four navdeep as a.

[14:13] Being a volunteer because i wasn't there i tried it was like seeing my second one and ask questions and get awesome it's it's been a whole lot of time in the x-files,
track at that point of that was ur name.

[14:28] Yeah and really excited and it was awesome and then the person he would see me in those the whole time just close was like uh oh.

[14:39] Can you like run the next two panels cuz you to do is just sitting here watching make sure people don't take the equipment and provide got to go do something and i don't know my staff are here and my volunteers are
so i did that in the next year or the end of the clothes your gonna be a volunteer next year was like oh,
hey that's everybody gets involved in a very different way and thailand.

[15:09] Y fi calling but yes i am here yes there u are high and i how are you and glad your on showing up your doing fine bed and you recall you telling,
yo are the nets my wife's account so i just decided have a discord account just using her i understand so you.

[15:33] Megan is nathan nathan okay i want to make sure you want me to use that romantic
i'll the sender kept hearing even that's probably my fault so i can i start in here so what we want to know is canada how are you involved in fandom be who are you question which sounds,
who aggressive record cast that's supposed to be fun,
share couldn't you become involved with dragon contact about payroll estimate but how do i get involved with drugs.

[16:03] I got so um you know i live in the northern tundra wisconsin i'm actually from this ravi is,
hey i lived in florida for ten years and then south carolina for fourteen so i'm kind of from eleven near by area i know a lot of people.
Man the area and i'm actually making about the dragon card directly is it there wasn't any more bikes up my friend shawn a started a podcast be called jon cass
add it was distorted the general podcast about whatever topic you know tickets fancy,
are any given week and um i was on that show ummm quite a bit and um,
i'm not people like gary mitchell and joe chrome both run the american fife extract and so i heard about driving high
i was like oh that sounds like a lot of fun
no be able to see some of my friends that i learned we're going there and so i just kinda decided to and twenty fifteen with your dragon card's i want to see if this thing it's like a blue whale all my expectations i um.
But it was what are the exit is the most fun experience ever had.

[17:28] And so um yeah i don't want to go back ever sense,
comment from wisconsin with a family of four,
what's up i can do every year so that's nice second dragon died this year,
that is great.

[17:43] No wisconsin my husband was born there and then mood to,
atlanta and still complains about how hot it is when it gets to about seventy five million
it's fun here because everyone can play with blake seventy five degrees in reno lights and the finale after laughing love you in florida
how do you know what you can do the air coming up so that is awesome i love that show love you and i'm sorry if i've seen a podcast called fantastic i want it but was all about sean cassidy,
who does that date me just search say that so good so can i get me a round table delivered jumped in first so we can talk to a little bit better.

[18:33] How did you become involved the pedals how did you decide yes i wanna spend my dragon con time preparing and then being on a panel.

[18:44] Alfred
from the american classics track side which i also do a lot of stuff we started joking around last year because we went there are potholes contractions and it was you know i'm so glad my podcast is this
six people up on stage and everybody is pending your podcasts.
And i think that's where a lot of dragon con palace come from.
Casters we are use to being able to give our opinions your results all the time and i know at least for me,
it is very hard to sit in an audience at this point and not being able to just stand up and take the microphone and should a special event special events like you like,
no no motor and pet because i was expired like no other and kylie are not ever gonna be romantic stop it no.
A man and a woman can just be friends and then thanks chris carter i hate you so much so you are a i can i can become without saying you need to do something i can i just cant sit here.
Set up we get that's okay and then heard nothing about you.

[20:00] Hi so um i think for me the progression is pretty natural blogger to podcast or tube analyst because you know ummm,
when i first got a great internet connection in the late nineties it was like to have a forum that people like a href about this movie and you know it so i've right up you know.
Page long you know movie reviews and things of that nature so i'm going to podcasting it was kinda like oh that's even better cuz not have direct interaction
do you know what people are we can talk about these things instead of making a post waiting for comments to calm and be having a dialogue about where and then just okay being a panel at a con is about much of a stretch for math,
hubertz just having an audience right there in front of you in south i'm not sure,
so no reply no problem so i so i so i can't do it.
Ok roberto next um so i got on the panels.
Kind of just by default and then uh.

[21:04] I kind of has a career or talk to people anywhere so i'm not having a natural extension of doing.

[21:11] Yo gerald some and then like reviews and relapse thanks i can do it backwards naked bright the umm listed it,
i started a blog and just sort of when i feel like an ass for doing reviews and writing is how i felt like if i do this i want to call office like.
I need to maniac other people doing that and you know i would.
Google panda about where my brother came office i don't want to be the voice that you know but then i realized it's totally fine did you just.

[21:42] Do not worry about it then i can to a podcast instead of last fm.

[21:50] Confirm which is kind of like i started out with.

[21:54] Read track and then it was just kind of every year i just couldn't got stuck on it.
I from know it was fine it was just kind of like how do i get your number is a fair annie switched over i will leave for awhile then carol came in a got a little more,
organizing creative in the programming and found it hard and.

[22:15] I didn't and i started getting my little more comfortable a process.

[22:21] I gotta stop analyze the new coffee guys have had otherwise that's what i'm started.
No more comfortable on outside of just.
You know that one track i make i'm starting doing other stuff to the extract and am
louder for tracksuit with his family for five i help you kinda know you discount for me was like ok find a conference on staying in then white off more is i can't choose i feel more.
Is it gonna go and get a coke and then not last but not least.

[23:04] Oh sorry i would like one who five casting what is definitely my gateway drug home if u welcome kukie.
Yeah i would like,
when is the start a podcast thing and i was like you know i can just sit down and say all of my opinions i was at dragon con who is the person in the audience understand panels that was like what what about you know what about this what about the it's not like we get one of these panels,
oh finally
what kind of just asking around um i know can bear children for many years now and so i was kinda trying to ask him how does this work like how do you get paid an hes like
what you do is apply volunteer and am like seriously is that using ask people and let me do that
honda apparently that's the case even down to i literally walked into you mr robot panel last year and sat down and just migrated
move the border so wonderful from that perspective because a lot of cons of a lot harder to do panels and concert open policy with a lot of the.
Yes please i was shocked about it and which is great and it's so awesome in so i just sort of
i don't know where they at nigga i last year is my first year being a panel is and i'm back this year to do it again so you are we are so excited i'm sorry.

[24:27] I sue will you send just that and each truck does a little bit differently so like for anybody looking to start on panels um.

[24:37] It's very attracted track but like i know i can track in kelly in american sign me to put out,
google form cu literally just fill out the form with your information what you're interested in some of the other tracks you have to email the director some of the other tracks like the podcasting track has a discord chat.
Where they bring stuff out naira some of them have american psycho classics has a.
A private group for a fur returning panel i bought so everybody does a little bit differently but really all you have to do is approach the tractor after end to end ask about it.
Can i slap yo are.
I like to ask questions i have already is jason bolt the one track i would love to get in that i haven't been able to figure out how to crack because they don't have a message service on facebook and i didn't i can't find the email for them if that track.
Does anyone know how you want that i didn't incredibly hard to crack i've done in the last couple years.
But it is you basically have to make friends with staff because that track also doesn't panel like a lot of other tracks too big a lot more presentations and alot more screenings.

[26:04] I'm so if you have something you basically have to pitch an entire panel to them.
And have some do you like on your side on track staff like fighting for u to get on the schedule.
Yeah i think there is a little different too because its its yours so much always going on in truck that yeah i know and robbie jump in and said just,
i love you like i just started talking to each other and other panel list or the greg guy.

[26:32] I'm not joking when i say panel is are the backbone of dragon con it's like the numbers i,
i can't add the track director i can't do it i'm a volunteers and i can't do without people like all of you who volunteer to be on their um i know some people feel like i want to talk to you but you look so like busy right now just
the best idea is for calling acs thursday one more set nap.

[26:59] Were monday when it's starting to calm down if you can because i think for all of us track directors like what
who did this happen could this happen could it happen get nervous but it's because it's wonderful to be able to talk to people and do that with different panels the rock.

[27:15] What do you know any other thing too its like i was the tracking was really change it over i've had three different truck director.
Track directors with no help me track i'm on.

[27:28] That's right now but i was always taught like.
No a core group of people that are there that tracking in the new director just nope.
First of all the breaking a friend which is never a bad thing and just recieved my friends and then it can't happen sign up i'm a truck truck is is interested in houston really cool though.
Programming i love going to track practice to go and not have to worry about anything but i feel about other stuff like who i want to do that and cat.
Um it's it's been really hard i want you to feel discouraged about it um if you can't it's a lot harder because the tracking number then extract.
For example i could you please always visible and everywhere truck it's such volume
so cumbersome in terms of what i know what you will always part of directors do something different like i was in a lot of people come to track track with a fully formed,
i can help unless i have this program just give me a time slot and do the thing where as a lot of other track director is coming up.
Where tracks come up with their ideas further panels what they wanna do and then they put out a call for a few wants to do this panel yeah it's to adjust programming.

[28:50] I like i still that id like that private group for returning panel is dying i'm stealing that deliver does it
what is the tractor still what's the weather saying right direction with hard all the time,
we have a director's group on facebook that is close group sorry guys it's a it's your directors at that time but we talk all the time because i have somebody who says does anybody know of not say that for friend have damian.
A lot of people don't know is the unidentified man.

[29:23] He is she loves super natural and supernatural and got pulled off from extract and it went to urban fantasy terrell and she was like i don't know i need pencils for supernatural what am i supposed to go is like.
Hey i know this guy he loves it he's been on it all the time is a friend of mine i also had a brother brian small.
Yes you are catholic priest and a huge the cat and he was like ummm.
Yeah i love super natural in how to do my pencils,
got him and how i got father brian this is honestly a true story.
I was doing something i needed don't know it was on always for driving without actually cuz i wanted a hug.

[30:09] Religious perspective and i was like i just stood up and running how many and said i know that sounds weird but i really need a guy priest.
Who will come to dragon con and do a couple of panels and one person here up to me afterwards and said umm,
yeah i'm are great and i started talking to a man with brian that and then found out,
you know my staff and others and there like you like supernatural ok let's plan on the fan in the supernatural you likes tennis and then you know you know people live,
everyone in my group pretty much either come out directly to me so yes thank u or i know from another group prob and mason i knew i think you have all you.
You reach out to me this year and say hey i wanna be be there what you want and i was like yes who know,
sell it straight in your right every tried director digital difference by.

[31:05] I can not put on forty hours of programming rollover extinct like forty two,
i can do without you guys i couldnt thank you thank you thank you
so yeah when it's too wants a tractor get to know you as i won't you compelling for a couple of years um even if an application is out there you can just basically save them put me where you need me
do you have you no where where you need that the when you know what i can do something where you need me but also be careful with that,
because that's how u end up on twenty panels let's get you remember how you doing that and it's okay and i think some of the panel list
and you are the pros and cons like,
i don't know how i got set up to do twenty panels over the weekend i um there's word and we all have to learn it myself as well no i am not able to do that,
yo are you not like that i am not really in twenty panels a second order.
Ok now see the pic i will talk about this offline if you drop something will i dont text me back to back so i think i can handle broke up
hi i'm sorry i didn't mean to send me back off a twenty trust me yet back of the twentieth in my previous high water mark is eighteen.

[32:33] Okay can i have experience you.
You know lease order was my person that put me through the four step program for that.
It will come across anything about my fourth step what should a muslim guy can you learn to say no,
you know like how may i ask you something your way in just text me and i'll send you back the word know when giant letters
add um you know like when you.
My god your doing twenty four pounds what the hell is wrong with you yo honestly that way that night
resort other than hell i wanna do is okay for me to resist i didn't wanna let anybody down
you know kurt and unit was using the great thing about the cons of every year you will not know what i think i'm only doing.

[33:32] What ya think i'm going to ten plus.
Bad really really like you know who twelve y twelve forty is kind of where i'm comfortable with no don't do more,
don't do more than you're sixteen 18 i learned
unless it's something i really want to bless and having a break,
who is like the best thing in the world.
Yes yeah let me are you riding.

[34:05] Are you gonna bring me up weather.
Should a could a yes is good
so me it was more of a matter of i didn't know how bad the competition was going to be like i don't wanna you know be out of the loop and also i'm gonna be applied all the steps and also came back with seventy,
hey yo are you know i think in some ways because i am relatively knew i only would on three tracks,
ugh the first year i didn track,
uf is media and sai classics and now your trying to bribe now that everything else but yeah i'm looking at the last time i did seventeen this year and going seventeen so that's done.
What's the high water marks in russia i didn't get the director is so funny because here,
i can probably come to the track run to see you and you are there in the morning i'm so sorry i feel guilty that i went upstairs to help me find it.
U need a nap at dragon con especially when you're as old as i am and falling apart,
yeah we'll try to pop in on that too about the break between battles.

[35:26] We got there was just i had one year i forget what year was but.
I think it was saturday afternoon i had a full block of pedals that i was on.
So i had a one o'clock and two thirty and four and five thirty and a seven and a eighth,
what sunday the fear was that bad the route yeah that's about as that experience for me,
than hits me harder than doing it today that are split up.

[36:02] Hey preview yeah i need a break between ur like at the front the bag but what actually of your running from the sheraton the hyatt to the hilton to the west.
I will be very autoscaling from the westin to the sheraton is easy just go down that big hill right that's pretty easy and it's downhill so it's not that bad
sheraton the exchange happens if you have to go hey
oh yes who runs i can run so you can pop in on some what's up hey m
natural is michael can i think i have had no idea i'm just here fascinating listening to example i like cats six panels this year i gotta live in your like we liked what would a six that's nice sitting six play slow.
Yeah yeah get yeah.

[36:56] Let's begin to play earlier like now that i got the seventeen lights i feel like i cant drop them doesn't like what i wanted to meet all the internet all these new tracks and i don't like the track directors like you know like yeah i know,
i gotta back out of it certified vegan i feel bad had conflicts schedule wise dramaybaaz yeah i wanna yeah not happened yet
it's very hard because we want to go out of the way not to disappoint anybody but the same time.
Tracks there to attract a look at the shirt okay this is the stuff i can do it i can do well i would like to join these other things but there are other people that are way more,
carpet into speaking ethnic,
right like in the golden one great thing about the classic american size i really want you like every,
turn it loud if you are.
I always forget things i'm interested in flying anywhere you need me.

[37:53] I got the caviar don't like my schedule is so get soaking jerky.
Give me like this year especially i just didn't sign up for.
March until i knew what would when i was going on with the maintenance for that worked around that and i told the recovery programme got.
You know i got little we drink are doing so i said no like to thanks um.

[38:21] Good for you robbie remember that were gay what million and then waits for no
no no just having having a break is really great because i got rushing around that doesn't make you an justin doesn't really help.

[38:37] I'm weird when i start doing curls on friday.
I despise that i get my life until i hit the stopwatch i get a rough time with a number of people.
About how long its gonna take to get from like this for missing so that i don't know okay give me a give myself a half hour to get there but i can do it again.
I have a friday but have saturday probably twelve
yelp really try to write a plan out and i started like two years ago looking at the hotels going to hilton the marriott that's easy
yeah yeah alright that you're into helping this kinda me sherman the marriott i need more time
when is the flight gonna taking on but i did actually how when is true and other can go to jail um.

[39:25] When is your friend play that's what you're looking like you know you're in the ww adam.
It also let me know when i allow the full half a break to get in there and it's nice to be compressed and all still i could return a bunch of water and snacks because the one thing you will never leave you
i can finally eat or i did not find anything to drink or no um.
I feel that you comfort level i was young i want to be like that whole thing was really awesome i still would like to do a concert.
And i'm like okay once you can actually see how things.
What kind of don't want to reserve a room.

[40:15] No you can actually see all these people you want to see if you were to my goddamn payout on it raquel i think i'd like to counter what joel seventeen eighteen twenty would knock yourself out
um i will probably do that some point in giving based on what mindy there so many other people doing stuff that i just cant like i dont need to be.
Loudda sky in the rooms plenty of other people and us.

[40:40] No i think i know this sounds really weird talking about is that i don't help like to go to step back and look at it from the sun to the car but we doing,
what is six panels isn't really go to the convention in terms of like um.
Am i your opinion is it okay to use this every gonna be good how are there be someone just tired you know how.
So there is that what can i do think that that's a good point to an end of round table this in just a second to you because i think what are the other things is.
I know you're on.
This actually came in that idea because i basically send out an email and said i want these pant view shows panel is for who.
Yeah who wants to talk and people jumped in and that was really helpful to me as a traffic director
and then to be able to say okay what do you want to talk about with mr robot
what do you want to talk about with legends of tomorrow you know jesse if not what about legends i want to talk about this and naturally great and then the other thing is i also always ask panel is.

[41:52] And this is from a track director's perspective but i do this also because i m and operations person and i do this for apartment job is kinda scheduling and that it always like ok i know your butt.

[42:04] Send this to rob before and i said i know your boat i'm not put me on this panel but do you know anybody else that's how i got mad men in the supernatural that's how i got i think honestly suit.
Why do you say your just sitting there and walk that the mr robot or was i guess that's me ok that was jeff right so sometimes the pedal is did you show.
They were trying to go see it just happened hoops and so yeah just the way is there anyone do that anymore like okay this person did mr robot panel we have actually no but that would,
i like that at the end of may to the end com and do that so that's really good show room table is an all-star.
Turn up the top and there so jesse.
Wake up at all and six is great and very proud of you you know how to schedule yourself,
what trucks are you talking about this what products do you on this year.

[43:04] I am on the i to tracks i'm doing the american life in getting me to where i'm gonna talk,
legend region and gotham who,
yes no yes no call i'm sorry is just a test sentence
how is okay with the series finale being messy like i have to be on this panel and dumb and then i extract i'm gonna do at mr robot on agents of shield i think and then
are we still doing a lasting friendship thing yes we're doing together,
ok yes i'm pretty sure on that but i know that you know because i think that anything that you're okay so then nathan what about you,
how many did u say eighteen seventeen we'll have the gas,
i'm so lonely i go out for coffee at some point i will give you my four steps to give robbie and is that okay,
is the american five five six so i'm talking about the feeling tired i'm talking about guards or else i would defend the movie curl.

[44:12] Where not sure i would rather
i think i would rather other defendent the first human movie with duke raleigh that you owe
add um i'm going to do the FIU BBC media i'm talking about i'm pretty sure,
dark phoenix just a retrospective on all the fox marble newton,
property is no doubt remember on fox there gift not needed.

[44:47] How do i tv on fox or just give you overtime up da
um a doing other stuff i drop.
Aku say which is the babylon five so i wanted to get on the babylon five band so bad twentieth anniversary by,
what i do not get on that i don't appreciate that i'm gonna be on that your david guetta
that is cool congratulations like matt helping moderate adore,
yo on westland is like you know i feel like i'm going to go full wayne's world on that one and just be like yo on it.
Set up after this round tables st jan espaƱol i'll give you guys a story that i'd like you know it's really fun when you start talking you're talking about your panels i don't think you're going,
oh man i'd love to come to that you and
say with huge ass what it's like yahoo AOL wanna do that tooo ne yo are pictures helmut lang damit,
Hes actually really you know it's just hair it didn't okay so now go back to shoe and i really wanna know it what you doing first track.

[46:10] I'm so glad i'm gonna start listening to me hello c q but yeah i'll get back in my rotation even more so yeah what are you doing.

[46:19] I'm trying to make the list of everybody was talking i'm like nope,
so i am also one of the admins of the group you want kevin on,
the season i'm so that stuff is on the main programming schedule
ugh american cycle media.
I'm talking ups and history and the media.
I am on a good place panel.

[46:48] Find i am eleanor and judy rushing is also one that i am doing that as well i was the one who did u say goodbye was being excited about the good place say that again i'm sorry.
i'm on track i'm on a good men's panel um weird things and doctor who after dark panel or doing a paddle show like a game show.
As well in track on urban fantasy and talking good again
on american sign language class six i've got the never ending story and also one that darker oil panel on monday from the amazing world of steel steven spielberg is a classic crack who.
I leave for you are extracted i think you're actually i think i have four with you so that some how i am trying to
you need to tell me no2 if you know where i would like good for you
set the warehouse thirteen anniversary in the loss of friends at all,
the stranger things and um.

[48:00] Your are a millions included or excluded i am really excited about that and i think i'm black myself out so i can actually sit and watch that panel where do not handle um,
yeah sneak peak xtra is doing wine about you,
we want to include them like we dine in show many other things or would we exclude them it's basically starting to look like okay so.
Um go from VA before he knew they were trying to eat us vs district nine.

[48:39] Yeah so there's a cat it cuz it'll just ruin,
question right now i think overall in the world but i also think it's.
Something stuff i could life is always and al the guys at.
Thank you for doing that cuz otherwise not see the world that we want to live in w living some i don't want to live in a world i'm just say right now you know that's and ok so now what is a joke.
Yo are the i have more to talk about how other people and turn.

[49:14] I'm just not doing it where do you like a live recording life podcast women of work and i'm sinking right now that our topic is going to be there
how is star trek pics women in leadership roles,
on that was rising i am on the handmaid's tale mature themes panel and on military stuff i am doing a divorce sleep at all and i think that's everything but i might of missed something well
yeah no you taking find you find craig to approve all right.

[49:51] Your status someone attending for a while you're there any product that you will she will be in um the other the app,
you can look under on panel im looking at you know who is am for that,
i'm producing gas for both there i fortunately panel is haven't been but we're hoping that's gonna change,
sometimes it's hard to keep up with your schedule a wee change things and can't get to you so you can even i did not mean to cut you off but yet you doing,
so also in the military tracking i'm talking about i'm stargate villains um i want red stargate this year in bed so you are not lined or vs discovery,
oh i do get a little bit star trek in there buy the one that won and we're also going to talk about mug gonna do the yeah.

[50:44] Let me find an ounce you have it all right now and i admit i still owe ya three yes that's military side five.
Add track i'm going to do a doctor who bingo thing which is a little unclear how that works but i'll get back to you about the big finish the audio doctor who stuff and also talking about working black.
Yeah yeah advent apocalypse rising talking about skies for star wars and talking about i'm solo.
A star wars story i. okay good ab two very divergent view points i bet you add finally about nice last not least extra in your agents of shield.
I'm doing good guys bad guys great and middle,
i'd like to get drinks and white top podcasts this year rather than just like see some reviews so were serious reviews so yeah that's gonna be fun.
Yeah i think one thing.
I didnt pan old and i,
ultra directors do because everybody wants to get together this is the time when you're like i m with my people.
Need you to remind people.

[51:59] Hey love what i love this is my family reunion of a found family
and i just want to be that phantom handles let's talk about what in the world is going on with mr robot
you know it from season one to season three yet how u no no that is gonna die your gonna talk about mr malik and how awesome he is in other stuff for how great is so not
i would take in show low at some point somebody's gonna go will let you know but what about ben being,
following some of his dad's footsteps that you can kinda see between solo and maybe.
I'm not the force awakens much better
the last debits sorry those are my thoughts i'd like i want to be at most of these panels folks i would like to the audience i have to bite my lip not talk and that
i would like i like guys who say what this was a season a fifty days.

[52:58] That would be ok if you were stealing that one problem that check in your marks the start of the light oh crap yeah okay,
ok thank you for doing that i just bought diet mountain dew all over my glasses when i snorkel that was
that was awesome yeah other people and set its this its the start of its coming its coming i'm so excited it's coming it's coming i do know the oh crap though we got here the less themes and get back together yet
so that was actually one of the questions i'm gonna ask it will do this when i'm studying with sue random.

[53:42] What are you said what you were doing anything even asking you the stuff into why,
what are you doing i'm sorry that this is what i have john he keeps me on line so i dont where to get some so i've got a three.
What was promised been so busy i haven't seen a lot of stuff want to see some local a little behind with a lot so i signed up for when i come.

[54:13] Turn for help do let me know when i need to talk about it i'm dr bingo bag.
Ask the expert to sandwich i think it's gonna be a good man the jobs with a sort of black out dr who joined the gap years.
I think a lot during aging some justin bieber.

[54:33] Turn over new soda dr thanks but so do a pick two things for living the tuba to find things i do every year are make the bed and stop with the coffee people for extract.
It is just.

[54:45] What is the insane and it's a good way to start and end the call because only people i actually care about the old computer um and then bring up you batman nineteen eighty nine and home which,
is awesome because it's horribly nostalgic me,
who did that movie came out live such great memories i would like a couple of things in maine um.
Doing a couple houses with the arrow legends or tails.
I'm not sure how they're gonna get shaken i think there anymore legends guest there just let me split that they know i have no idea what it's called b.
Surprise it yeah we okay and yes that is regina the queen of programming in route that is snow queen a programming and main rooms you.
Will make that decision based us can i scream my head and do what they can i come on do any ordering what are the total the miles,
what time ashley terrified of appropriate enough huh.
No i got a i do not want to sports part-time hello.
Okay great thank there's more cats without i was expecting to change as well and then i just got.

[56:06] This week add two am doing the panel now i feel i was
how are you and where did i get that and i cant on the other hand want broke,
set sweep the leg so um wanna watch those and then e-mail you will quickly circle back with you said about you know i would like a white can't see everything,
why i got the streaming membership um because what i do with the streaming membership else.
Leader can go back and watch the hundred ok i'm gonna our i can rest are like we will probably need to be handwritten talk to you later or derby on.
Whats trending i want to take a shower and rest and sport my voice at all which i know that sounds stupid but i think i'm.

[56:59] You know i can chill for an hour or whatever and get back to that but it also like to get my wife wants to see my pals something.
Does back so that is something that i think is hispanic god send for me your right i see the convention.
Where is touffou wanna see the mess i will never report anything understand this shit never sleeps is the final schedule.
Something really really really really really want to see the family members in that time you gotta be on the person.
Yeah i'm not having so often i think for everybody that's why i say have a backup
i want two panels because maybe you just cant get to that other one if the main the room is full or i just cannot make that walk from the sheraton into the hyatt today what can i do over in this area so yeah.

[57:54] I didn't get my stuff i think that i could really excited about the legends of.
I don't think that's gonna be fun to wear when i want them to figure it um.
And i'll burn those are always just really fun and really outgoing.
Is it so i did the astros cuz i cannot remember of is dev coming for legends.
I do not believe so okay i don't think so what is right now what i get when i play.
How is the app as we say their job and actors so often they can't get there yet.

[58:39] Joe and i want the one.
Yes i am and if anybody has not seen rob moderate mean panel he is one of those people i love
could be the director when he's modeling i know he's prepared and that and all the mods are i don't
let me not all but it somebody i already know and it feels really comfy and it's not
no worry i'm like i'm asking you have a blast i will.
See at the end of this year dr eur-one with peter paul was it last year and the year before.

[59:19] Who is great and i don't know i find it important everybody your watch doctor who.

[59:26] I did not you did not that's OK catherine tate i don't roll that panel is gonna be just awesome membaca you have fun.

[59:36] Um what like.
Yeah what those you talk to tracker girl how do you want this don't you want me to anyone really want that i want to get that you just cant go any um.
The thing is it only lasted because i was always terrified um.
Before i do any of these so it's kind of funny and then i started his started going to other people i was talking to,
how about this is another moderator i start a go i start the other moderators.
Hey move the source of support the ring quality you support your prayers but also.
To watch other people do it to pick up things um.
What should i know sounds really weird bisou-bisou.

[1:00:24] Yeah every word of apology who is likely have to do you have to do it.

[1:00:28] Wake um i actually am part owner so much fun because youre feel dislike.

[1:00:34] Send to all my god can you tell me about the never gets me a war palestin cut loose a little bit and you know like if i forgot the name of somebody give me the sky okay to feel accepted,
you know there is water that you know and i will tell you i got nervous.

[1:00:55] People don't believe this i get nervous every time i introduce guests.
Every time i run i just push through it and i actually want to do a post masters really helps and that by the way if you.
How do you spell.
I just push through it and do it but i want to find i had people even say full truck room i dont do i know nothing just getting started it's ok.
It's ok i have one i'm shoes we are doing a panel on that.
And one of my volunteers is moderate doing it because i know she'll get there and say i miss the show.
All the sudden all the hands are gonna go up and people are gonna start talking and it.
You're just the ones you're active
purchase your leading it and asking and sometimes you're just helping moderate it so they make sure everybody talks and i get to the audience to so yeah that is really cool.

[1:01:58] See you later.

[1:02:00] What the heck there are a totally different kinds of pencils in my experience sometimes you got like more of a presentation like somebody did research and it is giving you this information that they found where am i.
I've done a couple of those and they're very.
Add that make me very nervous because you never know like who's in that room who maybe somebody was out there at this event i'm talking about,
whatever but um alot of the more like panel discussion forum that i use when i moderate those,
i don't want it to just be the panel is out there talking and i wanted to add entire room.
Right so those panels at least when i do if i say no if you have something to say at any point.

[1:02:45] Brings your hand up really want this to be a conversation with everybody and then then that just,
i really love big room of people having a conversation about the show and disappear i've never john and guest panel at dragon con but i've done that a few other conventions and that thing that i just try to remember in that situation.
Is that the people in the audience are there to see me.
Remind my job and that moment is to be the facilitator and still get the common questions out of the way maybe ask something new if i can't think of it.
And then turn it over to QA.
Right nobody's gonna remember what i did on that penalty unless my friends are there to support me and help them etc are there to submit the gas look as good as possible.

[1:03:33] Yes that is accurate in there is a track director to make everybody look better because that's.
That's what we do a review of someone i did john back on that which is everybody's gonna rate me as a one dragon now with the app
how is OA to rate the panels and get the radio in a lot of different things and then you can write a comment so
it's really good and it's really helpful.
If you do that because then i know we load the fandom discussion on warehouse starting with interviews the three hour piano what are you know.

[1:04:10] It's kinda dropping out and i love the show person of interest its just that panel getting the audience getting smaller and smaller i was like ok,
this is gonna be now if we mess because that's childish than,
you are i know you are always there is a person of interest will they come and talk about it when we talk about booze we can i will be there anything you dislike
i am this person of interest and i want a full panel again that would be good
ok so where can that come up let time i doing out yeah i'm sure someone to say something.

[1:04:49] Like i couldn't get nervous jarvis.
Don't get how do you get your schedule and not here so no playing the game hitting submit requests that other on again i am in charge so again i'm gonna go around.
And talk about it but i really want to thank you all for doing this and,
yeah most restart it is members thanks for coming to dragon con in sharing the joy and sharing it with other people that you know because that's how we've gotten where we are
aaron will is gonna remember that i like you to the palace i honestly do mean if you look at my schedule will see how a lot more
panel and my extra broom that we doing my in programming and that is a.
That's a good thing and that's a lot of line for different reasons on that i'm so can i finally got anything you wanna jump out on you know why you love being a panel is or anything else and then.

[1:05:55] Jon is gonna gonna send links to their podcast or if they already know their schedule but i said that to the fifty days email and we will put us in the face groupid,
facebook group.

[1:06:10] And on the unit yet with this fur download so yeah what is start up nathan last words
why did why do you love me to store your this is again what i'm gonna be coming see me yet so who am i
petaling jaya is in some ways like doing theater um i like having the audience and you know i'm not a professional don't get that for me but i used to love doing that kind of thing like pre-school or whatever doing don't let a church
if you do it right if you got the right group in the audience have to be part of that to you can draw energy from the copay and from the audience and when you do that it is just like wanna like the most exciting and fun experiences that you can have so i'm
i'm a little help you know my son the impact of that is going to be a positive experience like that if you know,
if i can get to that kind of lights energy healing from that walk like i just log in through that dies out that's why angie had duck i just gonna be all over the place that dragon comments no specific,
place that i'm going to be on any time i just been going to be going from an old girl trying to hit you know the deal with lattice by your dr.

[1:07:27] What can i ask you you said your family is coming with us all four of you how old and what do they,
just real quick what is the young ones and the online yeah sure i'm so mr twelve and a few dollars um
my oldest this artistic which makes it just a little bit of a challenge because she does not like crowds and people.
I'm so collins are always been a struggle for her she likes a lot of the CW arrow stuff other than
she's a huge fan of the flash tho um like what's the time that was on so we're going to get what's me gina,
how many yards would he my youngest is more into anime and why.

[1:08:18] Okay yeah so we have that side of things and my wife just goes for the cosplay and is going to be on masquerade,
how very cool and it has always watching those costumes just amazing okay is your running going so what about you.
Well i just i just love,
giving the panels exist just fine that way for me to live with people i mean like you said we outcome driving calm because these people and
you finally have a captive audience
people that wanna talk about it because hey its how i got in the podcasting is how did the listening to podcasts and get what i want to dragon con in the first place and just being able to be of interest if your experience is just amazing for me.
Awesome ok very cool um ok ra what about you.

[1:09:10] How r of your reason for being a panel is lee keeps begging me to be on them and i always say what yes at least a couple times.
Are you there certain people i generally will say yes to all the time just because like lena headed heard from where,
play are you give me for the address can you know what's going on man just just to make sure because they're such a bitch,
communication gonna i will reach out to instruct director it's a term.
Record the attack the people trapped for your selection that is much of the thing but like all reports and okay tell me what you need me on the comfort level like with kelly i can take no i dont really watch that sort of stuff actually.
Watched ready to pay just to help somebody out,
um with the big guys like i did not see once upon a time in first one.
Oh wow so i'm going back to sleep so that some of those like really need some metrics can you do an arm.

[1:10:12] What class do i have the infamous lost handle what i want much just want to get your help with my stats are you alive is it.
This is the free got time for me because i start doing all this prepping hundred miles in km.
How to prep a little better just thinking about pencils talk about you know cards like.
Even if i don't show up with no cars looking like in the third grade in north vernon with my trapper keeper lease.
Sort of OK when i go to nation tomorrow together and.

[1:10:47] I'm not able to talk about this specific thing but i know he can so i don't have a bless next list um that's a huge relief knowing your own house with no.
Um i want to apologize in advance gonna pay with me and rocks,
oh yeah need coffee in new delhi uno from you have fun it will be fun
what happened to the cat on a check with my wife she's like are you with roxanne like yeah actually like is there no okay but not posting bail bond
let's try he did actually text me and say i can get my wife's number as she said she's the most responsible of my friends and yet i admit that yet
send a text to honey sweet have fun with you no i mean like i'm going to do,
solat podcasting so i'm going to ship to canada water,
what about that competitiveness like cats how did they.

[1:11:49] Can't order paid experience cruise with kelly and going backwards,
why so i have some sort of interest so it is also a learning experience for us as well because really important and it hurt like we re not necessarily the stars the show.
As well as important and also not get this no means means of your expert on anything,
it just means we were the ones that we were talking people i'm having a run fast enough yeah yeah i'm not having to the reversal surgery
up on light work which i know is really weird and a shoulder stand this too because.

[1:12:34] When you when you have to go to driving card yesterday of flights from texas a and all that other crap umm i am so stressed out whenever there is a certain you have to like.
What kind before and after in terms like when i get to the column with the compressor a little bit before i go and look before you leave and i think that that that's the average time people have to do.
Because you know what coming from far away.

[1:13:03] Set the guy just f put up with that like to traffic i know i dont feel good its still good we understand but yeah i would just say you don't be afraid of your interest and don't be afraid.
General question.
Entertainment hey i really want to go next year how do i do that sometimes god will let people know i didn't do this next year because this bot.

[1:13:27] Hey if this weird responsibility now of life.
Mentoring people tell me focus doing it out because i want breaking the girls did for me got me out of my.
Eric got me really comfortable just being room lots of different people,
where is norway light talk to people it's just a big empty room with microphone but this is like in front of people though.
That's a really cool place order is a certain amount of growth and learning and sharing in stock with that lol hey look at me i'm cool which lets be honest me all do kind of like that you know that,
who is colts when you send volume up and said i would love your podcasts.
No who are you have a really cool you like okay i reached some you know ive hurt peoples do.
Podcasting way more senior i really like you,
hey i wanna check out your podcast later such a really cool sense of life,
yes i am doing something cool like that's just what i like and then you just.
Communicate with the people on the perils and don't be a jerk and um.

[1:14:41] Reminded behind those are all the big know everything in the big wide world dragon.
No yeah hey how are you a bot playing time to figure out who were you.

[1:14:58] Yes i would agree with everything that was just said ok there we go was up how many me personally from
this is my twenty fifth year of going to conventions my first con ever was in august ninety four in my tent dragon con,
and um no fruit for me at this point going to dragon con is not about the guests i'm for.
Yeah i'm also in the ne end a member of the group so i get a lot of conventions throughout the year i've seen almost everyone i wanted to see probably multiple times so.
Set the can for me about the fan panels at some of the conversations that are had in those rooms in the connections that are made an the fc that are plum and in the conversations that happen there um
i know a lot of first timer has a lot of people who arent like cats convention savvy maybe.

[1:15:58] How about the gas so i just want to say it like it if you've never been to if an old don't discount the fan to an allstate know if the most interesting stuff happening at dragon con in my opinion.
I agree with you there so much fun if an you can create a person it's bad,
somebody said earlier of yeah but what about that was great to panel.
Set it up interest because not all people who are on the panels appreciative because i got a lot of chatter on facebook i hate the guy that raises hand is light on what about yo are you know whatever.
I got a phantom guys will have different opinions and they are ok as long as you know.

[1:16:43] It is just as special as you are at the top of their.
Here at the top of that stage or in that room and to do that but you guys i know all the roots of it for this podcast i have actually double booked myself today so that we can.
I'm and so thank you very much to all right let's bbq to all of the volunteers and thank you to you are listening.
Remember to send e-mails voicemails to,
fifty days and then all of that information is on the unit i cannot remember it um and so this is only for the option john.
And see u jesse rob and nathan saying peace by.

[1:17:29] This has been a production of the united kingdom.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit he don't come.
Move the fuck on twitter.
That's is the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share like non commercial license.

[1:17:52] Music.