50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 45 - Brittrack And The Dragon Con Grail

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:44] Do you drink and other podcasts are good and joining me as always is the leading the castle.

[0:54] Hi i can go for my cat so yesterday i didn't have to come down on my hair i was able to actually go downstairs and stuff because we are last directors meeting yesterday logo
yeah what chicken butt share and open JUN where is wren.
What's happening no matter what and the sheraton is open yet yet we go,
yes ok so the official word was that there is some stuff and found some stuff in there coolant hours which is typically where they are anyway and robin scrub clean didn't giving the,
approval buy this,
what are the trends yeah the state and the county i think in the city even look to get that has all of the approvals and everything else so yeah
sorry happy the sheraton is open so when you see someone champlin through the uk's the hallways of the sheraton there justin in cosplay they're not actually,
playing cosplay or its monday morning and they're really hello,
or sunday morning a rolling over or saturday morning or really clever or even friday new speaking of which really cool though.

[2:14] What was i speaking of so many sampling who's all there is a question that came over actually was only.
Drunk artificial um.
Hi there is a post there this is really high this is from uc will the m.
I just realized the podcast countdown to the wednesday before.
So there is a woman saying that wednesday is the new thursday of account includes today its tuesday isn't wednesday.
Umm no who are you,
yeah i don't like that person and wildly unsure of who is exactly what they can you comment i know the struggle was a good lead technologist thursday is in as an official de um
it actually took dragon con saying thursday when officials,
we need to agree you know you join field bound were gonna count down to payout anything so solid show your expense and we believe the,
the decades of san ramon yesterday and it starts on one zero one thing really really yes i am trying to get wednesday is new day,
ugh so i figured that countdown but factual business he fifty days you can get like to sixty if you were gonna win tho.

[3:37] What is the total will be open for business
how old are you don't know how i'm no but i know so really just would give him my my county a wonderful day i chose to start fifty yes fifty yes
when is either you know me.
What you consider the day were zero isn't but yeah so wednesday is it gonna be official day next year i wanna know know it also have the freedom to more serious of a voicemail.
Did you listen to it beforehand no is rude instead i said i was going to atlanta.

[4:22] What are the measurements of data gone through yet so young for u to say hi john lisa.
Driving can't track right here on the podcast.

[4:44] I love listening to your show every year you think climb thank you.
I appreciate that anonymous caller and i get so excited for country has no put my god it is coming up umm but leona speak to them how you help me get directions on your way,
basically i go to a directors meeting and is the director and i cannot track usually there and i stand up and say hey anybody can do it
has the time please see me so i can sign up for fifty days.
And i'll send it to some other places only directors have access to so i think for try to track it i don't think they were able too but i actually because you sent the spin specifically don't everybody do this,
because it's specifically for wine that were already having star wars y no brandy is gonna be on and i don't want to be.
No i'm not stocking any the same one i love both i will actually specifically asked rack and see what we can do.

[5:44] Okay okay,
just looking at the number of wins we have left the number of them that u gave me where you can do one more day to you later
add new is whatever i will ask that's all i can do is ask last thing to bring up before we get to our guest today,
who who was mentioned on again on facebook um that there is no hay a cold of the blue.

[6:15] Who is guard stuff,
after heard that the blue cards are going away on a podcast i did not get to talk to david cody is cody about that yesterday and i really can't i wish i could have i think it's hysterical lighted,
and we wanted to tell everybody about it that on wednesday night which is pretty common,
swim start crawling if everything is pretty common in common are there postcard phillips freaking again play
freaking on wednesday night there has been off then a meetup of the people that are missing the call the marriott culprit the coach of the marriott carpet there also is a trash can that mood and that's the cold
the blue arda bluehost card at whatever store yeah they're all meeting together the blue card so that is on wednesday you can find it on dragon blood on the unofficial dragon can i know,
recently actually an invite for it so that's.

[7:19] I wanna be wednesday night that sound fun and i hope everybody else yes that's turn right
yeah i don't know how to look at what you give to chat for a second but yes i was in a reminder the reason but what this is about how windy was on a talking about
go text or bro text ben and road tax GRR wtf what ex and i broke your hand grow text dad,
they are no longer gonna be sending out the blue.

[7:58] Registration cards me more now they also i also did mention that you're trying to get them added to make it so the email that comes back to you with blue roof or something to that effect to make it,
you know we're going to remember that but yeah so the card is going away,
i'm still looking for the cold or the blue light but i also want to get milk one other thing too because,
yeah the website has so much on it but some things have made maybe you're not sure where some other things are there things mood but,
what are the things dragon candles do as we said before nobody not trying hard does not announce until somebody had signed paperwork but all of these people do you have an out and that if they have worked in another commitment,
how's work then i can count on you can find those cancellations if you go to.

[8:53] People to see making sure i said that exactly right you driving and where'd you go to the little menu bar you know where that is any go to people to see.
Feature and then go all the way down alabama that page.
There is a list of cancellations and i don't know two for six ten twelve fourteen.
36 right now if that from a very quick and,
yes please give your mobile no mercedes lucky and is not gonna be able to come marcela moreno david ramsey,
where is what are the names
no problem here we can push down um when is the priority author or a band so pretty much everybody and they put on the webpage.
So if you need to see it look at it,
are u muslim terrorist jonathan i'm like no no no.

[9:51] What did you say that there are a lot of names that are on there.
Yes there a lot of things there how are you know.
Oh one on my top on the top ten,
data noble catherine tate still not on there very excited about that,
no who u work with david tennant how he's yeah they're i stop renew i use for working abroad church and why what temperature is it,
are you a jones just doesn't know you know that and what's the skinny guy ryan,
what is your asking i got u no no news is there is no you don't know anything about british TV at all sometimes you catch brought her just like that on the app netflix,
how do i go to see he talks under way it's really bad so we brought some here talking about,
all things british and this is sparrow view director of british,
what if i'm correct it et british television and media or is it just me up at kara.
Its jasper agate hey red track while hello,
i want to make sure we got like i call it american psycho and actually american and so i get let me make sure i didn't short note just in my head so you got some big gas.

[11:21] Yeah we do supervised in really excited um to have on
dear david ten at the tenth doctor from doctor who um and catherine tate is coming back she's at this last year so really excited to have her um coming back you played on nobel and has done a lot of other work as well as david
is well and i am free management who um play martha is also coming back so that the
but the guests that are companions are actually david tennant companion to just like super excited um and we also have a couple of the above
but i know but
i guess i dont really wanna break them smaller or larger but we're really excited about another gas got robbed,
back in robert robert also is amazing
first because he is a prop master and costumer for the BBC for doctor who and he's done some of
other works that are really incredible um if u remember of the series worries i'm centurion armor.

[12:28] He actually designed so that was awesome that one thing you didn't come,
he also work on the side of rim and those kinds of things doctor who but he also has been my contact pieces from
i am for example if you remember in um the most recent james bond the skull mask who are the opening credits scenes.

[12:55] In the dead parade he actually made at an oh wow.

[13:02] Who is kinda terrifying mascot i remember,
yes it is really close
costa may need forget and amazing so he's gonna be doing an hour long candle,
what is and can talk about his work in santa bring stuff which candle who needs to see is always cool that it's so yeah.

[13:27] Who else got some awsome name but no and yes i mean
record people like would that compare in the doctor but i'm sorry to the people that dress everybody or make things i find that just like how do u make that did you dislike doing fine,
send an arm and figure out which one fit in or,
good ab he is working on the shows that the classic series doctor who said okay cheese institution to release it to have him and can it really is as like gas but umm,
we're excited what are some big name is now so,
i'm sure you guys just get out of here are you guys doing anything on the thursday night before con,
i'm sorry thursday night first night of khan or me know the second sick day is gone first from spain,
oh really like to purchase a pair tree you like sauce on or just keep track of um.

[14:33] Who said that maybe make happy and i just really and john are do you know what science is,
so they're ready to switch you tell me if there will be twelve days of fun soon,
hey you give them a little something maybe inch and he takes twelve billion miles
i don't want that that's way to add programming is way too much should have enough i have like fifty pans all the lamps,
it's crazy the thursday night has requested and we doing unofficial am dinner we can do that from roughly ten years there is a amazing indian restaurant and it's off of it,
i don't think it's called spring road anymore is because spring road.

[15:23] John portman itsupport a new spring it's now portman it's the same place if you got that work
what are the least he s you can't miss it call helen and will usually we rent out the whole i'm kind of error and it,
the product is really great buffet
twenty three dollars if it doesn't go to us at all its just to pay for your food and their dust willing to host awesome usually have about
add two hundred people all show up in one of the best indian restaurants in atlanta i'm not gone people this is.

[16:07] Well known as an indian restaurant so yeah please.

[16:14] Yes i wait the really is a lot of fun and we will do for ten years and they're just super nice and i like cats in,
they're just like if you're gonna invite people when you know we're gonna set up a buffet and it's a really nice to get chance to get to,
there and talk to everybody in tenn before the game start,
yes i got part one it's right next time is like just down the sidewalk from the main entrance right that's exactly it right there it's not far at all ummm if you have mobility issues uber it probably for less than five bucks,
i would be absolutely stunned um so it's a great place to go,
and i would also give you just one morning i don't know if you guys do this to you do the very very spicy.

[17:06] Chicken vindaloo on the how to start so if you got our facebook group you looking the brighton driving we have over events listed and it is one of our events and our menu is listed as well,
so you can look out
like what the menu is and ask questions in class about food allergies and things like that so we spend a return to put it out there and do some people like for example there's gonna be like chicken tikka masala i love my hair
no i'm batman and things like that um it's pretty good it's usually good,
where is roger know that some of the chicken vindaloo there is i had a friend who ordered it and said i have never had anything spicy and indian restaurant.

[17:54] He couldn't finish he's like four bites and was like.

[18:00] I can i can use that to twitter like i cant be too spicy for me years and never had indian food too spicy and i think the whole restaurant within challenge accepted currencies like is this,
will you replace my promise you if you want the spicy on the menu and well if you go either time other than the right track dinner.

[18:23] Yeah that's tough when it's kinda clear your sinuses.
Yeah there are awesome they're super thick and it really got me babe you don't com out for the thursday night is definitely a good if you wanna come over the place,
yes there driving people that will be there but it's it's still enough of the beaten path and it's not crazy.
At least as far as i remember the one time i'm gonna like pass word you're so awesome okay so then umm what other you talk about fifty,
lowe's are all big so what are some other things are going on indeed you have to track runs and where are you located.
Oh we have our one is um in the hilton galleria five i'm sorry we're super excited this is our three year over there we moved from the sheraton in,
you there for long tine enter the help and um we are working in there that we have animals coming,
right out with other tracks because we do a lot of crosstrek programming which basically email
i'm sure you've talked about memories that you share a panel you know where the another track an one track will,
post it and then have the panel will be from,
will be from the tracks tho what does what is the dose i order some of those this year.

[19:52] I'm so where do you like military stuff i am doing in the legacy space nineteen ninety nine because you know.
Got him some new stuff coming out with audio say things like that um also doing alot we will alternate history track it jobs are alternate history,
is alternate and historical track everything i feel so good.
I want a red who will call history though it again anyone there.

[20:25] I think its alternate and historical track it.

[20:29] Rescuers i alternate and historical fiction.
Yeah yeah i'm super excited do start with them like were doing,
victoria favorite and the crown panel we're gonna be dealing i'm gentlemen jack um piano with them,
and that should be like super good and really excited the third they're so nice to host so there and assure miss awesome thanks i'm doing with kid's track cuz i'm getting your name right to skip track
yes we're doing our kids we become an order due to the passage from a couple years and our kids discussing doctor who so we doing that with them.
Ummm and i know i'm missing some more in the air.
How many hey that's why the app will be updated soon and you can see it there in here but i can tell you they didn't say the apple be updated soon,
not tomorrow where am i be tomorrow or we don't know president ell is the date they just said soon so yeah.
Schedule a leave when is this recording right now and i still not updated.

[21:49] What's the right before you go to bed i want you to drink two gallons of water.
That's your drink bitch you have to finish for even saying that because you re funny okay so i need an address for grandma that's good i'm no.
Yeah sure about the other things that people are doing which are like sing a longs like.
I don't want to hear me saying so i dont usually do it.
Are you doing one and what is it what will help me understand yes that we're doing a sing along on um,
sunday the first at seven pm in ur truck much is in the hilton and its title,
master answer elton royal single and basically an order of the queen cell let's come out and also in um.
Elton john phillips come out as well that we're doing the single arena play the greatest hits to be like karaoke,
video like lyrics kinda want to scream and everyone in the audience can enjoy it and
just want to climb in the john.

[23:09] There is nothing wrong with doing that is sing in the car but that usually by myself thinking this i don't.
So enough good so what are you heard it was master wait,
master mercury and elton in royal single next ferry idle according to you that the crowd has been the best the crab his name them in a shelby.
Did not look exactly like out new job,
create a purple shoes i was absolutely stunned that i just looking at going the only thing i think because of press that i was,
yeah the nose a little bit in the early things and then end the end the feeling here i don't think he probably has that been here but yeah it was,
yeah what you look like you which is great for a movie that out so very cool.

[24:09] Suggest you know who is who am i talking to you have a couple of anniversaries one major anniversary right.

[24:19] Yeah we have on our small anniversary open now when they are smaller because when they are really celebrating in that is the bond film franchise is having it's,
yes i'm anniversary in this year well um that you have several.
There's on her magic secret service which is having at fit yet,
ben ray is having for the license to kill it is.
And the world is not enough is having so there is a lot of coffee.
The world world is not enough with pierce brosnan that it yeah timothy dalton.
No spoilers and running was probably left i don't have to go look okay very cool let are awesome.
And i received isn't the latest film is being written by um.
The bag creator actress is a micro channel.

[25:24] I fell i think so that's why am d is anyone giving up on twenty five is a feeling it's going up to right.
Gotta snap on twenty five which doesn't have a title of twitches what was the brand new crate to go through and then and then.

[25:49] This whole the kids at the end of the last film he basically would you know eric what were tired.
And the bring there kinda questioning the whole like.

[26:03] His his job title versus his actual on them and coming out with like different from kenneth rivers in the river feel that there will be a different bond.
Umm but not james bond a view different don't love stephen
add me kind of dealing with that whole convo like a story arcs so that's one thing right now you see me you have your coverage of of fifty you will have on.

[26:34] Hello will discuss send rumours correct yes absolutely you have a good restaurant and all,
add schedule a disk is the actual time the whole anniversary which is at eleven thirty am tentatively scheduled to give it keeps saying that other than,
galleria five in the help centre i mean eleven thirty on sunday and then um we have something one
viewing this year and i am just this one year anniversary thing i'm actually excited about it because james bond it's kind of.
A big deal for me personally um just,
i am absolutely in love with that and on edge starting at ten o'clock in international style on saturday we have to find a hotel in bond.

[27:31] And it's a cocktail hour the half hour time slot still be in smu,
various like music playing in the background but we're gonna be doing a murder mystery gang.
Who and i'm getting released tomorrow like more details on our facebook group is far as actual rules but they give u adjust a vet,
add you coming home and u pulled a card from a bucket and random and whatever,
are you pulled is the character that you're playing.

[28:08] How,
set the scenario is that you are human gala which is,
why does music and drinks add you are going to be the UN delegate.

[28:22] A number of my six or respectful agent.

[28:29] Yeah i had no one of those three and the nearest there is a big groups and there's three there's only three of them cards.
That are james bond.
Blow foul and then a special character return knock knock who and you basically
whatever card you pulled it has wheels on it that you need to follow um and those rules are things like how you reveal yourself to someone you think might also be of the same.

[29:04] Am i sexy like person like you have to stay a certain thing in a certain way and they have to give you a response.
The same thing goes for like spectre agents and your goal is to,
you have a different go up a party that you have to live and get by there but i didnt your goals basically your collecting cards from people um.
Things to do in order to collect of cards so it's really gonna be a lot of in and a chance for people to like me and get to know each other and have a drink and play a fun game.
Find games are always fun yeah i think you mentioned that there was that where u be taking donations for.

[29:51] For charity there too.
Yes we're super excited of course will be taking carrie donations of the first week and i'm specifically wanted,
are bonded and also our party which is on sunday night which is our annual doctor who bought,
yeah receiver sided that is i will tell you what we like having people come through our door.
Send my love your still why would people are in line until like one thirty am which is none.

[30:25] I'm trying to get in so that you ball is ahead and highly recommend people,
come sunday night umm it to be helpful and it starts at ten o'clock it is very crowded the tj is amazing dj black sunshine is coming back he was there last year and it was just,
yo it's a fun time i'm sorry collected where that,
and if he was ever shooting for a doctor who would be the atlanta heart.
Yes he has no.
That's right because how did you doing how did you know that i am aware of pop culture i may not like all of pop culture but i am aware of said pop culture.
Yeah i also i also think i'm next time you say what i was there to check in but thank you for the queens dogs truth.
He really lets do guys look at córdoba look like little hearts they're adorable.

[31:27] How's the courtney thing i asked you what we owe and are,
pre interview because you did lots and lots of research me speak flight hours before,
are any of these recordings i find everything we never sleep.

[31:42] Yes i would be put on the bunch of competitions,
what does that mean redone just like straight out,
what is a really for her seems like every year so yeah what i'll
we use to have alot of likes and discussion panel me realize last year we did some test pianos that were more like audience interactive candles and i'm so they are really successful are top rated
top attended panels were the random little things that we did like games in things and so we added just it'll touch morning with a crazy stalker fan discussion panel
like for example i mean just a run through the titles um
no that is switch the apple tell you he got a facebook group and check out our schedule i just posted it yesterday umm
art and wine but like friday we got um british a second language japan shows you never seem to just like you i like that it out n cats i like that
um gone poetry slam which is oh.
How much fat in attending people show up for that this interview,
we're dealing um it's called the tenth doctor assigned the ultimate tenth doctor fan fiction reading.

[33:09] Which is the audio will let me what i want to let me let me make sure that after ten o'clock.

[33:16] Actually it thirty so it's like i should air it enough last buy didn't you said,
fake when you go in there and i think you should be having that at ten o'clock,
who is 8 challenge accepted but at eight thirty am
send invite tho bitch i want a crazy in there is fan interactive it's gonna be kinda mad libs that's gonna be really fun um so serious i got that the money python experience which i do every year,
i just a lot of fun doing a return of the cursed like a brat panel which is at ten o'clock um in late night rachel learn to like british percent and then this year if you don't receive the show drunk history for doing a drug,
british history that is friday i,
that was pretty much all over some of british history but the only people who is actually use to do a public hanging
in britain and you would go to a pub and you would star tripping because they have the best view.

[34:28] Yep second drink while watching somebody hang.
Yeah it's a hey that's true to i even make that i'm just saying right there not a saturday there's the ministry of silly walks contest.
The doctor who costume contest,
the whose line is it anyway you bring back a one panel this year um everything doctor who being go.

[34:58] Team trivia the sing a long term and then on sunday is when the sing a long is there's also trying to see what else is on sunday,
i just think on sunday with jack hefner it is coming there a puppet show and they do a doctor who have a child and it's a lot of ice on saturday.
I am expect for kids it's really it's really not even like stick around after the kids like to see the puppets and stuff so that's something that you believe in him,
are there a manner that people can check out with the app i just checked it and it has not updated yet.
Yeah four gallons water.
Can you have the live outside you ever get to the house i'm curious about something and then maybe if how many goals did this thing on public to all of that maybe somebody can find out this yo judy show.
Popular in britain.

[36:03] Is there a really long time and would a wood that yet what day do you like punching judy did spell ugh,
british email from his powerful stories you know if it was a political commentary,
and punching characters that any property,
around england could wander around have the whole setup,
and they would know what's pledging and then ended up adopting until the television show later much that way but ever hundred euros,
add became a thing im so super sorry because that your hands back to the awesome,
had a pensioner and uni and then just really nice people and they do really it's a really cute find shell.
Hey i'm sure it will be a great show i just did three interesting to me yes i hate you do that and then ummmm.

[37:06] There's something else ahead.
No that was it though the theme of hey let's remove the mushrooms from berlin how you know that your
the making fun of maybe monarchy and other political events in james bond and stuff like that.
Yeah so we normally don't do it when programming but this year i decided to try it out.
And um because this whole thing the grill team,
going on can over the course of the weekend,
i'm alot an order of a wonderful royal baby that we have this year.
So where is your birthplace yes baby is adorable.
Your adorable i am now online overall w,
baby yes yes very excited and general like to have this life thing going on we will have someone dressed is the queen at some point.
Randomly nine people over the course of your in,
so you can buy it possible to get it.

[38:14] And it's not me just so were clear though yeah i wanna do that part.
I do have a question what is the subject of you have already you have a wednesday but not the.
Yeah queen laundry then you should be aware that on thursday night and go to the informal thing at the indian restaurant
is there model though i'm still like what color is it like light pink it's not like it's the light pink.
You have the box hot and like good a think turn to the internet bill box hospital without,
i think we're gonna military side five and then just walk yourself down to the indian restaurant cuz it doesnt bring your queen one z can you go go go,
welcome to the joys of the internet where we have the internet for well we can find what we share amazing moments of animation and find out if there is a queen.
However now there is literally a development like an adult one x lots of one for.
What do they won the bandit queen bed and queen hello i'm tim.

[39:35] Who is that really close for a cure for doing something like that that is great that is really neat you and i like that you're doing it because these babies are cute.
He's cute so that's cool and other just a reminder you have the bucket at lots and lots of things and the murder mystery so please please please donate donate donate,
what is there because i do not donate twice because again there the doctor is too hard.
That's too hot never know what you mean you can you can actually text now to donate the link.
What's up brittney has been set up yet winter.
Do not tell you start learning i think it did cuz i check out check out to see if it works lol rushing in like for five people are you don't hey what is the number that people can text to.
I am gonna i'm cleaning it up either thank you thank you for doing that.
We can carry on against the wall who's that much more with them to buy will it going to heal right now.

[40:44] Sorry the second,
i know where theres a mother is a men's winnie winnie the pooh your wednesday available at target.
Add that was written there are million yeah i was actually.
Yeah british know i can pick it up or i can pick up my local store it's only thirty five dollars.

[41:06] That is what i want to your VR you go with your hey gm hey you were you were.
And you text a twenty nineteen.

[41:25] Till four four three two one four four three two one and my understanding is that is the same number is a have last year.
I think and so then you type a okay.
2019 and you can send money you hit send and then in a couple like a minute,
get a link and that link you click on the link it will take you to format you can get like five dollar increment donations excited than fifty and it just came it works so that this is very cool,
I wanted to check the setting is fun to do that rn you can make it by five dollars or you can give a set amount there is a place you can do a custom amount to.

[42:11] Switch am pretty sure you get something back.
And i will do this later if i don't know if this one is what i have my credit card who did not read your not but,
you doing later and if you do not get alone no i promise you and extra two shows that you donated on their,
we will get some little bit uh need from us which is a button but it's cool button is steve made it so that some hey we made it.
I'm constipated so easy to be able to see all the panels you know who are all the panels you wanna on the app.

[42:49] I want to go what ahead.
You gotta go get the stay out of the really really long time for most of the hotels three is more than two.
Hey andy and i will make it easier to give money to charity this is good yeah i'm how many me with alternative,
hey it's a goal turn it,
if uh yeah how many yards how many panels are you doing with name tag when are you did not is probably the biggest.
I guess turn your track this year do you know,
how many panels he'll be going i go in there i'll tell you more if i want to know where is located the note i did not ask when i don't know anything,
no therapy happening with the actually i'm gonna look trying to look that up quick ugh just give me a second but some chatting about it.

[43:53] What can i do a report that shows no what's going on.
When i mean theyre there so far that i know of there still um.
But i haven't looked at the main programming lessons though it scares option that you that i am pretty sure ugh,
umm but we tend to like it like it s time to something that we dont really say those that can't apply to this wanna hang up but i do know like i do know that it was announced david there today's weather wasn't the question.
Yes primo there free meals there for two days ummmmm david there for two days and then kathryn we have the whole weekend so um,
please just on number of days and what u mean way to work,
it's usually like that you want,
i'm starting catherine are fremont to david to why i just put it up you are correct ugh david is for two.
Turn the dial button kinda displayport turn and wake feeling kind your favourite.
May i have some update since.

[45:07] Two thousand eighteen right now but you know hes their all of their photo opportunities are up also and i like i don't know if david is sold out yet but its gettin there oven for photo ops,
yes those are out so and he'll.
I know we will have we don't get to see that on any report but there are also times he's doing signing.
Yes i would be up at connie gonna go over in that area in final often usually also.
What you're doing add the photo shoot we've never really ever talk with the outcome.

[45:47] Sometimes a been separating out the big your signing away from.
Yeah right yeah depends on who they are and i wouldn't be surprised if they are gonna do that with with david and mike give them a,
kind of room that they go into for like a black pair time its across from the walking right yeah usually don't have a sign that you like if there in the mail room rn,
like a separate sidereel i'm gonna see him with the bus is going on and that their probably gonna do something like that only because that's.
Pretty typical love and submit me like having use that pic tho yes.
Yeah but also that no longest reading new series doctor who like dr.
Television okay this is the last time i ask you two questions one i remind everyone we are your family room is an to give me a number between one and twenty would give me the number one twenty first.

[46:56] When ever between one and twenty three.
I got movies where can i appeal a room it in the help center link gallery five which is
um on the bottom floor so when you walk through the hilton all the way to the back of the hill,
when i'm in hugo down one hundred and we share a wall with the digital media cuz there awesome.

[47:25] Did you meet your podcasts incorrect no call digital media yep.
And i believe they will be on in like tomorrow yeah it's tomorrow that will be recording recording what is probably will show up to on the walls babies two days after the recording tomorrow umm,
so how are you play all trivia game between u and u only and this this particular sandwiches movie,
movies just general movies has for where category as per usual i like you tony would i still not found in icenter or renee still not gonna got another one,
what would you know when you don't want you just gotta find it again i'm just i'm just surprised i have not stepped on the tenth.
What weight is it near the kidneys are fostering please give me play with it like no no no cats coming to the studio.
Hello where about i'd like to come to your significant other.

[48:31] Yeah it's look around again i still can't find it in your world i between no,
six hundred dollars and between one and.
Um six students how is expect labs work.
How can i join so you know feel rushed writing and then he's like when somebody to help explain gaming it how to do stuff and maybe how to roll dice and now i know i want to talk.

[49:02] So if it comes up with the five yr sixty get to pick your number two for bible there would you carol.
Huyn one search cartoons and comedy um.

[49:17] Where are who is the singing voice of stilton rescheduling ten weather in the nightmare before christmas.
Who is the singing voice of going to the nightmare before christmas.
I had no idea that stood outside my house or no idea i'm lucky if i give you a hint of some sort i he is a favourite composer of tim burton.

[49:46] Nope that's not gonna help or die what danielle.
Yes i want nothing just that you are the one blaming i am.
Your irritating couple kevin spacey running or that i can do god i don't know what actor portrayed uncle buck.

[50:14] Add john candy that is correct sorry i did not find the correct karen back to you action adventure.
Um how many movies have been made to include the name tarzan.
Multiple places sell sixty seven seventy four or eighty nine.

[50:37] Sorry for what i know what you doing up a min the black and white days.
Yo are not even know how far a denied are there any,
what we had like well since i've been alive so i can tell yo crazy what's leroy action adventure hey what is the name of jean happens character in the french connection and,
the french connection to popeye doyle is correct.

[51:14] Hey i wouldn't that i will the five so carried pick a number between one and four.

[51:23] Kill action adventure what children's book did peter jackson peter jackson turn into a trilogy of movies.

[51:34] What children's books to peter jackson turn into a trilogy of movies.
The hobbit that is correct is not a children's book it considered an adult literature.

[51:48] Will i get that in the end.

[51:52] Okay okay and do say that okay what were was regime in the good the bad and the ugly.

[52:05] What worm was raging during the good the bad and the ugly during the film anyone know what the film is being shots end the story there is a movie god.
Yes it's to yeah some mexican american war of the american civil war.

[52:25] Red hat.
Eye roll that yes twelve cards as i have no way of actually checking whether that's true or not i mean now what i have seen the movie but um i don't recall exactly um,
against who i care for you in marvel's blockbuster,
we have increased hey card what happened after that it is what city are they fighting to save.

[52:55] We are good fighting to save the entire world but okay what city are they fighting to save i think it's new york new york us,
what should a lady lanta but whenever he would like the order but i would like red.
Are you a roda forward horror and sci-fi one eighties movie features the line thing are you.
How do i know what's wrong.

[53:26] Should a called rejoicing with the says alt ist ok,
can you got these in the discount bend a discount mark.
I have a discount store and on sale control five second pic.

[53:44] Do you want come and play get musicals are musicals and drama.
How do you spell her which actor when oscar for a man dustin hoffman or tom cruise the boat race between the two.

[53:59] Switch switch out the window asking for a man doesn't stop please i'm sending dustin yes,
yes yes definitely come across when will netflix is tom cruise i don't think so i can't really select picture i want the one for you.
Okay besides nuclear war what does austin powers figure it his first movie in ghosts or dogs.
Well um i'm gonna take her knees is correct,
i was in complete and utter guess i don't think i've seen all over the yard all the way through no,
i need to add that question you email me that question to me for a trivia night
nice to see everybody list nobody listens is extremely hungover anyways you believe in right lane,
who did you say yes it was the american civil war but it was the new mexico campaign not what i was.

[55:12] Do it in that area that was yeah ok i'm happy now i just i know that for some reason.
Ok i was for you unfortunately i'll be in and cabin in the woods everything captain the words,
no i have hey i lost my card and underwent is that i want to hear,
are there in the giant,
baby when it comes to horror movies of any kind i am well and you know caroline is actually is one of those but i can actually watch because of its.
Will i want to go to a bit it's kinda like watching shaun of the dead huh.
It's not there is some were i know that you're heart s there is a horror aspect but its also really really.
Big movie other than that would that even work whatever.
Alright so here's that who's the current and found in los twenty one some world how long do applications live in blade runner for five years.

[56:17] Hey irs did you say half the year so just said,
where should he using discord sometimes like it doesn't pick up the house
yeah summarize the wrong word casino eating for sound alike so.
Are you free umm.
That's easy for lee.
Keep that one for me later hey this is awesome this is possibly for the win,
purple heart only i'm free but the did you got o yes i got the guy he always got the weed near my thumb,
humphrey bogart only academy award was for which movie.

[57:13] It is multiple choice moment give me the multiple drugs i think you should but i think its african queen yo are we looking lost track of couches on the info that.
That's a really i am currently,
oh no the boy can't even keep up with it its credit it's not actually my brain cells you work on this but no,
ask me what i have for dinner i don't need to remember that and instead just because this this current litter lee just wasn't card upon gonna read the questions,
hero and either she gets the role of the doubt what,
what does skyfall refer to in a james bond movie skyfall.

[58:02] I have no idea.
What yo on i am a grandparent but it's been a hot minute since ive watched that would be asked but yes book that you like i know but what about.
Skyfall what does it refer to his family and stayed with family estate i like to write.
Go to yahoo make the order in august,
nobody's perfect and people are gonna rage at me for not being healed the answers nothing at nine o'clock at night when i get up at four AM in the morning then that's it
remove immediately after james bond,
we should a true false when was alice is the title of a james bond short story published in nineteen sixty.
True that is true correct arthur falls ask,
as of two thousand thirteen and was sorry as because as as of two thousand thirteen it says i should say as of two thousand thirteen actress who played james bond excluding sports and tv movies.

[59:17] As of two thousand thirteen how many eight eight.
Wait what again what's the rules as of two thousand thirteen actors have played james bond.
Is excluding sports and tv movies.

[59:36] What um i think true add carrots and falls right.
Yes for the text it said it was when i go to do this but hold on.

[59:53] Roger sean connery george hasn't bee who.
What is the idaho if a secured the weather is the secret service.
Roger moore larger one timothy dalton georgia dalton.
Add pierce brosnan.

[1:00:15] Daniel craig daniel craig and they wait and david niven.

[1:00:21] Yeah i got that camera i got a face like thunder right that's not what i said excluding spoof.
Yeah that's proof for me for TV movies.
The galaxy can i ask you last question mark.
How old was sean connery when he first appeared is james bond in the nineteen sixty two movie doctor know what the twenty eighth thirty or thirty two.

[1:00:53] Thank you where's 30.

[1:00:56] He was thirty to thirty two let me know if you definitely don't forget you tell me when you find me one order then use oregon thirty.

[1:01:08] Restart it all i said doctor no not doctor who right i should HU did not say doctor who i meant sorry that wasn't right.
Yeah i know i have been cleaning the dress is not what your email again remind people where u are you were thinking find more information about the bridge on the web and other places.

[1:01:35] We are in the convention week and are located in hilton galleria five on the bottom where and it's a great the base of the escalator to go downstairs,
we'll have programming all over at the convention but probably only that you're talking and you can find us on facebook at the park truck at dragon con as well as on twitter and try.
In um instagram ad read track and we are hopefully gonna start a snapchat as well no.
You just want a place that's where we have a large.
Like facebook group now like over three thousand members um,
a boy is with lots of silly ness including hour countdown that we do every year which is each day starting with thirteen it's a different doctor counting down to a drag.
I can you are so um are the right to remind everyone to think about and hear what you're trying come,
you don't think around here we are not trying to hurt if someone volunteering just in general thank them as well but are expensive especially at dragon con because they are doing their best.
I want to make your experience even better and other disgusting be the only thing we really get is the bank that you give them.
Um trying to impose.

[1:03:04] Suppose i gotta do is say forward,
turn off family this is jon saying he's.

[1:03:21] This has been a production of the united kingdom.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the fuck on twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[1:03:44] Music.