50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 46 - Star Wars: The Track Awakens

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] What you wearing
yo on,
play a.
Yo are we thank you that is late,
take a ticket but eventually it will who's all in the plans again properly plan actually.
I think star wars because recently about the empire strikes back came out hadley a spell LEIGH a lot of people actually did,
i'm playing still like pronounced as a not really yeah or everything that i hardly wants to but thank goodness for would a judge can i dropped out yeah g,
there was a short lived career,
yeah yeah yeah so john reed do this today the app whatsapp what i have heard anything about it.
Yeah i don't like you and if i am correct it eight days before time is it.

[1:30] Um i've heard rumor that it's days before i die only seven days till gone but that's because the space can start on wednesday.
No doesn't and so it's really actually nine days cuz you are doing so it's over twenty hours which then just made that can you get nobody's up for those last four hours a day haha okay,
play is really cool though we had told you the last directors meeting with
just did that thing on that and do it but i want to remind people there is still a need for volunteers it is not too late to volunteer you can actually sign up at the con that's really the only way you can sign up
an art show safety and tech jobs need people,
yeah maybe some people needed for registration but it's a very small number and there may be some needed for vendor hall but again it's a small number so.
If you already know directors or anything else u can see if you can say i'm gonna come me to pay my twenty buck.
I don't get it because i work for you that's great otherwise i can come pay you twenty bucks and then you put a on.

[2:41] Schedule as needed schedule but that's really get anything only signed up the car now for people who are saying why would like to be a volunteer but i already brought what my membership if you decide to be a.
Volunteer i was that's a member that was wrong if you decide to be a volunteer you can actually get a refund,
mine is twenty dollars of what you paid for the membership.
How to do that within thirty days after how u or email the office and you have to do within thirty days,
that is very possible to do you just need to make sure to talk to violence you're dumb volunteer group about how to do that if you do that with membership and it's really wonderful if you can volunteer it's always great and so was the help so,
yeah i am and well today gonna say that i what's up what's this app thing.
There is a little of the newspaper thing i get when i do my registration that is not always for everything you get that is not it actually this kind of electronics what's the address.
Okay i like the internet what's the internet.

[3:59] Remember how the internet i'm really you're not helping here it on the internet,
ok show watching midsummer murders haha no identified everything except play just play some reason i just had one about some kind of margaret that
related to it in language but they basically sad.

[4:20] How to glow like a part of it off and all i could see was that looks like the death star.
That looks like the death star yes i get that and a did anybody die trying to get you play a couple of people who died what was it like the whole that started it was just like a few people in the sold pending.
English town but you know it's really interesting how things would you like that stars are just starting what is the start watering what is a good start,
ya doing it thank you know what it is it will be a repeat the.
It's been ok behave the way that did not sound right john am good,
what will brandy,
i'm not i can't finish this is brandy the director of star wars track and brandy,
i was trying to get there nice and them john did something new,
well things just turn it was in a mood for sure if something else altogether.

[5:25] Ok now show me too so that morning would a star wars track.
Yeah and in case you been living under a rock since nineteen seventy seven bring the camera when is the start what is the star wars trek,
what is the starting rate these little indie films actually it's before NBS the indiana jones record that i just said nineteen seventy seven dollars from space opera
heroes journey of skywalker and han solo,
so you may have your support,
what's that star wars i yeah i didn't.

[6:09] Pretty important franchise disney products for holden gemini you say a whole bunch of money and is doing everything the milk everything they can outta that.
Zeros and that we are attending a rose a nap purchase i can't remember now.
Or billion dollars or which billion made back.
I can't even imagine how much better i think the poly me back third week of the habit i'm the advertising what's in the direction of interesting does does luca still get a cut of move the merchandise you know,
z completely gone now so i'm not sure what was the deal.

[6:51] I would help retain some of those rights you if you know anything about star wars the biggest deal was but marchandise and um,
that's the cat that back in and,
no that is not being that movies to do the assignment then for this turns out i was the biggest part of the roof yeah,
i will let you know if they got spaceballs an idiot spaceballs the flame thrower and then finally it in the force awakens we get a flame thrower trooper set it all from circle of the circle c again,
so invite how many years have you been the director of the star wars trek.

[7:36] This will be my eleven th year in time flies when having fun it's crazy that is totally worried,
i said i would very long time because i could you please do i get one get stagnant it out there is only so much to talk about,
and then you know that some help michelle,
i need some eleven years ago what was the,
so that was out of that what was said who could anal or did you finish your logo.
Yeah i think i think all the movies were done okay i don't know what's going on in reality you had you had um.
Yeah six movies in the making but um.

[8:30] So revenge of the sith was two thousand five i was just trying to count down my yeah so what what is wrong.

[8:40] Wait nine was.

[8:44] What is the fourth week dose not understand is that when you got a charger ninety nine and then count three one two three would be ninety nine thousand.

[8:59] That is one hell okay well i never forget your schedule can you bring a charger um you guys are selling something.
Ugh can i find offensive but it is scary,
what do you think about that it's pretty perfect for our track,
it is very perfect over the last eleven years we've had numerous panels always been very team george are we have a painter was called change our dryer,
i'm so there is a very.

[9:33] Recognizable and get on the back of a challenge going this year that has our logo on the front that we're selling for charity and all the proceeds are going to go to the charity we are the race three hundred dollars.
Which dragon con is gonna match set that's already six hundred dollars was exciting stuff and she got it she got my fifteen twenty,
did not get number for twenty dollars at the carlton am looking find this on social media except i get the link of where to buy those.
And how far in advance of come on do you consider still before.

[10:08] Probably until thursday that's when we were moving to the marriott status of so happy to hear this if you still have an opportunity to buy some before work for can i still pick it up there,
yes gonna ship them where can i just come by the taproom and will make sure the hook you up.
And i was actually it is on your facebook page and write to him there.
I'm so it was really easy to sign up and do everything so if you wanna do it it's right there select.
Nm ill actually pretty good quality i was really what's the traffic is really do you remember what is charity.
Charity everything for charity even this picture of georgia.
Um what bacteria in a little bit but i want to talk about the UI guess that you have this year.

[11:04] Randy randy we lost you there.

[11:09] I don't know.
Yes he likes the dark side maybe she is trying to make it work.
Where is disney does own marvel so maybe theres a snap that were aware of,
remind you crossed over and star wars where we talked about where she was in the room.
Smoking another on what really hope she wasn't oh that would be really sad what she was on one of those transports and they were trying to get to the crate on.
What are those little ones that would be really sad.

[11:46] Huh i just send message okay weight so if you do wanna say the challenge coins are really cool
fifteen dollars before i'm twenty one um a lot of groups for now doing these,
seems really cool and i don't know challenge coins worth a thing until about noon.
The military stuff i didn't you talk about that already but you're really a big deal at mini an army base is it in different states.
Add country is anything else so it's really cool and submit the order no airsoft again has joined hello.
We are back in it kick me completely off guard,
i'm sorry i placed my phone i will i will say discord doesn't like jar jar.
Oh that is down completely let's just all remember it could've been worse.

[12:47] Um i don't know how is the weather up by a gang we good in older run,
it could be worse though so we before before you are takin in disney snap,
yeah yes but what gets you have this year.

[13:08] So we're really excited a couple years ago new tube was supposed to be here need to cancel last minute to do shit send a little movie called solo over that,
yeah that's what he's actually coming this year for his first driving time it will be really really exciting hmm.
June is so true or something i am sure that i totally pronounce the trunk so i'll have to ask him when i see them driving time,
who is like saying yes that's a really cool who is also his his men so um a basketball player for penn state so larger than life even a dragon,
he's a lion hey.
That's super exciting out and then we got to be public tears behind bb eight and several other creatures throughout the new movies which is also amazing they are so great when they are here three years ago,
what are the scenes footage that no one had ever seen before,
i am really very happy and blessed they are great and you know what else i was thinking is anybody else nine years ago when we were all waiting for the first one to come back right,
would you put a little basketball with radius of basketball with a hat on with any of so happy and i just every time i see bebe i just have,
please email john and mike i really do.

[14:35] They did really great god and emotions through the pebble who did the pup are tears that really brought to light like a course the voice actors help does well make a home sound so cute,
yes and also just the look i have a question for you which i did not know was a,
this is a disagreement between people so the first one the force awakens which i'm looking at the really big giant poster up on my wall right now ummm.

[15:05] During the scene and if you haven't seen this is a spoiler but good lord in heaven it's been nine years go see this movie.
During this three were there on the millennium falcon and then is begging to tell ray where the resistance space is,
and the light comes out after he does it when is that baby aint giving a thumbs up for giving a rude adult just.
Hey i believe what i heard is it open to interpretation,
whatever you like to receive it is give me thumbs up big money man how i miss giving him a thumbs up in the in the friends i thought i was,
who was the other day he wouldn't.
Remember that is really what can i do please yo are the droid guess so it's all good OK so i just was curious me i know you have your open to interpretation but.
I hate you doing that but we also really love somebody as we talk about,
june is a lot better maybe this year are you doing anything remember him,
we are in need we lost heritage you're real life petty baker and that hes home but this is home for real i mean peter he was offended almost every guy i've ever been asked,
yes i was is family you know we know his wife we know his daughter we know his son unlock that i mean.

[16:33] This is just a different level of law that he is family history income family husband coming,
dragon con forty years before so many of the current directors were you coming to dragon con,
oh it's just next level we could you not mark the occasion so we are gonna deliver remembering peter make you panel on sunday,
where are in the marriott a six one six zero two at two thirty volume.

[17:04] Before posting contests which he doesn't judge for one point yeah its tough.
Yeah i just i feel especially because you know he had surgery a few years ago it was hard for me to get around.
And he had surgery and your all like hey so you know he's been coming by and it can happen forever and then please people and it's release.
Its credit stuff yer early his resume he was so amazed to yellow.
Small young old just met every other on level and was so kind and was really there for the fans it did matter what is going on in this life.
If you were supposed to get pregnant she should've gotten his license in the hospital when your own okay still made it to dragon stone to say good morning disappointed.

[17:59] I don't know that we're gonna have anybody like them yeah i never got.
That is really sad um ok now we're sad select get happy again.
Charity you have one of the most.
Extraordinary interesting.
Unbelievable charity events that are related to star wars can you explain this.
Well um we've tried all the little things in the radio you know go for your favorite episode one episode to babylon for these characters whatever your right,
yeah one right information as well i'm good night,
we have a young person who was he fired when the started in a start coming directly on the first try was the director so eleven years ago um anybody so the first guy that just came and hangout but after that um,
there is this phenomenon known as the chest.

[19:01] Will the kids entire dragon weekend to playing chess out in front of the starbucks from the marriott luxury lobby level and.
He just collect donations the entire weekend um a couple years ago i was curious pitching hundred dollars by itself and last year i think you broke the two thousand mark by himself,
help with course of all of the people who watched him play came and played shit pictures that are playing and then of course dragon con matches that so that was four thousand dollars raise by one teenager refusing teenager now,
so what is his goal this year is to raise ten thousand dollars again this year so maybe we can get well above the two thousand i like this idea of well above the two thousand because again remember,
every dollar is matt up two hundred thousand but dragon con,
so as much as we love the dragon cardboard and all of the senior directors and everyone else let's stick it to them and them and being a baby and that will give us money so yeah it's missing okay ask now,
so that what people win against the job but if you do win what are you.

[20:17] Bragging rights which will bragging rights because there's mean i'm not gonna say it's really difficult to beat the chest but it's kind of really difficult years for nobody's beating him,
who lost one or two last year may be so fun,
get one of these amazing custom patches with commissioned art work that is the cutest holding a chest piece and trust board,
they're super collectible and the only people that can get them are people who have actually beaten the chest yeah so it's a good company.
What is your users get lose my guest speaker.

[20:59] What kinda yeah do that that the pictures of the best part of friends to the people playing the game but it's pretty fun to see you know the predator playing chess i get to draw a.
Who does baylor play chess against a dragon carved so you never know who's gonna play against how my god i just did a quick google search thank goodness on the internet,
let's see i have i think is is that know that some body with hormones.
I'm trying to figure out who sent these people are i have no idea but it looks kinda like you know what's oh sorry it's buffet with horns so there is got that you guys you have to do if chess.
What would i look for a bank and i would a awesome,
please help how is playing everybody what's the weather.
The pictures are the best parts to go look and i who is playing the chiefs know chris christie is christian.

[22:08] The blue guys from the extended universe is now that there is no this is awesome it looks like,
one person who's coming close to beating is a young person as well so gonna play that this is awesome.
Select you go to dot com you can see his new logo on the top left and that's what the patch looks like it's really great.

[22:32] Add a new guitar let's also baymax play events,
back from becky what's the max yes it is running through some pictures guys so go is great and this is just donations are you know,
any donation but any doctor can tell the people love to sit and watch that would just very funny.
Right add in watch me drop a couple dollars and try and remember that steve,
i like the ones where he was just playing cue from star trek.
Anthony was also playing a walk will like it and this is also present so being i don't know when,
i don't either i don't either with the your right these are awesome pictures,
you are absolutely brilliant so yeah
how to really cool things are gonna for charity and that is very awesome know who do you have any parties that you're doing.

[23:33] What is this little party um that's what the last party on order what happened to order.
Where the party like its the end of the world john don't john don't worry about that just yet you get upset you know you don't like to get upset so i'll tell you later.
Yeah i think it's really hot.
What's the weather always feel like sometimes we get three thousand people in there that is very true i just added it is.
Who will really like you think i have did emma's back a grade,
well keep it jumping all night but we still two o'clock in morning that he was phenomenal last year of great makes up just in dance mixes,
uh maybe s ninety s,
things you no words to and some things you don't but it was just so much fun the music was phenomenal in the crowds were insane.
Yes i need is warm know you have that in one of the usually you have it in a very cool named ball room,
is it still there this year use to be in the imperial ballroom but we have since outrun that,
we had six hours worth of lines earlier and they are so we are there anymore piece huge um hilton grand salon.

[24:55] That is huge that he will help.
Hello yeah it's a great party,
where is people going with light sabres you know,
i didn't know i needed to see that in turn would he know now it's how you over a feeling that instead of going to need that it's been real life savers right because
don't seem to have a liability way to move the line for.
Should a section of that boy.
Homemade whole be a little painful because and then well good eight,
well that is true and also your voting your what's your name and you had to take some.
Other saying do you remember enough to limbo so maybe it wouldnt hurt so much love you kanye old enough to size are you look,
liquid courage to be of the limbo john john gonna be wearing the one going come on man that is what you need if its on saturday i'm not real big but i'm sorry that's not really like savory,
i'm sorry not right its saturday night ten o'clock and hope who isn't it.

[26:20] Um so what other guests do you have this year i understand he has some offers coming.
We have got an amazing panel of others in addition to a bunch of really great.
Book pills which give you think about for star wars movie don't come but we have.

[26:41] Who is his six ronberg otherwise the original trilogy of books we got a new trilogy was around bucks that just cant finish it this summer,
help me to have trial on panel on monday,
at one o'clock we're getting high on thurs panel.
Seven o'clock in the hyatt in the international south where we have kevin j. anderson has always been like a stock pole who we got to come away from the workshops for an hour with just great,
what is the temperature.
He johnston who wrote the books and then just recently brought the cream shadow and then the handmade things book which is wonderful and then just announce last week.
We have claudia gray,
who wrote blood line lol stuff play a princess of ultron and then this year she also had of the dragon award nominated master and apprentice not just quiet gonna be like focused,
and i actually gave two people the princess leah book when it came out for christmas.
What was my uncle and he was like really like it actually leaving work and need and he actually did say it was very glad who read anything you give him.
I got that wasn't great and he was like i actually did enjoy.

[28:06] I love that book and the blood bank i like both of them is a long layover is a while drunk.
It was one of those things where you really like the characters or the super fun so i gotta look good vibe fm and then i went to see,
the last jedi and it did not who made that is the same person and can hold of me during the process of ordering books this from best friend basically her entire life and then hold out,
general admiralty whatever um and that's why they still oh yeah with purple hair.
Start eccentric but for science.
Will you be the last princess of whatever on the ad that really cool idea what you just said that no more yeah huh.
I didn't get it either take something and your like oh so that is really cool so um do you do i just send panels in your room too so what are you doing.
Find me a random panels that you like that i let people know about.
Well we do have another event that how it's not gonna be a track and no it's not your fault i just remembered because okay the talking about leah but how.

[29:23] Friday at five thirty we're gonna have a sneak peek at the first pic really of the looking for a documentary i think i get to scream three of the episodes with the filmmakers.

[29:36] Where's that can be added to be in the high in hanover ct CT at five thirty am friday.

[29:45] I'm still be the screening i think we're gonna be able to see three episodes and then i'm cuming a short episodes about,
where will these originally will not originally will they wind up and the normal world.

[30:01] I'm not sure where they're gonna distribute them at this point i will have to ask during the q a session get another going to netflix or going to.
Mother streaming service of some sort so so that whenever what are the biggest problems were from menopause you doing.
What's so we're gonna have a where the kick things off with our fan group so um with an error with the files first the rebel legion them and am glad that you're truly exciting because we have all been johnson as an official,
caster pro for the convention and he founded the first what.
That's very exciting and then um i don't know if you've ever heard are the cute little pink charity droid hello.
The batman comics who was the center of his daughter who,
died very young so we're also gonna have in partnership with the robotics track up here on the other on sunday at five thirty so itll be fun to get some of the behind the scenes on that and hear about some of be,
awesome charity what's that are too katie has gotten.

[31:16] As far as i can and handles them how where who is in the talking about all kinds of random things because that's what we do,
umm we are gonna have a meeting on discussing the mandel or what does the tv show that's gonna drop on disney plus in november and i listen mostly speculation at this point.
Is it coming up error on launch i think it is going to be right there as soon as disney plus launches that's understandable
so what have the middle of that completion will have episode nine speculation and it doesn't know anything right now i know u changed weekend but i know i'm so excited about it but said i can't stand it i miss,
i'm is excited for episode nine as i was for return of the jedi.

[32:06] I am beyond excited i just i hope for so many things,
mute your end knowing that there are still good and yes i'm so excited that i am so relieved and so happy and at the same time i'm already devastated that can be the last time on screen.
I have to be repaired it's difficult because.
Yeah it's it's sad etc yet so i wasn't really counting carry be,
brian fallon two thousand and she does she have a dream ballroom and it was packed in i think you have to turn people away and we ran out there and she comes out,
this dude is already pretty high so everybody in the hotel in can see if she climbs on top of the table and just put your arms out and just.
Baskin the glory because everybody
standing ovation to start the panel was amazing what i remember about that cheers i think the speech panel close director i'm i at the end of it i got we had ours going next thing that moment like five minutes late that is not.
Any argument it happens but i was there and can go back stage yet because you guys loved and i look up on the stage and there was this.

[33:27] Hold of smoke around their head and i was like smooth cheeks non stage.
And actually a guy look at me cuz she is a scanner that VPN thing it's not smoke it's actually just water vapor and he just saying what you got to be like you
carrie fisher can do whatever carrie fisher what i'm not really sure what we're supposed to do and i like picture of english in hearing some of the stories that came out during need to what she,
did you help and protect other people and the woman other well other people is a lot of people who helped you,
when you start hearing the stories you dislike carrie fisher that should have been yeah actually pretty would've been pretty cool of a middle name for you,
yahoo is so amazing i carry with kelly adam v pink shoes before everything was cool not change my game related on stage before anybody else is everything
yeah that's before the hotels the hotel have a new baby being inside policy it's just like smoking,
can we carry fishers park fault at the summit you know where my id like of all the things,
welcome i was carrie fisher but it was scary for sure at the time and you know it next yesterday.

[34:52] Yes that is very fun story and yes that was me the five minutes i saw that i was laughing hysterically center so angle user,
nothing but i will say again god is also powerful people to have on payments because gas panels just because of the back,
behind the scenes stuff but they always bring i know it's never see or hear anymore.
How long until what time for that.
So there should be one about every day.
Is there looks like friday at end hotel.
Any saturday thanx patrice got a one a couple of different panels umm but brian herring is gonna sit with us on our saturday at four stars panel that would be really fun to see how they play off of each other,
turn it up sort of,
what it's like to not actually be on screen but the still have to convey that emotion other then sunday we also had them.
Let's see five thirty.

[36:05] Yes add thirty seconds a hotel in grand wes anderson always fox arkansas the app on your phone,
where are the daily dragon or whenever you get the latest information is as we all know da kine other is fluid fluid convention things change constantly.

[36:25] I'm constantly always play some dr today said.
The app updated from when i first downloaded it to like to our downtown LA really seriously now it's.
Yeah i'm good if up don't ask anymore now i want something fun on friday night correct.
What is ariana so whatever we tried to do some box tournament out with the hand solo card game that came out with the movie it's not exactly to box like you play.
End the scene of the movie winter's war with card game so we thought this year we will try to just have a general game night bring your favorite star wars game will have some random things on hand have star wars purpose,
um it in the bus.
Cancel card get have regular star wars cards where can i just pick up some other games that we have and then bring your favorite game in let's just hang out and get your drank one family just a nice chill friday night in the truck room,
and what time does it start.
It will start at ten because we do have twenty years of star wars the phantom menace at eight thirty i'm across the train today six one six two one nine so.

[37:49] Yeah i mean we started talking this is the beginning but.
When i been doing it for eleven years and found there was a community content it's ridiculous amount of content who's playing for my god yes.
Pretty awesome there's a ton of comments were gonna celebrate a week we had art in comments piano with some of the comments creator's um that would be eight thirty.
And sunday energy drink but i believe there are a handful of other star wars comics panels that be calm part tracks can be pretty on you look at the app and you search star wars,
black wind up different star wars programming languages awesome.
What is actually there is a new comet coming out with finn while he was a storm trooper and he working sanitation are actually pictures of pictures sorry there illustrations of him mocking,
and i cannot wait to get it i just need to go back by my local neighborhood how many books are these still have those.

[38:51] Show me who did mind goodbye hello we have a good many atlanta a lot of them are comic and gaming together,
sorry yeah what you want and ask about when is say about gaming is so many can't find it i don't know where my husband is put ares but there was a big,
kids kinda george r. game it was like get home or something it had pieces look like it was like candy land for.
Star wars so i'm just curious anybody has it i would love to see a picture of the front of that and i still didn't try to find ours and collect out i know we never played so.

[39:29] What that feels like i am somebody take that one can touch it should be.
I had no idea it feeling kind and fun and who was i am a business therefore it's the twentieth anniversary dinner you there you go was the wizard pedro brings three d adventure game.

[39:48] I don't know how to make me look it up i will help okay i don't know.
Um yes i want to find the registered her big specifically.
Ok what else could yeah you gotta lot of fun fan panel you got doing stuff on friday i'm do you do anything after that magic hour at ten o'clock that would be considered adults only.
We give you but that you're pretty much all of our stuff is gonna be.
Forever is the party gets a little scary and sketchy later on the night but i'm at ten o'clock yet we start driving after dark really where are we picking ideas.
Kids shouldn't be running around by themselves it's dark it's packed.
Will i remember first also remember if they are under sixteen they gonna be with you.
Or whoever is responsible for them and again ten o'clock is kinda wishing hour and on saturday night,
the witching hour pretty much starch proof,
some costuming around nine nine thirty so.

[41:04] Take dude that would you may but.
Yeah i need to this party sounds like its packed and me first one moved you to a bigger room and ii still have lunch,
it's not what people it would be really scary for little kids for sure yeah.
How late it out i will recommend that casino it is seriously qual people like i said it's probably some light saber limbo and,
i'm not saying people are marching but i'm not saying we are not launching so it can get,
yeah just be careful definitely get some,
you're more as the night goes on yes that's general think that a general warning for all of dragons time we get there and,
i do everything that is very much for all dragged out if this like okay everybody starts around eight o'clock in the morning at of x level and they get rowdy or loud or in your cloud or.
Add drop that so yeah that's what is the find something for everybody something for everybody and it's great.
It is so fun stuff and so that is really cool right there right we can got no no no no no alexa alexa remind everybody where you are located where your mean track located.

[42:28] I mean track rate is a seven o six that would that is one floor up from the main lobby when you walk into the marriott and then back over.
We are the black drug use to be so if you can walk on the trails to the hyatt or to the food court you don't make that turn you just keep going straight back when you were over there with the proper tracking in the outlet.

[42:53] What groups am so this is the point at which i would normally ask you to pick up a number between one and twenty but this time i use a between one and ten.

[43:04] Six revenge of the sixth.
Yeah that's pretty good may the fourth and meaningful that you wanna play a quick you gotta pop culture trivia,
lol command will play against lee um i got a dice here that has six i don't there's only five questions so if i happen to roll six you get to pick which number you want,
i'm if you listen carefully you figure out which categories which um so what's everybody.

[43:39] Whats six right off the top of one to five what number.
Where is have what i want to three four okay,
what boy band famous lee made the cover of time magazine in nineteen sixty seven.

[43:59] The beatles that is correct their behavior i'm sorry that was kinda boy band oh ok sixty seven,
yeah baby original boy bandit point maybe but all my goodness the six for us,
what number do you want i'm gonna go one,
when solo is the only child add the watch company was founded in what country.

[44:31] Switzerland know who is founder and england there was move to switzerland in nineteen ninety.
Ok new there with switzerland somewhere so yeah.

[44:43] I am getting a new phone so i rolled a four so it's music again um what pink floyd album cover depicts a rating of light pink the spurs through the prism.

[45:02] Lol no i want to feel like i want to steal it if you can tell us what the answer is it dark side of the moon dark cyan floral dark side of march.
but the dr said i would like to hear the fire whistle persons head with a question mark inside it by what name is astronaut edwin eugene jr better known as.
Pause order that is correct.

[45:33] Ready back to you in the wine what diet,
cool a drink cocacola introduce introduced in nineteen sixty three.

[45:44] What type coat new and powerful it can't turn up the whole tab is so good it's really he is cuz it really is current i have a bad memory of it.
I love it but i can only drink like one before i am like okay i am done with task for another year so yeah is it really diet soda we add tab is the original diet soda.
Increase zero calorie yeah zero calorie have a game,
can't order pink bottle with pink label so better words to the new quote um huawei better,
is this a extract testing no i understand it's a better because all my.
Got new koke is bad what can we actually that could actually serve as a are you get ahold the new koke it's out there,
it is what we could do a taste test during a stranger things,
who do blind taste tests which ones new coaches original wood.
Do you make me write things down there is a cat.
Hey who are the two four am i forgot where i am now brandi lee i was always khabrien what what novels sold a record over.

[47:04] Activate what is it that when i'm home set a record with over fifty million copies sold worldwide and the first twenty four hours after its release in two thousand seven.

[47:18] It's one of the harry potters but i am trying to remember which one came out then.

[47:26] I am gonna go goblet of fire no deathly hallows,
i knew that when i would a knew that yeah i'm hoping you know this one gonna road three and which star wars film it was luke skywalker learn the theater is his father.

[47:45] Empire strikes back.
We would've we would've automatically to take away your director she wants you to answer that we had this is why is boy won't answer his questions or lost or anything like that doesn't like it's been so long
we are friends but we are for fans by fans we see what they want we don't pretend to know everything
who are the directors okay i really wanna ask brandi a question about light sabres but i am holding off because i am not try to put on the spot,
hell no you should consult the chest to his older brother's super fan who's one of my volunteers and he's monday thru for anything i need that's encyclopedia and nature,
ok brother superman emily extract director we need to check if i got a serious question about the light saber is using,
yeah okay well done tell me what al fielder was nick name and the yankee clipper.

[48:47] Gang to advise you that it's ok i know five i think yankees i had to come over okay.
I want the one free brandy what powdered drink did NASA make famous after was sent into space.

[49:05] Hey is correct recipes that hàng is awesome team yeah what are you can say you can tell that i grew up as lights shit man i liked hanging,
how much would get some mom i was it was the chocolate thing you a quick note and let.
Navigate with rabbit no no the other one will goldeon ok now i got get my quit and also don't have permission instant breakfast roll the six lose to get to pick.

[49:40] Add.

[49:41] Please share with everyone is movies that number one uh well there's no there's a TV which also sometimes that's fine i think that's what tv series followed a group of friends from west beverly hills by to college,
any into the adult world beverly hills nine o to one o in somehow is back on television.

[50:03] Yeah okay yes i don't know what's going on over there um for right umm.

[50:13] But that's ok what was the first star wars film produced after disney's purchase of the of the famous franchise.
The force awakens force,
will technically the star wars colon the force awakens but i wasn't that is probably true but everybody knows the first one i saw i start star wars a new hope
but yeah whatever pack members developed in what country and correct.

[50:45] Got lucky is the dog hair,
finish the lyrics to the david bowie song.
Take your protein pills and put um.

[51:02] On your red shoes and dance the blues what do you have some what is your time is major tom jones lol.

[51:12] I have to ask my lights and casinos every word to that song and switch to something on i cannot remember what that something else.
Helmet helmet was the NGL,
ugh my husband is here if making that gesture now it's very funny yes a long that someones who was the lead singer of the rock band queen and freddie mercury,
yeah you get to take away my eighties card if i don't get that when i search for when brandy um your the sexy you get to choose your own failure.

[51:49] Start movie sim to be working a lot better for me than i would like to know what is the time machine call him to TV series doctor who.

[51:58] The target returns rom,
hey i am ready remind me where were you were thinking find more information about your track and you know just when things are going on ugh how to continue to have fun through the year.
What were we active on social media so you can search for us on facebook at star wars at dragon con on twitter we r us what dc so what star wars are driving time but sw eighty bc,
i'm something on instagram account with email lists what the cat dragged toward which is a little redundant but that's okay i'm at,
track run of the marriott a seven six from above the founding basically i'm task to have a trail straight back where the blood drive use to be.
And you guys accept your volunteers right.

[52:52] We are this year we have we picked up colby who are you speaking track pants here what spot were very lucky.
I put is leo said the very beginning of there are still places are looking for volunteers from mostly probably not in a specific track but probably more in general safety and take off snake anything
other vendors all i think so the art show my team be looking for some umm but i just didn't sleep mentioned you know and check in at dragon con and see if you can not,
if you want to volunteer you can get a little bit of a refund back,
free ticket through your membership membership memberships what are you volunteer or not if u volunteer a bless you but if you dont want to be sure to bank around here,
because they are doing all the hard work,
will you are enjoying the calm before some trouble getting some fun things to do but,
what they are doing the work on to make your experience much better and robert don't be a jerk to do to the volunteers are just trying to do their best.
Um so let's not anyone so until next time for brandy and lilly this is jon saying peace.

[54:18] I

[54:21] Okay i'll three episode the other wind two three may the force you to sell or did know that we would a thing,
okay so let's try to do to get ready where is my hand.

[54:39] I would a car and can lost hand luke last again it's a common term.
I'm just kind a wondering what happens with the next sky walker.
Is it gonna be rainy the last was here and she skywalker or is it gonna be okay.
Activate question is where was it snow in sufficient have you lost your hands and everything,
can we stop this i know i could be so high like i could be collected and force be with you and we miss you carrie fisher.
Relax this has been a production of the united kingdom,
leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the fuck on twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[55:47] Music.