50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 47B - An American Classics In Dragon Con

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.
Yo are you guys know we help.
You got a good condition but fifty days the dragon gone add cast that transforms into a digital bits and joining me as always is the one who transforms into a panther.

[0:59] Hey i would like to be a parent and would be cool yeah if you if i got the by people and i get to choose which people i get a bike.
Um i'm sure that would be rude of me though some help how you let's not yet supreme meditation let's not talk about that um ok sir john yes i have counted up and buy.
Did this at fifty days this year if i have counted correctly and look at the things right which is a very big question cuz we've been doing a lot recording you have forty two.
Where the fifty states and we planted that way would a friend golden.

[1:42] Who plans that s awesome and not an accident um so well that is two plus hours of fun quality is there we are we have life,
we are the meaning of life it's just yo on front for august it is wrong somehow
ugh you're gonna say something i was gonna say something right so we have a problem talking points from security and safety,
safety and the safety and i m gonna talk on the volunteer play over and safety.
Volunteer i'm gonna talk about big room lines and i'm gonna say this is like.
Oh boy enjoy reading your name from from safety that sorry get remetente if you have questions safety at dragon con dot org okay.
Blinds dragon con volunteers will start the lines for each panel or event please do not start your own lines for any event or for multiple items for the same event any such,
lights will not be honored and you will be set to the back of the official line started by our volunteers.

[3:06] No line for the next panel can start farming only after the line for the car panel is inside and seated,
there is exceptions you may start lining up two hours prior to the first panel of the day or in the unlikely
event that the ballroom does not have a current panel you may start lining up what's the last panel to use the ballroom is it
either of these cases we may start seeing early please make sure and check the schedule and updates so don't make the lines,
follow the lines of the volunteers again today you there everybody wants to get in but we want to do it is orderly as we can't um and,
because what are my lions and gas and those reviews i just gotta remind people again if.

[3:59] Can i get into so many rooms and there is always something that you want to see in a bigger room and get something else you wanna see in that same bedroom that happened to me a lot last year as a,
director hey breaking news i have wonderful wonderful a volunteer staff who help me and extra compare normal so we,
we were able to handle all of that but there's a lot of times when u will be double booked and if that's the case you need to think about looking at the dragon con streaming membership,
better quality than u gonna see you tube that would go there umm but streaming it's ten bucks every rd remember it is thirty if you're not.

[4:43] Every panel that they are legally allowed to put up some there are some things with the contract with mccain's contracts and all that so they can't,
but for the most part all of the big man room panels will be up there so if you're here that's great if you were aware hey,
you can do it that way and also because we're talking to other people and even other activities around that screaming membership that you don't know about,
turn on the robot ilife i'm so that's good and thats always,
last word is there are still some areas that need volunteers as we talk about safety probably need some head off smh i need some,
show me need some if you are interested in volunteering you can't do that online anymore you have to come to the car
find volunteer services desk there will be many many signs and ask about sign ups there so hey for all of that and on that,
hey that's a that's it i'm sorry that's not good amy we need to go into the way back machine remember a little show called.

[6:00] You know john i try not to remember animal but every year it seems like somebody brings it up so i did i just cant go seem to bring it up i can't remember who.
Leave you remember what is,
who am i o crow who's the director of american size class and how i can be unsure as much better tasting than animals.
No i'm mad at joe he doesn't have any better tasting than one hundred ten you are correct miss leo,
i brought john i when i die broke and he had the rims of what i meant joke and actually jose was wonderful lovely person we actually would you like the yellow but we each other a little bit up.
Hey how do i get if you already have like this time next week we're gonna be doing this time.

[7:02] I gotta come help you be a part of their lifetime yet because i don't use them at the ready so would a cubic does not a.
Really don't matter its coming well just hang on for the ride woax how do you work out in the end you
why u are the director of american size of a classic snow yes every year but it never did we have new people hopefully other listening,
what is american 's i classics what would the fines that track.
American spotify classics covers american tv and movies includes you know cartoons i think are from.
Roughly ten years ago and back in to the podcast from there uh so.
Add like bitch i guess its kind of a sliding scale so now we're at two thousand nine and earlier but we don't go that far into the future,
where we set our general a sixty seventies eighties nineties that canada.

[8:20] Ok so you could technically go back to the nineteen thirties but really you normally get nobody really does not technically,
when do that and yet i am from school but yes there is much of a nap date for that yet yet more that is where things o no,
no we don't we're not mean that the old stuff is great others who are older stuff we.
What we want who makes that we that we have handles on stuff from the horse stuff from the fifties and we have candles and stuff from like this year we're doing pounds on things that from nineteen ninety nine so.

[9:07] How were we spend the decades.
Who is who it usually to be the young whenever the mood light let's take a television show it'll fit american um.
Asdf i got a media whatever it is i forgot the actual title it is um and what's a good wine that ages out that goes over to it typically goes over to your track them,
yes invite dad is your is,
um i last year we got small hill how well it's been off ten years really.
Hey babe wearing f your help you would.

[9:56] I'm just like bitch your goal and that how doesn't seem that long but then i saw willing tom welling in lucifer and so yeah i guess and has been ten years.
How many do you also get you also get the gas from our childhood and um what kind of gifts do you have this year.

[10:17] We do that and i will get gas from our childhood this year we are very excited to have,
actually three of the stars from v. bailey in re you from the eighties via was a very influential to me it made me feel like to eat some answers.
Yeah get me to move from where is that no one else let's take away financial,
i am stay hotel little bit yeah the front part that actually in some countries other guinea pigs and hamsters are considered.
But yeah okay.
I got bonus humans which i'm still working on but it does,
play the subject badly yeah,
supreme commander diana and marc singer of the leader of,
are bus gonna be here this year and as a bonus on one of the days i'm,
another v cast member who is busy on another track on the mostly track robert england is gonna be on a panel with us that's very cool he was on the tv show and then the second series,
yeah you played that like dustin didn't one to eat at exactly you learn.

[11:44] Sportfreunde for free how long is very is what thirty years old twenty five more the how we become what i wanna watch me when i was a one hundred dias.

[12:01] When i was like twelve or something so there's no possible way yo are not cute bathing can be but no what is not starting with thirty no no no
it's not pretty i'm still protesting me that number it's where i am who you be my.
I can not go wrong with forty for me ok you got inside with you so those two guys and robert england is busy on the track with,
no not my own street stuff we got a row from one,
make a panel with all three folks.

[12:39] That gal again who played play on groove i like that bless i like the little grandma.
Yeah and also when they're out of our dragon kalanick,
clever days we're gonna do it with faith,
aspen new show called which also happens to be the castro pin old movie called the karate kid i can't wait know who the second cir you get your gettin karate kid.
You're talking about the cried get movies lol to talk to,
mix and the other one banana smash i'm gonna awesome.
So for the first time gonna be talking about a thing that is on right now i think that's right now that's about the think that's because i'm twenty years ago,
i want to know oh,
use general that will never heard any news break,
about add a reboot or relaunch at the reunion,
i always go back to if you have wooden panel is on it recently and the original flying in recent years and i always post on social media saying you're welcome.

[13:55] Clearly we brought it back obviously thank you can i just say this is a good channel it is actually really really good to go.
Really good i'm actually not finished yet but i don't week that's okay that's great its good.

[14:17] Play it play has enough that nostalgia which is you know like to wish your track
got deals and well as doing enough of the you know what are you forty something year old should be doing today if you would like to see if there is will people sell,
its it's all what i think about what i think karate kid if i am correct and i did not want this app on imdb but i think elisabeth shoe,
play his girlfriend yet if she doesn't the first or second one i got was my shit that.
Bend it like adventures in babysitting and yu hello break and then leaving lol no not leaving
what leaving las vegas with no teeth was nominated for the academy work and now she is back with side five i could choose either view on cheese,
and the boys as a kind of interesting character so,
what how what comes around keep going around back that's wow the boys get cancelled within ten years of got and i can't wait yeah.

[15:27] I know the boys the boys is great to yeah that's been awesome.
It's pretty fantastic um it's yeah it's not happy movie that was a happy show no no thank you to my way,
just let me know record not anywhere near your kids to go nowhere near that you well nm i can't see how to raise your kids but i will tell you this um it's not appropriate for.
I do not twelve and under may be our.
High score you can probably get away with it depending well i can take advantage you can take one,
what does that mean in here but mel mel me ask you send to have marc singer are you going to be doing a master panel.
Well you should i ask you know.
No your not what percent do i am doing it all i was doing all day long but i just can't do it for an hour.
Play johnny what's so i'm not gunna getting for you of course but that being the best mr movie,
i want i want to hear everything i want to hear about the ferrets i want to hear about it that i want to hear about all of it.

[16:39] Do you have a big leopard or something that also went around with them or something like that
when the cat thing you learned i'm saying model on mine a lot of comparisons in my interest i guess if hey what's up
where should a from mandel to manic to,
ok unix shirley road creatures and some point dont your life decrease your features romantic set up your way.

[17:11] I can't remember,
who are you going over again i feel so out you know we also a voicemail and back on batman the animated series okay well that's cool,
i'd like to man bat man that was a fun character if you watched it on the animated batman in a batman movie speaking about man,
good eggs u must of course,
this is a fun anniversary of his comic book a debut so we are doing some batman stuff and other comments track has all of these comics stuff that we've got everything else,
so we're doing a panel on the micheal keaton batman movie which is also an anniversary for that i cannot and ignite,
and i'm also doing because there is so much other batman stuff when i pay.
What will the panels that we're doing is and all but man oh really.

[18:13] The weather here was supposed to this is a little quicker to explain the role of family is first one i asked if i should've led with that the rope and also we've been doing this is your five of us doing roll a panels because
will me and cody record image of god and
get in the habit trying to figure out what panels and obviously you can in this situation yourself
trying to figure out what what to keep what did bitch lol many good ideas you can squeeze them all in the one convention,
no that picture out why we are arguing it's cold and we're putting twenty of whatever the topic he is
oh god saga twenty sided die and the audience members get to roll the giant die.
And that determines what the panel talks about for that that our order those few minutes then we will again.

[19:16] And then at the end of the car and we donate the johnny customize the twenty two dragon con charity.

[19:24] And this is this is no before this day is a two you need two hands to hold this thing it's not you it's not like you think i'll be twenty seven in my head it doesn't fit this thing is,
business and it's very nicely put together to make you a design yeah it's constructed by a good buddy of ours named mark dixon,
who are usa roaming about the can,
dressed as the dungeon master from the.
And he's awesome guy he came up with the bear the idea of making a d twenty and we said you know what,
let's keep doing that all the time so lesson learned if you volunteer to do something for HR director,
you're stuck yeah it's the story of dragon gonna tell dragon growth.
John my friend i became volunteer to be her friend.
Did somebody had some good areas to imagine dragon con website and tracker had to release him so he could be exactly right.

[20:46] Yeah oh my god roll so what other weather what's the other panel,
other than the batman one and they were also doing one on the years were doing when the pain and all,
and to the movies on the panel on the diet will be from nineteen seventy nine,
when the other will be from nineteen ninety nine ultra.
So if you roll for me for seventy nine you might hit the disney movie the black hole.

[21:20] And if you roll for nothing no money in that hit the off video game movie when commander,
come on we can and there was nothing i can't find it nevermind know yet.
Put that body weight coming from someone who enjoys animal it's tough man compatible how we will get your mod.
Consider mujhey my mi review system when when is the commander is but it was friday prince jr right.
Yeah i'd like a upper is well um mark hamill is mentally ill he did the voice in it that i depended game.
When will i get to spend the game because i know im trying hard,
many many years ago market located in cangzhou any only talked about wing commander i was like the contract take it all the time.
Yeah i'm looking at booking at the house manager okay you wasn't you wasn't involved the movie was involved in the video game how may i use them and that.

[22:33] Oh freddie prince jr me i will play when is the game,
go back and look into the company september sixty four days um
but yeah the movie and i look forward to the movie and then i was like ok i was asked what is looking forward to this but yet but leave the game if,
um sso decided to the side but will be asking this from customer if you're unsure,
operations standpoint huh how do you how do you repair tablets
what is wrong you a lot of a lot of stuff about alot of things to be on a roll,
add the the big es
we just have lots of panels when should a like i'm out,
i'm allison the audience yeah,
who is we invite all of our pamela lists from all of your other panels a few not busy just crash this one so we'll have luck at gang,
and we've got people paying five people in around we've had when you're we had more pathos then we have audience members and that's fine,
i'm not judging turn.

[23:57] And i see these are you going to i'm sorry i thought it or scan as well and so i generally speaking we've.

[24:07] When i was almost all the time something comes up and somebody is st.
Start submission problem brave souls who i'm getting the list and attempt to watch all of these movies and dumb,
how is PT looking for them coz am i mean all the movies come on the seventy nineteen ninety nine from this year,
assault and seventy nine.
Morning and have not seen since so you know it happens but
i just oh well i'm sorry i can just see the panel is like so it's like ummm west side story like batman vs the wing commander.
Yeah let's do it like i just stepped in miami right now.

[25:02] You bet home and do that to see about the good the bad and that would be awesome i got my,
okay then don't think that,
you know what the bat tuesday is please go to youtube and find it cuz everybody needs that in their head how is podcast do you get.
Right back i gotta rob,
and a good thing go watch the video for bad dancing and wonder what the heck prince's up to the movies together all the stuff you've rejected before um can i love friends but.
Who is brad pitt his could um sale besides a roll what other roles do you have this year are their when do you wanna feature.
We are doing some anniversaries we're doing like full lifespan and some movies that are hurting your ummmm.
Add forty three thirty eighth and twentieth anniversary i'd gotten how are doing to add the forty eight anniversary of the movie feeling.

[26:16] Yeah it would be forty because yeah i have an alien story on the letter got it going ok.
And so are we doing that and we'll hopefully have some some some of our pamela authors who have written short stories or novels and the alien.
Can you know so let's also because they been any one of our,
analysts is driving time guess that andrew and i believe he is riding or has written maybe the first ever and a median role playing game.

[26:55] Which i can't wait to get a hold of and see what he's gonna be.
However all of your in panel and then one stops or doing a leo and am doing anniversaries for us.
Never ending story i'm reading stacie a.
I will start i hate you know what i ll put nothing past yes you would.
Cuz that's just funny that's just fun stuff and then never talks to renew and i am burning,
export adventurers hey where are you willing to wait how many years is bill and ted.
I heard wait no no no i believe dillon to add my just be twenty.

[27:54] I'm looking for a barbeque where is it twenty five or thirty might be twenty five.

[28:01] I need you now so we will be there be there in thirty yes are no tears of bill and ted oh and coming back,
we thank you for that joe you're welcome thank you for your help.
Yeah we're gonna believe that and then sunday night we are not the anniversary of the word i need to book movie you a check that was absolutely an awesome movie.
Kinda close but yeah.

[28:36] You was like everything we could think of at that time yes just curious ceiling,
so we're doing that we're inviting people to bring their own special it's because of one little funny but then the movie i'm is the commercials get for a place called spatula city so,
apply announcer upon cancelling this one again web the best fans we a dragon come on only the best fans.
Who has made special is with.

[29:15] The american side of the classics logo on them,
oh man how to make,
i need one of those oh man that sounds awesome i lost feeling i said oh ok thank you can you know we help i know,
yes that is how my goodness it is awesome i love that was very sweet whoever made those yet,
her name is susan and um no she is awesome where again we have what's the best you,
when you doing nun night i agree you got some great people.
What everybody that's just part of the fun of dragon con remove s like stew it's not snow make a huge that you can find your way around even if it's you know,
five to twenty hotels worth of things um it's there's just no there are.
Between eight AM half a million people where there is there's a community where is the app.
How is community and you wanna do stuff with other people and brats,
yes of the well that's kinda what me and my co director your michele what we can look at when we put together stuff we want to do things.

[30:44] Everybody else can join in on.

[30:49] That is really cool i love it im just the idea that so well um you do something that i love would you do a bad sci-fi movie.
Why yes yes you do we listen to be the charity am,
done ordering off the giant d twenty for charity on friday night weird feeling a.

[31:17] What some people may say is a bad movie for charity add two years ago when we started we did the star wars christmas special oh,
hey bot heb last year we did a movie that was comparatively better maybe we meet.
When were you here,
where is the right bank is played themselves and their lies.
This year we're doing a movie from a few years after that called mac and me you know.
Who know who know what am i gonna bring it right ok,
you need to go to or not doing the other reflects version will not,
what what we're not gonna we're not we're not gonna have live commentary your motorcycle,
it's movie,
you will have what commentary during the thing it's just drop that would be the audience just chatting a moment cells during this okay yeah bring,
going to,
what what what is going on is what you get in to the charity movie what we do is we could do worse when you have news,
goodnight the dragon kind charity to get out.

[32:46] Hey anything like that technically speaking we can't quote on quote lock the doors because of,
no kidnapping where are the fire marshal hundred herd what was the trophy everything from incident we would like the unlock the door if the lock the door,
yes go to sand we had put unlock the door,
you know the kids cause players were breathing fire it was a whole thing planned.
But we technically speaking when i walk in the doors but once you watch the movie,
you wanna except once the movie starts you gotta pay to the dragon con charity and.
We made um where the yeah,
star wars holiday special least we made a lot of money what is the year i have to think about this for the hot end that i have
recently i've tried to watch it again though it's not that bad is it i was watching something about,
star wars finale many is not that bad what is absolutely awful it is painful and i wonder.

[34:03] Did you have any money left in the room i mean at what point did everybody just go in out here is my dollar let me out this i would think the harvey norman.
She really bad and then that night the grandfather was watching the we,
dance yourself that that was pretty intense but not like the questions,
did you you have to be out of there by then i need anybody make it through it,
yeah invite we can get out um weird postcards signed postcards that said that i'm like,
assign the postcard saying bae you survived if you make it only mine when i'm not remember making me as a bad movie whatever why am i not remembering that is it i mean it's really it's painful.
It's basically eighty bucks so i would like that guilt not coffee tea,
let's not it today but a few years later and less.
Whatever et had less adorable and less heartwarming and good writing quick me and the creatures kind of
writing looking me u was kinda rubbing frightening he was trying to eat who is not an attractive.
Person either but no more so.

[35:31] It's actually accurate accolades,
um it was nominated for worst picture nominee for worst screenplay
you are with it did when for worst new star wars mcdonald one for that
i'm not there what yes i was also it was it was it certainly am hey,
back door ugh mcdonald's um.
Oh i'm sure it was because i said happy meals and he got up making me random shit what was it was the.

[36:11] I had a inssue italy from vietnam,
dance number there's a dance number and it at mcdonald's featuring refund.
Yes okay i am not remembering this movie you begin to happen have a different movie is what you are thinking how i am just not remembering that one right and i'm okay with that you have to have to do this.
Haha i guess it is a spoiler but.
Hello thirty years already feel handsome looking just reading up wikipedia the film ends with the text will be back guess what never happened,
how to pay back where is yellow.

[36:50] Yeah that would be interesting to watch if i do making me panel something might happen connect to find a job so if you bring that franchise back a lot of people will not be happy so,
think long and hard and being loved in return i feel like what we needed a new is since it was such,
i was so much product placement of mcdonald's in the movie between a deluxe serve big macs and fries.

[37:19] What would a war have to pay to not use it.
Remember to say it is your happy meal you can either give us more money for it already but happy only has resumed hope run tomatoes and has zero approval rating though.
There are very few that have that's oh wow ok so i can't wait it's what i'm saying.
Yeah other surgeons visit the company would like wagons east and other.
Jaws the revenge no that can't be right tell me who mitch is bad no it's it's snowing is but it has no that's wrong size four and it's really bad yeah don't floor is your age.
Yeah okay that's all the revenge because you believe that the great white shark hunting her family.
Who is there is i love that i can watch jaws on garage to till date but that one is nearly painful.

[38:28] Yeah man of course in back to the future two or three bye-bye the time of the future or that it's just a somewhat number like that and the tiguan s this time it's really really really personal,
ok if that's just that just ended that point was like back to the future fan.
Yes we're done yet i um i was really trying to see if there is there used to be a mcdonald's right on peachtree st.
And i don't know that it's there anymore i'm kinda looking so wow that will be you guys have fun okay okay.
Yeah there's not use three one right on peach st i can't find it anywhere so you're not gonna be able to get mcdonalds.

[39:22] I was making that's why i say you have to eat unless you pay charity,
lsu nigeria can get one mcdonalds,
does that nothing will try like a whole man,
nothing like a call for those are just the tastiest snack in the whole world said mommy wait many many tries to finish the back know when the kids done with that shit.
Hey what did he roll reina i wanna eat your fries cuz you know.
Lol i'm eating because i've tried be cute my food set what little kids do folks just in case you have any um ok so wow that would you have,
how much where do you go from there,
i really don't know that's not me not you just can't get no no no i promise you will get some bad stuff i originally.
The snow spiders is pretty hideous but no we were gonna be there and i know when i know a movie drinks cape and i'll tell you why,
after we get off of this but drink a pizza stephen king and yeah that was awful.
OK there's no end to how fortunately four am.

[40:45] And speaking of another other something that we're doing.
I don't think we figured out a charity.

[40:53] Time to eat yet but we are doing a it where we call it i'm sad fighters basically we just get a topic,
any and come up with a fictional characters and have him just fight and the audience decides who will win.
And this year we doing an all nicolas cage panel.
So nicholas cage rolls from any movie lol just collide and scream at each other,
and we're gonna decide who will ultimately be the winner of marks to all of the nicholas cages.

[41:33] Um no that we're doing it since i actually think it's ghost writer to because it can be fire and no where what you know what that's a strong woman i like it.
I make a suggestion for next year's movie okay highlander to the quick healing,
oh my god who how you know that one man when there's what i would suggest i would suggest you advertise it as showing highlander.

[42:04] Hey can we lock everyone in their environment that they hello
oh yeah if it was island or where to write say hello there i was informed that the title cutoff in the app what should he
not so you forgot to add who hole in the quick and egg,
that is genius nm who is everyone in the bank,
how are you this is john you did this to them,
who is your hero is on rotten tomato in it cuz i always have what has zero zero two,
what even the audience rating for ten twenty three.

[42:55] Anyway i want to go slap those people that can help what's been given two stars at what point should a nice thousands of other people,
do you like well but she was kinda comfortable i guess i don't find out about the twenty three people from the twenty three votes,
let me 23 play paul will the movie what am i gonna have yeah what's that sexy we are already planning next year and this year has been started yet.
There is no opposition virginia switch that if you share yes no i don't know i cancel remind me to find some hey can't wait,
i wanna go to menu you have that in your.

[43:51] Yeah yeah yeah,
this should be the topic of this particular product is because it sort of off the rails with um also
also what was that all the time i did not rails i don't think we're track those weed weed weed on rails yet how far are you going to refund the more recent two thousand and two ballistic,
next verse sever is also another repeat.
How is first what's it was another video game movie with anthony but they're losing lucy lou.
You were suppose to be in it just failed basically feeling like i was trying to do um.

[44:36] Can i believe in even so and i do know is allison movie theater and walked out very my watch a movie with my wife what do it yeah,
it um i feel like i'm in juneau already got already paid my money so i'm not well.

[44:55] Wilson say what movie i ever wanted to really walk out of the live action,
thunder birds with bill paxton hmm that was that was pretty bad but my husband won't let me read it cuz other people were and they're trying to pay attention i was not happy,
i was awful with my it was my son wanted to see it and he was he did not have.
Tasted the four years old are you what is five years old.
Who oh okay true how is the weather there,
i think i don't think i can do yo are you real,
i think we deserve hell yeah john,
we blue panels about the movies that people think are good as well okay okay what would you do that.
I know i know what are some good air trash,
health is everything horrible.

[46:00] Jeffrey campbell ibiza everything.
Will it be able to you on things that are actually good good a new version of the matrix yo what's good.
How do i make another one of those two thank u i am not sure how they're doing that but okay actually um when that i was making one of those facebook event a nice.
Doing out that the matrix panel i finished making it three minutes later they announced the new movie i'm just set it.
Work welcome again thank you.
So um now that we're doing that and i said before building to add and who is and where do also covering.
Yeah the cartoon series from the nineties the garbage was really good yeah yeah so where is weave meant to do and got oils panel a couple of times and.

[47:04] Mute such a popular thing and i feel like anymore any minute now girl to live action can be made,
oh yeah any minute now its gonna come back out because it's it's it's time and a part having said that if it happens.
Again your welcome will disney streaming is coming out so soon should a what's good me yeah hayden just saying no se una se maguire reunion show,
learn how to use that,
oh that's just painful okay you know who mrs hillary duff is a young woman now and so it's not gonna be like.
Young lusy again it's not now she's who has responsibilities i guess i don''t ordered what is the minibar and the mortgage.

[48:06] What is the weather up to.

[48:09] Hi i wanna see that repeat please inquire and the bill today lights.
Who is the water in the car payments which the acquirer in the nba can back up we got error and the PTA meeting.

[48:32] So yeah that's how to motivate of losing maguire episode already been submitted,
yeah so there's this thing happening in the deal is,
when we when we were that age seventies and eighties the people who were making things,
where are all sorts who had been making things for decades but now to hate the people who are making things or people are h.
Who remember they told things from the seventies and eighties and nineties and say you know what i think i can do that better,
and what are not correct but tell congratulations for give it a shot because.
I mean new ideas are overrated in my pants when i just just do all stuff i'm fine with that.

[49:31] I understand he understand what i'm saying hey well that's a interesting hello there you like you got a friend which god fan i get it yet.
You know anything we have to mention yet though where are you actually located dragon could a groups,
when we are and the marriott on a believe we are on the on floor floor and we are in your whatever three to one,
what is bigger room tho yet you are yeah you are the only baby,
the big cube that takes you to the high.

[50:20] Where is the pie one and i have been there it's been a year i don't remember which hotel would be the hilton i actually know that,
ok the hilton if it's near the end are no marriott hilton is the order.
You had asked me to help me coz the dr numb.
Hi everyone if i remember correctly from zoom in on the third floor what is correct yes i want a ride the unexpected uber from uc bit tet shit to the hilton,
is where we are,
i'm looking up who is at home will you are in the,
ummm marriott for four years what was your number is no other.
Smh a i think that i was.
Balcony level i will wait until we moved to where we are not we will reimburse.
I could've sworn daniel krauss the ring.

[51:27] I think so i'm with you would you know if you're remember looking at the app hold on hold on let you know you're in the marriott right,
add a saying earlier i will literally do not know where anything else i know where are you.
Yeah i know i'm trying to find the right now so drunk training for a sec huh.
Will i was actually moving towards our are are any name here than i don't need to look at anything how can talk about endgame for like ten more years that so huh.
I could think about the highlander movie okay so i can't american classic is what you are a american classics on,
you basically took over the old costuming area so yeah you are the level ride,
the bridge to the help in the bread is white helmet the bridges bridges right there it is m. gallardo three,
one o five o my goodness that is some seriously teeny tiny type the app works people i just hit this is there.

[52:43] How do you find me apples find me part of that and see if it how long it will take you to walk away,
i do not know i did not because i dont really want to know what i would have to start walking now probably to get down there.
Oops okay cool i will also is there will talk about it after the game i'm so this is a point where i ask you to pick a number between one and twenty.

[53:15] Number is thirteen thirteen one two three four five,
open six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve.
Gene though we have we have one of the last unopened which is for television trivia.
What a surprise i didn't really nice but as i feel like roll the dice on me to give you the option here deciding which decade we're gonna play a sixties fifties sixties seventies eighties and nineties.

[53:49] Hmm let's go let's do it let's let's do the.
Hey do your hubby i get up monica can't get underneath the real story got it.
Even when is fully working i do your followers that is really good i mean this is like this is only the magnet and everything.
Ok so he said rate yes.
Does with yours and we have the same topic for the same show immediately put one card after the next shuffle over yet like for family is the hard way yeah.

[54:35] I might skip some of one of the pattern oh okay.

[54:39] Are you a jealous fruit this first questions for you to go to leon the keep going back and forth so we get to u five right.

[54:49] What was bens last name on the hit TV series by the same name.

[54:57] Omar benson is last name that is i have a gas.

[55:07] Um i.

[55:12] I wanna say benson don't think that's right i want to say that too so know what's good.
Hi i'd brighten the wall okay this is for u which factor which british actor robert mccall.
The equalizer which actor was robert mccall the equalizer had other patrick i don't know.
Edward woodward clear was even totally off because i was one with patrick.

[55:46] Alright is the multiple choice in what southern cities design business for you but i am glad.
Tell me when i'm in what's up in sydney designing women take place make in atlanta or charleston.
Atlanta that is korean yep i really.
What ball team did sam alone play for prior to becoming a bartender of cheers boston is correct.

[56:19] Back to you and you had the boston red sox in case anybody hasn't been what's um.
Other multiple choice what was the name of the private school the girls attended in the facts of life northland westland or iceland.

[56:40] Listens for me yes music what is this correct.
How is getting there tuesday hey roop can remember the same kinda stuff okay.

[56:54] What really.

[56:58] What do i do not know this ok in what show did jerry seinfeld and dancing make periodic appearances on.

[57:10] What show did jerry seinfeld intended dancing make periodic appearances on.

[57:19] Free show no send.

[57:23] What is BR okay i don't remember the cyan toner being a bitch and those who did not remember ten i remember.
Ask years after the fact they said hey guess what was jerry seinfeld used to be,
that's not where is remember we don't know who jerry seinfeld what's.
When he was on benson right that's true yes that's true.

[57:50] Uh huh this is for u joe willie nathan appeared in nineteen eighty nine on what tv network.
That would be the fox network that is correct.

[58:04] That's actually a legitimate general question with when is actually yes okay ok here's here's a softball for what michael j fox a star,

[58:21] Are you serious uh.
Name name two of the four principal characters in the golden girls joe.

[58:34] Oh and dora that is correct the name the other two.

[58:42] Oh yes oh who did doris say.

[58:49] Sofia sofia are the one who ok i think i can do this when dorothy sophia and.

[58:59] This will help you it was the wine that betty white played.
Oh yeah yeah ok sophie i was the busiest still get a witch aunt.
Oh no i dont think ive ive.
I've tried shame on to my family deadpool is very upset with you right now anyhow.
Oh my gosh blanche dorothy and rose,
no that was nowhere in my brain i add that happens i get it.

[59:40] Are leave this one for you i'm ripped i'd was played by which actress.

[59:52] Who mama joe um she was there mother ugh who is his mother is a.
I didn't either i am in bad mood monica i don't know what,
she switch up the ham sandwich while on the boat that's not frances and frances of course suzanne francis don't recall that.
No i meant not knowing that and being proud of it.
Jarvis is for the wind tho mr the played sergeant box on the a team.
What is mr t's real name.

[1:00:40] Lawrence to oh i'm gonna assume that proper pronunciation of his last name and so you win,
when i yeah yeah what's pull it's not you are you do some assuming that was at least close to block ka section one was first name,
lawrence was okay because request a million hours mr but you know.
Add yoghurt middle name is period last name to it,
what are the like what's mr daniel is the exact did they say did they say what school,
i remember them saying no yeah add that i did said basket and a little winded the big yeah put the list some of the real name was bosco,
i wrote ba yung early outright okay.

[1:01:44] Ok joe congratulations man of the hard part one i got and i brought shame to my family about not knowing the name of the white house survivor of the golden girl.
And still slow boot kicking around doing stuff like yeah i want to help um.
So reminder i'm more time where people can find your tracking as well as where they can get more information on the web.

[1:02:15] You can go to a.
Just go go go to the facebook's and the little search bar do americans classic side dashboard.
And add the actual url is facebook dot com slash groups flash americans sigh classic.

[1:02:36] And we are also on the instagram ad sa fie classic track.

[1:02:44] Where is located m one hundred three to one hundred five.
Add of course is in the marriott which is the middle of the three main hotels in maine hotels that doesn't serve their hard drugs.
Who is going to win the drawing competition grab it going or attractive then.
Are there hotels are the fingernails a dragon and that is where the wings of dragon one,
jarvis shutdown of really bad road you're so where they could be the nevermind um who nothing i said you're going your favorite drink you for joining us and we appreciate it very taking time out of your busy schedule,
i assume at this point your welcome you are your completely panicked or only start to panic.
Run away to nyc who are you what did you dislike by my,
ima go and panic in that weird nervous phantom zone where i think i'm not panic but i am so panicky,
i have already come back around his uncle three times around the planet and turn back time just like superman can apparently by going backwards turn about people do i.
So i can't until next time for joe and chris is jon saying please find time.

[1:04:10] N never watch man it's really technical ops.

[1:04:17] This has been a production of the munich to leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit he don't come.
Follow the only twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[1:04:40] Music.