50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 48 - Dragon Slickers Ii: The Legend Of Todd'S Gold

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:41] Nope the dragon pearl in the pocket what listen week and it's always is the wine.
Handy but,
yeah i just i i love looking at that pic from paid on dragon con where it says where recording seven days twenty one hours so i'm trying to take place where we yeah it's not,
not yet a week can deposit money account you know it there are awful but we know because it supposed to end on wednesday countdown but no,
it's ok i've already okay i've already had people.

[1:20] Delete my facebook and say or are you need of site are facebook facebook page where and when there's no wednesday schedule,
yeah your care about the person and from beginning place humans are terrible so just the,
i'm done and they were usually enjoy doing winding me up just master-bate thank you latin,
but i have to give you a thank you how do i do you yes i did i will it accomplish go ahead,
yeah for your sake given you a hard time about the unique sites for one thing it's because you say a tall guys,
and there's no picture of willow when is a woman but go on deck your art but in your little help increase volume,
i got no not those kinda pictures i mean little drawing once or whatever right not not yet so the weather but then i finally went to the site this year.
Because i needed the url redirect it right and there is a picture of you and all over fifty days and i don't know who did it but it really know that there was my daughter
how does my cousin think about it kind the other pod got a result the equipment the other image for the other podcasts we talked about making with mr bailey.
Yes i will be doing that but i take the party with you and me cut it out in.

[2:50] You don't bread an amazing job and i was hoping that was made cuz like i think that's me asking me if you yeah that was good and it was really cute and i want to thank you you're welcome.
Okay and then the other thing is those were taking that you basically have a gut hundred sixty hours.
Choose who i get through get ready for dragon con in so i'm getting a lot of things as that apples come out,
where are people asking questions and so many people are saying well as the satan fifteen days dragon con,
yeah they talked about that on fifty th street i'm doing great so keep encouraging glad how many years we talked about his i have i will remember after two minute why.
It's really so you gotta send this out to your friends and and all those people so i can get it will render will be required did you see that there is a picture of a drawing of illustration of us on the site.
No no i said fifty days when i go to barcelona know that's that's what i meant oh okay.

[4:03] Right i was any other week never mind the joke is what artists if i have to explain it it's gone anywhere yet one more thing this a,
i just one more thing to say is that if you still do wanna volunteer
choose support dragon can sign up at the can you be able to do that so yeah hey there we have always here right now so i haven't looked jennifer getting bad yeah what u what because we're,
really we're doing another one of these in an hour,
you know what you want done are taken by forty back already back from.
Pirate parrot message but al ferrets no ferrets are stinky i know that,
i guess i had a roommate who had one fitted a stinky little monkey animal nice you can have them as pets but where you think you're nice.
Hello i forgot but i got bitten by adorable i never got bitten by the.
So what's your name so but i was recording i love wine.

[5:14] Your leg no i said i was bitten by love you juan move your after forty somebody's you would think that you if you just keep moving and ignore me.
I just want to know what you're saying behind under me and it really freaks me under my voice i don't know.

[5:34] Who doesn't know where they are distressed because it's got off a minute and you know who can keep me from making a minute,
disability services are driving time cuz there is just no help for me being like this and we have tahu to be your off but is back again to talk about disability services,
hi how are you hello who are you who are yours that app,
please call or even a virgin to display on youtube the laptop computer,
so yeah i know if the FB app it's too small for you guys wanna reasonable accommodations about making things easier to see click that button that's open in browser that's gonna be really helpful.

[6:22] Oh hey girly yo are your podcasts and be of your
how do you calculate that it schedule works though i'm not an all-star what kind of cuisine you and why you don't have certain things schedule of the times i wanted to be like that later could do that yeah
i'm very well i just i was saying that usually when we start the movie title before,
the podcast was surprised and garden,
we will things we make sure that we don't forget that we're all chatting,
i have nothing written down for todd because we miss you last year
um ok i will add because on his podcast basically i don't have to do anything but sit here and laugh until i almost peed my pants,
yes you provided or about the pressure that big is it fine i've done this a few times before yeah right you have okay,
what is disability services and why does dragon con okay.
So just the twenty services department dragon kindly assist to convention in providing reasonable accommodation this then i required to by federal law who had so,
a lot of people will say but display services of it is that special department for disabled people.

[7:51] Help yeah kinda except the standard is as we were said many times before
its my job to make sure that you have the potential for the same crappy dragon card experience as any other time that would you,
play this is what we are to start in the lab
i get so that's really good so you know what you are,
would there special treatment it's basically to make sure that you are just the loser of the other eighty thousand of your closest friends are there,
absolutely will try and do something interesting but combinations that take the disability out of the equation who bag,
ok so i'm gonna give you a totally random person right turn this person cannot see without your glasses but i hopefully wont lose the glasses and also have a little bit of a mobility issue,
got disabled,
i would be what those are you know it's chronic pain condition there's only so much can be done and hey are you really sure what they might need a drink with that you know they can't stand long like they spend more than about oh i don't know twenty minutes,
totally hypothetical person get their supply so okay,
start with coming to see us,
what's the water main display services location it is.

[9:17] And sharon unfortunately i can wear help,
i want a membership efficiency gotta get to the sheraton would even if you can't right ok will reason we accommodate you if you've already gotten your bags to another method.

[9:32] What can i do that you have a kind of like i would like to call it a satellite disability services.
Yes i did not add the marriott the height of the marriott okay.

[9:45] Ok so the kick get sharon hey did too which you want to go see,
view the branch ops at the marriott the find a location has not as of yet been determined hey that watch out and give me updates what's the volunteer looking directly in the direction information okay,
if it happens to you during the convention like always having somebody over does them psalms saturday afternoon can walk me more,
smh send out the need some assistance for disability services in terms of being able to find seats at piano.

[10:25] Were able to eliminate wait times,
burberry captains in all the major roads to do the basic assessments for you and get you started,
yeah because you do have somebody and all the major barbara yes we do yesterday and yellow dress,
mostly yoghurts to say hi and thank you for making our job easier what is there something else going on and we are doing it right heel that after that
and by that i mean the uses his natural ways switch it just really kinda like me very loud john don't say i don't need to make a fun show,
it's not like we can do fifty dollars to drive can't stand at the opposite ends of the area of the room no we wouldn't that be possible play soak up the viewers educated,
i hope with regard to we provide for basic categories of assistance okay.

[11:24] What is wheel chair seating those people that use the mobility devices ok i will receive have companion seats next event and attribute two min.

[11:34] Can you only get one menu only get one,
that was very multiple disable people traveling together each disable person one minute.
One million each person one minute you got exactly what the type is,
what's good for your health for the person that you listed the example on remind me to pick i would consider,
stop mu to be able to find themselves the seat that,
who isn't in the front row want to be very clear about this the very few digital opportunities to get seated in the front row,
how you gonna talk about what ever met someone who i know one of them ive slm,
how bout another cold proximity CD for the general folks just have a hard time walking,
mute the entrance to the quick exit you have the ever popular and sticker,
may i know the crate diggers that is not what is your most popular model,
heyy four congress the one that i just mentioned which is what it is,
when did this to build so get in the front row is a virtue of your disability you need and i am struck to view of stage.

[12:55] Ok and why would somebody need that will sign language interpreter is a great reason,
we good a place that's a sign language interpreter gonna be able to be to be placed resume right,
how the the front row in the major problems you can't have an interpreter sitting in row eighteen with the person sitting in on it.
Yeah that would be a bit differently no i can't it can happen yes,
so what's gonna happen is when you come to see us at either the shared branch office we're gonna do a brief interview for you and talk about the news in relation are disability how
i'm not gonna tell you that its always thinking find a cube in our area especially on thursday it is what you signed however we want to,
you're the worst or should you need to discuss this,
we will be requesting the private place to have the discussion yes,
how can i stop this pretty brief we talk about white disability isn't what you might need.

[14:01] Ok will there be determined the sticker you need for the meeting we had wax if there was a comedy show this need to be provided,
we have medical sticker is if you need to put something on your boy how is hey i'm a diabetic,
hey please use that folks please please please get one of those you know if it yes you know it,
it helps other people out if something happens because im gonna be having a good time and you might forget to eat and your blood sugar might crash or spike and we need to know what the heck,
and we want everybody to have a good time and we do vibe or press work at least have a crabby is your crabby time is original selling price.
Is it just my job to help people have a good time that i share with other dragon kinda.
Who know.
Um want to give me the stickers the time in the back your badge is gonna give you that has the international symbol for disability yet entirely to be in a digital cd more waiting area.

[15:10] Say you don't have to get the special seat and line sticker just gotta see them in any of the stickers with a threat but the important thing i'm gonna what the viewers know how that kinda works.
Ok how does that work tide whos you want to go to the next track pants.
Who u right now u want anyone to make sure i get ssi starts at one o'clock.

[15:35] Set the previous payroll by dragging can schedule is gonna end at twelve forty five you wanna be entered the waiting area for disability for that room at twelve thirty.

[15:46] Okay because we need fifteen minutes to figure out how many people are alone.
I drank loading process blueberry is about four minutes it's pretty quick it's really pretty quick lol can you ask could you confirm that the rest of the room in whatever space we have left.

[16:04] No as i tell you what the general rule is i'm also going to tell you the exceptions to the rule i put a sign that disabilities facebook group,
the other day so i want to make sure everything else um,
if you're saying that the schedule is your friend because you handle that perhaps going to be first thing in the morning after the early show tapes for example can you
you want to wait until fifteen minutes before the early show and because.

[16:36] Load the next panel early so the early show gets the benefit of all those people sitting in the seats right
okay so first in the morning load it really hard time is based on what may be happening in the room so your schedule look up and dance with me
remember that on monday his kidneys were lower on staff that some people actually work on labor day
select jobs so we down and volunteers so in order to make things easier than me not not to,
are there whats your books that we will do our,
specialty beers and all the things can be really popular.
To make sure the title gets downloaded so that are so that the reasonable accommodations request required to provide get provided i don't we can add something when you're done that yet.
You know there are times when security considerations kinda overrated what we do if the seats are taken the seats are taken.

[17:44] Are you can do you think i got one more for get well and i wanna let people know that we're talkin right now but the bigger things right,
so big boy rooms and things like that one thing now or is that track directors are the people who say on a monday panel,
clear it out what what clear it out that is up to tank tops,
in conjunction with safety and disability services can we chat real quick and i say no if i'm what i have to
people need to leave now they are gonna be here but we're gonna like clear the room and bring everybody else.
No justify i am not don't start the minutes that right directors that can say yes or no to pictures are there
the thing not,
what's please start general voting for loop.
I'm gonna try and help you as best i can put your sticker doesn't guarantee you nothing.

[18:41] I gotta rob and you gotta remember that there is no implied guarantee but that's a reasonable accommodation.
Turn reasonable accommodation because when you're trying to fill a room a twenty five hundred people i'm not gonna try an find three seats for you in road seven.
Because you got there five min before the show start your guide when i can be able to do that because at that point where change and to help the general tech ops people love the room.

[19:16] Can i know that doesn't mean we have the spirit we have these things happen every year so long as the home i don't want you to be scared about it you got caught in elevator.
mute and you finally make it to the mayor at the door or the hyatt centennial road you are your socks are terrible it is already be gone but if i gotta see for you.
If there is a cat in but end the disability staging area we'd we have a few where we set you guys.

[19:52] What would their final go is but i'm not hearing the knew what your sticker demands but i will do my best to get shit in the room,
that's why so important be there early yes.

[20:06] Ok so the sun out that's about ballroom.
What about track well accessible seating it should be provided anywhere dragon con provide programming what track ir use our.

[20:23] Um
Track run out by track directors and check to make sure that you have the appropriate number of CA.
The stickers will still work in the way they normally work so if you need an instructor review,
how many book a mistake help you,
but that would not be a displaced services person around if there is a problem but the director in the rooms gonna help you.

[20:50] What if there is an issue they will notify us when we are people of every building,
you just copy and every road know every hour every building,
lot of rooms and buildings and where you gotta be all the time because i mean there's some light white twenty rooms are some upcoming,
i got to look good it's huge ever get the ball rolling stone we access so we talked about this in the past um one of the things we would like to tour
be careful of india where is the umm visible disability if you well,
yep people it's not just you know wheelchairs or assisted walking or anything like that,
um it is people there is point out,
there are folks that have a tub,
disability dead dead is not visible that daddy is maybe maybe it is my allergies and it's always always a problem or its create a small maybe it's enough.

[21:59] Anyone of a mature on citi and apple apps are nazi there any reason we like to set like today we have to say or,
would you say if we say it is because there are folks edika's you know we're dealing with loss alot of different people i'm bobby
will think that because i can't see a problem
there is no problem so that person is just trying to game the system and the best part your weddings this part of the roof due in advance do you know the question i ask we screen people flat show it,
if they got a sticker from russ that means and we've got disability professionals working for display services.
Um no we've verified their name for reasonable accommodation so part of the sticker is so that you don't have other dragon con staff credit making that determination of jobs to do.
Hey we don't want them worrying about that we want them doing the job to put on.
So we put the stickers are not only for them.

[23:08] I'm not only for us but for them so they know the reason but combinations need to provide anything a problem they can always get ahold the bus and we can come up and help to write and understand.

[23:22] No one know volunteer.
It's supost to question your status that has been given to you by disability services.
What director told this i did my training on sunday and we talked about it.
Add again that if you come late to open all the panels already started it may not be as easy,
right get you where you really hope to get you what you think and alexa so road to get your name that were exactly is that when it's not your preference is about what we can manage,
edit it so i just want to say that yet,
volunteers of the truck range are doing,
will there be a lot of people and come drink on your after your like icu that's great and sometimes,
first ones until we get the trap for a minute without everybody and no we don't ask me anything we're just glad you're there disability services handle on it so just fyi.

[24:27] Just want people to feel like you have to prove.
You're accommodation right view.
I would be surprised as to the level of disability accommodations a drag harlan gauges again,
in departments that are necessary for example you can get steven money sisters of the dragon can store a few buy something,
try cash who exactly are there is a display the seating area for the parade.
For those folks that you no can't see over the standings from people waiting to see the wonderful display that is the dragon egg,
no i think i know where that is and when could i say when you're when i was walking down i saw.

[25:16] Right so yeah we woke up we want to know that if we see more comedy shit can't be provided anywhere reasonable is how we do it,
is it i been known to the wheel my butt all your dragon console the little problems that people bring to my attention.
Enjoy was about to ask before you went on to something else,
now when i get to some cool stores in that but john you are about to ask
your question parade where abouts if if there is something that does need accommodation where do they go for like the parade.
You want to go in front behind it and look for the mark area what cuz we market so people know if it.

[26:04] Hey there how was my trip to come and hang out with my travel people yes cancel.
Yes that's great so then umm show,
i don't think there's anything else we really have to talk about.
What you'd be amazed what sometimes people will there is one thing that that the something that i can do if you said the parade would you usually make me laugh a lot more so todd,
why am i not laughing yet come on give me something good man who did we talked about we haven't talked about the service animals yeah
we haven't talked about service animals because we because these are the stories you want to get a gas at the cinema ballroom hub what is your name on the front row.
Okay right.

[26:57] Hey how many girls have wanted to ride on your lap is well,
blue say is i guess technically on how problems,
yes how are you how do you know what time would you like to talk about you know so many others just try things like i was gonna.
Yeah okay i don't understand what's going on eight thirty if i live what were gonna the conversation right i live not but i don't want to ride with me buddy
what what are the common questions we get great common now is all about which condos for service at once,
hey i gotta i gotta poop pee sobre and amusing charlie's try to be at the same time because.

[27:53] Yeah what's your hands.
Cats are awesome yeah nothing much dogs are there.

[28:03] Where's todd though we live stream start.

[28:09] Ugh ugh i just sent him a text message so what are you talking about,
yeah so yeah we'll pause for the original message.

[28:25] Do you know that your body sing oops you get a suit.

[28:31] Alex tribeca is you know he's looking for somebody my fuel here we are.
He gotta go away and come back yeah hell yeah i got a positive thing right now yeah.
Yo on.

[28:56] Find back up our rights over back.

[29:00] You ready results animals service or sales of dogs are great guys great legacy in this context that was very specific cuz we have a lot of people.
Book reviewing the third that they're animal weather not interested disability.
Is entitled to be at the convention i gotta be very specific return and say we support the rights of service animals.
Hey a dragon card.
How are the laws service animals are dogs that are trained to perform something in relation to the disability of the person who is their handler.
Hey there a simple is the most the most perfect the most famous one is.
Hi read it yet dogs who you are hearing dog food.
You have retriever dogs right.
What is the william parents because we drop stuff a lot and sometimes it just don't do it here to train the dog to bend down and get that quarter u dropped yes,
what we also have dogs that can detect.

[30:17] Problems and diabetes problems with epilepsy that can detect roses they can assist in helping at managed anxiety behavior.
No here's where we crossed into that area alot of people have what are called emotional support animals.
That is in certain areas of life of a protected class of animals.
Just not trying to emotionally support.
We found activities like airports that's why.
Emotional support pigs can fly an airplane it's winter now what a lot of people don't realize that in the way nineties.
Bae um lemonade the definition of service animal to dogs in miniature horses no.
So yes i do want to get into why he specifically miniature horses when it could've been any number of other things.
Well i think it was a whole thing with miniature horses been about the size of a big labrador.
Show yo on yo.

[31:34] What no good for your emotional support animal at barrel absolutely welcome.
And the room is a hotel in the venue where are you staying there permitted got it now in the same way that path to be permitted.
What we want permit the most support animal in dragon con convention space nope.
Kaip not the way we determine that is kinda the same way we handle badgers okay we don't want any just dragon con gaultier looking at the dog gone don't think that's a service dog,
right so we voluntarily request if you have a service dog can you come to dragon con carne CS displays services.
Who is we asked a family member and any questions about what their dog doesn't do if you meet the standards you put something on the dog's leash halter or acute treatment,
depending upon what kind you use that indicates that we have to terminate a service dog so that people wont bug you.
Awesome that particular skip over search another function because.
Service animals have to behave appropriately while they're in locations sophie engaged in.

[32:54] Behavior that might tend to be dangerous and then i want to make sure that we understand the difference here is the barking is not a dangerous behavior,
for service animals parking could be a trained response if you have a dog sense that my blood pressure is dropping the dogs gonna bark at me and tell me that its time to drink that coke now.

[33:17] Hey help so parking is not negative senior however.
Yeah dawg that you know what is the person next to me because they dropped part of a hotdog on the floor.

[33:30] Yeah we don't want any critical violent aggressive behavior stop,
see that steph train to notify display services will come and see it will come talk about what happened with the dog what the triggers were what the what the what with my other,
did my job because of antecedentes what happened before the dog did this right kevin ate a problem or to punch the hall.

[33:58] Unit the end the bad we gave u okay who's tallest like to the wall where we'd want to know who in the tag and put on the documents provided.
Where can i ask you to keep the dog somewhere else that this is a way to protect the service animals and everybody else from anything that might be okay.
Negative behavior how that is voluntary when i hear come and see us.
What if you don't end the staff doesn't see those tags are good at ask you those questions right.
When does people pay attention to what the questions are is the dog for a disability yes or no and what service,
is the dog trained to perform for you.

[34:50] What we get a lot of these well the dog helps me calm my anxiety because he's around.
That isn't emotional support animal you gotta tell me something about douglas when you're anxious gotcha understand.
Right i get it i'm gonna lose service and was very important measures of people participating in god.
They are.
No you know how i'm gonna be here i'm gonna be talking about elevators you know what i was talking about is let's talk,
those people are listening for this for the first time and,
why is that you should be listening to us for ages or maybe i just paid this is the first writing be getting back for the first time in a wheelchair user,
right in one of my biggest frustrations is.

[35:43] I have all bears past by me not to worry three or four of them but ten fifteen or twenty of them.
Turn off all the people.

[35:56] When u when we trust you guys can walk up a flight of stairs and i cant exactly,
so what we like is to remember that people disabilities can request the eggs and i know that you're not at the moment it's the only real were gonna say that for four mobility users that to priority,
okay we have to wait for the elevators we have no choice no playing about that person coming late.

[36:27] Yep everyone least three times a day i got somebody that happens to because steven said we were better friends hour and every order that goes by that chalk full to the rafters so please please.
Glad you be kind if we asked you to stop out please take a moment.

[36:49] Hey yes and we will say that it drives i'm just gonna say this is leaves personal opinion remember.
John and i are not your dragon con right we are not approved by dragging it drives me crazy to see somebody get on an elevator to go up or down one for.

[37:10] If i can do it with the current issues i have.

[37:15] You can do it translate provided when i try to get too much of my life but i did that surgery two months ago but i can talk about it anymore but if i can run if if i were on the hyatt lobby level,
and i wanted to get kind sweet modify the bag is gonna be walking up those really nasty sticky stairs just like everybody else,
who hand who is physically able i don't like anymore who is physically able to do stuff so yeah and john you have,
your own little thing about those could you always do a really good,
i don't want to have a really good one other than i just got out of the way i mean seriously people going that i know the whole thing going up to go down going down to go up is the thing a dragon con umm but
when you use your just use common freaking courtesy for crying out if you see someone that steamer waiting and has been in and,
hey it was me to say obviously other disable but,
u mobility challenged thinking that i said i'm better let's be a red flag but yes that needs to you need to get out of a glow up the decent human go away and the way you turn for going up,
uh open the next one and if.

[38:38] People are asking you to exit the elevator please not seen this happening it's it's heartbreaking cuz there's very little you can do good doors closed remember what um the.

[38:50] Please be the bigger person and just got out of the way you better,
i'm looking for york city of good neighbors hey i come to atlanta.
Just see people being good neighbors yeah i be a good neighbor help a guy out.

[39:13] What in verona sleep.

[39:18] You a lot of people i live in trying to get in the elevator for whatever minutes well that's great.
You are one person who can still go they can they are not able to so therefore i am really trying to get an outta my vocabulary hey are not able to so therefore.
Wait for one mor elevator is not gonna kill you it is not gonna ruin your dragon con,
can't wait to go take a nap for another five minutes you can wait on a drink and you can't wait to go down to a panel because probably,
you gunna getting it unless the lines ridiculous do they know ive stopped stop saying it wouldn't ever because if interested is not always true but,
it also if you are waiting for an elevator and you see someone a coming up that obviously,
um is gonna require an elevator more than you maybe let them in front of you,
and maybe let them in front of you and take the next one i know it sucks i know i know cause everybody wants to be everywhere they want to be in a gallon to imperial in a lot of ways again two point,
life where everyone thinks im more important than the next person but there are there are legitimate reasons for people.

[40:43] Needing to be nice and just doing the right thing.
Yeah not a personal issue for me up to three years ago my husband has had a very bad day and actually from,
could you link get around but he new dragon was gonna be an issue.
And got the sticker because she had read a wheelchair for the four days or five days whatever,
i six he would hit stop the friends is good around go see them at school and.
We had surgery that's right it really needed was he had surgery and couldn't walk that walk.
He was eight he got this thang gonna see set your i can remember his wife quali had the surgery so its you no
and he gave me a lot of examples of good people and a lot of examples of both not not doing better.
So let's try to do better.

[41:48] And also can i also point this out i getting out is just as important just so you know i allowing that person to actually exit the elevator,
i am actually i've actually witnessed from the outside the elevator someone not,
someone not being getting out of the way they were afraid to really respond elevator so to let a person that would have been a cot in the back of the elevator,
huh to get out in a person decide to keep becky calm because i know living already imagine riding the elevator and never being able to get off.
Is there an appointment here though i'm sure that there is somebody who right now i was planning your next livestream just do that anybody i know,
that's annoying is the one that says the doors are open please stand clear of the doors come on how many times can you hear that three crazy and be very honest i am really short arm,
ok what is the brightness what i am almost it's really sad,
i heard that one i get out of the way no put my hand,
you know the door and hold it was because i'm trying to hold it open so somebody can get out.
What you canceled it so that i can get back in come on people do better.
Be smart and be polite and all those good things.

[43:15] That's right that's fair and that's correct okay good be good be better,
so yeah let me back off my soap box back to you have any other side but i'm not until i get ok so i'm gonna give you some examples todd you help me,
this is a service animal or emotional support animal okay you have some good stories to tell the difference.
Yo i have a ferret.
Who makes me feel happy when i pet him and then reduces my anxiety because he makes a good little sandwich.
Well here's the thing about that experience,
ferrets are neither the miniature horses so therefore i would automatically categorized that was in a motel support animal ngo hey your first year that,
is there a dog.

[44:16] Where is the horse yours right no make absolute sure we don't see them anywhere near the snake if it,
ricky tikki tavi hi on the easter egg stop anything don't know what that was apart eighteen what should i wear with a ghost by using family,
sorry it's a long road so yeah so your next example next example haha oh okay so i have a shoot poodle dog who is blind,
what who i carry around because i need somebody to love me because i am so in love.

[45:00] What can i tell you other things to unpack there but if you tell me that i'm gonna turn around and i'm gonna go back to that federal question and say so what's the blind i'm trying to do a blind dog is trained to um,
link me when i get it a certain way to calm me down okay yeah but here's the thing
keep your the one that would decide to patinete certain way to gatwick,
dogs out trying to do anything so that's a no no as much is we want to support you add money.
Hey still support yes what would you like that i would have to do is say he smells the fact that.
Your tired or sad and turning lick your face so that you would pet him.
It's the other way around you're putting so you're getting attention and she's not turning on the st and wait a minute i think people are probably enough but i speaking so i'm gonna get this party started.

[46:07] Ok i'm ready and i'm not getting what i hope it hard,
yeah john if you have one now you're on this one so i have a six foot.
What are two inch tall man i look robust and healthy can i have a dog with me.
Who has that dog with me because.
That dog when he can tell when i am tho.

[46:45] When i'm getting upset and he's be getting upset he will actually put a paw on me.
Choose remind me to get out of a situation that is upsetting me because i have.
I have high blood pressure and if i go to upset i could have problems ok so i'm gonna send it to you when you feel when you feel anxious and the dog.
I'm alerts would you put that out far are you lusy.

[47:19] How to contact contact with reality because the service that category hear that youtube beat the guy that you are cool what uv.
Service animals for vets with PTSD right running shoes no is exactly the thing you're describing okay.
Except the thing is it free and when you start to feel anxious cuz you are small changes okay,
should i wear to do if there gonna say look at i need you to pay attention to me now christmas is stressing you out.
I don't want you thinking about your time at the rat i want you to pet me now.
Right cuz cuz i can tell you are i am trying to know,
do you have that smell that you are getting anxious and therefore so do that and had the legal right to be permitted.
Exactly show that again when i was trying i was trying to go with andy invisible yes you
hello stop burning service but the dog is a great example i want italian uh
add family i talked to today who wanted things really proud about which income for the last years.

[48:35] Recently accommodating people are sometimes not easy.
What time do the reason about comedy shows that we provide people with disabilities are coming to dragon con of being part time jobs.
That's the thing i am most proud of people that never left their house
or never left the company of the concert the people that serves them right,
how many are convention to meet the people they see on tv to mute the person that true that comic books to buy a pizza art from artists alley or you may hang out with other people.
Right right this is why it's a benefit of what display services does it's thing i'm proud of stuff.

[49:19] I don't play with some disable kids a good number of the of service dogs that are trained to help him respond to be here it's relating to osu.

[49:30] Okay what is a big word knit community right now.
Right that so many different ways to handle and talk about is a spray bottle.

[49:44] Where are they going to have to give portions of vacation with some people choose to get a service dog trained.
So that someone will learn how to handle a particular set up.
Okay i'm sorry about your service animals even the ones in particular there are small dogs.
Hello carry hey what day we're.
When i start to see the the person examining in your behavior you know the rapid shipping in the head all that stuff but they gotta focus on,
service animals are your animals and broadway.
Please do not distract the service animals how do not want do not know what you please let to improve are working.
does it matter what they do please don't distract them because some of you guys know i work despite services we have a visually impaired person.

[50:47] Most expensive twenty grand training,
what i know i actually was watching a show where they went,
six poppy adc gonna be train and it was.
It's pretty awesome and i also just put something on facebook where they had dogs listen to something anime ontario us stratford festival so good day,
how was the training because you know how are they gonna do no be,
play situation that may have noise and lights,
no still stable is thank you i couldnt get that workout know that word,
what's up young at heart we're here to help you wit to expand your vocabulary from that never can't hurt um so very good and i just.

[51:34] It's personal to me that people understand that there are invisible.
Needs that,
could have a lot of issues that could have no issues on truck what kind need support and could need accommodation don't take it upon yourself,
thank you get to decide who gets what.
Unless you're probably wrong or is this team,
what can and johnson yours and then you probably wrong exactly me play it from the other side if you think if you listening to us.
Hey i get it displays are really serious that you know that am i really gonna be able to at least try driving can i say try it exactly right.
I want people to experience the things that they want to expand to dragon con,
ok thank you about being part of this community and the community this is one of the easter when the rich music except everyone yeah,
think about that.
Yeah and from work and found a person with a disability standpoint whatever it is is the nevada dragon kind of floats your boat i'm in complete support of that.

[52:57] Play date with noel upwards of eighty thousand people you're gonna have a certain percentage of people are just jerks but nothing but for the most part everybody dragon con is both accepting and,
and um what was the help me not really you know any jokes john you don't wanna be politically incorrect you mean the people with the unintended personality disorder.

[53:26] No is active protected and is that jah knows what to say and that is not one of those,
categories that he was what's up girl,
i just know that i'm just can i expect i just a got a good a
what and also wanted to say that i don't learn something from a friend of ours who drank onto hello.

[53:51] Hey a service dog and bring a service dog and i said so how you know how to people no i mean you get this all the time can i pay doctors know and samantha,
doug has the little bit on its working anywhere yet see if he has a thing about the war doesn't require the vast no it doesn't what do you want to start recording of an,
yeah that's way to describe that to the stairs to treat it like cosplay folks how much is what you don't know you who said,
exit that's a good one good one.
How do you how do you had yo cosplay cosplay is not in icenter because i'm so hot for paws is not consent.
Robots is not hello i don't know where to get some ingredients that's alright.
How's the second time because i know where todd where is not good amy what even a week beforehand if you do drop ship right,
thank you display the dragon kind of one of our crack team will get right on that notion because it means you're up for dragon con attendees with disabilities you can join that.
And post your question and i'm there all the time i posted something today saying who's got last minute questions about what they wanna know.

[55:18] Right arm.

[55:22] What was it what.
You can ask and i pretty much play in any department do with the dragon con to help you get it displays service person.

[55:31] When can i yeah i just want to tell you i just very quickly went on facebook.
There is a dragon con with disabilities unofficial site is that what you want or do we want another one
what's the wind and it i found that i just put in dragon con disabilities and three things popped up and this was number to know press
dragon con officially always in yo are the other ones hey i was driving was
driving high on the official word and then dragon con this and that like drunk on artificial that keyword of dragon con set up so yeah so you can find some and we will put these links
on what are you wearing disability services were disability supplements yet,
dragon con that were org.
Okay have a good one or how to disappoint the podcast i ask you to give me a number between one and twenty.

[56:36] Seven athena tell backwards you know that tony is just full this is random cuz of things got moved around that time 12345 okay,
six seven if it's just random then going from the back to the front doesn't matter
seven after ten john should,
it's so good a sports hey what's your so much and i'm scared what sports question how he describes her you don't like it either so another way to bad we're doing it.
What do you do.
Hey we are a trouble paying close is probably i will go with donna i will go with the multiple choice questions are losers hello select number two,
what's the number to ray nothing i will just start with todd.
Who scored the winning touchdown to me because you know that you can be so interesting so everybody was just market on sunday but i like football but whatever i'm who scored the winning touchdown in the two thousand seventeen super bowl was it danielle,
tom brady or jeans white who a beer c.

[57:52] I wanna go it's either alex that is rich check,
i know that help cuz i'm going to atlanta we can i think it was a falcon.
Heat up the probably was can we try out the good ones now see now in toronto i do that before paying the falcons white,
yeah ugly.
Yes analytics sport do compared navigate a slalom is it cycling can you increase scheme.

[58:29] Summer olympics yes cycling canoeing.
How is skiing but i did know water skiing with who canoeing canoeing.
Zoom in the lounge,
oh yeah yeah you're gonna connect your basically going on the water.

[58:52] Orange,
spurs pacific high which is the most commonly used the term which is the most commonly used the name in college football is a bulldogs eagles or bears for three to one.

[59:09] I am the only girls that is correct really okay,
much faster than i thought it would yeah why did the motor is i love you i'm not giving you the one that would like to follow this one is yours a question for you what what is the disability olympics called.

[59:29] Is it will i want to see the special olympics but that's probably in gotowebinar is it the warrior is it where games.
Para olympics are the petrol mix up aerobics but you got out the thing that i did that i expected to come out because i know that the special olympics know that that's me
is marie organization on its own right but not the display version webex
add it was also what are the countries recently and we give money yo and i just found out what salt,
can you swallow his and basically it's can you on,
when is like having to do agility things like good asian yeah.
Can you swallowing that's like wheelchair who is howdy pretty cool though,
actually i would be really cool i wanted do you have that in the pear limited to look that up too i dunno how long they will cherish how is school bitch i'm so latest one for you,
in what year is it what year is volleyball send to a bank first played.

[1:00:42] Thumbs can i got that is little in that questionable choice you have to know how will hollywood asl lol no ok so here's multiple choice question,
and um what number did jose bautista where can playing baseball for the toronto blue jays in two thousand sixteen,
what's the three eleven or nineteen nineteen.
Yeah that's the reason why that was important no other and find out which of these is a current olympic sport polo basket ball or racket ball.

[1:01:29] Which music is your current women's sports bras that is correct,
rightly yes no korean what european city,
what's the olympic torch relay first stage in nineteen thirty six was a paris london or berlin your yoga you got it doesn't say the year was very important there.
That is very important and yeah it was for reasons that are.
When we were a lot of american courage um your boots and your umbrella pics of your naughty bits and pieces buffalo,
what sports what sport do the buffalo sabres play.
Baseball football expect if yo aquĆ­ that's really not that tough okay and you know why the carbon sabres.
I actually cannot even of hockey because it because there a certain demographic.

[1:02:35] That's the only real quick which city was the phone number of our stopover saber is because there's a smart man your weapon.
But it was all bummed because it was only because it made the logo look like that rn because it wasn't hello yeah yeah yeah seriously chicken and egg question and drive me insane to think about coats of arms no.

[1:03:00] Ok the which of these actors has not played a boxer and a movie ok mark robert daniel craig robert de niro.

[1:03:13] Go to nero has um.

[1:03:20] Daniel craig i'm gonna go with a therapist daniel craig how the face looks like he was being a bit stubborn daniel craig great answer no i'm saying witch was what grade okay can you run,
what's the weather in gilbert az actually in the movie the fighter.

[1:03:38] Hi oscar nominated i don't think he was but what was the name of the guy who played batman.
What was the flapcopy for the transformers movies related queries well that is a chance that the truth and the truth this is for the win.

[1:03:56] Todd don't you just bring in dressage.
Trending on the spot without the opposite pairs of alternately raised and lowered describes which move.
Apply ask or a passage.

[1:04:14] No i didn't received the first word that i have no idea what does i will go with the half ass promise.
Who are you with all the answers or see.
What was be by the hey always be no that's all thanks for being no i don't know what to say or write i think once again for joining us let everyone know where is the disability services can be found,
add dragon con and also on the web.
Show the email of your main service is the lowest floor of the sheraton hotel,
um also a branch office in the mirror and location to be determined but around where the turtles are at is probably a good place to look at your right hand.
Driving high you wanna look for disability services in the departments category stop and answer i keep them.
Will you open on the same hours the registration is open just we're open the same as the registrations open hoop.
Or no where on the web can i find you.

[1:05:31] Driving under that it's ink not now you make me laugh.
No it's ok are there in the end of the facebook record,
facebook is absolutely i think it closed please dont tell me it.
How to search for a drink on disability services play unofficial yo find it is right there,
keyword that's accurate what is your questions we look forward for seeing all of you it about a week in one week.
Oh day so i look forward to you yelling at me again because it's like you know how much i love you i love you too.
I wanna drink something else lol because yo on art.
What's move okay nevermind.

[1:06:25] Can you find some prices for a little thing.
Will sebastian for me lol that's right.
From the commercial unit the other so until next item.
Open small has always been has been saying lately please please please thank volunteer,
when you see them dragging time they are doing their best to make your experience even better.
Um i need you to talk to you do we have and this really registration hola,
this e-mail and also canine is not consent.
Nine is not consent to contact how many is not consent but ok how many is not a smart contract.

[1:07:09] Are there any of your cosplay for you bri.
Wanna know we're getting yourself tomorrow morning jarvis open till next time when you say please please provide only saying yes.

[1:07:23] Yo on this has been a production of the unique pink,
leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the fuck on twitter that science.

[1:07:44] What cost is distributed under creative commons share like non commercial license.

[1:07:50] Music.