50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 49 - Dragon Parade'S Day Off

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:45] No fifty days gone,
add play are for getting rid of the podcast that is emerging to toby,
joining me as always is the,
um what's the thing called the guy with the state can the front and the buttons but the drugs would a major play young.
Hi when do you like seventy six trombone let the big parade what i was doing what i don't know what song i was trying to do there,
any notes here trend the music man or whatever is a good target so um hi hi are you in close what is your weight,
we are we're under which is scary.
Yeah i should probably think about packing when i'm getting back at some point if im trying not an order saying i gotta figure out who's gonna come and feed go numb.
Your irritating cats who only eat website and we will be here to sign a smelly cat right no it's not ok so you know what your feeling.
I know i am feeling it's who else in start yeah your dating or attempting how why i want to eat your science type faster than where is it.

[2:15] Safety so remember security is now safety there a libertação and i have to trains from,
security that could add save the safety safety you're the one second and said i want to,
yo are you don't that you know for search safety operations.

[2:41] U to let you know that there is a stamina do this on my official voice safe the operations there is a safe the opera
several of the hotels including the marriott in el four o five hundred ten in four six four seven
que to the next to the con sweet save the operations in addition to acting.

[3:04] That's for the safety team is also there for the convention to attend for a few the task that perform sharpies bonding and lost and found.
No more about peace find me later but i wanted to lost and found now if you have
lol if you have found and i don't want dragon con please turn it into the nearest safe the operations or dragon con information
elaborate from a to return the items to the appropriate owner losing something can be very stressful i need you to make someone's weekend amazing by being the person who turn and lost items if you have what's on item
please be sure to go to a safety operations room to file a lawsuit
items returned and we get along but we cannot reunite you with your lost items if we do not have a way to contact you want to say one thing,
four cell-phones but i've already changed my my lock screen mail says my name is foul,
where is my husbands number if not the same number as the phone coz he would be really silly and so
that is how many does find my phone
yes please take it to los or you know there's a number in there call and say hey your life for phones so um,
where is that and then information services you heard about them they are all over the ledge and you know we're information services everywhere.

[4:33] Blade is actually coming from restoration services standing behind me right now.
Add probably are because otherwise you'll get lost getting to drink really follow me around the time.
That's probably important that's probably best pump information service is u have a question your sitting there in your like i don't know which hotel this is believe it or not.
That can become something that you are very very confused about so you just go okay.
I am where i am in you find this on booze and it says information services on the top
van go there and say hey i don't know which hotel i'm in and they will tell you that your the area you had a new monica to know which of the three hotels that are,
quickly connected together how is that what did that go.
I don't remember the monica i do remember that i really want to always remember now is marriott because its in the middle of appealing oh no in the help in is one that higher up on the only elevation.

[5:38] Right that's what the other and is lower tell me a bit right yeah it's the highest the payement the marriott in the middle okay i'll get that and hey so.
Information services and please use it as my husband just said.
Could you close the hood to the safety of yourself and need your.
I need somebody to put a patch over your eye and i made a very reach just out my husband as he was leaving the room.

[6:10] Thanks nigga you done your hiring yet,
that's not where i think that if you know we're going down peachtree your information,
and what's up in call of the things called that um you like black people follow new people in there people on the side of the parade.
No play wats up raise then i am not having anybody here to talk about you and somebody to talk about blades are you this is joanne the director of the parade or as you call it organized chaos,

[6:49] Hey how are you hello what are your plans yes,
thanks for having me on again tonight but we'd love parade your funny john and i both actually if you can and a prayer us where both there trying to help john out i have given you have given the story,
it really true that the director of dining hall without the podium and said i expect all directors
to help with the parade and i showed up and they never let me not come another you help directors didn't show up the light,
i don't have plan on what will they set to go to the CN you put freddie tell me usually follow the rules.
What is your lady up the ball hard so i can i still i need to know how to play good no pray without you.
What is jon snow got your you that you don't need one but that's okay.
Yeah you get the bot boots and also a good morning is abundant.

[8:01] I hate that server stuff do i do love sushi in the parade because you owe one of the people at the end
walking down beach tree beside the car they will be in tell people please don't step in for another car please delete the print i know i know i know santa came but it's not over,
hey man how many times how many times we almost ran over someone cross streets while the brain is still going on.

[8:29] How much i don't know i don't like to think about it
but when i tell the police have passed you by red is not over sea right not right across the street has no high number coming with them.
Yeah ok after the please come its fine but.
Who is there it scares me to see suddenly out of the corner of my eyes.
Copyright with little kids trying to run across the street lol we're still.
On route to skip scared so please please please know i will say when you do see santa i'm assuming that santa this is a closing it up,
again up course that i didn't see that that is that i don't want to start standing up.
Um yes i got your stuff together because there because in about three four five minutes after that there is a mass of people having dinner with.
Yeah fan me that is trip no that is true because i do not want to sleep.

[9:41] Do not cross streets do not try to jump me the barricade at the atlanta police over there they will be moved it's okay.
Relax so you let there be yeah we had.
The city of atlanta like to have that area cleared out as quickly as possible because you literally take over all of downtown of the major traffic routes wait we gotta black dog.
During the prayers and said that what,
to the facilitate getting everyone clear of that area and getting those streets open again and things back to normal so they wouldnt this to make that happen.
So please don't think you have to jump the gun search in what year is this for you.

[10:32] Hey this is my sixteen year with bre yeah yeah let's start it.
Go ahead start started isabel interior when maryland to edit add nana about two years after that she decided she wanted to step down so.
She recommended me and i said ok so where ever sense then but i actually love it.
Yeah i'm good yeah i see it and it's gone off a knock on wood.

[11:08] What are the career without a hitch every year and lets listen to this house away so what is the speed of light.
Wayne situation where they happen it rain.
Okay what theater is no rain date or alternate date for the parade so we march training charlotte now the current weather forecast shows it's overcast in the morning and we're gonna stick with that because that's very comfortable for us.
Adam got an usually if it rains in atlanta it rains in the afternoon after the humidity set a chance to build up so,
where been doing are no rain no rain no rain chance for a better turnout,
continue that and hopefully we will have a nice day to march in the way that way,
gauge whether or not will be march is.

[12:03] It's store mean if it's something that threatens the lives or property,
yeah and stay at home we dont have a parade otherwise there will be something or someone going down peachtree st wave.

[12:19] Will it may be but yeah that bug hearted play with it some people will and that march when its raining so and what can it is not raining you guys gonna be here hey why right yet.

[12:35] Now accept that that's right pause what is the what is the route this year.

[12:43] The route this year is the same as in the last two years we launch out peachtree street in london.
Which is about a block of the fox theater the walk at the fox theatres and i will be continued on peachtree st,
until we get to john portman boulevard GB andrew young international boulevard.
No recorded the west virginia will pass in front of the hyatt,
in the western we take a left turn on the john portman and we go down that block and then take another left turn onto peachtree center,
add na continue on to the marriott which is where the parade yet so it's a little more than a mile.
In wink and nod not too bad of a walk is far is an clients and that type thing sir.
Well and i will tell you if you are curious like i didn't write all that down fast enough your handy dandy dragon con app.
Has a map of the parade so tell me what the stage is and everything else so hey needy little map on the app no you are wrong,
yes just look out parade on the website they'll be.

[14:06] What is multiple place this summer that lol map.
Now tell me asking a question live once task ok so i can come down there in japan the parade right.

[14:16] No u can i what.
Who is trying to establish a password yo are we started this years ago maybe.
What are people that show up and yeah we're begging people to come on down and have a good time walking the four blocks away.
Never dealing with like thirty-five hundred people in six years seventy vehicles and unlimited stage in space adam and i went to bed time frame to get all this off the street for the show.
Did u say thirty five hundred cuz i was only like three thousand.
I guess right and just it rain just got a thirty five cent.
How you accept let's just say an access to three thousand people.
That we having a parade um.
So now what happened is you must register in order to be in the parade and we open registration every year on february fifteenth.

[15:24] No because last year we had sex a gray um response.
What's good in its getting bigger every year that we actually had the close registration within two hours of bananas.

[15:39] Open a waitlist which we closed in early june because it became apparent that there are more people that want to wait listen we can ever find spaces for the parade
so what wear tape want to be in the parade february
signup who are the other option is if you are part of a would like to be part of a group that may be registered for the parade you can sign up with them and some of them
except signup swamp ass february fifteenth so.

[16:11] Set out there's there's two ways to do that become parade morning you have to be a dragon con member and have a bad are the equivalent which right now is that postcard the god,
where are the email that you will be getting if you bought your membership before con,
where you can add it on line through a new service i want to receive,
rotate it will give you a confirmation email,
hi there you can bring to us from you can you can do the temple run
add through the registration line on site saturday morning if if you're getting or saturday only if you're trying to pick up your badge and then hopefully grab the shuttle that will take you to staging before nine thirty
add not been,
oh that's relate encourage folks to buy pre cod yeah and so i want to say something about the get there by nine thirty so calm,
that is really kind of almost.

[17:20] Almost a hard deadline you might not get in if your after nine thirty because everybody rd science.
Remind we have the vehicles getting set and everything else i need is really hard when we start doing that for the step off at exactly ten,
which is the role of the city of atlanta it would follow but i tried to say that the bedroom um,
play it you gotta get there so he wanted this is why is the result why did you already did.

[17:52] It's me out there gonna tell you that you cannot go and say hey my friend is back there with the
the anime group i need to call your friend on your friend's phone if they have your bad they have your brace little whatever i cannot there too many people.
35 hundred twenty one three thousand solat people who the space really not as big stresses.
Mike thinks oh yeah nine three eight,
when do we ask people to be there by nine thirty we will let it slide for nine forty because the last shuttle leaves a marriott at nine thirty am,
but after that after nine four day what happened for just declares we start moving the parade album to the street,
tell your your it's important in the staging is now the exit point for the parade so what we normally do is make people stand over to the side hey march with your group
are in the right section that's cool otherwise they'll get the march at the end of the parade all together,
and the issue of having your friend RT inside stage in your group leader RT inside staging with your wristband which is something else is tab,
spaghetti and um.
You need to contact them we can't do it for you because is really sad we are madly dakshin around trying to get this.

[19:22] Please see out onto the streets and we don't have everybody's contact information anywhere make sure before you come to staging that you either have you respond then your badge or you postcard for your email
were you know who to contact them when they're gonna be together so you have it when you walk in the door,
im you know even if you were to meet them there.
Probably best for if you're a big group to have um
someone standing outside of the internet is it better with all the arm bands are the wristbands um raid together so that many second shooting.

[20:05] Also please don't ask people that are.
Close your working not in costume don't ask can i just go and get a picture real quick no we have to keep again.
What does people space not even be so cold in there too so.
No that's what i was saturday and all sunday and monday by this time,
yeah pictures of people i promise i promise i promise i promise janin because yeah can in fairness the woman that question rights um is that lol people are still getting set up in there data and there.

[20:46] Um best cosplay,
if you would a trade UNION and that's not a reason why you no you don't allow photographs and what not um,
hey mirror some folks have been out of that some special media when they get their big butt how many people
can the individuals in the parade gonna course take pictures
autocorrect whatever friends know that but yeah summarize some of the participants are quite ready either you know for where the parade some of them are you know we're assembling,
large vehicle in their this year we get last year some of this but stop working on a staging area and there's not a room and,
unless you are participating with your batch quickly and your response please do not attempt to go inside the staging area,
no please don't ya think i wanted to address was for people who,
will not be getting to the convention until saturday who are in a parade with you have check in last.

[21:55] Add response there so when you come and have your batch postcard or email,
are with you and check in at the gate and both the front and the back gates have ordered the chicken
add document plus recipe and so give it your name will check you forget your wristband and away you go inside so where we can accommodate that as well that's for the internet for the individuals registered right.

[22:22] Right registered individuals only as we have on the rest if you're not in the lists you don't get it and group several other groups that supposed to take care of all that,
right on let me ask when they are so i am not participating in the parade.
And i really wanna watch it where are some of the best places and best times to get lined up.

[22:47] New okay i cannot recommend the best place to watch it frame anymore because is it really crowded now for the most part i can say that people had good results,
go up into parking garages along the route which i am.

[23:06] Baby don't have a street level of you when your not able to interact directly with the participants in a parade but u do you have a good view probably won't have anybody in front of you and maybe one other person in front of you,
hey something to let you know if you get tired and you get some shade so parking garages are good ummmm.

[23:30] I always say that the stages yet and we're weekend the parade
are probably not the best places to pick on i noticed excited me and alot of people gravitate to that area but it just all kinda like chaos and nobody is like really like doing your thing,
that's what you're gonna do to the route so if you just like to watch.
A bunch of chaos when people get ready and wind up then okay but we would prefer that you would stay away from those two areas,
um yeah that's the block a peach tree between london and north avenue and then they are,
the beginning of the block with the marriott san on peachtree center you though
if you get there just to get there
um early enough i was i would say you probably really want to start a whole week po ba
about a block away from the stop like that,
yeah has anyone comes out there all just sort of crammed up together not gonna see much is it gonna be able to pick it up if you gotta block out.

[24:45] Yeah it is where i would also ugh john on that point shes just.
Add the time the parade as we said stopped off at ten so john and i have for years how many people r t.
We're getting there at seven thirty and eight so yeah if you really wanted great see.
I plan to be there any later on about oh fifteen.

[25:14] Yeah that's true anywhere around great anywhere on the route yeah yeah.
Yeah the places to send be the most crowded are the ones the block sir.
Around the highest and western around that area i have seen people staying out there claim on the sidewalk at seven in the morning going downhill page,
so um i don't i just think that people are gonna be sitting there for,
three hours south waiting for the parade to get there but that's that's what people do um,
is this youi heard this already once that this is the largest parade in atlanta.
Can i get your other grades in atlanta what might even be the largest crane in the southeast but yeah that's what i heard.
No lot of people from atlanta.
It's not just dragon con attendees a lot of people from atlanta coming they love doing it and they bring their kids it's actually a great way,
did you love it i mean we've seen or happy faces so it's great because you wouldn't want to print,
who said no i dont really like being outside or hang out with a bunch of people so is there any other way that i can see this parade.

[26:38] Heck yeah that's job is nurse.
How surprising yeah actually actually um you can you can watch it from your home the comfort of your home in the gw much for the query minutes logged,
are studying at ten o'clock on saturday morning and i will the channel sixty nine in atlanta that is our address
did you see that the also runs a live stream of the parade water broadcasting it.
I want to ride and edited replay of it on sunday morning at eleven o'clock um dc tv.
Brandon a live broadcasting the parade in that can be seen in any of our hotels in.

[27:28] Adolf yo are we have a wonderful new thing that spins around what two three years now call the streaming the streaming membership yes.
And we will be broadcasting the parade live over the streaming membership as well,
are there other ways to watch it but we love it when the people come,
what's your sign and have a good time i feel like a pg at one point in time sad that we had maybe a deer ninety thousand spectator is out there when your self.
Play the other people.
It's a lot of people and its wonderful really is great because like all my dentist that is a lot of people yeah show so i cannot tell you enough but the parade.

[28:19] If you are driving away to go out the day of all DCT we is your best bet and the hotels not only having your room but also if not hotel you can come over and a lot of screen will have it up.
Lights in the lounge areas of our areas in places like that.
Yeah now i do want to mention something cuz you said you said that she will be having in streaming if you go right now to see w atlanta,
got cbs local i don't know why it's suggest local dot com let's see the beer landed at cbs local dot com.
Um there any have a badge of honour homepage for a drink on parade watch now.
Add a bill even have last year's parade here we do yeah probably get to feed the fish will go live ten minutes before the parade start,
just click on the video above right before the parade and enjoy so even if you're not in atlanta,
you can watch it well that's true yeah.

[29:23] Oh my goodness that's amazing when you start thinking about twelve people the first your little faget people on the side of the road did ya doing.
I remember is i just remember when i started help with the umm,
when do the things like i walk with us at the end of my really okay.
Ok is more people need to look more pretty when you ask how will they react.
We use to set a table outside of registration bad people when they came out with like to get a break with life being afraid,
so that's that's our use to get people in the parade where i'm alex.
Look i have a first born child and gold it not whatever,
can get good a new controller going,
can i please have a breaking bad right now jan is gonna go i don't want the first born i'll talk about the calling but no you cannot have the bracelet unless you are already signed up.

[30:37] He promises it's bad breaks my heart it really does give me that i hate to say is no and if i could get everybody wanted to be in the parade and i would play it by,
hurry up even the way we do it now cuz where you have to yeah,
keep on going and we're supposed to be off the street
you know there's a there's a start time and end i'm am for the and the city of atlanta,
what do you always say we want to mention one other thing.
It was already mentioned by todd but there is a disability area in front of the hyatt.
Run of the highest there is a disability area so if you are different we able or unable to do certain things.

[31:27] Come right there and it's great so i had really scary actually disability services for,
hey there,
tell them that you would like to be in that area,
no that was just started going up stairs me not be able to accommodate everyone so it's best to find out whether or not you will be able to sit there or stand there,
are before you show up so i can check with that if i not sign up with disability services can i access my play without the first book first and foremost you have to have,
ummm the sticker on your badge that it recorded me you and if.
Friend or whatever credit i got is not doing all your friends know yet,
no and again it's reasonably calm and reasonable accommodations so if if it is in and check again with kelly services great so um if if they're saying well if you want to be here if you're gonna have to get
deactivate starting at eight o'clock just like everyone else or something like that.
Then if you show up at eleven picking you gonna be able to get in there eleven already created you yo our break through ten plus seventy.

[32:53] I listening some people say oh you know i really want to go to this panel that is at ten cuz there are some.
It's behind and we only have so many rooms and spaces in time.
Where this is the only time i'm not able to do whatever.
If you are at dragon con it will be re shown on the CCTV,
what also if your dragon con buy that ten dollar streaming membership and you can watch it to your hearts content.

[33:22] You can go backwards and forwards and have a great time so just remind me to give you dope again go to freight watch the parade but.
You got other opportunities to be able to select the parade,
the only thing that i am not feeling good
i am not disagreeing with you here and there with you i have never seen what he who,
which gpu was at the gym broke me last year i would like those broke me which wasn't the deadpool was the bikini deadpool.
How was that wasn't the whole yeah i hear from him.

[34:05] Very interesting deadpool just saying.
Yeah totally grateful that are our that pulls in the parade really live the spirit and letter,
tell me if they do anything.
May i promise me that can hurt anybody on the road before i let him go down yeah,
they know nothing i only work.
Help me come to dragon con to see that celebrities have it are there any celebrities that are in the heat.

[34:38] Yes there are sprays marshall.
Are we have what we have prayed marshall every year is this your grand marshal is mark sheppard,
how many people are my spirit hey,
are there natural when is chile and fire flyer would a he's a little black dress of and he is and everything he is awesome
add me the wonderful thrill walking schedule you probably hit something it was in.
Yeah okay i think you even did like a small part in one of the doctor.
Yes a while back i'm sure it was snag free radical yet,
how excited to have him we also have live right now is returning and loved and prayed ugly ass bitch,
he's gonna be in the prayer to be leading our rob surprise group how you know.

[35:41] When is that had jake the snake the wrestler awesome and i'm just i'm just praying it is the snake jon what is the one you told me that.

[35:53] Hit the end of the things you would like thrillers snake on the people you know who is gonna kill me cuesta throw ultra snake on on top of yo constructor,
yeah has it yes the yellow or golden boot construct a python,
we had it for years and nothing still got her i just i just had a horrible auditions to the snake accidentely getting loose from the convertible an uber
what are making a beeline toward the spectator is unlike no record
no lowest hey where the need to respond to that address where were we i don't i don't know how no legs really freaks me out and also you're right john,
march was in doctor who and you know him,
who can answer that going again to that yes sir yes
who is in doctor who and now remember the episode was born with some time travel and nixon so it was a great episode of reviews of the episode of doctor who time travel may i know is yo are y'all
well i wanna know how many of these we have done so far and so.

[37:13] My break i'm sprinting is rebecca you so i'm trying can we had a beard yo are down to.

[37:24] Beardedclam this anywhere a black t-shirt,
yo are forty seven thousand people,
yeah hiding on their hands waiting on anywhere shorts okay seven hundred,
seven and a half thousand how would also like to add with celebrities and they base,
add a like to walk with with fans and that type think we get different folks are you just kind of joy in icenter not,
i like official create marshall state just enjoy being in the parade is the date of brewer who is the author of the universe i believe it's called,
yes i'm.

[38:05] How is net promoter name please forgive me a call to contact who is the young adult literature author is marching in the parade this year she always does fun stuff ugh.
Address is a fairy princess so i can see what she does so and you know if you order a few more may show up in new bridges not aware of them yet so who are you.
Yeah what was the old people don't let sin that we didn't know about so just FYI.
Yeah who are the celebrities of you one of those featured what,
yep future if if you're if you're if you're a gift to dragon con which feature guess,
you are a sponser and we have a new sponsor this year i will never was trying again but we also have the atlanta film tour's,
can you hello,
that's what i'm looking forward to that order if you're with the official charity and your charity is the american heart association
and there going to be in the parade um also the superheroes a section and one of our directors is actually um
the heart hero.
Who will be riding in their car,
fabrice spent in books you like me made it through a maid spectacular progress with weight.

[39:34] Any issues dealing with the heart so we're looking forward having them as well that's actually kevin so he has posted publicly on.
On the official dragon con page or a group rather any computer probably searching for for kevins name there and i,
read the story of this and it's really heartwarming turn on so,
you know it's a wonderful story i didn't what the heart association
does and it is just kind of amazing so yeah spell your sons of i'm a skater kids i'm a finance project here hundred
if your watching the parade,
no encourage you to be aware of your surroundings ok so if you notice there was a kid that is behind you,
and cannot see the parade understanding that they are shorter than u and they were really i'm at the end of the this for all of us but i know the kids get the most out of it we understand the reality of.

[40:46] Captain america's not you know captain america umm but i live in a want to see they wanna see their favorite characters please offer a pissy offer but you offer to take a step back so that good,
is the pool taking a toll tag and once the gods off my alarms but will takes,
wearable after talking about i'm really upset and have an opportunity to see everything it's just common courtesy enough even if you don't have to be in the.
The young disability area would you happen to know if someone is in a chair or different will the challenge,
i also offered to let them be in front of you please it's just the common courtesy thing,
todo it will the weather look like in the kids and they are a step away from them other than where they are not allowed to cross the street anyway,
no one's allowed to cross the street when the parade is on um the it's a good thing to do so please please please be aware of your surroundings and give up a c,
who are you step to a child so they are able to see what's going on around them.
Start a blog for this because i like you so box on that and i think its really important too because the other thing is.

[42:11] When i watched these kids do in the storm troopers are walking down the street and it only one love who love the superhero love disney they love seeing that you would star wars container likes and the general,
light sea in the other people but when they see north baina.
I have never seen kids get so big and so happy and i have been crazy for darth vader by just thinking about all of your kids have a hero in their.
Yeah we'd we updated them with heroes on getting everything else were you in person please please let's it's important.
Who are the magic so let's also sorry that's my soap box.
Good drop get a box do you think john just mentioned is across the street.
There are railings put up in certain areas on this route.

[43:12] Hi tried to jump over the railings and go through atlanta police officers around those railings so they dont get worried of what you're doing so don't do it that's why i need to be on the westin
and um outside come,
you are leaving your room at eight because otherwise i have to go through peachtree center if that is working and then go up to the other way so yea,
do that committed mass of people.

[43:48] If you're coming into the city to watch the parade and you're not a game with transportation ugh,
i would recommend that you call ahead to one of the companies that were reserved parking white parking panda i think there are several others and that is the name that i remember ummm to reserve some parking otherwise you're gonna have,
a lot of time trying to find something within walking distance,
the north avenue,
station will you close our staging area quit that CD got bad bike up with what are they are pissed street center station put you out right in the middle of all that chaos,
that gets you right there at the hyatt in front of the hyatt,
i said as i'm not familiar with the bus schedules or stock that i'm sure there are conveniently located,
open the streets in downtown atlanta so i need you get off at peachtree center and you know woke up,
that you get there any get to a point where you feel like ok this is good hes right up st center.

[45:04] Is across the street from the hyatt so it's a mass of people.
So what more is smart in this one dr tomorrow,
take more than that what is a martyr it smaller.

[45:19] Where can i find more you know who will receive add why haven't i don't live atlanta but,
who are the main either cause i don't live in another job so hey how are you.
What are y'all some dylan to pray um is there anything else you'd forgotten john am looking at our lives were always there anything we have forgotten this far.

[45:44] Yes i don't know except you know invite people to come on out and have a lovely safe hike much bread with that.
How a lot of i'm,
and if you are a member of dragon can you would like to see it up close and personal,
we always welcome parade morning volunteers to help us get that ass so yeah hey how we will have our check-in table where people come to pick up the wristbands of they deserve.
Thursday and friday almost all day long but there's no they shouldn't,
i will be across from the onsite registration branson georgia room so i think it's with your call and what have a banner blue canvas christmas light,
i'm having cannot registration and turn to the left.
Go past the door outside right there then you have the right to cancel.
How about we have been waiting for you to come in but if you're interested in volunteering just prayed morning because you might like to see everything up close and personal
m back you can march in the parade if you're a bot will send you down the road with,
and appropriate section of the parade so you can come in costume but can't sign up with me if you're interested in volunteering with.

[47:11] And again thursday or friday because after friday night with disappear lookup going.
Oh god lol yeah i need you to help the parade is it fun,
it's it's fine if you watch it,
how many watch a hotel room and the lobby of anything your right there up close and personal it is awesome and there's always something every year that i like how did they do that.

[47:40] Like what i'm saying it's from the worst,
i had the same problem and they were put together and i'm like they are not gonna make that buy stuff.

[47:51] I don't know how they did it but they did have the big,
brown with the loan hey size just about central air and it should be back with this again this year
how is something i'm not seen everything there's something else that got my attention,
i got someone purchasing nineteen forties hearse and makeup will end to a steampunk one.

[48:19] Yo on.

[48:23] Yeah there's a lot of great things to say every year i'm i'm am so amazed at what goes down that street every year.
I really like it is clemson because everything.
These are all basically dragon can members who spend their time and money put in all the stuff together so.

[48:44] Yeah come apply yet yet.
Okay we're done i would not quite done yet two things i wanna we did just mention where the table is but also u do you have a.
I really active pretty much all year round um up,
please book tokyo on broadway in little we have the group in front of me and i still can't think of what the heck is called principal,
hey turn the speaker on facebook.

[49:23] Hey.
Who takes all of your data and add data until september my uncle hey yo are there right now though
anyway so let's make idli you have OU have a dream about their drinking for a group rate.

[49:45] Ray and brad i have only remind you that on the fifteen february you better be unlocking
better how are we here we up we give warnings in announcements and also scarf,
but yeah that's a good group to join and even if you're not going to be in the parade i know have
why do people who are basically spectator is it better in n they and they're great but,
log information to get people are so encourage people to join if there at all interested in the parade,
we do make announcements in things constantly during the year sound.
Yes thank you for mentioning yes that's a good place now this is the point of show where i ask you to give me a number between one and twenty.

[50:34] Can i get doesn't matter trust your favorite how much money.
Thirteen one two three four five six,
i know you have to count cuz that's how many he has twenty stacks of the trivia cards,
yeah yeah hopefully it's not a sports watch television,
good a place
time with television how many years is active years nationally want to roll the dice every time we have the fifty sixty seventy eighties and nineties a sham what what decade would you like to play.

[51:15] Oh play the sixties.
The sixties okay yeah that was not the answer i was expecting how.
Turn the volume up just to make sure they're little bit shuffle there,
add jane to the first question then then legally it's next one then so forth and so on until i get five guys nineteen sixties what great martial artist maestro master maestro.
What ever played kato in the green hornet.
Bruce bruce latest collect let all of these questions be bad easy yes well which kind of sealy distance for you would scottish actor played a,
billy elliot,
where can i don't know lol from who are you guys anyways,
lucky NCIS man why can't i get his name out cuz i want to say it some,
david somebody but i got my demons so far a great david david at adm.

[52:22] Thank scottish hello going douglas david donahue david new scottish make make.
Make macgregor dillon who mitch got called harmony of america.
How i know i know that but can.

[52:50] How many everything on that jeffrey nineteen sixties tour falls combat was a series that took place in world war one.

[53:00] Halt right to place him.
World war two lol okay please what were the names of the other brothers and their comedy series.

[53:14] Can tom that is correct.
Yeah what was the nineteen sixties is the one ripping through it like any other better before that because you have listened to the hater we will watch nick at nite we are grown up,
this one will be able to see the show.
What occupation did oliver douglas have had in manhattan before moving to green acres.

[53:42] Ok i want to see news your bitch remember hundred percent that was correct,
yo on,
who is singing the song can get it in there green.
Okay i got really love american style launched in nineteen sixty nine.
Just leave that right there and lasted for how many seasons to five or seven.
You five are seven love american style i wanna go five that is correct.
Yeah i wasn't the only one who got hit what is,
really TV break some love america's got a big me,
no add harrison ford was what's the weather like yesterday.
Um jen which song in my life resigns was adopted was it like chip organic.

[54:48] Ight what is your username,
what is he actually good morning news actually the fourth of the yep yep.
Are we um.
I can't pronounce the name selector switch to the next one hopefully what was the name of the other what was the name of the character in green acres play buy a keyboard.

[55:20] How she always called him dining on.

[55:27] Play a song ahead again ugh i didn't trish i don't know.
Umm no it was lisa douglas lisa how are you doing this is for the win.

[55:41] Make a right back to green acres again green acres a spin off of what popular situation comedy series.

[55:51] Greetings it's been awhile i cannot believe i know that.

[55:59] Janet how to train a petticoat junction heading that it is correct for the wind yo on okay.
And does anything petticoat junction what is long as green acres but yet why is he there yet.
Can i add ya hey sixties TV who did we all have that crap in our heads but i don't remember what my.
What my password is on google when i need to go to a new device it says about if yes i feel your pain.
Where did you go i'm over here where he okay well just when you don't owe you one of just a m next,
how can i park.
So when i want to take a while to get rid of me can you tell me what we got to sleep that's actually no.

[57:01] I know to remind everyone we are the check in desk is again and what time the parade launches.

[57:09] I got the check in desk so the sheraton lower level across from onsite registration which i believe that georgia room,
we will be there thursday from ten am to ten pm on friday,
from nine thirty am to eight pm and prayed watches saturday morning of august thirty first at ten AM sharp.
Rain or shine so you can or shot.

[57:33] Most recent post rain or shine.
Noe st map nasty nasty storms let me in property and lives do better now.

[57:47] We love your app.
Alright so again janet thank you for taking time out of your busy busy busy busy schedule this morning i'm sure that you're still trying to get everything.
Button up and raped to go for saturday morning so we'll get back to that and is always i'd like to remind folks to think of all in here.
Ugh least once a day can they are there to the giving up their time to make your experience that much better so.

[58:16] Until next time you leave you only very much for having me yo on till next time.
Rilee jan this is jon saying he's.

[58:32] Goodnight love happiness.

[58:38] This has been a production of the unique pink.
Leave a comment suggestion for less that eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit here to not come.
Move the cyan twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[59:01] Music.