50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 5 - Fast Times At Dragon Con High Fantasy

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Okay,
did dragon con the podcast that all your fantasies and joining me as o e is the highest of high priests.
When i actually am terrible i have to restart this recording.

[0:34] I help a record your side of the conversation is well.
Are you in love.

[0:45] Music.

[0:54] Yo are the light one on
yo on,
yo on this is nicky.

[1:17] Music.

[1:22] Who did the podcast that isn't your fantasy,
hey joining me as always is the high princess iz a stop in the wrong email the second time here,
that's really bad.

[1:47] How am i doing it just yet so yes i am doing great
how are you doing tonight i am doing fine and i know doing fine now that the recording both sides of the conversation that idea
what is a good idea so you were a lot of people added today i will be driving all the people like the riff trax kaiser here
under now we got um dl yellow power ranger.
Karen ashley is coming which is really cool umm and alot of damn people to and i'm not getting list all the people because.
I will miss someone so maybe that would be like if you like my game is i like all games because other people like them and i am very happy for that so yea them request because when we talk to no guys we can,
get me briana talking about all the gaming people and all just not a lot cuz i don't know anything about games but,
when is good time and you know we are to pay is thursday's show officially it's only forty this tuesday fourteen,
which of if you're reading this recording yes it would be.

[3:13] Add four sets green arena six ass we as we are from daisy out currently word what if we are forty eight days tho,
yeah i did so again so i need to know who this is the time where i really wish that i had a magician.
Bora wizard who are somebody like that who can help me get days back but,
that was really hard to find john are but i bet we have some of them i know where to find them it would be nice to have the jennifer who is the director for high fantasy and how jennifer,
may i ask is you going well it's going very well and we would love it if you actually found that wizard or,
whatever because i really could use a couple more days seriously you want to talk to u i dumbledore or do you wana
like what was returned a pic from ya not dumbledore cuz he has not good things.

[4:25] How to not good you confirm yes that's a good term for him,
and i am just realizing that more and more when my son re read them any said who doesn't do things exactly right nowhere oh,
when does it end and out with watching the new ones it's no,
so the first question is jennifer what is the high fantasy track that drunk.

[4:59] What is he trad deals with the high seats at seven hundred and so we are not limited just took a turn we can do don't speak movies we continue shows,
can you dance the UK and anything else wants balls and category and see which means that follows,
turn me that classics a classic pulled muscle.

[5:31] Urgent words and things like that so i'm a lot of the classic fantasy.
Would you allow pets in legends of details.
How was carpets in your stories too and okay to use some cool right.
Things to try the samples had show.
If we are even in game of thrones would that be high fantasy.

[6:02] Would a wood bi fantasy okay but if i were talking about primera darker.

[6:12] That would actually be,
file it correct that's not us that's not u ship to know where it is but it certainly isn't high is not real time,
that would be wine,
where is bob and i see that brandon sanderson was married is high fantasy okay i gave thrones on the rings other.
Ask steven erikson series um ok thanks and medicines books are high fantasy are the books.
Turn back set camera up great area i think dragon con consider them to be more so i okay where can i would always who is the question what is your high fantasy.
I understand that there file it and i am trying to figure i had around these new grouping for pass this will be their third or fourth and yet i go about track suit.
Yeah i meant weather wise i decided we differentiate ourselves from the fancy litter track because i'm frances got the great job of that um what we're going to do it more of the classics.

[7:35] Morgan in dec and say hey do what panel that is like your.
Your favorite fantasy not like what are your favorite fantasy stories should i do something like that or we'll um what would you do i like favorite fantasy dragons or something like that i'm going to do more i like,
looking for the olives and dragons in black and white dragons across different cultures um i do.
Yes pick a specific dragon and go to you like the whole.
Go to his whole story or something like that like a smog on small who would like.
May i know that that's why we get very specific in the characters that got one about glad real this year
and i think that's can i go over very well because we really specific like that people show up for like a i know exactly what this is gonna be in this can't be right you know what you think
are there no.

[8:37] Driving can't get the middle of all of the tracks is your gonna be able to very likely unless there is a zillion people in the room but you know you are
opinion who are the others gonna stay at new be like okay they're letting many many different.

[8:55] Opinions be in your what happened what does this mean that happened to you smoke whoever out so that's really cool,
okay i like that and you just make sure and brandon sanderson show what are you doing i mean you're talking about is books is there anything else you're doing with him where is books,
this turns out brandon is the literary guest of honor for dragon con this was super excited
cuz i actually am but rather that his first driving home when he doesn't know his first real time blocks is so that was predicción that's what i was wondering if the time track
i feel like i remember him being scared like a baby author,
not famous yet he can actually walk into a room and i hope people brought a graph that was great,
navigate the guest of honor someone call metal baby's all grown up who,
no i'm sweet alot of fun stuff with brandon exists and he's such a great person to work with albert do a tenth anniversary of
what break which is like a standalone novels is overhead the interior stations for break or time to a panel together and do santos and that can be excellence.

[10:15] Okay that sounds really hope that because he understands is a great person and turn a great artist and suggesting have two of them talk about how they'd.
Pics art work with a brand new four blocks in like just have one and there a lot of history and things like that um i want to respect opinions like that so yeah i actually austin i figure those,
what you know what you were thinking when they,
yeah whatever yeah there is great it makes working a little bit more insight into the creative process that people enjoy that the other retrospective for granted do i'm stardust is having their tenth anniversary this year,
how do gay men.
Hey who are you yeah he brought some stuff do people like it right.
Ask few things just a few things i remember you speak urdu,
yeah neil gaiman actually doesn't have a whole lot of of strictly high fantasy books that you have plays in the greater ease of genre a little bit and set it to play with.

[11:28] What does si another um retrospective and is this a thirty fifth anniversary and dragon lance.
Okay tell somebody who has not read that and run using dinner with my aunts and i guess i should probably go pick it up okay.
Create a lamp from when the first fantasy stories i picked up on i was still in elementary school add my gateway drug until like yahoo
door stopper fantasy trilogy that were so big and the nineties and so the first book of dragons the item twilight.
And when i say it this way but i really need is a compliment but it's basically d d fan fic.
Yo on.

[12:20] Let's start like how they came up with that like the story and characters with somebody it's dungeons and dragons adventure that honey.

[12:29] Yes are there publishing co that did all the games.
What doin all series to tie in with your mom dad to the dragons modules that they would do away,
so they commissioned some theres always interesting to write a series of school on with your games and so it's basically,
sounds like a plan adventure but in novel form,
and could not your girl which is what i was my pick them up for the first time that was mind blowing like i have even heard of dungeons and dragons in the stands for it
and that if very strong characters up the great world building because i was meant to be a game.
Add a lot of asset there was a gateway drug and a fantasy that there was like we were picked up and dance first of the rings first it was one of the other is that interesting and by the way i just found it on amazon
which is not giving any money but if they want to that's great i should a seventy nine so if you do not read it it's not that bad pick up,
and it.

[13:37] I'm gonna redo my rate of it here to couple days and i'm hoping it still holds up as good as our pro when i was kid my husband reading about so i can't pick it up because i always finish up
what should a man spat his like i m on this panel where is my box i need to read them right now
always good how you know what your gonna talk about right now.
That's right you know this is your third year of um.
Of this track has have you any mention to you add some more specific with me or track
topics was there were something i learned over the past two years that maybe you thought a particular um,
traffic wasn't working really well but turns out that it will need to be more specific or more broad general.

[14:33] No not really um.
Can i be doing this for awhile in the crockpot time track for over a decade and i running pants which results on called jordan kind and so i have gotten fairly good afternoon i would like things will set,
that the thing that continuously surprises me is just the sheer hunger for the rains and game of thrones content like
those two things.

[15:01] I'm an order was it soundtrack for a while but those two things that by themselves n and keeping those in balance with each other is really difficult sometimes.
No i create is merely talking beforehand other order the rings is getting its own series,
add it is um so expensive but not a game of thrones i understand the name of thrones my beautiful right now
we are looking for there is no more game of thrones except to play ball in the post will not,
and we need to print more money who are the frequent out like how may pre qual series are coming out because ub.

[15:46] Can i get a game of thrones lol i'm amazon schedule of the rings sprinkle TV show.
Weather frequent coming out you can forget we've been to know one another come series is getting a.

[16:02] Hey what is that yet but we'll no sought that was sent again.
Ok so you notes leave type for me real quick remember who the amp training can figure out what the heck no what's it like,
worldnews world of time what is the what is one world of the horses.
What is that ok so is he gonna do some other panels in madison on those topics correct.
I wanted to have on two panels one nine just the door the rings tv show,
add what we can expect from that what we know what we are special lady is gonna happen and i got the same thing with the wheel of time tv show i'm real time is a little bit farther longer production.
What is the directions from the last email from it.

[17:00] Okay so it's other gundam or obviously to talk about them and that um i think both sandwich opera low yatt and resistance um real time amazon was where is the jessica ordering,
how about amazon okay so yes i was ecstatic since many of those hoops and netflix is throwing money.
Anybody really know what are the funniest ask john when we go there by your offices i understand will just throw money at you as you walk by um let's get,
put on i get yeah because everyone has what everyone this is my life ugh you're forty something white white guys saying this but i um
but a lot of people have amazon prime so therefore they have prime video so it's already gonna build and yellow built in audience for,
for that um,
right then you got a toolbox for spell on they have to know what they're best selling series hope that the god of war or the rains and we all time and there's
there's an audience for that
yes and no for someone who hasn't how many red wheel of time which would be mean and i dont really very much begin with but umm.

[18:25] It still seems interesting rate still seems because i do know that there is this from world.
Just built motor from everything i've heard that its a fantastic world of men and really questioned her think that.
Seems like it would work for a four series so other stores that is well of course i want to wake kids i'm saying accept the throne at every game of thrones but i certainly did enjoy it um theatre.
I'm a case when we asked your parents about you know when amazon only sold box there was a time when i was just thinking this.

[19:05] Alert that is a long time ago and it totally mad long ago did not know that.
My head when i first started selling other stuff like what are you doing,
know what they're good a thing on the internet with just go to the store tell who shoes on the internet yet what i record other things in johnny we gonna mention it was starbucks but i'm.
What are the things to do a demo on prime is just put out good omen which help great reviews and a full how many people were watching it.
The bigger that they require from yahoo this is safe to at this point,
that's what you're doing and that's a lot of people don't like fantasy,
and fyi and that makes me all happy lol not even adapted fantasy like that jack ryan show you how,
what's wrong yo on what i do i do i always question list though because.

[20:16] What is the benefit for amazon to even have amazon prime video i don't understand what they're what they're getting out of that other than,
you know press to get a sprint because i'm still gonna pay i was gonna pay that highlight reel for prime regardless.
Weather the yes please i want the one that your friends delete you off that people who dont want it for the shipping,
smh things to buy a discount at whole foods nearby if you can get it
that streaming TV shows that i want to make sure it stays still a valuable one that you never leave u hurt your friends to sign up for it
wake me up again and good friends was only on that so i would like you and i just haven't worried about amazon.
Everybody saying that's great and it's only that much that i can't do it.
Show today shipping when my mother is the prime cast began for joining us tomorrow we will talk about that access exploring for that.

[21:23] Yeah so the amazon money when ever they want to send it however they want to send it to all those films so upside besides you know i'm feeling for amazon but i think we're good
pencils are you going to be rain this year let's see what else there gonna be anything other with god,
lot of florida stuff is the fantasy track i would like to have a lot of game of thrones content because it is the last season of game of thrones.

[21:58] All the things that happened and i think that we should have been dead.
Gotta pay called are failed at sat and talked about how the different characters ended up in a few questions are you going to talk about when the actual last book is gonna come out.
From where not this year i'm not going to bring one of our panels um i mean really we all know the answer and sir result come out it comes out when it comes up with this.
What is treewalk.
No at the fair but would you have a panel about he released to history book but set the world on last year that the panel but that doesn't push the story forward basically equal the history of the targaryen family.
Hmm that it adds.

[22:49] Yet another story forward yep he was busy also you know basically creating a whole universe where this video games coming out next year,
where is something to say you know who is really so busy doing other things of not writing up book it granted.
You can do every once it's suppose its no no i don't know how many other authors in the history of time have gotten so much flack for not.
Wishing help you book quickly i mean is a pos,
j k rolling maybe but you know even put that much because from what i understand he always bed very slow writer.
And he's procrastinator and struggle with writing blog so he switch careers so may i ask where you first you wasn't shorts tried them tv show of all like it,
he likes me but my brothers interested to mathematics and,
hey can you text to text you and it just has to take batch while what little thing is to just write disney right on like a really an action word processing program anyway.

[24:04] I forget the name of something that i start making an eighties it's not work it's always worked perfect.
Yes like worldstar something like that so weird that so he can only write when he's at home in his office n only write on this when it because it's the only thing that has the smoker that works for him.
Really is in crab oh my goodness okay.
I'm good love meatballs and michael's whole things gone yeah yeah i get that like nothing there's nothing forever.

[24:44] Hey what's not going on besides besides being able to fight that will suit from the police came across the properly and those that don't believe in the property.

[24:57] Most splendid get tickets to panama one panel like people who thought it was that was great and another palette people without what's that sucked and i realize no way now to keep them separate people short with everyone i wanted to anyways.
Fist fight it either way so i don't want the status for the gap in one spot.
I do i just looked it up it was the worst of it was worldstar forgot oh ne runs only on DOS so.
Yeah yeah what is on your lights haha you would fit right in and basically without the current season of stranger things so.

[25:40] Give me up the model you guys up that guy strange with the big screen.
Hey baby the early adopter ok so besides besides not spreading the good busy but i fear for your life but okay umm i wanna be.
Give me trunk tweets pants are actually pretty pale people passionate but polite.
The side game of thrones going to do am i want to do some more diverse content this year because i feel like hi fancy gets his reputation of being like the white stan white people john rose and i don't think that's true.
So we got to pay knows that boundary little bit you got wine its thousand one middle and eastern influences very full.
Vivienne instruction method how to implement a fantasy you must be annihilated how that go work send him things.

[26:42] I wanna about african influence is a fantasy film should a cool white panels for boat about what i was able to really get it deep a good deep bench going up at different panel is who.
You will help what's up,
yep i was telling somebody that's cousins somewhere to stay you know who did your dragon con must be so hard to schedule it like not really like it when the spotlight i have so many great panel is to pick from
that picky and i can be a very specific about what i want for my panel is um okay with doing is about it
call the anti nausea panel it's about his dark materials and okay.
Installments anti religion themed and that because we tend to religion pill every year in fantasy,
so this year with anti religion panel instead.
And so it was not difficult to find but i could be a very specific and say i am looking for people who want to talk about.
Anti theft i don't want people to defend and are you there
i'm looking for people who really do you want to talk about anti thi is i'm an atheist and how do i work some i fancy i don't want it to be a debate between two camps right thing like that i was able to put together a panel.
That's really cool band that that's an idea to pull.

[28:10] You always hear so much about you and all of the references so,
view not from a his dark materials i would have read two of them i know i should read more how so i'm a little bit ahead of you so yeah bye loser i mean that really.

[28:29] Interesting idea when a photo of what that's really cool you did when you got people to do it that's also a great thing about dragon con too you.
Is when you start looking at some other tracks that we have you seen,
oh never thought of that where is my goal as a i don't want to do the ugliest things i don't want to do the things i like i like siemens panel one hundred conventions i want to do something,
that's a little different like i didnt want to do diversity and high fantasy in just put a band collect me on a panel,
damn kala that i really wanted to dig a little deeper i want it to be a little bit more specific,
com and i wanted to be a little bit more mindful about how our work.
Sounds good sounds good so um also could you find that your personal interests you are how many panels do you schedule for your interview just.
Keep when will md what is your usual.

[29:33] Hey i'm experimenting a little bit this year whenever we had to open up to bedroom for something i'm also waiting a smaller panel in the back room,
start programming this year very cool you know who number four.
I'm sorry you said what you said about her with you okay tell me something dropped off everything you are doing something program start.

[30:03] Hours of programming this year oh okay wanna get dropped off here the number of hours and twenty hours.

[30:12] Three to thirty two ok,
nope you just put morgan forty two to forty two alexa haley file that got inside that are not good amy is a significant amount of program.
Have you got the eddie gonna say yeah.
Only tryna make everybody schedule yet what happened started yet john,
ask how should a yellow there may i get my tracks i can is extremely is already i cannot do this fighting have a blessed to have.
Hey how many yards how many folks do you typically have on the volunteering for you is it on staff.
Last year i had six total this year they're letting me have eight okay let's add tatico.
Yes is that a good amount of people let it and they help me rhonda room the help me moderate panels they help me make sure the show when they're supposed to show up in its place alex.

[31:27] No let me go because and this comes up from other folks how
if someone to volunteer for your track is your full this year but when is someone you know want to volunteer for you track how do they go about doing that it from your perspective.

[31:44] Set the new volunteers light golden for this year are people who contacted me previously and said hey there evan opening
let me know
add the block brochure for tracking in mine and they wanted to add more people i talked to mrs hey this is what i need this is what i want
i'm is it something that you that you can do you are you still interested and they said yes or no and they said yes then they're were added to the staff.
Ok so if for example sentence two.
Who are trying to enter staff next year if you have an opening um just basically reach out to go through the regular dragon con email channel or whatever um,
and say hey tell me happy and try to combat oregon alte sticking up for someone to look at later.
I need don't have to remember that email right now because of your dragon con site a new look under what to do if and trucks and you can do that and he is right there along with email.
How are you doing any big special events like god answering this year.

[32:55] Have two dances this year who were which is our annual told contained party.

[33:05] Where the nearest been high fantasy track i'm the one that help me put that together and it's really that's always a great party.
I got the live band this year on land lol they play a lot of renaissance festivals in like that they play locally up in georgia.
Play great band adam having a DJ afterwards for work and dance party kind of thing.
Turn the eggs the north remembers how to party which will be a game of thrones themed dance party.

[33:38] Advance party not like but no wedding no no no no by by weddings good good,
who are the three what up bro hi dragon anymore and i would think gay,
game of thrones wedding would also cause a bit of from recent we lose someone i deposit money i think you play a top down first yeah least one.
and where do you know what you're gonna be situated add them today as we record this which hotel in space are you at war gonna be in the marriot on in elsewhere one,
never on the same level as the starbucks,
hugo kinda behind the starbucks around the corner under the stairs and on one side is safety and on the other side is track your very cool i know right where that is cuz i know what is starbucks,
cuz i love that starbucks.

[34:38] Traffic at starbucks tell her we can't log from that who did i leave that starbucks is a lovely lovely thing to be that's right,
how is good double shot americano will make what u up no matter what i'm so yeah what are is there anything.
Would you have a pinched right now but is there anything you're doing that would be.
Less family friendly or more kid friendly.
I'm def like bring your kids to the game of thrones panel i wouldn't play wid u a late night northrop no it's called game of thrones any theories.
Do i have left.

[35:19] Do you know it's not the moderate that panel was just kind of tried it out and they're still no i just perfect,
i just any fan of series and i'm like yeah there's no way that can be family friendly fic is the night,
yeah i don't think you can do a looney tunes and keep it.
Ladies yeah no problem that's okay so you don't do that ima thrones but yeah so the drive control is pretty much without doing that completely nobody other than,
adults until ten o'clock at night anyway so let's just one standard right now but that
and i think that's a good standard because people we want people to be able to bring your kids to dragon con because that's why sacramento next generation exactly
that is completely and
italy about a similar leading the next generation i wouldn't that this is normal so that makes you compare my kid at six weeks,
how's the weather how is the little pony baby at six weeks dame so he started yelling and we just kept gonna now is on staff for ever so yeah not so.
Yo on.

[36:41] We have a whole family has on staff that's it dad and his son's wife are my tracks.
Go hey bot generation of family affair and they're all really solid people so its credit.

[36:59] Ok and um so there's that and are there anything that you would say this would be a really good one of your
trying to get her tryout interested maybe etsy in dark materials or are something else this am getting honda is your starting one.
I'm eating brie is always family friendly and its early enough in the evening that you really can't take your kids to it add lights.

[37:27] Something that's not a parade at ten o'clock on saturday,
add we have a presentation from david once all day when did the comic book adaptation that the lord of the rings the hobbit film are from him.
Heiko says that all being very cool.
I want to see another good one map for where i'm i be more family friendly um i'm actually can i schedule a spreadsheet layout would a right.
How may i go but there's still like me spelling mistakes in it whatsoever when you see john
add can you can throw something at him for that question see folks we have schedule we just don't share them they're still andrew and there is no reason you sure you.
Just get upset when i change things hey i got your that the reason is that because somebody said you said this is gonna be honest i'm at this time in new jersey.
Yeah and i said stop.
It's a google doc is gonna change you gotta change alot.

[38:46] I'm not saying anything else that jumps as particularly family friendly but that's only knew i was trying to put on the spot that's fine so what wear some stuff for that but yes as we said anything game of thrones.

[39:02] Best i get promotion because of my health go ahead.

[39:10] Oh no you go first lol no no i was a snarky tango on.

[39:17] What should i insure with the internet is filled with plenty of snarky dont need me desserts ummm say that it's true.
What is a is my husband is a huge troll can bring in
how we have many many copies in this house are you doing anything on the simple really and so i can just send in there and yes we do have some inferiority panel,
yeah okay add the similarity and panel yeah and so it's.
Details i give are still putting together but yes we are here so you have to live for and so perfect feeling with the request,
i am feeling that i am feeling my mission that is very good AI,
will not let me know what you talking thing people ask for the last couple years we were somewhere and contact mike okay we can do that that were yes that's the one i heard about there gonna be a bit
tv show me news like please let them do this please let us know like ok good luck
who was the yeah okay sir john yeah yes we're almost the end of their something you wanna ask about a raise we got to the end ugh
i can hear u well the question i actually have for jennifer right now is can you pick a number between one and twenty please.

[40:47] In the nineteen this is for the game jennifer.
Figures game time yet are you get the ever so ever so popular but we won't be done at once but that's so vague it's it's nice to have it pop culture trivia ugh,
what are the fresh this is awesome yes that's me opening up the deck.

[41:14] I love that i want to again after that have any other podcasts is my hobby farm,
i called fedex to this number you're finished with my my hoby is to its a pickup not terrible terrible trivia card and cheap on clearance attribute card sets um from places like,
you know martial this order or tuesday morning things like that and this year was that with with like got,
it was a kidney christmas candy store things um i have,
turn the fans off of random decks of pop culture in the activia um,
where can do is run and ask you to review five questions and whoever gets the most out of a out of the five wins the game so between the woodley.

[42:08] I'm in jefferson guess you wanna go first or second am on august second way i can see how to turn it played.
I basically just ask question and answer alex particular game is played that's yo
yeah the question if this is five questions in each of these each these cards i will allow you to choose your own feet um
what do you have time to go ventures
probably not providing different tracking um you know there something um,
who are you to be disable that when i get to you just give me a number between one and five so i can be there between one and five.

[42:57] Twenty third of three thirty what tv series started linea.

[43:05] What tv series started linear algebra and how many suites that is correct to get the furniture.
Yeah yeah when will number twenty five.

[43:18] Yeah to um who wrote the godfather.

[43:24] Who wrote the godfather i pull out i hope not i think i might be some that is enough yeah.
I heard ayo october but i said that it very good things happened that ugly a number between one and five.

[43:51] Hey three who can approve for me the one time that was that's three work out great plus i phone sent all my job when i can not believe you actually got this question and this goes way back already,
what free actresses started in the witches of east wick.

[44:11] Not the television series why does the television series only had like three episodes.
Movie directed by and had thirteenth stop it uh ok now i'm trying michelle pfeiffer was wine.
Do you have brandon was one.

[44:32] And i think she or that is absolutely correct you get the point hey it's hi jennifer a number between one and five.
Who are my contacts with many of those are really old up.
I let me do,
four this time for okay what to pop stars were involved in the infamous wardrobe malfunction incident at the two thousand four superbowl halftime show,
what u pop stars are involved in the wardrobe just like in jackson preview to bring it back.
Alright um trying i'm bringing sexy back ugly one complete.

[45:25] Three hundred k with three other what's the come follow the antics of the cheerful and ambitious bureaucrats lindsey nope in pani indiana.

[45:39] Parks and rec,
sorry morgan and i park and recreation i'm sorry i can give you that off,
who made the godfather to give this one a hard he just trying to make easiest being mean it's ok jennifer when does it reset.

[46:03] From one one okay founded in nineteen sixty three clear rewards recognize accident in what industry.

[46:16] Advertising who was frida three three three alley twenty five.

[46:29] Try,
i don't want to bother reading my country straightened i lose it what reality TV series featured live experts including grooming guru in douglas and culture vulture,
add rodriguez snake forget jose is name that would be the original.
Queer eye for the straight guy actually only square in here but i will give it a point because i was actually okay jennifer twenty five.

[47:09] From.
Three three uh what cold classic set in the small in the hotel know preston was filmed on a budget of four hundred thousand and grossed over forty six million nationwide.

[47:26] What classes from spain.
Set the pool and i'm is correct that is correct re i'm really glad she grabbed that three.
Cuz i had absolutely no clue i'm okay
i want to know yeah u did great i will actually still stay with reload them youtube ads she got the only three i don't know who replaced cap really is kostar of life
would reducing kathy lee prompting a change the name of the show please replace capsule in add.

[48:06] It's that blonde girl and doesn't say that blonde playing near what is your last name.

[48:15] Hello kelly.
You get the chance what is the less republicans well as well as refund hey lets wrap for that i.
Jennifer one to five five up well.

[48:36] I dont know enough but you know if you can get this one but best of luck what am a fighter appeared on the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue in two thousand sixteen.

[48:53] I want a rose that is correct.
Yo are the end and that i would do i would a i love it yeah i would you add to the to the death um.
But also you guys you opening up at sports trivia card said.
No don't do that is such a mean it's my husband's shoot me a look across the room because usually any time there's a sports related question i can play with flip on it and what's her you know that what is hey km,
how do i know that likes pokemon delete name of the atlanta football team freshers what up.

[49:41] What is the address of my forget i like you know what the weather the plane
who is brad i mean he is it bad to not keep track of that stuff know that's right.
Add an awesome i love it
let me know where they can i find you physically at the yeah at the drinking place you know where you're mostly gonna be,
oh that sounds really creepy as i said it but all the hype and if yes then we got you specifically.

[50:27] What is an on-line the mr facebook page we have a facebook group called hi fancy a dragon can i post articles in funny memes bout what's the track covers there,
i am using i like it like out if i put up an article you like me something cuba during a panel about that i'm testing the waters to see what the reaction is a good reaction when happens,
haha that a trick for help yeah now if you wanna see stuff i pay attention what the means or being sure about that.

[51:02] Got out paying the dragon card website somewhere but i'm sure you're smart enough to find it.
Is listed on lap what to do fan tracks.
High fantasy and then sarah its there and we'll find all these links over on the actual post for this podcast of the unique dot com i need a link to anything other PDF
right down so we're driving for example i needed it down will send over to the uni ki dot com and those links will be there.
I jennifer as always i wanna also very proud of you for not writing things down while you're driving,
yes but wanna well yes that is the best please what's your george r. r. martin continue writing where u r um.
Thank you again for joining us we appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule a ramp up to dragon con in reminder for us as directory only got forty days left so it's just a little over a month and half.
What is the deadline to get our car schedule tennis next week.

[52:16] Com so when can open all the help.
I was hoping there stop the app will be updated within the next week actually believe if i'm correct there is now a dragon can rule and we can ask.
Regina or david when they both actually now dragon con does actually discourage is that.
Because they were so many changes and there was no reason to put them out as a draft until the final without.
Will they resist last year as i just published this out the names and descriptions what is that some people would know,
what time they happen that had nothing like that i didn't think that would a newer we were doing it didn't know when.
That is nicki bench and i love it.

[53:15] And this is pretty awesome right because again thank you for you for joining us ugh please be sure to check out the python distracted driving time,
are we getting your find a smoothie.
What's the weather in i don't know what's going on order to kick this is john frey jennifer and lee saying until next time.
Please delete yo are your still talking.
I have no idea how i could use a bot i know you okay.
What is it like avon play this has been a production of the unique pink.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the fuck on twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[54:19] Music.