50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 50 - Pirates Of The Con: At Main'S End

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:42] Hey welcome to another edition of fifty degrees dragon con.
Who are so what does a podcast where yes,
where we try to get drinks to six days and,
who is the one we skipped running at the seven play no no no no stop stop,
stop it the app is out it is five days i don't want that anymore wanna be i don't want the app i think that back.
What does nobody has nothing on the app as useful to me yet your name in their face fundraiser,
what is the use of leave make me go wherever i have to get add sugar,
that didn't sound right sorry ok so yes this is our last one for this year done
who got that wednesday before right was gonna win the wednesday before the first day you can on thursday know when there take on wednesday,
i am you have children your gender black and blue when you come back will you open to whenever.

[1:56] What are you so i have weight just makes me just expects is what i said,
good looking out um level safety people have to send some stuff that people asked about and if you have direct questions for this of anything about the say.
The email is safety is GTY at dragon con dot org.
That is the director over all the other safety.

[2:29] Groups say to people and if there's a weird question send it there he will get answer and thus really quick,
who are not dust because you don't recording tonight and they will dance of the want to buy the way,
enable that if they want to and they will leave your friends behind um slow dance,
create an event on that's the difference no friends of mine that we have the first one to go to a thing of common items that are not allowed at dragon con and i have my very professional voice on
the following items that you would be common place are not allowed to dragon con,
please leave your self sticks and other hand held extender is for mobile devices at home new devices no drones no lighter than air objects either powered or non powered,
maybe flown heather released for deployed dragon con in the convention space.

[3:29] Add no i do what i do have i do have a question but i want to reserve it for when our guest gets here,
okay get the other thing i want to read is about peace my name because this comes up a lot because,
where is the time when people are like okay i got my whole costume together what do i have what are the last things i have to do so-please bonding,
bonding is the use of zip ties to show the property safe for the convention dragon kline has a clear no weapons policy that will be enforced all weapons must be not working and peace bonded.

[4:06] No functioning project our weapons including water pistols silly string bond and paying punk essentials,
all weapons must be shown to dragon con safety that is in the mayor yet,
lol four o five four piece bonding please do not try and peace bond run props different coloured very bright zip ties are used by dragon con eat here let us know,
that your prob has been recently looked at and considered safe for the convention there is also a piece bonding station outside of the walk of fame at the marriott,
what prop weapons a review prior to entry and another piece bonding station on the floor near the elevators across the room and also in the mirror,
so peaceful up and yes that means you're short might not be able to come out of the shit,
even if it's plastic or whatever out piece by madam folks cuz if you don't do it first,
i promise as soon as somebody's,
you will be doing it and usually you're standing into i don't know the david tennant line and your very upset the jeff go get something piece bucket so that it is more of that um u heard them on our.

[5:24] Oh next next next to the last podcast but,
that's it for me this is were doing the time warp again um sao is the democrats a question yet but i just want to know anyway we can get this list of stuff just put a margarita.

[5:41] Who is people coming and making that you just hear it so so that,
give me a lot of people will be staring like leave the air going with the hell is going on but you know that other folks can not understand hindi,
you know the peachtree center i wanna go pastry center las vegas i don't think so but that's a good idea actually am starting to think maybe instead of the music that some of the elevators
play the fate the gipsy moth,
where i know if there is unusually guy wandering around and trying time with lawrence he can start doing here.
Yes please note that all blood work and are better guess that's regina she would not obey,
choose the senior programming director at dragon con hi regina hello yes,
you do have a megaphone you have i can you reserved me know find a bi takeoff said they had it all umm,
labeled with my name on everything so i do when i wanna know is like i'm.

[6:58] I didn't know how are you doing so great at the end of the parade but on occasion and helping after i'm coming in charge of the,
we refer to stars and cars set the marshall instagram marshall and at the same time so i do help with because we can kinda spread out.
Hmmm i help with the crowds coming then i wanted to show that that's or a lot of people is all the praying people would just three thousand people are getting the parade and then everybody who's been watching the parade.
Hey that's doing that so that's sad
that's the estimate and break yeah only members are coming in to join our khĂ´ng but yet,
search regina what does a senior director of programming do at dragon con other than be the person that all of us must obey no matter what if we can track.

[7:57] You got me well not just sex but i'm not good a dragon god,
turn the radio please,
i had a very well known and fan move in,
yeah my job is basically the balance still owed umm i am the person,
that time we have lovely wonderful fabulous content creators mr tractors have some people about for me with the track system the track,
so basically as we have different areas of interest and some of those star wars and star trek
extract can writers strike i feel irritable and all these other people that you've been talking tape and,
play create all this wonderful content um and then i got the one that your science.

[8:57] Where it goes from the tractors have track rooms assigned to them that is something that i am david gordon the tracks track,
senior director can i help them what is our religious kobe but he and i are the ones i bought out of the side where everything else i'm so,
but if something is going to draw more than what i think they're track run can accommodate.
NSS particularly in the case of a very popular author um media casts of course you have a show,
yeah i get that in a hundred percent and that will become a security safety issue because hotels get me upset when there.
Nobody can get it yet could you select your site.
Five hundred people in line are thousand people online for something that's supposed to be a honda person room so um.

[10:00] Jarvis can know what the draw would be i check social media help popular shows are and then i find them to the appropriate size room with the appropriate AV.
Um i collect all that information most of the time um,
add to make sure that the fans have the best experience like in half.
Also anything that would fall out of that side of the tracks of a specific say i'm the catch.
I am the person that can i am main.
Yep anything in main would be things like other contacts umm but it's.
No i don't do the star wars costume contests but i do.
I have the masquerade under me i do you have from the aquarium night.
I am i do have.
The dragon awards i put those in a spot and am involved with that production part of it i help someone apartments under me special events is particularly involved with that um.
And like if you got someone off pills like for instance we got a.

[11:23] White and shining armor that is coming in for one panel.
And bring in some cash cuz i just wanted to come in and get a taste of dragon.
Add a new show on the inter web and up so that will be so.
I love those kinds of things like i do all of all of them is the time i'm also trying to look at.
How crowds flow and your not having everything come out,
same time and maybe try to split crowds um.
So that everybody has a really enjoyable experience,
yes rescheduling your scheduling things about scheduling like a david tenant right before or right after keith urban or something like that some big people
can i draw a lot because you trying so you can or what but i was trying to,
supreme very the anthems
so i wouldn't have per say umm george the okay.

[12:34] Why after we had her husband and that sexy what was u put them in the same with the same time we can i find john want to say about
yeah you wouldn't want to have you would want the fan in the.
Diner yet because i have to get it out what time they get out of out of one panel time i get the line it fly my beautiful
will i have that one of the things you said that is a great thing about dragon kind of like some other kinds bigger kinda special as we clear the rooms between today and that your policy of us we want everybody to have a fair chance.
We also try to reschedule our people multiple days now sometimes i'm filming in particular,
we're keen actors folks um will restrict how many appearances we have.
From france dance umm you talked about carbon.

[13:36] The boys this year and how she end up close to people are filming but they are coming in and doing,
sunday and monday so i'll send this here
friday and saturday and they're coming sunday or monday hey we're gonna get some you don't have that problem it all good he is very helpful but there are two so if you can get what you can,
hopefully get into another if you can't do that then i'm watching the cctv where
buy a stream card and got are the only ten dollars if like to order numbers and their thirty dollars if you're not a member so if for some reason you can't make dragon con this year
you could still buy a thirty dollars straight membership and still get a little taste so they are pants.
Who is the dragon is the troy were always trying to spread the truth that is dragon con and wiki wiki trending that joy.
What are the prereqs add another revenue this year who um we will be having two big parties that are in two hundred peachtree with joe's adjacent to the western.

[15:02] Hey there we are done at cerelabs a beautiful beautiful place who just yes it use to be a really gorgeous.
Department store and that they got updated and it's even more gorgeous now,
what's before wedding so there know who eric pretty lights tomorrow lots of beautiful crystal chandelier.
Ll invite weather would like to barbell there was a baby there not mala yo are sure there will be a lot of
marvel characters that the feeling is that there will be a
what might wear green and gold you never know when you know there is a fire there's a fair chance that marvel's actually shot something in there
good a m and ordered add two hundred peachtree right let's go.
Yeah it's accessible by currently approved through the mirror i made three when is my stuff there to be.
What are the six floor one at the seventh floor at the seventh floor will be handling our public access and six will be the main one that's the one that is directly off of peachtree off the street.

[16:20] Sorry if any of your directions to okay kevin from the video game track actually posted.
Take a quick video would a parties are his play i don't know where this place is up here so we get there get there that's right,
i would like to set up a go and our faith st to the sixth floor at the westin yeah there be lots of signage that is exactly right cuz we like the signage
we like the signage no read the ingredients can you get first what is the container so a man had a question as we seem if you can answer so there was a there is a list of things from safeway about
yeah things being tethered or whatever,
four things um,
would that include like a balloon it was like for anyone where.
There were a few years ago i monday first came out we have a policy on this those little shark balloons that swim,
yeah play who did the connecticut you know what some people are kind of like even a balloon shark kinda freaking out.
Yo yo,
no no if i am doing ok if i am doing a penny wise um.

[17:39] Would you call it buddy thank you should i just put the blue sticker what should i do.
I would check with the safety people yeah i'm in a cell you put in light not be something that they would.
i'm really enough without your approval to have the balloon characters pretty great whichever version of that character weather of tim burton don't temporary order a new guy,
score is guard,
no watching either of my watch the first one once noe and i will tell her of hurting not particularly my cup of tea and i do like some of the stephen king kinda stuff um
if i'm but its more like a m.

[18:33] Thinking man's him in some ways there puzzles and a lot of ways of things i just plain out gor yeah no
not since i was a teenager and just really is true that so that was just last week or two years ago someone,
thank you but the barn go haul your icon for thirty years so yeah what i'll get it's not been that long john.
I'm so they play wide day one day one i got came in the room actually would you help,
some volunteers that were actually in the room when i we're getting into a point where we have generation
how was yours you tell me what about my theory but the room cats so yeah so we have and we have,
people that were trying to try to raise the next generation time in your site as well soccer cleats and yes yeah.

[19:34] What were very would a cubic,
set was awesome great and it was lovely i'm the one i was gonna say something we're gonna talk about signage,
just briefly because he ordered up who,
southern for five people do not stop in the walkway know you will get red over people will be upset at you doing,
no take pictures in the have a trial
add kien hey understand where you are from because they're not,
dragon con is unique there is a.

[20:23] I doing on term kill the atlanta alliance the atlanta lions considered of luck buddy enough.
I am that marriott the hilton and the sheraton.

[20:40] Did the exam from a year to you i do what does golde one customer that uses oh those facilities that the same god.
We are so beautiful and bright yellow,
what's your logo that got add so um.

[21:03] Play weed it's buddy's things like when the bridges win the troll is a bill from my acct to the marriott.
Umm hello their employees were called referring to it as the dragon bridge is built because of driving time.
And for dragon con and everyone else just benefits for anything you know what's funny about that is i have no going to conventions between downtown that had nothing to do with drugs were right and people like.

[21:39] Why in the world do they do this like this st thing from here to the marriott mean it's not that far you get that wet.
Well there are some convention center really really really really really really really did and they kind of yeah use it because it's easier than stopping everything so you know.
I think people can cross the street every actually when they are injured during that i happened to know someone who was anne md engineering firm um.

[22:17] I know what the thing is that i cannot be worried,
there's just nowhere in there i want to go is the blue haired girl.
Who was the concrete.
Yeah and she said she's turning yeah probably low what are you talking about just go up to go record.
The one from the marriott to the hilton.
Yeah because they have stress on them.
Four to five days straight from eighteen to twenty hours a day at maximum capacity.

[22:59] Just move and just all the kisses and not everybody is teeny.
Nope should i come,
they were like really and it just that they recorded and they were.
How u what y.
No i'm not lying know who willie it will be yes constantly because you know we are we are one of the,
rare twenty four hours conventions know maybe twenty three.

[23:36] It's real quiet about six a. m. this everywhere when the rain is over what is really ever over but it didn't and then the day starts with.
No that's really where the order of the kids come out instead of the early mornings,
has the people who are up with ray vaughan in usually asleep during it.
Sleep is good people sleep is good well so when are you bringing this up but no stopping in the wall place we do not have a trails don't want to go from the hyatt to the marriott the marriott to the hilton.
And also the marriott what is the highest,
two peachtree center love you so mean you getting off,
escalator and walking don't stop right there and take pictures
keep when did you win it is very important and i know everyone here it in yo i'm like no pictures in the walkway you like it's just one
i know a lot of people say it's just one,
i'm just taking one picture know you're a hundred eighty thousand people who want to take one picture.

[24:48] No and it's never one pin movie and it's never one picture because then somebody want a different because i help you know who would know task,
i can always ask for consent cause playing on april can send invite people i'm working very very hard,
are these costumes they have to leave my practice posing they know what they're best looking.
Set up what do that let's you get the best picture.

[25:24] Don't be that person that me that gal that is lol.
Yeah it just does what is said play want,
to put on the best face for you.
What u can i can be proud of their their wonderfull castle while it's every year i am blown away by her quality of the costa.
Hey are is amazing.
Should he get any better cannot go anymore it could,
until i found the person yet until i sell the personal think it was the last year is it i been seeing a lot of darth maul,
that had the light,
saber that was a white saber stick great when one new one well now there was a guy who had that and then all of a sudden he pulled them apart and that he had to and i'm like.
I didn't even know that you could eight,
congrats thank you somehow then i needed to see thank you know who are the best great last year cause she was like that.
Just angel from one of the video games but i will tell you that because team.
Who is just unbelievable it's like she had these seven wings of each one of us ever felt so just wide with with this and i was just.

[26:53] Oh my god,
that is and how great and i will se the masquerade has limited seating but the masquerade as shown.
On dragon con TV so that but can i find the results so overflow seating and the areas that is correct so that you can go there and watch on the screen so that has become sorrow.
I hope you have a good time hey adam i have never been the masquerade in atlanta where is where is it.
When is the highest centennial but yes the bigger,
on sunday night eight thirty PM is when it starts.

[27:36] Wonderful is the share will be um.
And talk to you should be there for me well and a cow in the us who is elderly moderators and they did it last year.
Adams they have a marvelous time and the crowd had a marvelous time and so we asked you if you would like to come back,
i am done what did u say that you don't tell me that's the costumer get my.
Why BG saying yes i'm so it should be really a tree i don't wanna say something great that we actually have,
up to the prize for best you know if i spend five hundred dollars to best in show winner and a red guarantee reservation,
no help,
let's play the hunger games for the three days i have forgotten five hundred bucks yo are we,
hello there we're going to get the five hundred dollars cuz we do to have a lot of skits.
Are there any adults and today i fare amount of you know multiple people being at but part of the prize this year.

[29:01] Will also be a three night hey gm hotel in the hotel,
how much i spend
yeah so now i don't know how they're gonna split that yeah it's gonna get worse but yeah so i still there so that some how the sweetener,
yes i know i'm gonna course we also have a category when masterclass tournament novice used and the kids all like that but its finished,
we tried to put the kids out because you know they need to go to bed i'm so good a order parents retired yo on,
yes but once is as special or can i just like you did the toddler and the other,
add like that is categories the little bit.
I think they're all precious
and there somebody in my baby days are very far behind me and i'm very thankful your blood,
yo on ya but didn't have to look that up the kids from.

[30:23] At the sixteen i'm and then uh,
and so they do them first and then they're allowed to go watch if they'd likely have to reserve section umm but if there if its getting a little tired,
we actually do them and that we present the awards right away so that,
yes i wanna go there not waiting around to see what they wanna um,
so um like said good for,
the kitties that my vehicle will you know it's been a long day for um and then also if we can try to get them out of there
kinda hoping we're getting for that ten PM rollout.
Things become a little more adult at all yet how do you how do you register for masquerade.

[31:16] I hate masquerade and costume contest,
hmm that is right outside centennial for a ride with a costume contest gonna be uh what,
where where the magistrate is gonna be in and that is also where the whole costume contest relate,
pictures that are you ok so if you are not feeling comfortable enough to get on this stage,
would you happen often costa you can get a picture taken that i'm contest is running on facebook so people just likes.

[31:53] And so then they are printers that and then they show that.

[32:00] During the charging part of the actual masque hungry when can i get a certificate they don't,
that when i monetary prize but they do you gotta get recognition they get put on the big screens and the hopefully bill that comes in occasionally been able to talk people and to actually participate
no there not sure whether their casting was good enough in your like are you get me a map,
did you hand stitch and i have no idea where you got the car who do i want to know i guess i had better like
yeah so
i have actually ive actually walked through the crowd and got up to people and said if you're not a pain in the ass right u should be able to go over there and then register on a flight,
your costume is awesome so yeah i think it's that i'm also your department they handle that quick sketch.
I'm function which is am on monday so if you're wanting and you actually think you're pretty good at drawing,
hmm that is at eleven thirty it will be in the international north of rim of the highest add georgia said hey.

[33:25] Hey is a brave bold and coming artist cheapest buffy and a bunch of things um.

[33:33] Add he judges as an what dose i give them i think it's like forty five minutes to draw something.
Then he just sat am while while they're trying.

[33:47] He is making four pieces does become the prices who should i have for under eighteen and forever.
So um i have to for h one and it's like god is trying when is like the bass something to do with the subject matter you know add um.

[34:11] Add said they do that on monday so if you want an activity on monday we're just and your aunt are gonna try.
There you go and i can give you all that information at the registration desk.
I'm the only thing i want to ask about his there is a dog to special lights one is at the center for public arts and one is at the aquarium so.
What are the centers about reorder yeah what's your property arts partner.
They're probably trying when they have been for awhile now so um.
Actually interesting enough you can get a discount bob at the center appreciate the whole year if you show your batch.
So you want to go see the exhibit you had your badge i know it's not that after bit i'm pretty sure it's.
Yes three and the year so um up the dark crystal ball that is this year they're celebrating the new dark crystal coming.
Netflix and they have that on thursday now that i extra ticket of it is at the center.

[35:25] Um it's we are.
Having several guess we have lot of the property is coming up and so we also in the years that do the national puppet slam which is every other with your events,
we have sponsors with that so they have some of that that this is an obscure for that but it is also the twentieth anniversary of escape
so we have.

[35:55] Most everybody will have plenty black because almost everybody who will be the biggest battle will be on sunday and we will have brian henson.

[36:06] Hey um yeah um bei dir.

[36:13] Gigi go to and then delete okay well can you send it to who plays two characters played crafts and pilot.
I wanna go get that realizes that he was also the voice of pilots and so yeah we have.
And we have a rebecca is well who joined the casserole later but yeah but hello,
very big heart so we have a full stage and they are doing stuff throughout the weekend.
From the group gets bigger of course is the weekend goes because sam.
I like rock you baby is only here saturday and sunday and god and such is brian hansen so bad,
that's gonna be exciting i love that show.
Set alarm and then she is also gonna be a hoe states with the most is that the friday i costumi contest.
Really is that she said that time two years now and them she is awesome and the yeah of course we have all that experience being in all that makeup so she understands how much it takes everything
that contest specifically aimed at workmanship.
So that if you are the person that bought those hundreds of hours yet enduring all that he and beating.

[37:42] That's the costume contest for u um.
This contact it's actually got a crate.
What's your sponsorship this year from berlin,
so machines and joanne 's and get special prices for that that alot of people like i would be interested in that.
Do that that kinda work but that's only because that's their put in as a prize for the best in show if costs more than my first car.

[38:17] No joke no joke how can we edit the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary,
how's the costuming track ok so wow.
And also i got message that your ticket so that's really awesome.
Set the brightness of all things with several events in that costume cracked actually having a fifteenth anniversary party on sunday.
Which will start with a mask rate is still on that will be still going on with the mascot over like the first hour they will be a little overlap.
But then you can literally walk across the hall to the hyatt regency six seven room.
Add join the party for them and they are gonna have some door prizes stuff and.
Oh lot people friend from that have made that track great.
Where we have some wonderful prayers and i.

[39:18] Wonderful volunteers that have just an every area but particularly that one this is one that likes that got a big anniversary this year.
So i guess so find a costume contest is on friday night at eight thirty in the fall right now.

[39:36] Connect.
The other thing is just to remind people when u see these costumes if this is your first time with some people this is your first time listening.
Go to the podcast who were your first time at dragon con you will be stunned and amazed from.

[39:54] New thursday it wednesday john doe john.
When would a because because you're always get the day before concert right,
no no it's actually it's actually three days before because i have to help make sure everything is loaded properly,
the keeper of that kind of stuff here is your have to set all that up so that it doesn't just magically appear when i wish
i have grams of requirement where else would show up and although all the proper stuff would just magically appear that's not how that works unfortunately i'm my else helps but there really are dumb
yeah what are checkout staff is fabulous are the safety stuff is fabulous and we have to
there's a lot of work that goes into at all the volunteers all the different areas so that there is a lot of work that goes into.
Stop rotate get to get it ready for all the fan,
i like do i love more than anything else.
No who u are basically seven days what is it what is your typical day like in the end you get to go to sleep or.

[41:16] Add take naps change the league.

[41:21] I need to power nap at about six maybe i'm my phone is still on.
Yeah if i can be working out.

[41:33] Enough um so that's that's the nature of it i sleep i sleep on tuesday and wednesday.
Yeah that's all that pretty much all that yeah it's set up like my schedule on those days is five after i got home is sam.
Is sleep get up.

[41:59] Can little laundry in unit and then sleeping or get up eat something.
Hey dryer washer to the dryer broke what he,
that's my husband ordered this a few years ago is when o have tuesday off we'll check out until tuesday,
because you know what it's just so much.
The so called smartest people there's a lot of people is because it's funny that you have many people you see on tuesday morning,
how it look more relaxed it's if you can do it it's great,
i just have people stay over and go and do the aquarium the world,
not gonna gave actually and that united game on
tuesday before you pitch your idea of a couple of my checkouts people are like
yeah we're gonna take a long that i don't answer two hours like just now i know how to choose good
united plays in the place of mercedes benz.

[43:17] Snap yo are your really no help.
I don't like actually funny that's a funny story hes them are the blanks wife.
Yes very into soccer and his kids both play soccer and so when they were building the bands they specifically require that it be able to be converted from football to soccer,
oh really that wasn't part of the design.
I'm because they were search adam it's soccer players am in so i m and that's what are the reasons why we having emma is a championship team.
Add working on a championship or overwatch team as well but anyway.

[44:08] Yes yes we are okay okay you talked about,
the center for arts but we forgot to talk about the aquarium.
Yeah so where are you night um yeah saturday night.

[44:22] Starts at seven we have a they have the chosen competition,
which is like cosplay competition you do have to buy a ticket to the aquarium to be entered um.

[44:35] Yes i do that and that's a movie guys who watch the mark in cove and am williams.
Who are the stars that will be the people that are MC that contest.
And we have professional just for that actually the winner from last year that is part of the price is that you get to judge the next year you gonna turn up.
How much you also get two VIP tickets to the aquarium and and a reservation for three days that reservation that actually.

[45:16] Paid three days other give me cash they just get the three day so everything builds friday night,
build app are there are there still tickets available for tonight.
I think the regular tickets are still available at VIP which gives you uh,
private area that's that private where u can look at the blue goose and stuff and i have a.
Some free drinks and appetizers set by pretty sure that i saw that on facebook with out was sold out but,
regular is still open so i want with my what it has sold out twice,
where can i see yours,
i want to know i want with my family when they when they came up a couple years ago and it was really nice evening i missed you know what suggested eating especially if you have um,
kids just because it's nice it's not.

[46:11] Oh crowded in the in the midst is like people there but it's never trying to control me an hour so you can see all the exhibits and before and after um.
Play a state open i wanna say eleven o'clock.
And so they stay open after that so that you can you can see stuff and and they have all.
Refresh beds bars available there and then they have their cafeteria that has seafood so um that you can go and.
It's removed in are there of you what you know think it's amazing aquarium so amazing is awesome,
it is amazing is right up there with some of the best send uber if you don't want to go outside.
What are the events that i am very excited as we have.
Set the georgia philharmonic play,
yeah seven thirty AM at centennial merit so that it is always wonderful,
so is it yours and yours and yes and orchestra i've always had this other dream would be to have john williams or danielle
direct the symphony and during dragon con in wi but i do where you could go and get.

[47:34] Yeah discounted ticket with your bed and all i kinda stuff have a god there yet.

[47:41] No marcus.
What is the nest sixty four please advise,
yeah that was display all content themes of movies and tv that you recommend.

[47:56] And now it's saturday night right you said that already night yep.
And a wrestling under your help what kinda of at it on thursday that's part of thursday offerings um,
yeah way out so we thursday seven that would also be the symphony of all right.
I often comes up and how did because i seen on facebook every year.
Dead people ask what does wrestling have to do with dragon con.
Fantasy is fantasy costumes we got a story one,
i got that it,
get some that room is full every year,
people are there in site light out the door it is really funny we have a lot of wrestling a drag god,
people will restart it i was like same thing and i watched wrestling as a kid with my grandma and she loved it.
But i've yet there still pieces of me that really like i said there is a storyline people get to root for somebody and i choose their champion,
are there some pageant reit so so far.

[49:21] Um what you finna be here to talk about let's talk about that,
the big drama over the whole for the summer which was good a sleepless nights over the sheraton open edit very very clean and perfect i actually have somebody,
i would like it down to test the
did you see the baby the other day and i got a text from them saying that it smelled limite fresh hey i have pat on the news are some people that actually
check in the day it opened not not realize that there have been any drama what so ever i'm sad,
we want to buy it seem so empty but it's a really clean if it was the new hotel but we know it's not your hotel have we stayed there before bit it's really clean so folks,
registration will be there you got,
free track severely get a large bowl remember their um it's.

[50:25] It's fine.
Can you find me cleaners hotel in atlanta right now because i quit through that clean everything,
it is yes then everybody who could review it has reviewed it i just can't play my farming has signed off they wouldn't do that if there was any danger for any questions whatsoever there,
yeah my hotel room is over there i am perfectly ecstatic about it so yeah yeah yeah,
what's my panels like being a panel during their gorgeous writing in only to pull party's over there actually were a few people
places we have a party around the pool and i are there some party on thursday and there so there is the products by the pool i just said that and main i am for your,
anchorage to your best pickup a tire in around the pool over there on friday so,
yep yep so party and it's gonna be awesome we're so excited so that's good.
Open the wardrobe or stay at six PM and the marriott imperial rent.

[51:37] I was quite surprised last year we never had an opening ceremonies draw quotes many people
we did move it we have traditionally had it on friday waited move it says we have extended officially extend the convention to thursday,
beena start so we moved to the first thing i will cover the first thing that newbie stores take place only in the day but this is the first kind of special.
Welcome main thing and so blessed you're up i did not set the a four room for the chairs we never had that many people before and it sucks.
Who's cortana person ballroom yeah well people came in and sat on the floor so yeah hey so yes i will have a seat center that your folks i'm not saying that there will be standing room only but
oh yeah so slow here also gonna give jr.
Our guest of honor awards opening this so.
So you can like the olympics actually has a events that occurred before the actual pinning ceremony.

[52:47] Yeah okay john is the true that if you have to start to get going to go the other god
yeah yeah exactly the new movie tours we incorporated then they're doing this on their own medicare is a guy we know this is a great thing this is getting a service to our our fans just letting people know where things are in a customer.
Spread it out we're pretty bitch i'm sorry just knowing where where the entrance to the trailer where's the food court,
where is mad where's the cds yo on god where's the weight limit and the marriott right.
Wow you're helpless in that is bad
hi on the second floor so i think i am now you know you're so funny story in the highest marks i know my friend ron remind me of his.
I'm the weird one year stay on the same floor in the same hotel as a concrete and i still can't find it.
Literally we text that you're clear across the hall from me to you can see across the HR and i still invited.

[54:05] Yep john that that is haley,
tyler regina what was going to do some thinking on thursday night
what's what's a good twenty has no idea the military does one party and how can i give you some money to charity if you guess.
Search it is under me so i'm gonna really would like umm if i get the hundred thousand dollars set the first worst hundred thousand dollars raised at the convention
i am a dragon con matches,
i'm so we could potentially get two hundred thousand dollars or more than what they want they will match up to the first hundred thousand dollars so if we raise more than that.
That means i get by getting no i'm not um georgia.

[55:02] Division the american heart association and it's a m.
How many showed up here time trying or what's our comics director
for many many years and he lost his battle with hard to see slash hear about a month before the convention um yeah yeah he had multiple heart attacks and the last one,
justin recover france i'm.
Give me the sour the kind for rain along time for a very long time i'm also on a personal note.

[55:37] My mother had strokes last year and people do not realize that the american heart association you also.
Um very prominent a stroke in identifying strokes it's all part of the cardiovascular system,
hey i am so you guys around there will be a bump or something came up that looked great the tell you how to identify stroke,
how to see if someone is having a heart attack how you do your sample in CPR,
and a stroke are there about twelve songs that they have a soundtrack that jeffrey is doing by the beat of staying alive ya know i just wanted to say ummm.

[56:24] Many women the symptoms for heart attacks and stroke are different.
Hey are people don't realize that and just replace the tax,
play all things that actually can kill people the most they think i ate something i got heartburn i got this i got that i use to be a
First aid CPR instructor with red cross but i just say how i was and,
i was one of the things people put it off think oh no i just ate something wrong,
things that go away people i start sweating you start the alarms for charity.

[57:10] See somebody mad or if its just gas you up in a few minutes and it'll go away yet if i don't know why.
Yeah stressed get,
reset my mother thought it was an allergic reaction could she had been working in the yard earlier.
Hi show my father and my mother both had triple bypass was my sister.
I had a single had a bypass so yeah,
i want to live peacefully in a little while but there was a live of six by passes
oh my god and heres why.
He was not feeling well and the light he went to his doctor can i get a stress test and he collapsed.

[57:59] Can you please help me the little can come on do that quickly so so.
Yeah it's it's getting really close to us like a set of close to because this happened to be actually mother had the stroke when i was working right,
yeah so i'll have to fly out that tuesday to go be with her we don't know what know that's what was happening i'm like leave her friend said she acts right she don't,
take me to the doctor cut and burned again.
So i mean it's really close to me so.

[58:37] Let's get that money i would a cubic back and i can do so much with education.
So answer you wanna hear even if you want to figure out learn some of the things i can do we did have a interview with.
I can try yeah when will actually um executive director tanner was on there but.
Why am i forgetting her name now john i have a problem and i cant you would,
yeah yeah close
so you go back and look at one of the dragon heart one i see your looking for hands so,
remember that we're doing that there gonna be doing a scavenger hunt that involve for him so i dont know about this yet they're gonna do that good a.

[59:31] No i have different things we take pictures at different places to take pictures of different people not sure exactly how they,
no let information at their table i will be in the sheraton right outside registration,
and then you can go in the winter you for low price so but yeah its kinda cool yeah they're like you can go and i think its kind of like you go to each of the different buildings.

[59:59] Ok so how to enter heaven for vacation they will have information like but how you recognized.
Stroke and UNION heart attack and had to do cpr and all those things that i have the spread out throughout the convention so yeah.
Information desk people yet always check amount always report is important and most of the tracks will have at least have buckets um in their room so we can pray change yeah,
we came up with that some years ago.
I'm make some noice can i don't but that would like dollars will i would like to think that don't make noise,
what is kylie on monday throwing that stuff before you get in to the airport line and i don't know do you have the addon up bulb come on that is
stop playing there u sell the,
going to the dollar coins that you can tell who wrote martin,
who should he change it if i get a quote somewhere light pink.
Please close the quarters like getting rid of these i want to charity that we could get everybody can you give a dollar a dollar is just one.

[1:01:23] Will it be three quarters the way there,
yeah me eighty percent there and get them to n that's up your technology directions and other stuff like wood a big comic book comic books,
sorry yeah no i shouldn't of coloring books coloring books i don't know how to box yeah that's what i think we have a charity trivia night on friday in we also the color is next.
So if you get particulars the people who are coming maybe for the first time or people who have social anxiety you know sometimes you need to stop off the floor.
Adjust have a little compton yes color is perfect for that is,
ads we provide the crayons color pencils and markers yet we have in the room get back with you may i help you,
will bots and we had some of the artists that donated that um don't show up charles or bot plus you're dumb,
minneapolis he actually has one translate word this year.
And he if you can look on his art in the art show is it also helped contribute to the coloring book,
add histoire he does all with color pencils and it looks like a painting.

[1:02:51] Really you are amazing,
yeah and so what actually when is the award this year i'm so i'm so happy that he's finally get some recognition on that,
amanda make peace and we also gave and they're also the art show and also when is this year,
so we got some really really talented people that have donated some artwork
will i not get it awesome job with hello yeah it's so good with you tell me about all the awesome people who have wine awards other places does dragon warriors
yeah we actually give out.
We actually have a whole award ceremony its the dragon award ceremony will take place sunday at five thirty in centennial one,
that is one show the results of its like an award show,
are we going out all the nominees and present the winter if they're there and if not we will send the award it is a lovely beautiful glass blowing award up at set sacrifice fire.
It's a gorgeous thing umm and we do fifteen categories and a litre.

[1:04:10] Gaming add television media.
So please go to the dragon award site just search for dragon awards two thousand nineteen or just trying to get there i've yet to register to vote it is a fan of,
we charge nothing for you to vote all you had to do with register.

[1:04:38] I'm so there is a word for u read what i send an email and you confirm that you're really a person.
This is to make sure that people don't write up stuff that ballot box but it all started with the idea of a.

[1:04:58] Some things can't be sued.
But you know what the best the best recommendation is a personal what so what if other people other fans like yourself whatever you watch it.
What are the reading what are the play.

[1:05:13] What comics are they breeding has is also cat category there's comics graphic novel and comic and.
Set the finance nominated leave a week.
The nomination process period is over it nominate starts in like january and goes through july so now we got it down to the top five or six in each category.
And now you just register and you convert open till,
saturday at midnight yes we cut it that close because we want people who have never heard of that before when i get to the convention.
You can still register yet to register by friday at midnight and then vote before saturday at midnight.

[1:05:59] I did not give us just a few short hours to calculate all that figure out who the winner is and then those awards at five thirty pm and the scent bar in the.

[1:06:13] Find blues is really awesome so yeah we wanted you to send me the best recommendations from dance.
It really is from fans by fans.

[1:06:28] We have other people that get like some of the awards where you have to register you have to be a member of a convention are you have to pay a holding fee.
We are there that we want that to be absolutely.

[1:06:45] Open to every fan that wants to quit and don't have to be a member of writing car either.

[1:06:52] If you can the shooter okay.

[1:06:57] We still love yeah yeah i don't cuz we're all fits that's the thing that bind sis.

[1:07:06] That is very cool is there anything that bind us together you can you can the fans of a lot of different things,
yeah there's still that joy there yet one more time where is that where is the ceremony being held.
Yeah hi a centennial one or at five thirty pm on sunday.

[1:07:33] Who are the four we get ready for the mascot hey so i can go to the word ceremony that go have some better ideas,
don't forget to be sitting in there the whole time but not clear the room.
That is weird enough i would clear the room
so i know that you keep in your keep notes sometimes get things wrong or missed a day or whenever is there anything good that we've missed so you can use code on back it's got that yeah,
alright request
i actually was quite surprised that both didn't realize that i was like well you wanna be a good movie there hey i was actually quite funny really.
Yeah where you know no when is peach flavored recipes street atlanta who knows it could a really amusing because.
That is the only peachtree big papi with that i think how i make with this grant,
dear god i know everybody wants to think their ballroom is grey.
Did you know that there are three of them in the hilton.
Really there is a grandparent which we split into east and west and then there is the crepe with large for a sec.

[1:08:54] Lawsuit again i don't have and this happen before so would just gonna wait just a second i'll call you dan,
i'm gonna get an actually i'm gonna bring up three things,
DC tv streaming an aquarium cuz i look some stuff up while we been chatting.
Jim got the marion help will you wanna pause here let 's look pause it for a second.

[1:09:19] Music.

[1:09:36] Back hey hey yo on
the internet does what is the update cuz we've been chatting am trying to look up some really cool things the aquarium,
does have tickets for dragon con night it is only the thirty five dollar ones but they are there,
that's still awesome you should go,
and they are on there so you just type in google for dragon con but i'm sorry,
yo on,
things to do and i want to say that it also open tell eleven yeah,
what are the things that your lot of times from people is i didn't get to see the parade but i didn't and don't get to see masquerade number one and the parade will be on drunk on tv and they will reach show at least once or twice,
what's the pw it must be on the CW that is correct is fun this that its not yet umm,
bad dragon con can experience by curiously three watching the CW they will be transferred to live in the usually do a encore presentation later on the weekends select that,
husbands watch it that way i wouldnt have been and watches it will actually you watch it on streaming which is what i was gonna say is that if you had a stroke and that will be all.

[1:11:06] And both of them will be on there boats the parade and the masquerade cuz my husband's what u does every now every year for masquerade,
order a pizza very early,
because there are lot of people that do masquerade watch parties yes and then he didn't come for a comforter of their hotel room with a beverage.
Your food of choice and they play it like usually game nerd couple people to be out there that play a game eat pizza and watch is great so.
That is exactly that but remember again you will also be on the streaming membership ten dollars if u remember thirty if you not,
yo are the bucks that that's how i experience most.
I feel a lot of the first five min the last five minutes of alot of things that i'm probably working,
i actually get to say hey there i'm actually work out okay that was a good idea will keep that for next year or the next time they leaving
even post on some of the stuff,
yeah there are a few things where we can we allowed to.

[1:12:25] Stream it to the hotels but not broadcast,
alexa has to do with whatever the studio remotes are we allowed to so you can see things from your hotel room.
If you can't get it yet i hope it will be indicated in the app usually um if this is also being broadcast on the TV.
So yes so if you see that line for payment and it does refund because gas seems to,
talk about which i was excited for her on a doesn't say that exciting he's my favorite modern dr um.

[1:13:09] You know my favorite demon he will have to tell you he was that he was good in that.
Jessica jones st gilbert joachim and when you know they're really dead really.

[1:13:31] Get shit like that someone can control you that lights up i just say plan and very talented you're nurturing talented and yet so i but,
we all know that there are gonna be panel says you can't get him know from which our best bet,
however hello.
Thank you for saying this if you're coming to dragon con for one thing you're missing the point,
Rush rush yeah go go and there is actually a function on the app where you can say is i am here what is going on around me.
Locate me on the app and you can and you can see what's going on in the building.
Yeah rather than just trying to scroll through and see what else is going on and do something dude one thing that you value your comfort zone.

[1:14:36] You may find yeah.
Lot of people that i have met that will,
that came for um,
will say yes ad then fade the sides are gonna go there like all i can get on this tournament and they look and they will see this later.

[1:15:00] I don't know what is the best self study the topic sounds interest rate.
Getting there like who is this person legally what to the authors after work ten say are your books for sale here because you really get out,
i'd never heard you were and go to the dealership and buy some books go to the right address sessions the readings later get facebook site so i'm like a said,
the gaming area is fabulous where you can go there and i think i pay a small fee to,
check out the game schedule hotel by pay for buy new games every year,
can you there and play um editable,
which of your friends who are the strangers,
i have games all the time i have people almost after willing to teach you that so you got to kill.
Check it out.
Play the track you know that's the thing is that a drink patch test very very welcome.
That's what are the things that attracted me to science spectrum and that is that we can't if we could you can.

[1:16:14] Long hair yeah okay you can you can put some stuff aside.

[1:16:23] I just talk about whatever your favorite thing else you may find a kindred soul.

[1:16:31] I had lots of friends that i got bailey from but thats become my life.

[1:16:39] I had no idea never been to a convention before i made the so this item.

[1:16:49] Add that so thats part of the aspects that i really love.

[1:16:53] Convert i don't know hello so,
search drinking is awesome is basically trying to say,
i managed it if you really are looking for something.
You know if you're coming for that one person maybe i need to look at a smaller convention not say that because there are lot of small dimensions that are awesome as well.
But dragon con is this like this house tribal gathering.
Restart your people can i find people that add if you don't kosta that's okay,
yeah you can wear a thick tee shirt is like yours and any others as many of people wearing jeans and t-shirts or she works as guys and where,
everywhere except in the middle of winter when its like having a snow outside in,
wisconsin however my brother was a very nice to wear shorts in the hope so.

[1:18:00] Yeah you get your say as many people doing that these past customers.

[1:18:06] How are people serious that required now it's not required and if you want to great if you don't quit you,
cancel as long as you don't hurt your not hurting anybody else that's what dragons about to be the best you that you want to be
yeah somebody somebody actually add something to me asking you know any if there are any tips for painting as a first time painting at dragon con and my response was be yourself.
Find speakers of all the drinking is all there is a very accepting community and has appointed before we have this many people you will have a couple people that are,
are jerks for lack thereof there are hundreds there is a fortunate yeah there's
there's a percentage of the group but it but i am for the weed the real self policing renew tolerate that very well because we want everybody to have fun,
somebody starts being a jerk yeah turned on pretty quick you dislike do that is not ok,
you should say so,
hey what did you want to import people if somebody is doing something.

[1:19:31] If somebody doesn't think that any kind of anything that might hurt you in anyway we have police.

[1:19:42] Can i screen off area and our safety department and that and mary at four five four four five four six six four five four six you can go and make a complaint.
How we encourage that yes wiki.
We legally do anything to someone would know without it.
And we need to get out if somebody is doing something wrong we don't want them here.

[1:20:15] We want everybody to have a very safe.

[1:20:20] Wonderful and i know it's probably people are saying well its easy to say that not do it and you exactly right but that's why,
you're a lot of people there and i don't know what i volunteer lanyard color will be this year i will buy you,
it will be blue and it will be really bright i can't the right way to raise volume sky blue like a robin egg skype yes show create,
so if you say something like that and u say this person did this take you,
what do you need to go and they will try to get the information on people that yes yes because that's what we want to do,
yes that's what we want to do we have to go back to what we wanna do because we like i said are goal is for everybody to have the best time they could possibly have.

[1:21:17] I'm not saying that people get tired of people don't get it sometimes it is um yeah i will bring the rock shoes
i said if your gonna hurt me know how i reckon i reckon me a
hi i'd rate hundred eight hundred eight hundred every alcoholic drink you do,
right please drake at least eight ounces of water atleast,
please do not drink only gatorade i actually met in real life to be water down,
add all bad you go forget that too.

[1:22:04] Drink alot of water if it actually helps um,
what's your hands a lot because you all i hope yes please yes lol everybody's the third the escalator get outdoors so that that is the best way to keep down.
Yeah concrete or anything else hold also if you tell me on wednesday that you have concord on tuesday or wednesday i'm laughing cuz that's not how you get.
Hey alice um also hey i repeat some people say that that find events and stuff like that don't help you i think kevin your system ready
yeah not a bad idea breaking my purchase already and taking my multi vitamin everyday start that two weeks before the con i have a contract on a few years.
Advance why because i tried to hydrated and wash my hands often used hand sanitizer sambut washing your hands a better yes actually better,
edit good how you have anything else no that's a good thing you.

[1:23:18] Bad and eat are you gonna who regular meals go to some create a new shirt carry snacks they shouldn't just be candy bars and that's good for quick energy but you know i got a bar.
Is that remind me of proteins but you know i have to have somebody seven years ago um.
Where somebody passed out we had some came running out and say hey i need help and i said okay i'm going first day instructor hold on i stopped then called for um.

[1:23:57] Emergency services can be of any way before ive got to come out,
how to refuse like blade on floor and it's so sweet so i'm when do the last.
I like to stay yeah what time was that switch needs ten pm though.
What the time because you later okay so much going on and so wonderful by take that i schedule it can i you can schedule your stuff in your app.
Good a you are on your event it's time to go eat i wanna see you spell in two hours so i'm gonna go take a manager.

[1:24:42] Lol people bring stuff to the right and i think i finally go to publix or go and get it,
yeah shopping delivered or whatever and have sandwich stuff like nothings in the room ready go so that i have that downtime,
i can help you set me up so i learned about shit shelf stable milk yet because i had younger always,
how really wanted cereal as a snack hey it's not perfect snack on i gotta say that but sometimes when it's like just eat your snacks,
ok go up to the room get some cereal shelf stable milk man it was asked you know it's true.
Bananas will you know it s helped you,
hey all is good thanks.
Hi baby should a got when i get yet please remember.
Please eat please replace take your meds and only yo are your meds oh who are your meds my forward to one thing but,
yes and when you wash your hands feeling happy birthday song,
yeah that's exactly how long it should be singing you shouldn't be washing your hands a lot which always switch up and yes so.

[1:26:08] Regina yes i have i have two unopened packs left side drawer it's eighties and nineties or television trivia game which one do you want.

[1:26:22] Tell contribute television trivia is probably sockets and will pay ahead i will i will state my know where he gets is games.
What would you ask your buddy ten dollars if you want if you what up yo
gameplay what contribute to the fund but unfortunately i think he was use that to buy five if i'm old are you find more good af.
Seven if you human the good news is hey the good news is he has retired the disney trivia alaska,
hey i just renewed every day and never seems they when i know what questions came from may is the worst anything reset,
nope the star wars one i got rid of it last year cuz i just can't stand up and yeah okay great and our dinner we could aways the prize to whoever won that trivia contest in the panel,
so yeah
i is a kind of it really was a burden cuz you want to talk about at about the contest about trivia contest go to the star wars trivia contest
those people are hardcore you have a scored a hardcore actually other school i used to work,
will that run that daniel um actually yes he won so many times,
damn so many years and it started raining when i like ten.

[1:27:52] Um pedido everything cannot cannon everything is in college now but he want it so many times i just jumped you just take that over,
yep so it's it's,
if you really think you know you're star wars trivia ok no there's a task that any the other people that will be reviewing right now we're breaking give you hugs kisses,
whatever his dissertation was at military college if don't use.
Just bow down before me and still walk away back,
i don't forget you dear open and there so this has five categories fifty sixty seventy eighties and nineties roll the dice again to six you get to pick your decade otherwise is just random luck.

[1:28:48] Okay nineteen fifties for your jeans r six god was born will my no this one um.
Interesting way it doesn't provide the answer
what's tell me that okay question does not have the answer i can look and appropriate in the six years superman was the air how many different factors played lois lane,
luke four six does not tell me um.

[1:29:23] Does al know what was the main one yeah i want to say it was like to but i don't know.
Renew requirements know that i know i know noelle noel play her the bucks.
Because actually she was at a convention that i was the director had been yours again so um.

[1:29:44] I took her to the zoo actually i was.

[1:29:49] Who are the blazers so she wanted to see the atlanta zoo because she wouldn't say the real habitat and if you do have time and before i can do pretty cool dude pandas you.
Would you pandas,
enjoy rough i am looking for used snow there's also a parrot have attached that you can buy food to feed the hound really sad.

[1:30:21] However the parent teacher will swarm you also don't buy if you have small children don't buy more than one because it takes a long time to eat all the seats.

[1:30:35] Sublime doughnuts for you jon are you have you have not but we will do is i will continue to look it up if you want to yes now and then will hold off and see if i can send you that's my gas to gas uk.
I will leave to the side for right now leave for nineteen eighties um.
What was the name of the obnoxious neighbor in love with mallory on family ties.

[1:31:06] What was the name of is a skippy is correct.

[1:31:12] Again i think i did know that i can i see space but i can't remember if its humid like dumbo nothing but not is some kind of hungry.
Umm regina you got six you get to pick your decade.

[1:31:30] Seventy seven on the house on the prairie who was married in lawrence teacher.

[1:31:43] Who is mary beth teacher hello.
I don't know i didn't use till haley i was thinking i would he do.
Can't think of what it is i'm by the way you were correct on the superman one that looks that way cause though it says according to wikipedia which is always correct um it was.
On the first season of felix quotes played lois dan and the remainder of the show's run after the first season it was on oneill.
Show um tokyo are you get the points and,
the answer to that particular one was mrs miss beetle beetle beetle looking ass yeah okay you know what you like asleep or at first and then,
negotiate get married yet,
yeah and she married the guy was like he had all the curly black hair.

[1:32:47] Yeah i wanna do in the mail or something yeah something like that so yeah i really like it is a long time ago the show is on the air for lunch.
I rolled a six release you to picture decade.

[1:33:02] O let's let's let's try the eighties again what type of cancer did nancy would be the real what kind of cancer did nancy have on thirty something.

[1:33:15] Breast cancer or ovarian cancer okay can we bring the trend done hey there people that date okay.

[1:33:26] Gonna i'm gonna be rockies this this particular question is am.
Not great other than the five seconds nineteen nineties on south park what was stand sisters name.

[1:33:44] What is stanford.

[1:33:49] I detest it and shit that show notes shelly shelly alley.
Play roman noodle ultra once again nineteen fifties how many years did the comedy i love lucy run was at five six or seven years.
Seven six.
Oops one two three four you get nineteen eighties regina who played alex sister she's better family ties again who played alex sister mallory on family ties.

[1:34:26] Her brother is more famous now yes i like action see your face umm.
Schedule lunch with drugs letter to you last name will take them men.

[1:34:45] Leave nineteen eighty and what was the name of the new director on w cincinnati.
Let's help me w hey are the helicopter.

[1:35:01] Report what are the add one however there is a.
Regina nineteen eighties in what city did thirty something take place pittsburgh to philadelphia or boston.

[1:35:16] I need something yeah something like that so i guess philadelphia philadelphia correct.
I'll need it is again who were alex parents on family ties i just want the characters name.

[1:35:34] Okay umm alex the kittens um who are the parents and family to know what the you don't want the actor name you want the characters names characters name.

[1:35:47] Ummm mallory alex alex alex alex i am up.

[1:35:56] I think his name was actually michael and i do not know her i can i get your name was my gross yellow green artifacts for bernie at that price a lesson stephen.

[1:36:10] Lisa how can i know i remember ok.
Nineteen fifties wasn't going way back in nineteen fifties but who play captain kangaroo on the captain kangaroo wow.

[1:36:25] What cant because turn off what is the begin.
Last night close was the first name.

[1:36:39] I got an appointment with bob but fishing hey u just captain kangaroo.
Yep no capping i love camping with a love that bunny that was so mean yes or great grand son justin.
The mood and the bunny pat the bunny nineteen nineties lee.
When does the dj and dj handlers name stand for on full house.

[1:37:10] Remember gene donna jo donna jo.

[1:37:15] First you can watch with house and second of all yeah right nineteen nineties who was the first average who was the first winner of american idol.

[1:37:27] What's the nineties alexa when is correct anywhere otherwise five
yo are these what is the lowest price is nineteen nineties i got that pressure is not two thousands please,
it's been a hundred billion years ago that he was tortured the end of the night but i will play your heart because i wish i was only getting it now i was only three at the time.
Who know are you ok now back on with that one is right now,
okay bring regina okay thank you give me non hell.

[1:38:05] Thank you for the information in again keeping us on this trial to the course of a podcast we appreciate that it really well this year step here there i have been
which many more calls or emails why would he really thought that stuff.
Should asian hang tho select your right don't want to live in a living if you are or younger your bills make sure they're the nomination spacing out and a large enough to be doing that.
And large enough that it will exactly yeah so i don't know like i said i will take the greens i think that's cute um,
but make a will need to be able to see what they are in case people want to trade your keep the oregon me and put the dollars in kazakhstan,
i always think it was like so i know fifty is grant i don't know who's on the hundred and frank.
Benjamin its rachel about the house just so we have been doing for the need to be approved but i'm out.
I can't is little leo take any amount because remember it will be doubled will be no will everything still hurting and a hundred so dollars right.

[1:39:29] Now the IRS to see it like that for charitable giving,
yeah you can play music hundred ok ana hundred dollars,
it will help people
i will the application for the american heart association well i'm so.
Can you help with educational programs for kids to get the more active that you heard on,
exactly is lot of fun stuff to do.

[1:39:55] Hi regina has another year and your family three hundred sixty four hundred sixty days ago after you are done,
happy that happens out people stop by that mother and all of us if i file
what is that first but then biggest question i get when is the up coming out what is their schedule if you gotta get on there will be a lot so there will be updates so
you there you shouldn't open.

[1:40:26] Black news to come and get your membership on thursday with suggest a thursday night would a light red,
all the different color highlighter yellow that anymore
no that's even the app and i'ma try use you wake me up at say something about the young updating you,
probably want to make sure you were updated before you gone into a hotel because you will lose your connectivity almost immediately
we do only update during the convention and we will do so updates from world convention gets here we do am generally only update once a day i'm in the reason is because of that there are so many people on,
add that the first year we had updates going everytime you go open the app,
event just kill people like add an adult a band so we strategically,
classic joey was surprised today um we'll have it get like over night we'll get all that,
update saying that like maybe for the evening and andrew keep twitter because of your cellphone or exchange,
we will send it out to the drink on twitter so and that is really the best of your worried about up to date.

[1:41:50] Twitter is the best of all of the app is ninety nine point nine good just in case some really crazy.

[1:41:59] We're just just understand that you know.
They're starting hundred hours for the park me there so yeah there's lots today so you can find something that.

[1:42:11] Edit nothing else go what you do makes a friend got good a pvp the concrete make friends and feeling fabulous.
Alright so until next time for regina and lee this is john saying everything on.

[1:42:34] Music.

[1:42:46] This has been a production of the unique pink,
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[1:43:09] Music.