50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 6 - The Dragon Con Games: Catching Phil And Kevin

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:41] The days of dragon con the podcast that is eating the mushroom and when you ask what ways is our resident uber he.
I don't know there's so many terrible things there and it's just good that i am not the one saying things that have unintentional
other meanings but hey what do you know what you talking bout the michigan play mario brothers this this retro mario brothers this weekend,
i would a wood you mean
i mean the wine that i couldn't play when i was a kid in the nineties and now it's back and now considered true and i was at the southern fried.

[1:27] I am really explode
SGE with dear friends of ours preston and shannon on my blank and the last name cuz i'm really thrilled is great and have a wonderful wonderful wonderful time and yeah so yeah do that again,
play with it and i still suck as much as i ever did.
On mario batman en el yes i'm terrible no this is the NES version.
What is the indiana one with the little degree console and had the big country is what ya he big cartridges that point yet,
yes there a really back i don't know this is an eighties nineties nostalgia thing that really can stop me and somebody says me leaving is a good band i'm gonna be real.
Show ya hubby red is the middle even if he was abandoned begin with.

[2:26] That is true how many who are you what.
Who you know it's true yes john who just can wait and i'll help you get there because it'll be a terrible segway we have.
Kevin who's what you just heard who is the video gaming truck and we also have hello who are you,
how high on i'm done gonna go what i want the podcast let's go i don't know how is powershrs this is really smart podcast
oh even if you did a god you did you have to stoop so low so quickly,
how tall enough to punch the puppy i don't understand add pics.

[3:18] What is the width is it cold people more who knows what was trying to
play the home i should a jus try some of your i think i got a little tipsy,
could you tell mushrooms really saying how is genomic that was not automatic and the wall with if your okay i'm here okay we need to put this on for this will not be the friendly ghost
friendly podcast even though you think this one would be i don't know never heard,
yeah i'm not sure we didn't say that but a lot of the people who have been added recently where can i look at it and it is small can i will screw up a lot of bands
so if you were interested in what you got added since the last time you listen to my CD now so and seven to twelve dudes nineteen,
i want an uber t get yahoo,
could a dragon yeah what's pull the blue birmingham diggers other people i haven't seen before on where was the one i just saw.
It's actually a pop punk rock girl and i don't know who they are but i can't wait to get me snickers and cancelled.

[4:39] Who are the lakers and cancelled who is the niece i don't know that am sorry.
Somebody would get no where i can get whatever thanks for getting in saigon what are you ready you ready do this next,
add whatever days yes hey how many defects before we know you're not drunk i'm gonna happen yet only got a gram still,
bad down the hatchet yet show us um have been doing this for on time and feel how long have you been a director are doing gaming anything specific and began,
i'll start a startup and am in rp stays ok if you that for a while i.

[5:28] Iphone opportunity and somebody out of the way and it is exactly opposite of what usually happens the director of fruits usually someone actually get out of your way.
Heat maps,
set what is a baseball cap would you are not correct or should he proud of directed IRA.
I will even had to do things like a red wedding but it was cold water and there was no plastic on the score of the atlanta red roof.

[6:03] We have endorsed whatever while i was at the first one that it,
what you called appear are my plans for hotel how about bars
oh god i remember that one yeah when he was good while because it was pretty good i'd like a story i'm bedroom light little report you want to come to the show.
Really i do know that i left the house but i will say hello to the girl s and thousand,
how can they now will this be enough light up my bed bound people who look just the man who is there,
can you help yeah ok so yeah now retired and kevin how long have you been with work and kind and then also with
the track is u talking bout then get your name that im trying more to of been here since two thousand.
Or just five mb i was actually doing a video game panels for the gaming track back when it was just one track,
can they spend nothing to the emo rpg track back in two thousand eight so i can help you.
Yeah no back windows are popular good one ummm.

[7:24] We want from two thousand thirteen went from emojis to all video games goods well just yeah.
There's just so many there are just so many,
and how do you how do you do that when and feel your longing different because of who you get it set up but can't how do you decide which ones are you gonna talk about it there are so many.
Who are guests who is that okay how many okay idle that certain guests martin for example.
Ummm martin here comes the navy because she does dads garage during that lana and that's a lot of the stuff in atlanta since he's gonna be here anyway.

[8:09] He's almost like the free space on the bingo board they didn't some help yeah that's perfect,
okay i know i've got a video game in prague panel i know if gotta masterpiece theater bill but hey are is the pittsburgh to come.

[8:25] And so we voice actors i like the french guy just a represente i friends at blizzard who come out so i know work is gonna get covered tho.

[8:35] That just adds to the guests come tracking in
we have a lot of attending pros and professionals another track suit by the way i am a science guest but i also like video games and i love to talk about you like you please contact with us i think it gives us what you say about it but i guess some other tracks,
erik is the we have come here to dragon con but don't know something about video games that any dissemination the beast big yes and
these guys me some people who i thought would do that all the time and if it is amazing people but you would.

[9:11] You would not release date would be that in the video games
what were the outcomes because hey i don't video games and play video games all the time if i'm not me not think that's what's also amazing about so many of our guest today is that we across a lot of hills
what's the who is yo are the waves weather get me
get you know i like borg am not a big video gaming personality board gaming and yet there are all these other things and its just amazing,
you say we bring him for one thing what would you do wrong done,
are you coming to dragon con which one of my favorite guess i gotta get a shadow character is just brilliant,
but he's professor do does genetics and which for the science track that's great but genetics is a overall subject is.

[10:07] Not the most thrilling thing im dry.

[10:10] What year you came up with the genetics of harry potter and how good he could be passed out what what snapchat heartbeat yep,
there's a company one year and says he would like to do something on a daily and biology on the mass effect franchise.

[10:28] Don would a like to talk to paranormal track about what you know good,
what alien physiology could be in where i want what he was looking guys i got a great title for the,
haley physiology a mass of x or y lizards don't have boobs.

[10:49] Play me who i like i love that is the best title but please just can introduce me on email to see what's there anything
who has the right data i would like to ask you start the other sites get so lucas hernandez and ian mcdonald and basically all of stephen graves guests
including steven,
what is your heels for me now talking about hey got a cyan stop it links up with videos like pokemon genetic send a lead,
hundred the different games that bad side ten video games in why you don't bounce off asteroids that okay with you should never hook up with derrick.
Oh my god yo are the benefits scary crossover me
i would appreciate if there's guess that leaves get walk into the same room,
add mary ellen potter and matter in the same area we don't do that anymore we used to be a,
we did about for three to five years in a row we did a sketch thanks vs believers order yet handle and it.
What is good and it wasn't good noon so would you say you know that's what are the courses because people take it a good wine that was made to be really invested in.

[12:12] Beliefs did the pics the other water from the well actually,
i'm not who has bud not during that time when you help me i am i am podcast guys still gonna be good
yo are i did well actually recently because somebody said something and i said and i just can't i
well actually in winter and the bottom and i'm sorry i just could not help myself,
yes it is he's always radio to know that add how to access it john's right that is correct on that point but yeah so now i'm looking into the tracking in all of this can see folks we all know each other,
unfortunately i introduced john to home and this girl really where,
tell me what when is board of uganda thursday com and when are you gonna open,
help help fill a void that question for a little bit what is your traffic,
i want a big baseball we are the guys you provide we have a lot of space up a lot of board games in me not heard of before if a classic games did we have from,
we also have a lot of specialty board games we also one more game demos are we encourage people who are kickstarter who all trying to get the game tomorrow ok started.

[13:38] I don't want to get a good actor plate so it's a really diverse crowd.

[13:44] Yes bitch your voicemail got worried that i met at the yesterday so you know what it do.

[13:50] Hi thank you for reminding me that's yes he was i didn't see
kevin and it was a really great time what are you programmed to get picked up a lotta new demo gas
i'm having a hard worker today so i wasn't able to go would like to order this week as i was unable to go pick up
i always think of the couple people i will babe how are u gorgeous interesting show.
Who is the shared yes sir yes i want to watch that can't though.
What u up the stairs hashtag it is again so hey there and run your new store is what it is not what so how do you
leave sport games how do people play the bring your own copy you can and there's space for that what we wrote what would be really really cool things about portland area for ten dollars,
i got a membership which allows you to check out any board game that we have a library n.
We have over for the game the library um where can i get some more for this year so i must say i was gonna put it over four hundred and you can check out a gay,
set a table play the game gets people to join us if we just get way to teach c,
what is a good way to play a game shouldnt want to spend three hundred dollars.

[15:11] It's where the product you like well kinda like games like this let see if i like this one is there.
I also never went to tournaments lol you don't we wish to wish me on read only if i'm.

[15:24] I'm on like ninety percent lock down what were gonna do we gonna do it says that contains a comment and because it was sunday but today.
Jenn garner next year start out so that would for sure right god is if it is ok i'm looking at we looking at maybe
possibly can you tokyo to new york with my even have a clock and also ornaments which is the next game.
I feel like table pool.
Oh okay yeah okay i said no to what is your whatsapp wanna comment we had a guy who builds custom tables and he comes and he
he is convincing people to the game and i lost something on board game floor on the floor right,
he has made some contacts and courtney have you sold quite a few tables,
i want people to play games at the show and contacts and after the show you make custom tables at his tables gorgeous,
who's ones we have like the little drawers already on and things like that include mount so u
have you dice are you there you will need to be paid this is a look at your shop but kinda yeah yeah okay gotcha,
hey anything schedule makes custom table to say what ever i go you have any can yo uh.

[16:51] Yellow keyboard cat makes a custom orders custom orders custom pieces,
yes i will be really good to look at and it is something we i'm trying to get,
how do i get a staff give me a ride to tournament that's always a problem getting your workout regimen skill to actually want these tournaments.
Show us the last summer working on right now i dont care what is alright god would a.

[17:24] Stop don't never tell me the number cannot tell me the flap copy dragons,
what is going to italy will work itself out between now and lily the end of july.
Yeah that's cool that is really neat i love that i didn't and so when will i get a registration and they get their drugs bad they can come to you give me the ten bucks.
Where to pay,
let's begin play the beginning registration oregon pay the extra board game very well happy or game membership i'm working all so good for years
good for the soul circles um we have we have a organise wolf are gonna be in western.
What gets you in those circles is well um.

[18:15] It's just way to make sure because the space of here so i know you've on the floor right
i would prefer not you are amazing
does yeah that's right now get notifications every other a lot of space where we can we have a table at it and where will denver play a round table,
our only public twelve and fourteen florida instead i would have told private elevator access who i bibby said what will the serpent there,
are we get along just for support,
just for doing for yo side if there's lactose in comment dont time department,
yes we do and we got her very very much does standing job yet we go to get her what i could she get stories you can tell,
would he know that you're.
Yo on where we'll circle and i don't know what you're talking about yes it's so interesting somebody wrote a song about it.

[19:27] Oh jesus ure full disclosure from the listing decided to use to work for me as a volunteer
show arena
yo are ya gonna say get your refund if we got socket
who is the best way to last maybe i don't know what we need to traffic getting to actually know that i must tell you that i'm sending it
sorry it on the fifty dollars parking nearby at the last minute but my eyes are red,
how to play a mark to up coverage should i be covered up tomorrow select no help again
sorry yes love you safely so you have all these board games is one thing i love so dearly their stored some place to drink and has like a whole bowl to bed,
that um you know well where the store all of their stuff at right.

[20:30] What's a good a laugh tech family friendly,
alexa when do we have a super secret underground bunker who undisclosed location your area fifty one or secure yep hey,
hey i want to watch people are scary 51 should i bring some good colleges that instagram but i didn't ask,
tech is starting good about that idea but yeah i'd like to know the truth is a lot of the atlanta game do you store your self.

[21:07] Yo on,
i would a woodchuck that is where the student got no no that's not his that's not his
place as my batch oh so human or fictitious conversation the directors are doing a background purple
no wake up leisurely because it was too long to me never mind i don't know what football is.
I know that you volunteered to take like two am to six,
hey m what i think and feel i could actually i have your OK i have a group of wonderful volunteers to help me forget but years are taken an over night shift
hey baby hold it down big baseball secure the entire area overnight because close the game room we open up on thursday we really hit it
will thursday at six PM i am yeah.

[22:18] I will kill both of you should a max o'clock pm.
Call me after work what time can you check for me up there and feel yes.
Recorded a bad set up though i should air and at what time are you thinking be blessed starts at lining up to get in the game room
tuesday lets go on wednesdays your home or your little more generous.
What is actually the only track i know that really is twenty four seven what you start and you don't stop until the last result on monday and you have to keep people at that point,
how to set the games out what to do if a cat on my game today you can fuck the light
we're packing these up so yeah what i'll invite you we started packing up my bed at noon who is gonna take a long walk games we had lunch play games we have with our packing up at noon and it was like
good bye we are pretty but sad you gotta go home should he here.
Yeah it's a process i would get it down i gotta do are you back working is my seconds of you.

[23:44] Yeah so so yeah so probably safe now what are you gonna be back me up when doing this and he is gonna make sure,
where can i drink beer together there we have to have my area clear like four pm lol why will people start a go is not a hotel it's enough already tried to create america smart want to start,
you know if you're doing anything over after i will start getting everything ready.
For the next button yellow which is the load on tuesday morning so i want fix the wig completely out of and completely cleaned out.

[24:25] So yeah just been weird to do so you will start packing up.
How about noon on monday by very good medical and so.
I did ben you have something new this year
yes i would like to try something new other people access to do before and we party with the group i just kinda helpless right this is call up plan to play to win.
We're going to be about the game that it for people to play house and have games people play any play and bet your play the game go to ensure the right to wear that yet lol someone told joyce i will be doing drawings and postings on it all weekend lol.
Would you know who and what game um.
So again details are still up in the air but this is something that i am like ninety nine percent sure we can be a great dad doesn't part with somebody who does this work but because of their business,
what are the open part with somebody who does this and hopefully we can get.
Get started anderson something because it's good way to promote the pregame from different manufactures ugh i'm so is my discord is the way to,
yes i wait for it companies programs are because what better way to put the game in let's buddy have a god.

[25:54] No that's not what is your business because are doing that and it's great and then no hay new venue like it bright,
i'll go to a new flight we can get you anywhere before but usually of games that people have played.
What u everyone every day that we give away is gonna be somebody somebody was play.

[26:15] Um so kevin me asking so we know the film opens at two am on wednesday what time does your track open.

[26:25] I were running our first events at five thirty on thursday.
When was one of those first event we're running a icebreaker i would not waste color of the singles mixer.
We realize that that was a little too boy meets girl focused and alot of feedback is.
What if we want to meet other and get some inspirations these days until we need to be sensitive,
make friends or romantic connections are just people to party with all weekend or whatever we just decided to when i go to put the dating expectations at this is just an activity you can do to meet people.
Ben is never really well the last couple years we've got about three hundred people and then on thursday which is.
Trucking animals what were doing that as well is twitch sings which we doing with the digital media track where basically.
Hey people sing along with online songs and just imagine what could go wrong there ok what you put up on a screen from twitch.
What we put the songs that you posted off the internet have to be twins computer can be whatever and it's no longer there.

[27:46] I did the whole are condoms tyler anybody things rebeca blacks friday song out myself all that difficult stuff how i am totally sign up for that.
Add it feel get out of this season never given i have two words for you have been ordered birthday we get that one in a minute.
Is there a hide,
ten oclock thursday night we're doing the eight badge with games and eighties music and some seventy and for good measure the BJP spending again for um,
how about four thousand people show up to that last word though quite the party umm.
Start again turn the faucet on thursday.
Ten o'clock on thursday and checking on there's a lot of fun you are your based in weston missouri.
We are here as of right now the wild wild west.
Who has the right now is everything changes and writing what you never know is that you never get mad weird west assume it has and then check.

[29:00] I don't get it will be on the other end of the app consult the app and consider the ap final schedule comes out cuz i'm not exaggerating wanted to get deadly washington.

[29:12] I have still got at least two working quote ten to death panels because i'm waiting the her i guess.
How many how many hours a program do you want to building jesus i let me add it up turn to track.
56 advance
show me which multi hours um we close to about seventy seventy two hours programming in programming is it because you feel as a video games like a multi billion dollar industry or something,
figure that hollywood fun it would he is how much.
And you know what that their stuff you're leaving out and not not for want of not for you to like it more of in a place put it doesn't much space,
we've got the least five pounds off the schedule because it's like we have a choice i have.

[30:10] Oilers have the guys from bethesda showing out.
I can do a final fantasy trivia quite yet if what i think it's awesome that you get the change of your programming every year cuz i know that
that's one of the big challenges of running track and is keeping your programming fresh because the last thing the powers that be want to say,
is the st patty your drunk the last five years at the same time in the same room yet after year after year,
what is that i do like masterpiece theater or improv,
hello are the people doing it in centimeter every time so it didn't process so what you expect my okay best please could run,
five shows that during morning everyone would be different okay let me ask you what what is masterpiece theater system with several time,
i'll let me know when it is on PBS what is the video to take things like song lyrics i like when you're dealing with.
Set the beatles maxwells silver hammer as the voice of the scarecrow from batman arkham asylum.

[31:17] Quinn flynn was reading raven as we are christopher walk in and celeste.

[31:23] Who you with these boys actors that to all these different crazy boys and they will songs or leadership for movie scenes.
Wake me imagine somebody doing that you can't handle the truth and from the few good men as goofy what would a nuclear whatever,
how would a really good applicant switch on a dime so that's kind of details do the wheel destiny like okay give me an idea for a boys.

[31:53] Wow,
hello she turns out to be to heavy metal song lyrics and they're doing it is bubbles from power puff you know about the concert still women's idea from your cousin two years ago with somebody we had a guy who does i will wait a poo,
i was was reading some death metal lyrics yep add wedding approved,
yes that's wrong with it is actually dinner and road is it at so i'm not surprised and yet yet also does the airport please take an improv shows,
a couple shows are on the west coast because of some of the shenanigans we done your dragon fast better eliza hobbies guys a gift from the camera get better microphone,
oh yeah everything whatever and people wont camera case we put a microphone interface looking for a m and will.
Do improv at eleven at night on five hundred people and to the interview that comes out of this guy.

[33:00] Where do that every year it'll be you cash the characters every year.
Is there a video game this year that is kind of breakout wine or something that you like you have i have to get this one or is it just a little.
Shut off call um i say that because there were a lot of games hello looking for that title mm nh short cut helps with mike though,
show me shirts with that worthy of a panel,
oh lol seventy six what happened did not a just mentioned that the fastest coming if it's who else what happened was.
Um i want the film that got very bad set it up but i am really curious to see if there still interest.
Do you guys remember the games city of heroes.
Yes yes i know i no love it but again i would a while ago in a little while ago i did revisit is well,
right so when they announce that jim was closing it i was walking to the panel that i was.

[34:19] At dragon con i want to look at my phone it says it's soft announces the chegar heroes of shutting down.
I walk in this room three hundred euros fans again hey guys guess what i just heard smh wow that was fun i remember the day because we sell really short notice yeah i can months notice it was there.

[34:42] Um you have we had some banners to the hero sessions in the past well long story short.
That two months ago some folks spent up a private server running city of heroes and made available to the general public had brought the game back from the dead literally.
And so it's available to play now.

[35:05] Nc soft has been put the box out of the servers still up and running and people are still playing it it's got,
hundred thousand concurrent players and it's doing well.
So let's revisit that game an see what kinda interest is still out there.
Make a light yellow made with also like to hear one of the games will it be here record.
Yeah because if this is the start of larger movements are there um be on matrix online just thinking of dead games of borussia dead games off the top of my head of something i want to online.
Still watching open line still alive never gonna die mugs lord bridges around what what.
It is the old man on the block shooting me.

[35:57] Ok i get it math yo on line is still out there it's been around
is a request to running fifteen years eq still alive what does rumors that somebody is got the code for akron call.

[36:17] Hey.
He's on line is still running as from excel spreadsheet of existence i have to do this spreadsheet
we had no idea i'm talking no not play with that lives probably would be really interested nike.

[36:42] Nope new friendship are cut off alerts for me and i love you online because i dont busy resources down to one.
Yes i do you actually who that doesn't sound fun okay anyway yet for you or just gonna be going crazy shit this is awesome.
Ya increasing that really what is true and you are still no info i know is that you are and americas mart and so the space is still wet.
Quadruple what you had before if there the hyatt.
Share the space with getting raids board gaming manager gaming card gaming and gaming put tokyo pop arcade requesting arcade and uh,
what would i call to eternal yeah yeah ok america's mark okay but you're space for board gaming.
Is it yeah yeah yeah oh we have as much space dedicated just a board game and that was the entirety of the hill.

[37:50] Jasper wake me up in clothes but need to know yo cute thousand square feet more where are the nuggets still not enough space,
what's the plane we've made everybody else and gaming hey you what you take hey google stop,
yeah close to that happy that you're here is closed down and record player the light what would you like to play well what is gonna be aware the card game war playing earlier today,
it's a knob matt we have a couple more gb of last year and i didn't have any come downstairs.

[38:31] Like three o'clock in the morning i love you lord and it was packed still still the at three am three me nomad,
can you tell me you tell me what time that you had you have actually really kind of watched u in your staff and there are certain people that i knew you open the door and there you are there for your breaks or food,
when will i get your address like you know.
Recharge ten dollars is light.
Good a big bill is paid ten bucks for a board game pass when i have left
yeah that's what is also very interesting to me is because i've been watching the dragon con facebook group and people like this is my first year is my first your USA.

[39:27] Five ten of those right now i did'n something and all these new people are coming it's gonna be amazing is your life how many people are there in,
navigate find u guys all this is what they meant by all these stable i just i just like to watch the new people show up so
overwhelmed because i gotta go to the local comic yeah local,
i need a kind word from me up until like a major like new york comic con or sci i was it see square or something like that.

[40:01] It does not compare um yet because we are people of their own will this is not audrey hepburn the gym time and every year for the last,
why years so you wont guess who cannot log on record is amazing show that nigga dustin gaming,
hey what if loop gaming epic gaming area dragon cock what its own kind,
i'll be in the top ten largest kind of in the united states who is just by itself as they get the baby back so what you add yo all the tracks what you add,
add the music the art show here hey gang how is play the new retro look at you go it's not one building note five hotel and convention center and convention center.

[40:57] What can we still looking for places to expand which is which is who we expect look what we make it a expand your parents right.
No that is tracking kinda driving time do the disney thing where they try to sign in under different contracts and looking for hotels to budget places to expand to.
We are not authorized to talk to but that's not what we are not in that level of anything and no item or they don't stop that adam lambert
yes i know they dont diagnose your dragon god is a huge economic engine of a queen room,
what do it in the footprint area dragon god we need little early make a lot of these businesses year.
Tell us what days we are black friday from us to the hotel and we don't know a black friday was the reason it got that name is a tg that was a good day when you went from your store being in the read to your store being in the black,
what is that gonna holiday shopping dragon con is that for a good many of the businesses in downtown in the hotel lot of people don't realize this but,
would you possibly do what there is a college football kickoff happening the same weekend as dragon con starts,
there's also your house is also other colleges in metro atlanta who starred in the college football season we can drag and open it.

[42:27] Yeah what you think the hotels want to sell to new marshfield one light turn off when i.

[42:35] What should a lady gaga play blake there is a spot the chick fil a with the mirrors off
see if there's anything to america about moving dragon con quote off their weekend on quote amares office told check the balance and should he we don't know the history new by chet apakah i didn't want people stop,
hey brett what if you that your enjoying how many people live gaming everybody loves gaming and feel blessed to say and catherine to
you have the family gaming that you be talking about and the non family eat out
major no other but do they light candles on
yeah we actually do we have a wheel to have the whole gaming has the kids gaming yeah are the kids getting past three kids under age of twelve to the bikini area gaming registration and blues on,
saturday and sunday you can sign them up for the kids skating pass and will be introduced to different names in different areas,
update me on board games all be a happy little lark.

[43:46] Red wine specifically for kids this video games should we be kids collect pictures game specifically gear to be under twelve set
and if it is a good way it's a good plan to do to bring the kids over i can try out some vegan products and electronic gaming but we'll we'll what is the date the trip with some video games of course
what are we allowed card games board games add milk to my kids come on.

[44:16] On saturday and help out with the kids got me alexa
so it's always fun to watch other kids to pick up at the game it's always fun and also find a sitter like in another with all the different choices,
yeah it's always find the whites overwhelming the amount of games we have because open wanna be a board games they are still stuck on board game that nobody wants to play with your family,
monopoly no we what i can play monopoly with my sister anymore.
Goodbye robot where are the games lot more fun but i don't know it's because she doesn't play by the rules but the problem with it should be done so go through.
It's off of you will never gonna gain is very cut throat when are we
he was able to place the capital of course because hey its ways william and william comes and when it is time for us the four of us to play the
we're not gonna know any of these please how can i know any of these actors.
Yes i want to return for being here to the second but um real quick can we mention that you are currently in the western wear belts in the westend is your track is the boardroom on the seventh.

[45:37] Who are the seven floors of.
Ok google and of course we know you are in the americas mart how to keep find you inside of the americas marcus is a massive,
yeah it's seventeen floors of garages on the second floor i want a gaming registration the easiest way to get to assist to come into the westin papers coverage over and will be right there is where your coming out of the western,
no no there's a question about that though its some points does not sky bridge closed.

[46:11] I did just last year because of other meeting go back through the front door downstairs.
No what is the average bill gates have rates that no big is hell is a physical bruise between building one which is where we are and buildings two and three which were the deals are.
Yes no access to the dealers all through yoga not what's the weather.
How to come in to get it right get to feel all proud of what the line to get the deals lol by coming to game you will be sorely disappointed and turned around and told to go back out and do it what what everybody else.

[46:47] Which is a wrap-around the building yeah that's a junky the interested deals all gun be important.

[46:57] Which is actually somewhere um wine to being somewhere in peach tree by the end of the above time to get to the weather the light in the dining experience peachtree apartment is where the.
Is the weather in vegas building one to building two is where the deal is ali ahsan you have to come past get you building one to get to building two no access to the building one,
so the easiest way these will get here if you just going for gaming which is what you should go guys is to go to western.

[47:27] It's bridge across from the western again tell me to smart for yo take a ride into getting registration.
Usually it the way i was wondering where it is usually the western set up a little ugh grabbing go station right next where the entrances to the american cancer.
Find nothing just keep going past it and bill me for a fool to western pick up something to eat there any good past it um ainda não you're in the gaming area.
and you are asking about the game we re is the new DC salt john during con don't ask him when we're what else can he done you know what i'm telling all put you in the western of tampa airport this morning when i would ask
hey there.
Do ya know me harris i will hot chick fil a we need hotel rooms good luck you live so that it is tennessee and some help michelle ball
get you to stay open on sunday.

[48:34] Who john john um ok so would like to be like to play some games with guests other when they can hear it so um this.
We have so we've actually broken down into four categories in five questions in each category you will get to choose on your turn which.
Which category you want to read from which you were exactly what that question from where are the categories.
The categories are retro video games,
modern video games friday and sports everyone's favorite color so want to category is a is gonna can you send,
when will you send those topics one more time do you drop clearly for everyone to listen to pay attention ways can we shoot for lee.
Delete the pic i got it below in afghanistan our retro video games and video games.
Raise and sports.
Where can retro modern video games retro or modern video games but there's too to categories there's a variety of bitches really just pop culture and sports.
So i will let add kevin to feel which one you want to go first you want some retro video games okay so it's me not feel twenty first.

[50:02] And kevin bentley and then me.

[50:07] Wrong again what is the name of the evil alien ant agnes nurse found.

[50:15] Blue and william hand picked by the way out of your stock of any hatred what's the order so.
Function one question.

[50:31] Hey yo remember mother.
Incorrect transaction.
Yes something with GS me say hello but other gas guy i go to a DIY LEGAL,
i don't think you can get past you can just out her cuz i didn't know why it is but not that.
You actually know the answer.

[51:11] Some productivity category next i'm sleepy can try and get a sports movie.
I was hoping to settle with all those questions what's for appears a children's book alice in wonderland.

[51:33] Oh god i know how do i get the answer is no you don't get how that's bad,
would you say getting the ways to leave thinks this order to the rings yes took a what fruits port of delivery x am i correct william crouch yes you are,
i'd like to play.
No i have not help you with them because i can reach out right ok so you picking category.
I'm gonna see what writes it is.

[52:10] What is the current event who coined the term the iron curtain to describe the border between eastern and western europe after world war two.
Easy how are you,
i don't have an answer yeah for a min a church where i don't think that's right ok so when someone who is currently doing is destroying my win it will take.
Random as well lol take it as well.

[52:46] What tv series was that william mckinley hi.

[52:55] How was that come by the bell.
Incorrect though when is world advance i was looking for a guy i know i'm pregnant.
How did you get to sacramento what are you thinking i will i will say watching for the first season or so but i asked who will actually am and make me want to three one of three ugh.
Series b to one two years,
william blake lol that is correct valid i don't make the questions i just feel tired,
address correction when you're all set up and i feel your choice will act operation using for a waterproof fm.
Hmm i think it um what did song begins he was a boy she was a girl can i make it anymore obvious.

[53:53] Choose a boy she was a girl i know this i mean i don't know surprise you help me.
Can i get something no i did the artist.
Um that would definitely help you because i know that but i know what are the avril levine.
Schedule a boy how old are the las que to know what is the sk eight that are DAIRY is there any in there but.

[54:28] Are you guys having your.
How everything is like such a strange is this is me but i gotta love modern video games i gotta do it.
Are you okay.
Oh which are able to phoenix right up here instead of games in the series in two thousand nine and two thousand eleven for the didn't.
Will there be dance repeat that please google morning and still nothing of it,
you got the address which are able to phoenix right appeared and spend of games from the series in two thousand nine to two thousand eleven for nintendo ds.

[55:13] What does i ship.

[55:24] I should note there is it dumb.

[55:32] Apollo justice know the answer smiles at worth.

[55:41] Miles it's worth.

[55:44] Yeah remember that ellis was accurate that i help you.

[55:53] Add me write in all the sports what was the a. c. series popular.
It was it was talking about it.
Most popular ship and i would like to get drinks ok when do the dev and maybe is considered the return of visual novel friend i'm so it's like saying amongst the asian grinder in MO
what's your manager demographic that is only taking japanese can i contact you.

[56:27] Remove the work on that for you where can we control so you know i said
sports again what do you have sports balls how many olympic medals had american swear michael phelps one as twenty sixteen.

[56:45] So twenty sixteen how many,
will someone picks after twenty six th in las vegas want be a part of his the cards laying around for another twenty years,
i want to say seventeen but i think im wrong but i like it i like cats to help them i know i should know what is it,
create call twenty eight twenty one,
what metal are there trying to think gold but i need three golds should a chance now that i know will smoke when you know what i was planning
create your bachata what it possible to go any faster he was smoking weed,
computer because i get used but a lot of calories hey no pain otherwise me um,
how with modern video games there is no way i am gonna answer any of that if,
that is a little question asking there's no one in circulation video game here.
American video game so what is the name of agent forty seven handler and the hitman series.

[57:58] Oh
That would mean that i stop to read all the info i didn't get asked all the other we will have a lot of it.
Hitman series for me is a lot of accounting to sneak around and then getting found out in the dying minutes of the game.
Ummm mr bigg sneaky mr bixby incorrect it close it was a burn wood.
No put the woman's name.
Who are you hello who is going to be training next yeah that's not going to send the training when is walking with a limp now y.
Ugh i'm flying back to philly again i brought that its ok retro video games cuz i'm gonna be able to answer but that would be entertaining.
Ok i get these discussions what are the nicknames for the four pack then goes.
Oh oh god take it all for the uk wiki picky and clyde.

[59:14] I prefer the correct yes yes that's correct good a flight okay.
I feel ya i hate you feel so relieved to one hello can you help okay and go back to sports sports.
Travis i don't know anything about video games which is again not piece of square ones in my stomach delete this set if i evicted if your ok,
name the only u. s. based team should have been awarded to sports illustrated sports person of the year.

[59:55] Hmm which is like a large coke and rum but okay.
Roll times personally are so yeah.

[1:00:10] The yes men in the MLB team write a post hey.

[1:00:21] Oh goodness in bombay,
i'm going to say just because i'm red sox fan of boston red sox that's correct who is that something amazing season that season,
that's right hey whatever and so i was like to have someone like in decades so accurate who did the cubs win i like cats hi,
may i will be do is try it.

[1:00:53] Just one question after this one left and it hourly a will what mascot was created in nineteen twenty five by the minnesota ballet can a company to promote it's vegetables,
i know that one yeah when would a hey jarvis tell me more why not,
yahoo does that you can do we just simply say green giant germ i have another part-time and green magic are your clothes out where it topic,
thank god.
When did house was the first book published and what children's horror series what can i help yes is was published in what children service mistake goosebumps who's at the only one who is darren,
what other children's whore series is there who's house is going on.
Yes i can i can think of several
a children's at tv show the previous record and yeah i mean i did things that arent scary stories clear line it's a level by the way it's okay
i will not rejoice to finish yet modern video games video games did we get this one.

[1:02:20] I am realizing that i want to the audience might not be correct because i created by luca spoke with user to gain it said the border of the country of our stocks.

[1:02:38] Uh what.
Pre by lukas pope which two thousand thirteen video games instead of the border of a fictional country of ours are you open the action news weather is.
I have no idea what this is i didn't pick up what is my games i like iphone charger.

[1:03:02] I incorrectly see endgame papers please hey bus please.
Who did you know that one lol not looking for amazon target yeah i'm sure kevin your choice.

[1:03:19] Classic video game.

[1:03:22] Retro classic retro classic classic is a for us know if brandon's into but the two thousands for those of us with her yet,
yup my loan ask what you wanted this week i think there are you it can i just get the point now.
Go ahead i just tell me when u already kno the answer ugly released for the sega cd per referral.
To the drive in nineteen ninety two which full motion video game as a player as a player protect kelly mad hamid areas of bed and others using traps and security cameras.

[1:04:05] Yeah yeah not this one.
No i really don't it's not trap yes yes what can i ask or are horrible bring to the creation of SR b.
I want to contact the lion share them but i use your id like to help.

[1:04:28] What the hell yo are well we are tears me the congress know you're talking about help what is prices hike so that's right,
move it left or right remember i fit in this world that all all the varieties i want to sports.
Sports are the first air guitar championships we're organizing the early nineteen eighties the us and which andrew and which other country.
Us behind.

[1:05:04] Oh yes let's go japan is the great answer is sweden,
no four seat other bigger car since i placed the exported a gift to fish and i don't think i got your email to phish now not ups usps fed.
That's not what is going on in oakland at sports darn it in what olympic sports do computers crossed the finishing finishing volume back.
I'm looking pensive sport did they do.
Victor is finish line backwards yes wrestling backwards especially um the crap girl.

[1:05:50] What's the close rowing o me only that one,
yeah ok so the last round is only five questions left there are two hundred etro yn3in modern either follow that no forecast it going for you in to,
zero one four of us are you sophia l. don't take my pills currently tied for the lead with everybody but me.
Do you watch character is a professional gamer or andrew world number one which other game be by blizzard entertainment.
How is the weather in no certain amount you make something.
Ugh never gave her west hollywood.
No fly from the us and has a lot out of it feeling a storm right yeah.

[1:06:52] Are you say is liking heres the storm i yeah i like my toys whatever the wrong.

[1:07:01] It is your answer only play if u can you break up your help for crap this is great,
diageo what is aircraft i don't know if you help.
We will look at the bright side,
no that only i start preparing is the most popular game and corey will confuse everyone came in a game that she was and yet.
I want in blue and white red white and blue one.
Uh ok so i will go retro again.

[1:07:47] What are the effects for the company code cancel down left right.

[1:07:55] Talk to my dad.

[1:07:59] You want to bar incorrect um it's a up down down left right left right b a start.

[1:08:07] Who controls donot,
ok that's very have to admit that is the literal only realize the economics has been used in so many different platforms.

[1:08:25] Yeah that you get that yellow thing.
Yeah starting your employment card and model project in may i was retro games which i still haven't the last time ok so yeah,
are in deinstalled sword fighting a section of the classic adventure game the secret mickey island,
what is the correct come back the infamous insult you fight like a dairy farmer.

[1:08:58] I start with your i have no idea so yeah i got milk in your.

[1:09:05] What is correct i'm not far off but that's not correct the correct answer is appropriate if i ate like a cow.
I hear myself and plus i would like one but go on yo are releasing true thousand seventeen
which campaign was the spiritual successor to patrick is the way i was developed by former employees ummm.

[1:09:40] I can see it but i can't hold a name.

[1:09:45] Um i don't know anybody else now.

[1:09:54] I'm going to have again in cancer no i mean what is the answer ukulele ukulele.

[1:10:04] Oh u can you can lately not that got a add ko will you pick the exactly the hardest questions but final score yesterday morning.
Yes but it fill one with three hey three who i can trust place with just one is that break you for joining us even if uh you know vr.
Roll to leave by the fifteen year old kid picked all that
question for yo are hey try and put it is not it's not like the driveway,
who are the adults that franchise if what is wrong yo on eight now can't do i have new panel idea fifteen year old person disguise,
who is actually hysterically fucking with me if there is anyone that yo okay i get a trivia question for the fifteen year old does turn about is fair play,

[1:11:13] Across all platforms what is the best selling video game of all time and how many copies do they sell your welcome kevin well.
The vehicle right answer is tetris let's go up there so many different versions of the account all of them.
Yes he does i actually like twenty six million i'd like to know how is my alarm.
You're off by a few zeros in my anus my god what is edible yep well thank you.

[1:11:48] I'm sorry i did know that we never mind i will never gonna tetris in probably because it's described as a reference.
Who is kevin working folks find more information about your tracking in a reminder on where your located.
Well you can find and we have a facebook group and you can find some video gaming dr thunder org and you can find our physical location on the seventh floor at the westin in the best of all room as far as we know right now.

[1:12:19] As of today i love it.
What do you think not sure that feeling is moving but where can people find you on the web and on the physical location.

[1:12:32] We have a social media presence at facebook dot com slash dc board games.

[1:12:38] Hi we are located on the second floor of the western inn america so i think one of america's smart the cross on the west.

[1:12:48] Learn go.
No and as always i'll be sure to check the mouse the link to their to their various sites on the post for this,
ask andy gets to find out if you need to keep them calm amanda can always e-mail fifty days five zero days the y is.
View nikki dot com and work call is at eight one three three two one zero tug that eight one three three two one zero eight eight four i'm so until next time to william film.
Can i eat the same piece capture what we object designer.

[1:13:32] Hasn't been a production of the unique pink.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
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[1:13:56] Music.