50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 - Day 8 - Diary Of A Dragon Con: Leigh Rules

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50 Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Yo on
how are yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:40] Looking for another addition to the use of dragon con the podcast that,
plays by the rules and.
Not really joining me as always be legally break or play no no no keep the rolls i like google what is good,
russel um who are you who are the red hair that's what makes up our society is so
no i do not doing well things like outside how many how much money is in the news,
show me the news,
yahoo news from as many people who have heard the sheraton atlanta has had to close down for a bit due to,
legionnaires' outbreak however there is an official statement from driving high on an jonathan regarding the second light.

[1:41] Best place to watch anything if i'm driving on facebook groups of the twitter that's remove everything but the one thing that you and i can promise dragon con is not being cancelled,
i hate help yeah i don't drink and will,
i mean i would you to point zero zero one percent chance of they would cancel because it's play highly doubt i will get that much should i want to read the official report a record of five news atlanta,
ummm the drink and organizer is released the following statement on monday evening by the way as me record this is um july sixteenth.
I'm so good news this news may be different by the time you hear it from when you listen this particular podcast,
i drank on organizers the following statement monday evening the safety of our fans deserve is the first priority for dragon con.
We're currently working with a shared management to understand the situation the solutions and the time frame involved so that's it end time that's all they can do that loose theirs.
Umm you know people who happens and sometimes it happens on your watch unfortunately so.
I'm right now in recorded the newest your who you read it between anywhere between three and five,
confirmed cases of legionnaires' disease um.

[3:10] Where are that what is that of bacteria which is someplace where is um
will the terminator the essentially how long it will take to resolve so,
if it's in the water supply probably take longer to resolve anything happens just be or hot tub or something like that doesn't you just rainbow,
the hot tub and move on with your life um.
I imagine no i don't work for the CDC so i don't know um um yeah who according yep.
So basically that is nothing new recording for the reporting it.
Yeah you tell everyone just to good use a dragon con is on top of it you know what's going on sheridan know is that it's big.
Make a ton of money off of allah drink and so they want to happens much anybody but but in am.
Add cher to the general manager for sheraton atlanta said essentially the same thing as ryan can say which is the health and safety glasses of grace priority,
we are working closely with public officials and outside experts to contact testing to determine if love is present at the hotel as a result of an abundance of caution we've made the decision to close the hotel while we wait for results.

[4:28] Um no that is a good abundance of caution so very happy that you're talking about but yes,
it sucks for us if you know if worse case scenario they lose hotel insure drink and four canon all the contingency plans right now,
there are people above us doing that john fellow dragon ball dragon and that was a beaver official sources so um yeah premier league is because its packed can help,
no dont bother email driving time that's not helping reno and i'm sure they'll let you know as soon as i know something is sharing let them know
i would only organizations know it's soon as they know something and soon as we hear something will say something as well but
uh yes that's it i'm another no thank you i'm moving onto some other news did wanna point out the beautiful people ask about you know for name sd four for ms labor day for five am,
you would normally cover this is your first podcast here but what typically winds up happening is
um we will wind up missing you know it's fifty dollars and can usually wind up being about forty 42 43 someone there um because,
people are busy.

[5:49] Don't have paypal can i get a gas other been doing these what podcasts we just have to bite the bullet right now the directors super busy some of them one two,
oh wait until a gum have a guest that we just waiting on the would love to announce,
i'm a podcast kinda feeling kind of asking if he can wait a few days when you know to see if it if the rest comes thru um.

[6:17] Those kinda things so you know we are best friends and whenever anything by the way
roald to death that's a concern for you than that if you are concerned that we win yesterday or something that yourself who are invested um,
that's not concerning we love you guys we appreciate you listening we decided low for dragon con and a low for you guys so what.

[6:44] Appreciate you know that we're gonna miss or gonna miss a few along the way and will try to cover it is much is possible sometimes they're gonna be couple days probably towards am working to release to the ad,
what r n they haze the justin gets crazy and then you yeah my you have a day with,
you never know that's if it happen but surely but what is the start of a new like right before you leave your neck of the woods and come up here you dislike ok guys so we're done here all the rest i had,
thank you never done that before shipped yet,
i'm not doing too when i think the most i've ever done was on the fourteen nineteen fifty three released to wanita those days i think you guys because you knew how to write a yelp go right out of me i will feel bad about it fifty day,
like who evers listening to it's like today right,
baby wakeup wednesday in theory movie south africa which goes on and yum that that people miss that one just because,
you know it's so close to the end of.

[7:54] And they're trash they are trying gonna travelling or whatever so um that was a bug for me i always always feel bad for ember that last person apples to be but that's just the luck of the draw um,
i am nervous what happens if we actually were um.
The old timers been gone for a long time come up so that it was sort of not.

[8:19] Not track specific but we can always do that so.

[8:24] Anyway any way that you do so we have also not mention that's something else down this year that we usually mention,
how much is because when is that the when is the dragon country,
um for people who are for people who may not know dragon time for the past number of years,
has selected one go to your where are all the refunds go
and then there is a match so that if a dollar for dollar matching for a few years was fifty thousand now it's up to one hundred thousand dollars so if.
Hey the attendees dragon con raise.
Members and everybody else if there is a hundred thousand dollars trying matches that to another hundred dollars,
and that money goes to a charity and this year its the charity is the atlanta to philly the american heart association and see if he'll charity.
That is do cute and trainer who was a long time driving home director who passed away in two thousand eighteen um,
heart disease so.

[9:43] Kinda close to our heart to learn of the charity is riding kinda close to our hearts also always local you know american heart association is not what i like to feel an affiliate of it.
So that was very important and there are lots ways to give.
There will be things in each track room for people who know extract every year we have a wonderful buttons and stickers made from our dear friends to in reno we bring them and give them to extract too,
raise money for charity is your and young adult.
Yeah you go to get money for harry potter like what the best thing.
That money goes to charity we also have official how are things there is a verizon chip uh silent auction.
There is no option there is a,
i finish option its not option but actually you got a certain time and maybe um somebody has given five,
how is getting all five sets of escape nine people.

[11:00] Bet on those in a natural option like situation this is different than art sometimes it might be books maybe first additions are signed by an author or things of that nature one year i was reluctant to see hamilton in chicago,
and gave one of the hamilton poster where the heck everybody in the chicago casts in it.
True dragon con to raise money that your show was a great thing because no hamilton ave hamilton south carolina ways to give,
it's really important we always like to say,
let's to get to them and even though the man isn't really only a man and it's all of the driving cardboard and also that we really like those people
so tell but when i say stick it to them and will it stick it to them and give two hundred thousand dollars to the atlanta affiliate,
ugh american heart that's a really would make a great deal of difference for them and it will be very good for everybody.
Yeah me again.

[12:05] I mention this in the master bed you like to say you know sending your getting that changed in order to carry to the airport janice open a bucket.
Ummmm even the last day that you gonna be a dragon kind of you re flying out get rid of all your changed it you you know you gotten from vendors are from
the food court so wherever you go round your pockets related it for the first basket,
and that actually came from an idea extra academy did it for two years in a row on monday we basically just sad,
during summer break panels we had in the main programming in an arc and when you said what you will take all this change out you got change,
take it out your pocket just got here it will take you one rd and you know we'll take bills light bills big bills the better.

[12:54] What will that change has changed me rolled up and then maybe the bills
what show that is really good so he started it and i use to love it because it makes this we had a metal bucket anyone who is willing throwing there and so now dragon con one out and got some pocket,
metal cans need you change ur mind can i make u is an awesome show you that and its really important so it will go well,
give me the money and i should i disconnect you read something lose to we love our canadian friends,
we love our lady of la mancha y meeting friends know how much we love them i think he don't think possibly comprehend how much would like to know the yellow they probably can't like,
what do you know even if he did because the canadian there tonight to get there actually saying their story right now that we love him as much is we do
um i get in the college right now yelling alice i cant wait that can be fun what other thing that,
driving time does and he already knew that sounds really weird in their charity.

[14:10] Whatever you think we have a blood drive me to volunteering giving.
Vai what ever show there is a we do the robert a while i'm paying for a blood drive that will go on every day of dragon con,
thursday through monday.
They will you get to use the money to get the money start your blood to life house and the you that's where i need donation venue.
Every your dragon con betsy at west coast likes to say they're the best in the most wonderful,
every year we beat them in blood donations which is awesome and the other is not only do you get no better than other companies when you doing,
also you get it t-shirt that says dragon con m.
Blood drive and also any good there's a different version every year and i don't know what the virgin this year will look like but you get to do it and the bloody gonna save some money on alcohol i mean no don't do that.

[15:19] Don't do that you could you should you should not drink lots of water instead of drink gatorade or something i don't know,
don't drink other coffee beverages before hand because it does something to iron calculate the lower volume.
And also don't have to be better nice big meal prepping to be able to meet was nice read me if you happen to be a vegetarian some nice sir spinach green snot spinach spinach and kale and.
Because idm does it much what is a quote squash what i understand from where,
eat some beans whatever just eat is not tied into the other charity the beans are good for your heart,
bonjour get rehired the morning and where i know exactly where your going with this and i wasn't what you do so don't don't do that,
i know you don't like the great thing is that this is great one,
i know that you're gunna make a little i'm glad you didn't umm but yes there is a blood drive and it's awesome and keep doing it and also i have to say please give if you can,
because their advisor who have been saved because of my donations that would be nice i heard the hab after surgery to.

[16:45] Your blood and that was a really scary thing and knowing that they had blood was important,
any other thing is people can't get there are many many reasons people can give and,
who can please do if you can't or if you're if you got sometime how much do they will take your blood just is well on thursday when you first get the car,
as they will go on monday after you wake up at ten am cuz you had a really good night,
and then you had a good breakfast and lots and lots water and you're ready so that is one thing that doesn't go on twenty four seven and dragon blood,
the blood drive.
They usually do it every night until seven PM at leave and on monday at three a stop usually around two three o'clock but those net the order will be posted closer to come yet.
Are that's what can i do it for this part of the podcast uh what you were here next i'm is a replay from two thousand sixteen was actually a thing was really record in two thousand fourteen,
how to remove it features lee NJ a loop.
Portland unfortunately can't make out the dragon comment here because i'm back again soon miss you.

[18:12] Is the new golden one two if you re four two one four two one.
What do you know some variation of this put this in for those of you that haven't been the kind.
Arthur conan before these are the general manager for just being of the congo.
We will have a podcast later that just kinda goes over some of the dragon con rose gonzalez.
Are there specific to dragon con but these will be um how you say this leaves,
personal hygiene personal health please read the du the personal hygiene personal hell.
Way to make sure that you can start really strong on thursday and still finish up without feeling like death warmed over on monday.
Exactly who that's what we have for you coming up with your right who did this,
which is really hard to break it's just me and saying buy milk.
Ok if u miss hey uh yeah so i went until next thing for liam j guess.
Who's the saying he a.

[19:32] Music.

[19:49] What not shower predict this actually means one for hygiene routine per day yes shower or bath whichever you prefer.
Which soap and running water lather the soap all of your body.
This is an important stuff otherwise your sticky not good.
Brush your teeth comb your hair or put on clean underwear socks and clothes.

[20:21] Yes you must wear how to close the dragon con yes even dragon con after dark,
the definition of order close changes after ten PM but the land of police department rules and covering up naughty bits are still in affect what is you likely have just enough money for other bills or bail make the right choice.
Take your meds.
This means your meds not your friends not some of your meds not the med to the guy you met at the rave last night repeat your meds no sharing no skipping.

[20:57] No i shouldn't have to have this argument with adults but let's go out and get,
comment out of the water i get in the pool you are not a seven year old this is not even a reasonable arguments and it's been about are human,
who does not equal shower or bath it didn't work for my seven year old and i promise it won't work.
I am not the one who smell your dirty it's those other people yeah now it's you.
What can you honestly who cares your in atlanta at the high end of summer it's hot it's human.
You're real sixty thousand of your closest friends you got to get sweaty which eagles fucking shower be the person he smells like sunshine and unicorns and rainbows.
Which is the deli is the name of the shower gel after rama um,
sorry but you did say something about getting laid why yes what's the chances of you finding a special friend dramatically increase what you look and smell good,
trust me i'm live person has a fetish that's a different kind of atlanta happened around easter use google phone.

[22:23] Including and hi janet can having on clean underwear increases the potential to get laid at least fifty percent.
Even if you look like chris evans for scarlet johansen.
Neither of which are least favorite or sexiest avenger know what is telur you get a sticker.

[22:43] I know that no means no and im trusting everyone not to be that guy for that deer in hopes of getting laid.

[22:53] Also added a party standard hygiene you mass wash your hands often and well of course after each bathroom,
clean hands when is your arms and left leg it's amazing but true for you get run correct hi,
not just virginia anymore what's wrong number to who real meals per day.
This means that has fruit and vegetables she's not vegan so she doesn't count to catch up on your burger is he don't get the reference.
Dear diary of the day we is old man use that google floor again i'd like it to be you need to sit down to eat but i'm really.
Give me a chicken wrap with extra cucumbers and salad and its eating at you run to the next panel.
Your body runs on food real food not sugar and caffeine don't paid for by the sugar his best in store caffeine is life groups.
See you need the econ two meals really good one when you wake up.
Many of you party all night sleep all morning then that means you wake up time i be like to peas l. she gets that.

[24:17] And what about twelve hours after for me that means a good breakfast and then a good dinner.
We're all out of budget at dragon con yes you could do about breakfast buffet at one of the hotels for you getting the food.
The food court has things like breakfast burritos or chicken biscuits or many many other options that are decent for you and you can get a free cup two.
Resume the place that does a breakfast buffet at the food court i pay it out so be careful what you have options to eat a decent first meal and less.

[24:54] Why you don't even have to buy actually by the food in a restaurant you can bring stuff and holding your cooler.
Or by the grocery store when i hear there's even shelf stable milk now you can get some cereal a few bananas please hear this in a minion voice and some shelves table milk and that.
I would like a free hotel coffee but i digress cost me five dollars for the full four days and you got breakfast covered.

[25:26] Does not mean you should do some snacking you should go by the wonderful kind sweet second floor is straight about the small convenience store in the corner.
Still want help jon find it seriously his sense of direction is sad worse than mine tho.
Snacks are good snacks are fun and a cheesy pose i think around three PM in the comments with a really yummy.
What was your snacks not a real meal so i don't think you can live off the grid all of our g. through your carry on in the suite for all your dragon connie.
And now you're an edible comments but i don't have any money for food and booze and grass and also the shirts i want,
i got a riding sir.
What time is passing out during the panel are feeling during the long game session or throwing out expensive.
What is the rank up to t shirts to the merchandise by after you drink but dont need you gotta eat real food figure out that budget and baby.
Maybe you need a copy of that kirk spock two thousand sixteen shirts from again the getting laid part.

[26:46] Here's the deal.
If you meet and share a meal with someone i'm talking going that you can talk and maybe meet someone who might be interested in getting to know you and many different ways.
What is when you even better brain capacity.
Show you notice when someone is being receptive to your post so far i don't have energy for whatever you two mutually and with full adult instead get it.

[27:17] Undefined know that no means no and i am trusting everyone not to be that guy or that guy in hopes of getting laid what u up perfectly fine living off granola bars and cheesy both.

[27:32] Oh you really are perfectly fine doing that yet can you maybe not die during the four days are gone,
maybe when you get home and feel absolutely terrible wine because you dont need to use decently and two because we can body with open and ready and receptive to every con bug there what,
when you will get something yo get kind crowded and try to pass it off on everyone else when it was really your own fault.
No eating a real meal takes time and i have to go see the panels on steam punk then biggest scandal on the greatest show ever plus i need to see the art show and play a few hands of munchkin in the gaming room,
i need to go to a different channel and children's tv i can't do it lol so eating real food has to go grab burger on my way.

[28:26] Music.

[28:34] Who all those panels and everything you want to do.
And i said as a realist i know you might be eating on the go so maybe just maybe instead of grabbing never get something different maybe a salad with chicken that you can carry eat at the back of the panel room during steampunk.
Please pick up your trash and throw it away i don't know attract director who gets upset if people living in the track room it's more the day get upset make it a rule that you can't if you leave your trash so,
be a decent person and pick up your trash.
Checking balance equals real as long as there is more than just latest get what you know cucumbers and tomatoes and other veggies.
Or even do that program friends browser grab a banana and an apple some carrots.

[29:27] There are ways to do this want to play munchkin schedule when you're reading dinner.

[29:34] I played lunch can you aren't under a time limit here any sense of rules you can play any.

[29:45] Maybe see if that jasper you want to see one d CT VCT can watch and take something out to you randy eight.
Basically you need to finish eating two meals and your schedule we can do it because i know how you are created.

[30:01] Eating two meals a day makes for a better body for user and course i didn't put it in here because i know you'll do it this also means drinking your water and only six classes a day.
Undefined roll that is the hardest believe it or not.

[30:18] Four hours of sleep per night yes give three four hours.
You read that right it's not four hours of sleep over the conner.
What hours of sleep per night.

[30:32] Harganya version of the dark knight my pizza friend you like me nineteen from six am to ten am i'm fine with that as long as you're sleeping it to one of the hardest of allah i know it.
As i said before could a dragon and wonderfully is twenty four four.
Dragon con is only four days therefore it's twenty four for lisa twenty four seven some of you would be asking is dragon khĂ´ng gonna expand seven days sweet know,
its four days.
So there is always something to do handle it and i am check marathon tv show viewing four PM check gaming session to learn gave you keep meeting tomorrow at nine PM.

[31:21] Dance party at midnight check drum circle and two am check another dance party of four am.
Would you buddy cannot go twenty four for it can i know you will try but really you need.
Good shut eye so four hours of sleep within every twenty four hours like do it you need it it's kind more fun,
i know this is the hardest role i do what is the one it really does help you be more energized and remember the rules that you gave me learn,
you bet your previous best during that dance party you remember the question you wanted to add,
can you actually asked call her directly.

[32:05] Yes yes let's start with the whining shelley who did sleep i got caffeine go what temperature.
Yes caffeine is pretty darn nifty i like you too but it doesn't take the place of sleep.
That's yelling heard our friend with you all some new coffee dot com with kylie williams liar and many other names what creating is coffee and curling to add you was telling a things like kona,
play me she just doesn't understand that special bond between you me and the kids are good.
Did you know that caffeine increases your heart rate no not not to good bye.
It makes your heart work harder which can lead to a serious medical issue.
Increase your hydration it actually by drake u so cap was some does not negate or eliminate the need for sleep.
I'm not really did u say something.

[33:07] Create the remember that park we talked about hygiene a eating yes he does goes along with those when you sleep.
Energy when you have the energy to feel all ready to go who.
So that pushes you to shower it right and then if you mean the special friends who think i smell pretty sweaty and get up to now again.
Shenanigans can be used for many things including gaming craving drum circle warm many other things.

[33:41] You not only have the energy for it because you ate you also select which means you won't fall asleep three motion and again,
this is one of new favorite march he loves say it out loud shirt and guns it's kinda awesome and if you see that the conscious of some kind of special sticker for you.
And just remember address i no go no means no and im trusting everyone not to be that guy or that guy in hopes of getting laid yes i said this three times that mean you have to follow up.

[34:16] Lady you have lost your damn mind i'm going to go nonstop twenty four four,
ok all these funny in shower take time for those things but you can't make me sleep UK know i can't not.
But i do want you to know that the four hours of sleep each twenty four hour cycle will make this a better kind,
you have been more fun if you miss out on just a few things really i promise.

[34:52] There you have the 1 2 4 love it live it and no because knowing is half the battle is half the battle she's,
where can i get sued does anybody check copyright besides what ever happened to three like three to magic number,
i have a good night no yo on.

[35:18] This has been a production of the unique link to leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit here to drop COM.
Move the fuck on twitter that signed the humidity doesn't list so that lists or,
don't forget me keep coming this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share alike non commercial license.

[35:46] Music.