Days Of Dragon Con 2020 - Day 1 - Into The Unknown

2020, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Is there a record over here so i will resume.

[0:09] Okay this is recording are you ready because really i just want to talk about what to expect this year for this podcast.

[0:19] Music.

[0:28] Play a.
Featuring in my bed yo og
yo on this is nicky.

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[0:57] Two hundred and some sort of number of days of diet turn your podcasts there is still here.
And is comfy and cozy inside the house in joining me as always is lovely the squared.
Yes what was the question we get to look at other jobs yet what is you put this video up you gotta tell me cuz i have.

[1:24] I have not had a haircut since february
i don't think my hair has been this long since may i call you so it was a have no product month now um
i don't know what time is phil activities climate i had me so confused me but i had a whole
big old beard how did you have the yeah i did the beard it started to get so freaking horny and i had grabbed my hair was all on light of,
control my hair is now sort of control because i wanna buy some clippers like i would have stayed in my daughter,
my hair just out said just just an around the sides of it and leave the top because you know i guess i have some come over that our dear leader would be,
impressed with himself better but i don so we're gonna have a podcast,
x okay so it's not something we doing here so else for those of you that are there with us for awhile you know that typically we do fifty days a dragon con i'm not exactly sure what your title,
these this year when i can do fifty minutes reviewing the word yeah we're gonna get to work forty others there a typical girl.

[2:40] Um are you a girl lead gets is about twenty twenty five is what you wanna do you like that i like that number is what is a good don't know why are you turning if you don't um the dragon killing has gone.

[2:55] Happy nation that has lost its soul and how to prevent hypertension it staying home to um
it is going to be virtual what that means is still we get a few details this far um
um we do know that that other working with the rank on TV box to try and get the stuff
we know it's free right link what's cannot free window it's gonna be free i know that you can roll of your membership so that anyone wants to watch,
being involved in virtual drug crime can be in there and it's all free but if you are already a member you cant you roll over your membership ordering go on the site and request a refund which i understand people need to do that
remember that you're good news,
hey are gonna be sending you your dragon con which people that you need be patient has this is a lot of people i gotta patti,
if i was illegally imprisoned of those me with your finding as for the first time um it's worth noting that the user is the director for two tracks.

[4:07] Lol command then now tell me why i just cannot of summer of extract.
Yeah adam just be paranoid even on the track so yeah so the government conspiracy shows all the stuff of aliens ghosts speech but i really don and i really like you,
you like that so yeah so that's can i be doing that.
And i have little tiny am so so lee and i been doing this for where i think now eleven twelve yrs we always forget that number is um butter.

[4:42] Yeah
so normally we have we talked track directors we try to talk to something productive things in our traditions this year ago probably gonna go a little differently.
Um you normally in our first couple hear from you hear from from a tupperware fan.
Um fan folks that dinner with your fans at work with a problem they can hear from them this year of the hotel situation right now is sort of a sale to wagga wagga even really feel comfortable talking about it um,
what will say if you go to dragon con door and i am on my little laptop your right arm.
Any girl and all right on the front page it says updates and if you click their all the updates listed each hotel gets to make your policy so please look for their prayers they will have it the most up to date information.

[5:39] So it's kinda so weird this year difference,
which is weird yes i was for a hug
what because right can be different this year what were the intention here with fifty days which was normally fifty days um is to add the track direct or to figure out what their going to do um
leaving a track to record is that even even now they dont really have have some guidance but not.
You know any real official date in seattle isn't here be prepared to do exporting tables accents yet i'm.
Uh and um.

[6:22] Is the essay can come out with things there going to be doing when trying get them on the podcast in and talk about those things um anyway just feeling some with you some fun game,
conversations are nothing but games with some fun whatever um and try to keep the spirit drinking allianz this year.
What can i see the great thing is that there is always this drug cp and four childrenone gonna be able to see each other when i got to hold our friends and and see the people that we sometimes like to hold out more than our family what,
where did you figure out new ways to do this i think of what are the first people you go to talk to us is rachel to chairs and there's gonna be some really cool stuff that's gonna be going on and it
gonna be on line it's gonna be free so this might be the one time that you can get your cousin larry to you actually.
Listening and say here is what i would like that so much can be different
u say what u say there gonna be zoom parties watching the stream if that's what i imagine that at some point they'll be a what ever streams am going there be others in parties of of people dressed in cosplay watching.

[7:34] Other people.
Thank god huddah yeah i think i'm having having go stream out to you don't be greatly casino is one of the biggest admitted that i mean um.
I'm sure he will talk about don't talk to her but yet you know
who are the limitations on trying to keep everyone safe and um and socially distanced writing kind of others would be a nightmare really to be honest with you um,
because it's because i don't want the big things but drinking just looking at that
hi in hilton marriott and the number of people dancing in god's playing and talking to strangers and and all that stuff would just kind of
go n be honest with u. anything that they would of um.
In my opinion if anything it would've kind of put together where did ben live.

[8:30] It's such a i mean i cant imagine the guilt they would feel if some of the turned out to be you know one of those super fit and super super spiders and i think that's a part of it.
I also think are the same that
i was worried about that um just because you know maybe you're not up right but you could give to somebody else all of it's probably not someone who's camino compromise or has other,
pre existing conditions and this could impact people so i think this is a really safe position for this year yes but hey we're gonna get where can i get a virtual card.

[9:12] It's gonna be really cool use who's there's nothing that says during those days of dragon kinda we are leaving before that but just during the day we can have our own parties in.
Who will you know with all of our friends and we normally see in push those out to social media and let everyone you know,
join our party lol not really um yeah me for the baby announcement in a catholic is going to fifty grand ave decided to go full no in person
i will still get infected during combat i was not gonna go yeah yeah whatever i had some i was i really want to do it
um i was a little nervous i already had some of the volunteers had already said they couldn't because either they live with somebody or are they then cause health conditions,
well i am from other stores that so i think it was.
A lot of you were to have to make a really really difficult decisions and this way.

[10:20] The difficult decision offer low but you can still have fun and still have weird phantom lunch i will say all you cost players,
who every year around august twenty fifth whatever go oh my god i m gonna start a new costumer lol i gotta can't finish my cost do you get a hold more year.
Who are you selling start
start this in august though i would like i would argue that she would i give it a go and finish up for this year and then again getting zoom in and show buddy what,
it is my and i need to be painting exam sandwich but it seems to be the one thing that everyone is everyone has it it you can have it for free.
I think the other thing is i'm either gonna be some announcements on how there's got to be something with pasta and that was already listed on the page if they are trying to figure out how to do some costume contests and things like that
so i think that's gonna be great and i just i can't wait because i think that will really.

[11:27] Don't challenge people at dragon con i would've never thought.
Somebody create have a what is the thing that shout was ride in star wars.
The transport thing um the hawks record.
I would never hurt i want to send a note there is no way somebody can put together something that will look like a sand crawler and be in the parade well that was challenge accepted,
who are the people who say challenge accepted and that's a good thing i would do that with you tell angie accepted instead of hold my beer because hold my beer is usually a bad thing it's a challenge excepted guess,
find and usually innovative so so so,
when do the things to hear with with them trying to hear it it make a perfect dragon specifically is um be positive and on the dragon,
right so weird there's lots to eat and even go to
any number of views and find other you know find other things about him some negative things would you put some time so i was trying to pause and blow dry can i come and focus on the people at dinner or no.

[12:43] Have the bestest best of intentions so we know who we do know the people that dead,
health and running their weed participate and rain gone for years and years and years and we know that they had our best interest
hard know that they've tried everything they could to think of a way to do it so that everyone can have a great party but you know what were gonna have a party.
What's happening it's happening it's gonna save me some money on a travel your own personal party.
Yes have to wait oh yeah like you alot of people are in the queue to the queue to see some seventies dj so hopefully we'll have will be yeah.
Actually i want i think that you should have to you should have to sign on an hour before her.

[13:28] Everybody that's not anything that's not online an hour before cannot what selector what's there is likely what you gonna set john's a hard time
so this is the evil of john raven is here.
That is my when is my my page to the to the powers that be today or did they must um,
yo the web for the three must make everyone sit
are there other the other people had to an hour before that.

[14:04] Do any big candles with people i have so it should be that i cannot tell you wanted to go i can tell right now
yes see in that's just it we get to be excited about things
and maybe have two seasons or we've been able to watch that final season twenty times my husband is not gonna be happy how many more times i'm gonna watch got season three because oh boy was so awesome,
i am a mr robot and will find it what else can do this your a couple more um i don't know.
New vampire thing is there.
Yeah well it's also possible to do much here it's just there and so many of my friends new fandom
and that will be fun two so yeah we do something different because what has this thing that
make sure the cards are graded you get to see certain bands where you get to learn it see new film groups and things like that so
john and i are working with directors and the directors of those services to try to figure out a way that we can get you.

[15:16] Lol,
remind me your concert that you make up your own time you go to different you to let you learn about some new bands and some new music and things of that nature i will tell you and yo boys the sole there but
what is your what's going on with gaming so if you listen the past you know will probably shell.
Add kevin on to the person who does the gaming room the director of me still and the director video gaming is kevin and probably they will be on with us and harassing me,
what would i get to talk to them for awhile because i know there is alot going on about how they are gonna do a virtual gaming and virtual
video and all that is gonna try that when i learned how to video game this year on line i couldn't believe it.
I was very shot with other people like we did a conference call and then there was something we bring up and all of us could play it at the same time.

[16:20] How to wear and i know there is likely that's been there forever why isn't a problem but.
What else are we gonna do i don't know where can i find this out of gonna be talking to different directors john's gonna be telling me what are limit on human time but.
It's gonna be different but it's gonna be.
And just keep listening because there's always that and if there is something you as a person who listens email is donald got the email a minute or collison leave a message.
We love that um i also we have to take all those people who says you can't do it fifteen days other dragon official and unofficial and other sites so that was very sweet of you.
We're doing is we're like no we really be like harassing each other and i have to send out what this is a note.

[17:13] I'm looking so this is a note that angela.
Left me and my dragon con realise you're not gonna i'm not gonna read all of it but it says at the end it's so cute.
FB give it to my staff and she said angela would like to know what that means and they were like oh no we listen to away.
And they listen to me because then they come arrest me later and gonna make any sense now i know i know i got curfew stop.
Set where he oh boy about what about me lol so what i can play any games this year right now we are,
well we will actually forgot actually good with willy was rambling their mid to go i got shit on me get up i want to look in my closet,
i know the bot stuff this year but it's actually sitting on um sitting next to my bed downstairs so i'll avoid when do you have a i do have a tour.
Oh okay there's one other thing about zoom that doing this is a virtual card.

[18:22] As long as you're careful you don't have to wear pants uh that's true i should not of god and we are.
How has pants on tho what's the exact address of terrible.

[18:39] We have a big book that has herbs as obsessed with marvel yet so it's a quiz as well as a quickbooks well um.
Yeah but u don't you know just your up in a ponytail like some of us have been doing um yes i have your resume you have to yell to be you know nice i'm from my green screen up yet so i can start doing money
i do prefer to just throw up a any color she really is behind you but that's what you said so yeah so the color has been selected like i want to hear a bowling green or other
does can figure out a way to yes good eight,
we talked about it since march and yet i just cannot use it happen hmm yeah so that's what fifty days gonna be this year it would be um three hotspot ge,
what are you know just trying um,
you are usually all her usual to a huge enterprise me not me not happened a depending upon how things go so let.
John said people one.
Call us an extremely or email es how did they do that i don't know who the telephone number is eight one three three two one zero to go to a one three,
three two one zero eight eight four.

[20:04] I can leave a message that said that i could just skype number we'll get to me umm you can also email said fifteen days it's five zero DIY is at gym,
that nikki start a new email is that could a mobile rn you have someone out otherwise.

[20:27] Fifty days to come the UN que GK dot com um
and i can go there and email email list or let us know your thoughts we would like to do a demo to do this year,
how are you today theres anybody that he wants to try the interview is please which yeah is yours attractive record whatever but umm again and all the tracker sort of still trying to they're still getting their marching orders and what you're supposed to do.
Todo um.

[21:03] Let me hear the live what can you find me a yeah baby we can do that i would really wanna do a live one of these for winter.
Oh wow ok that means i gotta do my hair no not right now.
No not right now but will get that but john here's the thing i wanna be so proud of us where doing this before the fifteenth of day or after the fifteenth time we are recording this,
yeah well to be fair you're actually um yeah actually frozen right now this is fun.

[21:38] You frozen.

[21:43] So so so to be fairly was actually asking me bout this but i was nervous i didn't say i am asking to waiting for a.

[21:55] Damn to make it official announcement of result gonna make an official announcement where we're gonna go with this and if they have weaver.

[22:05] We've decided yes you did.
Still can't right as much as we normally would have i just peed different kind of still frozen um.
The wonders of the internet health and he dropped off.

[22:21] Um so we will just pause here for a moment uh enter enjoy this break.

[22:42] Set.
You're recording yes confirmed that i don't know what was going on umm but yeah this is what were we saying like oh that.
You should i remind you of something hey assign that to your s and pharmacy already starting to ask me about the fifty days before otherwise go but kinda wanna wait for a official announcement before we are.
Kinda one for me assumed it would be well before fifty days and it turned out to be about sixty days so um.
Yeah that's what i just i'm i really i'm i'm excited of course you know there's a little bit nervous when is good nervousness got the nervousness like to be creative and flexible and just it's gonna be awesome.
We always are on the podcast anyway because it's better gonna be for.
I know what you're doing those of you that participate in the lights what you you be safe how you gonna go anywhere you just gotta be careful and go to body.
And don't fall down.
Are we going so and so need some positive results looks like it's endless look at the positive side of this in make the best of what we have been and just hope to go to build a party down like no other in two thousand twenty one hundred twenty one capp way.

[24:11] So i think that's it so i think it said so yourself it will sew just want to fifteen days.
Are monica said will try to make sense of these guys and then bring some information as we get it.
And tell us what you want let us know and we'll see if we can do it.
So again that's fifty days five zero DIY is the new nicki dot com or eight one three three two one zero tug tg or also known as three two one.
Zero eight eight four six eight one three three two one zero eight four.
You can also leave a comment on the actual website with the link still up for you all to use the the facebook group too if you want to hide u ever check and see if we had any messages on the skype number.
Need the dick.

[25:08] I need to use your little icons there anything where there is so far.
Leave discontinued and get to see you did not actually see you yes exactly and uh well.
Forget the singer ali mehdi video do something useful who else.

[25:29] Start a little terrified so it's time for lee this is john saying peace.

[25:37] I can't stay safe everybody sayin basket of laundry wash your hands like your grandma's watch.

[25:47] This has been a production of the you need click to leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unit kids don't come.
This broadcast is distributed under creative commons share like non commercial license.

[26:06] Music.