Days Of Dragon Con 2020 - Day Denary - Socially Distanced Media

2020, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No the first one.
Yes on your face.

[0:33] Music.

[0:41] Yeah that's gonna be all that welcome to days of dragon con.

[0:49] Podcast recording tonight this is lee only john is feeling a bit under the weather don't know what happened yet he lives in florida so.

[1:01] Who wrote just like you know have been.
Nevermind contacts that's really good better whole lot a big news today but one of the biggest things i wanted to let everyone know about is that there is still going to be a blood drive if you're in atlanta
blood south sorry life south is doing blood drive they usually do a dragon content shirt if you give blood the show
this year there gonna ask you if you sign up during the regular four days of the show they're going to be able to get you a t-shirt if you sign up with them i'm all that information
is on the facebook page i'm sure it's on the official webpage as well but don't wanna think about that is yes not everybody.
Is in atlanta and they are trying to figure out what they gonna do for people outside of atlanta they know that's possibility.
Add they're looking into that so hopefully keep watching everything is i get more information i'll share with you also i know not everyone can give blood i can't anymore really anything but.

[2:12] Can you please do cuz saved my life when you're so this is really important it's important if you can give and able to give physically please do no matter what
blood is still needed even during the corona
as my nephew now calls at he calls at the corona i keep thinking special needs official now there is a corona keep thinking i'm gonna sharona and see how that goes.
Set the person i'm trying trying with over there is shawn hushed how are you shawn is the director of social media at dragon con and most years he would be hiding in his
start social media cade not talking to anyone or anything else but different.
Correct time.

[3:08] Right now what what does the director of social media do at dragon.

[3:16] So i go round putting out fires i'm no i said that is the director or lopez on anywhere in your name that is number one job.
Absolutely yes actually the easiest jobs at the event my job
is she alien join of dragon on all the platform
i'm really really cool team and you know their tasks with taking pictures taken videos on connecting with you know current fans connecting with gas.
Am i job is really help facilitate that so you know getting getting a lot of my team by the seige for the parade or behind the scenes at that mino doctor who pan.
I'm or behind the scenes mitch hedberg man stuff like that i'm gonna capture the moments that el fantasma not be able to so we can't give it up glenn miller behind the scenes are you the one really want to see if you think it to see
record event that happened you know it other hotel that you are in so a lot of what what we do at the event.

[4:28] That kind of tomatito is capture the moments that are really cool and then so that we can share it in the and then we also you know it really
mute faster car the facebook group and engagement twitter because you know the big bang of dragon is it for the fans by the fans you want to make sure that
everything is getting in engaging with you know the other dragon fans and nothing facilitator platform that allows them to do that.
Set a cat means simon i carry important to that's important that is actually probably
you know doing it wrong time with me great we always need cat now
i want the one in do this now so that because will do it again and again and again but what are the official dragons social media.

[5:16] Yes so the the big one is facebook not kind of everything originated from i'm in it we also have a twitter.
We have an instagram account that's that's very popular that you know.

[5:29] Nothing but a instagram account menu of pat metheny who's on my team on the back to she's kinda spearheaded that is it that it's user generated content.
A lot of a kind of taking everyone's really cool pictures and we're giving them a little bit more legs but it's also she runs a lot of cool contest in questions in advance on my instagram is off instagram truly is a really cool platform from from dragonforce active
also i think twitter we also are building up working on right now is a pinterest account.
Wow ok caribbean bored this year really quiet completely normal yeah yeah
so whenever one of the new edition story my team on his caitlin and one of the big she wanted to do when she was like i love pinterest let's repentless what's do it so one of the big things are building a nas so there is a official pinterest.
Account and it's going to have bored in the usa really fifty sings going up the coast kind of next couple weeks in ten in two.
Into the event and then the big one that were building up currently specifically for the virtual band it going forward is at the drink on discord server.
Which is sports server now.

[6:47] Sally it's so that you were really.

[6:53] We really focus on giving up platform for people to kind of be themselves and beanery and guts and there's really nothing
yes going to problem one of the bigger life communication platform set is this now allows that so we don't want to make sure that i'm so that is currently being built
what are all customer emoji of course we can have it is what server without for customer emoji by the that will be getting ruled out here probably within the next week or two
set a disco for a lot of people think of disco everything
set up a large basin of it is going to be kind of helping facilitate only dragon a video game their doing something like championships their showing some tournaments
i'm so i know they have a lot in their then also united heard that we're gonna get some jack in the box games and where was games
yeah really helpful celtic without a gaming
navigate to my self i definitely disco primarily for gaming but kind of.
I don't want to play using antologie now and for like their other groups in their classrooms
we're gonna be using it for the purposes of actually is gonna have kind of el general hub and tracks are welcome to come and get involved the wire going to be working with each tractor kind of give them affection of they can moderate they can build on.

[8:22] Set it in the eagles probably be a big disco.
What is this convo.

[8:41] What's the weather excited about benjamin the big thing that comes with that of course is it takes a lot more moderation.
Yes because of live chat so i meant facebook facebook twitter and stuff it's it's like to a certain degree but it's kind of
people are going to see later this is live in the moment on so weird what kind of building a strong the big sick organizes paving kind of strong moderation going into it.
Listen everyone a safe and fun environment devo conversations are makes ok
that really what you wanna have it safe and fun so and that's gonna take a lot of moderation i can but that's a lot of training going on right now it's left
set a drink community is is huge and everyone has various interest so we have a lot of people that were kind of india community that have been doing some crazy disco stuff already offering and olive branch of joanna can't do it.
And then back by dragon so it's been really kinda cool i can't taking some sans and letting them kind of bills and help kinda form.
What's new eagles system of dragonette building exactly.
Yes i have two dogs i have to black lips much what album is passed out the other one likes too proud to make sure that.

[10:03] Play store one of my toys at the shelter years from now oregon their toys toys exactly understand that yet
i'm amazed i did another zoom call today and i didn't get cat but in it so i was feeling it.
I need to turn on atwood all of my zoom call so far ahead not dead dog but i think i am very concerned if we got their but.

[10:28] No who knows it's it's twenty twenty anything can really happened happened and you know cat just a cat will always be wherever academy keyboard
not supposed to be this is the this is the butt warming device and darius rucker reflection attention yeah i mean
i don't want your attention until i don't have it so their forecast
turn left two thousand i cannot i can feel that i'm actually on the dragons right now because i wanted to give a link where everybody could find all our social media
no where would that be i am at dragon con dot org.

[11:12] Set open the right hand corner there should be links all of yes that we built added yet
shuffle the pinterest board is being discord server is is very new just got started lovin' you this week
what that it is pretty impressive that we will actually be listed under the updates so that dragon virtual that
put the patriot information on it there's actually be a whole section about the disco with information on
i didn't quite in the corner two and a dragon kongos where or when,
awesome little bag and under it says click you're so vain up for announcements that might be really important and on this very front page there is the little off.

[12:15] The little bird and the thing that looks like a camera folks if i can find him in the top right so can you so there we go so that i just say pinterest is coming and.
There you go back to play talk a lot places to talk now are you guys
mine years are some other events going on with social media you have anything going on this year.
Yep so we have quite a few kind of cool things going on.
A lot of are gonna be living on kind of vedo the social chance of the diplomats to disco is new and lotus can be for gaming and for conversation so there's not we don't have a time planned in regards to programming on the air from rm
ok i'm gonna be more facilitating that now on facebook twitter instagram where we have some pretty roots at this point.
Show me the big big highlights that i know my team is working on right now is where to be doing some possibly slick rick turn around costume contests so like some fun things like you know seeming in around you know.

[13:23] How was that something happen to problem my team gonna be like why would you say that i'm but like superheroes what you can only.
Cancel idea that is actually some fun you know if it's nothing super high level things you can do gonna be some prizes.
One price that i won't i can't mentioned yet but is pretty need incorrect it's a.

[13:48] I'm too forever yes that's pretty cool but will let my team kind of available
will demon valdez i would just also remind people that you need to make sure you're on those social media feeds in order to know about them
also the idea of you what can what is the most ddg think around thing around you i don't think you can do that game with people because i have a spider ham and a group.

[14:18] Just over my shoulder when shelter i have my big star wars megalo box with colorado and ray right over here on the other shoulder and then very much above my head by because i'm sitting i have an.
A box of avengers action figures which blow them have
agents of shield stuff
i do offering dragon tattoo i will be so it's been my every year i got it by art
play my growing art collection i wanted to be a whole room eventually so i can have you back art.
Will i am turning you towards there's are of what i've missed a spot from dragon as well so we have this is this is our room and
everybody has their own little dicky room at some point and it's all whole it's the most fun room for kids to come into our house until we have to tell them
anything about a box is ok.

[15:25] What is the temperature foxing apps seventy percent.
Play grachi building a digital i don't i don't have time information about the kind of rain with them but they are building a digital marketplace
yeah go to bed and kind of aventura through with you vendors on some cause i one of the big questions that you know
have we seen a lot of social house kind of recent
yeah pause the fun part yeah so that has happened forgotten something that they are building out the get it is it is in the process of being built though it's really cool
will bayside too hot back.
Yes i like that idea and the other thing is let people know i'm actually also trying to get in touch with art show and now i'm just written down digital marketplace to try to get in touch with because we love to talk to them too
this is a different years so we're not always talking to the track directors different people this year because everything is different
it's not the same place it's still dropping track drink about track directors and stuff every year.

[16:51] Close my mind from the saturdays pretty on the outside that they are pretty amazing five not one of those amazing i'm just glad we have
programming going forward program into this year i've been trying to help do some programming it's been in
three and i'm ready to throw the towel if i can only imagine.
There you go cancel like to use green out like a light about the you're gonna be contest for cosplay in costumes because again.
Cosplay her's costumers so words whatever you still got to put together sometime this year.
We are still expecting to see something we got we got a pinterest and we have an instagram
where we like to see things that would be very cool it now it's been a crazy options.
How did not options are we repeat replay excited some of the things we.
Can i listen funny cuz i look around like yoga posted notes design me jean's less than five.

[18:00] Send steps away i can even i could find things to do.
What does where my that was my ideas what was the one they did on social media one point recreate.
Famous pictures with whatever is in your call
yes that those great i especially the one that was like the mona lisa dog eyes like some work and somebody ruin the way it was
dragon drinkin' and have a blow me away the creativity every united i been here for like nine years now every year
i swear year blown away even more it's like that my the most recent i was born away.
Can i mean i want to i just wanted to years ago i want to the the big costume the crossing contest someone lynch can i forgot what is name of machine.
End the costume so like wow
so i can watch it was like ok man like really don't stop by machine head to be.

[19:17] Difficult enya amazing to see it the same time valley really cool
what i'm always amazed i mean i'm always released by some of the creativity that will just take it to it
never thought about it no.
Gender bent princesses i'm always sound amazing a specially the ones that have the full beard and yet still wearing sleeping beauty dress just beautiful.
Absolutely previous princess in the world at awesome and i love that creativity and not having fun with it too because.

[19:59] It's just right.

[20:10] Yes
i like to talking to somebody wants with somebody in one of the rookie outfits and i was like how hot is it in there and bayside i have my own san and it was like oh that's pretty brilliant
end i have ice packs under my pits and i was like you know what that would probably be the only way.
Add the deepest darkest muggy as part of summer to be a walkie in atlanta everything work out learn from the fury community of dragon is not a fan of the air conditioners like
where is there beyonce at nine hundred cooler than me i'm not i got a chef how do you build
i can't even really hear your fantasia turn it on if i'm walking or a lot of people around you don't hear it that i got the ice packs and unlike
broda planning it's the crazy brazy fantazii farjateva in my shoes on
add a dragon candace am i get out the door play am out of bed and draft everything else is goratie by you know
let me let me go with you need something today without forgetting this is open space it was more than just a banana that something.

[21:31] In a normal years were just talking you like the costuming is there other thing and of course shopping beth hart and.
Are there toys is there other stuff you like to do during a normal but not in normal every year is abnormal bitch in a more physical year when you're downtown.

[21:52] I mean from dragonforce back to so i said i'm a huge gamer
i love wow i live in the gaming area the video game area pretty heavenly when during the third event when i'm not on duty process of
what i've got to do it because it in a week we try to cover as much as weekend i gotta go experience so many different fashions of dragon just.
Is kind of from the scheduling perspective
where i pick up in one point iheart family top forty of the puppy track and there was the adult puppetry
remember like hearing about america kind of sounds cool but i have gone with about two years when i was like the one that slaughter to cover it the third year was a cool thing ever receive my life.

[22:38] Who is it was it was just my lane sandwich united covered of a couple of things at so i know it's not the kaleidoscope travis for kids track not right right now kids track
i member covered a a couple of their costume contest and like just like innovation at that level was really cool so.
I'd like to science track when they go on it go up to the roof look at the telescope so many things that correctly event so hard.
Which is why in one of the big one of the big things that were looking at this year is kind of doing like a dozen donuts.
How many leave days of dragon in lake promoting tips stuff like that the best thing i ever did a lot dont plan your event.
Which is black suit i'm saying stand for gonna be like darius blast what are you in the first two three years i have planned it stopped because of that.

[23:38] Yes open me up to like things that i would never thought i would be interested in until medieval audible start fighting for before i saw that live action i would never probably up been to end of an hour ago every year because it's one of the coolest thing you can say.
What can i think that's it things john and i say every year is if you're going to drink conference just one thing.
This isn't the contigo to close your your hurting yourself really cause if we're just going for this one guests or this one track or whatever no no no open it up.
When i wish i wasn't director i learn new phantoms on learn about new shows new books i mean i love some book
start over on this side and that's the blasting company well.
House is also being renovated right now because we had a boom our house healy and yaz so everything's in arms reach right now but
yes any way to say goodbye to problem arms because i really really need to get it
no new books that i would never started reading or.

[25:04] Is going not just through the art show or the ventures hall but also the present.
Looking at things that are coming out but the games and not games in miniatures and things like that maybe i'm not i mean i'm not a miniature person but looking at it and seeing how interesting it is
it's just amazing i know my husband is now getting independent miniatures so.

[25:33] Where would i wanna tune in to a hundred one of the things one of the song another thing that were looking into doing is having kind of love ninety workshops on social
one of my team members is very big until i miniatures and character pain and misery he knows watchmen actually talking to have someone in possibly come in lake.
How many how two unlike twilight photography and it's your paintings out
i like that i did not that sounds very good that will yes he's very he's already trying to figure out what they gonna be doing on gaming he's ready he loves the games and that's why i got any minute so good
show the other thing i always wanna keep reminding people go.

[26:22] Where you masks wash your hands so that dragon twenty twenty one can be the year of the epic.
Because we want to come back i want to see people in hugging hi five or whatever the new social norm is love that your dog is just walked in like
ok another voice not working.
Have a little bit of a dream sleep.
Will shaun again just a reminder about we have what are biggest social media feeds to watch.

[27:00] Would you wanna watch facebook instagram and twitter.
Desir if you're not doing those already.

[27:18] The first information outside of just sitting on the website.

[27:24] Linda the big ones that are coming out this year is going to be the pinterest one which is going to be very focused on.
Tips and tricks.
The gaming tracks and also the fact that people talking about.

[27:50] That community field yeah emoji one of them being trashing so.
Call tracy vern gosdin i was worried trash would be there.
Hey john i won't give up john.

[28:10] Love the john i also i know anybody can do this have a marriott carpet.

[28:19] Mask batman for our family and you can a lot of people don't realize.
Yes you put in dragon con carpet or carpet.

[28:38] Hey money always.

[28:42] And we need masks so get one the three useful and washable and all that kind of stuff it's much better.

[28:50] Alright well sean i wanna thank you for being on this is been a lot of fun and the other john who is not the one that emoji.
There's gonna be a dragon you'll be fine never know.

[29:10] There's gonna be a dragon not just money of course.

[29:15] I like i like and the carpet yes i also remind people.

[29:23] The merchandiser dragon con there is a dragon two by this year it's adorable as always so.

[29:34] But shawnna thank you we will talk to you soon i will probably be getting emails from you soon on stuff to do.
John he's not here and for shaun this is lee saying peace.

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[30:18] Music.