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[0:00] End five four three two one.

[0:08] Music.

[0:22] No
on your face.

[0:40] Music.

[0:46] So sorry guys it's just lee again so i don't get that big long and mostly because i do not have.

[0:54] The volume and or long capacity that john does.
This is love again we're gonna be talking with a olivia high livia hi facebook for having name
thanks for being here olivia is with the dragon awards and where to be there but everybody saint positive positive thoughts john is a bit under the weather but it's gonna be fine he just.
Is totaling body party all his easy to get sick when your old.
Can you talk about that.
Yes that was just piano olivia in the world are the dragon con award.

[1:39] So back in two thousand sixteen for the drug hunter anniversary they launch the dragon awards and what it is.
They're mostly we wanted something a little bit different we wanted a wait for it to be a strictly san run award their for fans by fans their fan nominated fan voted it's all san based.
Yes requirements all in order to vote or nominated you don't need a god you don't need to pay a price you don't need anything,
you just go nominate because you're again a fan of a project there's fifteen different categories nominated.
Really yampi there is like best fantasy novel there's books there's a comic books tv shows movies a lot of really great categories
open the past five years i think we had about four hundred fifty different names and titles on the ballads.

[2:34] Yeah so it's.
Again fifteen sixteen winter is here year but it's become this list that people turn to for what to read what to watch what
play really love telling people about him
that is great and
focus i am actually on the page right now and it is dragon out no i'm sorry it is awards.

[3:10] Start dragon con dot org and this is the dragon or so down.

[3:18] Use the right now because i think i just called it dragon con award and that's wrong so i know you're absolutely everybody.
Ok so people have to register to vote and so it was free and you don't have to be so how you do that.
So only award start drinking dot org there is a tad that says registered vote and i'll put in your information.
End you'll be able to register to vote up until friday before the convention now or convention is virtual this year so the last day to register to vote.
Sports on the fifth if you register on the fourth on the fifth is the last day of boa so we take both up until midnight on the fifth.

[4:08] Everyone the most time in order to get that ballet to really think about it.
Set my absolute favorite heard about this ballad is you don't have to vote every single category,
who you are not a gamer or if you're not a movie watcher if you just really know science fiction novels and young adult novels like the back of your hand.
You only have to vote no you don't have to throw the entire ballet so it's really making it inclusive everyone but also allows people not just,
phillip with whatever they think they should i go down the list of me like this one sounds ok let me through there's a general
people are passionate about these particular titles that's why their voting on them that is very cool and i'm actually gonna say i'm looking down that i'm not.

[4:55] I don't keep up with comics or graphic novels.
During the year play just because it in twenty twenty three
but the best science fiction or fantasy tv series i have seen each and everyone
such a great list if it is so hard i saw that that last i don't know what would get my vote i think that is what's posing me from voting about particular category i can't decide.
Will just for people who aren't just sitting here
doing this and begin look at it altered carbon lost in space star trek picard the expanse the mandalore
zoey archer and the hbo watchmen so low wow wow i'm not in love,
that is very tough and oh my goodness goodness goodness that would be kind of i don't know that i can't exactly.

[6:00] I don't know what i'm gonna do an app because if i remember correctly and absolutely could be speaking around easily on this is leave the expanse is actually one in the past.
So that one is you know it phenomenal show i'm saying like it's got it's dragon maybe maybe something else
well gotta live the mandarin but i also have to say and somebody who is not a game or or comics.
No person that the richard me was absolutely amazing of there was both
laughter and tears and not sure what the heck was gone on to the whole thing i love it altered carbon on a swimming this is the one the season two yes anthony mackie which was wow lost in space i love lost in space.

[6:56] I didn't think i would but i really have so much
hey portal olivia strike a different note it's all difference for the fat rat come together to me.
Kind of the perfect representation of the dragon fans
hey shows so many different phantoms in one category alone i think that is what
i love it especially with it being in a virtual capacity this year any sort of way to bring.
Only stupid things together i'm full for will also again star trek picard.
Yes that steve reason we started paying for cbs all access card yes we just yeah.
It's patrick stewart of course of the buggles you got me you've got me cbs alexa but what's really interesting is.

[8:07] It again shows how much of a golden era we are in in science fiction and fantasy tv
actually not involved that it's it's not this science fiction fantasy of science fiction novel category there's actually one more in this category that ever had in years past so instead of your being ninety-one,
names on the ballet regular ninety-two this year because it's one more and the best science fiction novels it's such.
Instant array of works as well that you have atwood who is most known for henry i still believe you have getting tonight which is a very.

[8:46] I mean the world when have a story all of these different books are
john halsey who happens yesterday lyrics banner this year exactly right different story
play all in composing category by so much i love lookin also at best young adult middle ground novels because i have a twelve year old niece
and lee has absolutely no problem giving books no matter if i'm just coming back for a weekend
absolutely so yeah i'm just like ok so all of these figure out what age groups and yeah we'll do it i mean not just kind of this is awesome awesome awesome and then awards you got the ballad on here and then
the sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen recipient's folks there on here as well
yes yes sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen dollars seconds from the past years and we actually did campaign on our facebook page if you look at the drug hunter special facebook page we made it on sort of like an easy.
Is it today jazz list of all of the winners of the past years because we know people are stuck inside.
Right now people are consuming media more than ever like i am tearing through books and shows and movies we made a couple graphics on our facebook page that are the.

[10:12] Open the winner is from little miss sunshine friends and i think of shaed a million times already
i think it's a fantastic way to go through and go island really like you tennessee nobles what are the winners i really like for mob wives what are all these winters.

[10:30] Ok now i am gonna say best science fiction and fantasy movie there is one on here i haven't heard of which is fast color
by julia harriman
i was missing position you were and so i guess i get to go in look that one up and see if i can do it on demand because there are such things as theaters unless your going to a drive through right now i believe it on hulu
so good gluten help write that down south carolina not to play let's see netflix amazon prime.

[11:10] Netflix right now there's not a hulu on here but
sorry hulu but i got other things so people go and see fast color by
julia hart set a great this is kind of amazing does fix it has everything i might need to hide this from my husband
i don't know why is well because you have best science fiction and fantasy board game and
we are the have room a board game no we don't need anymore games
no thrilled for that because the one the winner for two thousand eighteen and i believe the winner for thousand seventeen robots betrayal legacy
what is one of my favorite game so is the different expansions for betrayal legacies that category also has a special place in my heart too yeah i think we tapestry which is one of them listed here but yes.

[12:06] Where in two different rooms right now as i'm recording this and as i say that you know that i will say that there are enough games in this house to which he will say.
And there's an app star wars stuff for x file stuff in the now that's just wrong
ok so yes i do also find it very funny you said you like gaming as well pull out a game.

[12:40] Add a mi i don't know you have that window when did we get that it is like it was on kickstarter.

[12:51] Ok just shows up and then say something like and look at this big,
put the bags you can carry around your board games at
ok yes and i'll the sun like that
any news like i wish i was on kickstarter and he said
add you know what's really amazing is that i got two only twenty bucks more not want to hear it exactly save money when i bought
yes those
action figure we won't talk about how much you spend but yes no right so yeah so it's funny because about once every two three months say so what are we waiting
in the pike and pike and he's like start i can watch account on his fingers.
I'm like so four five.

[14:02] Maybe seven am i just we're gonna kick starter
that's that is the cracker fandom in a lot away stupid they have my number when it comes to their facebook a lot of the kickstarter every single time.

[14:21] Yeah you like best media novel oh my goodness that's cool claudia i believe last year was.

[14:36] Was that last year the euro dance high enough was thrown from timothy 's on last year leave for that was claudio grave for lea princess princess ok cuz.
Got both of us that one and bloodlines so good by them always good best hard was sleeping beauties by stephen and owen king very very cool,
wait did i say best horror mobile on this year did number seven number seven ok alternate history novel
yes media time best horror
how military science fiction and fantasy yeah military science fiction and fantasy best graphic novel.
Cancel or kpcc game fantasy i'm sorry fiction or fantasy mobile game yo.

[15:32] I don't look at this list cause every year on kind of amazed and ever you're i do look at it and ever you're still gets surprised by what's on here because,
again just like dragon and you just set it to livvia there's something for whatever you do darius even a board game i just saw.
That is four.
Wait wait wait i wanna read it exactly right where was it where was it because it was power rangers yes there we go.
Set my another thing i really enjoy about the aso awards is that nominations at the ability to nominate one of your favorite works opens in october november so you have an author or game maker or.
Is somebody media that you want to nominate that sleep opens up and you can nominate again like the ballet you don't have to nominate never single category if you just.
No you're really like you know games are you know movies you can just nominated those areas so i think it's really really great to give it.

[16:40] It's not four seeing you to pick names a different category if you don't know them.
Understood no i don't want to ask so for registration as we said to register.
Oh folks but if you do that do you have to is if i register last year do i have to register again.
I believe you do yes i think so too i'm actually doing that.
End the call thing about this and ohio players announce this is where actually running a contest us sweepstakes i will say it's one of the other there's really no entry for it so i don't know if i can call this week steaks
those who register and vote between now and the convention which is the fifth is the very last date actually can vote
the fourth of the last season register will be entered to win two pairs of neighbors ship so
one pair of membership for one winters so for you on your friend or you wanna give them do a friend i'm legit you already have your membership for twenty twenty one you can give these two memberships true friend so draw winners from all the people who voted.
Will and also let you know i don't know about.

[17:50] Do i have to do it from last year to this year but this year it actually has a little chicken box that says check to be automatically renewed for future dragon award voting process so.
Where did you know i got it.
Yes register figure something always happens trying to register always.
Check those inboxes make sure you check your spam folder justin case we want to make sure it
your voice is heard and make sure everyone's voices heard to make sure register to vote if you don't see a ballet on in your mailbox even now you are registered to check back in with the awards page or check back in with us and will be able to help you
what should i get you to be about.
Excellent darius very very cold the other thing just everybody knows this one too is that the great thing about this too and one of the things i love about it is.
I can also do a whole heart of a lot of christmas shopping with us oh my goodness sad but also i have a couple of family members who love.

[19:18] I have an older nephew twenty one about to be twenty two which is really hard for me to believe who loves military science fiction
so i got a whole list hear that can go for a part of his christmas present which is always great
never ever ever to early to start kids on comic books and reading all of it
figured out you can do it because now maybe these arms appropriate for all ages which is very possible but.
If you look at these and then you can figure out what maybe somebody else like yesterday got little ones and then when you go to the.
Comic book store and buy this one asking for a recommendation for youngers right they got recommendation
no for next year for holiday shopping is actually went through science fiction
forward through this list and nice how send it up on my shopping list starley cid up on my shopping list like i know i know i heard this before i let me get this.

[20:27] My own must by list did omar.
Oh it's it's troublesome it's very much so i'm like ok i'm gonna just go through just this suspiciously can so i can love on to the next one there you go question so.
Yes we are in dragon kongos virtual this year and we are you said mr eazi is literary guest of honor.

[20:54] How are you gonna be hot is there gonna be something that you guys do with him or with the awards ceremony cause usually those are the awards ceremony goes on during the guest of honor banquet as i remember that maybe
so last year they were burns together is the customer is well as the julien rinehart were march together but this year it is just going to be the dragon awards and it will be taking place on sunday the sixth sense the time
i can get it if you give me like i'm so sorry i don't have that really available
but it is going to happen virtually and we will be able to go through all of these nominations and the winners for.
During that show well in that sounds like something that is gonna be on the feeds yes channel
any dc tv and the dragon comfort where it says don't you wanna you know start watching those feeds that's gonna be in the main one so i can see it
song with there's a really big costume contest it goes on on sunday as well who knows how they gonna do that but.
The masquerade masquerade absolutely ceremony is happening at five thirty pm on sunday the sixth five thirty pm on sunday september sixth.

[22:16] Turn on the maine feed vermin channel solar for the book for the purple channel.
Look for the purple is that what is called yeah i know main chick channel is purple the band tracks channel is yellow and we have the classics tv channel which is all the phenomenal dragon coneheads them.
Yes past that's on the thirteen days so that sounds awesome so awesome olivia what are some things.

[22:44] What's this internet non-trivial year what are some of the things you try to do while you're account,
i am a big.
I can't art school background cause it outside of promoting me awards i am the greatest designer for dragon con so i'm a big
art nerd and so i really love the art show really love the comics and pop artist alley that something that i think i frequent most of the time i'll do a circles through and pick out things and come back many times over the weekend
my house is filled with basically art that i bought address yes i am right we are there with you
go with it so that's really good are there i mean
i think this thing is too people say so what do you do on sunday
i absolutely any other time he would be getting all the ballet i mean you get all the awards ready and everything,
ready to pop out there right.
Yes absolutely take out the balance we take on the winners and put him in tonight secure envelopes and get the presentation ready for the words ceremony and the power.

[23:58] Olivia are you still there olivia you have i cannot hear you i hope you there there you go.

[24:07] Can you hear me my internet dropped out there you go back ok sorry,
go and take a big swallow of whatever drink while you're listening to that or
go back and rewind for the two minutes before the twenty seconds was like olivia did my internet.
Every word about getting where is everybody is work
from now so internet is super bowl down bad and as well as like a wireless dongle to try to keep it from dropping out
no never works never works now
i don't usually not go out but then the one time you don't want to go out i can't wait
you know you know i just can't wait to do it that time so that is great wolf this is a lot of fun
ok so other questions started with this but really wanted to get into the awards come in here.

[25:15] Start it actually with the social media team back in twenty fourteen as a volunteer i was with them for a few years when i was actually very fortunate for,
the publications designer position within the company i know work out of the office full time around for the organization ok.
As well as doing all the fancy program bugs the quick start guide any the the really cool banners anything you see around the convention i hope promote the awards all year.

[25:45] You made a really really cool banner for extract lovesick icon and we have a very very cute yellow alien head guys and it's adorable.
No street banners that happened downtown the one with the the kost players on their that's what i like light the beacons to announce dragons coming
yes yes,
i go down there and i stand there and i look at those banners up.
End the streets of downtown atlanta and it's just in my blood experience to know that exact close actually thinking about that.
Probably didn't this year is atlanta gonna put him up or do we.

[26:33] Not my night i don't play r but then i am not a hundred percent off because maybe they could just tell everybody is going virtual work
set alarm begin yeah yeah that i do that kind of when you know it's almost christmas cuz i'll be downtown at all the set them like down there one week in the next weekend like.
Banners are the banners are you can i just got an excited.
They are on signal about dragon con launches for them what about you what is the signal that dragon con is there ready for you.

[27:19] Oh wow.
Really when it's like all the senate oh my goodness my goodness is june first because.

[27:37] Final four track directors schedules
that's the point where your cleaning up the schedules and making sure people who said they be on a panel and they still will be in things like that but it really really hits me in january.
No that first directors meeting ray about humans after the show you got a little bit of a break january
yes yeah it's fast january september.
This year especially flies by i don't know what day it is today kind of exes,
exactly exactly we are living in asia if i novel this way.
Search jeremy berryman is the way that happened when i don't know what day it is time is everything and nothing this is awesome july and sometimes never.
That's my birth.

[28:40] Is it no it's your call.
Yes much is it digital underground play final space say i won't
it's just so wonderful speaking with a friend earlier today about how some of these shows like the good place in parks and recreation really nostalgic feel good shows are coming back in.
Right now yeah it's really great to go back on watch them over and over again yes well and i will say if you have not watched the good place.
Watch it absolutely it is absolutely
joyed show i did not start watching it until it was already and season two i caught up very very quickly and every season i was like can you please can you please also
it's thirty minutes show and their no more than.

[29:40] Thirteen episodes of year so very easy address nice and
everyone of those characters you will fall in love with death different way let's ride now
we could use some feel good and i will say this not to get too deep by i was having i was having a problem in two thousand nineteen
with my head and a little bit middle health and other things that are going on and that was my happy show that was the show i can watch
add for twenty three minutes earlier along a thirty minute episode really is i was.

[30:21] Happy.
End that you're not miniseries like that absolutely and darell lotta love but that was just one that always just miss you love to get place i cannot.

[30:35] I can't talk about my lovin' love and death sorry that's not my track unfortunately trying to
try to say come on lake angels and the good place in all of that is it that kind of paranoid now it's
so weird so with going back to the previous question with
the sunbeam virtual diva now has that something for you yet is it that seems sort of i'm ready for this time excited for it
resume are doing a lot of work on your head yes we are i think i am and it's kinda funny because it's not ready yet but just like everything else and
you heard another directors are other people who have talk about it which is no matter what it's coming so.
Stop it,
it's coming no there is that i like it i mean i think this year is gonna be it's gonna show creativity and a lot of ways maybe we
adjust it gonna be really created it's gonna be really interesting it's gonna see what works way.

[31:50] Works best and virtual we maybe doesn't work as well in virtual i did one fandom
cannel yesterday on mr robot with a three panelist and it was great even now there wasn't audience they had questions ready about it and it.

[32:10] So a lot like a panel where in a track room that wasn't the question from the audience which you miss but
from a person making sure doesn't go overtime anything else it's a lot like it was great and it was fun to watch
it was really interesting to listen how,
even when i was worried they're gonna slow down for second they were just like ok well what about this which is worst somebody else will probably from the audience.
What about that and instead of just on their own it was great.
What i really really excited to see what you and the other tracks are gonna put on for this year i'm so excited to tune in to your fan tracks channel excited.
Look at your social media pages and see what you're voting and posting i'm really thrilled to see all of the hard work anyone as putting in i'm gonna give you a olivia just between you and me give a little bit of a hand about something.
You know any mcclintock has been a very very good friend extract many many years really love
add one of the things we also love about eddie is every year he shows his creativity and a shirt.

[33:34] Yes,
i'm just gonna say that people need to listen when that one is on the track feat what color is that one against the main feat purple where the track was track feat color yellow yellow
you gonna wanna watch that yellow one when there's the thing going on with it just saying watch extract.

[33:56] Facebook page i'm broken nervous and excited at the same time.
It's gonna be a lot of fun i think it's gonna be great i think it's gonna be really sorry and
that was not acceptable in this room zoey dollaz also very excited friday mcclintock
yes anyways yellow actually that's really funny because it is it is the lamps address supposed to have so your bedroom.
Set it help me go to sleep whatever i don't know if it works or not.
I don't like it snow yeah so i think that's really gonna be fun and i think it's gonna be really interesting to see i can't wait to see.

[34:45] Some of the talking to the artist talking to you the authors and comics people have loser gonna go cause i will love listening to that again.
Totally hear a lot of that at con.
Set me as a factor what is my favorite things to do around duncan i don't get to see a lot of kongos normally.
Working the entire weekends of this is something i am i keep saying what excited but i don't know the better way to explain it this is something i'm so excited about because i can see.
So much of conro really ever gotten changed to see before exactly am i think it's so funny cuz you talk about i do try to make sure i get to the art show.
Incoming ali because and papa roach comics artist alley because that's why i bought some stuff.
My husband will now he goes i'm not always able to get down to the dealers room.
And through the dealers room and he like take pictures of things and say ok do you want this.
Yes or no honey we have that one yeah it'll be ok.

[35:54] You have that but i wasn't sure if i got it.

[36:00] Yeah he does that so that's always great olivia alright let's say it one more time where can people find about the dragon awards.
Pornstar dragon conduct or top twenty twenty.

[36:20] She or something really excited for the next.

[36:29] So awesome and i did try to register in it said it already have my email from two thousand nineteen folks so.

[36:39] So i already have mine right now not at all surprise.
But i really wanna think olivia early wanna thank you for being on here john was actually i wanted to be on this.

[36:59] I like being on about the happy fun dragon or has as always also he says he doesn't read.
This is finds out about comics and what tv shows and movies.

[37:15] Because you can't read he does.

[37:20] Technique that should be me that should be me manual.

[37:31] We got a lot of coders that would.

[37:35] I want to see the entries for it keep going back to this.
Not only is it reading and watching things you also burning a bunch of new skills not your dope besos.
Never mind.

[37:58] Coding python i don't even know if that's right i don't think so.

[38:04] Alright so four john who is sick and myself leave thank you olivia for being here.
And everybody else everybody else stay safe washing hands like you grandma was watching and you don't get dessert unless.
Washington dc you do i really really clean and peace and buy.

[38:26] Hey this was a production of the unique.

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