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2020, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No the first one.
Yes on your face.

[0:33] Music.

[0:40] Number of days of dragon.
Joining me as always the guess who we are main host weather for the last several.
Play how you doing so i'm so glad your back
i'm bored back in i'm glad that i'm not feeling better and john did not have the dreaded the dreaded c word
yeah this day and age of koven so much better and he looks better because the last time i saw his face was as white as his beird it was a little scary and ask his conway
he's got to take care of yourself cuz i don't know how to do any of this band talk
yes better way i would also like to say i apologize to those books we do have a podcast in the canon by time to get to this you already heard it,
but that again i was i was read about it pocket for a little bit there.
I am so i didn't have the time to post anything i was was it was a trooper and get some more in the campfire song song that a mentally that's why she is so awesome.

[1:55] Set a podcast
pause the people that were waiting for their their podcast to get loose their great and i told them at my take a little bit so it's time
yes yeah twenty twenty is the gift it just keeps on giving really use it keeps on giving but i have good news or something it's giving if you
give people credit card number anderson paak name all these great things i can do
no but dragon commercialize for twenty twenty is up it awesome you can get the baby dragons their back i'm so excited i can't wait i actually john i have there was a keychain of last year's dragon i didn't get back
yeah i actually wanna goodbye but there's sold out i think it was one of us sold out this was made it was not want.

[2:53] I want to hear the kitchen something was sold out that i want to go anywhere doesn't matter joe hertz pillow
go down and bill lee there because another gonna have things but there's also a really cool i'm showing this to john,
like we're gonna show this video but there's a really cool dragon kongos virtual bad and then there are some really really cute little.
Monsters like i got it frankenstein and dracula i think the mommy somewhere so yeah
end of atlanta everything else where is it where is it on there
i hope you're gonna say i'm looking for a myself right now because a friend remember that night i got the ventures name no manners always.
I always find it hold on what is it.

[3:52] What to do plan b preplanned is our string quartet string quartet stuff.
Remind me to buy now for tickets up that doesn't know what you know what gets me the merchant of venice snakehips right now
tell everybody just like i did for the dragon awards did it while i was on this which is oh yeah guess who if you won't
what other thing you see if you got a dragon con dot org and,
on the top part where it says update there are going to be costume shows there's gonna be a friday show and there's gonna be a masquerade and their gonna be some other things i think it's gonna be
the whole,
pause tune contests to go on so do that also you know maybe really like you so cool
i know this i know saint motel several they're gone now but they they are also selling off the the streets banners there's a couple left,
add a should i grab the one that i want when i was little their last time.
Which one was last year.

[5:22] Add a cat hat i cannot get seventeen of them but can i get seventy five problem.
Who is the thing seventeen
i don't wanna do that on the dragon consequence other people be mine you know it different
dragon cute little baby
all over john as we are talking about you know you could by seventeen banners right now on the dragon considers weird
recording this,
if they have the buttertones here for ya lot of two thousand nineteen extra two thousand nineteen will we have nineteen nineteen,
ok but john if you wanna by seventeen things the best place to go into the vendors.

[6:16] How do you know what you wanna do is you wanna buy me seven close and stand up straight
is exactly what i want to do something have so you can have infact then you can sneak into a mlb stadium in the background,
do i gonna be vendors even virtually as dragon kongos control no that,
who the person we're gonna talk to mandy who invented the power with somebody else little boxes instead of.
Hello thank you for having me thank you for being on an mandy i don't even know what you're real title is i just know you do a lot of stuff so what is your official title for dragon.
Play my physical title nancy man i do like the not fun stuff but i think it's fun cause i'm a numbers nerd yeah
it's a it's it's cheap director of numbers something like that that's what i like that a lot that would be really cool
how much friends maybach name you told you so.
No this is wrong congos virtual twenty twenty we are doing a very very different year.

[7:41] It's only slightly different different people get to go potty in their own bodies which still think is great you got your own little fridge i can get.

[7:53] Add half and half sweet ice i want cause i make it myself good things and wonder woman is because i usually do a lot of it both of the art show and the ventures room lot of my christmas.

[8:08] I'm scared i'm not gonna be able to do christmas shopping please help me out.
I am very much like you a lot about dragon confidence are and we have,
made it very easy for you to do your christmas shopping this year we have partnered with.
Start a new
volunteer database event in and out no stopping at my comedy icons first event to use them if they are in atlanta based company and,
are you still lyrics bands of dragon con they're actually a couple of men.

[8:56] I have yes baby yes it's ok you're ok they are fans actually atreyu so they married.
Familiar with what we do and what we are all about and so they have been there lovely people have been very familiar with our needs and very response
concerts changing on with suggestions that bender's have had and so,
what day are done is we have operator vendors two options one two update their information on the website to provide
are you using event anything create a store front and i can put items up and it is a
beautiful side that will go live and it will allow.
Do i agree when is it going live any will allow go to the it will allow first wow i'm off,
art show are comics a pop artist alley and vendor boots to open up we're going to open up a day early for a preview day so thursday,
no mistake.
What day hamburger second your hearing it here live wednesday guys wednesday september second.

[10:14] What droppin' here yes alexa
please repeat what you said about freebird day please just wondering on for him day
yes that baby john stupid right now
yes rachael ray have a heart attack a chef hear that high john for thursday so ok so art show comics
pop artist alley which guys if you haven't got in the past because it was hard to get over to the appeal,
emergency smart whatever they call it now the atlantis march.

[10:58] Is always great that's what i got descuide airman it got me hooked on the disco airman airs at the disco
i think that's what it's called it's great comics children who are of the tuskegee airman and they just got i was so happy and really want to get it signed next year they just put out their first trade so it's got like four five,
comics in which is great
yes papa rosalĂ­a you're gonna be,
no you can i do that,
i like the art show i like comics anna like the vendor so i can cruise them all,
so i can do that are if you're a big baby goth a fan just wanna pull up things with baby yoda you just put baby yoda and the search function.

[11:59] Everything from baby yoda can come up so bad is quite convenient another little things if you're in their shopping in your picking out something something from that you can check out,
set timer for fifteen so you don't have to keep that credit card out and put it in here it in here,
set it is one check out just stay how much time
how much time and i makes me so that sounds lovely it so i can go through.

[12:41] Which one credit card payment exactly my husband thank god she's not listening right now cuz she's gotta have it
i know right there i don't care if it's gonna be so easy and convenient
no we left this october vendors because a lot of our vendors you know we have the mom and pops and we have some arty huge online presence this is so i don't wanna make this to where they had to do it
we know that the artist has been hit really hard by this pandemic yuno march if you won't having a dragon
turn to go virtual it was heartbreaking
i don't wanna friends who are vendors who said you know when not being able to do ren faire which is georgia rain not fair and i would like there like thank goodness you know momo cons come in and dragons dragon
unfortunately this is where we are so
cancel the weeknd hang your hat on that so for them its just been devastating and so we want another late and then for the fan so you know
no aspect is gonna be missing if we know that part of what makes dragon con what dragon kanye fab action.

[14:05] Back as much as we can enough what was so important to do this so it wasn't mandatory for a fat for the defenders city that we are still going to those that didn't want to put the effort integrating storefront event any
we are still going to have their websites on you know what can a link to them we're gonna dance to support them so we just wanted to offer this extra bit of.

[14:27] Exposure for gnosticc of the smaller you know operations that could and that's why we were very passionate about offering the wednesday and.
No i just really gone fans to kina take advantage outfit another good thing of this event any once.

[14:48] Benedetta.

[14:51] Everyone eleven thirty four christmas already a half way to dragon con open it back up it's there we can do it not sammy will not sail away.
Exactly so that point does it with this tuesday or whatever it is that then shut down on tuesday then those.
No longer accessible it will be eleven fifty nine on monday night.

[15:26] So but you're gonna have five days to shop john that does not mean five days akon,
that means five days to do shopping taking over credit for twenty twenty one so what will happen is anything that we haven't we get over and.
Everyone sick in the head know nobody agree with me accept for me
what been on a there any because i was telling you have my little kitchen
another sings like that really is pretty easy to use folks you and i think i gave me two options like i could.

[16:02] Create an account to go to the guest amazon remembering correctly so.
It was great i was it was awesome it was really easy to use an if you go on their now they are still things to buy you got the dragon conteo shirts.
What time is so that's the merchandising time is there is there gonna be a different link that's gonna be provided that point or,
on wednesday night or what was that is also come through the dragon website.
How long is left on the driving come website we're gonna have cut above it all be a whole new the way i are lay out of the front page will be so accessibility social platforms as well.
Add another thing
hey portal is gonna say what you know that there also is a chat feature on the event any two so if you have any questions about like a piece of art you wanna talk to the artist are the comic artist you can
contact it's not like i like you get it immediately but it comes great their email their on so questions asked
are you piece of art so i can get back with you rather quickly if it's like a shipping how much does it cost to ship here or something like that.

[17:24] Set barry unique this website
gino n i want me now if anyone can you know if the artist if will be able take commissions are there or is at gonna be candles sort of,
play behad by the artist directly.

[17:50] What letting each artist decides so that will be up to the end of april artist yeah but you have a way to contact the artist right there so that,
yes that's get yeah john what you wanna commission just a lot of my friends actually never had anything.
Commission by not of my friends do go two artists ali specifically to get.
One of their buffett come across to do.
No no captain marvel fighting superman or something like that so so so.
Any again this is also gonna be you don't have to be a member to do this you just go on the dragon consider the social media and click on it greg a lot of traffic.
Introduces a lot of new people or vendors and artists so excited some new blood to the dragon family.

[19:01] Yes and so do you have an idea of an their probably still coming in where about two weeks out right now.
Are you know how actually were a week and a half as we do this whole what happened.
No yeah you missed what time is it time is it currently relative at this point and yeah,
for you do that i was saying something i have no idea what it was where we can have out so.
Is there gonna be a list that comes out of which vendors up some people really love exhibitor wanna know if there gonna be on there so how are they gonna be able to find out artists.
Person beforehand.

[19:52] I asked a hard question cause she's been to be on pandora.

[20:01] Sorry we have a website or all the vendors that are rolling over to twenty twenty one.
So that is correct and that's so that is but i'm sure we can published information yeah is not a problem there's actually on their now if you go on a bit any but you just can't bruise the.
Pause shots because i'm not open until the second but you can see which ones have created shots i can tell the dragon.
Android r loud with the vendors and it says the dealers and exhibitors and.
It's a whole list now i don't know if this is everybody but it's got a huge list with disco.

[20:49] Just like memberships vendors are all over for twenty twenty one at least that's the plan right now oops little bit.

[21:01] Yes.

[21:07] Make me back stop video just jesus you're not sorry so we were talking about the vendors and i saw list of them on the shit and then also with asking about roll over to twenty twenty one.

[21:25] Yes that banners that are on our website and an artist in the comics artist says those are the ones that rolled over two twenty twenty one ok.

[21:34] If you go to the event any site www dot event any dot com.
Any download dragon hunters virtual.

[21:54] Spell event any again.

[21:59] Please.

[22:07] Yes y dot com.
Not enough there we go hello dot com and drag there.

[22:32] I need to click on that yoste artists and vendors you'll see bender marketplace will be available but if you look there it will show you you can't click on a bit give you a list of all the virtual show,
i mean comics pop artist alley and then the vendors
is there a huge there right there understand show you which ones have created.

[22:59] Yes no es they have until the end of the month to create and we still have some today that are creating i'm so there continually coming in but i'll give you an idea who has for friends,
john ur ask you are saying that it was upsetting to you cause he didn't have the countdown clock.
Dragon the event any site hazard hundred reggaeton is it now yet for them ten days and hours
yes exactly this look great i am just so excited and items what you're looking at.
Yes sound beautiful this is a great and this is.
Focus i really have to say we already did this it's really really easy if i can do it without getting frustrated at the site.
Anybody can cuz i will get frustrated very quickly if it's a difficult website it makes me ill makes me a little upset if i can't click quit.

[24:03] Yes this is i was i was looking this try to look at all the vendors that are available and their are we there yet there are a lot of actually made it.
I'm glad to see i'm glad to see the the dragon.
Join what they normally do which is you know that doing what's best for the the community.
Has that this throwing in in has got away for them too.
List trying recouping was probably not gonna be nearly is as active as actual.
Physical dragon con but list all help them help this artist get some maybe some new fans and also get some scratch some desperately needed scratch imagine this point.

[24:53] What medea think that's one of the great things about the comics and pavarotti ali and gipp vendors and the artist find new ones every year find new artist every year that i wanna buy something from.
New comics craters especially a lot of independent comics very cool get to see those as their starting out.
That's that's what we love and that's what you know and miss may i watches my kids have grown up,
add united love watching the the kids walk around it and you know we have a lot of fancy come in because of the you know that they see the movies are they see the cartoons into introduce them to know,
it's just it's all exciting yet what it actually this will be a great this will be a great aunt kit for me because.
My niece and nephew when is twelve and one seven are starting to talk about they wanna come to dragon con.
What my sister keeps trying to talk them out of it and i'm late no no no you need to talk to me now i can see the twelve year old site and say hey look at all the school she's also loves art.
Look at all the school art look at all the different styles look at the comic art you know there's all these different styles and i think.

[26:13] Artist so important people sometimes forget that.
I don't know something we really started and we did this in comics and pop artists aliens last year we don't like these kids sketch books which they picked up
i want around and wait we're gonna dance art show this year because the artist love interacting with kid network starts if you can get them involved then,
any special with the i'm not a star going on all this with the cutter they do the art programs in schools no we have sex
no opportunity so fast skip this kids active.
Exactly i think you know that's what i love about you always something new,
doesn't matter.
Add the dancing deadpool to have not contacted yet and they know how to find me so better contacts
yes i will point two that there is probably at least up a ninety eight percent
less likely chance of you getting poked in the eye by wings in in the independent either way
play finer things my son has been coming since i was six weeks old.

[27:37] Yes really do anything at six weeks but keep music he likes and he found atlanta radio theater company and he actually work with them for a while was one of those people and he was it.
Set your always find a new stuff at dragon con and this your won't be any different to find new stuff it will be different.

[27:58] No no it is what it is info gates what dragon kongos virtual is better than.
Nothing and so yeah come on let's go happy,
we're gonna make the best of it and inner wave about it in years to come back better than ezra in twenty twenty one or dragon.

[28:24] Is all timers remember that you young whippersnappers get off online.

[28:31] No no is this is it gonna be a participant actually have dragons start to create vcr for future.

[28:41] Where you can just keep us to go through that you just never mind.
What are you so mean john gotti forward thinking i mean do you know how many people,
through the eyes through the valley some orchestral technology three percent come thru their.
Every time it comes back in the eye.

[29:11] Look at somebody who actually tried to poker outlets not due actually hurts a lot to scripture forty four for you for you fifty percent chance of getting,
hey portal myself in the first sherman is awesome
set sign of things to come pain from that point on for her's often,
insert mandy you're talking about the social media so everybody should be following dragon con on,
which instagram twitter all i know very little about discord
what we have got this big awesome disco are the people behind or light really got it gonna be the fan
connection roger weekend and some awesome giveaways
what sporting matt but that is gonna be the keys to connectivity throughout the weekend
yes show make sure you joined other social media and use sign up for updates on the site minutes.
We heard a little bit about that discord server the other day talking to dragon con tv.

[30:32] What did the even more about it so keep watching and that's gonna have some live life chatting with people probably i don't.

[30:41] Between fans so that we allowed but there's a.

[30:50] I meant what are i'm gonna ask you this what is the dc there's something on the side that says submit edc love note what is that.
I d latino is like a great big hug to your dc virtual family,
add is can be at sixty to a ninety second of video i could be like what do you love best about dc give me a shout out to you know deadpool dancing deadpool,
agent colson or whatever that you love just the people you know the boxer something that you miss you love just a kiss remind,
people what's your missing what you looking forward to next year just so you know.
That's not what it is i can be probably not waving and saying hi to people volunteer.

[31:54] How do you want to just take it shoot in the senate to w. a. s. p. i think it was.
The second now what does aaron watson sound
any really actually fun to read folks so read through it because it's there it tells you how to submit everything else even has a little upload button right there she don't have to go anywhere out after click on nbc.

[32:22] Yes i think we start a disco with you know one of the things that dragon con is always got ride is the
play sports fans by the family a lot of mino any other convention never did
has there own thing but you know one thing that we heard is that a lot of the convention that are going virtual what's missing is the
interactions that the people i missed,
cancel that something we don't want anybody come away from dragon convert virtual i mean that's gonna be missing just because
do you know where not all together in five hotels craned into an elevator but,
no we want that to be as much as we can get it right as we gonna get right you just said something else.
Unless you have a really really big house you don't have to wait elevator with anybody recommend recommended if you have two stories that you sit at the bottom the stairs for twenty minutes before going upstairs,
just to get cerveza dragon feel.
Yeah here's the problem the person is gonna be standing their with me either a cat or my husband and talk to both of them if i can't they don't know.

[33:38] Wait in line at your current coffeemaker for lights thirty five minutes reset
starbucks line it up starbucks tea and they look at you like that's right yeah so,
Alright well mandy this is awesome so all of the social media and because i would be in silly that other time i don't know why but all the social media facebook twitter and instagram are the top.
This is my right top right of the screen i'm looking at dragon con dot org so you can quickly adam and friends and everything else.
Yes so that's the way to keep up with everything i wanted the other things men do you were talking about because we talked to rachel and have a charity.
This year of the churches gonna roll over the next year which is gonna be great if you look at the dragon.
Days of ryan gosling this morning fifty this year i have been adding that the link to the atlanta voice.

[34:51] What boys and girls.
Take brothers brothers and sisters lincoln the link is correct keeping up with me pnb rock so if you have some have some extra
i don't need this room sure they won't turn it away but next year's eve big push on that song,
yes but the other thing their doing too is every year there's blood drive a dragon con and every year kick jump twist of a
congrats on the west coast they only come close.
Do us when they say alright well these people well we give a lot more blood but blood south is still gonna be doing that social in the atlanta area and you donate during the dragon con period bill still have shirts there you can sign up atwood south.
Reserve a time for those people who are in atlanta their trying to work something else so keep watching the dragon facebook cause i can't hear that got enough show.
Turn it up.

[35:52] I always wanna say i know certain people can't get blood i can't give a blood some people who want to give blood still not allowed which is very upsetting but,
if you can't blood it doesn't live the same.
Play transfusion
can i don't know this is but just it just in general i know i know one plus here locally they are also offering at the same time the antibody testing,
four covered so that i'll be able to know if you had.
If you had testing if you currently have a hopefully you don't do not go to get blood if you are active as blood but i think about that is is that then you can also do
does come back to the chiefs some help head go with you could also then give plasma as well and there a lot of plasma treatments are helping those it that may needed for this horrible thing to work
living through right now i don't know if anybody in your house
just give head four pm one my husband's had two but also had one anybody tests so we know no neither one of us have had it because is anybody came back negative.

[37:18] If you get it you know if anybody testers very helpful and plusma 's wonderful folks business always great if you give plasma along with blood even if it dont have anybody.
Yes we will put all of that on the link to this podcast for mandy thank you i mean i just like talking about everything,
where doing today at what we've been doing something a little different this year
cuz little bit different year and just be able to talk to you and how now i can find a list of the artist and there was one that said find jewelry so i'm making sure tomorrow that when on my list,
so i can send it to hubby so long honey my christmas present.
Set things like that so it's always good woman help the vendors wanna help the artist common people.
They're always awesome in there they will you learn new stuff that is armin comic i cannot talk about,
i also yeah sorry i just one of my favorites and the artist did john lewis march comic that was three.

[38:31] Volume i think was gonna be a dragon was their last year i think we're gonna be there this year.
What are the last two or three years john lewis was there signing copy then you know what an awesome awesome experience i.

[38:49] Yes.
Yes me charles and i hate that we lost such a such a hero and what i need this what a great opportunity in hopelessly are there even,
what's in our president so podcast opportunity.
I am currently everybody listens to do take out some time to look at event any and burbank are on there check out your website visit their lanes because i'm we did it every artist of the art show rolled over
the top one did not want a refund which artist not request a refund during this time is huge lilly wonderful thing app.

[39:37] Just a few winters request a refund which is awesome saying something so it's just whatever we can do support do it like you saying yes please keep saying.
Read me the news how about we know you know that we.

[40:04] Play little game at the end of the day hoping forget well this year this year this year we been taking what we been doing
is doing very scientific studies with our guest through this book called awesome social media quizzes so today we will learn.
Who mandy orly are which famous literary caracter are they.
The first question first questions fairly simple are you male or female.
Hello book they're more than that more than that and but i think both of us
when put on michelle duffy is male or female,
hey portal what qualities do you look for in friends is it on our own shivering,
trustworthiness a genuine nature a sense of adventure element of fun or intelligence how 'bout you mandy.

[41:07] Trustworthiness trustworthiness about you.

[41:17] Intellect what been a really close start end seventeen with a good i mean that means woods
i'm gonna go camping in atlanta what's your greatest fear is it being betrayed by love one.
Never finding true love loved ones danger fear illusion of the mind.
Interrupted musical ok and start losing a sibling is it which of those six is it lee.
The left one danger and eggs sibling losing a sibling.
No but there's don't think about it what is your dream job novelist the detective a night.
Hey wife and mother a nanny or lord of a state mandy deserve you why bother.
Like the lord of anastacia darcy i'm gonna be what is actually,
what is your biggest flaw my ego my temper on practically perfect in every way.
My sensitivity my star honesty or flight of fancy lee.

[42:44] How loud like this one the first two again your tempo.
Neither one of those doesn't know i'm practically perfect in every way flights play fancy ok.
Start a member wasted time whatsapp app.
Alright let's see are you with me your betrayal by a friend how do you react change him to a pool.
Write a strongly worded letter.
Get to the bottom of what happened why never speak to two or of him again yelle and cursive him her.
Give a proper scalding move on lee.

[43:37] You know my therapist let me to say that last one but i think i'll just go with the yelle and screen,
yes right for dylan schneider let it go yellow screaming in the night water right away the letter really magic the strong rhythm,
remove what do you carry on with at all times and broiler hanker chief the sword.
I formidable brain a book everything i need at in a moments notice or my pride.
Start with you everything i need moment's notice should see my purse.
Also also make sure i carry my phone which is everything you could possibly be this way.
Smart what do year friends think of you i'm organizing capable i'm sweeterman i'm beautiful tomboy.
I'm a little bit crazy i'm with her italy observant.
I am hard to get to know but worth knowing lee how about you.

[44:49] No john which one would you pick for me.

[44:54] When i think about.
How long will it raising put the good kind of crazy not the same that's me too is gonna say that i think i should say you're sweet and charming but i won't go a little bit crazy crazy crazy
Put our crazy on the porch letter by the water guilty pleasure smokin' wearing pants instead of a skirt.
Tilting at windmills a spoonful of sugar.
Attending dances in social events or secretly solving other people's problems bandy.
Hey on skull never start and lee,
what was the next solar one last thing attending dance in social events,
add yeah last question and we will we will vampire mask what is your view on marriage.
I want to marry for love i will marry if i find someone i trust absolutely.
I am a lifelong bachelor i learn for love for love from my dreams.

[46:12] I keep my personal romantic life to myself i'm conflicted about it,
leave and i'll just go ahead for your answer over teeth does because i think it's actually i want to marry for love ok what else.
Add mary for love.

[46:32] Play a vampire matthews ok so again we are gonna have a virtual dragon dragon kongos ritual and one of the things are doing is virtual sites for,
who is gonna be on that event any site.

[46:50] Who is going to be on the event in sight right it's gonna be and who else artist.
Call artist comics artist alley or vendors are going to be on their mixture
first floor second floor surf floor benders gonna be a hotspot you're gonna feel like you are walking into america's mark first second third floor and the fourth floor and
what walking into the highest and the grand ballroom the archie show the archies i got that nothing,
this site doesn't go up until the wednesday before con cause it's gonna go a day early but what size is that gonna be again,
is going to be wwe main event any my dot com.
When you go there you just look for the beautiful dragon kongos virtual logo and you click there.
Any only have to go down one little light on the side jelly have to scroll one time.

[47:59] Play click their all the listed as you can.
Yes click on on september second.
Alright so i have the scientific results back it up check by scientist chips at the institute and start with you came back is joe march.

[48:28] From little women yeah your adventures and play fall in love you can be clumsy a time.
Add to your charm you love to read and be outdoors while avoiding creepy do not like to be outdoors,
passion search for me you are devoted to your family and we do anything for them sometimes lose you tempo if you.
Could you put your mouth it's only because you so much get away with it away with yourself alright.
So mandy you were elizabeth bennett favorite yes you're still life intelligence well-loved in your community.
You may be entering entering admirable but you don't let anyone walk all over you.

[49:26] When you put the fame infamy list and you don't need a man to be happy but you also are open to love if it is true.

[49:36] Wow tully scientific but.
I wanna great is not a pushover people when we have money or never.

[49:52] Yes i don't joe my favorites.
I told my sister my sister she's gonna be like outside.
I want sasquatch in my living room john why won't just over just chaplin.
Hey portal.
Mandy again thank you for joining us all this information tomorrow will be available over on the post for this stuff podcast as well as,
you can get links to various things from there be sure to check out the merchandise the drink on merchandise which is available now which is different than the,
the the other stripped girl talk earlier which is the vendors everything but i get your dragon converge,
thirteen banners yeah.
Again thanks for joining the hard work and we look forward into the time we can actually meet face to face in person.
And one big close family again but for now social distance so.

[51:18] Until next time for mandy and lee this is john saying he.

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