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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No the first one.
Yes on your face.

[0:33] Music.

[0:41] Welcome to another someone days of dragon con and join me as always.
Yes i'm hiding olivia holt hiding that's not hobbit hiding that's how we do.
Don't talk about rebels with me that's a short joke somehow strawberry
set alarm can you are we believe lovely the other day will go home go sleep
what you better go home i haven't left home and months when you come home go downstairs to your bed
sorry we record this we are i think exactly ten days monday to monday through monday at seven.

[1:39] No nine nine until the dragon con preview of for the the store that we talk about yesterday.
Is there still going on thursday that was friday tracks are all ok tracks nothing nothing for you,
betsy the breaking five minutes three minutes will probably john
you don't need to be asking about schedules because the two people,
you are you you're just like a pill you know how you talking about extra days of dragon you just keep building how many times
what we are talking to tommy marijo dragon contribute today their right below us a little boxes.

[2:40] Nobody kids ok anyway everyone kind of imagine anyways just their life this point series of foxes with people in it
play the series of foxes with people in hi what they gonna talk about is what is going on with dragon contigo this year is gonna be
different everything else is gonna be so awesome ok so who wants to start who started with dragon con and how to get there.

[3:10] When did kirk i can start so sometime bird the director productions for dragon tv.
I remove dead horses by two thousand seven actually really came in through.
Was like running the staves productions attack apps but then.
I have a background in my television production so quickly got picked up by the drink on tv fox.
Yes what happens a dragon sushi say anything awake need to come over here yeah.
Yes forget what what happened with somebody else a friends with like was working tv we need help on the parade.
What's everyone's what are the first one the first things that day with the dragon parade was basely like we found it so before we heard it live.
We would like belmont and then we wanted it like recorded edited and get it on the air on the hotel tv by that night.
Im so we film the parade saturday morning and i like feverishly this was back in the dvd tapes and hit the lights.
Take the tap out encoded edit the saturday night so that was kind of experiences.

[4:30] Was that real time that you had actually run it through the app
yes or hey alexa is it was a good day to go to the vendor hall because like i would stick the tape in and then hit tell it to go out like
take the tape in my encode the tape and then okay i've got an hour until the tablespoon encoding so i got the better half come back hopefully nothing happened,
what we limited to two i think that the first year we three menu.

[5:03] I'm having uber i'm sorry how do you pronounce your name mercury or i wanna be more shakespearian with you,
that's right
so i have to look up il divo remember me department of the
tv news it's called this is start a war news gathering organization started when i some years ago wonder bryan richardson tonight.

[5:42] Area in the basement of the hilton nobody,
shooting something and i talk to the director of phil collins,
about for gaming and we should a little the first new kind of just for fun
while we're still doing the most famous for doing the time with the camera ballroom bring back the footage,
videography was the time but so this by doing this new segment brian said let's let's see more of those turn into department,
but i wasn't originally intended to do video actually i think i wanted to do photography like this wednesday in two thousand twenty eleven,
but i want today volunteer meeting instead of house of fools sorry so videography space so anyway if if not for something slade you know
variation in staffing i would be in the program photography right now.

[6:56] Experience with camera,
i would like praise goes on xm photographer's so it goes on that site to my wedding,
oh name which means which list of course advice don't plan an excuse wedding like during dragon remove so there we do i think i think she would director robyn broadcast she is not with us at the moment is doing the same thing tommy did last year she is both moving in
getting ready to get married at the same time while getting ready for dragon so yes she she was taken time for that.

[7:39] Who am i do i got i got married an october last year month month a half after dragon.

[7:46] Wow wow and also i must point out she's also trying to do that in a pandemic as well so that's all i know,
will this what you guys are over and over i mean did you ever imagine the spotlight we won't move over two guys with such.

[8:06] Focus on brightness all the sudden out of nowhere,
how much we were where would we be streaming for a couple of years and years now,
restart it it was started open just to members and then it had to be attending sensitivity dragon payton box and then i think they're after we opened up to everybody was really cool,
for ten bucks if you remember but anyway the world and i so that obviously open the onions and now course
is central to the operation ivy is about opening up to more people eventually bit did this year it's like it's just make it free to everyone by the way
let's do you know only way people are strange dragon rider through three streaming right.
That's actually the question i had i had it on her directors meeting come and get it so how are people gonna be able to see all this talking about streams.
End potentially alive feat.

[9:17] Set basically like the the easiest way to say it is just gotta dropgun tv website and that will be like.
Free for everyone as received mentioned it's gonna be me members big ship to watch the past years content on video on demand type stuff
put on the weeknd dragon contact tv slash virtual will have all three of the channels are gonna have three separate channels.
Which broken down into a command events which is gonna be like her man main guests panels on things like masquerade parade events.
I'm gonna have a fan track channel which is a lot of the stuff that,
a lot of white the tractors have been producing over the past couple of weeks they will like that contents being added right now last week speak there's people working on getting ready and that was that will be sleepy,
that's second channel is van tracks.

[10:15] I'm in the third channel is like i did tv i am so if you been up dragon hotels that are lucky lucky to have a second channel we been doing dixie land for a few years were just past years content.
Open some of the best of panels that will be our third channel on the virtual,
so the easiest way to do it for me to say disco dragon tv but also because of the platform were using also.
No three used to be like every kind of way cleaning platform subscription.

[11:04] Go to vimeo you download the app on ios android vicious follow dragon tv on watch it there.
Also like so i can take a personal thing i would like people really like washington county tv in their hotel rooms on their tv and that's why we can't do without some sort of.
So we gonna launch it a roku channel as well,
nice end yet so let's would like it's all coming from the same location like we like lucio anaheim robin will be like pushin the content out from the same source,
but the videos platform allows us to kina go everywhere from there so there gonna feature search on roku channel for dragon kongos virtual.
You're annoying right now but seriously folks not yet.
During the weekend josie all all the channels what i just mentioned will be on that roku roku app free to watch,
well ok so first well john yes i said you can't watch anything yet is for you know all the other people you're the one that i want my,
what are and i'm looking right now i don't see anything why are nothing on yet why are nothing on yet.

[12:33] Actually if you want to it if you want to it right now their they're made their maybe tomorrow.
When it so the question i got it actually get this is there new bumpers and where will they be.

[12:51] Yes everybody needs a kiss yes and everywhere there will be new bumpers legarda to bumper on.
The social media dead or alive broadcast thursday or friday forget when it what day was but yeah broadcast on facebook and their first of the year we got,
i don't know the number boogie gotta several new bumpers that are were being finished yesterday as i said this to smooth saturday,
minutes a few more currently in production there's one actually that we are writing this morning so yes yes so there will be new bumpers working on those.
I'm as well are there been produced funny people ideas around that will not be seeing tonight so the new content,
i don't know if yo can see this but i can't john is not talking.

[13:58] What jon astley shoulders looking at is john it looks like there is a light.
Looking at the roku you can tell that he's like i would test your test videos working.
Yes your problem watching bumpers right now i couldn't turn the channel is there.

[14:28] So marita turn off.
What about you mean which which of the feeds are you.
Are the three main are you gonna be in charge of making sure goes.

[14:45] Does it go to the news content it's gonna be lonely blame you force what she's asking
just there's a short little windows half hour windows that's all you complete me for so weird for this content it's gonna be on the main event channel and it's gonna be for foxes,
getting up early enough dragon the late show nine am in the centennial ballroom of this time is doing it at nine thirty each day that's all panel we have some faces back they gonna talk about.
What's what you can expect on the on the channels that day maybe a little bit retrospective that maybe pimping some stormy say yeah.
Go to the store early and often and the holding up a little baby dragon sleeping baby dragon kitchen what you get the store right now.
I wanna talk about some of those things are we gonna have guests that including i guess i can say some people who had a hand in that merchandise they they,
we were really inspired by lifehouse that's really cool and the other show,
will be at it's dragon up.

[16:03] We doing drink it up date i think it's last three years from our studio in undertow location,
yes conference abstract update at six thirty is going to be each day.
And it's gonna be a similar similar content again recap of we came what's coming,
add both of the shows that live the actually live i'm saying it now by four sick wit it will be live,
not all the contacts on the main event channel will be live with these will be.
What that means will be able to go ask questions of the panelist at the beginning having trouble,
use the older i get some sleep wash your hands this type of this week tell you to wash your hands so,
so will be sorry will be a little bit of education as well but the that would be on the place we can i guess.
Feedbacks what you can be ready to be looking for will be multitasking is not the technical term tommy,
so he said that will be available on youtube,
facebook is we're planning an amazon aso surprise that was no longer surprise there's now a dragon disco so.

[17:30] The discord server will have a main event channel in this place will you go to put in your fourth of those live shows for any of the live shows for any of the live shows you can go to any of those three and again,
the youtube channel to facebook live and the discord server i just wanna make sure this is going to be questions.

[17:53] Because i love your love zoom background is one of the highest rooms one of the big balls.
This isn't gonna be a go up there and i get to ask on microphone it is type of way don't yeah we don't have the ability to add people like in to the into the feed and then take them out so we just gonna have questions people watching for those
use a hashtag,
attended for the show and then will go through those two people at the same question will say that this person and the struts asking
is that we don't have you know we can have any
add this before aspirational,
word alive ok,
no i should i think tommy this is still true the new shows will be on a movie musicals those the other,
are there live events are even just any events in general they will at least be on vimeo but weather they make it to youtube facebook is the things that are out of control if you know the rules for that.

[19:22] I would desert rose it's bit more of just like what.
What people are asking for it like that i get more events masquerade parade this last year we parade,
im so that from the parade will be and then i think it would i want to actually really want to be everywhere.
Yeah we make the rules we try to avoid platforms are gonna be like.
Put ads on things if if they detect you know weird music or something so we are masquerade.
Incursion people to submit stuff that doesn't have copyright music is so we don't have that problem this year working on some things.
Yeah here's there's a there a surprised coming undone masquerade that i wanna make sure everybody says surprise at the masquerade which means you gotta watch it.

[20:31] You're talking about the parade that young you guys used to do that but what about the practice jam on it there is going to be a parade by how.
So what we been doing so we talk about about a month ago crispy and crispy to be hosting the parade on my wife jazz is hosting it with him.
Answer the will be announcers what we we have worked on his basely getting ready to submit videos of themselves walking across the screen like it's a parade,
so getting out on the sidewalk or getting your backyard and basely ask people together get created with it.

[21:14] Add over over two hundred submissions for the virtual parade that are sitting on my computer right now there's a folder open behind my zoom window,
over two hundred submissions videos people submitted past month that i will it together into what will.
What will see on the ritual parade two hundred videos two hundred minutes i mean a lot of parade.

[21:47] Yes it's a,
it's a little bit i still need to some editing but when three everything together and the timeline that was about an hour and eight minutes it won't be that much i think we're some duplicates in there but you know,
everybody was access submit somewhere around like father ten seconds of if it's just need to paint a person like you to spice icanteven kind of walking across the screen,
add bananas a couple of weathers that are like major groups that submitted like a hole skip that i'll be part of the parade i'm so groovy.
It's gonna be a little bit a lot of rarity variety show,
no that will be no harvey corbin singing with six arms for kids i don't understand that asking parents about the star wars christmas special.
Make little make me cry and it's fun people.

[22:52] I actually made my son watch the star wars special ones alright i have it on i have a.
Play copy of a terrible today that's all right he went through,
what are the garage minutes
i don't know i don't know how much family counseling did you go to after that are not right now but later who,
i thought that they made me do
make me tell the teacher no words star wars but starts.
Ok so you're content,
what all of the content is arty been sent about mauricio and tommy busy yall together alone together how much is the current content that you're planning on these three streams will be recorded.

[24:03] I have numbers of the him the majority of the panels will be recorded we do have a few,
i guess who are brave enough or sorry i'm not sure which one is it actually do a full like a real life by broadcast.
So far most of it will be like prep recorded on the recording and live setting sun,
it isn't an hour long live conversation that were just gonna air,
specific schedule time exclusive rice without effectively like premiere but there will be a couple throughout the weekend that will be live that receives talking with the news is,
what are the things we lose by having evening be recorded live.

[25:02] No that's gonna be a lot of fun so to see that to see how that works cause.
I think that's the one thing i've heard from smother people that have gone to some virtual cons and is it was hard to talk to other fans so this idea just having a discord server where people can just chat already is great and then being able to.
Ask you a amerie think gonna make your job a little.
Do not really beyond you gotta have somebody watching all three of those feeds
the fan tracks are completely prep recorded just a bit about that,
play the package one of the track directors with his ass too
no produce three or four different panels we a lot of tracks and they they messed up
add i think i still steppin' out i'm not sure they're done yet but the there there is not down the very close to being done and then there will it be added by robin s team so i just want to give them up shadow blow the words going into that because we are feeling twenty four seven
set that but channel zero going twenty four seven and we are we have enough fantasy material that i want to be.
I am watching some of these things that i've seen by so.

[26:30] I was asking another question first thing because schedule john just.
Read through paper bag until we get back to you but you said three hunna gonna be twenty one.
Did the timer i heard the dragons going seven days now that's what i heard,
what is the twenty four seven that's right seven days of dragon that's what i'm here seriously twenty four five four five twenty-four.
Forward on netflix,
what was gonna ask if you said all three of those are gonna be twenty four tracks.

[27:10] Set a man i get the dc tv cause many a time i woke up at three am included kid rock.

[27:21] Two.

[27:23] Yes so it's gonna be the bangles gonna be a lot of the life of riley of things like we have enough gas that were interviewing like the typical panel content within the coasting contest will be on.
The main channel shows look what a man channel but also performs we're gonna have.

[27:49] So i last call we have sixteen bands on confirm that they're gonna be providing some kind of content u us so you know when twenty four hours
enable have in the morning news show have panels me just like we would it had to dragon con have a panel through the middle of the day,
invite it is going a costume contest and then we'll go from that into concerts right so we have band's that are smiting content and then i think about that is like the name of the bands like we're gonna have a link,
for people to go like submit to contribute to the band the most of the bands overspending some sort of ritual tip jar or link steven universe.

[28:35] Yes i will put all that up so that like their playing live what you can actually go support does bands after playing,
any between these events right there's gonna be like at the event and see if an hour long black and twenty minutes early we're gonna be showing those those bumpers we talked about the will not be tonight and then we also taken in fan comedy submissions what you see those things before
so we missed that as well,
there's the pride submissions that's different from the other unit fan comedy submission so that's when those things will we can find time
here in there and that's all its all gonna be you know it didn't a playlist changing what's going on.

[29:21] Play john ask a question how much is the weather schedule ask about the schedule but i wanna make sure there clear that will heard was maybe not this year but surely next year drunk in la seven seven days,
so anyway love that about you but i get the i got that monday to monday
so you want to my schedule when on the schedule is the drums circle yes thank you i was wondering too yes.

[29:53] Please tell me a band send a drum circle so i can listen to am finally
can you play like to join the discord server
weekend dial up right we could get you in the life feat two am is when you're drunk circle it's kinda hoping that organics happens this year,
will you have kid milli we have to like we have the technology technology we gonna make it,
yeah i would love to have any kind of like we have to make sure it the right kind of content but love to figure out of somebody wants to join in the morning
why are sitting here streaming service working,
yes i will set it to point out now she said that time is that twenty four hrs feed,
for those that time.
I don't use to it for dragon con but how do you avoid not just going back to include else.
So we do multiple people that were murdering it so like the the future like.

[31:12] Multiple understaffed television professionals like we have people that work press that are you know,
are you still working on like yno twelve hours shifts turner things like that have multiple people
no outside off and somebody also sign in so we would you have multiple systems running,
better gonna be monitor about away.
Really can't run but self once we had once we build the content and put it in a in a playlist,
what year you're beautiful want to the roku right now not its content that i started playing yesterday and it's,
when really like like the the technology is pretty robots these days for me to just hit play on a playlist and it's going out to vimeo and billy ocean carpet from there so,
yes i'm a pretty girl with like once we get the playlist built hit play it should pretty much run it self.

[32:12] Ok so schedule that was us so it was earlier what,
what is the least you can you can talk about right now because it's obviously influx.

[32:25] So the schedule i think of you officially coming out next monday,
reset the current headline that i know about from the main feat i can tell you that it says the typical things that you would you expect.
You know like like crazy mentioned the wave the light show in the mornings at nine thirty will have a sampling of of gas panels through the day.
And then costume contest will be in a friday night i think eight pm.
Masquerade same thing eight thirty pm on sunday parade is ten am on saturday just like it always has been.
I'm so that the staples are gonna like i would will build around that content.
Set the current news about the parade by the way you don't have to get up at the seven am in get the street
set a ten am i wanna hear bobby i would you see the part of struggle jennings close you wanna be
so now.

[33:38] Yes which what we know when i get out but what about other cheeses is there anything else it's gonna happen maybe i don't know.
You're talking about merchandise is there anything there.
Ok something that we are going to do on the new shows on in this is where audience participation pay attention contests people
morgan announce it on the lake show in the morning there's gonna be basically tell you something that you need to do and then at that you have,
fiber six hours whenever until drag queen off date at six thirty to put your entry on on social media will be hashtag and we will the drug store
so i am not previous what those prices our but we will announce as the insensitive will tell you what the price is in the morning and then you'll be able to,
get something in and we some i think we'll have to have a deadline i think it's like five pm so they can be judging and and we can pick the winner is it.
Sorry we have very special about it so that's that something we are doing something collaboration social media and with the store because we want people have this.

[35:06] Is that teesy i can't see which contacts are active.
Always always always going all the way up to i think the other thing is not trying to put you guys on the spot i understand this one's gonna be free everything that we talked about right now is gonna be free.
Yes even what tracks are putting on their own facebook pages cause that's very different than these three feet but if people.

[35:36] I don't know i don't know somebody get sick.
You know and they have to stay in the hospital overnight or something and they can't see dragon are they gonna be able to buy a streaming membership.
Yes exactly i'm so alone think we're doing different this year is like there is no such thing as a twenty twenty membership that you can get your ten dollars for everyone,
play dragon dot tv just buy a ten dollar shining membership a good year basically,
so you'll be able to watch anything thats so that includes contact from previous years so we have content from best of chopin streaming.

[36:19] Up women appalling somewhere over content there and then
what a good things about this year his lifetime most the time a dragon a lot of we do a lot of work after the con to catalog everything imported goods this year were going on right now so,
uploading all the contacts that we've been filling over the past few weeks get up on it to our platform and then we'll stream that live for free,
it's it's already there right wit it uploaded i'm so cold go watch it on demand afterwards with the with membership and there's mariah tape to be found,
looks like i just want to the dragon site to find out if you can go by that streaming it doesn't look like it's there now
play i'm still here this video is saying yes i'm doing this year that you said that
when carry this on for the years to come that that this is a something we can actually.
No incorporate into dragon when it's back to normal.

[37:33] I mean definitely one of things that i have learned this year that i think will will carry an end of later years is,
like that the the integration with a roku was actually a lot easier than i thought it would be initiation with like i'm looking other platforms similar amazon.
Kind of an apple tv i'm not sure about that i forgot more like building an ios but.
Play being like we realizes actually lotus eater to make those set top box once we have the videos once we have like.

[38:08] Does the stuff streaming platform very easy to create that so one of exit like avoid been trying to get away from.
It's very hard to get away from the dragon at the hotel feat lil uzi.
Looking up ccr at these hotels like we run composite long cable to abc r turn tune to channel three,
that's what showing up on your tv in your hotel room right that's not hd digital for the most most of the most hotels.
So i would love to figure out if there's a way to like what now that we've figure out you know roku other platforms hotels can just i know some hotels in start doing that were you can just you know.
I think i like a roku or apple tv in the hotels there be a lot easier for me because we spend.
The week before the convention going running all those cables to different hotels in it's always i want to get away from because makes it a lot easier for us.
Because of a few goes down we were there the same people to hotel and you know jilla cable sometimes.

[39:22] I love that so curiosity do you guys know when the stevie stone memberships right now as well.
Recording this but how was your day like we talk about the merchandise is gonna come up on the wednesday before coming so i don't know if you guys knew that if not watch the social media people because i promise you'll be notice there.
Yes so it's actually it's it should be there and then maybe a link that we need to get on the right location cause the link is dragon conduct tv slash purchase.
Which is linked from a few places bethink on the stream the shining membership.
I got a membership patient dragon countdown work at me winking their directly i believe you g dragon tv slash purchase you should be here it was there for a second.
Connect when away yeah so am i this is not live yet folks but it's gonna be there so relax it will be ok.
It will be ok and as soon as john and i hear it we will announced as well so that's very very this is i will say.

[40:31] Having that streaming membership.
During the past couple years has been wonderful because i don't get to see stuff as a track director and there's always stuff going on in made vol rooms at the same time.
So having that to be able to go and see you later in be able to watch a great cause i got to watch the expanse cast.
Anna i wanna see the was.

[40:57] What's the average really wanted to this year you can actually open all three channels at the same time there was a initially talked to.
I forget who is a rachel platten rachel there was there was talking trying to get some of the content that is actually in the dc.
Tv vol that was never able to be actually aired because of riton what not work was that stuff actually unlocked allard.
What was that
yes actually part of what we're putting on nbc tv land this year we going through some of the like we have literal black boxes of dvd and dvd tapes from older years
the so temporary cruel been going through like ripping those dvd's and yuno.
Give me out of the dvd for matt into a proper like videos for whethan load so we have a part of that will stream,
what locked away interview intervals and in a box in the office and then will be up on a plane that to the video on demand portal afterwards.

[42:08] Can you know mississippi another invention right so because we need to feel twenty four hours we were taking deep.
Involves practice generous turn for default play something that is security air conditioner instead of citizen somewhere that spellman i got two thousand and ten who has two thousand eleven 's box things like that.
No that that's a nice effect of this is not something like an animal drag conway would be like you know know we have other priorities we have to get this week,
can't worry about we know we have those box will be fine or until the flood happens or something
add and so that's actually side effects,
where learning something is an again we're getting recovering some content that was not the sort of predates are much more rick ross process
help recent nurse jackie yet now you can possibly watch somethings that aren't shakey videos that somebody.

[43:20] Start from twenty rosas back during hulu juno's who's panel many many years ago nancy so that we get,
set billy available the quality maybe it was me.

[43:42] I gotta say one thing about you said the store of the story is open now as all the all american
you have to click the
will you first opened up you just gonna see mercy live to click a pair with the graph street banners workshops memberships everything shows up until you click the stock and
i want to be too commercial about this but we are represent the management say the economy making this available for free the whole
streaming service and randolph channels which when i said that was like to do that
the responses yes we were doing that we really want people to you know experience the merchandise the affair go go shop because that's that's not making this year,
and we wanna we want to see wanted healthy con for this year in future years south spencer lee love is a drug style,
only dragon con hawaiian shirt we're not just talking like only fandom were saying it is actually dragon con.

[44:56] I ask my husband would you wearing if i bought it and he looked at me like have you ever see me where a hawaiian shirt and i want ok.

[45:04] Yes that it that answer that question john.
Yes i will say i don't normally weird ways insurance i love this way insurance i love it.
Can invite wade bowen talk to hear about the beltway today's previous record talk about the vendor hall and artists allie x step up opening up over there
ventana any event any,
yes dog could find out when he was trying a and lyan yeah.
Set you play one hundred support the defenders as well there there having a rough year they think i'm not connect this to you like to bring everything there and then
and so we want people to travel,
story time you can say,
pause invite them if i can't remember of anthony green contact tv right now but the con,
you'll be able to go to event in and the video what you can do your on their site.

[46:22] I'm actually just still play back the video of what your whatever washington drink on tv a nice website on the website.
Yes working with them on that kind of blake there's actually i'm talking about actually got a video party platform the working on.
They were using canon behind the sea upper some extra functionality
again this band most of all more than you know twenty four seven bands these are bands that get together and play giggs and i've seen
i don't think its around anymore used to see some of it smith old bar many many years ago in atlanta but yeah so look at that and find it.
Again i ever year i find a new author find new comic book men more than one.
I always find you bands i'm always find a new art things like that so go to all these platforms less people you never know or something else.

[47:34] What is wordpress bar i just can't i can't get it.

[47:40] Alright so have we missed anything it lee every cover everything i say
mauricio talk about the nine thirty and the six thirty just because this is weird draggin' the line thirty
delete show yes and six thirty pm,
is the update so cold news to watch on tv against news
all this is my time left atlanta is going to cross the world.

[48:23] Figure out what time is just trying to do a calculation.
Alright so loud that was that ok it.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
so speaking of which not that has nothing to do with that we do like to get to know or just a little bit better so we found a highly scientist books that allowed to give a little insight into the world this year.
This year were using awesome social media quizzes they been proved to be a hundred percent accurate a hundred percent of the time and so today we're gonna learn what's your guys.
How old are interchange l is.
Ask you guys to be the same question calculate,
blather while you doing your question child.

[49:40] Wait what's the take a child in your life to the toy story two toy story excuse me do you squeeze all the stuffed animals as you walk past.
Do walkout wearing a pirate hat or tierra with a bag of goodies of your own in your own hand do sip your pre purchase coffee with a kid browser.
Are you know all the characters on the games and movies i will start with you tell me.

[50:05] I would like i would die for you walking out the power head.
Where is there another option to go go to the lucky strike the lego while i would say squeeze the animals noises,
will i want i'm going out with the parenthood that also tear it's your turn to planet birthday celebration at work do you order balloons streamers party hats and cazzu,
or do you choose a fun theme.
Which of third party games that will make everyone laugh or last leap do you select a color scheme and make a playlist.
What are any mauricio.

[50:52] I would say the playlist playlist donnie darko playlist as well lee playlist.
I don't put up dreamers something sad or something sad happens in your life do you have a good crying your pajamas with a parent on the phone.

[51:13] Do lean on friends for support decrying private and try to cheer yourself up or do you can find a small trusted group lee.

[51:24] There's there's nothing for taking a zedd x on their that would be enough but a small trusting group small ok.
Tommy private.
Play the last of us small trusted group small group ok at the beach do you read or talk to friends on it on a taller chair.
No that was just breathe again standing up you're not allowed to read or to talk to them they had to be on a town or chair build sand castles play frisbee or play catch or body surf.
Where do you go for walks in and find shells.
It's already mercia usually try to find the the cheap seats food restaurants that are always out there but sand castles options.
Talking to friends reading and talking to friends what they have to be on a chair or a town correct ok.
I'm done using walking walking around the king iso shells with my camera if i have it.

[52:40] Choose a christmas movie to watch lp charlie brown christmas home alone or die hard without you tell me.
No the first movie it wasn't me christmas.
Yeah gonna have those choices it would have to be delivered yesterday.

[53:01] What would you shop for a gift shop for your excuse me one more time where would you shop for a gift for your best friend.
I don't know why how i like it shepherd image mode.
I'm coming goods or the disney store i'm sorry,
what is my store let's start imposible the way i am pronounce your name six different ways to this point.

[53:33] What's the magic shop work this body suck matsuzaka.
I contact i would like strawberita okay yeah sharper image.

[53:48] Did you come.

[53:57] The my my my intersecting off you coming extra money do you by a gadget new phone that you be nice.
Treat your friends to a fun night out or a group trip.

[54:10] Go shopping at your favorite store for buy a pinball machine tommy about you.

[54:18] I wouldn't say i won't nessly buy a pinball machine that sounds like the most like i would do with my money no k lee.

[54:26] Go shopping at your favorite store.

[54:33] Yeah that one ok.

[54:38] End call you bob this time.
Is there these options for do something for friends yes i would really extended til like right now i would play donate it,
no i don't need somebody to charity but in front loading this year it's like their people just like i look at what people need versus what i need a forget like,
i don't need anything right now please just like don't die so i feel did it first strongly about that.
Skip song get away with it.

[55:22] Someone invite the way of big brothers big sisters of atlanta another there there technically not the charity to next year but you could use as well i'm sure,
someone does something that i find you or make you mad do you tell me a thirty figure confront them about it went to your friends or bottle it up and avoid that person mauricio.
If it so i can avoid it's digits friends.
I can't if i can't avoid then he has to be conferenced.

[56:02] Usually i try another keep a lot of people in my life that i am currently and hurts with right that's a that's that's.

[56:10] Goodbye you know how i do mostly healthy that sounds.
I'm actually a lot like i'm getting into a small group.

[56:26] Ok and tommy.

[56:29] How is event friends no k someone throws you surprise party do you find out the find out make sure you look your best.
Taking presents terry a tear up a little or thank everyone and enjoy mauricio.

[56:50] I like cake so easy cake cake.
Take is alive but probably up cuz on a saturday ok yeah.
Ok john left question help me.
When we do all these my comes up against me and going out in outside so,
the nasa vanessa and nephews or their equivalents in your life thank you are superframe kind of embarrassing cool.
For a loop inwardly mercia.
They gonna what it what is that we they might toys superframe.
Set the superframe superframe ok cool actually think dragon is amazing the cool.

[58:09] I would guess there so there was a bluefin world name no.
Alright i'll do the calculation and figure out how old you are out of these five possible choices and kutless gets all the recipe for me.
Ok so people can watch dragon con this year dragonglass for free where do they find it.

[58:32] Dragon dragon countdown tv or go to dragon countdown org slash virtual.
Is a bunch of iration on the dragon contact page about what you doing,
wonderful include links there to like the apps you can download in the roku app and can stop.

[58:57] The new shows are gonna be live.
I don't wanna survivor not sing to say for the guest yet because that's up to their they're capabilities there bravery i supposed,
yes that shows that six two at nine thirty and six thirty will be live and we would like we really like to get your feet back in youtube facebook or
well actually i gotta remember what that disclosure rename is cause i was just trying to find it up again remember if you can ask questions for queen or give feedback
got it on the youtube you got it on the facebook and facebook live stream are we gonna have.

[59:44] Three live channels just jesus netflix i want to talk about this but they will be free live channels anymore also gonna have these things same three channels.
With open captions so will have not closed captions close live is doing close captain live is.
A whole thing i don't don't get into but wardruna duplicate the channels and have real time.

[1:00:08] Captioning which is available open capturing did you can't turn it off just ask a different.
Yeah we'll be a separate channels like for every main feed for the maine feat thalia main theme with open captions channel.
Duplicate channels with open captions only hey portal what's the forecast for nick jonas think i did you do math alright so,
your age according to this pearly scientific studies is pre adolescent on the inside.
Set your child is between the ages of nine eleven you don't have to take to play in show your interchange around other dolts without shane.
Put your games of choice armor like bike riding rollerblading or video game playing variety with sometimes of with sometimes reflecting plan.
You let go of stress and worry without too much stripe you still have your favorite toys or childhood stuffed animals but your but there's steal away were just can't see them.
I'm sure it's a hundred percent accurate accept that last birthday not the way tommy you actually haven't adolescent brain.

[1:01:26] Underneath adult interior is a tween waiting to come out.
Ok you love current popular music in no the slang of the young thug using it all.

[1:01:40] Yeah that's pretty accurate i mean i have been discovered longer than most when you're with old friends your heart back to your middle school self without missing a beat,
sometimes feel the call of younger anarchist but you're too and barak to let it show accept.
When you're with your closest friends and family.

[1:02:02] End my driving andy graham ann lee lee is attenuator.
You're child is too cool for school go outside hang out the park.
Ok so cool in fact that doesn't really feel like a child at all but rest of shirt it is.
When someone younger younger suggests arcade park you're the one who rules their eyes now.

[1:02:37] Excited.
Like teen your approached stress with confidence and you may seem all whatever but you still need back up and reassurance from your squad.
When you go outside to the park and go back in the woods.

[1:03:03] Let's not talk about that ok so guys thank you so much.

[1:03:13] I again,
especially volunteers you guys now.
Take the entire drunk people watching you joji everything that you do i mean,
should be problem but no seriously thank you guys.
The dragon alive really really del amitri.

[1:04:01] I would i would say like.
Samuel you're gonna be people making contact before i disappear so every other directors step dumb stuff for us.
It's really good.

[1:04:31] Very well so until next time.
For tommy genesis ann lee this is john saying peace and sorry if i miss around the name.

[1:04:51] This was a production of the unique angeline at eight one three three two one zero two u g.

[1:05:00] That one three three two one zero eight eight four email phoenix dot com fifty days of the unit dot com.

[1:05:10] Facebook twitter this podcast is distributed creative commons attribution license.

[1:05:19] Music.