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2020, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No the first one.
Yes on your face.

[0:40] Some number of days before the thing that happens on labor day of dragon con and johnning me as always.
With louder mask wait what's going on the real she's got it i got a lot of masks.
Who is the best.

[1:02] I got she's got the carpet one yeah so i got that for.
Replay it's late i have a mask on you can tell how i was that woman i don't know i don't want to listen hi hi.
I would this year add the track director be a little more lead back because right.

[1:32] We can have a forecast.
I'm already had the nightmares i have the nightmare even know i know it's a dragon kongos ritual i know if i had the nightmare where i couldn't find clothes and had to record around,
the marriott in a towel telling everybody that no the panels work they work they work canceled i just couldn't find the room.

[1:57] What reunion the marriott near the wrong even in the wrong hotel.
I don't know play can find the room i mean analyzer dream right now actually analyze that explain things are wrong with it.

[2:12] Yes usually i know who gets lost a dragon the drop of the happy new year in the wrong hotel,
so but yes there are many of the marriott carpet on help i don't know i'm showing you this on the video cuz
yes yes i found it on etsy number of them number use your favorite person but also.
What are the dragon store i got my dragon con dragon racing this year
hey beautiful turquoise blue and i'm gonna figure out a name for it i have no idea but it kind of looks like the lightness months or so i thought about people i used,
go to gojira bas like you know.

[3:04] A big scary dragon thing you know now it's not a big scary dragon because i mean the world.
Yeah but it's not it's now or never manifest was one track that i can think of going back in attending more of.
Previous years what would that be paradise,
you know we have one and she's right here her name is shannon she is the director of the apocalypse rising track shannon
add a lot for making a living reality you know if we have to see who's.
Well i don't know.
This one was not what i was expecting i was not expecting the i don't want to wear a mask.

[4:03] Hey portal i'd like getting into shape is saying i expect that part a lotta things.
No that was one so hi hi what was is twenty twenty gotten,
whatever what is apocalypse rising,
radios with all things
end of the world before during and after so we have your fun fluffy topics you know about dystopia post apocalypse
world building and then,
how to prepare.
Sorry it is actually important as we are recording this there are too potential hurricanes coming.

[5:06] From the atlantic ocean and preparing for apocalypse and tarja wet mexico
so you know that's a little but yes preparing for an apocalypse emergency is important so.
Please ask them listen to everything telling her about barrie
set a none of my people had to toilet paper issues in the beginning we are all well stocked on toilet paper toilet paper.
End clarence white's a moment last thing of chloe x halle nervous but i still fork springs it seems like,
walmart always has wipes available i don't know why walmart and public serve you know whatever but for some reason.
Walmart walmart find not the walmart is giving as any money no i don't but.

[6:06] Set ok ask if i may
when your topics last year by any chance,
was making reality this year don't talk about it and unfortunately how it probably wasn't far away,
so little there we were hoping for or expecting much expecting we won't hoping,
no what's the weather here yeah exactly how close are we on
what are responses in pandora,
will is a global community baka not nice everything you say community,
you know you like to be optimistic about the human race right americans cause people are certain realities i mean
person who hide their zombie by and then goes in a month still their friends we would never do that.
What year will we will the warning signs were there you wanted to interpret them.

[7:33] When is veteran's those who are gonna prep are gonna be ready in conscientious everybody i guess is entitled to their own.
Leave dealing with it kind of pass that part
what are the things you said zombies distopian dream girl a lot of kinda disturbia movies recently my husband is so tired to be watching the hunger games
i just keep watching on because mostly i'm just looking at,
could be worse and then i want to watch the alien aliens films because i like you know.

[8:16] If they had just stay with porn teen at very first time on the mysticphonk.
Exactly ripley we gotten home to her daughter and everything we've been very happy and jon z would have been happy too so yeah so what.
Are you talk about this with just oceans what kind of what phantoms do you use for your dystopian world things like that.
We do you the hunger games,
a lot we use current select that should be me the one hundred snowpiercer i mean
one thousand so much fun
i mean the walking dead
the current crisis global disaster that is occurring so that's very popular,
it works whatever i mean i think that's the great thing i think people like polyps rising is a track and then it now because you also
talk with epidemiology we do right so if she impasse.

[9:42] How do we have a license paramedics slash r. a. n. come in and he leads a bunch of other medical professionals in the basic first date and then anymore
advance treyarch first aid like how to stop bleeding on around
stop yeah yeah we do we do propping panel's like,
basic one oh one stuff like if you're just starting out trying to be prepared what should you have both at home and in your,
go back to take with you and what should i look like what you're go back look like because i don't want to be together,
hey portal look like they want your stay with you unicorns in the sparkles step on it,
ok go back you know that i'm just.
Unicorn kina thanks so yeah john what about you what would be black bag.

[10:59] How do you back again
yeah i know you're the best ones the ones that you can't see through that are made a study and chill on but don't have a whole lot of the tactical like you know ropes in class everything just a basic black.
Record bag.
I know you have the epidemiology and i always find that great because there's actually a table.

[11:25] Add dragon con on yours where it's not dragon kongos virtual hero people are actually talking you can the cbc has a table.
Be something to be able to do as well
give years ago cc even have it's on me campaign that they were using for disaster preparedness yeah that was really really great it was wonderful and it's actually still think it was so,
i am wearing my cdc zombie task course.
Teeshirt right now which perfecto plan for this panel
so there's a johnny nash yeah no i know you guys are the dragon
we are everything is a panel john powell everything is debatable this current anything to be a pnl i mean.
Who track days don't have any meeting anymore animals have no meaning something foreign whatever all i think about apocalypse because.

[12:45] If i think i think about what day is gonna be because you're gonna lose track of that i mean.
Can the walking dead doesn't ever think talk about it it's my birthday.
Do i was april what time did you know the apocalypse comes in things like that i was just wonder help keep track of time,
days and years things of that nature keep away have you watched snowpiercer.

[13:22] Invite andy gibb.
I really really enjoyed it i've seen the movie and jaymes young the first part of the show i haven't read the source material yet that's on my to do list
who is the book i don't want to know as i believe in japanese don't call me on everything japanese rock 'n' roll ok yeah.

[13:44] Sugars japanese but but so the television series watched the movie.
What is the series are really enjoyed completely different than the movie completely different,
not start again is the word i'm trying to say,
yeah yeah acting really good choices as far as how to take the story and differentiated from the movie and then set it up for a really accusatory ben,
renewed four seasons two and three really yeah so hey portal watching it for that reason,
don't is there still more seasons coming will the next season find me season two,
i mean us dollars feat surfaces before episodes you don't know but it has
play lafayette and thomas jefferson and hamilton
yes im on disney plus and he is amazing so.

[15:00] Let's watch couple exactly ok so shows now and.
The tracks which are what you and i have extract pockets rising thrones.

[15:22] Hello put together some prep recorded that are gonna go up on the three dragon feat what did you record this year that people are gonna be able to see when the schedule comes out sometime next week john don't even.
I'm trying the app right now to see if it's been update hold on tight talk to be quiet,
yeah so we got four panels repeat recorded more still waiting to see which ones all be put up that we did
replay flexible old favorites that were really popular in the past we did apocalyptic throwdown aliens versus zombies
i'm so good bunch of writers together and give them some a different kind of alien a different kind of farm by and a random location and they get to debate would win.

[16:17] Ok now that's what i want to see now okay sister
i love that idea that is brilliant yes i'm in it we did it why we love to destroy civilization so it's kind of like ydg so many authors love to end the world and why do we love reading it,
look at that we did
pandemic we wanted zombies not masks and that's actually really interesting and change our behaviors,
what's up with that you know is how we were preparing for a disaster.

[16:58] Ok or did we need to change it or you know how do you do a hurricane shelter
cancel transplants derek king place yeah is reversing the snap so it's a look at after,
tony stark's holy versus daniels' snap and fifty percent of life returns to the universe like how does that look like how do we sustain it.
Can do that rm structure to relationships since i called you like all i got stuff.
I don't actually wonder that wun two because i always stop the interesting parties when steve's leading that focus group in their like i went on a day to see you cry when did you cry in
i'm like ok four now he just got on a date.

[17:49] Add his partner spouse whatever term is about to show up m. i. m. e about things like that and then you know
what that was your house but i've been here for the last five,
yes so many questions so many feelings in just like industry changed jobs
it's important children like brothers are now older,
weather sisters when the snap happen like in high school their boyfriends are now you know girlfriends here now five years older than they are the whole,
the second after the snap which talked about.
What happens after fifty percent of the population disappears yeah we're talking about what happens when they come back
what was really yeah i thought the descent job of showing you know all the boats that just are there things that are just sitting their i thought it was really interesting john kids get snapped and one does it,
suzanne five years later you're reverse in age.
Ok to my daughter is my daughter with snapchat so there an hour what does that do the sibling.

[19:07] I am i probably nothing.
Really like for thirty years old anyways so let me know there is that there is no cuz my sister and i actually talk about this one point.
Five years don't matter i'd like that yeah that the the kids haven't really ever had that sort of older younger
play ghostbuster for years by wiley enough worried we're not gonna take it exactly you know what,
i just flip my hair i think you know when you talk about.

[19:47] What kind of parallels for going through now like the leftovers in things like that were where it's at smaller amount of people what you think about that bass number that isn't even two percent of the.

[19:58] Set the world what that you know what the disney and never coming back.
No the leftovers with show i did not watch on johnny depp tell me to watch it and then when did watch it on like.
Ok this hurts this very moment story no title
yes pretty well done really hold on behind his dark
increase actors and actresses good stories actually liked the stories in the arcs made cents that was always important ok so what you doing that,
yes we saying the schedules gonna come out we have shannon and i don't know anything special
set a about what's gonna be we win so just as i am that rich brian here with you a wonderful guy so look at those.
And then are you what your social media presents gonna be used about that or we have a couple panels
hopefully a mix of live and prep recorded but i'm finding everybody's like i'm not going on dragon i'm gonna go on a vacation is the only labor day and never gonna be able to go anywhere other than atlanta
so it's all,
panels one is on the rise and fall of alien invasions on television as genre.

[21:26] Can you looking at colony falling skies as you know primary examples i'm looking at the genre.

[21:31] Add rosa doing conspiracy twenty twenty year of the apocalypse
how many facebook gonna look at apocalypto conspiracy theories
i will i will just say for some reason it
seem to see find a lot of them or they find me let's just go with it one of my favorites was it was all because of bats because somebody at one and then also.

[22:03] Did other things with a bad and i'm like.

[22:06] No i need to watch the movie with matt damon and buenos beltre because that's how it works somewhere so.
Yeah that should be a really fun panel to watch i am looking forward.
Trying to find that one yeah that's it trying to do we trying to keep it light and funny because i mean our topic is very now obviously and everybody's getting a lot of it all the time and,
dragons fun we don't wanna keep it
shuffle different,
oh yeah very much so awesome.

[23:07] That's gonna be a really interesting panel probably needs really big,
no i got it right the new rockstars right we was ben combined to our track from which is a good size but like in twenty twenty one a lot of this stuff is gonna be at the forefront of everybodys.
Wake interests in and stop so yeah we're gonna have to start looking at without my door audience.
Yes that should be very interesting a good idea attack for me for january it wasn't.

[23:44] Narrator says no no when we just found in a different light you have any of the anxiety dreams
provide conditioner yet is a director usually don't remember my dreams i'm just in general one of those people
what pad affirmative waking a good if not better yeah right
yes trying to get the whole world is trying to coordinate people and fun fact
almost every independent author has taken to an rv and his now driving around the country looking for inspiration for the next mabel
trying to get wi-fi am i think that's because i'm sure what did learn from
best things i keep saying is there is a whole lot of unintended consequences unintended.

[24:46] Lessons learned.

[24:49] Not everybody has wifi at their house or is going to get easily right you know my sister's kids started school and south carolina and they got computers.
End this call was like everybody gets high and the city is trying to figure out how to do free wifi for everybody so yeah i mean it's just things like that.
Unintended consequences i don't know that ever feel comfortable going back to a restaurant.
I hope i am i love going at eleven set yeah i miss it previously.
Upside this is like giving new value to things that you took for granted
no i really appreciate hang them before the needed before so you know it's like to look on the bright side all the time.

[25:52] I was just thinking would godzilla be on your track coming,
is hannah things like that is not is not i think so before anybody else we have had discussions before about,
what you like nino and the world by kygo panel that we've done before first pacific rim not the second,
set the wiggles carter,
so thats good ok john you have a question i can see it in your face research real quick in the world
how many times has shawn been died twenty five times twenty five times but he's actually fourth on the list the kids john hurt is number one with forty three,
time is died on the two others between there is built in vincent price.

[26:54] Which you think of eric bellinger easily play dracula
skill time wants to the monsters will some twenty five but still
no put on maxwell that's respectable for an actor i think is also interested prices
that was a time when there were i don't want to see you anymore movies in the army now cause i don't think there are but there were,
what those types of movies of the dracula's in night of the living woman not like of the living dead but day of the triffids is always when i like throughout their coats plants,
taking over the world and eating as is also scare don't care coming for.
Yes so so what last year listen to the last year how how we do panels go what was your favorite thing that happened favorite things that happen was or something that that went off lot better than you thought it was gonna go offer.

[28:02] Honestly i would have to say i'm already mentioned his theme after the snap channel we were hoping it would be popular with something that my team.
Add a not dead like a lion a people out the emigrate we're not a line it up panel track people are different line of fire stuff
well but you know people just wonderin but that was like a lion out full room like standing room only just really interesting discussion enjoyable
cancel that was why not we decided to bring back like a companion to it this year.
Disaster preparedness and prepping for kids so we did something that was kind of,
what's my disaster is not so scary for kids and help parents figure out like how to be prepared for a disaster with their kids and talk to the kids about it was pretty cool,
i think that's a really good idea because you know during all of these when it started you know there are a lot of comic book men some other books that came out that were free downloads or whatever because kids don't.
This idea that they can't go play with your friends right now yeah you got understand it too understand very differently or.

[29:24] Should understand very device so on the interwebs you're too late,
don't have two main platforms use for your social media for apocalypse,
where do we are mainly on facebook yeah so that's a primary filter instagram and twitter,
and then this year where we're kick it up a youtube channel
where create a youtube channel so we're gonna put our new content on it for this year for the weekend and then depending on how this goes and how much interest there is we might look at doing panels on a more regular basis through the year,
what's cool water two months just like
keep people on their toes in fresh we forgot to talk about the beginning almost famous back to you is the discord server.

[30:26] No join the ranks of the discord it's actually really cute the way that they did it.
Ok i'm gonna get this is getting broken a hotel lobby general chatter,
when they have the broken by tracks so we have an announcement one for us to make announcements and then there's a programming one you can talk,
programming one more gonna do once find out when our panels are gonna be airing is that we're gonna try and get her panelists together on the disco channel or like a facebook room
so that you can ask questions what you're watching it and they will be there in real time to answer your questions.
Since we were able to have that hole live given back to scores me figure that way at least people we will answer questions and answers.

[31:22] Ok well i will tell you right now i'm having a problem finding our server.
That's probably not somebody else just let go right now better when she online dragon con,
discord servers discord dot com slash invite slash dragon.
I think wait wait hold on john oh wow ok portal dump actually i have my disco app.
So how do i don't know where i just know going through the immortal technique yebba linked which is flash invites last.

[32:14] Slash dragon no no slash invite slash drink on it,
play the middle everybody.
I have my channel john that we use last year so so there you read the rules in the new get your little,
put your little bollywood post garden the origin people please please behave please gonna be moderated but please don't bring the band hammer.

[32:58] You know there's a nice try to find some happiness for goodness sakes,
everything stuff going on some stuff going on right now on their major going on right now
it is all set up the first peachtree food court it took me a minute it took me a minute to realizer yesterdays yeah so i clicked on the sky bridge which was the,
open voice open voice channel,
when is sky blue sky bridge that's why just random people walking through there.
I really try to bring a real feel of dragon con to it yes.

[33:44] Pause cancel my mom joining.
Hey portal channels and they work.
I'm already trying ok i'm not gonna miss you know better i'm not the only one that has a problem with some of the stuff.
Show we're trying to get somebody to talk about how to get on discord in final this stuff never ever hurts,
no not that i am totally added myself that i am no idea it's alright use a little bit.
So that's right now the same is do you have a,
have you plan on when you're gonna put up stuff on your facebook or youtube i'm actually looking at the panels that prep recorded in putting on their but i don't know if you,
done that is well i haven't i have an idea haven general ideas what day i think i just might roll like i do twenty or something to decide on what time.

[34:47] I like google spend the night like they won't all be at one time each day will do legs one
in the morning afternoon and evening and then like late night one channel
yes i will remind people join the facebook groups of the dragon contracts you like it because that's weather gonna be putting stuff.

[35:17] Go to the official dragon con page on facebook you can find us all we are listed.
No are you ok so as we talk about this year of twenty twenty the year.
Share track bringing us into the world the birth of your track literally what are some things that you think.

[35:42] What is how do i say this in a nice way.
Will worried there's gonna be a pandemic what you said the the actual number two number one has always been this kind of a pandemic blue or whatever what would you have said well the closer would be.

[36:04] California earthquake,
that's my bad mother i know that we having more and more earthquakes more states atypical earthquakes virginia not the one with
add georgia south carolina yeah yeah so frequency and their magnitude.
Answer that would be mine parker pens what happens can i was a community referencing magnitude.
There we go it shows benched during a discounting.

[36:53] I can't watching a good place if i need it something else i can watch their any done with yes
all the people are just is not designed am i,
that's great their all perfect wonderful so that's what have you been let's all chant chatting about that what have you been used during this.
Set a benched community because i need something light and actually haven't watched to perform
what was the blanket for episodes i have watch snowpiercer
set caught up on the last couple seasons of zombie juice i haven't,
finish that one off yet really i've been trying to catch up on shows that i can't stop halfway through
is izombie in your inner tracker now no that's fantasy,
no rain today is the world so.

[38:03] Ok
add very cold i like that yo john what did you been doing well i want community yahoo.
The ninety years old watched it.

[38:21] Seven times three now.
Yeah yeah i do the same with with a good place in bingo players happy hour unfortunate episode.
I for community has been taken off off of because of them
what's on fortuna and fortuna choices in in macoupin with play that way for jim jones character one of the first.

[38:57] Three minutes of the episode you could have sort of.
Ignore it but even then anyone so so community.
I been watching just a background lately of rewatching.
Bernardo sort of in the background you have disco shows where it's at long enough but also if you happened in just go away doing something come back to earth catch up pretty much where.
What's the same thing law and order episode of spice so i think.
Enter three watching lots and lots of fun shows to be on this with you because i've been trying to avoid anything dark all day is that really being been should i did just watch the first two episodes of of them.

[39:54] Lovecraft country i don't wanna see that that actually looks really interested very very very interesting.
Oh my my latest one things on it on apple tv which is ted last low.
The last song lasso anyways jason today and he plays a place of american football coach goes over
premier league very very very good for the the current time to think about anything i think genre is probably just,
community if u wanna cancel that genre i am watching if i leave finishing of legion with my.

[40:47] How about that supertramp being superior
yeah that last season boy matthews that we haven't finished that gregory porter start over there
yes that was trippy from day ones you show the kind of almost can't benji.

[41:13] Because it's just too much but you also want to spend too much time in between because you're forget things that sort of.
Happened in the world.
Show my birthday back around the world depressing ok genre the umbrella academy.
Yes that one that i want to watch the second season of that similarly about ending the world
that's actually wanted the panels we're gonna do this year i think we're gonna save it for twenty twenty one is how much ending the world appears in other songs
what supernatural setting the world on fire ultimately urban fantasy.
Help getting better than others genres now i mean.
Something happened nobody knows about it but these people for childish major interesting about supernatural.
Interesting i like this this is really fun i like it depressing firefly let's hear one.
Play benched again soon before but i mean kiss only.

[42:42] Fourteen episodes protein will i just remember this the very dark when was the one where he was coming to the guy got into it.

[42:54] Yes i am try again.
What i say what's jackson's face value yeah that one i'm the war games one with the weather being tortured the very best she like that,
Ok so john i think it's time for your time so scientific material would like to also bring the signs to the podcast,
so we have this a scientific book we call awesome social media quizzes so today we will we will learn,
what caffeine drink are you so you only will be off news sessions.

[43:53] Yes.
Diet sprite what the heck is at description describe personality one word is it bold silly make sure energetic or outgoing shannon.
I was a silly lee.
How going outgoing ok what is your favorite winter activity going to museums throwing parties.
Reading by a warm fire outdoor sports lakes skiing or cuddling watching movies lee with.
Oh carolina watching movies just what i am the same inside.
Pick your favorite big god donuts many muffins biscotti cookies or stones.
Change donuts right.

[45:01] For throwing people spose clearly is going on,
how many times of week do you socialize,
not often almost everyday well i say terrible question right now podcast.
I guess not often almost every day maybe one two or three depends on my mood lee.

[45:35] What was the question again cause we how many times do you socialize.

[45:40] Tour this weekend the top ten minutes on the moon,
which one appeals do you most intelligence fun sophistication excitement or comforting shannon.

[45:58] Say intelligence.
Pick a rainy day activity watching a good documentary.
Video games cooking a big meal shooting pool because apparently were the nineteen fifty or sleep.
Shannon cooking what was the first one watching a good documentary.
Yeah that one.

[46:32] Or watching event documentary which one is which what's the best thing about your personality.
My sweet that's weird what is the best thing about your personality my sweet personality.

[46:49] My outgoing attitude my god manners my sense of humor or my witt lee.

[46:58] Set a timer for outgoing i don't know.

[47:02] Which one is it going not going out and shane.

[47:12] Ok end how blunt very i have no qualms.

[47:22] I am very blunt i wish is me i'm only blunt with people i know well only when i know i'm right.
Not really i preferred keep things light i'm honest but gentle gentle shannon.
I want sam very want with people i know well.

[47:48] Timer questions what not yet what is the most important for you self improvement being true to myself.
Shaping world events in politics staying in shape or friends and family lee.
Friends and family shannon introduce myself.

[48:10] I am i want exactly what social media app best describe you not scared none this or facebook.
Pinterest twitter or instagram shan.
What's the weather like facebook's algorithms.
Yeah leave will heard earlier for facebook i was like why mona cheering for facebook i'm just saying that for you can find a soft i would say twitter as well.
I think i'm real self on twitter than anything else can you can you ask.

[48:51] Can i go back in thirty minutes.
Hello where we can find this stuff that you can put up on your social media not the preme recorded stuff the stuff thats just for you.
Yes you can find it on our facebook page puppy gonna be the easiest and that's at a pop rising at a pop not apocalypse now pop a top and.
Is there anything else do you do you know if you can have a disco channel or not decided yet we do we have themself announcements and then programming so that you can do
hopefully with some of our panelists are panels airing yeah yeah yeah we will be on discord.
Be nice twice please don't make his band you don't bring the band we don't want to bring the band hammer people remember i'm dary blunt.
Is there be blood.
There's a search on a dumbass and come back with pearly scientific results so will start with lee.

[50:07] Lee you are energy drink.
You you're high energy outgoing adventurous very active you like living on the wild side in trying new activities,
you hang around with other like minded individuals hate this is science lee don't look at me like that.
Renter's which means going outside which is just not i don't like outside.
Yes sophisticated and refined you love you love having conversed.

[50:41] Silence behind the sounds.
You know its from the institutionalized to do you know buzzfeed conversation history in current events.
You are worldly enjoy life little pleasures.
Something of you as snobbish but people who gets to know who get to know you enjoy your knowledge.

[51:12] Stop,
their for unheard i mean it there's no there's no no ok.
Hey portal james.

[51:38] It's the what's the principal by looking at it.
Hey portal stop.

[51:52] No but mine.
Hey portal turn on natasha.
I think again channel for joining appreciate you taking time out of your day.
No thank you.
Precede you you and all the other directors preme trying to put some of the other woman lemons out of seeds.

[52:34] Usually you make lemonade out of lemons but i'm going one step further back in time.
Basically i'm trying to cover of the faculty screwed up the thinkin the first book.
I'm gonna make that a saying now.
Shuffle contest on dragon.
They're trying to do things like to see what people have actually watched and i'm gonna put lemons out of seeb.

[53:06] John say hi people were trying to do ok thank you thank you for having me until next time.
Shannon this is john saying piece.

[53:24] This was a production of the unique command line one three three two one zero zero.

[53:32] That one three three two one zero eight eight four female dot com fifty days of the unit dot com.

[53:43] Unique on facebook twitter this podcast is distributed creative commons attribution noncommercial share alike license.

[53:52] Music.