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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No the first one.
Yes on your face.

[0:33] Music.

[0:40] No days of dragon con and joining me as always,
for her secret lair deep inside dekalb county please don't know i think about georgia what do i know,
add skype i know you know how to get to the airport and then it gonna get it,
so good original topless morning she will be loved so actually don't get this tonight as we recorded,
not has recorded be ok who cares what i was thinking about us because i just recently downloaded microsoft twenty twenty was,
i think i actually just fly from here tampa into atlanta just let go in real time.
End title going one the pilot and seaway i feel like i'm actually going to atlanta at my normal time that would be heading out there we should be a recording tuesday be like thursday.
Resume morningsiders thursday morning fog.

[2:01] Remind me up at six o'clock,
start working try to start work at seven bubble ok can i have to take a shower coffee bean costa desperately need your coffee you're not sure.
No not me but you asleep that's probably not just i'm so hi i don't know what we got to talk about but,
i don't wanna say that you're getting this now but probably you already know about it but the schedules up.
Go to twitter click on the schedule i ask for juno she slaton cheese she's last week down it's because i asked her.

[2:50] For days prior to actually up now and you can go and now i'm doing this that happened.
Substitute the only thing is that only has the feeds so that has the main programming feed the track feed which is those pretty recorded ones that are on there and.
Dragon con tv classic,
which is prior stuff from dragon continue so dc tv land thank you i couldn't
why is that would be great you need to go to track pages their social media there is a link in the,
go to their and tracks are gonna have their social media schedule that means the stuff either their doing live and door putting up
panels of prep recorded they will have that up there so you can go and see the schedule now.

[3:57] Go start looking at you can start making a little griz or whatever this year you gonna have to make your grits yourself go back old school.
Get that black paper cut that's what was a lot of things
will you know join change i'm still not sure how that's gonna work so what do you think how do you think we find out how that works.
We get tech experts into to tell us about we can people that were younger than us to tell us problem new thangs work these days.
Set last answer let's go with that and so in order to do that
i'm pretty sure their younger than us together.
Ok anyway anyway do we have alex and casey who are the discord people that is correct,
what is that is orbital title is your works disco devo devo
are we gonna discuss perfect for me actually perfect for you as well.

[5:22] Deva is a perfectly lovely term so hi hi.
What the hell is discord big question is it,
every every year when does it in a week we get together you know when we're planning and rachel slaves to say that are goes spread the joy dragon con two all five hotels,
what friends did five hotels we could go to thousands of households and they can come back and talk to each other from their own houses.

[5:56] So thats discord discord,
it's not that creepy so i'm looking without your permission it's good ok discord is made of a three,
really cool fangs ok just text chat with just like i am see if you guys remember that huge.

[6:21] I was jose carreras a teenager so that makes you beautiful twelve actually when i was twenty sorry not sorry teenager john holiday,
eric the disco you can feel right at home into school starting years plus you've got
emoji gibson fun thanks on which everybody loves to have cool emoji and we have so many cool emoji thing here it the marriott carpet we got
everything dragonheart trashes in there if you're a dragon confident learn one of these i don't want cults but you know that john,
john melton john is very important but yes yes that's the first thing is text chat and that's the book of it,
wait wait is there a call of john icon
set you set the white trash and the dragon con the marriott carpet which is i have a mask of that but now
you have i can't wait to see what that is ok from the office has been busy and whethan skewering internet for all kinds of fun stuff we have.

[7:38] How far hundred emoji is that you only find in the deficit tracking conservancy,
yeah it's it's insane it's the lovely and people are already going nuts with them
already going out with him we are three days from dragon con starting as we record this week
and it's about four thousand users right now,
already and we're not even to the show yet so let's programming it started your people to be followed in their fast mom.

[8:14] People are people are you making friends are hanging out and when we play a game of jack box on their the other day in life.
Everybody just hanging out and talking after you've gone it's great i'm gonna break the second part of it.

[8:30] Voice back talking to charlee can type chat yeah you can voice chat jump in a channel meet new friends.

[8:39] What's the top on in there and the voice chats also have the third thing which is video so you can do it.
Power off after playing a game you can stream your game and discord and people can watch you and talk with you while you're playing your game i wish i was like emotion jack box school rate for jack box.
Play feel like it works for primus shinigami play in my own talk of people are planet and share that with your feel good drag confession community.

[9:13] No dokey,
hey siri yeah you stupid the other absolutely terrified i got this so,
is mother a hundred emoji typing and talking to you know so.
Artsy four thousand people so driving come last year was close to eighty thousand.

[9:49] How many people doing.
Thank my vitamin at what point does dragon con break disco that's a good question find out
i don't think we're gonna be a good idea troubleshoot i didn't mean our particular server i meant all of discord all of the score,
when they come yeah so how did you guys come up with this idea to set this up and do it this way.
Will that's actually gonna be more about back to alex question he's my director track
are we a tracker department where department department yeah alexa,
yes he broke me into this,
shenanigans so i can run away fast enough never know when to leave.

[10:56] How long have you been how long have you been working on.
Since my second going eight years on learn.
Ok so alex when did this i mean come up this idea i mean even dragon con goes ritual has been a huge undertaking.
What this is gonna hurt undertaking two it been watching the emails and directors only facebook send things like that this is wow how did you guys decide.
So to beyonce have been begging for one of these for a couple years and years but.
It's tiny umbrella submit this is only fifteen hundred people after forty years but this ones four thousand four days album,
so i've been can only poking like hay would do this weekend do this thing this year with everything is going on i just finally since we should do this.

[12:09] Is discord is canada opportunity to instead.
No something to watch a panel is another thing talk about that panel is your friends while it's going on exactly opportunity cost watching tv.
Concerts weather people watching the panel he did you see what catherine take just said i don't know who is actually gonna be there trying not to love you name but rock rock sunbeam,
no john john does this just to make everybody start asking about the rock and then when.
Everybody is like john said it this dragon kongos you know that
so ok but yeah whoever they are you gonna be able to talk.
I mean you are talking about emoji and text and speech so when we're in let's say the main feed.
Who knows what's gonna happen i'm not safe friday at seven pm cause that's.

[13:20] Yes seven pm is a regular programming time so it's friday at seven pm has ever going on you can get on there and watch at the same time.
So we won't be streaming dragon conducts dragon hunters content through the discord on your phone on your laptop watching tv.
Now there may be special events in the discord the all week everyone every night at eight pm we didn't do any special early launch is of things like.
Yesterday we had interview the day before it adding the contact interview and that was a whole day before that when on youtube.
The fox discography first wait wait wait which eddie mcclintock interview youtube yesterday.

[14:14] Where is not years different ok creating spoilers,
no you are not at all so that's cool good enough so it was crispy
interviewing eddie everybody got online that we on mute yourself sweet talk over it we are watch the interview together and then jump to the channel one story
i didn't have a great stories just use the best awesome wow not talk over each other so
that's not a time when you wanna have voice chat you only gonna have certain types of chat during surfin'.
Play thank god i got her moderators joywave so for those they were streamed actually through
add water the voice channels where you can share screens so that's gonna help was done and everyone muted themselves so technically they were all in the voice chat but
the only person talking was.

[15:22] Internet video there are there text channels that go along with a
some of the voice channels so once you actually get into yellow we can go into a little further there's one for the main event channel one for the fan tracks channel and one for nct land
you can talk about specific programming as it's happening in the appropriate channel so everyone's watching the same thing.
Ok so let's pretend that i know nothing about this court let's pretend that so i have gone on to dragon kongos for school.
Driving condon oregon hit on the updates announcement and there is a thing there he go down and it says our discord channel so i have clicked on that i am in discord right now.
No i want the welcome to dragon con official and i have to do stuff on this first page so.
What do i got it so i can like find the stuff you talking about listening to.
Discord dot com slash invite slash dragon con it also.
Yes it will bring up the disco as well.

[16:47] But i couldn't remember what that was john even if we talked about with virginia and with someone whoever it was the other day i couldn't remember it so i need it dragon kongos virtual updates
how we do it too so i click their so ok ok i'm on that first page,
when is the first thing i need to do on this page to go see stuff
the first thing you gotta do is read the rules but after you definitely red every single word you have to turn in your blue postcard so i'm wait a minute
tell me volunteer i don't give a blue boss card well you know
ok so it's not like really have postcard in front of me with my post card number.

[17:36] No that's call it off the first line get back,
actually had i was trying i'm testing him like i don't know anything break us apart lee so ra,
random all and iran now there's a little blue postcard that is not really the blue boss kard i don't have to have the postcard with my member number of the kqod or anything,
can i'm supposed to click on it to learn more cuz that's what it says,
yes you gotta press that little emoji donut reacting to the post so.
Scroll down scroll.
Ok and this is all the way the bottom after you read the instructions and it says do this so i am going to click on it.

[18:39] I am number three thousand nineteen beautiful on this.
Turn so where do i go to look at all those channels you can go play in my goodness ok so there's the dragon information boots is really cool.
There's peachtree food court yard assistant which the food court has the parade under it which,
that's pretty awesome sky blue sky bridge john ryan regina,
i this is correct you guys i literally.
Wild up when i was explaining what was going on with the disco channel and.
How we made me feel the start of all these little things that kind of feeling the void of of them.
Nothing actually be there in person at first i was like.

[19:42] What is the why is the voice channel escape my mind white blood best in each other and just random docking each other add it up you should not stop their keep going passed
play fighting do not stop new pictures allen stone always strapped.
Ok did you hear that this is the only time dragon kongos don't stop in the sky.
Set alarm active yes i'm moving you together alabama shakes going on sale or sunday or sunday night to is people maybe your leave in the masquerade.

[20:22] Where is that sometimes that could work,
ok so very cool so i actually clipped on the sky bridge folks and it came up legs don't want to chat my voicemails like oh no disconnect disconnect
that's so we got the peachy food court which is wonderful i love you only did the peachtree food court cause other food court that's only open on thursday and friday
deserve it ok well actually actually,
what to say that discord has some secrets and fun little things to find would be an understatement.
One thank you find if you're active the discord for a little while you unlock the secret food court automatically the secret food court is open all weekend.
Doesn't have a subway in bastar virtual dragon.
Giveaway there's a dragon getaway will be giveaways and then there is unlock channels hoodie,
we what is a channel up so do i can't possibly wrong one.
Yes the weather channel does down to the bottom is a bunch little buttons below this message yes for different hotels and read the message to tell you what's in each hotel.

[21:50] Any furious start call if you want everything you can just click the little dragon come logo there any will give you everything one go.
I'd like to see everything click on the yah this is so cool and there's the sheridan i will go to the.

[22:09] That's just gotta lotta shared number the very bottom.
No actually the one with all of them sweating is that the garden the wait it didn't come up yes it did it.

[22:34] No you can't there so many channels you can't look back channel
ok going back to school on the end the channel list and case anybody was worried is on the left i figured that out john,
you should have the shirt and down here i have the sharon love ask about enter all the things guaranteed,
one which is the lobby which is just a general text chat i'm so that way you know if the main text chats really busy but you wanna have like a quieter conversation you can go to another hotel ceiling sharon because nobody
what's hanging out there because of other little things to go with ocean,
play love shack what is truth the sheridan i mean there's no no real place to help with the lobby
that is singles would like award with you by babel would like a word as would the pool area because lot of people go and sit around the pool and chat
add thank you rooms when you're so loud all night it was so i can go into the.
Exit who's here.

[23:46] Is there somebody who said they have to drink because it probably asked about the schedule probably yes.

[23:56] This is arcus again what did what,
adjoin drink gifts again they're doing drinkin' and their also doing taco time gifts and things like yelle it's kinda cute this is very awesome,
song hello in there go back in inspected and we got to little things and it seven thirty six vacuum said any chance you can dmx that.
Background pretty please so i don't know what that is but i will find out later so now.
I'm already ok so then i'm gonna lose no oh my god i don't know what i'm gonna say hi.
I'm on while tapping.
Set a just days of dragon hey dragon call.

[24:57] Add a give away i can do i can do a smiley emoji r straight dreamy dragon cumbias poblanas.
I don't know brandon and then i'm going to an oh wait wait wait where are eyes on time to put it emoji.
I said a little emoji face but where do i get the actual cool dragon tattoo emoji dragon
i said yes you got some really fun whens my through the top there's a crispy one and case your big fan crispy already ctv crispy crispy.
Open browser there's bryan and there's not name right
nothing else that was not what i meant who is just like my gotta have it done my heroine i don't know when so that would have been a very bad idea.

[25:59] This is that was wrong place so guys this is really adorable.
I'm sorry john i'm trying to keep this family friendly but right now i really wanna say a bad word to you.
Add minutes give a little there we go yes i saw there is trashy in these emojis guys oh my goodness so cute.
There's art two and there's is that a snake untitled goose game,
what is gucci gang is this game replace agust d go round and round people's day,
is there somebody who has a really cool background of the marriott carpet around them this is very cool.

[26:50] There's a princess there's a general lack won on a ice so that is that what you can do in the lobby and people are laughing at me that,
i'm doing this from here so awesome so then i leave the sharon lobby now i want to go to main events.
Let's pretend it's friday should i go to main events.
Should i know it's made events and join us tonight at eight pm in the theater voice channels.
That's comical is only in twenty minutes i'm not gonna do that but ok that's really cool.
People have put out their amazing quick start god,
turn all of that and then i'm not gonna can i go look at fantasy i'm gonna look at tracks no no one thing that i have a question about.
Explain there is a open the right hand side there is a.
The house bots are coming appoints in people are being really obsessed about about who's on who's in the leave right now by the way sheridan
no shade,
play go to this is a little bit of secrets on the harry potter house points.

[28:15] I one of those just a boy we're gonna keep it that way i do i will tell you is justice points for not german by quantity of posts weather by quality.

[28:30] No thank my town it is a quality point by labor that's so if you something cool points,
no more people like it the the duke awesome you're posters the more points it will learn for you
and anders get it up to houses based on a number of things really excited right now sharon's ahead because.
What is the fat rat sassy reposted the quick start guide we posted in the sheridan first because that's where you at go to get your quick start guide
that took the sheridan from my last place the first place everybody but you for wale record me some,
everybody should that's what you get your bag.

[29:22] Hey portal force them through their i like that idea,
what are we tell everybody ok now that you're listening to this podcast with you gotta go to the shirt and first after you do that then you can get the really cool dragon kind of magic
pretend that that is actually turn to stone do it
do it that way awesome ok so we got this people are like various the schedule they are amber with the music track has the cutest little dancing.

[29:58] Yes that is jeff jeffery.
Allison case this is almost edit my marriage multiple times because my husband says jeff and i say gift because i'm correct ok.

[30:18] Alex what's your answer stephanie give alex is a troll bullet in the head abhi the nomad.

[30:32] Yes status makes it worse stroll smart up to
hey portal i want to share all the point you bet your life i love the shirt i have
hey siri i also no sleep this weekend
right where to go again ok so then now i'm gonna go to the dc the don land one.
Turn on tv land and they got little things in here and hi i can't do this now i don't have permission to send messages in east channels.

[31:23] I didn't say that just pretending and see that so right now because show is going this is call,
i couldn't post it one right so we're gonna open these off effect i'll probably do it soon as we're done here all that i've got those up especially with at eight o'clock am having a little
the lil peep showing that the internet talk about that very cool right now so
now i know how to get to the different places and i will also say the box houses for the hilton and everybody else
it very cute
add adorable so and there's a way if you click on that i think i can get to the hilton from here nope i can't so that's ok but you can get to the other one now.
What is this ask of volunteer.

[32:18] Show for that if you have a if you curious about volunteering if you haven't already been brought into that rem home poppin and.
Ask what the experiences like you can also maybe what tracks of you guys with.
What do you recommend for a first time ball in tears that sort of things what's a good way to interacting all that good stuff.

[32:48] Awesome very very cool so there you go now what if i'm having a problem with discord all of a sudden i have just i am lost and i can't figure out how do i get need to go where i need to go,
i don't even know where i wanna go on a can't figure out how to get there.
Any information booth sofia scroll back up a little bit there is a channel called help request line and that's when you can be like.
John what's going on accept better if you had a more
set the course i am trying to let's pretend it's friday and i'm saying i know that i wanna go to main q money and i wanna send some cuban questions.

[33:36] During the seven pm maine that's a good place to start
is there and their guardians track guardians keep an eye on that and if
what i said no answer than we can usually go through crack channel to find the answer to go off ok now.
That is actually something regina talked about it a little bit so john and kind of know this but you guys get to explain it more people because you're going for regina,
where is gonna be a way that four some live panels that will be in the maine.
Feed the people can actually send their questions right then so how's it gonna work out.
Learn how where would they go and do that if you can explain.

[34:30] Go for dalex yeah so that would be in the course bonding dragon kongos for child channel
how caring on main events you just go to the main event channel in say hey i've got a question i would like to know such and such and social media team will be looking a thousand miles pick the very best questions
what other questions to bring on how time allows and those channels get released over to the folks doing the interview.
Add bury you question at a cat stop playing seven words let's let's let's chat for swell don't ask for a kiss don't ask for a hug all that it's for total folks that's not really gonna work second of all don't you know.

[35:14] People and nice in southern all of that right john.
I think i think john's watching the dvd channel no air.
Ok so but you go there and aso questions now thank you can i watch the panel from here.
Not in discord now not destructo have a device something to watch on
it's your browser through dragon contact tv on the roku app the vimeo app there's a lot of options this year was love actually very very cool,
yes i think that's actually you're talking about this is again one of those things that keep calling unintended consequences from,
this just kinda crazy year is weird figuring out new ways to do stuff now as you said you been poker going.
What when can we have an official channel when can we have an official disco when when when now you got it so.

[36:22] That is in fact a plant keep the single what year round i will play yeah i mean
it's a it's cool because i have to keep going around keep keep trying come going on around that's the super awesome plus you know all the extra friends gonna make a.
Through the year that you go to get commit in real life.
And john waite this machine hilton catching on very quickly to the sheridan by the way.
Ok so what again.
So john you just saying that the this is gonna go all your long that gets to your hope for three hundred and sixty-five days a dragon.
Yeah it's not quite the same i'll say seven days of in real life in real life dragon you already got five days happy at five.
Five thirty five this year so they've really think about it morgan you're you're gonna barking was rachel that one alex casey grind with me he's not working with us on this one right.

[37:39] I mean he can venmo twenty dollars and alex lustig there you go john alex probable
go to know that it doesn't mean it's today i'm also drivable just as i so i don't want to try go for it there you go
i know byzantine baby needs diapers diapers for the baby sorry
alex i don't know you need like cat food for a cat or do you have a child at only when we just started talking about the baby of casey cott money for fun
ok it's always money for fun like that money for fun discord things it looks like this is very cool dragon ball super shelter pandora yeah,
set collect for the ventures room and the art show now i am in the sheraton,
lobby and i see a person with a name and their something that says rank and a level,
yes what's that so that's that's how you unlock those
secret shameless secret food court okay by your wreck so
will you first join the server a new sonta few messages you'll get a message from one of the box and i'll give me some quick instructions one of those is that you can check your wreck.

[39:07] No hear something the bones lying to you at this point lying right now to this person.
Ok so you can actually check your bank and tell you hit rank five.
Anarchism how do i know if i'm lying five if i can't check my brain but i can't if you know you know all the sun.

[39:25] I said you write five the color of using sketching and you're gonna get access that secret food court.
Are there other secrets pass that who am i to say who are you to say for me.
What is the title randomly did i did before i don't know anything.
Can i just said alex's last word on it doesn't know anything about it on.
How to tell don't let me go here wasn't supposed to be working today.
Killing me smalls say that i just said.
Yes sharon lobby and i am so excited i can't stand it reaction.

[40:24] I am jake the dog with happy eyes.
Check the notice it honking gucci gang spinning toast.
How my lord godsmack okay so i know have toast and.
I can't get ok so first of all guys i'm old i cannot see what these are but i just kidding i have my bifocals on.

[40:53] You can give me that that one activate future take that.
Let's oh my goodness how i shine points what what was that.
What did you say two thousand point three.
Batman icy tears something i don't know what eden the toast and all that and other people are now saying party in things like that so yeah this is fun
oh my goodness i might be on this later tonight and play around this is pretty awesome,
so what else let's see so we talked about how to use the invite link we talked about the postcard we talked about how to visit tracks and how to get around and where to ask for help and how so
what else do i need to talk about,
i know i wanna talk about dc tv lamp so i see the channel and i just want to it so what.
What are is gonna be in here cause i'm sending this is for the dc tv land that classic feed so like white people are watching the old shatner moi
interview panel with this people are people are gonna go child about it or how's it going.

[42:19] Ok what do you do have to jesper jenset paper castle haven't seen it yet exactly it reed
play ctv channels here on line up with the channels you'll be seeing on your roku or dragon conduct tv channel talk about it classics.

[42:44] When will it be awesome to talk about it with your friends.
How would beyonce just trying to get a better to hear some see something but it's not gonna be,
i'm not muted cause i'm chatting with you so so this is very cool ok so what else have we not hit up on,
i know feel like an expert and i need nothing before this i would like to know the gaming room we're gonna be there for people looking for games
go back to unlock track channels kind of a recurring theme.
Online track channels where to go play some games america's mark,
yep search cooking america smart there and now dont the bottom of it channel list you're gonna have a bunch of new channel zero yes you are hold on let me see where to know i know it's on the left hand side.

[43:50] I wait no where is it scroll bar.
Yes now it's gonna rain the top i see it now ok this is why i ask for help you.
Oh my goodness you're there's a lot of gaming yes.
Omar tournament tournament board game for game.
Hey portal omar there's a lot of options and there's also organization channel so if you wanted to run.
Add jack box game you can post in the air
tell people times and then pop down into one of the jack box of voice channels which i just learn about jack fox lake last week and it is changed my life judge vs judge there is that is a lot of fun actually cause i actually play that online with
relatives on the other side of the us and yelle there's werewolf chat and a werewolf organization so i guess what,
can you replay werewolf just handle it on the forest.
Which some folks around the server do know how to use it runs werewolf games for you magic i'm not sure that actually works but there's commands and commands does things.

[45:16] I need three werewolf channels right now that are voice channels so folks wow and i guess that,
does names beside it means how many people might be talking right now in there are some people can join how many can join,
i actually also see the information booth has the official announcements and what let's go look at with this dragon giveaways.

[45:45] Show this is to start and it doesn't say anything and you have to react to the bot to do that but it's not open yet,
ok so i don't when we start to give aways the host something in the air and i'll say hey this is a giveaway for such and such it's running for this amount of time reactor this post to enter
you have to do it click the little reaction below it on your internet it's not easy,
that is easy i like that what's the time lapse is the bot will pick a winner and it will message to moderator team.
And then there was handling the giveaway at that time will message you and say hey you want this and you know fifty.
Will hanginaround for buzzcocks from the rock from i understand,
yes definitely hot from the rock bottom as in the rock your gonna find in front of your house work through my head.

[46:48] Yes the stand up the rock the john is going to bring next year
i meant for this san diego john i think you need to bring i think you need to figure out where is over there has to be married what i have a
i have an age of colson stand up so stupid.
That showing is actually starting right now we're talking about scroll down your voice channel with a bunch of people in it i saw that but i can't go in there because i'm not mute yourself,
thank you inside of disconnect can we have to wait where do i see myself here i remember that i'm gonna click channel now i made it click on theatre one,
so if you wanna watch the stream you'll see mauricio there from dc talk ripple live icon
click on mauricio i miss you streaming right now
can i can watch history that sounds much dirtier than it is freezing.
I think so cause it looks just like all of it it's all over little pieces but it's thinking noise so that kinda cool.

[48:04] So can you guys hear the noise it's making.
I'm going out of that because well that is really loud.
Is that right but that's how you join one of those open spaces streaming you can just poppin there if you click on their little window it'll full screen for you to watch me some big,
what you doing like a video chat with a bunch of people you can have like a little child you can see a bunch of people all at once i'm just kidding zoom.
Just don't like it very cool and also folks the way you mute yourself in case you are new to disco
right beside your name on my screen at the bottom on the left there is my name and there's a microphone and ahead set and then settings so i,
muted myself which i will stay muted probably a very long time cuz i don't think i'm gonna go to anything and talk with my voice.

[48:59] Can i have i know what happens i could i could but i like that i like the finger.
Is there i like the typing is there a captain some of these rooms we talked about,
give me relaxation the indian caps so somebody is video streaming the limit in that room is fifty people and that's why we have two theatre rooms right now we can add more their needed.
Set them if the first one fills up will have some streaming the second theater rooms that more people can watch it there.
I don't feel so we make a third one so and so far noon that is very cool there's also a blue tape line in this shirt.

[49:48] I'm saying that cuz i didn't close enough what is that mean that's so another one of the voice channels we try to have a one per hotel usually their bars like the marriott.
Has paul spar hyatt has the con suite sharon chat with people when you're online to pick up your batch unless your volunteering your their,
already there you go home busy.
Sky bridge people are in a lot but sharon just doesn't get enough love,
the shadows is awesome young dolph stay quiet the problem.
We want everybody to come to the sheraton cuz the staff at the sheraton awesome and the hotel is awesome
if you stay there the elevators are reasonably quick but we also don't want you to come because we will i get the way it is.

[51:00] Correct yes we are ok what else what else now we gotta the other questions can i think i am i think i am discarding at the way i think i'm ok so.

[51:14] Alex and casey donahew like to get to know or guests just a little bit more so what we have done is a we have come the earth,
forward the most scientific research can find what scientific questions can find and they were found inside of a book called awesome social media quit that i got for,
two dollars and fifty cents in barnstable let me explain that term awesome does not mean what john thinks simmons what can i ask you questions to find out
if you would survive in the wilderness.
No that was easy no no play sitting here in front of a computer stoped the clock at night spring love time.
Cancel five oh ok alright so answer the same question.
You don't have a compass.
How do you know which way is north the soothing nature in the northern hemisphere most only girl in the north side of trees.
I have no idea all this walk in hope for the best.
Shadows move east to west by markiplier position every fifteen minutes i can find north or follow the north star it's also visible during the daytime lee which one.

[52:36] Which one is correct.

[52:42] I would do any of those broadway north south east west figure weird sun,
orient myself with that bit of those i be lost in the wilderness and die i think that was number two right
the the shadows one sound smart,
is that actually the way arcadian i wasn't there a girl scouts so,
ask you are hungry the best thing to eat the forest r bugs street market acorns.

[53:32] Berries bugs and frogs mushrooms very is and frogs or acorns bugs and mushrooms alex will start with you.
I'm going with options a with the tree bark bugs tree bark and what.
I go with as well because mushrooms and frogs and berries can be poisonous if you don't actually how to properly identify them rats you.
I actually new that one because don't eat just wild shrooms that's not a good idea for a minute no,
no destin hannan who your west spanish stay safe saying and can central ok put it is in springs.
My own body the ocean or rain lee.

[54:34] Streams and what was it a dream yeah that,
this would be in a place that's not the dessert so i would say rain maybe,
i know it rain is anymore than the roof.
It's your thing were you always under dirt vegas we don't have rain.
I'm gonna go to rain too since i don't think i have materials for a condensation trap manny i was going with streams in springs because is long is the waters moving at you really safe fast as you can touch it
i want to watch a lot of the hunger games it's always fun to break down don't worry about me watching a lot of the hunger games and catnip seems to not be too worried as long as the waters movie so i read the book.
Add by the way goldstar for you k rock song it's getting start a fire without matches or lighter you should.
Use dad or dry foliage rap two sticks together really fast and slow.

[56:03] No actually restarting,
yeah john try that again broken this time phone ruby tuesday together really fast and low,
No lighter matches not possible the other isn't third option or cup your hands to direct the strength of the sun into your tender.

[56:32] Casey.

[56:36] I guess i'll try to rapsody stick together fast.
I gotta go to feel like i'm just now well i think i need to rob thomas sticks but you gotta do it on top of a drive tender stuff,
right there anybody there yeah if you see a bear you should.
Very slowly back away will speaking in a comfort.

[57:12] Yes edit their not used to humans and will be start started which will give you ahead start or do you run and climb the first three you can.
Freeze in place in wait for to go away alex will start with you since you were bandwagon everybody let's see what kind of bear is it.

[57:33] It's a fair question actually very.
Is that christopher cross band the wrestler.

[57:46] No i'm so if it's a blackbear blackbear prescribed so you can you can make a little noise and away sideways and safe.
Help flight sorry saying very slowly back away was speaking in a countdown i think so not unless it benefits.

[58:12] Are we going with it being a blackbear cuz like blackbear versus grizzly bear desert different things to do i think i would.
Offered a picnic basket it don't matter with the answer is where you can.
Ok link i would have said.

[58:39] Back away i would be sad climate tree but i actually i know there's gonna be good.
Conserve energy more water or food lee.
Water about you alex water and uk.
We know that from dragon really is the only reason welcome to the breakdown you can get through you can get through many days a dragon come with us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches long as keep drinking water,
how do you keep yourself especially this year have you play this year at your own house yes how do you keep yourself busy,
the way if you really want get that experience just stand stereo refrigerator for about thirty minutes and then open it up in,
take a step out of it experience how do you actually what you need to do with you take whatever was in the fridge.
No it's cold put on the counter for fifteen minutes and then because it's actually just room temperature.
How do you keep yourself busy just keep moving as far as fast as i can stay put and.

[1:00:02] Is it possible until i am found.
Build a shelter or make the biggest brightness fire i can do single help leave start review.
You're supposed to stay where you are so stay where i am i hope i'm gonna be found start a fire and stay in place.
Sure got a pick one or the other and casey.
I build a fire which will take it but it see if you're in california you're in deep trouble.
Pause daniel taken the whole state of so should i just got a cat what was the website could you born again.
The best way to take shelter is digital in cover it with sticks and branches.
Best way take shelter is a dick a hole cover with steaks and branchez climate try and hangout on a big branch out of reach animals.
Make a big pile of leaves in moss and crawl under it to sleep orleans big sticks.

[1:01:31] Learn big sticks is as and against a tree.
End cover them with leavv branches i think supposed to delain i mean yes i need to sometimes are the best perpetrator so learn big six against a tree and cover them of branchez the last.
I'm gonna build the line too i think no good deed the whole bottle like a little critter,
create a call that will be cooler in the desert i'm actually gonna do the league lee the lean on me to put the put the sticks and then the branches over yet.
Set watch does that is anyone looking for you my trip to a couple of people.
Probably not travel loaded leaves for the moment my sister definitely called the authorities when she couldn't hear didn't hear for me by morning.
I been making sos sign with rocks and sticks so someone will see them soon about you casey.

[1:02:33] I gotta tell somebody your playing when you're gone the wilderness so that i got assistant the first one.
The first what was the first one i meant to my trip to a couple of people ok yeah lee.
I'm in the woods my sister's already pretty much assuming i'm in trouble so yeah my sister old beat collins on the authorities the next day
i hope i remember to tell some people put it on discord we're just gonna have to go in find that message right posted camping gifts so small everything's magic
is there a sasquatch drink on emoji,
set myself if you have a good picture.

[1:03:29] How's your alien is probably got no that's actually where i'm going right now request math what's the best way to find civilization,
follow falling water walk down hill get to the highest vantage point you can or look for power lines will start with you casey.

[1:03:52] I can't immediately see power of hindsight hey hi vantage point maybe i don't know.

[1:04:01] Hibernate point if i can see if i can climate vantage point looking for power.
Set a calendar powerlines and attach into the water see who gets
you carey about six feet of fiber optic cable with you i am in your backpack never lost you half an hour.

[1:04:37] That again but ok ok.

[1:04:47] Awesome ok so john ok john jones doing math i just wanna let people know that the dragon emoji are adorable i'm already found daria
turn around and as we said general lea and ghost but no i don't see.

[1:05:07] Do i see a pickle why do i see a pickle open pickle rick ok i don't understand see i don't want that show,
john i know you i gotta like they were really cool hat,
any other things so this is kind of awesome you guys play yes i would love a sasquatch what else.
What is the one that i'm like looking at that i'm not realizing is really cool
i'm i know you got soul coffee cups hear that caribou coffee in from the food court there it is yes you have a baby yotto child
you help with the with the bone broth with a cup of boombox,
so adorable yeah that's not a sasquatch and there is also it looks like the yellow emoji thing with a knife,
i don't think that's life i think that's resort look at.

[1:06:04] Which places are left dust look like a knife and a little worried hey portal adorable.
Too break two thousand points were still awesome fire away i've done love the highly scientific math and his proved.
I love you always now no no live dinner has nothing on you,
you could have you could live quite comfortably off the grid for the rest of your life tripping billies casey would you say this is awesome.

[1:06:49] What your man reffing it skills bout you back to the world of indoor plumbing safe and sound with them with a lifetime of bragging rights so yeah you could survivor the woods according to scientists near far.

[1:07:05] I don't believe in the same wrong well i have been darwin now i don't care gon die feat stevie ross emoji.
Dial the speaker fire it up see it that's awesome it is there anything,
what is what is a shirt yeah we don't like,
pause ed sheeran speakerphone yeah i was there during that i was actually a little worried about that
yeah there is also kard facetime which is great as well,
what song has been a blast guys i've reached facetime out i don't know how much educated anybody but we have at least again released understand.
There's at least that.

[1:08:11] Join there's another channel you can see the post card.
Yes that channel there's a video that i believe us crispy little red dot and someone else involved in.
And it is it's just watch them.

[1:08:41] Everyone to wash that because it's cool tv people made it is another thing it was on the twitter saying that there is an instagram how to also.
How to discord on instagram there is that tutorial there you go to the instagram.

[1:09:03] Don't be afraid to say hi the general chat in the peachtree food court is a great place to start everyone's been really friendly.
If you need help that's what we're all here for.
So you know the guardians are the director volunteers for specific tracks i can help in those channels and then a really knowledgeable about all that.
Guardians us friendly mode types and surfaces dragons are admins that we don't talk about.

[1:09:36] Do talk about them all wonderful alex guy.
Hey portal play riptide is my conde.

[1:09:56] Yeah riptide who called himself was talking to me in that other little channel but it was alex now i know.
No my name batman casey.

[1:10:13] If anyone wants to unheard probably answer it.

[1:10:19] He has got a deal for you for her little name.

[1:10:26] Hey portal say it.

[1:10:37] It's alexa play john did i just breaking the silence.

[1:10:44] Again.
Until next time four four alex kasey and lee this is john.

[1:10:55] Music.

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[1:11:10] That one three three two one zero eight eight four female dot com fifty days of the unique dot com.

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[1:11:30] Music.