Days Of Dragon Con 2020 - Day: Candles - Putting It All Together

2020, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No the first one.
Yes on your face.

[0:33] Music.

[0:46] Welcome to no some number of days dragon and johnning me as always from the bunker master p in hand-wash lee.
Hi how you doing all
sorry i was not was doing that i am doing great i got my dragon dragon lost time it yeah name,
just want to check the storage was recently on there's a lot of things the song outside go now before the real gone,
and also that yaz the baby dragon kerching is gone,
yes the line is is a significantly smaller than normal years a dragon too much to drink instructions,
the only thing i really want to make sure everybody knows is to go to dragon con dot org and then light at the bottom it says,
hear for updates in look at the update because one of the things that might people might have been asking,
after we talk to phil and pavement was where will what about the gaming what about the very important because.

[2:14] How to be on discord yes,
what's the voice from the void house beat the correct voice of trespass regina.
Yes yes,
yes she has available to listen yam yam because she is having to listen to thirty plus times four.

[2:43] The track.
Record preme recording that will be up on the correct your job is actually actually all the mains and,
the dixie land i have to figure out that schedule and figure what we were going to play on that for a classics,
so what people think fucking to be only knows it's just different busy,
it's not it's not not busy different busy well.

[3:20] I don't think would be busy but we're busy are.
Read time daniels so we are stressed out yes yeah last night i started talking in my sleep nico understand me i am betting i had to drive conjuring and then it clicks.

[3:38] What the suffering the dragon constrains at the moment,
i'm particularly on the dvd five because they're doing a lot of handbook account say no to this dc the don just got to say thank you,
play cuz really working fingers to the bone,
with all the editing everything else and we been also very blast that a lot of the central the tech house people that i'm normally.
Would be sleeping now so that they can look at on monday art have said hey so we don't really have to do this year.
Very very.
Appreciated for giving some other video editing skills to that cause i would like to do that so in the past we have different people
youtube channels and things like that so thankfully on my child to do that.
Will for video editing for video again.

[4:58] Hey portal and so i don't really video edit either i just don't know people that do thankful.
Yes we talk about this what do you want i mean this is a really different years so what is it looking like for maine cause i think that's a big part.
Everybody is very curious about we see you see some stuff if you're following the dragon twitter where in the facebook feeds.
Leaping i'm asking questions of our fans to submit to different.
Yes and because it's it's difficult it is feel weird finding you think.
Having video chats would be easy not so much because people are all over the world in all considered,
timezone years and i have different work schedules and them some of a barbeque to work down in.
Set a weather yes and people like some voice actors and stephen able to do stuff from in home studios and things like that.

[6:23] So it is way easier for people to get on a plane in come to atlanta and be all in one place.
What we're not do it correctly right it's so.

[6:40] Yeah.
Affair bit of that kind of thing so we put up questions for for instance for red dead redemption two we had.
Several of those voice actor some of the main ones that came in and answer questions.
We were not able to do that live because of scheduled differences that we did get those questions from our social media and where able to do that we have.
Add interesting one that came up yesterday actually is.

[7:18] Not the main people not not the three witches but hocus pocus we had jones a yeah,
what other people in their talking about about that film and what it well i can of course jones is also one start trip discovery,
who i am just so happy he is on that all the time because i met him years ago icon and that what first of all he's amazingly tall and like a stick
is very bad yes very very tiny you're somebody else super nice and he is we,
hey portal somebody who is always gonna be on it exactly philly jawn deserve it and
making career that he didn't really expect to go away it did he.
Fox his career with go and then how it kind of attom
yes yes i'm too his benefit because he actually was if an oscar award winning films and the.
The shape of water the shape of water i wish i wasn't color of water.

[8:45] Set a study discovery is ever gonna come out season three cause
some of us are paying for psy alexis because of discovery of love i gotta listen i gotta watch the there is,
is there is also going to be a star trek discovery,
who we we have already film that so yes yeah but so so a lot of people,
who are you watching remember you voice actors.

[9:22] Maybe just voice of trespass really really voice actor animation,
i'll send you like south carolina that's what they look like this before.
No it's been it's been awhile in that way so.
Any we have we been lucky enough to our guest of honor that for this year.

[9:56] Literally yesteryear's john skulls.
And artist guest of honor greg hildebrand.
Yes that's cool yes of the brothers set up right hildebrand i'm his brother tam passed away beers ago greg is still going strong.
After fifty years worth of.
A career in art and he is still just as active and it's.
It was it was really fun watching him because he's very animated yeah very much he is still system amazing amazing artist,
what i actually just looked on the event that easy pxndx right ny dot com which has at least a list that you can see of the artist in pop artist and white,
right end please give her our artist adventure summer love if you are so inclined have the available cashin' out maybe if you know.

[11:13] Been saving anyway to come to akon and because dragon con goes for a.chal is free to the universe for the weekend,
maybe i have a little extra scratch the chicken share some love with your favorite vendors are artists because they have also been.
Very hard bonus pandemic yeah they have a car sweet last year,
set artist in the vendors in the pop artists aminals artist so i guess what their they're separate event so i'm looking at these are they are there you go
the spider sandy when you go to dealership,
you can cut act like it's a shopping cart yes and you can just add your sings to your checking.
Yes me if you saw something.
You can't go back to browser.

[12:13] No
it was funny because i looked at an event and put something one of them that's actually open now i have to find it but i did that for the vendor room and yelp it's all one folks it was very very cool and then
let's very very heavy i have to keep it in your car number he like that you can do it
yeah you know we're not gonna tell andrew andrew old friends so actually.
So we are way too much.
Learn probably gonna be doing as much of the gaming as possible so right and so it was a question we had,
you got all the pieces.

[13:16] I'm sorry i can still feel you his staff always have to count the pieces anyway right in them
counting up and disinfect thing and counting in this entire i just now this is it would how many lysol wipes do you need for that i don't even know how many truck loads,
i don't i don't know that northlane know how many people would need in order to make it correct correct.
John ask the question you been wanting the ascent we started,
i mean hey want to schedule gonna be up this is a person get back before the life effect app an update later now.

[14:03] We will not be updating the happy what no poor baby we will not be,
forgot it going to be hot but right there you can fit in your health hey portal what's going on with the supposed to hear this,
into your bedroom out of me i guess i guess what time of day is it saying that i know how to get back to my pinterest,
well yeah ok so it's your personal,
yes that is the one thing right of course.
Try the best we can't give up the thing.
We all apps.
Record my dragon love night last night.
Who is in bali so we all because.

[15:27] Try again call isabel the people in our community that i will tell you this.

[15:36] That community is really strong because so many people.
I wanna help i want help.
Jasmine going to see that community come together i'm just really.

[16:04] Part of the most wonderful thing what is the thing that was really said that.
What's the fact that we are very accepting group.

[16:18] We don't care with your red white purple green from this planet or another.
Is long as you love something that you usually fantasy.
Is long as you are there to share that love.

[16:42] Well i think it's end.
Find somebody else there that loves something as much as you do and sometimes more.
And the other thing and sometimes you find new things so.
Yes never not can't get over you.
Something about this year is you can't get into the different computer.
No just three three have make up,
have three laptops and two computer,
actually all the feels.
What is that what.

[17:59] What is the forecast testing testing set it be on roku yeah yeah i'm broken channel we figured out,
take broadcast also had integration with roku and we were doing a test.

[18:22] Putting ann what we were us our ballroom disco that sir dtb stuff that plays in between the panels on continuous loop we decided.
No i didn't take people long to find it was like,
hey portal cancel founded tv on roku
in my defense actually actually tv told us.
Give me a beer talking to you guys party hard this by this time but we were talking to play it's working just so you know she's crazy because i was on,
What time when somebody just blasted the sing for you
but everything funny because fans found it actually just before i was editing mandy's podcast is going up tomorrow actually had up in the background.

[19:36] Just testing it for you guys really got it do my part i'm doing my part that's good that's good we need all of our family participation and then the disco channel is really philly now because,
many of a tractor actors are also going to be putting content on to discord.

[20:00] Is that we are gonna have three channels earlier there will be a man channel there will be a track channel,
i'm in the wall by dc the don land which is classics it's it's pretty recorded from previous years so so that.
Shut your name panel that happened in two thousand nine yep yep yep the first the first time.

[20:29] What i say the first time or shot of john barry man's sushi.
That's actually happening fremont every panama suit and tie first time for the first time,
play sophie so people who listen this podcast if i'm not mistaking the shannon lay boy.
Panel was the panel where lee had only one i.
No no not that was the first ok what was just yes that's right
a day and half because he had a previous commitment and then he.

[21:23] Should i was not feeling so hot.
Yes i shouldn't get on a plane and stay with us,
damn crash lynyrd skynyrd ten minutes,
so mrs to talk about his photography and in search of it all of these things that were outside not.

[21:59] Not say that wasn't interesting i'm bad but just the other stripped everything else stuff we did a lot of stuff.
Add dad and then.

[22:14] Ok captain my captain shoot up and date did their law their bit for star trek so.

[22:22] Interesting when you talk about fans to because i did not know that leonard cohen did poetry.
I don't have three books of his poetry that people have given menu instead is an amazing to find out when when when you find other things that people do like you like a lot of the
obviously like mark hamill friends since i've sleep,
jokes star wars but then has sense becoming big voice actor.
We also representation from comics like the person i'm trying to get for a while.
Brian michael bindass is do it a couple of panels for us one on main and one on the track channel their about anniversaries there's the powers.
Graphic novel that they that they did and that's the twenty fifth anniversary that and then cover which is another thing he did with david mack.

[23:28] Add zoo orso to this up he said she was her call from singapore.
Set a time schedule that's how you got it nine thirty and here because yeah yeah yeah
how are things date up all night because nervo,
no im in real life job i have to call people in other timezones and it is really freaky,
when i'm on it two am and their on at two pm will heard staying up really just give it that extra dragon con flavor right.
Set a question of when can people purchase their streaming memberships because we said it's gonna be free but.

[24:27] I want to watch it later they can purchase the now one caution i'm going to give and it's just a.
Call shelf life iron and wine buy it when you log in the first time to that's when you're counter starts.
Video it's good for year.

[24:52] No i do it now usually by next year you're not gonna be watching it on stream by next.
Next year the weeknd country packing yes i'm here yeah next year is like seventeen days,
turn off this year it seems like it's been two hundred years because it has been like that
debbie harry every everyday seems like it takes ten days that i have to cook everything on my google calendar or i'll forget
did it going on because i forgot what day it is please its very easy when you're in one settings all the time two they're having market time.
So but but like that content it's free for the universe.
Over the weekend and then it'll be a little bit a time to archive it you know obviously and then you can you can watch it,
the entire year and it's only ten dollars folks normally the ten dollars feat is for our members that.
Set actually purchased a membership but this year because everybody.

[26:14] Share the joy that is dragon con non-members but maybe there.
That we still make it available to them first slightly slightly more price but but this year it's it's ten bucks.

[26:38] That's the car charger,
start the street you should be the country together change shorty shorty so i think it's everybody's cars.
That kid that could still be us i have a lot of change on my car and it's a little scary that far still drives with how much changes in
what's the other question and i hope i'm not calling you on the spot is for the track only or discord only or whatever you wanna call it the one that's not on the feed the people are doing.
What were just referring to that social media focused they can do just married facebook or youtube or.
Give me a number of places we will have we are collecting a list right now.

[27:33] For all you tractor actors that might be listening make sure that you update your google dot,
what are the say that i update my google maps say that so with those track channels where you are reflections gonna be available and add we will list,
i like back so that you can go and check them out.
Because obviously i have to be more concerned about the end of channel right now but there's going to be a lot of contact i'm so understand that most track directors.

[28:09] The requirement is for them to put in twenty four hours of gregory porter the course of the convention.

[28:16] Mini mini track directors more than double.
Every year and so when you trying bottled up that creativity just it has to start somewhere very very
so so many of them have been created a lot of contempt for their social media channel set they have access to transit multiple
yes what sweet minutes to get the doors discord server spot up,
minutes another place so many of them are getting tired still the one,
yes is there organize by hotel books the names of them so.

[29:06] That's the hotel you got so so yes speaking of of tearing up the other day when i would win.
I think was after talking to everywhere talking about they said that shawnna over saying that the the discord
the server was live and so yes i want to know a search in mountain around
who they did dave gahan such an awesome job without discord server that i was explaining it too.

[29:41] My wife and savage at the dinner table be like you're gonna cry
i'm really looking for the hotels are you know the the whole the skyway thing going which is like what is open channel walking by,
it was like it was so well-thought-out and soak so many little things to click in the name of just juice creativity
shuffle is just a match really people are trying to figure out how to get the feeling again,
will i think be other thing their to is john this year you won't get lost i'm actually i have gotten lost in those on the disco ruled ready i was supposed to be in the western some how was the highest i don't know,
what is happened,
m for maria bamford mario somebody i forget who wasn't yet is the only way to the middle.
Also remember that has to get hot end sweetie if he's coming to my trip.

[30:50] No not for some other reason you go to go outside,
yes i know that you are florida add it ungodly hot their because i never originally from florida and,
there's a reason why the person who invented air conditioning actually was living in florida the time i don't have to go around my house it step outside for two seconds and then go walk back in the doors,
just try to give you the feeling
watch a show you i have i have a randy town next to me because not just because hitchhikers because if i have to work and a half and go outside just to know just to be some place else,
i come back in it takes about ten minutes before the sweat just starts to activate understand,
check my mail pictures just.

[31:56] Out of my amazon alexa get out of the house.
I want to tell everybody that regina is seriously rockin' that
hawaii dragon hawaii yes i am very cool,
he is a awesome friends at the convention i have gotten every parade shirt that he has ever made,
where is this little figures parade in along the back i think that is so cool i mean he doesn't just live a little parade so.
When he comes out with those i'm always a person that organizes what.
We internally refer to as the stars and cars so and so i'm when he gets all those people the cars the prayer that's the one thing i can do i drive someone in the parade.
Add i'm gonna miss that so that i'm always word the pride shirt whenever i'm driving,
set it important,
that we work we're not gonna miss set on a parade we have a virtual.
Add ten am same time am just yes i actually have been very cognac and trying to be very careful about.

[33:25] Put infames in the place in the times that you expect them to be because what.

[33:33] Yes a lot of people have their dragon rachels.
We want to make sure that we are on ring those and the parade on saturday morning is absolutely and reykon rachel.
The masquerade on sunday night is absolutely,
which way also have that we also the friday night costume contest in the hallway costume contest,
is just a picture.
Mute in costume but you do have to have something with this years drink kongos virtual riot go on it to prove that it's a new picture and then you're not just.
Recycling stuff from yours best so i'm because we want to be so.

[34:25] Hey white sorry that was my notification that i was,
play the ticket to this meeting thirty don't know why but it will remember number time is just
it's a foreign concept at this point it's not even relative it's just doesn't exist just like always,
i am very dedicated to my schedule so start yes i will tell you a very because,
one of my things back because it was longer than i thought feat joe jonas said no and so it's not going on the faces.
Yes what are the things that is different this year is mack maine channel will run on what we normally do they want and a half hours schedule,
so i'm normally we can we put everything an hour and a half for her because we have an hour panel,
how we have thirty minutes for you to change from one pilots another cuz.

[35:33] The main one they can run a little bit over so you know we have interview some things in between.
Check make sure that you're getting that reykon experience the track channel however and the classics channel are running on one hour.
Schedule and that is because we do have thirty-five or more tracks that are.
Volume for that space and so we so what we were trying to do what it would i asked was everybody too lit for but that knowing that we can only get three.
But that's also in case their some contact with the run song it's you know something where it's at.
So i can also so i can cut a picture once.

[36:24] Make sure everybody has representations so that was my challenge this week and i'm trying to do it some final adjustments to to that.
What's everybody's in there so that that's that submitted stuff we did have two people that maybe i do as many but.
Based on relife things going on in the things like that but tracks.
But here's secret i want to see grandma actually starting bad on thursday night,
no sin first the problem that regina is now gonna think that that's
that's normal announcement city is norway translates to please start stuff translate two a tuesday really thursday night.

[37:27] Just say it will that's that's awesome breathe without the maine storm rain sounds on friday.

[37:35] Play maybe i might me something ok just keep just keep watching just keep what's normally on thursday night.
Artist parties for yeah yeah.
Alexa that's awesome that's awesome news probably like by the time you never know,
end of course we also have a lot of our own awesome performance which i know the chief,
i talking to several of them one of the few times i have for eight out i listen to your podcast in the car watch video drive so great,
some of those guys are gonna be representative that way as well cause we also performers also having trouble with.
Yes what jackson stuff savage obviously want to get them some love and that.
I'm so yes so it's it's it's gonna be fun like a sad we we all know if i can be the same that we're gonna party together yeah we're all safe everything else again.

[38:58] I want to open the the drums circle channel that's what i want not waiting on the o'clock in the morning.

[39:10] I'm sure they're as i mentioned before but you mentioned here
are there a lot of creed folks not only volunteering with breadcrumbs exactly,
especially in the thing that you want between places that the perfect place to see if you can do it from fried rice it's actually it's actually
yeah yeah so
will this year will regina spektor definitely feat lil durk that you you,
heard that we have been doing a bit of scientific research here this year,
play a game so we have a great we have we have this a
will donate to upgrade your wednesday sweet poison yeah,
no dad jokes will he have likes both those because he did i did i will tell you that i didn't listen to the cab phil.

[40:27] Yeah you have to because you have to know what to yellow correct,
yes both of em friends of mine but i will tell you that i'm always scare me look just to see her handful
play orphan do a second one of these i know it's all i can do not to say
no i meant break weekly put you on hail no i don't know i don't have time
help me a little bit.

[41:01] Latest day recommended that we just leave the channel open and they just live broadcast everything here home their lives.
Which probably navigation love you like that yeah but today we're gonna find out both lee which,
kinda shark would you be what kind of shirt would you be on
well we're about rata find out how would you describe your,
i love me and all kinds all food really i prefer fish and chicken and avoid red meat i don't need a man i'm a vegetarian vegan.
How many devour.
But shellfish is my favorite i'm adventure seether in i try xotic fair of level start with you.

[42:06] I'm inventor's el ivan chitlin childrens on,
play virginia considering that her husband is a chef she cheap,
better be friends that i am someone the oven adventurous eater two of us longest it smells ok.
I am willing to try it.
How much more adventurous than my husband from he is much more traditional active southbound time.
What i do love seafood but i like.
Trying to prevent.
Set state of your bar in a fight breakout near you what do you do.
I don't like bars so if they can find all the wine i'm not there jump in swing weather without a fight involved me or not,
hey bust out my karate moves i stay out of the middle for my life but stick around to watch.
Or i tried to break it up before someone gets hurt regina how about you now.
Ask i am going to probably try to break it up i don't want anybody to get hurt i am at least going to move by standards at the way that you know.

[43:36] Like that the latest stupid people do their thing but let's get anybody who might.

[43:42] Have a problem out the way ok.
But it depending on what it was if i had to be defending somebody right or a lot of things i'm jumping right now,
is very angry short lady.
No karen don't even try leave this one's for you what is your favorite outdoor activity a pick up game with a group like soccer basketball.
A long hike on a trail.

[44:16] Biking or running football or rugby or birdwatching or serving nature please watch.

[44:25] You watch football are you ready to play ok it's alright with me about you what your favorite outdoor activity of that list.

[44:37] I group on the beach so i love.
Watching the waves on that count steps so i guess outdoor activity,
observing yeah yeah,
that's that's my complicit is being able to just.
Watch the water in the wakanda beach that's nothing.
It's sushi night what's your to go order is it seaweed salad veggie roll teriyaki anything with tentacles.
Sashimi i think i miss pound set give me crab and i'm happy regina how about you.

[45:18] Give me crab i'm happy actually like olives.
I'd like april everything sushi pretty much is the first his first answer lee.
What is it like.

[45:41] No i don't enjoy tentacles not what is your exercise preference team sports boxing five km marathons triathlons or long walks lee.
How long walk out of that group virginia,
i would have to say the same because i tell people i'm allergic to exercise outdoors,
hey portal different yeah yeah but i do like go like.
Watch kids play baseball or something like that that's fun bedtime nice cool spring day just.
Right department does it go watch some kids play tee ball it's historic what is it feels so good.
If you're so if you friends can to describe you in one word what would that be out of this list just for the record sensitive quiet,
agressive social or energetic whatever you like.

[47:02] Social social about you virginia.
Truth be told it's probably is gonna be somewhere between social and agressive because i.
I'm honestly most of the time i'm in charge that's just me personality.
So i just cause i just like people makes you fly are we going to eat there's three places ok well let's make a decision
no i'm going here if anybody wants to join me.
Yes this month tell me how many to make a reservation prove it this this is actually scientific quiz is next question.
What already written knowing that regina was gonna be taking this quit what do you do when you're at the beach volleyball.
People watching look at the shell and look for shells frolic in the way recline in a beach chair with a book or all of the above regina.

[48:13] I could say all of the above except that really play vol yeah yeah yeah anymore,
set a book,
the channel books do that but when someone hurts someone you love how do you respond
i will find you and i will kill you call the call their friends a call their friends and family to raleigh support,
i don't like you calling their okay anyone come right over with.

[49:00] Put someone you loved how do you respond yeah call that mean the person of hurts come over with wine and ice cream in act in actively listen inactive listening mode weather.
Take them out to cheer them up or hugs lee will start with you follow what i was saying there,
no i did somebody i love it the first one i will kill you say cancel now now torn because i would do the,
listening to them and hugs,
yeah down in a while i'm find out and unplugging how to the other person morgenstern friend,
ok but i would also already know working on my plan,
sorry we're gonna put you down for i will find you,
what date problem with my friends.

[50:08] Who sings dream land loyal person what famous fighter do you resemble or meyer the most bruce lee muhammad ali mike tyson martin luther king jr jr freedom fighters,
freedom fighters count right that's what and george foreman.
Set martin luther king jr george foreman mike tyson mohammad ali or bracelet,
i would aspired to be martin luther king,
yes we should end that i'm dirty however i just did answer that i would hurt people don't kill my high fire fire to be martin luther king.
I have a very strong sense of justice and i'm in so i i'm very much about fairplain and so that's a.
So spire,
play turn it off cat person no type facetime too don't face tattoos are or continuing to.

[51:17] Go into the ring into the white rabbit name all your children the same name so it's and it's your last question so what is your favorite activity,
add this list doing puzzles watching movies reading yoga or playing games on my phone leave restart radio.

[51:43] Set between reading and watching movies with watching movies.
How much virginia reading reading ok so much genre stuff right now,
unlike when i was growing up them i know it's amazing cardi keep up this is watch
add picard as many times as i want which is great cause i see something new every time,
i did i was one of the people that did the free butt than watch the discovery recorded men.
Get rid of it turn it down turn it well,
that's true that's right so i also like the show evil in a couple others so my culture is just awesome university of south carolina,
is great.

[52:52] The guys from lost in the echo guy michael emerson yes michael emerson how much longer is on there,
yeah yeah play the very very bad baby creepy person.
Yes i have a reveal that yet no regina really don't have any websites to push other than.

[53:16] Drink honors the dragon dot org small victory dot org on there's an update page putting any kind of update information.
So hard right in the middle it's right in the middle of the page when you load up you don't pick a button and keeping up dated surface
what you heard it your first the schedule will be out for cozz that's all you need to know.

[53:48] Sarah what should be just the answer.
Every the pretty reckless forecast normally,
that savage the pit that's so i found calling.
Yes audioslave all the scheduling your normally i'm.
I said not the first first things with the to check with all the guests and the beginning of august twelfth that's when we were just starting to get everything.

[54:19] So i'm it's much later process that i normally in.
Because we have to wait for contact we have to wait for all tracks did not gonna do right get content from people and songs alexa,
lots of stuff out everything but,
ok what king nothing it's alright so regina.

[54:51] Scientifically you came back as a nurse shark you're the sensitive type.
No sharks ten to stay near the ocean floor with a hype nurse's along their sides and sensors interstellar they can pick up vibrations most other beats can't.
Even the heartbeats electrical charges from fish hidden in the sand.

[55:13] I guess i interesting a lot of people,
silence sings might be going wrong and where to show up to make sure they don't cancel.
Hey portal what's my volume shark.
That's just you are the living word live type.
No you're the biggest living shark in the ocean your the opposite of a your office of sharks agressive eating machine reputation your.

[55:59] You're stupid gentle will is the exception exception to the rule.
Set your password never be another you thing,
well sharks are playing bigger than us great white they have tiny.

[56:23] So you're expecting.
Hey there is that stephen kevin token we're not going home alright,
regina haslett about seven thousand more videos to go watch actually there you go,
no time friday,
No no no the thank you regina is always a pleasure having you on and we look forward to our conversation every year,
and hopefully next year weekend not only have this but have another one in person so so.

[57:20] So until next time for lee and regina this is john saying peace.

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