Days Of Dragon Con 2020 - Day 17 - Look Back And Smile

2020, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No the first one.
Yes on your face.

[0:33] Music.

[0:40] No number of days after.
And johnning me as always the reason why birds suddenly appear lee,
create john we haven't seen each other we got this together we trying to stay saying sorry twenty twenty,
no twenty twenty is not just november fifth so say we all,

[1:19] The big bad john you are on some live streams and you help me with something recording and stuff like that so
my drink was a really nice it was it was listen i've gone i've got several,
record conventions prior today and after that tec,
whatever trainings whatever those things you'd like you know appear in person and i gotta say still nothing else touch with the team is dragon pulled off.
I don't i don't know how they didn't and i hope i still don't know how they didn't that i love i love it amazing.
Kids loved my wife love that it was it was it was all all good enough,
will i think what i love about it to is my stuff and i were on it smaller tears volunteers.

[2:20] We're on a discord a lot,
people who had never been to dragon.
Why i want to kill us no that next year and lookas.
Play with john yes and she in here we go we got the people to talk with us,
rachel reeves david cody and regina kirby all of them would dragon con rachel and dave koz and regina is the program
yes she's stupid ok four now what is everybody dragon conway ring right now.

[3:09] Why did you tell i have the volunteer sure yeah that's pretty and the tiki shirt jacket today i like it looks good good so.
I got that amerie the official dragon,
hey portal go very cool i didn't realize it had this song when i want to purchase the hashtag dragon families really really classical afterwards,
yeah yeah and david and arcangel your dragon con where.

[3:48] Please learn from the pickup truck april present spaceballs old times so fans are not big butt.
I'm looking breaks my soul let me live let me die the race is on real quick habitual love build the organization sound.
I don't wake up we have quite a few atlanta you know how we do it a lot of that sports ball is,
do you know the truth united fans if you see them working to jersey snails because of just not very good this year
set timer for bastille go am i understanding is the tailgate party as good as any college football instant crush super junior,
go to view games there something else and rachel up g dragon concert,
yes your face i like it to it's really soft this year.
I can't that's why i'm here something soft no long talk now i love,
so i'm wearing what was the white dragon hoodie but then i did it because i should never wear white turn it looks very nice but.
I do too so that's really good alright.

[5:14] Show what are you guys hearing rachel what app feedback or feedback so.
Goodness fans asshole represented with a lot of feedback,
overwhelmingly it is ben incredibly positive across your social platforms anything received at the office.

[5:41] Give me a recipe the whole experiences been humbling and i don't know how to describe any other way i am so beyond proud of our team,
in what we put together especially in about two months after the announcement of the cancellation cause we were trying to will heard.
Can i test two we ahead lol lots and lots plans and lots of tops with a hotel over partners in.
Things and then when we just new we could do it safely and major torsion the cancel we have you know a couple months to really,
put this whole thing together so fancy been super appreciative of what we presented for grant kongos for twelve,
deprogramming the social aspect of work really hard on leave you mentioned a big part of it a moment ago discord all the things and then most recently,
we have gotta lotta fan feedback i believe we're not the only show that.

[6:42] Decided we wanted to give our fans that rolled over and stuck with this during this time a little love.
I'm after the show in the form of their twenty twenty membership ads lanyard as well as hindi face mask.
Cancel this time it's been overwhelmingly positive put our friends do you have incredible since.
So we have been watching on our our social groups and a lot of people are taking the opportunity to get very creative because.
I would purchase masks for yuno twenty thousand people you don't eat air on the large side because there's all sorts of different sizes and shapes and everything and.
It is not very realistic to go out and get all those people sizes and infinite out and it all of that so.
I really appreciate it their human i've seen him do it headbands us the latest mask a lot of people that were so crafty,
put in some extra features to the mask a little yeah yeah yeah.

[7:50] No it's been very cool so overall really really positive i think even with any of the critiquing it was even humorous and in good spirits because i think,
people new but what we set out for was when i like to describe as a big giant dragonheart.
During a time that we all need it cause we can't get ramones and i think we accomplish that so feedback has been very positive i think it.
Really the challenge is.
Normally we get some constructive criticism and were able to go to work with figuring out how to change things or incorporate the fix things and all of that and.
Will i get a hold out of it this year now it's kind of discussions around.
What can we bring for what do you have we have to do it again how are you know track directors even engaging a fans during the year it looks a bit different than it has an years previous,
so it is unique situation we had before because it is been so incredibly supportive and positive in just.
Across the board of very well-received.

[9:02] It was good i mean i don't know rachel or dave did you spend anytime like the discover things like that because i loved be in accuse it was so much fun.

[9:15] Absolutely captain on the moderation channel captain live on some of the busy your channels moderation team just in the middle shop.
They work with the folks that are there were trying to push the boundaries and and random back.
Add another really great stewarts for the for the community and help people.
Discover discord you know how to use it and how to.

[9:45] Better better communicate you know that aspects seven th day loved so i know the social media and rachel are gonna take all that in consideration,
no usually a burst for everybody right after the convention on ok this is what happened how can we make it better for next year and i know they gone always great plans and their looking forward.
Too having the discord server coma a permanent addition to the convention environment and i think that's awesome
i love the discord server first of all because it was fun to interact with people right then you you can do it what you're doing other stuff watching panel and things like that but also because hotel sheraton one the battle
is it new york gettysburg it up i'm not sure smallest of the hotel
can we kiss trisha good everyone everybody else keep going next year,
when do it again portal i love.

[10:52] Do i have a lot about what i do about this week
set a reminder great anybody can pull up a discord server learn how to use it.
Add a subtracted how are they need to add am i can see you could watch a panel and have a disco channel app and chat with friends and see what was going on it's a great community builder really really.

[11:24] Also dave you are in charge of gaming and i can't know how i heard that was gaming on the tv,
yeah we had a large amount roleplaying gaming we had jack back games on the discord service where you just downloaded client and you can play along it's kinda like the old you don't know jack.
No trivia game with some extra stuff going on,
help with great we hosted so much i tournaments on disco channels so it's a it's for tulus choice now,
for anybody that's gaming in the end of undercover environment people use discord along with roll twenty or,
vaso oldies other software products delayed a game with your friends remotely used this cord every week when i game with my friends so it's a great tool for maintaining contact without she can't see in person right now.

[12:27] Set regina also as programming we have a lot of.
There's a lot of preme programming and a lot of prep recording but you didn't stuff live.
What is a lot of work and i will tell you the thing that was interstate.
We we found it without the this would be easier,
set timezone is really interesting trying to get people we have people from around the world little around the world that we're all calling in at the same time and.
It was awesome but it was a challenging to get schedule that was not was that we found.

[13:14] That again and turn out to be awesome so i'm having one person in new york and one person.
In london and one person in singapore and that happened and that first import thing had to state of all night she was worried about being so,
things like that happened but.

[13:37] Turn it up really awesome panels and it was a way to do something that we haven't been able to do before but.

[13:47] It was just great the the those gas want it really wanted to engage with the hands and and this was the way they can do that.

[13:59] The one of those things that out live on the channels also sometimes.
What go on to youtube and things like that we get some commentary there many times we had asked questions on twitter right ahead.
Recording panel.
End so we got fan questions answers just like you.

[14:28] Add dad again really really proud of our our moderators.
Set a wonderful job i'm a fan tracks so we had.

[14:42] Ninety six hours from the programming on the fan tracks and so it was a lot of eddie dee and we found the people that have lots of skills wonderful to find out.
Hey portal pause.
Hey portal what you doing for the rest of your time i'm not gonna say that.
Came up francis one of the tracks that will say who but if you look at some of the stuff figure out volunteers.

[15:29] What are the partners in the virtual reality company,
end the product something three days and it was really cool yeah so things like that,
run their own youtube channels in the past and maybe step back from that but then there like oh yeah i can i got skills.
Add a bass for rarity of things but tom but that's part of dragon continue see how different people commit things a different ways.
We we send out right after we announce literally the day after we are out.
Reset our taller confirmed guest improvised and instead.

[16:25] Outpouring was wonderful it we have a hundred people signed up.
Weather minutes i mean i said that sound like midnight joke timer five minutes,
i already told you.

[17:03] John will i can ask so we get there's a lot of stuff that that.
That happened with the loop invite involved a lot of new technology.
Ways of communicating what is it that you gonna keep going forward.
Call with dragon was or something that you definitely besides not having definitely never going to try to attend to do again.

[17:38] Anybody.

[17:40] I'm really listening very intently never say never because i do it so i think we learn right so much we really did learn up,
amazing about i know that.
Many the track tractors lee hi think you included that they found.
No when there's been several of them that have comforted such great i'm gonna do i have no idea i got three hundred more people following me on facebook,
or they had the disco channel which they never had before and many of them are the kitchen.
Panoramic you know kind of drake and josh people engaged so.
End things that have maybe i wider audience like.

[18:38] Urban fantasy i'm just gonna throw that out there has shows maybe they can address some of phantoms that.

[18:46] Remind i get to all the time because she do have to prioritize there's only so many hours and day but.

[18:54] Maybe they can have a panel sometimes already here and kind of games that interest,
impartially if there's new shows coming up and they wanna have never been able to see what that phantoms like before,
i think there any that's the thing that we have been talking about for a couple of years this is the renaissance air,
find fantasy and just amazing stuff without there just crazy everything.
That's the kickstarter and then there's big package my heroes box
how tall is this as we called in the gaming world his pilot shame james software he's bought the just paused up
no it's games actually bought some shows,
hey portal morgan wallen the size is behind me
that is next song shame yeah pile up on the floor can talk to and they still come here.
It's not for me,
will you know what it would be like is that i never had to see the pilot jones.

[20:24] Play you will my love yeah.
My husband has what the bedroom floor his name yeah every room in this house
i want to find item contribute i have my own polish hate it or love it yeah yeah got it
hey portal collectors and people.
Get help a sweater hard to move definitely wanna keep doing for years to come they came out of the the the virtual.

[21:06] It's hard for me to answer that question because everybody on the call notes that works with me i am called the over shooter
really dream big at times and sometimes it's great think and sometimes not sure great things.

[21:22] So for this one i am staying more quiet with my ears open instead of my mouth open,
bitch please that's what i should be doing really doing that
is it supposed is so excited i'm so proud of so many things that we team accomplished,
so some of the things that we know discord pressure at the gates fuck about it earlier,
record got the time so mean the week after the show we're start to go on the server and downsized to where it's a manageable level where everybody knows your name cheers theme,
not be quiet so overwhelming is the hotels in everything and then.

[22:06] So that was really cool that something we planned to bring for all of the communication teams that are directly under may i have a great job after the show,
what kind of looking now you know what learn how can incorporated with this ring,
yes that means that you know tep tep change,
start characteristic and involuntary and sesame street really cool the social aspect incredibly need to me and that,
we really experimented a lot more with what things we should on social,
so that's a lot of those lessons learned will be brought forward weather it's panos or interviews with family group.
End things like that to do that.

[22:58] Streaming lies i think that is still alive around shuttle roll bounce not want to kill everyone,
because i do truly care about our breakfast all in here,
i didn't feel like we kinda open,
the bottom box car racer for the back in the box in the process it looking some technology on how can we better things to do hopefully a curated person show,
play some form will be having that in twenty twenty one,
play also you know how to incorporate weather at surround your programming or just virtual panels cuz we touched on earlier take everything a little.

[23:50] Will be ability to have guests all over the world that show things like that so that's one thing on my side that i'm already started having conversations with some of the agency.
Gas is known you before able to have an impression to which is what were driving for absolutely the world right.
Any other things but lake chuuwee and how do we incorporate some of that so we can bring gas that you know able to attend because they're so many countries away.
Warrior can't travelling longer.
Cancel the runaways about to be jacklyn i wanna be there but.
Hey second what are the dates kodi actually brought up to me and yesterday i think that are any was a great.

[24:44] Observation is the artist have you got to see any robert ellis highway talking about we didn't,
hey portal hildebrand the artist guest of honor anyways in this house showing all this art off if we also good one on comics with inside that's,
what is andy bell's dreamgirl crucial.
Cancel that shit so mean too because it gives fans you know app that you would never have an a ballroom setting at the show you naseem how people engaged city what really was great hildebrand who is.
How are you doing the most amazing fantasy arthur up all time low old things all the people inspired page
hey portal,
hey grab the song of this thing right now.

[25:51] No
horror and things like that all over the place wife
what no it was really need to be able to see that and the thing i loved is i've gotten into star trek discovery yes cbs
i love it and we got to see watch anthony rapp and wonderful people who,
anthony rapp was if you ever seen rent,
is it is amazing and so to see him on a panel and it was like yeah because i think he was somewhere
i don't know where was play yeah he couldn't hear ben and ben new york there you go,
it's awesome and it was so fun tune to do.
Set an panels that way because for me is it true director everybody got to chat beforehand.

[27:04] And then really then just go where you know its wrong.
What they had an agenda through some things over here which is like real pain
there's no,
right because the gaming voice actors.

[27:42] They record their bits and their hot everybody else
it was nice because i would like to see you how's your baby baby dogs
toddlers a particular do not understand they close store,
will the night game rittenhouse children coming in your life,
great we got this a little bit more of the personality yes,
the other thing that i don't know hat first vol tv i love all of you because you're amazing for help you are amazing for everything else amazing for discord but.
I don't know how yo pulled off not only the parade.

[28:45] But also masquerade how that had to be,
no jacob jacob i would say,
it's hard to pinpoint any of my favorite moments the the show abby's incredibly stressful holy war on the line of amazing people by that parade.

[29:16] What was the people bonesaw on camera where huge part of it behind camera which was tell me bird just moss,
i crispy kris wu definable job tell me the time of the editing skit which was incredible was kind of justice brainchild,
add coming together and then i crispy to this month security and brandon lay today in getting a lot of it up put together and three of them,
add together or not corey i just marveled it only,
it was a good literally,
this was just a singles hit wonders why did i was reading.
Grandma person and i love her high school today,
how did somebody come up with this the thought of entering from the ride walking going to the next radio all the things that audien shots like.

[30:29] Yes ask hey portal i,
mask released with a similar tommy's party that is well and abc tony and eddie dee phenomenal of jolin the hosting and their mel one of our other very involved,
help running up quarterback with switching and all the things so she was running this part right now.
I was that was a crazy that was.
I can actually take a little bit of credit for that because i was like hey,
can i ask some and rachel said yeah and so it was awesome absolutely dragon.
That was it that was this thing that we were trying to do find those events that were quintessentially dragonfly.
End put the people in it that were really.
Quit to centrally dragon crime you know so awesome you know that.

[31:57] Hey portal end.
Set a so so we gonna be little children.

[32:11] Who is that
cartoon not a fan people shit
yes well big toe wellington nephews for years because it's it's part of american culture smart is on,
absolutely yes and dave for my sister's kids we're building a wall of shame for her everybody christmas.
And the game to the kids these days tomorrow.
Well lets talk about lets talk about what we can expect what is expectation one another words.

[33:01] Hopefully rebecca person for rebecca gaither what is what is the planning look like right now for twenty twenty one.

[33:11] I'm positive polly and that is what i am trying my best to do we are very hopeful that we're gonna be able to come together and twenty twenty one with her driver family ever we are also very.

[33:27] Will and tag minutes before i would like to say it pragmatic and we understand that,
what is probably look like it as previously those outside of our control and within our control cuz we do want to incorporate some of the biggest successes from dragon hunters virtual.
So how goes planting planning very carefully planting university.
Yes so it's it is.

[33:57] Is there traffic look at this point we gonna be brief is the biggest thing in understanding where successes where were challenges are there perhaps investment in technology.
Careful investment obviously we get have a show this year so it is a challenge,
moment if i do say so myself all these things right now i think the golden girls at the moment real estate,
i'm not listed as possible is that we will be able to come together with a show how her,
i don't think any of the circle thinking that it will be both out of twice and konshens as well as,
probably regulations and things like that b side dead dreams pacific.
When for the best but make cleans bc nf and yg sometimes for the not the best.

[35:04] Tell god is everywhere doing the things see this you can never ask me the question about what am i gonna bring forward but you say yes,
what is one thing evanescence you're talking about weather it is,
can i conjunction with any an impression show having an aspector virtual self that are winners can benefit as well as people at home,
have the opportunity to i'm in order we even started working considered a different part of the year.

[35:40] No does it make sense to further support the vendors who obviously i had a really difficult time it's pandemic because there's no longer do anything shows are conventions.
And we could not ask for a better partner in the internet.
How is a bonus podcast to talk about them to be perfectly lonely on repeat aspects i think supported like at the very beginning year they were just doing our volunteer database with us.
You know that reviewed and then along came the pandemic and they said we have this,
i would was the the ritual vendor call at simon today after seven consideration,
minutes was just on a web like to build a fancy a way to you can watch the stream will you shot.
Amen really like to build the schedule things we can actually following the schedule so i just.

[36:35] I cannot say enough great things about them to partner in the successive defendor hall with who really got in the air built stores that,
incredible i'm so hot listen.

[36:55] You able to shop and then aventura hoover sponsor any of our request they actually took we had a whole disco channel please,
let me forever understand the score but i do now and elvis duran tired this for paul lewis just evening with avengers,
if the vendors have questions or concerns or recommendations or whatever it was wild the state of winger be like,
i would love to see if i could just lowdown my stuff from annual excellent whatever so i don't have to go through individually list everything and then i found you to be back in be like.
Yes cody didn't have it in by midnight tonight.
Set this name portal yeah that's one that we are looking at also bring for like how does that work what makes sense.
Will it i was worried hard for volunteer.
The vendor hall and it was awesome to be able to be on a vintage vibes i got about probably half of my christmas shopping guns still there great jury sites they were great app.
What's michael scott.
Yes fans support of the ventures instead of everybody.

[38:22] I have not say anything negative about it but i don't believe the virtual vendor presents with really leverage this much is it could have been so everybody mad benchmarking before it wouldn't.

[38:36] Presented to us to be a very small aspect of the virtual show is hard revenue generation is parking agent all the things,
i mean the coolest thing was for our rapper released to get the morning monday morning that's just started to write everything we were extended everything we benchmark with win the two thousand thirty thousand dollars ringing of revolution the vendors,
which is the rate in a time of these people are you know you like it album,
no that morning we were able to do the press release including two hundred thousand dollars,
add that are members armed the virtual vendor half set wednesday close lettuce open until midnight that night the following day it actually increase two or right around three hundred thousand.
Thank you to our fans because ask for more to go out and support those vendors that i think you know make driving conscious special and,
we got a lot a lot of love from the vendors which is hear that they were able to pay bills that they were worried about it or so like one that was really lovely about they thought they might be able to make it through,
this whole you know nothing i mean it just.

[39:52] That was a very proud aspect of the show and tell.

[40:07] Just immediately enjoy.
Try again come again because they got something to look for ok continue.
That was another what i got my team like i ordered something from myself and it was think
restart friday was really good it wasn't hear the next friday i think i wanted it like saturday or sunday and it was basically week which one i like this this is awesome
we having to pull out all being able to pay all at once,
even was different app thing that most people were like what it's like now,
yes for infared me yeah.

[41:05] No ok so twenty twenty one year the epic you already got the guest application and application up and ready to go am i correct correct,
what up on sunday so if you are agust d pro or you wanna be a guestroom come on people and start,
skip the caviar of the week did a tribe to do what was right we didn't make the decision when we made the cancellation announcement,
that's all confirmed twenty twenty guests actually automatically world over so if you were confirmed for twenty twenty,
i am proactive album notified of we're in the process of sitting out of the la's for all the gas we have a little bit pick up with fixed it,
so that should be out this week enter that's really exciting so that's one thing i do want to clarify just because i don't people to have to go in,
set application is a beast.
Set a new york confirmed not anywhere in the world you know if you are confirmed then.

[42:26] Stop effect provide a lot of that,
set it in the rolling over for twenty twenty twenty twenty one also for the.
Members was i think really got it obama members say you know it and they had the options.
Choose have it refunded which because he lives a coat and they might i needed it so that was really good but pretty good percentage,
yes rachel house overwhelming percentage that supported allowed to rule over there memberships.

[43:18] Very touching what what is the hotel situation look like right now for.
Is far is a twenty twenty percent so cut it up,
the fans to offer sometime of solution all the hotels with a little different which.

[43:45] What is hard to keep up with all of them process at this point all of their lovers so that the majority of them offered,
are there exclusively or with the option for oliver refined two fans and again ab soul very very high take on the world first kiss well nobody wants to go to games,
tell all of them process two hotels how to do it manually.
Add a challenge but of course or partners harvesting and i can't say that great things about them i'm so even when they had such lose staffing the therapist one or two people at the front desk,
the water two people whenever they were helping a gas for putting in dragon reservations,
set every body is working right now we do have some that have open blocks,
promoting that pretty soon the wanted to give them an opportunity to cutty clean up their records to make sure we was taken care but there are several that have a small blocks,
add released to our phone first so increase concert,
western oregon one wine pad lock right after the show,
repeat fall a very well lot of positive back for more authors especially lovestained western.

[45:13] Quiet let's hurt tonight in space compared to the three big sean so everything's looking good i just.
Begin i'm very impressive of everybodys working to drink kongos virtual in a big part of that was the hotel they.
Work with us leading up for the show the months of trying to plan it understanding when we really couldn't do it even before it has been called cuz that was a challenge in this whole process was the.

[45:47] Mandates with the governor not included her dates and getting closer and closer and closer i'm as people know that standing an extended could be contraction ballet,
but hotel partnering credible in the you know really trying to work with us came up with some.
Really off the wall ideas there awesome that we honestly we're gonna consider have we had in person show i mean so much so is one offered up to do,
registration ask you to shut up at the hotel like the hotel gas and mike perry like i'm sorry like do you know how challenging that would be in like their everybody was so support,
what can they do to make driving time you know happening wind it up making a difficult decision.
Are there also incredibly support of understanding what a negative impact it was going to be today as well as us.
So so every the babys blocks will be getting releasing salmon and opening the mouth but.
Again we could be in the position where i am without their support with last year and of course going into twenty twenty one.

[46:56] I think john because we have thursday which is all your fault,
i think thursday at least is gonna be the day during the day part where i can at least go see all the people i can go see the wonderful ladies at the sheridan,
who are work at the restaurant i can go in hug all the people i wanna hug because
that's all day thursday way it is forever
You can't do that you have to get over bangers.
Yeah this is able to do it on both and can i ask you too john lee to join questions.
Have anything you experience.

[48:10] That's a good question first timer to be up you actually so so i want to hear something when you talk about the defender hall.
What are the things that i always do that was bring up coming home from my from my kids at pick something else from the better half for them.
This year of sleepy hollow they i said hey there's a better go figure out what you want.
No whatever it was so nice at my daughter was able to support and artist that she loves that's that cheese she tried to every time she cheese caesars tried to get something from them,
are you able to do that which was which was pretty awesome so so that was favorite from my perspective,
is the temperature to my house by daughter chills in jacksonville because of school there.
I was able to to send it to her.
Set a part of a bigger care package that that that little extra dragonforce you know it just.

[49:13] The dmt cbs for all the events for fantastic the the.
Live in between stuff with fantastic i can't think of one thing that really other than you know that from the emotional tasking things that i can think of that was.
That was my favorites name is all that was so so so really well done but the engagement on discord with so much fun and another person that.
Avoid social media for the most part and i don't even when i'm on disco,
hit room in several times two thousand gage with with these but so i just the whole thing is everything was sort of far out in and.
Did the genius behind it,
was my my favorite part even if it wasn't even if i wasn't even into something it was going on on the screen there's always something the strangers always something else going on elsewhere,
that that are going to the very much a dragon for me.
Set have another song about political answer but its my favorite part was actually kind of related to this.

[50:37] People saying thank you doing this that they need to happy
add everything was strange but they new that they were gonna do it even if they know we are never gonna get the fifty days but it was going to have some
funniest thing i did was try to learn discord as we were recording fifteen because i need jack and it was like
leave this is the length on this is where recording now here's how you record that was it.

[51:10] I love all of it yeah i really did everything i can do i did and it was wonderful and i think.

[51:17] I learn somethings too not enough about we just learned and then also,
being able to do a live panel that we did and and have that be three totally separate people through one of them in a different light only one of them a little bit of a different time zone but it was great
work nervous wonderful,
no i gotta the discord i'm just saying,
i'll try but yeah no i don't really did,
because i would do these recordings i don't know how to make myself go away and still record only three or four people that were talking so i would put a little thing over.

[52:16] Play heaven knows where did it go black,
what box and they have that out,
end the edited out and i was like wolf thank you
play wanna know free nationals mary lambert i have no idea how to do that and that was there just wonderful world question.

[52:45] It's a child.
Oh my god god's warrior seven can i hear anymore is over there i got it,
yeah no is awesome i have that that's in my bed actually.
As well just came out all of these years twelve of them,
call for you cuz like that's what i like looking for christmas ideas like i bet she is susan.
Will i have to say that.
My husband annabelle comes home with things and says ok for you.
I have a calculator that yeah yeah yeahs little by little session.

[53:55] Will is there is there anything else i need to hit before i do a quick little quisiera you guys.
Hey portal what can i remove quasimoto
which immediately games traffic what is the weather pause,
hey portal it says five dollars exactly it was,
who is five dollars been on sale for tiffany wasn't really seven dollars and.

[54:32] Ninety eight cents in the barbecue basically just get going down and basketball jody wisternoff fifty give him twenty dollars.
So partner letting have a little boys.
Forget that trevor jackson yessir.
Yes he has his pile but his pile actually currently fit in one for washed out it's just a blur trivia so that's pretty impressive stupid,
can do social media quiz cuz you know this is actually,
what nineties tv show should you been to watch so scientifically we're going to terminate what you should be watching now that dragon goes virtual is definitely over,
show me new things to watch really.
I'm going back to a lot of things just a calm down,
yes sings just be i will say this because i can't enough i'm sorry guys make you see.
If you wanna a happy.

[55:54] Just chill watch ted lasso on apple tv instead of also it is,
it is an adult you don't have to be a sports game watching it helps a little outstanding very very very feel good ship
will in the one i like in and out can get it right now for all four seasons are on netflix now is good place that is my timer
it really did end it yeah awesome
yeah is wonderful i'm sorry so caracter is do you perform the firm is teenagers,
adults in their twenties and thirties or mix of young adult legal start with you.
Light gray rachel.

[56:58] Lord.
David mix.
Yeah i like to make stuff like that play between them virginia play when i can't understand how the young ones are coming to this and.
The eminence front understand weather not very hip hop figure out there,
do you prefer science fiction prime romance comedy,
political or history's mysteries historical.
What some kind of drug diet mountain dew again.
Show talking from the nineties yes.

[58:02] So right now i'm having a not rewatching babylon five but from the nineties that was a very underrated show it's a shame the village transfer quality that's on right now it's terrible i hope they remastered,
what i will say two weeks ago i started,
if you're certain political philosophy started rewatching the western swing food with what's going on right now so so.
I'm gonna go with from the nineties yet political how about you regina.

[58:41] I would rather just say yes because i watched a little bit of everything but i also love on five,
that was ridin' on that was so tight that was.
Delicious the studio three with them that they had a short it by yeah yeah now that last year was weird in season four when was suddenly like,
ok now we're not gonna new you when you got a wine this whole story app that you have a five year plan for you have a bible,
enough so that last episode that was supposed to be their final was really strange.
And then new year because we got another year do we need to do.

[59:32] That was really really good.

[59:39] Well-born five had a lot of politics live politics yeah but westworld watch until later actually back to tv,
ok add was liz on every night.
I'd like seven o'clock and we start watching that i was like wow this is a.
Really good job i've been watching selective moments but i'm actually.

[1:00:08] Find out it's on netflix start watching it again so now,
it's amazing.
How many of those things are still with us twenty years last thirty years later yeah it going into space interesting
i still in answer them political psychostick face,
eden belong five and looking for a lot of those kinda shows so when did come out,
who is late night stay stay stay out like that dog food one that i want nuggets like it is now
what's the weather channel had started and so we were trying to watch more that,
right so how about you help you with.

[1:01:26] Start recording really love the laugh list anyone notice me i'm a very serious person it's,
so always repeat to break of the watch tv all anymore and the nineties i was a teen so,
i was not working anything perfectly,
i don't know what i'm saying this anyway,
for yaz i'm not young anymore join go to the next track.
The first male farscape started in ninety-nine thanks.
Yes feat delain i would say all of those,
are there somewhere i mean any of my life shows are.
Choose a location california new york outer space or washington dc restart with you.
Choose the location just scientifically this what you should be watching scientific i can't wait.

[1:02:48] Ok scientific doctor,
hollywood new york california washington dc,
not washington dc yeah out of space would probably make you better yet.
Repeat one hundred percent i don't feel like dancin' pandemic their out of space be there.

[1:03:27] I like a show that makes me gas lab wonder or think i will start with you regina thank.

[1:03:36] Ok
Add love i love it type scripts story and something that that really makes you think about chained i think.

[1:03:51] Set a timer for three o'clock
i'm so different i guess i am allowed person because if i ever get you back tv show these days of issues me with the computer in my life men in trees my husband bonkers,
no any really hard to do on the shows that make you think but i do enjoy those but so i am going with alaska just because.
Temperature this can be loud make you laugh love that really if there.
What's the weather like this i can't do it like dark i cannot keep up a computer in my life can't live without.

[1:04:35] Turn the screen off saying she shows in this working all of the time,
how about you can't say much because i have two screens and there's a lot of time if im not doing a comparison,
i've got nothing on netflix one of them and i'm working on something else,
thanks for me because i'm probably gonna rock your world that i like and i always find new things if i'm thinking about x-files,
right tuesday musical style hip hop rock pop experimental or classical david i want you rock.

[1:05:21] Record child rock rachel about you rock for shore regina.

[1:05:32] I am the word when i like pop.
Pop actually meant popular for a reason i do like rock rock a part of that but yeah.

[1:05:45] I'd like silver for monsters profile inactive with the musical person what i've done a lot of a lot of things.
I do have some taylor swift so i do have some popular she's country us a lot.
Choose choose a movie.
Stargate bad boys the notebook when harry met sally the american president or signs will start with you.

[1:06:23] Everywhere which terrified me by away and i am such a with you other day.
What is the washington like this is the first time again first stargate start virginia mexican bad boys the notebook when harry met sally the american president or signs.

[1:06:46] Are those which would you choose stargate david.
Not surprisingly before i am scuse me restarted watching the west wing i've got friends the hurricane president yet also eric church really really test pilot for the show,
yes wrote rachel.
I'm going all night so it's going with the notebook
i don't know why.
Who knows but still the stanley cup ransom in the genre rain tomorrow.

[1:07:36] What was true crime it's funny because i could go with apple i'm not,
the franchise because i have this thing about action films,
i love you guys and extreme scars vin diesel is is my favorite anything the s. o. s band i'll go watch including.
which think he did that was terrible but i watch it because sometimes.
Add jonathan rodriguez really really just love me what was your favorite nineties style shoulder pads and please.
Feathered bangs or double denim backward backwards backwards hats.
Repeat the rachel or no sleeveless and invests mock turtles next with bull patterns or boy,
add blazers i guess i can't combine something so i don't remember ever anybody.
So which of those things was your favorite ninety style lee.

[1:08:56] I had a whole lot of those not turtle necks with patterns because that was the kind of.
Classic pretty thing yeah and also didn't have children did not need my hair.
Blonde i didn't do it am wearing a washing my jeans and.

[1:09:23] Where in a cat backwards no pictures not a word.
I'm traveling report downstate polar.
So yeah david about you.

[1:09:46] I have to go i can't pick any events none of this appeal to me.

[1:09:55] Turtleneck with a pattern yeah yeah not a little bit.
I guess i done with the blazer miami vice blazer other that was the eighties so.
Yes wrong terrible choices hey portal play spotify.
Weather banks yeah i did that and seventy-seven.
End rachel about you wanna go feat banks as well.
Who who were the who are you in high school where the class president nerd the popular kid class clown or invisible kid what start with lee.
What was the second one.
One hundred percent nerd i was valedictorian lake iowa study like i would still choose to go to school if i want the lottery i am absolutely.
We learn to think about richard david.

[1:11:20] I do not hear joke i was invited job so i think i only heard nerd so will go with that yet.

[1:11:30] I was the dirt but it was really weird to my high school all of the verve all the people in college prep courses were also music.
So weird either band or ran choir part of things so i was at.
God spell did all those kind of things that we were all also in the lee classes for some reason.
The mask rain too but matthew music together.

[1:12:04] Right so question catch kitchen choose catchphrase the truth is out there decisions are made by those who show up.
How humid how you doing you doing mind your business.
Are you having fun are we having fun yet weather and make it so let's start with david those who show.

[1:12:31] Regina.

[1:12:34] Yeah that's probably
i'm stuck here between the truth is out there and so was patrick stewart,
yes put you down for the truth is after you have the truth about their work so rachel.

[1:13:02] Decisions are made for the killers gotta be me yeah.

[1:13:12] Is there goes where do you like to hangout at a pool house a coffee house a fancy new house.
Hey honey house a white house or a house with a holiday how much you.

[1:13:29] I really love that idea holiday but i'm already.
Alright rachel.
Pull house for shore i don't like david and regina.
How old are you can be anywhere if you have a holiday falling away with you can choose all of them if you have a holiday swim.

[1:14:04] That's right.
What question will i do i do math and then eli young band for me as well you can still purchase the streaming membership correct.
Yes yes how is someone do that.

[1:14:18] I love that you can go on to drink countdown oregon her by now there's a little.

[1:14:26] Play destroy the universe their yahoo direction too drunk to fuck tv which is also where i can purchase them,
used to be there between processes where we set members to our store and anybody he wasn't driving come number to drink on tv,
this year we made the decision with the pandemic that we were gonna offer streaming memberships to everybody,
i feel low price of ten dollars california hours,
yeah so many hours and i didn't get my facts in to this call i'm so sad so sad our conversations dead,
trivia question johnny gill dear math
regina arty mentioned ninety six hours on the fan track channel at which let me to take this moment to think robin o'neill teen spirit,
i cannot say enough great things about her but anyway so she said ninety six hours which is fan tracks how many total hours of programming,
where included in dragon kongos virtual no that would include are three main channels that were a main,
find tracks in the edc tv classics,
and it will include all of the programming that ran across are amazing track pages on social media as well as name of the.

[1:15:52] Panels we did on our main social how many hours does gaming count two or not we did not exposed programming panels.

[1:16:05] I like that number of a thousand but i think it's probably around the.
What's up at seven hundred fifty hours i actually start to add that up in my little head yeah fancy hundred fifty hours amazing because.
I was a track director we all talked about it in facebook no idea no idea and.
The able to do the panels to be able to moderate them and then also just to be able to put him up youtube channel for extract.
So that was really good and i think that's why.

[1:16:56] My nephew that one because he could not so,
i do we already talked about the if you rolled over your membership and i'm talking to memberships.
Is arty dunford twenty twenty one i know.
Is it open now he will by their twenty twenty-one at this point right ok further it is a little different,
we were not gonna offer lower price something getting feel good about asking her fans to a roll over and support us in love on us and then possibly undercutting them,
with people the following year who not god with us getting a lower price,
so it is the lowest price of this year is different than normal up in it is the price it we were at when we made that cancellation decision in july online they they are available people can join purchased today.
Yeah you know the year of the cat because i think it is just gonna be so.

[1:18:14] Hopefully so wonderful to be back and see people in person even if all we can do is not elbows because that,
that doesn't sound right ok i'm done.

[1:18:29] I'd like that it doesn't answer it.
I just came back replaced.

[1:18:42] Lee and david according to this scientifically a bitch watching star trek the next generation.

[1:18:50] No i did not add jorge sequestered stargate sg one.
Set those minutes sequestered all of exid quest the first season was ok yeah i forgot it is completely.
Say it's your family supposed to ben to watching the x files.
In a few minutes.
I was a big time buffy the vampire slayer person,
so i was actually in the official fan club including stuff out as we all done for this this i found by original
membership stuff,
set you with pictures from the cast and revolver cannabis crab available more crab with one of my very good friends,
who was this time it's wrong.

[1:19:54] Do shithead even have that song,
i found that i had the playboy that play girls the david the company did the interview,
what was a good day.
End call and willing grace insincere field.

[1:20:26] Ok what genre choices yup it's all good friends right now it's still on netflix i think no days off now.
Play pandora hey portal streaming.
No it's awake or is also,
the first one yeah yeah yeah.
Hey portal it's a movie.
Show many series today show,
anyway so thank you all for j hope i hope i hope pray,
and two pac through the never beth i will be able to see you all in person in.

[1:21:45] No shut up matt corby stop this artist.

[1:21:55] Ok alright.
So hopefully won't be again thank you for putting on the show that we had it was expectations.
Even if you even if someone just got dragon sixteen hundred times i think i love you way beyond way beyond someone saying.
Way beyond expectations really do appreciate the time.
Yes or no thank you.

[1:22:45] So yeah next time four.
Regina rachel david and lee this is john.

[1:22:57] Music.

[1:23:04] Command line eight one three three two one zero zero.

[1:23:11] That one three three two one zero eight eight four female dot com fifty days of the unit dot com.

[1:23:21] Unique on facebook twitter this podcast is distributed under a creative commons attribution noncommercial share license.

[1:23:31] Music.