Days Of Dragon Con 2020 - Day 2 - A New Dragon Dawns

2020, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are you my best bet what's yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:34] Welcome to another submitted how many days is the time,
and this is john and i have not downloaded it awhile what's hot from some time ago,
back when a life is different when you high.
How you delete it and all my god it's been forever hasn't it has been forever because we're both scared that somehow we get something through the air waves where she was under better circumstances of your journey what you know what,
trending on instagram gun the spirit lives on and it's still gonna happen its just gonna be different and that its ok.
Things change hank you know maybe maybe at the end of all of this you know that we wanted to put that even mean you're built on drinking but we wanted to put even though some newark or stuff that we can do that can be done for dragon con in the future.
That's your learn stuff take the opportunity to learn all sorts of new things
what did you learn anything new this year don't think i'm feeling lots of things but nothing proper crisp like schedule a time trying to keep things that i try to keep my boots kind of thing that will cause your podcasts
that's probably a good idea i have learned how to use zoom.

[1:56] N discord and play games on line so i ordered more about that and i also learn.

[2:04] Everything should go thru snoop scott calm before you post it's probably true as well that is very true i have to learn i learn that i would not like being stuck in my house as much as i thought i would prefer that is the one thing that i've learned.
That's also for me at least is where it's just two of us then the adulthood isn't here what what happened when i what are the players he don't let me move that.
Yo are the top because you know i honestly just said yes gonna be virtual drive,
that's true what does emily i know everybody wants to know any know who we have you know who.
We have hey dude you are there right now we are that god and so it's a rachel the coach your dragon con hi rachel.
What's the mian bazar plus,
so you know we're doing this before fifty days of the week fifty days you like really what does what's the temperature inside is pretty rough.
Which is the yellow things obviously of change in nm as we were discussing with rachel before and other things are still still in flux but green trying get as much information as we can is as big.
As we go through this am trying to get everyone to play justin earlier keeping a spirited encounter alive even even if it is from a far.

[3:33] Okay but rachel i think the big question everybody has had on the facebook social media isn't twitter and everything else is how did this decision get made and why,
get the distance between where the how and why don't we go together.
Hey what's happened that the latest we can actually um so much is happened i think i am
i want to see one of the questions it just still why i wanted it was why so long where the processor hey.
I'm him for is
we always knew there was a possibility cents like our world kinda turned upside down last march and we started seeing what u with r friends of momo kinda with did as a virtual or watching very carefully,
i am but i think what set up a little bit differently from someone the other shows out there is,
we really felt like it was really important to our fans,
who were really looking forward to dragon con and especially after all that we've been through in.

[4:42] You know the shelter in place the loss of so many opportunities and all that i will be really held on tightly for the hope for the fans,
who's your partner's home is a big part of it but the hotels specially,
n atlanta are hurting really badly actually was completely closed out until july wine and then now we just have there are international tower open lol ok so you know hey of
experienced the loss that there in the streets never experienced that saying alot with september eleven and other things in the past that the surgery manage through this one is.

[5:19] Who absolutely nothing to compare so i think that was a big part of our pockets right yeah i'm obviously driving time people in our community are very science face.
We are seeing all of the things we are continuing watching the progress we where is excited as others were when the numbers did start to level out and then go down i'm nervous as other people were when the state begin to open up.
And all those things but i think what we really committed to was.
Taking the time to see anything that was a really big deal for us because we wanted to give a beginners fans the partners everybody the opportunity then if things did change,
which i think all of this healthy umm you know we will be able to so that's why we kinda held out for so long i will tell you that process.

[6:13] I would like anything ive ever experienced.

[6:18] You're very august with our communication in that we're always committed to keeping our family safe.
That's our number one priority and that was never ever not her number one priority but we also have to consider ourselves very create a bunch right.
So we took the time in.
Will you really the due diligence i was planning what does the shawl look like what is the driving time look like with things like social.

[6:45] What does playing a convention look like without having to sanitizer and fuck everything between every piano.
Move those things he always exhausted,
smh here we are so many things that we could be very crowded out there you know it in looking at those types cleaning we had decided on am very very low,
i have a tendency cap that was gonna be less than a quarter how can you still sue like we had really gone down that path but had the number supported it had the site you know something changed,
i'm with nick we felt like we could potentially deliver what we set out to do which one is a safe experience for a fantasy pin experience.
Show that was really want these last several months where he was a lot of communicating with your partner i wanna communicating with oppositional,
and just understanding what they were in the city of atlanta that was a big thing in of.
Find co the lights of the city you know me the anime that was something to you that we worked very carefully our timeline in the process of making this decision was getting the buy in,
i'm from all of these different aspects now will help start keyboard know how to say that the end of the day at his created that we are as passionate as we are as.

[8:06] Stop this i will like all of them but is it didn't make sense in FL we all knew that the end of the day if we couldn't say with absolute confidence,
when was gonna be an awesome event that will be proud to bring our fans and even more importantly steven gan bring your pants.

[8:25] We'll have to say that you know and i am hangout with lattice to add in early july to solution with accents that we can go with you babe people enough time i mean its about.

[8:38] What weeks prior to show you know and that that's,
send it seems like it forever but it's not so it was kind of that feeling i think a lot of people asking me so what do you think we'll hear when do you think what you're and i said,
i feel like theyre gonna do their best and i want you and i had no prior knowledge we don't know what i'm going to bed early july.

[9:03] Add that was funny because i was being a bitch what's your we had legionnaires add shirt.
Add my track to extract compared on the tracker in the sheraton in so i got a lot of people saying ok so ready for this.
Where are we just use that for five hotels i would like your FB.

[9:29] So leave your name and you can pass person first lol baby don't know but i know that mean i wanna other the minister that is very concerning that feeling away because it to clean up so um.
So so i personally i personally feel like you always limit the right decision i mean it stairs.
It's a tough one in any send an email to you and i can imagine you know how difficult it was to make that decision um no because you know the number of people that.
That are involved,
ummm the number of vendors and folksy can rely on drying content to sort of make the year that kind of thing it's it's it's time to finish and fortunate stuff it's everywhere umm but.
Look at the positive so you have to say it on an implant still in flux but i have decided i'm going world with a dragon con what does that mean first one.

[10:31] Okay i'm finished dragon con so exciting,
it's actually for me what does it mean it mean to give the opportunity to raise the bar and i think that's what i'm so excited about and that's what my DC team so excited about in particular is what we bring.

[10:50] The best of the dragon con personality into the home so very.
I'm so mad who really high level concepts about where we are is some.

[11:01] Over the weekend i get to be primarily friday thru monday just as far is the twenty for hour programs me who in concert on thursday,
when is daylight saving start expecting word on my heart but the keyboard are balancing everything with maintaining a social distance is the rotating people are in an ounce.
I feel like four days right now we're gonna do some exciting content leading up to it on some of the main social pages so some of that handles that.
We just can't schedule because i will tell you its funny when we started this out and i hope that i can to everyone with the idea of the history channel stuff about the talk about.

[11:45] The first concern was all my girly how are you gonna do that so much content no.
I was the exact opposite i was like we were gonna be fine because theres so much creativity in the dragon culture and the dragon kind,
i'm family with the tracking records everybody already heard still clearly some amazing ideas and we wanted to run with or what the characters read within stain tops so,
i think it's could be the problem just the opposite did i getting snow many great ideas and things that were trying to figure out what how do we,
find the real but on the social platform so we will be doing some of that over the weekend we're looking at three primary channel,
unless somebody can somehow talk me into a good think that that's gonna be,
that's no right now take the first one is a classic piano in which i'm excited about because,
i got to one thing that i believe set aside from a lot of the conventions out there.
Is it because of our history with the tv and i just started a videography team history,
in general we have a ridiculous catalog and great content ideas come to our fans from a drunken passed.
Some of which are already on the stream people are able to some of which are the old archives were the am not on the stream.

[13:06] I'm and worse and that we actually didn't have permission to run the stream that working with the production companies to see if we can today would be never single for less you were in the audience.
I'm so that's really exciting for me so that's how to channel one and would also aims to do is be here very.
Loud and clear that a virtual khan could never be driving can never be exactly what you get with them personal experience that um so we want these people to also have the opportunity to at least enjoy the feel of those pianos rate.
I'm so that chemistry number one is trying number two am which i'm really excited to see with kelly and all of her counterparts are hard at work with is would be considered the fan track pants track from channel.
Who really interested in what we're gonna come up with you would a wood areas where we can't wait,
excited could a sober schedule dim light.
Yeah actually john.

[14:17] How bad is so funny what if i'm excited to see what you're pretty good day look like how one looks like a lot of directors the umm.
And this is voluntary for them the majority of them have expressed interest in having providing some content.
We are looking for them to provide true four panels four panels ideally in the esports a startup in the area just incase to be on schedule and things but.
Is it going to be so it the experience again we really what we started looking at it from the overall perspective try to identify things that make dragon con difference,
no freedom tracks are clearly one of the leading,
things people come to dragon con never see the gas never see the main panel is in the giant ballroom pretty crazy lines.
I mean there's so many people that when you talk to them and get down to that level that spend all there time on the fan.
You know they're interested in space interested in the extract with the paranormal there interested in star trek,
and what day wannabe is around feeling one's around experts in the areas that can get them all this information.
I'm so that was something we really wanted to make sure that we protected in the spiritual experience of just go up to the wayside where u your open have that feeling that the whole channel is gonna be really devoted to the track experience.

[15:39] Then other yes i think what most people think that when i think of these conventions going will be the main channel.
I'm so already been working with a lot of our guests how about some that were already confirmed for two thousand twenty as well as others that we're kind of in the hopper until.
You know march came along and i were working with a lot of them to generate i'm some new never seen before yes pianos as well,
i'm so that's kind of exciting on that main channel to where i'm looking for performers,
which is a big part of the dragon con world so kinda talking,
when did i will hot cross myself and mention but i have got all fingers crossed that it will work out.
Ummmm hi your what is trying to highlight them as well so probably in the evening we are used to seeing the performances around driving time,
i will be incorporating them some creative late and were actually already in touch with a couple of reviews he is the umm.
Have always supported the show and have been looking at creative ways to interact with him things throughout this whole shelter in place,
i'm depressed as well and offered to do some of those over the winter night hours where we could actually be hosting a virtual party type things.

[16:58] So that's it i'm not sure kind of really looking at on top of that we are encouraging um.
You are some very jealous of directors which is a given what is so you need to drink and the passion and excitement,
there are already planning things that can't fit on that stream to go on their social media pages so we are encouraging and then we really are talking about but travel for business
that's another one that you know really great opportunity for her to be able to highlight some of those performers on that page salad.

[17:34] We're just basically creating so much content that it unfortunately you're going to have the exact same problem you have a real life trying time which is my husband's there is so much to do what should i do.

[17:49] And get that you're talking about this all being industry membership and want to talk about his regular roll over and a minute but so are the streaming membership you have all of this content available later or how's that work.
Oh that's a great question so first just to be very very clear a street number is not needed to participate in the bridge welcome i want to get a really important i'm in that something that we felt very strongly about,
i want to see our faith and have been incredibly supportive and concerned for the,
financial stability of dragon connection with her dad a lot i'm good no what can i do to help when they were a bit surprised but we help mary strongly that when we made that decision we wanted to be free lol,
i want to make sure that you know everybody's having a really hard time there are a lot of places.
I'm did have light off that you know how things like that and we really why.
To create a weekend and our fans can escape is the different kind of scared stephanie in your home.

[18:53] Not really you know ideally what what but it just keeps taking that is what we ideally want so.
Hmm that's a big thing so the channel is not all that social treatment and all that will be free,
for that time period are gonna is yes after words were wanting to archives of things it would be archived on our general dragon con daniel where you have a streaming membership,
later down the road you would be able to but during that we can all of the content will be whatever you choose your channel and it's free,
awesome that is great to be looking at it that way but let's talk about this because yes we've all seen it on the social medias that,
people were concerned and then also wondering what about this year's membership how is that gonna be handled what's going on with that.

[19:45] That's the thing i am most excite watch you have so many things to be excited if yo are broke i really do have to wait pick n choose i'm sorry i realize i come across.

[19:58] No no no please do crazy excited.
I'm so for real that is one aspect that i was super duper happy to be able to bring the fans and i got was something that at the board level in the senior leadership and we began discussing it.
We were all on board from the get go that obviously we wouldn't want to allow refunds understanding that sometimes circumstances are,
i'm have changed whether it's your job lol or maybe there moving and not gonna be atlanta twenty twenty one or zillion different reasons which is not like the right thing would be to offer that.
I am however obviously as a golf would be
i want to have is many people were planning on joining us in twenty twenty be able to join us in two thousand twenty one where i am already considering the most epic dragon con ever i play music now i need it.
So that's a no you know something really great to look forward to so up the natural progression for a membership is gonna be to roll over to twenty twenty one.
I'm so well adjusted anybody who needs to take care of that if they want to choose a refund i need to go online a dragon or back update.

[21:15] And that will give their webpage and it's really accessible through the front page of the disco trying hard not to work could you forget the link and it says my information,
turn on that page is the google form i that you go fill out this is a request my refund before august first.
Um no that will put you in line to go ahead and get a refund process we asked me sleep for little bit of patience,
i'm in getting those things taken care of but if you choose not to are we automatically rolling over all memberships by august fifteen.
Oh yes quite exciting to what happens is the event technically just change it to twenty twenty one so your QR code that you had an appointment confirmation will still work,
i'm here twenty twenty one membership not something that can be scanned twice or anything crazy like that but it doesn't work we will also receive a confirmation what's the advantage change over time so that you know that your membership has been rolled over and all hes got it,
who is singing what i got so ahead of myself and was really excited about before yeah some when we were thinking through this.
A lot of this was trying to figure out you know.
When we realize that we can have an event because we needed to protect the safety of our fans we really take a step back to say what is the most meaningful thing to the fayre.

[22:38] Like what are the things that we could do we would want to do it and.
By who did we all relax it's the membership,
buckeyes we say on social media so many people get me like that's actually one of the ways we got i don't know if you remember we partner with michael go back.
I'm in the direct official sponsorship with us for a few years in the way that they learn of us was because it is stuart the number of people that would come in and,
framed members of asb's collections yeah it's just a very meaningful item for a people and that was something that we sign really thought about that he would feel like they're missing out.
I'm so we made the decision knowing let's not make amends,
let's give them the opportunity and that's still thinking you'll receive if you do choose to rollover out with a gift will be automatic but august fifteenth of you don't request a refund.
You're gonna get in them to your profile which is really exciting you don't even have to wait until dragon hundred twenty twenty one to go ahead and added to your membership it's beautiful i love it,
i'm by alberta send this out to follow along with the last moment feeling like i wanna gift to say thank you for sticking bypass.

[23:54] That would only be available through this opportunity because it is a true thank you to fans that it already pre-registered.
Umm no i don't have the event that they've signed up for so that canada to the logistic send the policies around that we are offering both obviously love roll over that with something and are awesome.

[24:16] Q with the people asking what can we give money to drag and kind and you know what session is on me would say no,
by rollover a good asian to help is not on the rollover bring a friend and 2021 let's really make it a party with make it a family reunion,
glad you switch to spend twenty twenty one and you will come another question out there bout uh oh.
If they can i purchase membership for two thousand twenty one like um use to do it at the time on saturday or sunday everyone is telling um for the next year.
Is that a possibility when will that be available if that's possible.

[24:58] That's a great question slightly complicated questions except up in the beginning when we should aim
what books do we announce the cancellation,
oh we had originally said that we're gonna place twenty twenty one memberships in saying i would be typically dead which is this sunday at the show
we like to not put them up for sale until that time because we want to minimize the possibility of confusion that somebody goes i'm good thanks for purchasing your the really pretty been extended.
And all sorts of special that she wanted to make sure it was really clear people do not get a membership to enjoy the virtual version of the show and all those things so.
Originally another thing we it come out with i'm with helping people that i didn't use the rollover understand that at the rate they paid we would not go any lower than that and twenty twenty one,
i'm it's tradition that we do what's the lowest cost of the year at the show and then a couple of weeks after the show.
I'm so we did come out with that is soon as we made the announcement to cancel is that sense of.

[26:06] The membership go on sale this sunday at dragon con which is the six,
i am however they will never go lower than the one fifteen price which was the price when we were asked when we decided to cancel because we're decided after,
all could be glad that we go up on prices at all during the process to be added price break that we missed we said no.
Just hold on to that was something else.
However we do love to listen to our people and we heard overwhelmingly sharp that people had an opportunity to a meeting we support dragon con.
I am understanding that this is gonna be you know in all honesty a couple years and when you have one show that you produce one event that you produce.
Properties not there and especially when i made the decision never will be three in august ten of things.
Are the fans really wanted to support on top of that um we are assessment of the.
How old are you the membership badges are also played into it so hard a lot from fans that.

[27:14] Oh my goodness is there anyway i can get a bad is there anyway i can get on that i didn't pre register some of the most heartfelt emails i have ever read was your father who got a purse and it was just straight out like you'll never forget.
I cannot you know i don't want to be that dad please,
i'm so before that first week after the announcement we did at talking turn on the fan made the decision that.
We offer badges at the door membership price which is a hundred and forty dollars.
Ummm and with that it's kind of a unique situation that's where it's a twenty twenty membership that immediately rolls over to twenty twenty one,
do you have the twenty one of them but still get the twenty twenty bad the small i meant tell you everything that we were all free as a thank you.
I'm so what kinda stuff too things that your fans and ability to help out in the support the show,
and also give the fans that really wanted the sender honestly i gonna wait until after show anyway which isn't an order that people were saying it will always find the door in case something changes or whatever.
I may just give them an opportunity to benefit from it so they can still do that and that's awesome i'm.
Show the other question result cannot how to you're going through all of this is also.

[28:32] What is the rollover they gotta go on the side of the gotta send a form buyout august first practice the refund i was trying to roby are right.
I want to say that everybody is as rachel has already said be patient which is important.
But also sign up there is a little place where it says you can click here for updates about the dragon card that website right now click for the announcements but also there's a way to signup for these remember already,
ya i get a lot of these e-mails by.
If you're worried that the baby my emails are there i have a new email or whatever you wanna sign up for because that keeps telling you stuff so.
And the other seniors win.

[29:18] Automatic roller goes up your gonna get an email would also be letting you know on the social media like to know what the dragon con site because then your.
Holly me off it's you know like way you said it happened on 8 15 eight twenty and i haven't gotten a email well check and make sure on the side that says yes all the roll overs are done now if you want.
What is that,
check the spam folder always who has died can their spam folder or anywhere hey so when this comes out about when the badgers are those twenty twenty be mailed out with are nice jose.
Hello hello hello hello hello my family i have no idea lol little gift umm but i gotta go up to saying hey with mail that all the badges so be patient.

[30:11] And just watch the social media watchdog page so you can know okay i haven't gotten it it's now december first i have gotta check the site now what contacts so.
Yes place is there be so we have to all of this sentence you know.

[30:29] February march patience is important as we all go through this and being flexible and figuring out new ways to do things i dont really want to learn how to play games on line now.

[30:42] I spend a lot of so yeah so that's really get recent what are the real question is what are the big things a lot of us in the truck started doin is for the money for charity.
Is there still going to be a charity,
you're not gonna be a charity this year that's okay no we are if there is some of it had the money will honestly go to big brothers big sisters however,
we made the decision after a lot of discussion that we just stop lying we thought they were gonna get.
Sure did unfortunately if we get best way of trying to do a lot of things virtual guide ebay auctions in years past we've done other online options we don't like the color of bulbs are so many different.
Things that were trying to do an overwhelming.

[31:33] Nothing like the in person experience could you get there you're the heart of dragon con you're excited around fans that,
i have similar interest to you including the charitable mind and medicine,
i love those things so we will be announcing guess i just did it because big sisters we'll be i'm our twenty twenty one and you gotta okay,
because we certainly want them to benefit fully,
i'm just like bitch your add to it alot of people are stretched thin at this point one i mean all these kind of things that we wanted to make sure that they had a absolutely pastor of yourself
can i get a twenty twenty wine and we'd we are some talks around if we could incorporate the double weather to roteador just because we are getting a lot of questions about that or doing one thing for me,
umm but like i said we all just felt strongly that.

[32:29] Yep i want them to have your did you know what's less than half a chocolate anticipate than what we normally go to the show yeah
what is it such a great group to yes and no drinking has been very generous and the passat matching stuff and when you're dumb,
you're a situation where your gonna be.
Let's be honest cash strapped a little bit it's not drink and so really in this position to do that so you right it's not it's not fair to two am.
Uh to be brothers big sisters is um huh.

[33:10] I'm glad that you enjoy that you get that you get the apple later but the way this is a mean people can go out and do that give it away so is it a reason why you cant on your own
i'm sure the audio links is that any of the track directors will be more than willing to share any pointers on how to do that um butter so it's it's enough
unfortunately there's lots of lots of people and there starting another person where i work we usually use to get better come.

[33:42] Play fun to charitable donations want to hear we moved up to her because where i am fortunate and where i work umm,
uh we're still functioning and i'm so they couldn't quarterly just because we know that the people that we don't we are the charities we sponsor
com need the money
desperately so if you have the means only know that everyone is it strapless vietnamese now that you're not going out very often so take that money to spend go out in give justin bieber let's reserve unit
and there are a lot how did it come back for twenty two and i'm glad that they come to twenty five what is the girls clubs are great really glad that
which month is it expensive big brothers big sisters and brothers big sisters would a registered nurse leaves can i put on go to dinner buddy
yes you can give it to united way and actually tell you where you wanted to go that happen so yeah speaking search big sisters
sorry boat spring doesn't always work out who bob.
But yes that will be great if you can do that but am really glad that twenty twenty one cuz it's always fun raise the money pass around a bucket with stuff and we will have and you said you're gonna have an FAQ.

[35:02] Drag on twenty twenty one i know our friends to help those with buttons and.
Speakers of things can we speak extract what we have open what is that what you have some.
Sticker twenty twenty one so i can't like that i can't wait to see that's what the austin we get excited about i think i need to take a chill pill at some point it's a when you say it like a sticker or something we are still created some march,
that was wierd pretty loud and clearly two from people is not only way to support but like my goodness,
how am i gonna make it through the year without withdrawing can she remembered raghu really excited about that so we will be on.

[35:49] Remove tonight here in the very near future and then throughout the weekend is specially i will say i have been sworn to secrecy however one of the items are coming out where it is my favorite thing we've ever produce,
never got me or well way better than the baby dragons i don't want the cat and will be away kayvon.

[36:11] For the secrecy let's see there might be some really interesting march that showed up on that site,
when can i expect you to that's means my husband is gonna have to watch it cuz it's electric directors are actually gonna be hoes for days.
Set up a great help as we rock this without rachel yes you are the best cheerleader you making all excited to thank you
anything we have it mentioned so talk about a brief overview three channel that's the tv it's free your twenty twenty rolls over to twenty twenty one unless you ask for refund what you can do on the site.
And you gotta get a bag because everybody likes to collect the raptors,
tell me something only other thing i could think one thing i forgot to mention but its on the update page that we talked about is there is still a giant question about hotel.
I'm not something that we did work really hard,
oh with because all the hotels are responsible for their own policy especially in a situation like this however all of hotels also did listen to alot of ur feedback and while there he hit a bit differently.

[37:21] They are really trying to work out what's best for the fam i am in so i love that still no updates page so do not who.
One thing or the other or i hurt to look at that updates page says we have gone every single gun feedback on if they change their policy the ritz i just change the policy yet today.
It's updated on the site already just so people can have the most up to date information in helping them figure out and it kind of is a high five some are doing cancellation refund a deposit,
summerlin over which seems to be that dumb.

[37:56] Most requested choice for dylan to go to the hotel hunger games you know this number of if it's not done yet what you doing quite the same in person
what's that seems to be the most popular but who all that hotels are handling a bit differently offering boat so i think people they have a question got updates page.
I think that's it for the information standpoint the only thing i felt i would want to say,
what is thank you no thank you to you for your time and for doing that um i know that it probably wouldn't benefit you to be like nah there's no person and cut what are you talking about is that.
What you offer to our fans in our community is tremendous in its something that.
I'm gets me excited gets me excited as sometimes i learned things i didn't and now it's really fun.
Who is the kings would a trolls what i really wanna know
regina reminder so that every year we dont want to talk about that but can i know if you listen to the others the secret that you wanna wait your look at the march page,
i do have one question though what if i paid you.

[39:08] There's hardly up yet i just we're ok no major plans if i want to close on this is your new home that we designed and built,
can my husband,
i made a joke about it one time cause he wanted a staircase and i couldn't do it because there is a staircase outside the door i thought that was actually redundancy.
Oh so he jokingly thinking that he was gonna get a staircase said oh yeah i wanna fireman.
What you don't know what a i just think that's fine will be like ok and be like.

[39:45] Maybe assist except the cost of a staircase really cheap in comparison to you like to birds when they come on,
i have a fireman pole that weekend you know i used to busting dis light on down the kids love it i actually am coming pictures on the pool,
i just feel like with her boyfriend sliding down your fancy like outfits and dresses others crazy.
Yes that is what i know that you can never miss her greatly when it was so funny he was absolutely totally and completely shocked when i said.
Choose a great idea if you never heard back and we both totally and completely in love with the coco.
Yes i got the same thing we doing isn't that interesting happen when i start most of it looks like it's going through a lawyer.

[40:37] Yeah i just wasn't articles out so i can i ask about it just thought it was really cool dragon dragon con people are the coolest people in the world this is a big city feel like i absolutely no it is a great part of the home,
inventive and creative and we don't challenge i could help.

[40:58] Press that is super cool cuz it's a real fireman to put it in like they were they thinking ahead to put it in through the front window
set the office it was a really need experience to watch the whole school was super cool art so drunk and goes live,
friday sometime around the end time no no okay you have a rewarding too late morning ok.
If i use cash alot for a good reason really knows it is issue and he is just trying to get
the question was not supposed to ask which is when is the rescheduled me up cuh hey i know is not yeah has already tried pushing gonna thursday saying and now you're pushing what was she really have of what
five tablespoons a tell me today's your dragon on yo on
batman go away cancel now you for your happy but i'm trying to seven days drunk on so yeah actually who do we have on the days when i getting this year on to next year is that possible
anyway so lonely night.

[42:12] Who did you already get a stock earlier i didn't want people of earlier episode who is yo are you talking about it.
How early can we tom how late do we stay in hyderabad managing all the zoom channel other people watching the dragon candles.
Enter cosplay ugh.
Showing off their cosplay but they are good so what was people doing their wedding have an excuse like well no now i have until i have to start again till next year.

[42:47] I think people next year can be seen the same thing when will yes writing down names so exciting thank you again i gotta start using that word has all of my life is currently studying but we are doing that some costume contests,
great than that i feel to mention on the main channel and to our social media yet we want to give to people because we do as we are seeing an already on the unofficial group of things like that,
people want to show off their best new creations we're gonna give them an opportunity to do that and the price is gonna be awesome,
where is it to see what they bring from you do some other fun things like this you can talk forever but i know we have a time may i pay
what you can do is when you can e-mail us and we'll make sure to tease it out all the time you know that we well it's out you can just throw this in say ok david joerger indigo in touch of the crazy people.
I didn't know that i'm always excited that you guys wanna be on thank you so where can people find follow all the information of the tag and becoming over the next few weeks.

[43:56] I'm always recommend follow us on our main social accounts to facebook twitter instagram are the three that we push the maturity of information out get in but also on the website so that updates page,
is kind of all of the incompetence in cancellation but we do plan on updating as we begin to get some higher level,
i'm angry may what kind of intoxicated weather would just create another page for virtual where we have lincoln schedule what kind of things that the people who is the event gets closer,
i'm so we are getting use the website as the hub but obviously push out through social media while getting many i also have this possible.
Accident ahead and just let you know i'm on that site right now lol you're on like at least some type of a laptop probably i haven't tried it on the phone yet.

[44:45] What is in the bottom right corner where it says updates,
and now i feel another little tip that says request a refund by august first so it's not accurate at all listed so yeah
yep rachel compare results back you for joining excite appreciate you taking time as i know this is sad because it make this decision take a zoo decision lightly because of one difference i um
we appreciate appreciate u guys honesty,
no openness and doing everything you could to try and make it happen and then uh when i make lemonade outta these lemons everything and didn still giving.
Ugh the community um something to look forward to in these times.

[45:32] Move a little differently still absolutely think the democrats are on are appreciated.

[45:39] Thanks for being an on and john oates the game today now so you know she didn't want her dinners getting cold.

[45:48] Would a status of much appreciate what your doing and i can't wait to hear you are arrested but not with john trying to give me an extra day been trying to get util.

[45:59] Yo on.

[46:05] So so i guess i just turn about is fair play then so until next time.
For rachel emily this is jon saying peace this has been a production of the you need cake.
Leave a comment or suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go or email the pics that you need click dot com.
Move the fuck on twitter.
That's is the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons share like non commercial license.

[46:42] Music.