Days Of Dragon Con 2020 - Day 3 - Virtual Tunes

2020, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Focus here,
stay tuned to the end for especially when we will be spending a couple of tunes from your special guess yes i said spinning um.
Should i attend if you happen to be a dragon con band or know someone who is and who also would like for us to showcase a two and the future days of podcasts for this year because you know
um probably invite drinking and milk and go somewhere but i'm dropping select,
with a link to the song and band page you have the confirmation other side of road fifty days add unique numbers five zero
he's add unique
ghjk dotcom again if your friend know something about will try to go bit more for the community through these podcasts come by featuring
register to um coming up as the moles they send the menu again for you to eat or pastor img esther guess that was a um supposed to go this year you can go i really kinda get their
the whole train community feeling email.
That's what we're looking for so until next time when is the next time actually i really like that so whatever i gotta listen to this one ugh featuring some new friends.
Thanks please i 'd one.

[1:29] Music.

[1:38] Yo on
how yo are
this is nicky.

[2:02] Welcome to another you know who is driving time and joining me as always is a,
the hand quarantine one,
hey how are you john i understand that you send a movie with kevin to avoid.
All these years i move and it's been very hard to be in this pattern but its really nice my husband and he blinked out.

[2:36] Not quite and in the end are still outside.
Yeah yeah i like you did that how many dl time has time has no meaning if it was a relative before it certainly relative now
uh yeah so those things right connery still happening.
Yes i can be a virtual dragon con hear my stuff that happened before nap.

[3:03] Hey and yes so hoping yes can i have an upgrade we are gonna have a masquerade that's awesome.
I hate the hell isn't gonna end in nearest movie with title this later but i did know one thing preview about what's gonna be in the store i think that she start selling today,
let me know the store the other two prenota preorder of the others out there's a special edition licker available.
Are there was a record cold.
Something something something alcoholics do enjoy it play has anybody this is exactly what this seems that got how old i am but i know the bottom.
Yeah i know what's going to crystal pepsi weird.
Christopher yes i'm was really weird and you know i could be the original dragon con what time you walk around.
And people are at talking and singing making weird thing that virtually no what would you say to purchase a walking route we will see these virtually.

[4:15] When is the louisville hooters performers and you know what what were we have other performers do we want to have a really big band with the lady that we have.
What's that.

[4:27] What is the filter you know what i'm gonna turn that over to amber who is the asshole every single year like is the wait don't know where the library and turn it over to amber hi how are you.
Hey how are you know i'm good you.
You have to ask and one of the very first pianos that we always do every dragon as what is still not working so i do it this year.
We will be doing that shit yo compre.
What ya working on our truck schedule for a going on line right now how and as we lead up in time we are trying to plan out at nice,
one livestreams concerts a week will i wanna wait before can really cool.
Add welcome will you amber go ahead.

[5:21] I forgot to amber and it should be on my credit card paid and your facebook page jesse one that schedule comes out which it is not yet amber winter is coming out she just told you know what,
hello bot no free bread some you got some gas with you did you.
Yes i did we gotta listen to your heart and chris webber of the night sabres with us.
Hello play yo no no if you got the film hey amber what is the shelf.

[6:02] We are the music of fandom,
i would like to say that we are driving cons open mic in room we we invite everyone and anyone in your open faults where anybody can you perform and then we also have performers think so.
Yes you do and who chris webber is so how long have you been built how do you get into it.
Will it depends on if u can't when people started telling me that i was a good ad not music i started performing in two thousand seven doing lot of festivals and stuff with you all products
and then sorta moved on from that into my solo current project color red in large man i was doing your origins and john conner,
songs of help i required documents and cosplay and all kinds of things like that but nobody would really like to talk to me about this concept.

[6:57] When i first heard about it it seems like the people were talking about at that time,
where can i find you very near it sounded like oh focus specifically hades who is committed and it's it's it's super super nachos like well.

[7:15] Qualifies for some of the things i do what i want to do a lot of serious stuff and medical question is about more reality instantly that i wanna be with to dragon con
not doing some ohio valley feel festival in conflict out in washington and realized it.
Is exactly what i do i don't have to provide community and it's been really nice be welcomed in.
I don't like that and i like that but it did i wouldn't know until add another comedy itself but yes there is a very deep learning,
back to the board and choke back a will how do you get involved and help and how long will you know.
Well u know what funny enough a similar story that i didn't know that i was doing was that basic pro while i know the title but so it kind of going back a long time ago um because i'm an old man now so two thousand.

[8:08] CD from an old band here that was two thousand eleven it wasn't the first city buses because the man power otherwise and we like a lot of anime conventions and such,
add we that was the one here in nashville memphis to seattle a commission act.
Add day one you decide they want to book like twelve bands but they has like zero budget outside to put up with the liners,
hey play this show that you know who five thousand people added of course as a back yes you say yes to that and i removed your identity about when the order is weird because we knew the girl looking at adm find out and linda,
nice work on AWS and some other things like that.
And also about jackie chan that's close to the maze i suppose no move forward without start looking a lot with them and where.
Are we going to atlanta but i don't want to play de mo con a really long time ago is that band but anyway um eventually the bank you to play and funny enough i started going to dragon con it's just somebody who wanted to discover the kinda cool.

[9:11] And fast forward quite a number of years them empire was kind of on our last leg,
we are playing a show in nashville indiana carol of all people who you know works andrea now with everything you have the car there,
hi dad we love you like you wasn't just like a support and guidance always play me so you don't need to play dragon card and i said why do.
Another big enough for that exhausting and course of the japanese like that and he was use too loud for the baby play acoustic.
Fast forward to my new band the current downtime at night saber switch the light stick.
Somewhere along the line i got confused and i forgot about trying to get on dragon cardinals going every year,
and then we discovered the fill track unlock more about a baby to three years ago,
that's what i said no i'm on a mission i'm gonna do this and then last year we play shows with a couple different bands or interacting and networking with people that were involved with that,
can i said i want does the oregon although somehow never gonna do it gonna do it concluded that will put in a frame it should i suppose and she was our first year playing in the band any was wonderful and the best inventions ever had,
what we will be back anywhere that they will have a sitter you have a wonderful have a beautiful.

[10:30] Open up the mute and you know that a lot of kind people one,
what you got banned lol so i don't know if you want him to do that if anyone ordered into the tracking light how it's my people,
where can i wondered in the dragon card many many years ago.

[10:52] Which was a ninety six or you can add a CD from two thousand eleven bottle that is what,
i know even on the field thing funny enough one of the main stage performers a dragon con was encouraging as to how you was a weird talking to him about what we do you need to be in the phil chrome at the very least that's what you do and i was like well,
i never really thought i help you yes i want people encouraging that if nothing else i think that was good,
remember you you are already talk to you can be pretty understanding why that bitch so,
when you are your own dragon con what your running your crack a versus what is on maybe.
When do the penn state water your do feel warm and whatever else about how do i usually go for younger.
No i am not your other group have a solid mixture ugh,
concerts and open pallets and then also panels and workshops we can really deep into some DIY musicians panels workshops everything from you.
Recording and mastering on a budget in your home too even just that the business though musician i love.

[12:15] We had really great responses from a kickstarter who are there to make them successful.
Um yes i will really kind of looked at the diy musicians are the programming and then into the afternoon and evening we going to concerts and then we have open that usually start,
after concerts and sometime this is a little bit of overlap depending on whether or not we can get a bigger room,
tell me about concerts add to the night sometimes three thirty four in the morning.

[12:50] Very cool thank you have a question a minute ago when i went first so yeah yeah so that's a no stress lots of very cool instrumental in the background there what is it that you play in hell do you actually start playing.
I primarily do guitar and vocals but i also incorporate some ukulele an auto harp into my show is right now i play a variety of instruments because i am a certified music therapist
how hey why did my AMI training for that um my masters i need two thousand new.

[13:23] Sorry turn the thing back in again time is roger federer brother moved up to cleveland to work at babies and children's hospital there as a music festival,
that was lame as the woman that i started doing the project then started performing and i'm got to a point where i just needed to be.
Put in my own ways out there a little bit more into music therapy it's really all about getting the client to share their boys and their needs and will yourself back in and being behind that boundary and i need it to have a little more of me out there and so i started doing a lot more.
Performing very cold.

[14:02] Will it what should i listen to follow up questions just let what is so music therapy what what is it in a nutshell what would it what is that.
Music have psychology okay umm you know people respond different modes of therapy CE might of heard of,
happy therapy or movement therapy or writing poetry therapy thing
any kind of mentality you can imagine it probably exists somewhere a little more organised than others so like for music and art therapy they have degree programs you have to be trained and certified to practice.
So i would use music would like adolescence or in the hospital,
and i really struggling to say what they are feeling but if you help them write a song about it or a create a musical instrumental part that can express what they are feeling without having to put words to it all,
that works pretty well that's that's that's what are some current events and later question for you window how did you get started from.

[15:02] Man general solat dumber than that so cool he's a good music happy and so my music therapy is listening because i just submitted a,
that's kinda where comes from those but just when i was younger i was second grade ugh,
i discover kiss from my dad's old records we talk it's me to the family apart.
And i always start it starts and ends with testimony even though we don't like you but would the later in i decided to play guitar and my dad got me this like.

[15:36] I don't like the off brand almost BC rich looking redwarrior lucky electric guitar that i still wanted to stay,
can you tell he's my son got banned cuz you can see where they are taking those like stickers off the oklahoma kid literally feel like metallica anthrax stickers on their like intake the weather,
add hotstar to play,
and i was very good musically man i'm still not but i was told i was good at being front man.
Surrounding myself better since the few updates so it wasn't a college that really like hit me that i think i should play some eighties songs i had a.
Next song writing class of all things.
What is the format really good and one of the extra credit things we had was to go to an open mic will be asked,
and perform editing and i didn't know how that was gonna go because i didn't think i could really saying your my plain was possible because clearly saying but.

[16:34] How to be something other personality to make people laugh at the very least that wasn't the question from day one hand up i play two songs at the open mic.
Add that were not exactly g rated and almost got banned from the place and my teacher said that that was amazing me extra double ugh extra credit,
i will never forget the cody tell me so you can find and microphone of people don't like you on that stage so i got popped and can see it from day one because of am because it just is the one that stood out like a recognize that funny enough,
when are you from the manpower to play an outside show that same coffee house,
when is like outside series thing they had in again realize i was the same person with a number so they wanted to cancel the show last minute but there are a lot alike.
Who is gonna be the same tradition every sense of just like ive.
Generally not gotten five people that can be my music better than me and some i feel good.

[17:34] So my bills aren't strong and some other bills i make sure have good people with nick haynes senior producer playin i know that and that's always been a good thing is that is being a good artist is
bring your own flaws and going from there in the meantime i'm gonna have actually have alyssa talk to chris stewart.

[17:52] Doggiestyle the steam because he seems to be having some good asian one is just know what my flight's off
i'd like the heart and a microphone because that is probably how i found it.
No put in quote who quit hey what can i do if you were with the repair would he never mind go ahead.
Show me what you're doing with a what's up so what time is it in amber you talked about like open help what she did.
I understand that you've explained it to import wizard time when people do command and a start.

[18:39] Cooking out lyrics were yeah you can do it cuts like open mic but it also open to other people and go yet.
Show olivia how are you done yet one have u what was how do you get like ideas for songs a honeymoon order.

[18:55] Several broad question if that number is the weather where you guys do the work can be done have to do anything.
Yeah you like that williams for the open preferences yeah so that i participated in some open fields and,
well sometimes i will sing something i often go to just listen because when i m onstage no im doing a lot of songs playing lot out there and i like a chance to listen to what other people have to say and just relax and let it flow over me,
What is far as i am come from everywhere so i was trying to think through the last several songs that i posted recently from one of them is about my emotional roller coaster during a pandemic,
who one is about cookies from when is the wedding donald trump needs to be put in a corner and given a time out.
What is about gypsy nomadic lifestyle so it's just things that i'm going through during the day throughout me in some way but when something sparks a strong feeling for me as there might be a kernel of a song in there i should.
Job down like a rope i love the one about kukie can i go and look that one up but it could you option.

[20:13] So yeah that delete i'm do you have a band on the really in love meaning it wont band linkin got you started in the shower for an upcoming trip.
Is jason making board games is probably the largest single category for me so i thought hey are there a lot of your culture things but definitely board games,
i've been or game since i was young and could hold pieces in my hands sometimes we say that's why my parents had two kids because then you have foreign that's the perfect number for doing,
um i think who is play games and then all of a sudden it was like we.
I can write about those and i can have insights about board games instead,
i have a song about understand how the clip switch your familiar with the link you gave me get really involved and know that you're military and you build up your research in that can you get to hannahs dislike.
I can you to do nothing for the last round where i can attack you for all i'm worth and i'm not generally that style of player especially when it's just me and my husband but with that game it's just like our baby throw down
anything else you know somebody stole a quick follow up question what's your current dumb quarantine for game.

[21:32] What car name for america.
We could you make that move from castles of making good because a response from my birthday so we've been exploring that one in mind games with people out of town so i will play are and.
Photographers things like that they would help her study would you like to have you done the open help and.

[21:57] How do you decide what you're gonna lighten about william unfortunetly have never made it to an open field can i hate myself organized,
i want it all because of it netflix that everyone is human call dan again he a,
are those listening home videos working mines not really cool here is what your asking i know that she got any way ud,
yeah we know about like you knows about because genre are in the band as a collective we didn't know about the open thing honestly last year when we were flying for the first time,
and we are completely over saturated yourself last year not because of the bill people here but there's a couple shows now great we'll decide to book handles and events would like every track possible in helping out with,
add that to our plan in place with side with them and also had like something crazy like fifteen events by the end of the weekend when we make it a lot of fun stuff that we wanted,
where do you have anything with tyler but nothing extra for the most part yeah right,
i would like to see cyber punk three that was really cool we got the part of one to mikey makes sense set so that was really.

[23:10] Hey are is writing the songs kind of the same thing i did write about like you know music at the staples website is right about crazy and stupid stuff like,
cats and ice cream,
and sushi and have fun call dad and video games and comic books that can make that that's why we are use red bud anything that comes to mind i would usually those things and,
what's in the steak so we can go with that i don't like these pants are too serious of music has,
yes place and i think its great but that's not what i wanted when i create my music in my bio if you wanna call it that.
What was the previous repairs what about cookies and another one about ice cream and i'm really happy about that that's a problem that had the perfect combo song.
No i'm good ready that it um no.
Question no why can't i connect to amber and dad ask you from last year if it will start got last year it um did anything happen last year that didn't really kind of way that you are expecting,
maybe a piano that when i feel better than normal.

[24:22] Oh we actually had the first time thursday night programming last year we had the heating maidens i'm pi your guide so i actually did the piano,
about feminism in film,
move the date was amazing and made it was thursday night it was the first time that we did programming and we had seventy four people.
How many tyrone thursday night was amazing and the contact was also just absolutely blew me away from where do you try and expand out and not just to do a concert.
Yeah but there's only so many times that i can you know kind of saying we need a bigger room and now we should a director knowing where i was that.
All the time but yet but not like the ultimate playground virtual com alexa yes.
Very good i'm that's the one thing that sounds like just the most amazing thing i'm so mad ok how long he is the director and you know that's true,
i okay no like that tho.
Right ok because people get that no ones lamp on who.

[25:45] I have another question john do you have a question i don't have the questions you have.
What about the different question you've been different questions so you know what boy you miss most about dragon con this year about not being in it's normal.

[26:03] Position old the community yeah yes the community we build our little corner and kind of GE.
Where is how we yeah i won't be able to our traditional silken cookies will i get custom cookies made with all of the bands i tried to grab a beer with you,
add a pinch of the bands that we had got as performers for the year and make it hanging out all through the weekend.
Yeah just sitting around in a wheelchair quote me but testing out using facebook ads for our house verbally but.
It is just isn't the same as sitting around and those rather painful tears after a couple of hours what's the address.

[26:57] How do i figure out how to make the most comfortable
i can be which is like the longing i feel for a long that will take four seven four
what's the number for yep nope yep i'm good a recommending your gonna miss about your last parent goodbye
i'm aware keen as a lot of things to do over four days so i.
Update what you can expect that to be a man or a pill or whatever,
i'm gonna miss setting up twenty five events to beat myself from last may i know your not having a lot of it is more the people the party is back to the,
the people aspect can be kind of it can be anything from the people that use ios friends.
Even like them like i keep getting them it's all about the interactions stuff.
I wanna miss all that mean again you can have this virtual stars and hangout but you can't like.

[27:58] You know share a drink with your buddy you both can do that through video i'm supposed good night light.
I am getting the feeling that i really am gonna miss seeing a lot of the other bands because you know we now see.
As many last year in the previous years where i went i was not a member of and that's almost why did all day was watch music it was great like good.
I would like a music festival minus all the pretentious like a loser something so yeah.
What will the back benefits the CFO there and i you need and click on that for me to get kind of on the drinking that's with dragons known for both its like where else in the world news,
walk into a cvs within open to drink and they don't even look at you weird that cbs that's in the middle everything right next to the aisle.

[28:46] Yep say i'm gonna miss all that stuff for sure i must have missed we are traditionally always on the wednesday the can,
add go to the wooly switch is not really close to atlanta and get a bunch of clients and stop store,
rob and posters and stuff so i miss that is well but i just the whole experience and the people in five days.

[29:08] Okay no like your bot yep.
Yeah i think the meeting new people and new filters add yours ago was the first time that i perform the dragon con
and after the amazing show after we've been drinking really heavily what is the height lobby and was hanging out with them is being made new from other things
i'm and also provide food was the first time i have met them
can i have my guitar with me and we just started jamming in the highest like one AM i'm saying god can no california dream and and chaplin and stuff like that and not ended up.
Play a show when the product is came out to do a post or last year i played a show with brooklyn NY one out who who are the very beginning of this year i am in played a show with them in portland self it's just you know.
It's not that kind of connection you can really make when you see somebody a.

[30:08] The biggest thing in this film anytime before is it the people
goodnight back on break can you believe in the theory walking around with what is called the getaway from ohio which is really very much.
What was that no it will be in the people and the people maybe you only the one order buying new items every year i need a medium.
And well i mean that everything between you and and that is now apart of my family and one of the state so the name is john you have a,
when is the lamb which is why i got the stickers who ru family last year is it.

[30:57] What's the sorry wake me up sorry is cuz i don't think i'll get back to you did not yes and i wanted to receive their awesome and who's going broke.
I had a bad winter and i bought them for my aunt and giving him.

[31:17] I had a date not only did the bad words but their head pictures of things that sometimes you can.
Yeah you gotta get on a specialty store
am i hangout with like hot and wet oh i forgot that one was in there so yeah ok find the coloring book is wearing is carrying along with hey
i love you i have my own to i get that.
I made it very very cool i'm used to i think i can hold that one out and put it on my refrigerator stop hey we are with our little bit of code you are in the new.
I'm amber what are the things that you're talking about i know why i think about meeting people so what i'm how many people will be able to find out.

[32:13] Put a band the show and things like that you know hey there how are they being able to pray hey here's where you are.

[32:22] Well with all of our livestreams we will be or displaying a error that the bank cache whatever that perform once during the livestream,
and then as we go through all the concerts will have all of their social media,
presents link our heater within the comments are in a post onto itself and sad.
Yeah just facebook live is going to be at one of my friends also are you tube channel will be proceeding on twitter,
but its just more economical ti live stream channel costs between you tube and facebook only.

[33:02] Okay no okay record.
Hello know when the part of the firework shop inc what are you guys bringing him the world for doing that for you tho lol how do people find out about your new brick where can i work what can i buy.
So you can go to singing lol,
start com you can use to target of spells could a got that has everything that has a link to the music that you can stream for free or purchase of a band camp i'm it has,
concerts the upcoming you know primarily on line stuff right now hopes my background all that good stuff and right now there's little blurry but the top about my paycheck because i'm wrapping up a one month the book pro campaign,
i am getting lots of bonus albums for people.

[33:53] Are very cool and ok create your friend how do you have people find out about you and white papers,
yeah we don't have like a really good one stop website unfortunately but not in the normal stuff but probably be easiest when is the band camp that you can stream and buy everything there but that big light sabres that band camp dot com,
how many points did the facebook twitter youtube instagram all that.
I will probably of the people with the post on instagram sleep goodnight saying there's really help.

[34:24] I see you again what would you think are working on some stuff finally we can take a break with all this quarantine stuff too but we are working quite a few projects right now including one that.
When does arizona feel be out of work not a charity event we're gonna be donating the money to activities.
Is that something that we're going to help a lot of people won't be about what i want to make sure i heard that you hear about good night.
Yes please add yes i said hey
can i hear a friends story yet simple and perhaps because your am gonna be doin that you know is that i cant quite yet so no one's better than we are going to be releasing them for a week or two before dragon con self.

[35:08] Open bulb either stephen me personally but outside the bad i've been doing a lot of streaming on twitch recently with video games when we get a feel which means i can make money on marriage is great.
Who are you go to twitch dot tv back slash kimchi like im t like the green suit under scoring game,
and what you can find me so i'm all over the place i wouldn't want others i got too much going on appetite saber so that's what we're mostly streaming on twitch game.
Right now be mainstay game as you can to zero because it's insane and crazy,
i also been doing some retro stuff i'm actually starting a new assignment this wednesday call with the weed wednesdays like we like and i found mine but like i told retro like to make games in starts next week.

[35:55] Okay i meant not that event which you have a very happy that i can read people are here with me and you don't have the lights stop and go back and that and everything else and have obviously.
So how is it over to the uni ki dot com on this post to find those links more to find out more about these books.
I am speaking with me have just a couple minutes left so i want to i want to do outward into this year which is reggaeton yes.
I found this five dollar book called awesome social media quiz quizzes and i'm sure that it will all be accurate.
So this morning i take to get there is a what is craze are you.
So me to ask a question you guys tell me what letter best fits the answer for you in the mood to go through the request it will not let me know what is crazy you are at the end of this friday so would quickly can we implement but.
What is your favorite thing about the eighties is at a the games be the hairstyles see the fashion d accessories or the music will start video amber.

[37:16] I gotta go with the music i was sent the baby and the first to ever waste if you alyssa.
Do you know where here is,
red criss are there we go music as well and more specifically more recently i wanna highlight then snail from motley crew because it's got the looks pregnant that's my favorite part of the yankees leave what's up.
I would like to know what the music is well did i know that.

[37:50] I will print our chat so i question number question number two what is your favorite eighties tv show facts of life.
Dukes of hazard movie problematic keep rooster night or cosby show so probably problematic number.

[38:10] Punky brewster all the way i wanted to beat her alexa.

[38:16] You have to go cosby show me chris i'm gonna go at night cuz it sounds like night sabres play.
I hate that you take to go to take the bad hey i am so so the question number three if you could bring back one popular eighties food what would it be would be the pop.
Begin to tab pop rocks or putting it in bob's.
Amber springer the i know right house.
Sorry lol so i think as we here but i also gotta say pretty.
Chris had i'm gonna go ahead pop rocks it's very eighties okay.

[39:04] I'm feeling that we can't find nothing anymore so yeah nvm.

[39:09] I did not want to play anymore until all the fun i want someone what is your favorite all-time eighties movie,
is it ghostbusters back to the future sweet sweet sweet candles sixteen candles were trying to say weird science or footloose.

[39:28] Amber out of those choices i can i gotta go to sixteen handles currently.

[39:36] I'm sorry what what who duje of people that i meant to go probably back to the future back to the future.
I have a go to kristen for going backwards not well the question is wrong because purple rain in there because i did things that are there gonna go sports tickets and alyssa take weird science.
Who are you.
What's playing on that i learned and what's going from the sounds like something you'd say righteous normally totally dumb or psych amber.

[40:18] Turn on delay i dont get out and completely shoes alyssa same here totally.
Yes i still send dark side of the gotta and the lady.

[40:34] Yeah yeah i have already filed less the black pink song hits two adults kinda similar.
Re adjust the time to do two more of these actors handle this what movies are in row.
It was best in the eighties was a comedy horror romance or action will start with you amber.
Oh comedy tesla certified was not great.

[41:07] I only made it to age ten so i can watch a lot of horror romance but i'm not gonna say comedy or chris.
Help me break into electric bill is pretty dope submit a comedy.
What are my absolute trust in rome and when everytime you know dat the bro man that sadly all they're good to go surf in the bar not.
Other than alien what are other things up you can never get anyone to wrap up a and give up everything.

[41:43] I don't want to start.

[41:46] Already activated so good just realy quick about that website one more time.
Singing lark dot com new york dot com thank you find all of it's there and i'm thinking because i didn't think i could.
Now yeah but what are and then re if you heard what i ordered that one yeah light sabres dot band camp dot com.
Dot com hey amber where you put it up and dont forget early people really know what the total gonna b for the cart and going on another.
Will be promoting on our facebook i drank on film music and art twitter.
And also are you tube channel i drank one pop music.

[42:45] Try to contact music author a cure now i'm still telling math is hard to follow and understand all this done,
are you who are you gonna say that we are uniquely dot com the podcast.
We are still made to anybody looking family thankful that you wanted to come back here even though it's gonna be a very different.
I'm bout it gonna be a credit card and departing heard you hurt people are gonna be there on doing.
I have done all i can you better have on bally star players so that they.
Um alright so it looks like the number u r.

[43:36] Fanny pack.

[43:39] Hey hey come back and style the alexa play more.

[43:48] Add the twitter the user.

[43:53] And christina boom box that makes sense and you are also.
Yo are we so rarely help bring the leg warmers or the hot pink one and the.
When was my last day so it says hello fashion the stuff you're hot on the social scene in your mix
you have to mix and every party if facebook facebook facebook yesterday facebook where around the eighties you had thousands of friends,
purpose of the fanny pack you have been very eighties but the nerves of yesterday or today's entrepreneurs and appreciation for you to select few friends.
Ask truth and rely on a small group of close friends miller making sure i don't know is that true uber.

[44:42] I'm you don't fit in the mainstream well that's probably true
no care what so i last pump up the volume for the boom box
you are an eighties music by with a dedicated group of friends and you're going to have a great sense of humor if you consider yourself an up and coming star,
add picture i don't know i think i'll try it open so yeah,
alright again thank you guys for joining us i appreciate you taking the time outta your day to do this from,
and again please so these artist and the others at home and drink and you don't like supporting dragon con um it's important it's a difficult time for everyone,
and um what is in washer hands were a mask i travelled there is.
Get me a map what's your hands like your mother is watching you exactly so i see it.
Set up a dinner with video cameras on now they still want this problem.
So until next time for amber melissa chris's family this is john saying peace.

[45:59] Unlock the damn door mat.

[46:06] Hey folks i'm here again has promised in the beginning of the show we do have a couple itunes to play for you a boy is gonna be rihanna's large.
I can get more information on ralph lauren over at our.
H a n n o n s l a r k dot com or you know whatever to the niki can get links from their other but is there official website um so.
We get this to you it's bout a game that is in ruins friendships other alternate said there's a good time.
I'm gonna go shower and his only is her but.

[46:50] Insert something witty dinner anyway here is sheep for word from rihanna in germany.

[47:02] Music.

[50:27] Join again so elegant introduce myself retirement you been listening this far you probably know i am next up we have a light sabres,
i'm gonna course you can find more info on it goodbye heading over to the uni ki dot com and looking at the.

[50:46] Delete that this post this like it on this podcast and whenever,
something like that and you can head over to night sabres dot band camp dot com um that's and i the sabres SABER is.

[51:04] Got band camp.
Dot com um and a check-up and she got two more information more links again available over at the uni ki associates this tune is,
who did that are passing aggressive beast that normally is roaming around your house um.
It's cold everything's better with cats i enjoy.

[51:30] Music.

[54:03] This has been a production of the united kingdom.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the fuck on twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[54:26] Music.