Days Of Dragon Con 2020 - Day 4 - Virtual March

2020, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Computer computer or do things our municipal water and then i will yell.

[0:08] I thought that.

[0:19] Hey please let me know.

[0:28] Music.

[0:38] Yo on,
yo on.

[1:01] Music.

[1:07] Tuna fishing tho.
X to the power of the dragon con and joining me as always from her money back cave.
It's me a good ace,
switch it that came only because its a smaller area it's not me because im sure i just let me know that's what you say she bring up old grey white man,

[1:39] Okay mami a single person saying let's get on is it looks very good on you and i actually really like that,
um thank you but uh what is a hoe there something new today jon what is that ok no you put on spotify,
are you play some spotify yes yes i know if i do not have a direct apparently i did i thought about it years ago well at the very least last year,
but um no apparently not so yeah some spotify now so is there something that's big and it keeps please put it on.
Send us an email cuz you said am leaving see if it's on facebook or any social media llc only text me telling me they think something is working
i am currently on social media lockdown just cuz of my mental health there is so much means so but everything is going pretty good i have
my present you're going to record one of mine i have the dragon drink what is about to be in the night,
set be sending that and it's suppose to be a reminder to moderate in the room in the room make do forget headcount.

[2:53] Sheriff sweater is not turning people away from the door yeah right so yeah we're gonna do headcount you know it's so funny
hello what are the things that i always felt funny is people like why do you have account limit for the parade you know what account limit for membership like,
what is the parade figured out that so many people can sit down the street in an hour,
atlanta doesn't get that added to verify that or tell me that i am completely wrong and from that i can get paid,
hello jay how is my saturday morning or saturday morning meetup with jane,
i know i would have,
i would actually i had scheduled myself this year last year i wasn't able to help or hurt the cats which is gonna make it but i got the other people and it will it go straight there
jon what is was trying like i'm so sorry could be there heard that because i saw him before i saw you and john was like yeah,
we had people at a place in arlington white girls catholic friend what's really good deal the only feel like people will people know or.

[4:08] Does professor of the rest
that was good because by time i get better family get to jan they straighten themselves out okay we're gonna write sorry sorry danielle williams
no so what is yeah i never has people to do that for her exactly right that's why she,
i just encourage you to turn so soon,
sorry can you just jump how many years have you been doing dragon con from here to help you do in the parade from.

[4:45] From the safety of your what year is this for the last track of time,
this is because the nineteenth and you'll transcribe hey um i have been involved since two thousand four yeah,
that sounds about right would you use some help chahyie saturday mornings so right,
are you open up you should go and he gets a megaphone it's a really fun to try and it in yours what is the next year we're all calling,
pick your dragon con twenty twenty one up to twenty USD annual bread,
that's right so you know so this year we're doing like a very cool virtual thing next year we'll be back on the streets bigger and better.
Who is ever been what will know when you say bigger or better i have to ask that me more than three thousand people are still light,
how are more common working on that i'm working on that and we have we have more than three thousand people moving out we will,
what is your limit there people ask me about that not feel like i think.

[6:04] So yeah we did general generally try to keep it.
Somewhere around thirty for thirty five hundred people
i miss play because zoe mentioned before we know that we can get that many people down the street and then off the route and time to open
the city streets backup.
You know it was for not doing that up but no lights or deadline to get everybody off the streets basically um,
im not resolve the spectator and opening up is barricade intersections yep its a hoe thinks that if that's where our physical limitations number of people,
john new about ask question what the layout for no reason we have the giggles all three of us where there was no there's no reason for him but we all day so just the bottoms look for grazie,
i love snow so this year obviously hes gonna be it's gonna be different um how are you,
block me way to many secrets gonna give away all the secrets but how you doing up.

[7:17] Call the thin where and when can we see the parade this year when they were aware but.
We're working with the wizards FDC TV production is there going to be produced cnn editing the final product
that will hopefully feel why are the no coverage that we see from dc to bury your complete with announcements and commentary.

[7:46] I'm bobby stream it on saturday morning,
hey m during the wee hours and how you can participate is pretty easy we wanted to give everybody who works no they work so hard.

[8:04] Are you sure to put together things for the prayer just cross playing during dragon con so we wanted to give them away to showcase what they've done.
Hope we have a little fun mother during that time so if you would like to participate in the red you sent me a short video clip or photographs and color,
up yours how you pick the location you pick what you wanna do you if you want to set up your you're dumb.
Action figures as a red spectator watching you can do
any update that you want your vehicles and people will i make it look as much like the real greatest possible about everybody will have a different background most likely it will see how that works out
you submit that the us and then we put together a parade based on what you should get it from jennifer,
and the deadline is august seven to get that and we do have a website that has a very easy
friendly little swarm that you can upload your photographs video clips in it also has the other information about the details about what you need to do and how you should how it should work.
Um i think the only thing that got on me is that vehicle should not.

[9:30] Go across the screen at faster than five miles an hour no less you just wanna look like a blur yeah that would that would be that yes yes.
Will there.
What alexa said i'm sorry we're still try not to talk over each other cuz were you thinking what is the things i wanted to say you said DC tv is going to edit all of this together to make it look like.
Add a continuous parade instead of clips and i just started a baby yoga bless DCT because i.

[10:08] Every night i say keep them in your thoughts dear pasta god hey there.
They are amazing and i have a pretty heavy lift this year you'd a bigger than normal looking for any brownies are the easiest least painful way by making sure everything's fucked up and hotels.
Yes the trainers i got set up a bedtime movie could be useful for how to train turn on that time that they put no that's checkout so they don't put the wires dance that's the difference there.
Yeah looking guys wanted to say about the videos video clips people are reducing themselves is obama.
And vegetables.
You know think about five second clip bear short of groups where is la need more time to make sure that we get everybody that participated on the screen and even though the members of your group or not located.
Go away together right you can't for this number.
Just pay speaking all do their own short video clips and then we would prefer that one persons submit all of them at one time what is is there can you find where we can put them together when we get them
i would be concerned if um.

[11:34] I just feel bad that zillable be pretty cool if you doing that kinda like panel mode,
will you see if all the participants are you just a screening of deadpool yeah extending the larger groups are looking at your resume um.
We have we had a new facebook,
group we set up specifically so your cv is a participating and that and that is the dragon con.
Virtual for a twenty twenty.

[12:11] Can we also have a DCT website which includes a form that you can upload,
on and that he is at h the ps.
Cohen slash slash upload that dragon con that TV slash bread.
So that's a bear short uniform and very easy to do and it's basically tell jordan that life is good and just looking for uniform and how people are
are my
show menu themselves but there's no like requirements for any kind of special equipment or anything else you can use your smartphone or your point she your whatever you had,
i want the film video clips or send an existing photographs or something maybe i don't know photo shoot that south.

[13:06] Will and i love that cuz that's gonna be really fun especially with the group that i can be creativity of dragon people,
attendees members members the parade,
members everybody it's just gonna be i can't wait actually just say yeah especially cuz i still have a voice around twelve yeah on saturday,
yep i can we have a couple of things that we can allow this year that we normally camp hopewell,
marching in on peachtree and not one of them is something that we get inquiries about every year yes,
since you're gonna be filming wherever you're so mean yourself if you ever wanted to ride a horse in the parade
i want to be your are you have and if you wanna throw if you wanna throw candy to you action figures.

[14:01] Yes yes yes but was missing what,
you can you can throw at you know how to place it in their hands you can throw it back taking a lot of people i am looking for sparkle and glitter and newport house is gonna look like a craft store the roof
yes yes yes yes but have to contend with traffic lights and the streets time,
the guy across the street the roadway spell wanna fly the kites are blue room so we have something that's,
how are the sports team you're welcome to do so can i pay you can change yourself in your drone you know anything who created dragon con people,
i didnt think about it ask yes because because we prevent using drugs.
How much turn the prayer because you can't incident inc hey how's your night out there like myself from him.

[15:08] What usually what happens when i'm around a drone or anything like that is somehow even though i'm not doing anything it finds each
and can mean hey will you send people can do anything i want to remember this is ten AM not ten PM
can you help you keep it family friendly you restart parade guidelines and then refund the both of those are.
Add social network place that the website and they are facebook group that i mentioned before there are still guideline serum place and they will look familiar to people who have
been with this every year but they're much shorter this year because we have the issue with getting your,
weapons piece find the before and we have the issue is so cute animals not being allowed in that kind of thing but we still local politics freezer i'll take three.

[16:10] Are you only have signs that are specific to the cosplay
because i know the deadpool sites carry stuff events
what's your again keep it family friendly what is the ban on repeat the thirteen out that in mind and we will have a wide range of audiences we mention,
which includes rock and saturday morning i'm you know and they're still from some guy and we're asking people follow where are basically being nice,
do not know advertizing no advertising no politics quit though i just it just hit me i'm gonna miss my annual dancing with the big pools.
Usually i get the slow danced with a couple of deadpool is an all i got this year.
How late how many holding up for ms that would a bulls i want to say one thing about the social medias dragon con dot org.

[17:20] If you there's a little things to do and hit parade and then it says facebook group and click the first post in there is john's post saying here is all the stuff about the virtual parade here is the group,
so if for some reason if you like i know they said something i cant i cant read the little warmer right now trying to order parade it'll get a lot of places.

[17:44] Switch and also i will have links to that same information in the post that the podcast is attached are at the uni ki dot com so i'm not expect so um yeah so so,
last year was wizeline founded remember it was there anything from that.
From last years parade the really sticks out in your mind.

[18:10] That you're blown away by nobu one way by all of it because it just it just always is the second of the same color to which is nice that he still has birthday in crab is just amazing,
they are not back to share their there filming something special for us
hey uh for the virtual braids i'm looking forward to that you no i get it is questionable why am honestly.

[18:39] I don't necessarily have any like baby hurts i'm because.
There's so much that's out there on the street i'm even even like the app here for the first time and it's the first costume but they've made um,
the africa day put into it the creativity and justin bieber it's like more than amile but the walking on saturday morning,
and costa are going up yo what's going downhill stopping starting on i have it all idea that you know,
well i just i gotta say i'm cutest the sand crawler and some of the other things i don't.

[19:23] I remember the first year of the sand crawler this will be their third you're right this would be OK,
yeah yeah other then so i just remember seeing it and jan sang they say they can't put it together to look like a roller
by the time they got to step off and i'm like i have i was still feeling like working with maths hey i don't think that things gonna turn hey.
What do you know what to feel back the curtain does emily hate the magic but what happens on saturday morning or is a an old camper van loads into that
empty the parking lot and a truck with stephen and someone right there.
Right there and it was just the general end is the weather in memphis there's no way this can you tell there is a good history of writing the things,
turn off the new exactly what they were doing his job was very very industry is the only worry was gonna run over a child but they were all fun.

[20:27] I think one of the things that a lot of people loved about the parade i know i do when you see little kids who love it the one thing i'm gonna be able to do this year that i can do,
probably is can i watch it with my niece and nephew.
Say that you can kinda see the parade because i think he would let hè six NC please see on spider-man and iron man and even though my sister said there any star wars movies.

[21:01] I'm i'm fixing that if they know better still no better ugh
yeah i mean i think it'll just can i help my niece love the idea of all the costuming and the work on that cuz that's mario cart full lot of it especially
i just put in that together i think this would be a great year to show the parade people usually don't fit.
Yahoo for helping to get people who normally doesn't march in the fridge for whatever reason how many costumes are just way too elaborate to be out there.
That way the time are hard march ten but you know what do i not five to ten second show off of your costume walking across a frame.
Who's you know being appreciated from,
wonderful morning until around noon hot so hoping that will get to see some of the amazing stuff to what's around the hotels you know what yeah it'll be awesome i just,
it's gonna be different everything that used to be different i'm sorry i feel like i'm talkin bout the quarterback well,
what the hunger games everything will be different you are switched.
What is the minnesota loon i'm so excited your drunk though it will be at the google is really slow jam so we know twenty twenty and a be.

[22:25] Interested in open can be awesome wonderful but for eight people planning for two thousand twenty one what can i do now to get ready for,
stop are aid for twenty twenty one but when can i expected you to need to sign up and those kinds of things.
Are we open up our registration every year that yours parade on february sixteenth.

[22:51] And i went to get to the form to sign up will be posted in various social media um.
Set up people will be able to find it um i am right meow ugh.

[23:06] Contemplating rolling over the registrations from this year.
Which is one of the reasons why i would like to see people to get more folks and a prayer because i would still like to help
have new people get the opportunity to participate as well i could use a refill the pretty quick how long did it take to fill out the year get your cat this year before you to switch over the waitlist.
Listen to our guests here.
It's alright baby this year it's almost almost as bad hotel is that was my dick.
What will the new hunger games give me the latest video games are there yeah so the turbulence wild.
Yeah summarize be every interface who would you when you start coming down with the decision of um.

[24:03] What should i do with this year's registrants in how to handle it going for you you notify me via email and social media right.
Yeah yeah yeah so keeping out in the future not a nigga dont look right now but in the future for more information not there,
how many would be keen in the next few months can you please not right now i mean it usually opens what february.
February fifteen am and i've been consistent with getting this particular question and i keep saying i'm stuck,
thinking about that we have made a decision yet that's the answer that i'm going to be a thing until i made the decision on removal notify everyone
can i just text you because i mean if if you're gonna go you know that downloading star wars but next year im gonna go ways.
Um i don't ever watch or something that changes the change the dynamic of the parade so getting at the the the.
The numbers alright everything will be is.
Also romantic to say it's okay to conserve that folks where when you write your when would you watching dylan lately and february fifteenth.

[25:28] Where are constructing the parade um with with a few exceptions are you into a sexual prayed that we all the everything dragon con which kinda represents a cross section umm no,
is there a for other reasons logistic reasons but everyone is assign that to us election in the parade that matches the cosplay,
give me the cast member your internet the parade from so that way you don't have to be part of a crew neck you will always be assigned.
Yes you know fans from your family your mum.
And if you change that costume we need to know because it changes replacement read and admired in some cases installed,
change how we get the sections lined up because the number is within a section my change requests,
what i'm saying,
do you know what here's the thing about u keep saying the same thing in both groups and all of that i wanna the last groups is star wars and the things i was just thinking is this year in the parade,
very good flying out.

[26:40] I litteraly could send in a clip of them flying now i want to speak read or heard racer.
Right yeah if you think those things existed in canton sure.
Well i would a wood a john and mike and dan
everything but very flexible.

[27:11] What is canada everything but how about that the experts experimenting of the schedule hey i screamed no at,
in an almost in the theater i get off that um but i want to add a remember going to those things remember.
That was really really bad for you instead of the microwave
again you'll be able to sit in your how you can see that you can actually see if this has you have you have a where a. c.
Turn your air conditioned home and endless your help,
hey pool or wherever where a bitch wherever you are,
and you can enjoy the parade that way you can understand different you know anything about it when will golden so it could be that you just had some strawberries and cream you want to get that started,
breakfast want to do a breakfast mimosa what you want to find a way to bring that is the weirdest blue milk,
when does the weirdest parallel thinking that i've heard on this podcast here when will the mobile term the drone cam parade how did you draw that was but it's i like them both i watch of both.
Euros in the morning at least atlanta time.

[28:35] How many years we've been doing this really is how many years you've known god,
what is the weather supposed to be normal i would whatever but no that's really good but like we could you consider what corner and watching brady.
It's gonna be live with that we know that when you know you can carry your phone or your computer into a personal,
party area and the outside temperature listen is there places to go to the restroom but the previous year,
what is a cat in the restroom i sent you can be an accident or is it,
it's kinda business will it still be trolling shot when i will see if you have to move out we will show shelby.
Like the macy's thanksgiving day parade this year aswell oh no we won't we better will be better.
Tell me more interesting how much is left list of me asking.

[29:51] Yeah.

[29:53] How did i get done your husband if macy's for fifty times more pictures tho so there is that are under fifteen more princesses cuz yeah.
Princesses are awesome i want to do the braids amazing yeah it's so amazing.
Are so so good jame this your first is anything else we need to hit before i move on to the next part.

[30:18] I think she what's the next party i'm are i did not right now i say right meow happy moment will be able to have a few surprises at mackenzie room,
i dont have any confirmation with on any red marshall,
grand marshal was the guest it normally ride in our convertibles what you know will put the invitation out here if anybody wants to do some backyard grading.
Add in hollywood new york aware that you have not you know we will welcome tab enter the parade this yourself what's new what happens if i predict the rock will send something in.
I would love that but every other projects are you going to return it somewhere that is true.
Who tf is the collective stuff you dont do you done hello.
Hang my head and doing bad what you ne,
would you know when daging is always fun to watch and what is the book it's fun when was the movie where like in los angeles at the big earthquake it was like ok well its gonna be cold.

[31:32] Look up the most recent earthquake quake turn the seventies yeah that's right but i think i don't roll like that but i don't you gotta look it up but you know.
He's no genre if you are the love you would like john would be so happy that would be hearts
he's is not actually be hearts and return robert though it would be very cute i mean i don't know about that but i do find incredibly engaging and incredibly,
charismatic how many people live in cities a charismatic individual i know i know its controversial to starbucks let's play,
um yes i want the biggest controversy guess because he picking jesse up and we can put in hayden ferry.
I'm looking for yes there is so many options with the rocks we are skyscraper.
That must be yes yes i wanna quesadillas just to get out of a skyscraper.

[32:39] We had a really roll crashing on ios and android is that's good he leads an baywatch of course.
Play fast and furious go with the retaliation.

[32:56] How can i join every year in the parade do monday where the right,
dear mr the rock we really loved it means go any bad in you can reach out to the rocking boat of know that we needed for the grand marshal for a drink on parade this year that be great,
ten second clip so many send it can,
other scores red dragon con that i got who are you ok so im leaving doing this year is weaving trying to get to know our guests a little more and i found this,
book a add barnes and noble that was half of the five dollars and it was already at a cold awesome social media quizzes and somebody told me that was also a at the five and below is well,
i'm gonna well,
so when are we gonna social media quiz for you when you in the lead to taking morgan to know what TV character would you be friends with.

[33:54] Hey play which ones will transfer forty five but i gotta wait wait i want to know if this is just friends or if it's not not not friends with oh i see what you're saying and friends,
no more than friends again stop goldsmith.
Sugar should a square to the left i don't know what happened and why is that so what's my commute like if you hear anything to say you know i was down,
where ever are so back to the first question is the motor quiet to myself.
What do you like to do with your friends li bf play video games watch sports eat french fries and talk,
what's your favorite TV shows hang out of the coffeeshop or fight vampires will start with you and which one of those.
Oh vampires i mean you know i'll always who is finally here by chris is always fighting vampires we have you.
Hi watching sports.
What quality do appreciate and a friend is that trustworthy miss intelligence humor loyalty open minded ness listening skills.
Jam hmm.

[35:21] Sounds hard though because there several on there that i value it.
How many stars are there.

[35:34] I just got yeah how does what i needed to be trustworthy i know i just looked also open minded is.
Important okay so i'll between trustworthy and open minded switch one.

[35:53] Go with open-minded and did not leave it okay if i choose the same one who is open-minded.
Um yes are being scored.
Individually status of yo are you know which one you'd be friends with young at jade waiting to you see how long it takes am good
do they edition actually that i think about everything and optimizing is here and i like when you're how to say
what to say or do something you'll regret how should a friend respond to you until use until you see the error of your ways.
Watch you do it and then make fun of you after.
What warn you of the possible consequences write a song about it with sarcasm or a sandwich.

[36:45] We will you answer firstly make um who is between sarcasm and sandwich for me some sandwich because they eat while they watch me and and i'll be sarcastic.

[37:01] And have a huge and i like the sarcastic morning yeah umm.
Next question what do u for activate what do you want a friend to bring you when your sad.
Two pizzas your guitar a hug and a snarky comment a fascinating an adult.

[37:24] A comic book and a plant for english or a spell to help you feel better generous.

[37:32] I would like to log in the snarky remark pizza.
Hugs and snarky remarks on okay next question.
How do you stand up for your lexus me how do you stand up for your friends.
Is it with my ninja skills or my ninja skills sorry you have to fin for yourself.
Which project by offering to kick your enemies are there enemies but.
Anchorage in them to stand up for themselves and and if that doesn't work maggie isn't off the table by cracking jokes it up a little the enemy.

[38:15] We have a feeling that me for them helping them with that however you can.

[38:24] I hate the same play yeah what's the best thing about friendship.
Having a partner in crime be making each other stronger see lighting each other up.

[38:41] Let me check the accepting each other for who they are he having a sounding board for your thoughts and feelings or of having someone to hang out with.
Jan have you.
Add partners in crime because i think that encompasses everything else how is google the number that one has that right,
jim what is the deal breaker that would make you cut off a friend is hey making me think too much of a reckless news.
CC eating food off my plate g huff what is the say.

[39:26] Who are overweight some big hole lying to me i heard the la la that the numbers and van tonight and i cover that it's a deal lying to me,
he wanted me to be more normal in quotes and order of a break one of my many articles.

[39:47] I am starting to add a line line to make them.
What was what was the one before breaking the girls wanted me to be more normal yum i go with that one.
Incorrect other than just a couple more or what is the most difficult thing that contest a friendship.

[40:13] Is it hey living your help if you be cheating between the needs of the many and the needs of the few or the one.
Is lying a finger on your butter finger.

[40:26] Wanting to date the same person he setting up set you up with a horrible horrible person rather.
Were f moving to minsk what is the most difficult thing the contest a friendship not saying that.

[40:44] I got the movie name is griffiths i don't get that when i get from friends.
Umm wait okay.
Open again let me choose between the needs of the many and needs a few lang a finger in your butter finger,
wanting to date the same person setting up um excuse me setting you up with a horrible person.
Removing to minsk what is the most difficult thing the contest to relationship but really need the money vs the needs of the few or the one about you.

[41:22] I'm gonna be completely selfish and set its setting me up with a horrible person and yet what can be done is have your like why in the world did you think that person and i
yeah yeah.

[41:38] What movie would you like to re enact with your friends if you could it carry shack star wars die hard,
bridget jones's diary hair or alien i would you like.

[41:55] Add star war because when caught up buddy wanna do aliens scare me about you.

[42:05] I heard nice.
Will you be around alan rickman that's pretty cool lol there is no se yo on,
last question if you were to go on a trip with your friends where would you want to go to international space station sunnyvale california.
Undefined never ending cruise woodstock new york city or london baby how about you.

[42:40] Howdy,
hello i really would love to go to space i really that that's actually one of those things right yet today i never international space station and yeah ok how 'bout you drink.

[42:52] Hey.

[42:57] The international space station as well that's pretty close to never ending cruz yeah the only thing about the space station is there is the vomit comet gotta get use to it on and that would be pretty miserable.
Yep yes space is just need to be and that suggests again for sending things to u for the virtual drank operate is,
august seven at eleven fifty nine PM add that to eleven fifty nine PM atlanta time,
eastern yeah.
Yes i want that um and i want to book something that's not parade related but is dragon con related we are doing this on a seven twenty nine and it's gonna come out,
pretty quick after that but august first is the deadline if you want to request your money back,
for your membership next year all the informations on the dragon con page but if you wanna do you gotta do it all by august first,
set andré and also how long should clips beam approximately.
Ok for individuals on inc that is not an individual group member but individuals where saying five to ten seconds.
Four groups were hoping that we can.

[44:26] Schedule easter edit them down to something like about thirty or forty five seconds um again.
Did he is gunna be editing things with so um even if you send this something that u re added we may.
We may i do something about it so everybody should be prepared that's what we want to have it is.

[44:53] Hard enough screen time that you will be recognized as to what across the screen,
how is the weather looking for moving from the right side of the screen you can to the left side of the screen set up,
got a few what's the DCT coverage before me samples of this website think about how the parade in the the the the frame,
add goes across the frame while DCT TV which is up by the hyatt yet so important.
Frank the right to the left.
Ryan and also that pools i will miss dancing with you like to have fun and still the same rules apply you know virtual grey deadpool.
No telling anybody nothing that was said and may.

[45:52] This is so awesome and it's gonna be saturday.
I ten in the regular time and it's gonna be on the driving it pretty sure this is gonna be on the mainstream.
Oh yeah what the number one out of the others so,
you be able to see it and jon i have told this as long as possible when i pull up the news for awhile
okay hey how's the new conversation i had so so was there with you you would've been friends with of other people in television apparently.
Email the lipsticks i order something.
Bart simpsons don't have i heard you have a calendar and everyone needs a little mischief in their lives and but certainly brings it.
Email me to school for long time but you're smarter the lights in his accomplishments include discovery and comment and winning an award for his website.

[46:50] Smart sensor.
Start something dance okay but i know i'm bad is those quizzes jammed with ink friends with elaine from seinfeld.
A latest model snow sirf marke i dont writing quizzes be there scientifically proven to be accurate in saying that the
how else would they get the title also social media quizzes there's no hay this is possible science this is the silence limits.
Hey young having the science director on if you like it is smart assertive funny and just comfortable with a group of women s she is a good man,
shes adorable neurotic and okay sure it has missed an opportunity to give a friend of robin,
when they do or say something worthwhile which her friends is pretty much constantly,
oh that sounds just like me josh yes i want who is the fairest the science science.
How can i order you will never mind whatever i'm not sure that you know what it means,
yes i want a lot of people other than again i appreciate you taking time out um in this.

[48:10] Hi new world of rain for the for the short time um and a join us we'd love talking to you i'm gonna miss meeting up with you on on saturday morning but it out there's always next year.
This is thrilling thank you so much cuz i really enjoy getting together with you guys since you have you have rescued me a fleece material from my four.
There is always a good day so everybody stays safe and healthy.
I am looking forward to seeing.
Everybody live in in person next year or so twenty twenty one so say we all so say we all.
I deposit in the wedding.
So until next time bridge and hadley this is john saying peace.

[49:07] What's yo on this has been a production of the unique pink.
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