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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are you my best bet what's yo,
yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:40] How do you ready.
And joining me as always if you heard but okay if wait.

[0:51] A classic fat give her adam west.
That's not my item no try again try again that my package.

[1:02] Wanted to sixty back if okay it's a granny back if baby file to have my reading and other.
Raise your right hand baxter can i have a spider ham and have a group yes it and also have your messy,
i have so much that's the one she has the words and cheese tot where still there,
other women find their wares and we are we are we spend so much other so yeah sleep what's going on well i just turned contact,
where is a store within a month.
Yo it's funny because casino do fifty well forty is every year and am,
what is the county and and because we have been doing as many because of a will because of the shifting gears and and everything else going on,
you does it has tracking how many days until till traffic we you know the good news is that there is this wonderful thing called dragon con data.
It usually does not account tell me more remember to begging that would be amazing to redo i just had the date.

[2:24] This is gonna be outside of our yard but i have to say while i'm looking for this vile,
it's um i've gotten some facebook messages,
agnes lim shoutout some facebook and probably on twitter but i can't remember what are twitter is that is really really so um what.
I don't know how to assign an order so play we just wanted to say thank you this is stuff people said thank you and i met a really wanna shout out to christine and chris you know who you are.
Amazon prime basically send a message saying that is doing this is there a little bit of normal.
Right now in these not normal times and that is very very very sweet.
And second of all a little worrying about what that means for your.
Reorder normal schedule this is john and our normal.
But yes there is no more countdown what is an acceptable i will have to figure that out later okay.

[3:31] How do i know if this then that uh yeah i don't know what to do,
yes again christian and tricks thank you and i think you said you had some.

[3:44] Is so we have a couple of other no also that was the other what is other person called in and left well wishes um.
Add on skype and so then it wasn't it wasn't fair so when will you play i would you have to um.
Two voice mails play request you but you can reach us at eight one three.
Three two one zero tel i get that eight one three three two one zero eight eight four i wanna leave a message and forrest like to remind people that tug is the unique GE your sister.
So yeah so here goes because number one yes yes okay.

[4:33] Hi joachim remind me to text my husband and deposit 1995 yes i only pay three hundred dollars from is panic membership,
how are you i'm fine the coldplay concert your podcasts and i was still,
i was only going to be three days,
read track i'm driving time i am very very disappointed in this was expecting close to request to have a channel,
what new orange ipod to comic con one number one back in two thousand two,
add when you drink much better and not doing twenty eight fax,
how many everything on our i actually going to happen husband local cons that the only brand we have between five hundred and two thousand people,
open mon-fri tracks,
how tall is pink spring in karma is only doing that number i don't understand that i'm going to be very disappointed in the experience of us all that there is going to be,
when does he leave his telephone number of the end which.

[5:59] Play me for not listening but the best idea is john and i are officially driving can we say that all the time even on this is this is.
This is shitty days lee vs dragon con.

[6:12] And i understand that and i would like you to email drunk on the drug court office with you that drag it,
dragon con dragon con dot org,
and send email they go straight to the office if you get an in um who are just trying to figure out the best way to do um do this in general and there could be,
i don't know the extent i know what circumstances where there dealing with is far is number if channel is um i said i,
driving concerts coming twenty four hours so there running twenty four hours of programming for three four days every weekday when i'm saying.

[6:57] Make me forwards it like three and half four yeah um so does other kinds um i don't think there in the fall.
Twenty four hours from the comic con did um jarvis what time of his life because passed week when they delivered.
Um so there is that so there is no agents that and,
and i suspect like a like most things dragon con um some people can pick up the slack if y'all wanna call slack,
and set up your launch animals,
how to do stuff on his wells so i don't think there is something you can also still trying to figure things out mean you know who knows it could be four could be five could be seven,
bite me get there we know for sure they're still trying to work things out i broke the heart of westwood rachel with saying,
um i'm not particular podcast was um.
Day two day trying your hardest to have a physical call um he was knocking workout come.

[8:06] So the thumb are you understand your frustration um.
N especially frustration get drunk on every once to be there in an talk to everyone but you know if there's nothing i'm stopping the internal from sending a throne channel doing pretty well.

[8:28] Whatever it doesn't internal facebook group from facebook live my understanding is pretty darn easy so.
Set up dinner and yes everyday frustrated right where all frustrated about a whole lot of things right now,
so i think you know it yet but it's still what can i get there and.

[8:53] I'm just glad we're doing anything so that's all you got is grand their me i like to see more details of course i'm more variety but you want three hundred i would like i would like a taxi start doing it right now,
and she live twenty four hours through the end of life is there who's the second email we get our guests are voicemail but speaking of eternal.

[9:19] Hi turn off and i have some very exciting news all drunk on internal members to check their email immediately,
what is the start with the amount that from now on all the candles were get a free streaming number of every hair,
email get started to go out there being fucking alphabetical order a black name added expected to take until monday july twenty seven for all the internal emails to be sent out
email contains the individual training and construction who are not your free membership for the year can you turn on heat update the email address or mailing address to get your twenty twenty two be your badge email
turn on the email puasa add dragon con god if you have question www dot
how can we go to www dot dragon con eternal number,
start calm i could take u there of the url which are also there's an escape theatres
what i want you to be clear the three membership completely separate from driving hundred twenty twenty there not the same thing i'm fine and i just wanted to say thank you
so much for having the podcast here i really enjoy listening every year but this year.

[10:43] Let me know more than you know it's a generac forward to hearing the rest of your episode.

[10:51] Hey let's ask my god hear from you to italy and the past headband,
where is gas can she meet in the lobby the hotel info umm she's up and all that but i am this year obviously we just ask people to contact the hotel since,
what is a good still go if you want to buy butter.
I'm with mrs recommended um so you check your hotels and im gonna give out any info because it in for my information kept changing like every hour not sexually the hotel info also when the dragon cotton,
um dragon contact to dragon con that works so exited thank you other than this is it's been.

[11:39] Con has been a while so this is been really good to be able to do this resume and had my husband said maybe it's your only be fifty fifty that you talked to john and i'm about the same time stopping.
That is a good old days the good old hymns you know what what remember,
hi zane and also set times and this is the weird time is it i mean it is.

[12:08] I got four different mask that i carry around in different ways and i'm also wondering why is there not a marriott carpet haven't seen one yet i have no,
how you have yeah so where you from somewhere in place with a smile i sent a picture of someone on the web when i get married okay so i just can't find it on etsy.
Yeah i like for mask who the heck knows will you make me one and the other year was very nervous you know this kind of thing that you always wish.
Somebody could just come in and fix right there would be.
Superhero like superman kid already ate the whole of his eyes and yellow viruses but that would a be good if you can.
Turn the clock back in time so when are you touring that what's the texas giant what i was thinking that if we had like here like man animal mama,
you know like um what's the one that was in the suit but then he got soooo you can watch that you know they could've done is the kind of tried really hard especially animal,
animal could help.

[13:26] No way to be about or talked to that and we don't know what was going on and i bet i got what i just degrees with me on that this is good.

[13:38] Who's the french connection chase scene of a segway to get to go should he get to joe but it made sense this time that joe was clapping,
go from tack from where can i find classic perfect that's today joe you doing,
great how are you who are the old farts i hold is remember all those shows hey yo what was it what was the show with the guy he was in a wheelchair,
the suit.
That's show was called manta who is really smart too one just like being a people user.
No that's that's that's different them animal delivery area.
Animal later mantis was in the nineties and it was on fox and it was quickly cancelled animal but later,
when was in the eighties with that kind of soft focus stuff do that then u yeah that's what i like to watch a tv show,
what are my oldest five my old lady's favorite show end the creating fact.

[14:55] That i have it's not it's just that with something that will really wow.
Yo how did how did we get through all of this classic sci-fi and then still end up as normal as possible.

[15:09] We know which that there was a business owner what is there to the post.
Babies cringe factor didn't happen in the eight week range that things from the sixties beatles with fairmont tops that lol.

[15:29] What,
those brows monkeys with their single bedroom hollywood a flight,
what is it couldn't go any equals go upstairs and it had applied is the medium not the target of it hard to see.
Alexa loren okay fair enough go she was she was technically accurate,
how is technically should a because now what you ok so you live in america
what is american 's i classics if somebody has just stumbled up on this podcast those poor people,
brotherhood american south classic striped is a it's one of the programming track to dragon cayenne and we catch everything.
Three years ago and earlier back to the past of recorded history,
any language other people are covering we still playing and got and do something with.

[16:38] We myself and my buddy garry mitchell we put together a weekend full of stuff about the sixties seventies eighties nineties movies,
that's that's the sacrifice that some fun certify that some reason get there are gems in there there are yeah,
wow that's pretty cool.
Yes goof movement from animals animals honestly in there and u cover a lot of made it in the years past recover lot of those things to the better.
Well um don't normally get to play any evening even if they were they say that animals out right now probably still won't get any any play in,
anywhere what are some of the other classic classic shows you guys are covered,
yo are we doing panels on airwolf he does panels on c quest DXB oh my god rolls snyder oh yeah.

[17:45] Yo are we every year we.
Gather up a matter of anniversaries of movies or tv shows outside the twenty fifth anniversary of something but thirtieth anniversary about,
those things like probably back to the future is anniversary is coming back around this year and i am so yeah we'll we yeah.
When u what do you want to talk about that too pretty what are the things you done before and add john loved it any touch tell me about it all the time like i want you to do this electronic item.
Do that.

[18:30] Do something called roll up and yes we are there it is here is what robin is roll no is.
I don't have one physically on me to show you but a buddy of ours.
Ummm helps out with this actually customized go,
twenty sided die and starting out is an idea that gary had a pretty sure it was very nice,
hey bot forget we don't have enough time to cover all the movies that we want to cover.
Over the course of four days ad dragon time and maybe some things you can talk about for an entire hour that you can talk about for hours but.
We decided let's put them all,
on random play and then the audience can she use what we cover so that lead to a buddy of ours one of their tracking ten days,
who dresses as cosplay is the dungeon master you probably saying and roaming around a dragon con and he made some makes every year a couple of custom.

[19:52] Customized giant size two d twenties with movie posters on each number and then the audience will roll the job that's what we talked about add five minutes.
It's a five minute live right when u wanna try to get as many as you can so yeah.

[20:12] And so we do that every year we also i take the giant die at the end of the panel and no adults throughout the weekend.
And that money goes to whatever of the dragon con charity is that you rock,
and so in twenty twenty one we now know what it will be the boys and girls club right john did i say that right i believe you did when is my sister's switch brothers big sisters to do it,
got a big brothers big sisters and twenty twenty one so i'll be great for that charity,
just a reminder charities always mean money so please stop your threats recently did something somebody did send the link to the atlanta.
Who is girls club yeah so i'll throw that on the upcoming subscribe posts from here on out,
other people can if they want to get outside of the drinking is at because it doesn't get in here,
they were supposed to be this year's charity but they brought it over to next year because um,
adjust the pictures and i can be able to send what i can do the same thing is what amanda for the help so you option it off and get the money to charity that must be a really big thing to take.

[21:36] It's i wouldn't say it's sad.
Create a white fleece somebody local wins at significant other it's safe.
It's bigger than mark greaney am sorry okay okay no that isn't what was the red box,
i wanna send a quote for a couple years we did smaller versions this year we um we can i actually am a guitar god like to make one this year too,
okay have it at my house with the broken handle so you are so we believe it's really make this clear you are going through this year,
so far the other was part of the feet okay.
Justin and that can be part of your pre recording and do it i just that i can't wait to watch that actually because you.
Do you have a pretty good paddle who have watched whole order.
Good morning ugly the way we cover ourselves from the panel is we have as many panels as we can.
Set up on the stage one year we had à believe nineteen pencils.

[22:55] So the items were that i loved one head saying.

[23:00] Number for whatever it happened to be here and so.
We got a hair dre betts a little bit and that and that way what actually looking over at my dvd cases umm no i like butt numbness has been something you talked about how she was very interesting actually it's actually a good movie,
nineties or early early so yeah i think we'll come.
Pantalon tito rides come upon whenever that is very cool man i'm glad you gonna be a good free record that and have a whole lot of people that would be awesome to watch,
let me access the gas or spread the product director had a quick
um who are you guys still benefits of the directions this nigga switch everything but i'm is the directions still but you have to keep it at fifty minutes to an hour mark is it
what's the least you can take her okay
start keyboard nope no like your supposed to keep it right at the normal paddling around and around yet it supposed to be the fifteen,
anywhere from forty five to sixty was what i was understanding and know that i just curious.

[24:15] What is john gonna schedule the there's gonna be a schedule coming out don't even ask you if it that whenever.
I do not know it's not know what is your schedule coming up,
um who played after the pandemic really happened at school.

[24:39] Hey i left to get up and walk out the building what god is going to record,
ub you actually pretty busy though still hurts still doing stuff um on your.
Your facebook page a least i will be getting what's query and i said you know we don't know,
obviously the dragon con grandpas word working on hopefully getting there in person,
four months and we were prepared for that event you ll need but also we thought let's go ahead and practice.
Incase we end up going virtual and here we are and gary and i have been,
hosting panel is virtually once a week for about three months,
hey m and places around facebook live you put a note there your facebook live every thursday night and then we put them up on lighting setups it out there on facebook still,
and we put them on you tube on our youth page um after a few days like.
And if you see that facebook and youtube pages but then i also put up with this post.

[25:56] What people are listening and they were taken out right now that you got your email.

[26:03] Yeah yes when is what are the windows to add sites.

[26:07] Our facebook site is facebook dot com slash groups slash american classics,
add on the you tube just search for american classics construct call,
i'll be in SF late s and also write a post for this blog so heres the unique dot com and you click on the link there,
how to get to both i just heard ducks week i was gonna say that i found i found the dragon conduct from different up man,
yeah i don't want document.

[26:47] Yo are your thoughts on top of my many.
Tell me remaining thing fit my god i gotta get when i get a ride.
How do i suggest not getting into hate the pelicans me all crazy don't do well with olives and a we actually had dragon con ducks with super villain,
costums on them and when it was getting close to the five minute mark we had sky in the background,
leftover crack head word us.
What is the best that is the best thing ever toastmasters ship without in their group,
yeah how's the sweet box in the back of the room because i don't wanna say that ive made post master but.
Will put me in charge of toast and body it'll be bothered who will it fall on the right side.
Yes so roll panel is not the only one that your plan right now wit what's ya what are some good ones of.

[28:08] We um we were still finalize and all the things but what we're for sure doing roll and what are
i think i wanna buy a new car pretty popular polls is it all classics.

[28:24] Where are you know there are movies.
And all TV shows out there that may be your friend group or the general public don't think that good but you mute so we say to people.
Don't take the lawn your hands if not.

[28:43] And we get people to bring me here from movies.

[28:52] Yeah i think are good bit of people down there we bring that bring them to the classics off at court and present their case scabies movies are.
Not terrible and then meeting gary is the judges and the weed where the final battle of weather not movie such as,
super girl who are some of your space hold your adventures in the forbidden zone yo on some serious cheese that is some serious valve eat a cheese.
Yes change is good for you and space pirates space card is lost right the i is somebody somebody that is the last time we did classics off,
what so i can come and present my case somebody else kinda like you know my husband likes to argue with me all the time anyway,
comment se note she is wrong because at like to have a defendant and accuse are usually we have the defense attorney and then will have comments from,
are witnesses how will present very days for events people who have been harmed yes,
play made me watch it again and i never wanna see this space with the real disease yeah yeah.

[30:18] That's rad also we never ever tell my husband about this equipment though,
yeah i watch a lot of space i like a lot of the other set is gets you gonna do that to know how far how are you getting the cases to our bit rate for this could you are doing we're all,
free recording so yeah i will do so um are our defense attorneys are gonna.

[30:46] Repair the ahead of time we put the word out and say hey were looking for.
Could you please find your six movies and then they a lot of times we have had um.

[30:59] Ummm speeches you know if your testimony before that you know that can i say right your clothes your opening and closing arguments usually what about buckeyes,
we're a bunch of nerds and a very creative and entertaining folk.
Alot of our guys doing a powerpoint presentations so working at this time we do an all powerful.
Power points or whatever program you have.
I want you to come into work you do that kind of feeling that way you can have a little busier element to the whole.
I just an hour of power points that sounds amazing about movie description our powerpoint about it.
Can i be a little much of nov would be our power points about.
Uh what league of extraordinary gentlemen movie that has shown oh yeah so many hot garbage bag
how do i add someone and somebody brought up before the court other languages do you ask what was your final arbitration on that,
remind on judgment are there be a record have been sealed hey.

[32:26] Will is the person who brought that argument with john and i know we would love to hear it,
is that possible in the final yosemite oh hell be better thank you but this is great so you know your gonna be doing that wondering that's great so you didn't approve the community you will be healthy.
There you defense attorneys will be there it that is so cool i love it when we help one of the coolest things about.
Doing this and lee as a director of shit you have the same feeling we have such.
Hey community of cool people that's the most fun playing dragon can i get in to see these people and hang out and create new things.
For the audience really for ourselves what we're put that out there you know if it's kind of like doing standup for an hour um.
And the web but without being in a smoky bar at the gym ugh and it's it's it's just the best and we have gathered.

[33:40] Motley crew if you well i'm a how common villainy of jest several dozen of the most creative people that i've ever met and am,
cool thank you get here what will be the newest people who want to be on panels or wanna come to dragon con this year i can participate,
that is what i actually i think that's really mean.

[34:10] This is being not very difficult period and nobody is saying that and we all just want a little slice of normal see some labor day,
hey what's gonna how our own little slice of normal than i like this idea you know you said it free you feel that free.

[34:30] And you know the other thing is that,
this is where did you watch zoom and make some friends is gonna be a chatroom what ever figure out which facebook group c
john wayne after you start listening to some of these because that'll be a lot of them will be interesting to do it and no longer the party,
set an alarm to the potty you go to the party in your own house hey you know nothing but there are a couple of hours
custom dragon con adult beverages are available for preorder if you want to get the recipe yeah yeah yeah umm.
How much to go look up the second option we could you actually a question for for jeff so in the before times,
last last year i am your b so we had to come and meet the kind of person what was some of the highlights from last year remember any of the panels i kinda one nothing more than a better than than usual or than expected.
It seems like eighty four years concert was doesn't is your was oh no we believe got one
what happened to joe what did happen last year we have
where you are i would a have guests that i'm sleeping boy who turned who are older with human.

[35:57] We have lived for renewal last year was like to yeah.

[36:01] What about everywhere okay umm pro wrestler jake the snake roberts was on our track last year.
So yeah that was pretty awesome ummmmm he didn't bring an actual snake with him so that was that was okay with me i heard you like a snakes don't.
I am baby.

[36:24] What is x a day late of their space and has his space and you know that feeling is very far apart yeah.
Who are who you know who we have last year we had marc singer and other badly from the address they were great.

[36:53] X let's lunch next exam because that's is very a.
Yes vi love to be like the robert england i don't know if you heard of him he was also there and he was doing something with their not marin st.
Promotion away but we got him for wednesday reunion we're all free and get to be on the fan.
And they were just the best umm but i got marc singer by himself to do if panel on master.
Oh yes we named HBO after cuz it's hey business.
Hey what's your number effective today have HBO where that seem to be on it if you could pretty what is your master.

[37:43] Yeah for a long time coming but it was on there yeah yeah yeah yeah that's what it's like to add dragons by the way i bye i bye months mead.
Um is it official driving can i see my screen and yes
yes if you can atlanta area available for pick up is gonna be shipped
is where i kind of want to make some pickles like twenty dollars to ship it to me which is also dumb not to pump them too much with also be actually had for it for dragon con grey to go this year umm,
who is driving select the appropriate people into the choir and better buzz yeah but look at what is the water bus.

[38:32] I meant that i'm harry potter's thing yeah that's who is with a spider butterscotch medium,
get some coffee or nobody outside of universal studios florida has quite nailed it yeah i am i,
i've tried make it home without a butterscotch ugly bring in cream soda and some but cream and i can't get it,
i feel sad magic is in the universe where is the nearest know what they sprinkle the little ferry does not wich is kool so yeah but john will be,
link to that but they have limited number so folks to whoop 's.

[39:15] I'm not big on so helpless because you can enjoy that while you enjoy your dragon warriors blow your home who would i can return,
call an uber and wait for an hour and a half like twenty years seriously is that bad.
Open a uber.

[39:43] Where can i get in a car wreck their stories i don't know what we welcome you got never left my tracker and thats how i solved yeah welcome to dragon con.

[39:56] Make it happen yeah set away i love this idea of this court thing i think that's great and that you're gonna be able to bring it.
Are there income family which yeah that's what i like doing is it sunny or rainy.
Have been we would drag on it and it drag on for years before i was on pounds before i was a track director so i know i witnessed and been in the audience enough to know
i want to do panels that i would want to say that me and gary want to see you but i am we been in the audience
at the same time and didn't know it before ohio correct yeah we were before we work together and we both know we dont want to do it like this and we do wanna
yeah we'd like to if you like to revolutionize every now and then and it's always so much fun to see what new things are coming up.
Clear my all the sun come out something that beast master really nervous some subversive message under it that's gonna help is all through the rest of twenty twenty.

[41:07] Hey,
but maybe you never knew very close to where i belong caitlyn clawson living in the water so if it has never ever get nervous i haven't stuff so who's running for anything specific in advance,
no that's not cut my hair and i am.

[41:28] So i gotta get this thing fixed i have a combination of dark brown and elderly rick springfield,
i just had just the other day my other daughter her boyfriend shaved from shave my head for me,
change my hair four me to have okay,
ty get when i just like you know like everything is a lot of people are at the corona weird and john has be right now i hate you so much better beard before and i did,
hmm that i just decided to start going back this week yeah is my corona bay ritz yeah,
he had wax i can i can see it's a it's a,
very nicely presented friends listen to it is almost translate doesn't you have not help me and that is you.
Ok so john and i got some game gonna be me i do but i just wanted so anything else you have another all but all the BM
track marks are still getting there stuff together please anything else that you think might be your trying to wiggle out this form.

[42:42] Virtual caen news two big things and edward but also i'm an anniversary panel for the,
ninja turtles movie from nineteen entertainment to ask what anniversary we have this year to nineteen ninety let's add thirty years that ok so so is there gonna that ninja turtles who was the april or whoever on that one,
apr what is um she's been an something recently she was on person of interest.
I believe the original april lol umm she was thinking replaced or n spinach with vegetables but i could be a hundred percent mistaken about this bot.

[43:26] That's what is my story i'm sticking to it i like it like that stick good tho corey feldman was inside one of the turtle costums at one point.
I am done but we have.
And um um yeah most of the turtles they had voice people and stuff people play with yourself when did box,
you was who was the whole the for package the full rochelle,
that was really dusty shell during those years before i get your current acrobat was a.
So beautiful hello beautiful how was the original wood was the first hello neal.

[44:10] Very cool light so that's that and anniversary ninja turtles is there anything else big this year,
how we're still working on that we are there's an anniversary for o brother where art thou which is hilarious it's a great movie
that is awesome gary right now is edward still doing panel is in the lead up to dragon con this year is the four th anniversary of
how is rudy years yeah invite gary can you could be here to not because he is on a podcast talking about airplane right now so.
Who are you.
Shirley i'm feeling stuck on that evening girl's name nigga rap was in the divorce turtles too right
yes yes i want some fucking weight of two years before we get in dance are there before get dance outfit it's happening it's gonna have.

[45:13] John i will pay money if you believe hey money making app and then i can i have to pay me a nickel i can't wait to watch and i know do you actually get next year.

[45:26] It is ninety what is winter jazz with charles came out ok then right here we go the start working on it that's good we set it gonna be a epic.
Twenty twenty one we got that right shoulder blade back in person to dragon god exist or done,
he heard there stop hey there we doing this right now its original is cosplay all set up now,
nugent go ninja go i did not let those are the.
I just sent you who that is painful since you amend the decades,
i got this book gets here colder awesome social media quizzes and actually i didn't.
Got pictures of the barnes and noble it is five dollars where is actually half of that supports like two dollars for the chance.
Umm you go and find these things with the yes i do so what can i ask about u only what decade are you from.
There's a actually put a copy so i can be learning from the last time as you to keep track of the score of like im writing a long ride soon can ask a question and i give you five possible answers you tell me which one best fits you

[46:50] Um what fashion statement do you love it psychedelic prince pin stripe suits in french.
Damn jackets skirts or leather jackets or bell bottoms was terribly which of those.
Oh what was the sermon again third one was denim jackets i'll go with the denim jacket that i have added paper to jio.
I go with bell bottoms buckeyes it was funny to watch people trippin trippin fb inventor or it was.
Funny what would a new sprain your ankle doing it and those platform sandals hardly which invention is your favorite personal computer,
three d video games handheld calculator credit card or tv.
Oh the personal computer personal computer yep i wanna say.

[47:58] Ty
so i'm gonna say TV if it's i want to say please say that i do i'm speaking of a speaking of which.

[48:10] Streaming how is the house that helped heard your your research.

[48:17] Um it's way easier switch has taken find all these crazy shit i can find all the stuff you cancel the two really surprises actually available streaming somewhere,
yeah yeah there was a time there was a um archie.
From archie comics anyways nineteen ninety one or ninety two they did a live action movie.
Twenty eight years before riverdale um it was a lot of action and movement where they came back to riverdale high school it was a class reunion,
show dr choo characters were adults and then this movie go ahead break dances.
nineteen ninety one era mixed on court switch it seriously somebody how are you what historical event was most important to you a,
when is break dancing every so are you the lemon lessen my other.

[49:31] When are granted the right to vote in the us cigarettes reported to causes lung cancer first american woman goes into space.
The beatles breakup or kennedy is elected youngest president ever again.

[49:49] How much ya gonna go with the nine th amendment one woman were granted the right to be like that.

[49:57] They were granted the right to vote but i like to call it the nineteenth amendment you have a where i like when the sally ride with respect.
What was my number two choice remember that no was so absolutely awesome yeah what celebrity do you most admire is a very well.
Reynolds paul newman grace kelly for josephine baker.

[50:29] What was last three are really hard and i am actually gonna go with paul newman though because of all the charity work event.
Looking for enough i want you jeff start between two i'm gonna go with ud.

[50:51] How much volume is that what that fee i'm going with my mother removed events,
i just as we talk about mug wall diary watch sixteen candles a couple weeks ago.
Um that is looking at that through today's lenses that is problematic attack movie but
all of our are pretty funny we will find that you infact mentioned earlier about airwolf the first episode of werewolf where wolf hello yeah smh,
yeah there's a scene in there that dead it's.
What is boring in what's important is probably is could be considered rape um it was not very,
what are you help again products of their time with such a hard to separate some of those things and it was acceptable option for you what's on for mistakes what so um.
Which movie was also in the movie's bro that was shit from the pier before the court are you talking about,
yes i meant ace motor is missing didn't fit right umm okay so which movie is your favorite a streetcar named desire phantom of the opera sound of music breakfast club or star wars.

[52:15] Is it star wars i figured as much have you jeff.
What you said the order so i'm gonna go yeah not be used when was not here.
What was club is a little less problematic but yeah.
I think what you're not understanding what was in love with a nazi can you want what was and feeling like he was singing tonight he went off to join the hitler youth was that,
i would like some music out what you're talking about making banana good a breakfast club support probably already do i do drugs in the eighties i didn't.
It was it was it was a quick i forget the actors name at the end of the top of the hill is racing experience great benefits does that was in the.
How do i know that.
His characters name was bender why do i have braids what music do you know but music genre genre music genre.
What is genre what's new love the best pop new wave just go fuck rockabilly or jazz.

[53:36] Oh well.
New one is a b is disco c d.
Ummm rockabilly or ed jazz i got jazz on that one and that group about yeah.
I'm going to listen to new wave record.

[54:01] Entertainer today i can never get my hair to stand up like that even when i had it short i can't did not how much stuff i put on there could not make it do some cool spikes and stuff.
That's always upsetting.
Are there protocols that the olivia fifteen it's okay that's not the only sir john are you doing i need to wrap up while you're adding,
no my husband how long does it take to setup a performer i would like to zip through them real quick is that event delegates uh what profession do you admire soldier pilots older slash pilot pilot,
are computer technology warriors finance industry or music musicians performers.

[54:49] Um

[54:50] Soldiers in the movies the second one will the soldiers of pilots take his one and computer technology which is not really professional other than other information really when does yours financial industry of musicians and performers.
I admire the most really doesn't have to be this orders and joe.

[55:12] I want to know what the musicians and performers can you put yourself out there without to get that that's yeah.
What classic car feed the both of us stay the heck away from liars is not what what classic cars your favorite the honda TRX because it's classic ud dodge challenger,
ford model t alfa romeo work but sting ray yoga with you first.
Are they a championship game in la primera the alfa romeo alfa male.
okay to wear what musician do you admire most technically is a musician with the band but whatever the rolling stones louis armstrong duran duran elvis where the bee gees.

[56:06] Huh that's that's a tough one i'm gonna go nowhere duran duran because he.
Their band was so nice named lee have.

[56:23] I just got wall in my head that uh maybe we armstrong william strong williams ok last one what saying is something you'd say,
for sure ruby cool it burns robert you are the cat's meow about you.
I for sure have said for sure if it that late lol humano um.

[56:56] How do i say yeah time is a really don't what was the score was the middle of something about mothers cool cool it and never got it,
yo are the parents who came leave what add you are utah st gilbert is a joke yet you are,
on the social medias and one because your on his facebook,
so can you tell us that group name again please put dot com slash groups slash american classics add you on thursday every thursday so far have been doing what.

[57:36] Yeah every thursday at nine p. m. eastern eight p. m. central we're going live on facebook in atlanta,
awesome just friend chat and around so that's good and we also we never gonna see the road handle from you and never gonna see
classic sci-fi court and all i really wanted harry anderson be and the judge how do you do that when and end of ramon
is the balance that would be so amazingly awesome,
oh yeah and then what other social medias should people are you too but no that's pretty busy do,
yes i want to go american classics and we're out there and i'm so yeah yeah weird.
Put a stop out there at least once a week cuz you bring up.

[58:27] Facebook ads have to tell you guys joe is sitting at his desk which is his wall is much cleaner than mine and hes american classics is that uh what was it.
Take that it said.

[58:43] Frank you said that kinda style that it looks like it was coming out you would a buy one of your volunteers miss jennifer mccormick and not so great.
Add also and i still haven't had the results lee.
You apparently are the dedicated apparently from the fifties you're a blast from the past but it was old so all is well.
The fifties the fifties and joe i think this is actually dead on the seventies.

[59:18] Play me video of a decade of atari and platform shoes light up the disco ball.
Ready go so that's actually really good where is your your decade the different varietes of joe taylor swift again where you can find all your your your your where's the best place to find it.
Com slash groups wash american south classic we're on the instagram app sa fie classic track google search on the TV,
me personally want to see pictures of my cat and my daughter and my wife a break i stay or should you grow YO JOSE are you.
Yo is pretty darn important.
So until next time for joe sadly this is john saying.

[1:00:16] Music.

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