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2020, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are you my best bet what's yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] Hmm no cheese numbers twelve days of dragon con.
Would a display john i want you i want you to define fibonacci,
let me see what is the condition of the two previous number is two to make the next one look.

[1:04] I am in my day life better but i know this just strange how things.
Thanks lost a baby yes the other one is the other one is in my in my dim my real.
Real world how good he could you add ilse chrome
i mean it so you have to assign the weight of the story because of fiitjee fibonacci number so u can i know the book the other.

[1:36] That's why i can't use
i should've known that and this is only because i stop them from introducing i should know you would know that from lost uk yes could you open a lost is on imdb right now for free,
yeah if you want come full circle lol yeah what's else but then you don't have to pay money don't buy everything are you doing a lost title insurance.
No i am not when i went to schedule coming out,
hide my shiny metal honey i'm so i want to say we had a question that we got on the inter web into our email and it was from bag and a question for future projects
hi hey what are the programming d pre recorded or actually live or sum of each and the answer is number c.
The truck will be live programming during the regular normal dragon con hours between in LA.

[2:40] What time do we usually start ten am to ten pm so there will be live on what were calling the main feed during that time when there will be no live.
That are pre recorded where there is gonna have a trucks to feed that is a pre recorded the trucks be putting outfits every track is sending three to four,
most of the track surrounding three to four and you'll be able to see that's what you're gonna see if the schedule but that and the may.
Turn on everyone's facebook pages or whatever social media the track uses the most for extracts and a lot of brothers would be through facebook
there's gonna be a mix between what is called blah and um.

[3:28] Record high memory access my husband just said in the background thank you so much money ugh how old is he doing well how well no really,
i'm good ainda there was a tampon you put things in life
review enough to remember that when you have to use a pencil or something to turn around turn around to fixing it
good a little before and some of those little the pen on the tracks
because i'm pretty sure for extra all but maybe wine are gonna be pre recorded data plan is to pick them up everyday of card
you were three up every day thats not it's not gonna be a full truck schedule for anybody as far as i know if that changes we will let you know what i put up to three a day so that people can listen to them.

[4:23] When they have time or when they really really wanna watch from ten to whenever on the main pages or on the pre recorded dragon con feed page
but this way they can watch other stuff when i want to order when they have time to so that'll be it will only be up during
i will not come until dragon con it's not gonna come up early but it will be out there so make thank you for that and i love how your email says live vs live
and i actually like it was meg and live and i was thinking of that some shark movie from last step but i read it on the beaches.
Who did you some serious trouble that's not what that what is it,
take advantage of that so we read that on the beach so you guys have a director's meeting right that's what did i spent since i got some advil i'm.

[5:20] Do you know how long the content will stay up after winter is coming down right after dragon gun.
It is my understanding that the content will for a bit stay up um that there will be the best idea is to buy a streaming membership if you are concerned you wanna watch it afterwards
anybody who is pre recording.
Things for the concert specifically be able to put it up on their website as of 10 1 so our guest today if they do something pre recorded for filmmaking
yeah i will be able to pull up on their site as of 10 1 so that's kind of the that's true
that's just a nice clean date so everybody can know.

[6:09] Can be up on their site that is that is awesome so emotionally we have some guests due to good air two
invite them,
show the caretaker do i can i invite them when i see them here or do puzzles should he get record and you don't edit,
so i'd like you say hi to matricula and mark
they are filthy rich your gonna talk to you we got them from amber again thank you amber for sending so many names and we wanted to talk to them both of them have been involved in uh
metric for the film track for awhile and mark has been sick you said you a call back
father is like that and that i would that means you been around awhile which is good cuz i'm very old as well so how much would a parent
hi so this is the error remains hey the sequence of days i had a nice chat with marc i'm just sad
help father how did you become involved in shielding how did you learn about how to get started,
if i start playing music in nineteen ninety nine saab and cut the prompting nothing but i know that i guess we can play for a long time and i think that there.

[7:36] Second year we are but we got invited to perform at.

[7:42] Add fans wedding and and he was glowing in this
beautiful alert acceder with the hi hat and said she's in his white distressed the most beautiful renaissance festival guys walking there mr play music andrew and i are playing music for him walk into the van and he just looks over at you know what
i love that you play phil and we did double tap what what was delt aƧ
i explains to why tf was in alice springs to start up until then we just said to parties and song writer original
music that was inspired by pharmacy in others the benefit the time but later we got more excited science fiction search by down.
Yeah we just start it in dallas the introduction and from there you know in two thousand one i think it was.

[8:43] Order two thousand eight hundred two thousand two umm i was checking out the band was also on mp three dot com the band was a rose a staple at dragon con and i was like no i was able to it earlier,
early spring or maybe even.
No january or february somewhere in there i was checking out this band all web sites and they're playing and i were playing celtic music and i see.
They're also on the celtic music tracks on mp three dot com and why are they playing in the science fiction convention on long island i would like.

[9:20] I send email heldup a person over there and she was it turned out she was a big fan of beauty lol successfully
you're dumb and she said i wanna bring a chitchat to hang out with my first convention with rose and
and they should you should come drink and next thing you know where i drank it gets submitted two thousand two can i was at first lol,
edie been going to dr gabriele have this year because of your staff
i have in checking i am clear you are so good a little bit of a different your address
i'm performing ever cents and now it's it's been a staple of my life open book every pipeline and look forward to going driving time and
play music for me if it's funny feeling that bro to do not have a musician and not in the regular world,
you go to her guests and u have like five ten people at the shell and then you keep doing it for like to edit this is shown here i know leaving atlanta and i was sad up.

[10:29] John mccracken in marietta and after two years i played that hub and my audience crude from
that's five people to about it to ten people during that two years where is that dragon con
it was not like the start of the funeral oh yeah dup the field trip to the top tracks we had no baby thirty four you wouldn't shut up and then the next year there is
would you fifty sixty seventy people that it wasn't exploded every year and just room until we're playing in front of outside that tracking in the giant
how do you make the giant jungle the white linen yes show out there and room is so packed the time like
what's going on hey what are my share the cost to cancel is she to you have fun
yeah so we got there and play with play a show in front of me i got some big questions as the years progressed into the shows the rooms got bigger and everything just exploded.

[11:35] Yeah so much lol you're good so if you say someone's home in turkey getting your entry into film.
I know that you're tell you a secret.
Earlier inbound marketing well has been forwarded complicated so i like that is even like.
Mark your agenda you know i'm only millennium you know what it's like iso.
When i was in high school i started learning to play guitar tabs like to saying that the way i learned to play from midnight to exit lessons for a little bit but that.
I was really and flooding molly and i was just letting you find me molly records alexa play them by ear.
Please get the rhythm guitar down and that's that's how i learned to play music so it's like.
What kind of animal is like traditional music and traditional celtic and appalachian music particularly exciting social justice organization out apple watch.
Subs always love that kind of music in manhattan high school i found mp three dot com and like in the celtic charts like it again like some of the.

[12:47] The highest ranking things were like prob wanna get talking by now gave him so medicine that i kind of found um.
Market andrew at the barnes and then i started dumb.
Get college stuff are missing in my podcast became a thing you know and that and i never heard the words filled until i was a.
Embarrassing since like i m holding l.

[13:15] Like what the address is incorrectly fan girl kind of its like i never thought i would like.
No you haven't moved but its like i am.
That's where the word filipino like that's a stupid sounding word and i think it kind of is um to be honest but its like i was like oh.
So i got into a blackout in the proper at dragon con.
Add my first rank in his twenty eleven maybe twenty twelve twenty first my husband and i need to find a dining card.
Add my husband the man who became my husband can i do love id love ginger.
And i am i was wasted.
I don't drink now but its like i was meet my friend at work just waste it on talking bad dragon con yeah and she was like that's it.
Drunk girls are it's like you know the unconditional support lets go to phill cronin like.
Sexy can choose like to know what type of roof and we go to the full grooming at one a. m. you know and that we go in and.
What were two girls you know and i was like oh my god those girls in the film room someone take a picture and i'm like.

[14:42] Okay this is how this goes so we were like no no we're changing this and that but actually it's funny because that's what i meant umm.

[14:52] Nm gonna be really clear what kind of the culture of dragon kind of feel particularly has um.
Really got next trip getting do this cotton again having worked as a volunteer not like we really try hard to be inclusive in her shit bot
it's over the last ten years and i'm really excited about it like its it's a really friendly space for news about what is actually the funny thing is i don't know missy anne grady ryan hart.
Is local to me here in north carolina in raleigh cary and he's like former military.
A lovely guy but more on a conservative political bent other then i am socially conservative but you know just your a butt like that nice guy has albums out really good stuff wonderful songwriter very sensitive.
But very upright is what i am trying to say it upright gentlemen and he is yes.
My dads age which is like not liking that in between like that what's in between like what's up between jan acts.

[15:57] And the other stuff yo are pretty much that's it just doesn't play the lego film,
really okay but what a relief that hes related but if he was the dad know if you tell us what you do is a nice guy but that like i want to logic and would i want that.
Running in my hotel in raleigh but after a dragon can i sell this guy is like.

[16:26] Hey end of course i don't know if okay so this is another thing i play i love the bathing guitar.
I love ovation guitar is an gray hardwood a guitar i played a way to get probation guitar as the guitar is.
It have like the frantic back okay for those who are just listening i am lovingly pressing the umm.
Space firebird okay,
matthew has a guitar strap that has a union apprentice on it it says both actually but this is useless for that the thing that actually have a double neck who has it's just like,
the guy from bon jovi plays when they played better a live acoustic,
that's okay also loving me caressing the space fiber glass backing of my double neck guitar as well which is actually too big for my torso to hold cuz i'm only five three.

[17:25] Anyway don't say a drone john don't even don't go there you like you like two feet taller than that no funny so i wanna filters,
what a lot of folk musicians location guitar cuz there kind of traveling and the okay here than over group singing is really good i like that one time i had a friend,
who came to meet up and he was like it's cold as like yes people there's six of them had ovation guitar and that's like.

[17:59] Yes.
I like you know like anybody in another guitar so i decided to read what ive gotten them a couple years after they start writing my own songs.

[18:11] And then i fell in with the burlesque troop umm but i did a talent show and i think some nerdy pirate tees and is.
What's true and then is it performing and writing specifically for that mostly like trad parishes like.
Add stuff to the tune of celtic songs in things and then writing original is obviously not bad enough kind of branch into.

[18:37] General song writing as well it's a start i feel like i m working on like.

[18:44] And also like translating like my feelings into songs about like.

[18:49] What would a mother be like some of it is like it is a really cool things like i feel like i am,
like i'm from the lineage lineage that mark,
start it so that your it your a good pair for this cause its like i get out i got what i think it is interesting how you talk about you know is a colt everybody has their own cold at dragon
call dragon con overall,
could be considered how which is perfectly fine i want to get any can never get out so can ever never ever get hungry can i cancel cart
help me your not careful lol the side your volunteer and then that yeah just keeps crashing about it and i feel like every
track has there own little thing you never know what it is so now we know there's a certain type of guitar shorty different types of guitars up in my son's room because he plays guitar and there are.
Many many up there they do you they see their worst in rabbits and much more expensive i found a deal on this thing you like,
no i do kind of know anything that someone likes all your stuff for like i don't ever be seeing.
I should never look at river dot com that's like musician ebay um.

[20:15] I was saying how many how many have u bot i don't know i m on to the other heart so i placed the order heart with just them god,
instruments in general but if i have worked for five in a half
i heard there staff around the house i think i have two that use regularly,
i have a one that the base special for certain things and i think that's what i need to track it to convert into,
a regular white because my regular white desert getting set up a via,
yeah very good so i always say the name wrong so i'm just gonna call the bar because it just will not cannot i already have a list
that worked on for years so it works to go could he have cd use jesse hashtag brand,
i love it i feel very ago um.

[21:15] Last year's record you guys were retiring you're all doing wrong things are not going away,
we actually split up in two thousand eight am but we really united it officially and in two thousand seventeen eighteen nineteen and so yeah,
are we doing yeah we are back we go we live in different cities so weird and internet and now hayden ed you do
should a drank and one regular guy we would occasionally,
other things but that's the one that we do together is all who is coming necessary because after we split up i was still doing dragon con every year,
anyway great except for the fact that it was just so overwhelm me i am a hardcore introvert and having to deal with.

[22:11] How much stimulation and still run a business how much does an challenge and then real life and have a real life and real life and drag on and yeah thats just not right
sorry was the lights so it is i got andrew and say hey man
keep getting use does emily hate and so we got together for dragon con in this category.
X lunch and miguel as we talk about real life being a mum and the things you do is what you are the second to amber and felt.
Now you're not doing that and it's not a negative thing it's because why is it because i know how awesome it is it is so far for us we perform the dragon kind
in twenty fifteen officially and then i was a rubber in twenty sixteen.
And then after that i was actually started volunteering with the sill track from when i was in last year on the phone i love it but it's hard when like it's hard to balance that the business of music with.
The passion of it because its like its one of those things where i love it like i love to do what i love writing music i love performing but its it's also still work.
Umm but the thing that that the reason why i really enjoyed.
I'm volunteering officially with a truck and and again continuing to support that track will you replace is that like i.

[23:38] Can i get me some box yo are you.
I believe in fuck you like me like that.
Focus kind of useless is a word in some ways genre turn because it is so community oriented like its sort of like.
Definitely it's like a sort of like a subset of nerd music me and i feel like a special dragon con.
It is extremely community oriented its very much out like.
What count link href what quarter of couches full knights light bulb who showed up and nobody showed up who showed up to share.
No cus we do have people i'm coming to share poetry we have people coming to share it and people are at various levels um.

[24:28] Add practice with their performance or with their instruments and whenever i think the most important things that we can do.
As the film community especially because and modern political field now incorporate a lot of people are approached me pro.
I'm as well it's like bs and amateurs and new bees and all these different like um.
Like i don't have your phone with steven universe but like generally explosion like so many people that like.

[25:02] I have felt like it's made like ukulele is not my favorite thing umm but like i love that it's accessible and.

[25:12] Like people just wanna pick it up and play it like.
I dont care what people play i just love the idea that he still wanna try what you know and then like it just mean so much so so it's like ive really feel like we can create like this space,
where it's different than an open mic click its different coming to shoe its becoming to nottingham workshop intercom and develop and be supportive lang.

[25:35] What are the coolest things for me about volunteering with a full practice over the course of a few years like i met this other woman who like a man she deserves one year and then the next years she.

[25:45] Sing a song and then the next year she started playing mandolin how will the course of like three years and eleven people are shy and like i feel like.

[25:56] The value of the community aspect of silk in addition to the concert since of it like.

[26:02] We can be available to support that and i think that that is desperately important especially for.
People of color especially for young people especially for queer people like in.
I'm now getting out of the box because its like i said what you like you know it girl i like in college and stuff and the way.

[26:25] A lot of people named me about my guitar playing or the kind of guitar he played because i had like.
Very pretty guitar really good it was like a pink with of design on it and scratched that's it right now but still get the lake.

[26:43] Adult men and.

[26:46] What college men were just awful to me and um and really discouraging of my music and my playing.
And um i need to anybody can be awful but there's a special kind of.
Guitar boy he it's like it would anyone died there was a tweet going around six would any women.
When is banana project like ism so cautious about her art its like.
Put me to good boy with the guitar new bed frame hey can i just keep thinking like i just wish that when i was that age i had somebody house.

[27:25] Defending me or providing that kind of space um and i think that that's something that.

[27:32] We is the best the film community particularly in the mission statements for the community dragon con are trying to provide.
Yeah yeah that's that's the thing it's like i meant mark you been going,
longer than i've been going since ninety six to dragon con and then become the director a couple years after they don't think it will become a staff member like ninety eight and i think why
i seen a dragon con in and you can talk to about it is that you know the first time i've been there are fifteen people and then the next time there is
more than one of the things ive seen and drank and hasn't always been perfect not gonna say that overall but there has been this.
Community the feeling of supporting each other not always perfect not gonna say we are but i think
you know heavy you can probably see more of that too from not just feel but just overall for bands that arent as well maybe,
yeah no i mean drinking fantastic i think and having to fill track there especially uh husband
extra special ed itself and not enough people are actually probably someone talked about what was intel's which is the music,
oh this is random and such and it.

[28:57] It delete its self its wonderful thing but like monterey has gone i said what is that you know the the feel track is special for.

[29:10] Every when you know their if you have a fandom you know there are there are there to support and uh you can see that firsthand special case yeah,
lol i'm just we just we just showed up and i think i only meant for you.

[29:29] Remember repeated membership first year not home but we showed up and we serve and they were they were very welcoming you whenever we were willing to share
and and everyone is still remember some of the projects that they feel gods circles that been where you know you have these people to leave where.
Which is the best singers initially
kenapa best musicians initially but somewhere along the way even if he is development delayed writing skills developed and this is like the last remnants of truth
book circles where y'all get a chance tat to sing n there's no judgement yeah baby if you just all in your head that no ones gonna say it out loud internet for the apartment communities out it's about
accepting what ever the music is not accepting the peoplefour whoever they are for them tuesday
freely express themselves no matter who they are what date do any form or fashion um
it's about expression is about sharing your creative art freely and open an open environment and you see that you see that the dream house has been just fantastic supporting and um,
there's always in another city in another dragon as a whole bunch of bands that show up every year.

[30:54] And samantha end up coming down you know not to the philips circle and two track to experience that same community and the general.
Has everyone you know welcome except it's beautiful thanks again press and leg is a like or like people that are at wolf me like i would be.

[31:16] I'd never song by myself,
something play by myself until i started um going to fix your boots and your motor and night time and twilight that just yet but it's like everybody so the shirts and about technique technique isn't great.
And like i always love getting to hear other people that have developed and do things but like that the faithful thing like marcus exactly promising it's about.
Something to share and they want to express it and that's what really cool like its like.

[31:48] Kind of like that feeling it's like we're in this together kind of things like i want to be like really like cheesy about it but like there's an energy in that.

[31:57] It's really cool like it's it's so different from so many other things that ive ever had access do you know.
You gotta see that that support in most of his fights in your life peanut was actually trying to be
nice and it's not like blowing smoke kinda stuff it's like people are aware but adding a lot of people are aware of we limitations are in that boat like.
You gotta remember to for a lot of people like this is the only place to get to.

[32:25] Really perform like this and she ran singh like this is have people that will listen here.
Right here in a way that's not about like you did this are that it's like no i care about like you were trying to say to us as a storyteller and whatever your delivery is UNION i just think that that is like in madrid integrate it.
Anyway it's late but it's about like supporting and caring like get in loser we're going karen leaves ok faggots to me.
Okay so what is your guys' favorite part of the fandom to sing about it write songs about.

[33:03] What was the remark smh.
So i am one of the i'm pretty focused el a lot of focus can go over there but yesterday the map feels like to me.
May i stick with things that i absolutely love that includes star wars star trek firefly order the rings.
Yo are the movie is a big ask in which a course.
Record a session from my iphone to ios dev the dragon can many years ago the color is also it.

[33:48] The date when this is traditional irish and scottish music i love i love writing songs songs in terms in the form of everything i do actually isn't that,
same genre is a gift card of irish music or drinking songs from n.
Capture us the life and times i am happy to explore other things in.
Will be has a lot of things i love but the one is the inspire the most passion and this is the firefly has been my biggest one of the past few years making mason lose another app
help your dragon complete some type hey yeah heat
i use back we start a podcast together called in the nurse some crafting through the fire flight universe where we were watching episodes of firefly writing songs inspired by each episode and dumb.

[34:49] So that's a no.
And course you know though big ol for me even you know it's finding inspiration finding stories
patel because i find that my best songs of the ones that actually have a story i am not it up,
poetry musician as much as i loved alternative rock lol over most my life,
how much is it my poetry in never been my strong suit storytelling that because i really capture so now i tell stories and songs i man
large medium our flight but lot of different things i just ordered some bikinis recently and help others,
yeah right again as i create the music it comes up with the celtic flare and this e-mail to my mobile so yeah.

[35:40] What if your okay.
So besides cats because the internet i have had problems getting be on cats okay so is it a song called me i dont care about.
How many cats did on your heaviest meal here and there working on what's important out right by myself a lot of times lol run things at my husband's or writing partner for some things like.
I want to make it really clear i am the funny one should a got johnny one.

[36:17] Tell get back on that one thing not a problem but he's also kinda funny sometimes but its like so i read this thing it's like so u know when cats like to do the butt wiggle.
Let me know the weather but we go what they're actually doing is making tiny calibration further pounds.

[36:35] I would like get get somethin the returns like it's like.
Kind of in a hurry nick is no i actually a lot of what i write about thoughts of two kinds of songs that i write i have like the.
Search us state songs with the sort of like my personal like matricula persona sounds like zyra perform in full makeup.
I'm sort of in the style of children's birthday clown before we know hang out i'm on it.
I'm sure you are good a resisting.
Where is yellow wood a bot like i understand how that like guides that's got people don't like concerts definitely a square
it got back right leg she's what is it is very,
yes you are memorable you would a web comic i love make up anyway but it's like actually send them ds i will wear the clothes make-up and there was one time
i went to bed my husband was like baby like i'm so tired like so tired oh and i.
When i got back up my statement stretch but then he was like baby you gotta take your makeup off and link.

[37:52] Who know i got the bed and mike on make up at student mirror and brush my teeth and everything
does like when you wear it so much did the start to look like your face never really noticed yeah that we were not right state song select what kind of stuff and have like this therapy songs,
hmm i will check out my feelings you know it has started to get to this point we're gonna write a lot about like seven seven social issues as well.
But i've gotten to where i have started combining.

[38:26] Therapy songs with the nerd songs so i'm using is for the therapy songs look i just like her in the song.
What have you done that like ive been really getting into it but i feel like emergency like that kind of like i just love that kind of i'm camping with the instability.
The song structure two like one of the things that i love and that is the kind of brand as like some nerd campfire sing along.
And like theres really marks in cat in one of the last messages i woke passing download kind of stuff and it's like.

[39:09] Who is the real truth to that too cuz it's like a lot of times the song that i use for group singer for my stage work are meant to be.
Easy to learn easy to sing along to yeah easy care about excuses yes but what i aim for as well because now make and still the tracking songs are.
It still say something yeah you know what i did not get updates like that the point is the inclusion.
Yeah and bring people together and i uh like what it's just fun knock it off,
sing a longs are a blast there just it's bring people together who knows not focus on that i think i'm kind of the celtic music and the track is in ready i can finally buy.
Why think that's actually one of the interesting things when i.

[40:02] As i set up in your feels like sometimes forever with dragon con um and talking to people it was like wait,
there's stuff to do it because that's twenty four seven and i'm like i'm sorry it's twenty four four john don't even have
i love to try to push the envelope there i make up for this year so lets start me in twenty twenty one and will be open starting monday that's my index and happiness safety team yeah okay
yeah but you know if it is like people like they're still going on at two am and then i was talking to people i was like at two yeah.

[40:41] Who sat in the film how you want to sleep because that's usually when liking find a drum circle and then i go down the hall and then there's people doing and doing like make your own film
ok you but you said first of all an hour that i don't understand what about two things i dont,
i don't have a background so that candidate for soundtrack is the reason like explicitly planned and tracker will go to another one but i
what are good areas yes but can you st one.
You always drink responsibly or not i would like to
the fill track knows how to party like people are dancing the other thing tell me about it but expression is not just the performers do you please pair of audience members that are there are regularly that.
Come to dance that can use this kind of music and it's it's great.

[41:46] You know i mean it's it's just really fun i feel like today at the tone when it's like me looking like a up buddy when's your something your dragon.
Bahamas all weekend hey got it now play anything by george i keep a parrot keep it since i kinda brought percent.
What it's like i have like a roomie that's like a big size like harry kane been placed you got what is descendants of finally cookies,
do you believe in the power of cookies and i'm kind of electric weed cookies should a like it is a hidden gem i mean obviously i'm biased but it's like it's a hidden gem a dragon tablet it's so fun you during the day at extremely family friendly.
Its great lately aside and now we the room the bridge now is amazing cause around the same floor as the art show.
And the concourse so basically u can balance between.
Are the concourse and the fill port and jesse music back to back to back to back i mean just,
great really cool like that like i have people that the friends that just go to dragon con and treated like a music festival because you can between main stages and the con courses and the fill track,
and the lights and forget about talkin lunch with the filter shows tend to be a little bit more.

[43:08] Add more internet for very very audience engaged.
I think that's kinda what are the big differences between like phil track perform it's not about scare it's not about like.
Stop it just started this presentation is more of a cabaret style like a more interactive style.
Um anybody get like those are the details of things but it just is really cool will literally bounce back and forth between two rooms on the same floor and just.
Will not say,
yeah i'm not one of the things i always say to people who are like i will be coming to dragon con to see this starhub gonna be in this track marks only about this fandom and no say it all the time that you're,
probably not coming to the right college because there is always something interesting and meat.
I have a lot of people and finding finding various something interesting because i feel like many that cannot end up in the weather like,
what items came broken but this is challenging are still hanging out if i don't get it and we've been doing the last two years.

[44:19] Another one that suppose to do pits bikes after the track room closes sometimes people that are still awake.
Pussy on the concourse me close the track room at four AM.
People that are still up and about would you stop take their guitars and go sit on the concourse and will take over the concourse in the highest i just scored that's don't like unofficial mutated unofficial music circle.

[44:45] Add like that's been a great way to meet people two kids like i can't stay up that late anymore,
what can i say mark are you open for ya help but no i could a good working no no we need a map i have any,
i mean the time by midnight at the latest plus plus and kids i used up early anyways so im going to wake up.
Just use to waking up way too early so i decided to sleep.
Hello what are you going to dragon con what happens is there is like this is like a skirt of that happening you tell me up at four.
NSU has you got older you start the people that were looking forward to going back to bed after getting up to go to do the nine am
track ten amtrak go to surgery with running they each other at the waffle house from the people that are.
Anything the party and the people starting breakfast
add those groups kind of start passing in the night around for six am sometimes really hard stuff you know any good agent
yo are you turn on the next man lng.

[46:06] So i do what i ask besides a film and im performing and.
Um seeing you seen your fans and whatnot what is it that you're gonna miss about dragon con this year umm.

[46:21] Because it's not you know happening in in person will start reading material.

[46:27] I mean just sitting in the open folks circles like there it like i didn't realize like gum.
The drug circles are kinda special because they have such a unique mix of people and alot of foot traffic.
I'm looking for headphones circles now it's three and will be fifty people in that room and all them performing but like between people performing and watching i mean it's like.
Leave a great people there like into it but like i am.
I didn't realize i think in some ways how much i was playing music with other people so i live in raleigh north carolina so i'm local to grind hard delivery coming from.
Make a meeting is not local to me but i hear a bunch i come to this area but i like the charlotte people.

[47:14] Um i think i just hang out with people that play music and.

[47:22] Estimate my friends metal band with something that's like winning it happened it's like i wasn't really like.
Didn't realize how much i was playing with other people just for fun like just for a for it now and i.

[47:38] We as a musician as an entertainer as someone who loves music.
I'm getting to go to jam sessions are full circles or anyting like that like.
Where with other people that are sharing you dislike open like a little bit it's like it's a different vibe um i just.
Dislike people that i only see dr carman and like i am losing for people like me i like the last few five secured like spending all of my time in the film and its a anchor and i just don't.

[48:14] I would miss is being able to participate.

[48:18] And that kind of community we're like we talked about like supporting other other artists even if they kind of.
Uber to the scene or none the less practice with their performance tyler what they like.
Just people that like i think it's something i love and i just i love being around other people that like.
Give him yes i'm driving what is a great place to find other people that are already there are friendly crowds are there to have a good time.
You know like when i just think that that's that is so valuable and important and.
How is i will miss something and lost of alot of concerts this year,
and i appreciate dad that so many of them move it like everything y'all too late train delayed developed outline content to keep some of the community aspects so we can.
See you later yeah get back on the road it rainy down herre mark yeah it is it's all about your community and as a.

[49:22] What are the steps to the dentist shortly i'm gonna track in general up specifically whether it has been.

[49:31] It developed hope so exciting two thousand to eighteen years ago and the end over the years.
Help the community get stronger and stronger is the last ten years it's just grown and randomly strong um,
and that's just that track you obviously there's so much more i have met so many friends in common and one of these and look forward to every year is seeing my friends at dragon con through,
probably many of them are just like once your friends but there are just amazing people and its great to share experiences whatever those experiences made because,
every year can be different how can you just experienced so many different in different things and you haven't you know we do the show is and that's one thing but then you came away from the shelves and you have,
this is community of people these people who are just.
Yeah hey what's going on in europe because i think its amusing or house we are approaching the weather becomes can have her and i'm like yeah i'm gonna hoe the date today july.

[50:43] Glad i know it's probably not considering how many people end up with kylie friday we know why weve gone crash hey drake and hot like no country and just asking for help,
is it
i want you to eat in central la salud some hugs and lots of hello how are you doing any stories or have to rearrange it just so many so many wonderful people and it's it's insane that passionate
that's shared passion the shared other excitement that that we all have for fandom,
for the skin that dragon cotton for it music you know i love hearing the concourse every year is getting out there and listening to music,
what's happening i love it
chatting with some of the other bands i like chatting with just you know webber walks by ml daily what would you do when you're like this whole conversation with someone who's a big fan of the outlander
you how old are you like network as f five in just about networking it's like
you actually get to talk to people that care about the same things that you're doing that's not always the case you know and it's like you really feel like you're in it.

[52:06] Yeah really special and unique way from jonathan about wrap up so i wanted to ask and i know,
umm no talk about you guys want to do it but marked what are you doing between now and can't umm hello
happy website and everything else on the post but what are you doing between now and then either online on the you tubes live whatever.
It's your typically on wednesday typically on wednesdays i have coffee to kill father usually about eleven am on wednesday work i'm
wrapping up season six i have a couple weeks but
is that in two weeks and then school starts for my girls so i figured i take a couple weeks off and then wait to dragon con before raya
figure out
what i'm doing with life when i am from exploring working lol bit more than you should be on twitch and i feel like i should i should try to explore a bit more time in the boot
play me lana doing a lot more on you tube is well i'm watching videos there i have pod casts the pop song for celtic takes is a podcast i been doing it since.

[53:23] Two thousand five i have ever seen celtic music podcast two thousand five in my mind randomly when it comes to podcasting um,
everybody i been so that's a lot of what i'll be doing LLB my rent my regular stuff regular podcast should a week for that is attached email.
Hey you,
sorry you mentioned a fire play drinking show at the beginning one yet what is the address of sai pe many years ago in two thousand
er nog something i started a show called firefly drinking songs and basically i recorded an album with this group to the bedroom where we
put together
will my goal was to create an album that sounded like you are in a pub in canton and it came out beautifully and since then i started in this show which is the same idea is what would be like.

[54:20] Having a sing along as if you're a cat and shut up and doing that show since
what is the time to nine two thousand ten and now it's one of the four are tracked videos to be set to dragon con tv
and it's a
fireplace drinking some show on this one this one specifically oh you're a pickup at it was all recorded so that it comes off as sort of a box style tho,
rally the troops trip rally up performance us temperature
yeah us what i think is really useful type of the independent tour fighting um friday on the front lines and feeling stressed the whole endeavor happy
please call or text her and depressed the whole goal is to do that and i was really excited to find show to put together and make sense of my close the universe podcast
is haircut songs and there's well and just to know what those are so much fun to print ticket
and what are you up to besides.

[55:35] What we decided to go drinking is actually not on friday i don't know when this will air but on the friday of this this week
is LB doing a track show on the dragon kind of filter.
Page so you should hardly unsure is completely please follow our dragon con group page because of.
Every week leading up to dragon con reviewing concerts and that we're hosting open circles so if you wanna little taste of what an open book circle would be like if our gonna be doing that leading up to it and then during con.
Amber is got a pretty full schedule like on not quite like it like out full schedule feeling like ummm.

[56:25] Like basically like got six or seven hours of programming everyday i'm over the course of the day to console really.
Really cool like i will say the filter and amber and particular has invested so much in.
Are social media and our branding and not collecting people to the facebook group like that for years we've been streaming um.
It's of concerts that were like on our facebook page to try and include people in advertising.
I'd like won everything when i didn't like frankly the full track is like we were made for this but could not like um so.
The filter is gonna be actually pretty happy otherwise i track show this friday.

[57:10] August seventh light on when this will you be able to watch the replay and also why i do it for free shows up frequently on twitch dot tv on all my social i'm at matricula that's me et are you.
I like the word metric but tiny and um.

[57:28] Other cool thing is actually add marks i got being an internet band i started a band with my friend.
And that were called we were working on an all star wars album called the solutions that are pending in the solution is crumble
that's how i got reference how can i help you scramble our first singles actually available to download for free from my bank and go to sleep,
i was dreaming that when on spotify solo stuff is all streaming on spotify you tube,
etc under madison matricula robert you can also find if you search for my trip.
And i put sleep scrambled hopefully by the end of august i will have our full album out i would i think we're gonna call mum.

[58:14] Having general target this company ballet slippers in a few questions with respect of please great umm she,
also that logs into that kind of fan fiction on tumbler as wonderland leave comments and professional and dumb i'm really excited about the projects the song styles range from
kind of like folk c like a runaway style pop punk.
Set and we're doing different styles i would really really excited about it we're also doing anime.
Add track together as couples four on tweets but tv in every year there is a charity fundraiser we are
music stream on twitch to write original music swap original songs so we cover each other's original songs.
And will be released that album to raise money for a charity.
Add this year it's create for kids with is that from a childrens charity in the years past its been mr holmes open foundation in.
I as well as a mental health charity are the other outfits and delete the other three albums from the past three years are available for free on line at stream songs what that means.

[59:28] And the new lineup and don't worry about having to write these down john's gonna put a post so i ll be refunded because of my current projects so music is just for my show on friday,
latest i just finished some songs this week that i will be reviewing in about hobbies and.

[59:48] Boyfriends and star wars and it will be a pg show but i do want to mention i frequently range i work with children and drunk adults
because i got a lot of difference in the delivery there's not really hurting so i do you do and say whatever i do shows i make a really really really clear weather is like in all ages show or an adult show,
so glad to just do not feel it will be very clear that i should also be like bonnie i said if i want numbers that should also
hold up without the diagnosis and it will just gotta confirm yesterday but nothing but will be doing a show the fourteenth though and if it gets anything if u want cuz it'll be run
perform the live anything can get the delay down enough that we might actually be able to.

[1:00:43] Italian sink i don't know what yo are we done that with people yeah no assistance but the way so if you want to talk shop later let me know if,
we are working list which is like yeah ok i'm gonna have a look at the live music category go to you tube look for the live music categories there are tons of musicians right now,
facebook to just doing live shows drop that wasnt yeah i would i didn't realize what is it like a serial had sex bank.
But like i have nothing like that i wanna miss my lakewood area.

[1:01:23] I'm just saying i'm going to go look on line for live music there so many performers right now that are playing are high tops you can find so much music.

[1:01:33] Um so please like is performers in dec in lake,
promoters and all that stuff like just find any live music and watched any of it because it helps us and that was that i was being part of um
john and i usually for fifty days got to lower drug directors and about what they are planning things like i want to do the things that were really do miss you and this is why this is um they feel being part to is because we want
did you get together not only with the community and help doing that letting people know they were still out here were still doing stuff and letting go and john it is now your turn to do that awful awful quiz.
No that's not right so is anybody has been there for the last eleven years so i know you like to play a game at the end other typically outweighs the site,
john likes to play a game that would a wood you clarify we.
How is your pretty what do something slightly different where would we found a computer.
One hundred percent scientific book called awesome social media quizzes inside of it would give you insight into you that you did not know that you had.
We are sorry but i'm looking for a little bit more about our guests of ten questions.

[1:02:53] Who is here and he scored more figure out today's quis is what potato chip would you be.

[1:03:00] I am is thoughts and questions on how are they can get you to the extent it's okay,
why that's not scientific really like in a research scientist jennifer can i have a minimum yeah okay.
It's your turn to have fun with that i that's a little terrified when your favorite appetizer slash side of these five it pickles jalapenos.
Mozzarella sticks bread or calamari animal fried hello how are you.
I got a good agent my coloring book design yet yet what is yours.
Mozzarella sticks and throwing sticks and michigan you did say pickles correct and fried pickles dill pickles
add a display how you can subscribe feed that actually means something i can help you set up my google talk after class i have to add describe your temperament,
i am very calm i respond quickly and passionately.

[1:04:12] I don't stay mad for long i don't get mad often but when i do watch out or i am unpredictable let's we.
I was the at the second one quick and passionate cricket yo on passionately okay.
Can you help you like idk how i don't get mad often but when i do.
Log out how much mark i think i only got one call.
I don't understand the truth but can we go to any recipe and this is where he started feeling processing can certainly do put off that i had um.

[1:04:52] Choose your favorite activity of these five surfing attending a sporting event shopping watching movies or music concert
guess here would like a terribly would you like to think about it can i help you whenever someone that i would actually attending a sporting event can use for human okay how about you mark.
Movies movies are how is the weather in tokyo.
I am deathly going music concert to be a groupie for a ska band had an currently in tokyo so i help so i'm just getting below error hi,

[1:05:38] Does deb information that better looking for a second that would a been baptized and figure out the dark carnival like i'm one hundred percent and it's not like i really love it and call bass lake.

[1:05:52] Good a you know that's it that's it that's the wonder of doing the podcast would be yes of dragon con everybody has.
All sorts of fandom their are there in bulgaria it goes.

[1:06:11] Add det back through the covers of songs actually i might which shows replay
did you already that this is getting more interesting facts thats not doing us can apparently knows how what is that do not good a coffee,
i'm playing with that pussy so i can drink as much coffee as i want forever.
Ok i get it to you when what prize most excite you.
Hey a shopping spree a trip to the country you've never been to a country you never visited and adventure experience.
Free tickets to your favorite sports and team what's the sports team i said what i said sporting or a car u.

[1:07:01] I'm looking to travel travel i have a tumor kill a what was the first option a shopping spree sign me up.
Hi my husband so many shoes he loves you he is a taurus send a parcel didn't order stuff we learned about her hey how much drinks the more we learn.
Hi there i got it is also the truck,
how to travel it got left i love traveling i was already not i make healthy i do celtic invasion vacations yeah i think you can do scotland and wherever you up with that like.
Where can i learn more about that conviction that come back that i can get a what's your favorite pizza topping pepperoni extra cheese pineapple bacon or what you like.

[1:07:54] Add bacon morgan hill pineapple unavailable love it and i didn't and a mark.

[1:08:05] I don't like moving out a good day can it thinking that it's closer to pursue
how about that that's a yes yes man c is good he speaking nothing much bro should he can't what flavor you
drone to ZST heart rich sell the horse pike.
What is the size of drink hot sauce but i would like a compulsive disorder i think that that that's everything i have a lot of things are you gonna be subscriber in twitching me matricula we have you.

[1:08:49] I'm.

[1:08:52] What was that it was one that was the first one yes yeah sure how bout you mark mango tart.

[1:09:01] Yeah uh let's see where would you like to spend a sunday afternoon on the beach.
Picnic at the park the mall a house or my house relaxing
what is your house relaxing at my house i'm going out party later guy who has more or a circus is a circle a john's house in three weeks to show up lord um.
What are your plans for circus i'll have a beach actually yes you did.

[1:09:36] Mark of a bitch okay and.
Also the beat is up in wellington carolina which is on the beach beautiful place actually but this area.
Lemon can pick your favorite cartoon character how to survive scooby-doo bugs bunny sponge bob snoopy.
Start the mark bugs bunny bugs bunny how much you want regular.

[1:10:07] The other is bugs bunny scooby-doo and snoopy and sponge bob.

[1:10:14] I know what's up snapping her leave.
I will wait umm i just had it in you body bags that's that bag.

[1:10:27] How hot is it you cant pay for that how often should he include a hotel not very often two to three times per week every day once a week.
Does often as i can start within the legacy because one answer this question really is often as i'd,
possibly can i have been waiting until this is over so i can keep eating my grits salt and vinegar cleanse.
How can i make too much noise to keep me looking and feeling so we haven't you
hi kevin time baby watch your twice to three times a week but pretty much much is usually possible right now comfort food and yes
the only two to three times goodnight my snacking is still healthier light,
cheese is healthier but could a went your fancy until we lights and rocky and three xl i'm having doesn't eat cheese so
i can last question what color do you like the most out of this five red.
Blue yellow black or green whatever you mark i got blue ultra color.

[1:11:55] Would you say it's immature at home sorry hello your ok and lee lak lak,
are leaving i do math go ahead and get all the info again let me know,
what's like the best place to find so that they can download or listen to your music and then pay you for it after they listen to say hello marc how about you,
i made it very simple i have a splash page with his father and that will get you to my to my you tube channel l get you to homepage which is the fax of my blogs and get you to
everyone of my podcast what is that you that mentioned how could he if what's a good so what part of social
hello i get it how does edika ship to band camp we can go over there umm
nice easy just gotta cut from that netflix you can sign up to my mailing list so much it get you to twenty one songs for free um,
streamline songs yahoodi one songs i just spotify or amazon music whenever id go anywhere.

[1:13:14] The quick and easy way to help father god and that is with yeah that's personal but also pussy don't you don't understand that.
What are you.
Matricula dot com same deal splash page link to add my social media i am most active on twitter and instagram,
i post a lot of stuff on you tube most of my life content is on twitch but all of that is available from matricula dot com.
Add a link to my music by both to buy it on bank.

[1:13:48] Who are the stream it for free and i have a page from linking to
just said sadly god greater scheme of things if you look at the page is there different ways to act like what i'm asking you something on twitter makes a really easy for people to find ways to contribute they want to
but also if you are short on scratch
that same page haha from that particular dot com if she wants to get to from italy that comp has links that are up for my you tube and other apps,
streaming sites that are ready to be tweeted out is your short and scratch you can also really really help us out by just sharing music with a friend like.

[1:14:30] Like that sounds really cheesy but like like it is really really helps like i like that so whatever we always hey.
Always good yes yes actually you can also go there and done that also really helps if you like anything that you're here just.
Share any star from gearbest's with any fresh asparagus really really.
And i also i'm now putting out a challenge to r cosplay community a dragon can i want to see grandma can play,
i wanna see pink,
freaking to go along with that gray jacket i am expecting it in tokyo on twenty twenty one the year of the i want to see if i can you come on people.
grandma start a LA unidad ballet would just be awesome because i have actually already seemed is made an account when the power went out in the entire like swan lake um.

[1:15:38] I love storms reverse of what group of companies like i would not all i went to target and like a grandma target of love.
Oh my gosh hey play that would like help that would be a whole group.
That would be a whole group you could be in the parade with.
Star wars gotta go that early that would janet do well much are you have you done the math and yes i had to add um now that before i before we go be sure to stay tuned after this to hear tune from each of our guests correct.
Yes there was a smart like wait no nevermind.
I can sing something else i could think was not fair for this party should a cat track and feeling good he is.
Sure okay mr mr b schedule changes from the new movie like that this kind of thing song and it made me change it cuz it was too catchy because he would get up in the morning in the shower he like,
skip bullshit.
Happy about seeing this from this yet but recorded music yo are we know how we can scare people
should a made my set up.

[1:17:06] Yeah so many microphones feel like im looking at mumbai to bandra better a. m.

[1:17:16] It's actually a puppy and banjo what's the three string is tuned it opened lol.
Who is actually has a pickup built into the pan so i can play it on stream are the low who is like a folk instrument like that except with the moon pie logo cause i do love you.

[1:17:37] Hi there.
That's good a lot of weird instruments if you turn into my show i'll give you a tour of your instrument i got are so do it both mark and lee came out to be the same kind of chips.
Will try to sen for some reason.
Okay you get you enjoy the finer things in life love to treat yourself.
She said you can be selfish but are usually kind to people you meet.
Not a big fan of being out doors no that's from and always pick shopping about any other activity,
it's good he know,
go shopping but had to shut yo on that word scientific you would a like shopping like
calling things in life should a performing shopping for it.

[1:18:42] Sure yeah that would be like if i get color isn't the last thing i hear is you don't like working for other other people and you're usually running late.

[1:18:53] Will you provide earlier today at the first part but not the second yet completely have a little problem i understand that there was monday had my trip to alaska.
What is barbeque help submit a flight from redding your favorite and never lacking in spice.
You're allowed to live for the party and love lots of attention.

[1:19:18] You're very passionate about the things in life you love you don't get along with everyone but that doesn't how do you because the relationships you have are strong and fit.

[1:19:28] So there you help me with that,
hey where is the house located about that yeah cheddar and i'm not sure could,
why would a bad dad joke hi how is chrome book was in ballet shoe.

[1:19:55] So that's another episode of got did not what are the driving time fibonacci sequence three hundred.
Um until next time or matricula marc emily this is jon saying peace.

[1:20:15] Invite.

[1:20:16] Music.

[1:21:49] Lol there if there was something very end MIKE like there.

[1:21:56] Music.

[1:26:10] This has been a production of the unique pink to leave a comment suggestion for less that eight one three three two one zero to go for a lasagna.
The pics of the united states drop com.
Move the fuck on twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[1:26:34] Music.