Days Of Dragon Con 2020 - Day Septenary - Battle Of The Stars

2020, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Yo on
how are you my best bet what's yo.
Yo on this is nicky.

[0:33] Music.

[0:42] So weird random mathematical equation days of drinking and.
Joining me as always from the bunker deep deep deep in the self.

[0:56] Hey i am very deep in this house it's hot and muggy and they're always be showers summer shower is going on it's very hot it's very buggy.
Welcome to atlanta that's gonna be one of the good things about virtual card.
Hey you gonna be in the atlanta humidity and heat and also you don't fold down those stairs that no one should take from.
Hyatt to the marriott but we do because it's faster than the happy trails yes.
Can you replace me all the way thru all the way through,
yeah andrew only party i am just so excited about trump it just has this is gonna come out
bad dragon con merchandise now we go commits through text but you go to the store it'll show up i don't remember
what is on the facebook page needed to be on drugs
what are the open sea what kind of merchandise yet yet we have a new baby dragon and it's blue and it's adorable.
There is the lanyard from this year there is a t shirt and there are some patches for virtual address
we don't need no stinking patches and oh and there are cute little thank,
how long should be but they're cute little pins that have like cats.

[2:25] The movie and frankenstein and vampire and dracula.
I never done by somebody who i don't remember his name i can look it up but they're really really adorable and yes you need those along with the could you get bus over there at the.
I just started earning income org,
order pizza that's not available in medium right and make me a brand new rails project called that hundred and can't just be sure to go feeling that you are well.
No there's some really great things there are there any deals going on right now and there are also some new uh.
T-shirts and hoodies so.
Which is really cool so there and do that the other thing that's going on is that you know because rachel came on and talked about it with us before.

[3:20] There is going to be um derby badgers send out two people that is no stinking badges need a stinking that's especially for the new
when did that your gonna buy through friday but
the badges are ensuring that they have your address but from alan he was asked you are gonna be getting an email.
Asap my daughter to that you need to go into our volunteer system and make sure we have your correct address so that you get.
The budget is the volunteer badge this year along.
Set the hat so is a way to show that yes you still want to be here and i am dragon con twenty twenty one the year of the awesome it's interesting and elizabeth are getting out the bed this for the.

[4:13] Volunteers how to register for pretty much the same but it does say
i want to add suppose you're probably already have printed it and it's doing so well
n one of her dinner with respect to a lost plastic but the other thing is there is a dragon con shirt that you can tell hoes done twenty well,
appreciate all the apparel what is done the virtual kind decided cuz and the drunk shirt this is really cool cuz it's got the meat but on the back and got the city of atlanta.

[4:48] And it says dragon con family with all the bills are five buildings are you gonna say or think or say or a drink and now touch more people than ever,
nope not that switch on who is the one that i was map was not accurate head hurts so bad,
speaking of awkward i'm gonna make an awkward segway to say that um why would a wood i'm not what to do if i make a very awkward segway and hey there,
you know drinking is not a military organization even though we like badges,
but we do you have a military truck and we got karen and james your day to talk about it and that is again can we go to figure out sideways after ten years hi karen eleven billion one,
hello private,
hey so okay show you guys and all of this before but tell anybody fortunately just found this podcast
poor babies what military stuff i track is probably saying it wrong so
is that the actual name of the military stuff i media player that's okay.
Because we often do the acronym figure out where is MS MS so i'm like that ok and what should i do what is you talking about.

[6:14] So i'm a bit more bold so we use to be.

[6:19] Exclusively to be stargate track where is GMT the start a multiverse tracked
i am we got to a certain place for there had not been a nice target on the air for awhile
who is we kinda still wanted to be around and relevant because we sold out plans of fans and people who wanted start programming every year or so we thought
what kind of unite some of these groups well we found some other things that i know
spoke to similar sorts of groups of fans similar kind of films
and so we do a corporate several different properties and we need another names we call that military side five media because you know star trek not been taking this class
hey how are you
what kind of military space to use that kind of thing so we include all different groups we have babylon five we have escape belle starr galactic
we recently added not to long ago space nineteen ninety nine ahmed the
we have tons of different shows just about anything because even firefly because firefly.

[7:32] Because because firefly just that's a good answer for that you have a new show that your talking about appreciated so what's your name show this year,
are you show this year it's space force not to be confused with space force play.

[7:50] Is there another show called space for never be the actual military is there a military branch in fact up there looking at some trademark stuff around right now really great.

[8:01] We wish the list but i got yo on hold for so so yeah that's space for show that's on netflix.

[8:14] I have a finished life stuff going on but you watch that i want you to play a belongings in military sci-fi media
it would be good eight to,
what's like the ones like the conservative documentary yes sports my latest book like well no
it also kinda fits in that vein soda similar to one of our other really great new shows in the last few years which has been the order bill
no there is also a task that was star trek and so i think space for something more about what kind of amp up our comedy ranked just a little bit.
Um i was late on the bandwagon because of
not a real fan of like american dad and family guy but i absolutely get what ya want you to switch the yeah now i'm right here waiting on season three.
What are you johnny,
john i actually actually have not want to see horror will we know if i want to watch fantastic beasts and could a media to learn more about it
i think any show that can use dolly parton nine to five and have a fight scene and it works.

[9:42] Yeah i heard you are three sizes i heard nothing but good things about the absolute and i think their biggest
roll industries interview but first episode is it got basket and i don't like the design firm.

[10:00] Is that fox,
initiate a call is just fine just um the the fox initially advertise it basically is a comedy.
I'm in dewitt has committed think about it my understanding and then again when i saw it again we can but so um,
is it way more sci-fi than it is comedy comedies part of it is just it's just not as it's more true to engage
tell me if uh true true along the lines of star trek and whatnot that dead it's
its it's very hard not light hearted but more um.

[10:42] Real betis take human is that it has hearts and that's a good hair yeah there's
there is a layer of sand comedy we are over at two with someone a heart underneath it all there's some real world issues and some genuine human concerns as well as concern is going on here
and i think that that's where those things that makes it a little bit,
el bit more maybe engaging and some of my friends other words because those are meant to be more
sorry but you've burnt jokes i don't know how to word jokes and you know what you find out like a select better at things that live across a service for this trying to really go deeper
it doesn't james you're not along get something done what's that about.

[11:31] Trying to be more like humans take a realistic or whatever they're tackling a lot of heavy issues and the episodes.
I'm different.
Gender rights and so rides n other things um religion and there's comedic relief and there so good.

[11:55] Debbie downer all the time out of it yet but its a good mix of comedy and serious issues which i think is something that some of you are.

[12:07] Track shows have gotten away from me and feel kinda feels that space that people were looking for her to continue.
Yeah future of prosperity and.
Increase will think again pre show you know what you are saying that there's all these rumors about is there a season four is there not a season four of real i'm not getting into it at johnny d's right up there,
the mouse does that apply to fox entertainment that's an interesting thought will i get imagine that you can't to throw virtual rock around virtual dragon com without getting something along to disney at this point,

[12:53] I'm so bad about the oregon what you guys are you doing this year anything about related to the marvel because we all like it am gonna make jobs watch it,
after watching a little league have nothing else to watch right now if you can convert gone through all of netflix at this point so i'll go there.
If nothing else you should become a convert to the church on kelly and that will make more sense once you watch it the charger kelly is a very good yesterday,
so we did record add this last week a virtual panel for four vs star trek,
let's go there or vs star trek match i'm very compare and contrast the two series and i'm john,
and we're doing fine with it and brown i'm looking forward to you when it comes out and dragon com.

[13:49] Yeah play the victim doesn't make it necessarily identical to the hospital but we will find a way to make it available for pants because some quality content we have.

[14:00] Ok so you know lil bit when startled because i need a little bit more at the moment we will be more can you gotta represent,
yeah represent
um done yet so along those lines how um would the panels have you are you planning on recording or have you recorded and how is it going that far as far as getting things together.
It's fine it's fine everything is fine no problem here yo are hey can i drink your iced tea.

[14:37] Should a girl that everything will be good kid is not in it whatever that the younger about it recording instead of finding people.
Time real-life john and i have yet you said within fifteen minutes plan to track who complain attract the same time but yet i didn't plan track,
is it recording yet because this will help the or value gonna send out and is one of the four pre recorded that'll be on that kind of fandom is are attractive
no i understand yes i meant next song we're looking to,
record um is a balance panel power doing a bracket donation.
We got plenty of em stir to pick from in better from babylon five mr more than.
Rap caterers from star gay silence for best stock black dick a.
Yeah missions from andromeda i mean there's a lot of fun in that we get in the habit and lemonade thru the brackets to get down to the.
Define all 's it's are version of sports this place that serves doughnuts.

[15:55] Yes i can convert that makes a lot of so what is it what is the grading criteria in that area looking for the most evil be a best dressed to the yeah.

[16:04] Most tackle i think it's gonna get to some extent come down to the scale of the debate
cuz i made to some extent we will set some parameters usually the most villa tends to be the one that has the most impact,
were the one that got the most personality natasha between those two categories it's style is it sub so it
all for instance or is it someone to smash white by the couple different galaxies in a little bit faster yeah
who was the who are the people that he would your hand on atlanta hey sup that july fourth,
thank you that will probably help me technically they are just trying to eat man i would be having this discussion wouldn't that is very true.
So exited much stargate atlantis you to others in apparently lot of things i need to get hired,
um i can give you the episode you must watch stargate atlantis kurt james could help me here hits re still have some more pandemic to go menu can i get them
yes i'm so sorry food do they make a really muster now.

[17:30] We are trying not to stack it with an expensive lease target people who have records the flight is show bias but we also want to make sure that we are missing everybody but currently definitely various members um
I don't know the gold mostly but also the or i they definitely come out that kind of a different sort of threat is that we have,
theyre all in that mix and we're gonna have to pull maybe one or two about what you know what's interesting about the or i is that he is right appear on my thing and im looking out of his cigarette smoking that.

[18:09] What is actually an order i'd like you to double dylan there.
No lo he swear cigarette smoking that wasn't feeling on the deed say the same thing about u are so me weather,
hurt my poor little babies um ok no way u can you show that you're above space force.
What was the other show william davis is jon talking about for me or in order i know what you're talking about where your hobbies.
Will these work motor inn's kelly twenty first started remember them i will be she wants to hold them close to her heart and protect them always
i just would a guy was saying so so accepted
this podcast reorder three pg thirteen hope you can survive another show that's new this year.

[19:02] That's space ninety nine.
We have space nineteen ninety nine ugh it was added last year i actually did the stuff with the tracking then that stuff only one that we can never looking at as in keep in mind it's a new show us what you are
who did this play yeah what you know it's funny because we're talking about you and then you and i last year.
Kinda remember kinda dont i dont.
I wanna have theory why don't know where i can re watch it from but i'm not able to find out that have a line from space nineteen ninety nine because on the list.
Where is there availability just for the remaining credit for the biggest building in my mind if i get really work is ok.
Who is the gotta to feeling of the week,
share stuff you re sent it back they are gonna do that
nap the activia sustain feelings really make our lives that's true that is what that is very true that's all there is still the week just doesn't he know,
yo on me and i don't like.

[20:19] I don't know if you can make exactly a case to have one without the other so i think we're just gonna have to have like a double headed one that won they're just probably gonna have to be one of the
one of the top seats i would say no to that do they go in separate bracket sacramento they eastern division of the individual one they
can we what is the upper do the connecticut just missing the SCC you today yeah,
is a beneficiary in a scientific extraordinarily extraordinary i set up for you know we're talking like things like that so yeah i'd say more.
Yo are also being were shot in the galaxy even persons barbers.
I would just like tar as a villain from the old.
Where is this babar yes call tara is a lesbian of dylan more or less yes when was a good feeling like we're getting yeah
he got mad and had some paranoia issues so um yeah have been inserted start a startup that is
expand your inner goddess is a goddess night although we are ever hopeful seems like it.

[21:44] Yo on every single boyfriend it's his tracks what is the start the tracking in this order here another one this one.
Start looking at its nothing like what i said nothing calling won't talk to me every word i say.
I would of gone without you we do love each other we were can we do dropshipping try to post stuff away every year or keep smiling and tell us know every year is it
it's what's up five here is my,
billboard i'm gonna read the three what are the things of love you have a thursday night party that is amazingly unique.
Actually get to see it a couple years ago.

[22:35] How are you gonna talk about how are you gonna do that there's no virtual a way to do that we'll what is it you who is obama let them tell you.

[22:44] Hey sam can i get an update on the podcast,
it's like when you're atlanta you don't have a lot to do because its thursday night in dragon con hasn't
officially started you must confirm active
set except no we moved into the race where is officially and then you really need a thing to do because now of the unofficial night is wednesday as we all know she is
oh you're looking for a place to do if you wanted to have kind of a soft open so they could become and just relax a little bit what my friends was like we can find a place to do the one z party i'm like
i wanna see party of say how are you.

[23:29] Hey what's y'all have ms a stem ones partying great because of how to buy the other make sense to enough people but it could use a kind of it made sense then
sorry we're open up at rack room start handing out name badges sit down and play games together we have last year we had a giant cardboard ganga
and we had a blast like giant checkers on the floor that will keep playing with it we had a couple card games that were the kind that you probably can't
play until after ten p and i think that was thursday night cuz it my dog
where should he can't do that anymore lol
yeah well i have an order but once i was wearing a star trek once it because that's what you do delivery to leave the room no because remember star trek.

[24:27] Where is hubble is it or isn't nothing else yes i will have the t-rex of tracks running around yes directions shark head,
i'll be having kids what should the inside woke up with a one point that was funny no not your cat leave it is so good that you did it,
last year that was then that was that no this is now now we're gonna do is one of the things that we're doing besides supreme recording panels we will probably.

[25:00] Things aren't being released or the main dragon con fan truck programming,
but this is what we want to do on thursday night with it is kinda cute up still thinking bout stuff and the official dragon con tv type stuff doesn't start broadcasting until friday why not have a virtual
where are we just doing you can hop onto our facebook and talk with us while we say around that one is in the conference room open air conditioning and chat with you.
That is so cool and actually now i'm going through a list of everything i need to one c four we need asylum one z.
You need reports sooner or uniform ones down ng.
I'm just trying to see the list you're so yes no actually know will there be hello this is an official dragon will there be video or no video.

[25:56] I mean why would you have a one st party without you do exactly you don't know anything.
Caution i mean there's a social norm with you walking through a hotel that being a wednesday so you know one thing thing in your house.

[26:15] Just to clarify were talking what is the weird talking completely covering one yes bad tho
that zips and has like a what some time no soda a hundred percent clear on what's happening in seattle to zip out foody studies i guess you put your a pokemon ones i like sparkle ones twilight sparkle i remember in the height of it
there was a tela w one z
i bet that somewhere on ebay if something is wrong or right now somewhere somewhere you know,
but yes there will i am sure there are standards and practices that,
yeah let's put this way i'm the volunteers to participate in this if it will be on greece
haha they're gonna be what's the word spotting will be chatting and bacon ones like that's backwards just trying not sure yet so not solicit thing
what is hey jonathan live or otherwise currently from,
be extended audience would like to send the pictures that we could flash outfit have been the hero that it would be different pictures that we can't get right um there's a way to.
Set up a new email john um help.

[27:43] Cancel adult content which the party is not state specific and yes killing what do something that you don't contact which is the,
ask him mad libs panel i forgot about this panel karen and james blonde.
Ok so if panel that doesn't exist and is on the schedule and we try to make sure that its not recorded that much of a happens after ten o'clock
because here's how it works again this is not something that you would be finding on main street
broadcasting dragon con official him track right and this is the extra contact the tracks
are trying to put together.
Four people so yes bring the car if you have some downtime and there's nothing that your saying currently you can come check out this guy.
So what we do is we take a script and i want the skirts friends that we get last year was brought a section of our mrs reynolds.
Fire supply part where is saffron shows up on the ship and.

[29:09] Now is nowhere he's married.

[29:14] Sport alert yeah but that would a golf ball either by out what you do with our new version of mad libs is begin a couple people who are willing to read about characters to read.
Add take out keywords phrases nouns verbs etc name things like that
alex of the screen and then we ask the audience for random suggestions hey give me a noun and then we take the slightly more socially acceptable once he is free put them into the script
which is there any new country cottage farm right find the map of players write a similar to have it
dan mad libs which surprises a serious car game when i was a kid my husband was a kid umm you don't get to know what you can do,
yes jonathan i'm gonna push buggy somebody game
he is in deep trouble how are you into horoscopes are oh here it is my favorite i like caring up.

[30:23] Let's try to say something i just say ok i need a nap i need a adjective i need a horror,
nobody knows what they don't know anything about though so when you read these and they already know what they're putting in that no i don't know what they're gonna be putting in
so how do you say you don't even know it's probably appropriate to the acting about what where the things coming from correct answer dance.
No i can get to know all these things to know so when it happens it's a total surprise and
who did we take those we actually filled out the scraps and print off copies for the people that would be reading him out so everybody had a copy,
i'm cats make a pipe running the track room to do that sort of stuff and it's soon as it was all filled out just print off copies nick but iran with that.

[31:21] I'm good times and who is the tablespoon anthony very interesting suggestions
table to have different groups that table to cut out on it was just the way it was divided up at the time and after our trivia night at that
where we have the schedules they are the end tables and table to you just.
Take the boys had some good ones and this is one that would be an after ten this is there is a yes adult where can i have heard that about able to tend to travel.
If you go in a facebook we will also be doing this particular and out of respect just because you not official dragon convert me.

[32:09] Pull up a good idea to visit.
You gonna try to do a lot of gonna try to record it you said your trying to mines about it we would like to try to do it live by.
Hey would take a lot of patients from everybody trying to get in things fast enough because words,
i will just have to see how it goes so we're gonna do a trial run of it first with our staff folks just tried it,
make sure we've worked out some of the kings before hand you know not to NEU and keep it fun but yeah alex doesn't appear like you thinks like what.
Nothing but then nothing really great bands so this from target and um.
Okay so that's cool i bet your pants funny so go potty before this one even though you gonna be a house.
Transfer one k as long as you're not videos books we do don't we.
Select what's hot where was just the ones space all the way the data.

[33:17] Question about last year before times as we like to call before time is how was your day how is your kind leicester did you add um was anything that the one off of a better than expected is there anything six on your mind of.
What time you have there that you remember fondly.
Where do you remember fondly and would a male can you decided now is the best time to deliver.
We have a lot of stuff that happened last year with um,
the anniversary of escape and brian henson during the panel for that um.

[33:59] We also had our first tour guests last year.

[34:05] You have done that both of them dies and there.

[34:13] We also had a ummm.
A really good time with the fact that most of us we had the average when cancelar virtually no-one not be able to attend so that was actually really really great
they were very much committed the lovely people in them they were all really fun to work with and that isn't a movie
chad serious that doesn't always happen to me never actually lovely wonderful wonderful
we are level will and i think the orginal so i love them.
They were great i actually got to see my was in my room at one point and that was what was on bbc 2 like they are funny they were very very funny people and you can just tell how much i love the shirt,
no se todavia blue with a lot of fun to from there he universe i know i don't always
universe the same amount of credits to love you what love but there is truly amazing and i was down there is,
really funny.
I like i like stargate universe now i didnt like it then because it killed my poor little atlanta that make me sad.

[35:29] That was okay,
so cool so that wasn't good here's some good ideas from last year very very kool um what else is there anything else that you are hoping baby comes in two thousand twenty one the year of the epic comp.

[35:47] Where is that you looking forward to put it on the same quality programming with c tracker and looking forward to.

[35:57] Okay new gas standard which you refund enjoy that is dragon con which will forget people,
the people we want people who are the people we might even want to touch people and so appropriate consent should a purple that point just to hang out,
be able to like say hello hi how are you doing baby shake hand without wednesday i don't know what's gonna write for the hand sanitizer.

[36:29] Start we honestly that's one of things that i would like to also get a chance to see where to buy them with the order and be able to talk to new stuff,
about some of the shows that we havent really
cancel experience for yeah or if you see what people watch during the pandemic and what they did you watch time does a lot of people are watching babylon five okay doing full of bs you watch it is
show this bot.

[36:55] Hey people invited occurred to folks anyone to talk about in this house that maybe they had before because i just had time to revisit the content what a thought that understand the way we.
Interesting to see because we're also seeing the content differently now and eat different things at this point which is always awesome,
let me ask you a few if you been watching a show and see a bunch like,
c walking down the walk down york city and being crowded think and go that's unrealistic.
When is spin speed is your policy people taking and having a party wednesday,
you do not.
Don't know don't know what my latest show to put on the background while doing other things that burn notice the good ab point can pick up you can look up and figure out what's going on.
Where can i find transparent but its always good.
Background and british shot miami with him like that moving tampa but umm i am aware what's going on down to miami in like.

[38:08] I want to go should be back home what you doing how do you do.
No1 the beach yes quit dancing together um so what is cool so you got planned for gay you gotta hope to put on some.

[38:25] Live is track only content on your facebook page sounds is gonna be fun.
And it's gonna have glitches and it's gonna have kinks and you know what it's grabbing.
I always have that little bit theres always something its not a car without it,
no it's supposed to start a fund get over that challenge and it's a total rushing your problem solving type or size i am,
on for the entire twenty four seven in five days,
making sure it happens and i am going to do the thing is this is the artist still here this needs to go here do this do that we can run this for fifteen minutes because this person got the other room when we take this with this person and elvis presley
hey can you come over here and talk to me about this order here soon i'll talk to that person no please dont ignore
set the thermostat housing hose so we've got an issue with time right now okay you can delete you start talking to people right now if you do the square two x.
I got message your comments make the magic happen its also what you like i was trying to get here.
I knew how to go and have a trial and then all the sudden.

[39:43] I couldn't get there that when there was a parade in the way from the get go from the house in the hyatt new in the western and get there early want to get there
yeah that's always find tickets for billy like i swear omm away to the hilton so they dont so what happen you are set the record
hello it was a different food court it's not the xp from the secret hidden open the pod but that hey.

[40:18] Let me look for ten people this is like the singer wade remodel and nothing can be targets maddox doing out here
sorry more than we love you get smarter go farther
north and south and everything else so awesome we are about to do this what's the best place for people to find your social medias where where would you,
i want people to judge me the first place um.
Most of things are right now to facebook you can find us at military sci-fi media at dragon con
are we have a page where we also have a group the group is marked as private but i gotta do it just basically join show that you're a human being that you know
will it rain all humans we do love silence yeah sorry i know where that is policy bot yep
hey with the stock those things are we also have twitter twitter ask myself amtrak.

[41:24] What is the twitter.
F em track is the twitter vertical sad twitter folks so before i would like to hangout in the past to play games this year we're going to get to know know people because you know.
We got the distance between us we cant wanna,
a little bit more about each other so we had this very scientific book that i found some awesome social media questions so would you take it off social media quiz that will scientifically proved which,
zoo animal you are so definition of awesome is not the normal definition of awesome,
how many questions are on this one turn haste and get that site assigned to extend the scientific number.

[42:12] Should a proven scientifically to be scientifically enough please let it be one too many in the banana just the wrong time.
I would like some numbers what do we should be more science so yeah.
It's raining would you rather find shelter for yourself and the people you're with.
Huh oh it's raining lol up on the couch with your love ones.
Put on your boots and go out flashing or without your umbrella and carry on was there with you with james which of those options.

[42:51] I would probably want to curl up on the couch with a level and i would you karen.

[42:58] Terms and our cats had the same time only what and keep going.
I believe that you so who hung okay i said no son you're set up on a blind date would you rather find a reason to cancel.
Look forward to it i'm awesome other look my best of best and gold but meet up with friends after to talk about it.
Work with other meet me at my favorite casual restaurant or lastly take my day for a hike with a picnic basket i was there with you okay.
Ok i want first of all ummm.

[43:47] I'm not yogi bear without going to access um.
I would have to say i'm trying to find a way to cancel i'm not into the blind date contact.
Side the marriage still good a birthday capture your best life is.
The advil and coffee wore the blind dates i try to find a way to cancel.
Change yo are you leaving your answer.

[44:28] What's on wondering why my friend doesn't like this person but they set up with because that is just trying to be productive the whole play dates what are some facts
who does meals once or just there always better just yeah i made a restaurant cuz at least i can talk about sea.

[44:47] Okay even if it's bad you can talk about it.

[44:52] Weather is forecast for yes i need um your friend would you rather attack head on with everything you got.
Hi bobbi ray to strike fast fly away when the flight if you have to yell loudly and scared them away lee which one.
Yeah loudly.
There is a new change or i would hide the beer industry and UK.
Is there white i do not know the options when you can file it should leave the same is true this is taking it real i'm done if a violence.
When will kill hey why is what's next train don't of the screen.
That's turn on verizon would you rather sleep all day and be up all night sleep outside in their tree sleep cuddled with your funny,
i would be i sleep for six months at the time probably same one i'm sleep a little then watch the sunrise james how are you.

[46:06] I wanted is called a and b about night about you.
I don't have the option of sleep very little me up at night so i'm just trying to get the cat scan with these.
Will sleep all that shit but then leave your last one sleep sound and wake up what's going on.
Would you rather eat one big meal with lots of small high protein high protein meals in a plant-based diet eat steak.
Everything and anything and everything that anyone anything and everything i wish of those.
The last one anything and everything vegan steak steak.

[46:59] I wish you can probably small protein bits here and there yeah go.
Take me nowhere which would rather not do.
Get up early go to the gym eat salad spend time alone or stay in one place.
How much you care and yes i would a ask which one of the.
Can you please read them again because please contact one second yes how many cups go to the gym eat salad spend time alone or stay in one place.

[47:43] I would rather not get up early if i have to pick up spot.

[47:53] I got the gym but let me sleep in ok but you james i would not want to go to the gym,
what was the last one stay in one place that when i am really tired speak what is true what would you recommend to do bad you're stuck how pretty much done with that one
yeah you have to do a big project would you rather lead the team and make sure everyone is working toward a twitter strikes.
Do everything together from start to finish do it myself.
Get it over with quickly add together and then relax or brainstorm creative ways to get it done will start with you.

[48:37] What's the name of the above so i got a group project i'm probably get it just let it get a james.
I would brainstorm the creative ways to get it done and karen
i know that because im attracted to rector if i also am about way of case no one does what their supposed to then i can go with the option of getting it done myself
i was supposed to know that usually ends up with a column of all the others who have agreed you have a great team.

[49:16] Yeah yeah i like that option at the end i was not that he was great the team is fabulous and that's that's never an issue for me
it's just that sometimes we were talking general group project yes that's the one i thought about driving congress yes we talking mile
okay my office hello general group projects so i served under him in the the war of attrition,
hi there yes i just didn't this year.
Um ok so would you rather wear clothes that are attractive but comfortable pajamas dark clothes.
Stylish clothes in muted colours or styles that highlight my best qualities is that you james.
Dark close the door in a black t-shirt right now guys just let you know.

[50:14] I mean i'm gonna probably say.

[50:19] If i had to pick one stylish but needed just because she had healed enough for my personality not intellect close speak for me.
The first one whatever stylish comfortable clothes that are attractive but comfortable yes.
About the drag am really into the computer automatically let's be honest it's been.

[50:44] What were their jobs right now thank god we have pants on,
so i don't have as far as you know actually wear jeans or get your mind would you rather meditate go for a walk at night make a plan,
seek advice or take a nap james will start with you.

[51:04] Add go for a walk at night and okay how about you leave um meditate believe it or not okay.

[51:14] And karen make a plan.
Who can it be delivered last question thank god but scientifically have to ask a friend is making a speech about you.
Would you rather hear she highlight your general awesomeness your intelligence your adventurous spirit.
You're funny easy going daycare or the times u came thru for them we have new gm.

[51:46] Order problem is no i don't like i don't like people i dont like people talking about me.
So what was the first one light of congress general awesome this no no what's the accomplishments one.
Not the last one ever times u came thru for them that i don't like that.
Praise bothers me generation ax man karen yes i feel you.
Arts answer and feelings generally speaking i would rather you not be talking about me and all that you just chat with me and that and even then yeah stop with the thing is i don't know when the cell repair sweet.
Start sear the same the same answer them,
yes definitely i think times i came here because is it an actual factual thing where you want to talk about it's personal testimony i can't stop you because status,
can i grab u off the stage are you james.

[52:45] My easy-going ways you're fun and easy going nature got it.
Hey can you turn the fan off so you get the stuff that so.

[53:00] Again where is your facebook name is brittany we are military sci-fi me to dragon con.
I am the one with the group has like the app symbol in the name of the one the regular page is eighty driving high,
do you have to join it cuz it's a private group but basically we're just trying to make sure you're not a silent,
essentially right now or replicate or any other thing that we feel relieved just yet yet what is twenty seven,
challenging enough get me robots right now we just um yeah i also have an email address so very excited.

[53:43] Military military okay say that again cuz i'm interrupting military five at dragon con dot org.
Hey and you have a twitter which was again james.
Add me from trac ms amtrak so that is very cool john did you do the math.
I have i have completed mass with a surprise you can let maya my education.
And florida folks yeah something for me.
Where we can stay close your more number of people vs alligators regarding other everyday and it's terrible it is a really ugly,
you came in as a grizzly bear.
Ok what is the best just want to run in the forest find food and go back home you are easy going don't let things bother you.

[54:42] Any big hearted,
okay help me find a small social groups and close friends you have a good one that i want to go outside and i don't want to go out i love you
remember get me on the long mapping your favorite clothes or pajamas you know who they were and i ordered it can take much to keep you happy.
Yo re the background please just fax this is a good airline cyan turn will they will get to karen last night
james is a great val i your wise and sharp.
Do not afraid of the dark and you solve problems independently because your introverted introspective others find you intimidating at first.
Do your hard to get to know your capable and reliable intelligence help you adapt well to all kinds of situations in settings.

[55:47] Oh good a walk and karen is the rattle snake.
What is motor actually quite cuddly when you get to know them you tend to pile up together for warmth and safety and him don't like to be alone you blend in with the crowd to watch out.
Do you prefer to hide it for flea to avoid confrontation your deadly when we have no choice but to fight.
That's not accurate i just read this i wasn't in the room when was the last line of the grizzly bear that i'm supposed to be easy to please huh
it doesn't take much to keep you happy i'm supposedly a grizzly bear and it doesn't take much to keep me happy.

[56:41] Yeah he's not believing that i could add need to call ambulance cuz you said hers well maybe later.

[56:50] Do you like tomorrow is our anniversary don't remember it doesn't take much he had a stroke much.
Why so again thank u for twenty just replaced u are you guys taking time out of a well i just sit around.
You are stupid robot.
What is it really busy and am not even drinking water would like more stuff to get done beforehand and have a meeting with lost item what is your schedule from italy by the way.

[57:22] What is the app and updated yet either things are we getting into about next week.

[57:30] You can ask that this after this event you should we have gotten something right.
You keep shuffling next track.

[57:43] I'm trying not you were can i find jake his family pics i'm saying peace.

[57:51] Music.

[57:57] This has been a production of the united kingdom.
Leave a comment suggestion call us at eight one three three two one zero to go for email that pics of the unique key don't come.
Move the cyan twitter that signed the humidity this broadcast is distributed under creative commons cheryl like non commercial license.

[58:20] Music.