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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No the first one,

[0:33] Music.

[0:39] Somebody's brothers sisters times two fifteen seventeen days a drink on another words i have no idea how many days drunk how we do this year and join me as always,
from the bunker that has a spider pig spiderhead.
Spider-man spiderhead this is a great thing about zoom is that.
What i'm dangerous spider duster imagine someone just slightly shorter than lee in front of please.

[1:21] Edit angel eyes change to.
That's actually pretty pretty well,
what bodhisattva it again when i when i wrong anyways so i ask day drinking indeterminate number of days dragon,
add like that answer there will be dragons still is going for three days this year.
But days of reykon podcast is not fifty this year.
Only three days drunk yeah i said it next year so it has to be next year.

[2:16] No i don't want to panda eyes don't it barely talk by the end of dragon con as it is trying to kill me so voice that is not spider ham which would really cool.
That is suspect director of fantasy lynn at dragon con who is still the fantasy director at dragon kongos virtual self,
thank you for having me on here and now,
who is my husband yes you have we done twelve years looking twelve years a slave you have been we have yeah so
request is the official title for drink on this year drink kongos ritual that it is,
that's the official title yeah so we have we talked to rachel first and the first episode.

[3:20] Find love digimon on a sleepy songs really fun,
well that lisa is not baby shark so did you can't that's alright,
i dragon two friends tonight on melton of bad ash publishing which is phenomenal.
I am five her with good with busy give you a good books guys and jonn hart name of falstaff books which is up in.

[3:59] Charlotte right that's real located out of gas there is something for everybody in his book catalog.
Stop there's something,
mel and john thank you guys so much for being on as we were doing a little bit with this year will not only knowing not how many,
the there is no set number of these that we are you trying to record because of people and songs.
Add a publisher.
I am sure both of you like people when they all the sun come up and go up what's this book about.
Show how long is left how long is left part about your book.
that rebecca sugar something to talk about no tellin' sometimes a little bit more story
start a life sucks figure talk about story all day long i am i'm just barry direct.
Hey portal wake up tablo i stand here for a minute i look up in the ice by my.

[5:26] Yes i got it so i don't have,
hey portal mary smith,
please play sports what it works with really big hardback because one their expensive and the heavy on buffalo,
they are very very heavy yes and would understand people that wanna buy that maybe on sunday or monday of conan.
I'm looking at it but they didn't want to carry around all of so that would make a lot of sense hotel room i'm so tired.

[6:10] I'm not sure neither would mind if you carried me head out in front of you the entire time but i'm sweater weather some kind of love for you
harry mike
thousand page quincy harker on the bus around your neck people go display,
hey portal i want to wear actually all three of us are there john,
i was i bought a bunch of stuff from the dealership but it was all a little stuff he goes here this bag to put it in,
how many guys with your stuff not in karachi still marketing my bed still markiplier falstaff books always good,
yes john just letting you know because dragon twenty twenty one is gonna be the year of the epic so you have a couple of those necklaces out.
Might not be a bad idea.

[7:10] Play the next year people will be slightly manic level of us ferrell maniac next year.
There's always a certain ferrell quality to the dealer room at seven pines of dragon that's why i only set food in that place if i have a signing.
Join the parade on monday three of those are probably the best time to go there so if i have a signing i can come a lot.
I don't get the line normal time is because that's route but if i have a signing i can cut the line and then during the parade.
Call everybody's on the street what if if you stay at.

[7:59] Any adult toys that are the western getting too the americas march.
Is it for ratata started it's only life valentine challenging is a great word i like that works,
can i did not help requires you do not think drinking birthday in the morning so weather like you a good vertigo.
Don't frank first thing this morning speaker personal experience.
Ok i wouldnt been drinking that have you ever red rose escalator for the peachtree station,
yes i have all that lady five degree angle it's not u it's me today not a taco.
I'm pretty what's the weather like tomorrow never built that way again cause building code when allow it,
it is absolutely terrifying to go up i think going down scarier but going up on always like please please please don't get stuck.
I don't want to work that i can look up.
Going down the fascination that you have to work if you have to hold on the closest thing to it is the one that hurts field.

[9:19] Yeah that's not what i get the sensation.
That one ok so when i was in basic training we had holiday break for kazam christmas and we came home and they send us home sick with basically walking on the moon.

[9:36] So i i'm going up that escalator.
Add hartsfield in this is what going to the draped up that escalator peachy center always reminds me of because it's like you don't see anything about what's going on out there until you're right on it.

[9:55] Set not going into infinity for aviva yes in just like them when you get you never know what you're going to see when you get to the top.
Nope the single make me feel safe about writing the escalators a dragon connie i know that if i top all over
yes a thousand people under me help myself will be fine other niggas all that matters,
i have seen people at dragon con on the dragon con escalators truly help each other out including one time,
when was this somebody with the strokes who had a stroller in a little while and two people total strangers came up
what you're going upstairs up the escalator and each of them grab the corner of the stroller and carried up the escalator nothing said never saw the hurt people again there it was thanks that's just what we do it's dragon.
That is very nice i like that that's kind of the spirit dragon.
Ok so i want to ask a question now you're publishing is called bad ash,
that is a fox on don't don't go there bad apple,
thank you ok.

[11:17] That's so true so bad publishing company with named after my husband from the bad bad bad.
There we go see that's what i was wondering where did that come from sweet.
Play the bad batch ashes pretty much just always bad.

[11:43] Tried and john how did you come up with falstaff.
Well i'm fat i like to drink.
My name is john i'm also a theater nerd and a former associate and a former.

[12:04] Production manager for a shakespeare company here in charlotte so surgeon falstaff is a character from shakespeare's merry wives of windsor and henry plays and.
He likes to drink and use that so all of these things kind of work together and when i was working.
Yes what i was writing for the internet poker industry that was my suiting them was falstaff because most of us.
Writing for m. o. p. dumb companies that are in a moderately illegal activity didn't use your real names at the time so.
I wrote as falstaff and then when i am transitioned over to fiction that i missed it was fiction supposed to fix imposing is journalism on.
I used falstaff books has the name myself published thunder and then in two thousand sixteen when it started publishing other people's work i just expanded,
loop around here we go i'm sorry i don't think i am going to love the most about all of these john is that i know see your face when you're about the lose it because you're like,

[13:24] Hey portal head sideways it's awesome to be human yes i want to follow up with with john on the so right for internet.
Yes i did tournament recap for selena largest internet poker news sites in the world,
i said four years did about four hundred articles covering the world poker tour the world series of poker the world series of poker europe,
i end up getting all of the nine texas holdem poker games because i know how to play them.
I riders only new how to play texas holdem so because i could create a narrative around dust seven triple draw or seven card stud or low.

[14:19] Or you know omaha.
Because i could create a narrative around hands of those games i ended up driving the camaro off the causeway.
Major tournament series and then it did a couple of,
years it tangled all the recap for the main event for the world series,
we have the sites i work for head people on at the tournament doing chip accounts and live blogs so whenever somebody famous would post out or do something.
Poker interesting.
They would put it on the live blog that i would get up before i went to my day job in the morning and i would cut consolidate.
Fourteen sixteen hours word of life blog posts in to a future news article before the crackdown or after no after.
That was two thousand six in the dead of night all i have i have a lover well i have a friends but i'm yellow was two thousand six i guess it was.

[15:40] It was probably two thousand eight when i had a disagreement with my editor and.

[15:48] What disagreement was that she thought i had a deadline and i didn't and then she thought of that i should work for the company anymore and she was work she so yeah,
what was that some of your first.

[16:04] Hey right in your first professional ridin' probably wrote in their college and i wrote.
Off and on it started doing some blogging.
Am i need help develop my narrative voice but as far as churning words for money that was when i realized,
hey there's actual money in this stuff that i realized that you know when you start writing for things that.
Run by eastern european mafioso there's less money,
pause that's possible to ask you what was kind of europe first professional writing as well.

[16:55] Oh professional anata.

[17:04] What i mean i'm trying to remember that my heart was horrible crush in like a freshman in high school in it short story internet contested it land remember being about unicorns and pegasus so.
No i didn't looking back now maybe it wasn't there i'm looking for.
How did that point i would just horribly class fantasy lit so high school.

[17:37] Not newspaper but we actually did like a literary journal of the carters i did that i can go back in five stories that i wrote through great school in high school in the college cooper facilities rating and then.
Years ago actually after i meant to georgia one of my husband's friends.
When are the latest science fiction don't get me wrong two
remember ever let my stories of the enterprise reach the light of day because wait wait wait too bright enterprise pause ok,
play the car rental company.
No no no perkins balkan mccoy i would also to stories of them going to places in doing things riding flasher anything like that i just wanted to be at the bridge of the enterprise yeah i said it planet.
How was awesome no different steeler moon no.

[18:45] Start track i mean it really got it into dust writing fan fiction because it was fun i got to have fun with it,
did i have to worry an wrote fanfiction pretty,
set go back four past year did i had a relatively big following and by relatively big i mean that i posted the story i heard ten thousand fists twenty four hours.
Yes pretty good one of my friends who actually.
Very successful indie crash amazon offer now could forty seven north originals,
right about twenty twenty eleven when the eagles.
So you be quiet to write the original stuff,
i am i made it early mistake that i'm still pain for drive basically after that i've been waiting i think not the first.

[19:55] Put it this way i know for sure i have over half million words attention published and alma million words of original cast of hadestown.
Ok so i have been pushing my my butt on a lot of stuff and should i get unfortunately had to take some time off inviting because the eagle thing called life.
Yes what is my i said appointment it going to snow what's the best city of fruit bats most times playlist so i'm trying date,
no no was twenty twenty before twenty twenty was uncool twenty twenty,
you know talking about my life,
ok something for rosalĂ­a interesting.
Ok what do we do have those conversations moana how how are can we kill something.
Yes what does of the body better that's a good question.

[21:20] What breaking into something harmless yes deadly by the people.

[21:30] John what was that answer of the best way to get rid of body.
Call jeanie that she's a frequent dragon con guest and sheila e. literally,
teachers a body bantu our body disposal workshop for riders really loud,
i don't think she's taught at at dragon but she's taught it other conventions around the southtown.
Play me an author at somebody you know who does handling a dragon con they might be an idiot.
I know what to play hot dog.
Add an item perfectly capable of direction a body for alligators to devour home body.
I will also give you want from me public health stand point of case any of you ever needed.
People my dick up a suit tank.

[22:32] To look inside the tank they never ever did want to look under the time so that would you will.
Just let you know from environment health stand point they usually don't do that part.
End stratus all extra green over the septic tanks so,
i meant other play against my was a bury a body i could take one of those old gas station,
end barrett barraca nobody will ever by the way fm because it is so expensive to clean it up terrible yes,
set a tutorial nobody but you,
i can neither confirm nor die bout it today confirmed tonight still have privacy.

[23:26] Thanks open that it's just a deep dark.
Set i would know that either so i don't do i have to be very.
I have to have a lot of really good strong moderators if i'm not careful and which ironically to the archies.
That's why we're so hard kittens too hard because he usually the one hundred in the cats refer to my office times is dragon puppies.
No because i love dogs and i grab more with dogs and with cats too many people in my family have allergies to cat
what because it's wrong marshall to help.
What are also just eighty eager to help help.

[24:30] Show pictures of my cat supposed to get keep talking i would also give,
the panelist improves i love as well which is the other way there.
Sometimes like a puppy is they make a mask they pretend they didnt make it and the runaways when you find it.

[24:58] Set it again joni fatora,
i would like to play just as i am the person that says he comes instead of hey i have a math and go all take care of it yeah yeah here's cleaning up conversation.

[25:21] I don't have the actually that happen last week it was filming drinking fantasy and they want so how can how heavy is can we be without drinking and i went.
I'm not going to make you talk about boo's without drinking but like baby settle about it you know.
Find dragon controls be nbc still about it first thing they do is so what are you drinking,
remind me the reason why would over alerts posted hey look guys don't don't don't don't do that things that tonight,
and for the record i.
Have a lot medications is sweet and half un sweet tea because i have become fifty years old and i am trying to convince myself.
That i don't wanna drink sugar syrup,
rahm but it's not water because,
i don't judge people like us long as you are functional on the panel all the time don't make me because of ruel,
make me make a rule rules about.

[26:37] Volunteer set that yung bleu panelists the same thing,
you can making them and us reading that are and widely disparate that.
What is the guy who was ten minutes late for this recording session because he is allendale today,
what is shut up where are happy this time anymore,
hey portal to hundred eighty seven right there sounds about right coming out
soon from bad ash really makedamnsure hear that,
i don't have dates in front of me and since i'm on my phone can't chat with date again today time is relative at this point,
what should be like to work so we accept that we've got too at the bloodwork series which is the siriusxm right with that burbank we're tired add is really interesting series and it,
voices much different than the other stuff i write something because he has a very very real mirror military.

[28:05] Militaristic field to it.
Learn who they are the reader doesn't we actually need to add tag,
start it involving demons and ferry and angels and politics send we try to destroy washington dc,
i don't think speed and fortunate youth really got it temperatures may and then later in september i will have booked three of my twisted rock,
which is educated last cabaret so awesome as soon as my audiobooks.
Autumn juliet is done i will be putting out my life and that i'm actually going to go wide i'm not gonna
go exclusive edible cookie i want to see it going through find a way voices if i can get cat much more likely spread for where's the most fixin' because i
don't have the platform john has yet i can go mostly with amazon for the first year so just give me back kindle page need help you
hey portal cover set.

[29:27] There we like to be able to pay for things so john ask you this is a really really big cats.
End my son has a twenty pound cat and that is as big as i've seen in a while no pause hey portal,
is my editor in cat and he's only actually fifteen pounds la lola flute yeah lot of blu and.

[30:01] You can find plenty of pictures of puck on my facebook or on my facebook group so for those of you who.
Are listening you can find more about uploader,
what is available right now it's done with me is a go back in sleep on boxes magic cards.

[30:29] Play the game is gonna find you sesame no they won't in the game room
you know what to do not going out for involving out into the light,
no no problem with magic cards it's just,
this is actually been a really big year for falstaff we have had,
some significant releases from authors that are frequently guests app dragons so
no take a few minutes to plug them and then i've got some stuff coming out to whatever that happens to,
hartley is a dragon con regular and we released his new young adult novel this year untitled impervious,
it is a portal fantasy that is a young girl who.
Get a necklace in the mayo and realizes when she put it on that it.
Give her problems with bladed weapons and over the course of the book you realize that she is.

[31:52] End this fantasy world but the fantasy world is super imposed upon the real world and.
Shuffle things are happening in the real world while and she has two then and she is dealing with them in this is a book that aj rafael.
After he survived a school shooting last year was,
can lockdown with a students at the university north carolina in charlotte when there was a federal school shooting and
this is the book that came out of that incident and it's one of the most powerful books i read in minneapolis
i said down reddit straight through in free hours the first time i read it and then set on the couch for.
Good fifteen minutes just kinda staring off into space processing.
It's really powerful and i'm really thrilled that we were able to bring that book,
out then we then we did the print and ebook released of rsvp belches book the queens road which is a series.

[33:08] That was created for audible,
skip started off life as an audible exclusive and the way those books work is audible by and produces the audiobook so the author writes the book,
add audible produces an audiobook they don't doesn't have a print or ebook division.
Song audible.
Does the audio book and it is only available on audio for a period of time in this case six months.
So that look released at the very end of two thousand nineteen.
Add we acquired the print and ebook writes for the book and released it this summer and it's called the queens road and it's the first and new.
Open the new series by r l cher and this would have been his first year.
Has a guest a dragon convolk like all of us he has gone virtual and dunn some programming for fantasy live.
Are there were also bringing out here.

[34:18] New releases in october is the ghost dance judgment which is the fourth book in his gold gothic series which the first three books of that were published by tour,
add we will be publishing books for three six,
that series and frankly will be publishing those books as long as rob wants to write them for me because i think is a really rider and i,
have i told him on multiplication that publishes grocery list so whatever he wants to send me all set of a contract for,
and then we just finished out the eyes vail cycle by ddg jackson who a lot of dragon confidence will no better is david because,
right thunderbolt names that was a series that was original.
Popular the first two books republished by angry robot books and we brought out the third book of out about six weeks ago from when we recording this so we brought it out in july.

[35:20] I don't remember what day it is so.
I've got some new stuff coming out have some bubble the monster hunter novellas coming this year and i'll have a new novel in my quincy arthur demon hunter series,
coming this year and that should be out by the time we will be out sometime in september,
no country harker show really funny i almost spelled strong chemicals on myself because of it i was laughing so hard in the laugh it off for glade that you didn't still on the book,
hey portal what chemicals are you.
Are you dealing with wendy who are reading this hbo hydrochloric acid and corporal and potassium.

[36:11] Pause rebel bass what is with the other two yeah i can see those working and quincy jones super hero was the other time i almost spelled on myself.
quit smoking in the lab latest it's audiobook my favorite stories about the harper series is a friend of mine was in line picking up.
I drive through at mcdonalds and write as the person said,
right is she pulled up to the window there was a particular line of dialogue where quincy harker threatened demon with very unpleasant things with very very holy objects.

[36:59] Add the person who is handing her.
The food just kinda message you might wanna pause the audio book.
Will the users of poms like commas buffalo over you get up to the window maybe going out there.
What and so wait fast slow disco is doing it's thing at my friends house.
My laptop just a sec remind me that it would like some power juice.

[37:39] I'm trying to song i found four cables cables none of those ones that are three prongs,
show tunes fascinated by killy absolutely amazing,
play parents left us with the crazy farrell win again cavalier handmade cities behind me grooming himself not giving a single care about anything i'm doing or saying which is.
Situation normal just say when is being a cat where's your god come on,
i'm honestly i shut the bedroom door so all four five of them are outside and public planet terror bedroom because they are also,
play the your demonize because you have,
no other people in the house right now to entertainment go back food from and i don't even have any food in front of me so i'm not working in the kitchen
do you have the power juice on your laptop so
i have the power juice into going into my laptop so now you're doing some kind of project pat.

[39:01] So i am driving calling as you guys no.
Cancel right but what we did was not cancel for today it would play west virginia sorry i want virtual.
Add a traditional blues people who sent videos to soldier's.
The thanksgiving graduation virtual graduation dresses we're doing,
love notes to dragon con from people attending professionals gas.
Who is just a short video highlights high so high this is why i love dragonfly.
Any it been works working out how we're going to release them if it's gonna be like on youtube or for a wedding and deprogramming but it's been really phenomenal on the responses and.

[39:58] I like to say i'm kristi that who's allergic to a human emotion but some of them kind of tears me up some there's a lot of things that really hit to the core of dragon con.
Add yg dragon has been in what it is in what.
Will always be awfully which is that its a sense of community and belonging.
So it's been really fun it's been really great to see a lot of these a very simple because i have beyond no editing skills.

[40:33] So i have three little editing skills so they come in,
some of the people like some of the youtube youtube podcast set come in have done some amazing videos and some of them relife hi i'm sitting in my living room,
i love dragon con cuz and olive it's been great every single video has been hurt touching heartfelt so.
It's been amazing.
Project and i think it's kinda also bring back some of what we need to remember now which is why we love people,
it's not just because we haven't seen them that we likes them let's do we do we community family reunion,
for people that you actually want to see yeah i like what casey edwards put it as she goes to some planet u left,
there you go like that bad,
yeah a message some people and them but that just means two thousand twenty one is the year of the epic and it's gonna be great.

[41:44] And so.
The other question i had for just kiddin going around the three of you guys if ok so we have been john doesn't read.
Stop that's that accurate audiobooks.
Show if you're gonna recommend one fantasy lit yours in your publishing house whatever.
Saying this is the book that will actually make john reid.
And start liking reading chill out fifty it's your functionality of the group,
ok thank you can't say that i'm let me know what you like to listen to story so in this area i mean that i have red,
the winter's ballad several the witch wishers.

[42:58] Box not nothing tired series a lot of them all of food.
In which i listen to one of the witcher books and he kept talking about food or sex to the point of ugly god yeah i mean yes,
let's see the harry potter the hunger games.
Who is the other o m o,
everyday the vamps,
and also i am avaricious reader this is just one of the mini bookshelf in the house,
show i love everything the only kind of stuff i don't.

[43:59] Enjoy is my husband is a cute tran of token i am not.
So what is it possible fantasy.

[44:11] Genre fantasy book i could read and he could read that we would maybe like to read together.

[44:19] I just wanted to show off talking.

[44:22] Yes please help yourself like that it's yes i mean john wick,
novella sort words but a dream military.
I'm pretty impressive,
switch the black not that serious because it's my urban fantasy but i'm completely skippin' all of the romance
set a fire a story set a fifty percent stories and fifty percent porn.
I'm not available korn no portal sorry not really perform not to turn bright pink in public when reading books.
Yes put family pictures for,
yes autrey events so far they have relationships they have friendships romance is not a flatline in the book.
What is coming of age moving through life growing up and wednesday that i am working out with the series by the time to series big man territorial public being her fifty.

[45:49] How was rolling changing with every birthday sometimes more cynical and sometimes for series.

[46:00] What way down we go my wifi,
well there you go ok so,
i will send you actually get halfway through.
I will be clear that reading just is not something the crab show no.
Play something good.

[46:35] I said good job did you realize what look at us now the last two,
read that i'm listening sorry momma actually.
What is ailee martinez,
monster's monster and train remember the time the other one was the dinner one yes ok
hey portal who are my favorites for a job if you like martinez,
is there was a time in the industry when they were literally only for people riding horror comedy,
martinez jeff strand me and rick walters stop it.

[47:36] And then his name but the guy who wrote john dies at the end when he came along.
Hey portal what category,
small category hoes easy to get high in the rankings on that category and the end up a lot of bear shifter.

[47:59] Erotica ian bjork comedy listenings,
i just party starter paragraphs last year ok ok what kind of pornography
i learn about that during my banking beasties panel i'm sitting here in the audience is not a thing thirty four three four uncover in the bar
do we were talking you said something else john before i have you do the dinosaur porn and i know actually want to see some of those two draw,
yeah drunk covers but so i just lay here put dinosaurs here
back up john williams like to be with you when you have western barbell what's today's question mark bear shifter porn,
give me like werewolf shift this is some where bears,
where bears where is so it will be ok yeah ok so it's basically a person,
ok i want to make sure i was correct on.

[49:28] Everything you think about where in the shifting process somebody banks the wire bear yeah happens.
Add roll thirty four i think so,
what because you like a martinez i'm going to recommend,
two different series for you already one is called the tunnel bill by ritual terry.

[49:58] Is one of my co-workers on the authors and dragons podcast and rick and i met,
seven years ago because we ended up using the same cover artist for superbook that we self published and he used the same piece of stock art for the nun vampires for the cover of the book.
So people were emailing me saying hey have you seen this group call terry guy is ripped off your covers and i was like yellow bike hartmann that happens.
Is tom of bill series is hilarious and my black nightcrawler cycles are funny funny vampire books.
Ok it's what happens when a couple of comic book men erodes get turned into vampires and decide to play batman.

[50:50] No that is it nine the carrie diaries not within,
night with a cat black night crying there's also an app but it starts with the cat,
i don't know how to read isabela moner smell so thank you planning app you can read my reviews on amazon playing people say i don't know how to read and leave for you,
sounds like you guys are both kind of digging a high fantasy vibe what you want something without,
three pages long descriptions and songs in the middle of,
actions saints please god no no three pages description of a tree please god for you i'm gonna recommend paul barrett the necromancer the saga of the necromancer.

[51:42] Who has recorded recommended that to me so so small garrett right saga the necromancer for us falstaff,
the first two books are out one is a whisper of death and one is a crying decay and vav are coming of age heroes journey books,
so it has some of that saying,
are as the lord of the rings series bot it does not have your tolkien ass,
it doesn't have pacing built for not the nineteen thirties and forties it has pacing,
no for contemporary audience so yeah i really really think that those would probably be something that the two of you,
would enjoy together melting sagely right when she paid when she said john what you like because this is exactly what we do when somebody comes up to our tables at convention we play match maker.
Which books will i don't care,
who you sleeping with but i do care that i get your money when you leave total random play i'm not afraid drew hayes and anyway,
hey bot on nbc.

[53:04] If you get a chance to listen to read to nct dream haze,
siri is a bunch of gammer aquaman campaign,
update r stupid in the characters style which will had happening campaign story picks up with the mtc in virginia world trying to figure out how to deal the fast and the furious decide.

[53:29] I have to go and sol the the module.
Peppa pig destroyer,
add milk from larry sings because it's wrong dragons and elves and roll playing at all the characters that we never pay attention to a were playing the game it is well make,
exit is open sorry is also on the authors and dragons podcast with me and refill me,
yes ok introduce me john because i've been reading group hayes is that superpower and pxzvc for a while he is excellence,
yeah drew and rick and me and steve weather roll and joe grass and robert bevan do a podcast where comedy and fantasy authors play dmd,
add camera,
this weekend which obviously this will air well after it this weekend where doing the second ever authors and dragons con,
so we went online as well because two thousand twenty one where we play.

[54:47] Begin working do various panels in things play yeah that's me andrew and rick and three other brilliant riders,
set a chance introduce me to do because again i've been waiting him for a while he,
cancel story ideas.

[55:15] You are cut-out lee slightly.
No i'm not join us you're not that deep inside.
Yes twenty twenty questions has happened,
what's been happening this year.
Brought up any new story ideas for you or major rethink some of the things you possibly in the process of writing or doing.

[55:56] I'd like to think that app to the way avoid in any of my storage fifty fahrenheit fair enough reality,
that's a big thing that we're all trying to figure out is.

[56:10] Does this does this whole situation does this does this virus existing our fantasy worlds,
what cozz this is up by this a lifestyle in behavior change that is incredibly far-reaching and we have to figure out.

[56:32] Yes if this exists in our world and happy if so how do i characters respond to it on my my personal riding,
turn to be fairly political so yes there are things that have happened this year their showing up very.
Very pronounced in harker book i'm writing right now because.
I said my remedy fantasy in this world so those things that effect me affect my characters lot.
Also we were leased a book by chris jackson another perennial dragon con guest.
We release the book club dragon nemesis which was his the second his dragons of boston series.

[57:25] Is there was a lot of epidemiology built into that book about the idea of spreading a dragon play.
Lots of things about how.
I received work and how things muted and it was fire it up being very prescient and he i have to go back and triple check the science,
because now everybody is an expert epidemiology roll on the internet and everybody's action next epidemiology got somebody.

[58:06] I am i know a couple two.
Yeah you work at that big disease area downtown i just told chris to go to triple check his stuff,
what's his name is on the cover so we are coming up on our time limit jeon tell them fun,
so you know this year is this year,
yes password to play a game at the end of this year decide to start trying to learn a little bit more about our guest so we found you science a big theme,
for twenty twenty so i found this most awesome scientifically accurate book called awesome social media quizzes,
so we're all going to take a social media quise together and find out today.
Which which classic rock anthem would you be out of all the classic anthem franklin anthem,
rock anthem brothers rock anthem ok.
Alright so ask you to be the same question just can't keep score for the for yuno because that's how.

[59:26] That's how science works there's only five possible answers to anything and they have a waited value,
that's now it works.
I want point actually go to an actual bookstore a physical bookstore when i found this,
should i get a nice that sticker to work for that company it wasn't when will they were open,
the four times only want to the ones that coffee shops goaltender them that well but no actually my kids life itself i don't.
What's the way to take teenagers somewhere and you can let
go around my defense just because
yes he is it kind of person i can tell you give a whole bunch of manuals,
no no wired subscription not the same thing.
Do not doing something because i get enough crap for not digging anime so i hear.

[1:00:52] Yes my policy is denver decent somebody else is joy unless available.

[1:00:58] No more there's a lot of stupid lost in translation hands down.
Yes if you're joy is dismembered living people that's nothing down like this is the legal completely amoral,
which again because of what the earlier conversation about how do best way to get rid of a body if we have each other
i see breaking bad breaking bad i have the same degree question,
choose a leading man matthew mcconaughey harrison ford matt damon brad pitt or robert downey jr leave start radio,
harrison ford ok.

[1:01:50] You can do the same one to the way what is your fantasy what was the one after damon.

[1:01:59] Never mind harrison ford ok mel open card and john.
Robert downey jr i already choose the week.

[1:02:16] Hey portal learn something new change your mind.

[1:02:28] Some people never learn it okay so choose feat lady gaga date.

[1:02:36] Angelina jolie jennifer lawrence sandra bullock uma thurman will start with you john.

[1:02:44] Gaga because there's no one else on the list we.

[1:02:52] Actually i wanna go with guidance as well i have a huge crush on her.

[1:03:02] Turn the volume.

[1:03:05] My top my top ten a franchise marvel boy.
Star wars the fast and the furious or transformers will start with you.

[1:03:21] I can't this side transformers.
Marvel ready and melt.

[1:03:38] Hey portal.
What can i replace fast and furious with buffet because that's the job cooked there's no genre elements to fast and furious that learn a rock everything.
Pause star wars choose a director.
James cameron jonwayne quentin tarantino steven spielberg or ron howard stay with you john.

[1:04:16] That's actually a little talk.
Who is coming back i swear like tarantino but i but i really love me some john wolf i think so i got a good job.

[1:04:32] Hey portal play my closest to be james cameron.
Probably yacht,
great big spect bob carnival cruise shirt james cameron michael bay gotta be the same guy.
Oh ron howard play suzuka.

[1:05:06] Repeat denton of the directors
hey portal wake which on the list has directed fiction covell
what howard think maybe most likely would be the most likely to have flight.

[1:05:35] Which one which one you wanna go skip james cameron make you remember,
put set to repeat them i will promise u that is tuesday to the settings a big metropolis a desert,
a football field a small town or the open road it will start with that you don't forget.
No better.

[1:06:07] Idle the football field that would be enough experience humidity.
Ok that was desert and football field metropolis what were the other desert football field a small town and the open road we can i change my.
I know what those are not the other things are too.
I need intellectually i know what i am call field is but we lost it acquainted with desert,
i will go unfortunately what small town cause i am acquainted with them but you add of those.

[1:06:57] Are the options jackson going with the desert landscape of the moon i got want to do.

[1:07:07] What dropout metropolis more bass.

[1:07:13] Delete wants to stop there so we'll stop there i will i'll go to the math now because mathis difficult,
set skillet start with you where can where is the best place for people to find during the dragon kongos virtual stuffed fantasy lit is doing.
Do we have a fantasy pit.

[1:07:37] We have a fantasy facebook page called fantasy little dragon ok as well as.
A youtube channel with the same crazy world name and just set up so if you're looking at it before.
When we also have a facebook group called fantasy literature tracker cause i'm very creative i leave the creativity to the professional,
how can people find your books and you are company.

[1:08:16] You can find my company baby bash publishing the new free facebook twitter instagram under bad ass.

[1:08:29] I'm done my friend by urban cone fiction series not santa fe open time sixteen series you can find everywhere now including the library and then twister black and blue roar is so explicit amazon assistant,
ok great badass brooklyn wind about anywhere and john what's the place to find your company and or android stuff.

[1:08:55] You can find falstaff books at the starlight live original falstaff books dot com you can change this down on all forms of social media with,
falstaff books you can join our facebook group which is called the misfit toys because i slogan is where the misfits toys fiction.
I have a facebook group which is john jay harvest books i have a website and jonn hart nest dot com,
set me a minute to think about which tell you help frequently it's updated but falstaff books dot com falstaff book social media is everywhere hundred the company name
i am jonn hart ness everywhere on social media and the groups the misfit toys and the.
Are the johnny horton as books facebook group are the best ways to find out the most current,
going zone as well as obviously signing up for a news letter in getting freestyle.

[1:10:01] Always fun to find free gift freestyle john have you done the math have done the math and,
so let's see give me the results season these highly scientific inefficient results of the cannot be changed after the fact alright so it looks like lee would be the same,
classic rock anthem in that is don't stop believin',
ok hold on tight feeling this journey standard captures the hope of youth and the importance of the human condition mel on the other hand was born to run.
This classic by de boss appeal to the wonder and oliver it just makes you want to get in the car and drive and john you're highly scientifically a scientifically done result.

[1:10:55] Merge we will rock you you are the one him say that queen all about confidence,
play again scientifically accurate but confidence and you will you cannot get pumped up when you hear it cannot,
you can i can't not good at not pumped up when you hear it so there you go john and buddy john i did just a i have a long have a car ten hours tomorrow drive my my daughter back and forth,
two college world not trying there i'm coming i'm doing the fourth park.
So pray for me.

[1:11:42] End the the animal lasagna to the kids away at this point.

[1:11:51] So i did just download your authors and dragons podcast and i will be listening that as well as i'm sure.
I'm really glad daughters college because you really really don't want to listen to that with small children in the car gospel.
Yeah that's not safe for anybody.
Actually the turns out should be in the car behind me because we the story of stuff so we have to take.

[1:12:28] So that's right yes yes it does go with podcast podcast.
Friends geron.

[1:12:46] I know what you talk about we got this an hour and john powell.

[1:13:01] Those people have some hey is she needs a good recipe for everclear avalon that makes it.

[1:13:11] Right where to go kids there you go.
Right that means she's not yet.
I have a great ingredients.
Hey portal how much time now.

[1:13:42] Hey portal next track.

[1:13:53] We broken.
I tell you people i hope you are doing brady's facebook.
Hey portal number of people and,
you can find out next nearly is rediculous we were they can't break john.
So something percent frankee hey portal go to other john.

[1:14:32] We're done.

[1:14:36] This was a production of the unique command line at eight one three three two one zero two u g.
That's one three three two one zero eight eight four female dot com fifty days of the unique dot com.

[1:14:56] Unique on facebook twitter this podcast is distributed creative commons attribution license.

[1:15:05] Music.

[1:15:19] Hey portal.