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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] What.

[0:02] Recording let me live here.
If not will find out soon enough.

[0:18] Music.

[0:27] No
put on your face.

[0:51] Music.

[1:07] Welcome turn original.
Fifty giancarlo podcast and germs can't stop.
Is that was podcast from her bunker.

[1:28] Leave hi yes we are doing this this year,
we are videoing it that is just john gotti big john likes to play with this so i don't know what the heck is gonna do without,
Ok so you won't be able to see that i put on for like the first time and weeks and jonathan told you this,
because i have my hair done and down instead of thrones up in a bun on top of my head,
i don't like that genre don't like this.
Danielle to see my hair bands my computer to know who i was.
You're gonna give somebody vertigo doing that if there watching this background.

[2:35] This one that's part of your in the back.
Play your part of your fandom page and linkin park i got this last year on the event site with the.
Vendors in it's a little baby money man,
yes audio version of one look for the video version but it will be on the way your mouth both guys pretty pretty cool.
Will be on the unique youtube page which tesla only a few things on and ideally some point a daily at some point streaming to the,
the unique facebook is maybe extract i don't know why facebook page as well.

[3:30] I don't know when i talk about the second one.
What the heck is that thing that you are waiting around is it like to watch really like the toys don't you why can't wait wait wait.
Yes i'm gonna sit in became then i'm just gonna stay right now
i'm still people like these this is really supposed to be about other than a skull ring off its been eighteen.

[4:09] Set we really had a way to be very fantasy and so so nice to be featuring now
when did the last year in two thousand twenty which we went as virtual is dragon
thank you an hour on dragon terrible
hey portable we have not been invited back i am not surprised yes
no rap remember we die but it was really really really really well done,
it was we did we talked to rachel as a rap really well i don't know how to use discord.

[5:01] Dial music but i know how.
Learn how to use story gray my for you disco still running still running yes,
yes i'm what are my one of my seconds deb loves disco and she is often in the extra gram how sharon for the win babies
do that again this year right there their they're not figuring out exactly
dragon con this year
even at this stage more about fifty days hours recording this about fifty one plus days out of,
is still in,
flux still a little flex it's more than a dragon normally in flames years normal year it's a lot less flexin,
is it normal anthrax one in the same sentence.

[6:09] Enable i can't decide virus.

[6:19] Yes world yet so yeah so it is a little more flexible
the usual but you know what i said don't believe it's going on here button the chair and it's already started but there's a drink
it's jonathan person good news is it is september second three the sixth
there will also be virtual dragon going on again that will be more information about that genesis i got out track directors meeting on sunday the eighteenth
that's right more information to world rachel one of the chairs of dragon,
when we were talking to her end of course anybody else it is going on now,
no but there is a great page to go to which is dragon dot org slash it's all right gotta tell you.
It's wonderful because the update will tell you yeah we're gonna do it
we are gonna make sure follows rules and if you wanna stay home or still gonna have that a couple of things are running at the bottom john and i'm going to show you my phone.

[7:40] I can't get released about but it's alright it says no the app isn't ready will let you know so that's your warning,
no how old is that update the naked man brittany yesterday so who knows it is not meant to be start.
I will see you and i have pointy shoes even if i don't wanna be you anymore so there's no yes.

[8:09] No
Yes so so it is going to be a virtual it won't be free this year understanding ten dollars.
I think so i don't know that yet exactly.
If you wanna call there still stuff going on but i also say there's one thing on here i live outside the us travel is not yet loud is there anything i can do about my membership.
Because usually dragon doesn't roll over memberships last year.
Which was very very wonderful and everything but this you're not doing that,
for people here if you leave outside you still can't travel dough contact the dragon office dragon at dragon dot com dot org,
that email get through this link on this site drunk on you cant get in kanada.
Come on let's come back and visit and you can come visit us.

[9:23] So yeah yeah the plan is for us again we where i can do fifty even now we call for today's going can i don't think of our actually done fifty.
We come close i would imagine this year given the flux over there is still out of information to imparts let me say this before,
any of the the senior folks say it remind me remember any information to get from us.
Bring just passing along it is not confirmed in the best place to go is is if you looking for anything specific.
Especially when it comes to hotels to membership do these.

[10:17] Set a membership spieluhr volunteering hours of operation,
rolls around special this year was around hygiene and another things like that we get some general but you still follow but specially now,
all that the best places to go are any the official during channels,
which are will train contact origami sly as well as they have to in official facebook.
End probably official twitter but i think twitter just focus just for slank announcing things but.

[10:54] Anything going to dragon dot org site it'll ask you if you wanna sign up for the dragon newsletter which will of course give you more awesome emails because that's what we all need in this post pandemic world is
but call me emails canaries so we will try.
Give you as much information as possible accurately as possible but we are not in a facial dragonstone source.
We are not.
So so that's that's very important learn more than me he has been bad wolves and dragon directly for,
never years twenty five plus six point so so we would you know.
A lot of stuff but especially especially this year and last year.

[11:51] We do not want to be the person it says you know yet its okay that's enough this is right,
also understand that the information we give is accurate as
are taping miss recording so if we give me information do understand that things come up
on the dragonglass everyday cause we gonna get right now and the announcements the last update that i am reading from is from seven thirteen
so you know
yes today not right now it's lot riders lot of boys over people lot of a comic book artists and writers so that's good but if you're smallville fan.
What's the best legs i'm sorry in my penny's feedback flex.

[12:38] Dad derek all three adema coming michael rosenbaum toweling schedule schedule that's right now.
Are there people are already saying john i don't see my show listed down my fandom not have anything yet let's remember we're just.

[13:01] It's only really six months seven months out of cobi when it kind of calm down and i really hate looking at,
but so whatever
play digits starting to get into filming again so maybe they don't know yet if they can say yes or no or they're just trying to find out of date page,
yes you'll never know anybody who is listed is pending availability and or,
braker that's actually not that funny anymore to say it,
no yeah so so we do have it speaking earlier about international for tweet i know that we have some canadian friends right there nayer may that be able to,
make it a shower depending a fun what happens if it is well.

[14:03] Right right now it's not working.
So so two point as far as i can see having a facial.
Thanks nation policy no face mask off.
Not yet there's nothing listed on the site that if there is it will be on this site dragon.
Don't do anything still.
I'm not sure in lee maybe you know you've heard something that i haven't read i don't know hundred percent sure that the the parade is,
still i have not heard i know that is a question a lot of people have been kinda curious about so i don't know i'm sitting atlanta has been.

[14:59] Slow on some things right now so public event.
Put on by dragon gun the curse lp doors with
what's the people app and where is dragon contacts self is a private event so there for good make its own rules
if it needs to know about before because people i can go in any hotel dragon and those were still on the five hotels and america smart right now guys so
what is called now yeah.
America's marcus so we're still planning on that right now yes it is last hurrah it was right now
have track will travel with moves from.
Hi to the marriott to the shirt and shirt and smile way back.
Actually change toners too i think it's now part of.

[16:07] I think it's sg tip is it a hilton now it's one of it's a big big world because i know.
Read my first four am into the real world war two,
so my wife nice twenty-fifth wedding anniversary was in twenty twenty so we are supposed to go to,
someplace we're we're gonna go to the beach on the other coast florida here but you know,
things post event california or as in the east coast florida the wizard of oz know i'm actually in.

[16:48] Tampa florida go bolts is bolts white lightning tampa bay lightning.
Traffic like right yes i don't know that sports play with a flattened,
add eggs and skate on ice nine,
at work and then fifty fighting actually cruisin' nobody knows my trouble so so you're back to back stanley cup champions.
Hey portal steve say that slow magic right now.

[17:33] Invite the way we would because we're floridians we also bent a couple reddit so busted because lord stanley's cup technically traveling cup the actual lord stanley's cup is actually in montreal in case.
But not talking hell of a year call vanessa toronto sorry but the funny party is the cup,
turn montreal to get repaired,
so i'm busy right now,
try to cake standoff it will actually you're supposed to drink at large stanley step time happy sports this is different max keeble tampa florida,
leah's actually in the hometown streetcar latest atlanta baby so.
So that's that's what we are so very well
you are traveling year twenty fifth sugarland without.

[18:54] Is pretty safe it's up a hundred percent nothing else hundred percent but anyway backstage.

[19:04] We want to the sheridan down there on san user hilton rewards hilton.

[19:13] Will it in the hills a part of ss gb so that might be right
how much is now by boy harsher wait for it check this but you know why why why by phone as you are,
there's a one other thing i want to say is a lot of people actually assad on some of the sites people are saying why are there all these people listed from earlier early now we're just getting a few people.
Yes improvise who said yes we wanna come in twenty twenty
where they emails first and said do you wanna come back and so they said yes right up on the site so that's why you see a whole lotta names of the first and then.
Make it smaller as we go guys used to this but yeah so what did you see.
You're talking always want to focus on you,
ok will i get to see my messenger place this is this is my fandom cave it's all about me i love my family gave it's a wonderful place i have a cold something me and i have a hawkeye and what else do i have
i would like to things like there you have it sad.

[20:35] No i have a hockey actually.

[20:46] Abominable snowman from rudolph the red nosed reindeer because i like sasquatch as much is not,
john and i would actually go when we go how would you go with me one night would you go out would like we went with a group.

[21:05] Probably probably stay outside i don't wanna camp so i would go somewhere.
I don't have to live in it ten.

[21:16] No let me ask you this did you watch the documentary on hulu yes
i haven't finished the last episode i don't like episodes of fort minor four hundred years jamaican version,
no it's cold sasquatch and it's not what you think it's gonna be and you should watch it came out actually on my birthday what shit on my birthday,
first episode on my birthday cuz.

[21:49] Play hulu lips me no actually really don't let me track,
actually can't express washington sasquatch and we have,
we have x-files which i know there's a mulder and scully up barrie i got a barbie moderat skillet their but i'm not,
reach out that get anything but i'm just really excited
around fandom people i really want to be around venom people i've been able to go to a few in person meetings with a very select group and to be able to see people and hug people and,
it's missed it anybody else i missed it
what's going into i agree it going into an office doesn't seem to be important anymore unless there's something really,
what can i do not out the office yellow lines work that you can't do in my shirt office but i think we're realizing.

[22:53] My my working i'm definitely working from home.
I would let you do that show the set when you have to be on a conference call do you show the second one no,
will harrington this way.

[23:16] Make my dick cave my studio please ok that's fine i mean see if i do that,
set my office because i talk about sasquatch,
is there i am very jealous and when i get migraine scream that we ordered together figure out,
what are the yankees generate currently version of believe,
most live stuffer drink on tv is it because i because i should know.

[24:09] What is your biggest regret about the besides the human tragedy of the academy is that i didn't do any podcasts,
give me the list of this is a great opportunity for me to find late june all these things i been written down to my little books you're everything and finch have
when we wanna do together that's probably my biggest thing and we still need to do it had the time.
Play happy and you just it was that on we it was deep onawave because everyday was something.
Yes i was going to this missile
put this is absolutely drink on it i don't feel anything podcast this point when you said hi will it fifty years interesting thing.
Add towards beginning the pandemic april twenty twenty started,
i'm sure sherwin i superframe anxiety i think many of our listeners do it well just right with john,
put also can be a bit of a hippo country active my what my mom calls the white coats and room.

[25:30] Is it turns out well as it is it turns out,
when i was a kid smile meditation and so it was the hospital for a long time and two or whatever.
When buggin' out psychologically casper.
Where really open here now guys i don't like therapy every other monday is it crazy,
add a mother two am i was cycling through being sick useful tired always felt.
I would come on come home from work meeting i'll go downstairs my workday i would go to go to sleep.

[26:37] Going on going on in i just dragging an in my my temperature fluctuate i like six test through.

[26:48] Finally.

[26:51] When's thanksgiving open up i schedule appointment back to my dentist because just one day if i leave in the middle of my dentist a thousand years,
retired yeah yeah transfer the practice over to a younger a couple.
Oh husband wife dentist fifteen by the way those conversations in a diner must be fascinating.

[27:20] How is your day will i get around what do you do i want to do something cloud so and so.
So weird taste in my mouth it turns out.

[27:43] That.

[27:46] What am i attracted that is actually had a broken headline the very last week in my mouth.

[27:56] Hey gotten was infected add infected apparently according to jim because we want to go pull out this grossing over this morning.

[28:07] Pull out really easy he's a indie covers just like yeah i said it was.
That are there any feeling no pain no there's where i've been rocking the boat the next question very interesting.
Have you been tired have you been.
Set for whatever i said yes we going on for life by six seven eight months now but i said.
Is everybody tired of talking freak out right now.
I said you know i think you might know you better showing off three days later.
Search again on those wonderful wonderful all of a sudden.
My energy level returned i was enough i wasn't dragon anymore i wasn't going to sleep all the time u2 apps.
I haven't taking that's only because we start recently going back to the gym as well recently.
Find stay distance their to an idea where i stand here actually i do i have a yak.
I got mask everywhere.

[29:25] Don't let your help go down even during a crisis is kind of what you trying to say yeah that's my point don't don't do it your healthcare year.
Without going to dentist,
yes unfortunately feat june it was like wow,
really bad with me but it been happening in the bend happening without me knowing itself anyway dragon.
Is it you know what see what it is virtually john pad,
what year did allergist
yes two it was just really attention to make sure.
I would like to call,
did that with them i didn't with my internet because i one point without a head covered i didn't got tested didn't have it and he was like we're gonna do,
a really crappy cold so send in the airplane prescription.
Ok test anything.

[30:52] Still feel bad in three days it's the blue otherwise it's just a blur.
Cancel yeah but no i did not i'm still therapist i'm still.

[31:04] Online back two sleep tell me about your childhood.
Do you want me to start their but i want to say thank you to people last year.
It was really sweet seeing people say thank you for a stupid mess which we love doin' it because you can tell really like you other.
Most of the time it was really good to have a beautiful.
But you know it so what do i do it was really sweet to see that and it was really sweet this year all things go ok guys.
Not sixty days before dying sixteen years several people is it notifies and of course lettetznow.
Any many reminders we're i think we were hundred days out of things when she told us hey portal awake just juice you think if you think that.
Skip prepared no i'm pretty sure that right now we have no idea who are excuses.

[32:24] Does anyone have we offer red dragon prepared change.

[32:34] Does stranger things win change of mind different things people not being available things like that.

[32:42] Yes but this is very it i know but it was very sweet to be able to say that and we missed each and everyone of you and even if all we get to do we see each other this year is elbows i will be glad to bumper words with people,
i will wear i have a big foot i have a sasquatch,
mask and i have a shield mask and i hate the and i really not happy with disney plus because there's absolutely reasons agents of shield is not part of the fbi you
give me know it's not timeline i won't get into my rent about that.
Ok so that was that something came up on on the different podcast which was.

[33:27] What years coffee so i have it erased shield is not officially part of the o c.
They saying it's not because it's now been pulled out of the nct u time now carter.

[33:48] Which angels of shield hittas with specially last season.
Is part of otherwise.
Right and lowkey but because of the new show lowkey their some questions about what is and what isn't this came out that i don't care
resume there multiplexes we already know when the multiverse it was called spider man in the multiverse whatever that movie was with miles and it was wonderful the animated
i don't care that one of my little alternate realities i hope that's a great reality not really i get them agents of shield day.
How alternate timelines reality timeline alternate realities in people that come back and forth then yeah.

[34:41] Set settings no no that's i'm not gonna get on that right now cause it some point i will get on that rence but i will also say that i still do you have all of my avengers love and other drugs i have watched that is the good thing.
I have watch a lot of tv which.
Is both a good thing the bad thing cuz there is so much good stuff out there on all these different services it's amazing and i finally have paramount,
plus because of richard and judy black card pull man i was trying my best not too and then it was like ok.
What else not yet my husband wants to go and their is a drive-in theater.

[35:35] In atlanta and then there were talking about going to my sandwich on friday at the drive in,
turn asking how what they want to the drive in and there's also a theater near us that has very big seats and is also spring people out so that would like,
i like four o'clock in the afternoon which week is spring.
Anything else that you might come up with later hozier information store purpose you know i don't know why you would think i love you boy with think,
anything on i know you.
I know you have no use for healer many years that we can count anymore spotify.
Hi twenty to thirty somewhere now thirty seconds well ok we have substitute for hey it's raining again.

[36:44] Play sunlite here but it was raining yesterday.
So things would you like to do.
We're gonna try this again trying to this year is typically during the christmas time.
I would go out in after christmas' in by hot chip crappy trivia games in fortuna lake,
this year was not something that was doing this past year because i was not going out inviting really have an online sale,
yes i'm looking for like the superclean stuff still have a time of cards in the event that this does not work out the way that i hope it does how her because i thought that,
help everybody's doing one of us incorporate jack back games in two as a final test.
End of jukebox the ghost would like to sponsor us we would love a little stream device.
My little funny thing.
Anything do i need to wear i don't know what you see on your side but in the back.

[38:12] I see okay i'm i see stars the code.
How long ago when there we do with you.
Lamps dark in a coat rj.

[38:46] What am i doing that now hearing so we're gonna play where you are play you don't know jack lovin' u is wrong play the first round
whoever was this is leading at the end but that's what this is living
i just want to the general trivia game because only us when the three we can do some more of the thundermans you don't know jack,
no are is not a stock photo,
i'm cooking welcome to be the same jack
add anyone who says otherwise will be severely reprimanded,
trust me two player little wing and the other will be blaming your phone
no that says that no no no i want to play juliet.
Time to question still just have this bitch it wrong
what hold on hold on the mtv show oscar wild and out so old his party girls rankles they call you ernest exist
is the husband robert ellis less than ideal for what is this torvalds house work dolls.

[40:15] No
ok let's take a look like the importance of being wrong
no i did not got it house which was written by henrik janson not oscar wild
i would you not hear overcoats radio on spotify.

[40:47] Yes.

[40:52] How about this one insert reference to one of their hit singles here
which concert would be an example of the weeknd not playing a weekend show the saturdays show in mexico sunday shawn canada a saturday show in brazil or a sunday show in egypt,
no idea
in order to enter the muslim holiday on friday a weekend in egypt is friday and saturday sundays like a monday,
why don't you please.
Coming up next hour luxury line spells droppin' because it's,
i want to read off seven sings and for each one i want you to tell me if it's something you can buy a gwyneth petros online stores group or something you can buy in the shop in harry potter
answer quickie only have a few seconds to choose between group
lower wesley's wizard wheezes entropy illness together so look alive ok let's do it just.

[42:21] Please.

[42:27] Replay this.
Add calming list group is gonna give you up featuring charts.

[42:42] Please yes.
No when he knows that was call my god he got that right,
you know poo a no that's just gonna be.

[43:01] Which one i have a good season timer me a lot one rose about my expectations,
play two u really bottled up that desert at work i would like to improve your player experience that's correct employed,
scrolling during a question makes life a little tucker for your opponent in a variety of enjoyable ways angel receive monetary bonus at the answer incorrect,
great thanks retrospect we should have you sign a waver before hand it over sharp objects.

[43:44] No

[43:51] Try this on for size french chance
i wanted to start a for turn it with letters that gorillaz look like three pitchforks what name should i use el alfa eighty eight chikai or side,
i don't know,
eight am i am not right,
is the twenty third letter of the greek alphabet it looks like a little pitchfork little try that.

[44:34] Ok i was right there i think it's your last question,
when i tried warm fuzzy cellars
what are you allowed to artificially warm your balls for me balls before the round n round
you can warm your balls whatever you want not warm your balls weirdo.
How we do,
fair this certainly sounds like good advice i am wrong not right,
play i play galaxy quest shake shack
so i believe our final score there was
add set for round one temperature final score their was john with a negative one thousand one hundred lee,
what day two thousand three hundred.

[45:43] I want to leave i want lee one.
How well that work but we will find out in supposed yeah yeah yeahs hey portal audio little bit i think.
Awesome also wait because we said let us know how you think about it but also questions send us your emails.
Send us your phone calls john dee remember phone number one three three two one zero.
Turn that's just wrong.
Take eight one three three one three three two one zero eight four the little things that shows up at the bottom i do.
Add email is fifty days at midnight dot com.
Unique be there always try to forget i don't know why.

[46:55] Yeah so let's see if you enjoy this this piece again back into the groove hopefully they'll be in the next day or two.
After this one posted and again from find the links all this.
Goodness over it the unique qi dot com.

[47:22] End put pusha t together only can i hate to say put fifty days of dragon in google it pops up to which was a little scary that's cool.

[47:34] No
I mean i don't know that we got a lot of dragon construction today but they are we set the tone for the rest of all of these.
Sorry so strong start starts come up i'm hoping that we will have some of the senior folks on.
And more official answers to some of your questions if you have some questions lee point not necessarily but that we can try and find the information for you please do let us know.
Especially if there's also department from,
i did last year for me but other people set it was very helpful so if there's a department like to talk to lettuce now that would be great or anything like that.
What about minnesota still rolling stones i mean there is a bridge.

[48:38] Would you mentioned computer email breaks sarah vaughan and.
Steven renee mendez times john's really sorry.

[48:54] Again again only in florida.

[49:04] We do what we do.

[49:07] So until next time when informative maybe it's not who knows maybe were talking about fisher the next time fish.

[49:16] Music.

[49:28] So until next time.

[49:33] Music.

[49:47] Production of the unit one three three two one zero.
That one three three two one zero eight eight four female dot com fifty days of the unique dot com.

[50:05] Unique on facebook twitter this podcast is distributed under a creative commons attribution commercial share license.

[50:14] Music.