Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 3 - You'Re New Here Aren'T You?

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Create because you're dufus no better even better i just remember this didn't start recording just now and then we have you started again know that you have it again.
Ok hold on there we go.

[0:18] Music.

[0:32] No the first one
on your face.

[0:50] Music.

[1:02] Yes two another fifty days during come the podcast it's always in honest.

[1:12] Which one is always from her sanctum santorum.
Hey portal great it's like the only the second third time we take because,
john forgot to push the little button well i mean technically recording the video version of this is it was too live somewhere.
Thing over here and we're still alive on wherever place you play netflix.
Can you what's the last time i should be my mothman and here's my cute little baby yoda and here's little dragon friends.

[1:57] I need a today i have toys
no john john put that on the soundboard
hey portal who is suppose pigmentation delete is always being attention i have no idea what you think it was never been john john
it's dragon you know what they were just announcements.
No not today but do that some point announcement so we got some on the sixteenth border,
voices from build games we have a band,
mark simon is the godfather of storyboards and he did stranger things storyboards and that had to be really freaking cool and then we also have married winchester coming from supernatural,
that's pretty awesome.

[3:01] When we got some scientist people and more bands and jennie wesley is coming too i just saw
andis announce as a today which means they signed all the paperwork and send everything in but.
Invite were tapping this on a think about the forty seven day before dragon con and changes happens so what's that,
what is also one i got very very very excited about,
is that we have social media media coordinator from this city institute which is bout you i'm so excited,
is interesting because you always forever this person is coming for silence but i'm also gonna wanna talk to him about lake city.
How is buddy called.

[4:03] What kind of this coming up with the ufo stuff this name trace adkins thing for you paranormal track.
Will take play xjk normal again olympics what does more paranormal linkin park yeah i know yes indeed.
I know,
airplane that's actually cool i mean not so great about trying to find out all the time is you start and then,
end the science about setting how do they do it and how to they set it up what does it mean when they say they are doing it this way that way and then we can bring it on extract and then talk about
so how would you actually know if it's an unidentified flying.
Add jack score it extra terrestrial intelligence which is what the eta stand for in,
set a some people don't so and talk about lake so would you put it out,
social media coordinator if you do think it's extra-terrestrial or independence day.

[5:21] Forward number one number two thing and they just gonna i don't know
john the other thing i did you don't know it was such a picture i am because i'm fifty one and,
i fifty together repeat fifty which is crazy rich is what if i crazy.
It's a cold is a police the amigo please call david fifty.

[5:54] There is name name of an album to go on ok thank you explain twenty minutes late for five years ago.
What is the meaning is it is a two days before birthday.

[6:15] Vegan but also ok show john i am at fifty one in new york fifty we decided for this second.
Part of my life,
i'm gonna need stuff i'm gonna new stuff and so i can see,
i went and got a helix piercing would you love me.
But its better now end every year i also i don't know what is because i can't really see what i get a big.
What are my hair little walk on my hair.
I do this actually off but make sure i get it very purple for dragon con because it awesome so i just you know it so cool to be able to do new stuff and.
We just talked we got somebody from steady coming something new and you know,
would a lot of return yes we talked about that before we got new people new guests news new everything and we also probably are gonna have some new attendees.

[7:35] Yeah.
Do you think i am i want minutes from now on sunday but new people needed stuff john.
Do you have an idea what they can talk to.
Turn the packers 's overboard anyways see u later looking at the door.

[8:00] Shut up portal.
hey portable seven b,
play kevin listen to some point will get better after five always wonder how circle make it back to the middle
i want to well this time about the new thang cause i started think about the new ting when i hit my ears that's right
ok kevin how are you how did kongos virtual treat you and how has
twenty twenty three twenty twenty three hopefully how are you doing.
Not now not the virtual event last year we have some fun we don't have any choice obviously with what was going on in the world so great female fables.

[9:15] How to make some things happened in oklahoma time,
i would i love you fandom love right behind you on wynonna earp is when your favorite shows i see that all the time when you are
turn on twitter that's really cool so good canals
whatever daniel skye so i mean just because people their right now.

[9:50] Yes we did role model number twenty twenty one pilots party official con.
Never distribution on the channel summer of madonna for the different tracks as you know track to the content song professional for years and years
have a blast song is fun yeah it's always fun people.
Can i think i was really surprised he was very very nervous about doing them digitally i was very nervous about danheim on facebook live cause we did a couple i think you did a couple
please don't break please don't break please don't let my internet break please don't break please don't break and so that was really good and nobody has seen a cat but yet
on anything i have recorded mostly because captain live me yeah.
I have a serious question where would we be your house.

[11:01] You went their john i was gonna leave it on slow jams going on a daily pay attention atlanta other things to prince keep shutting down,
yoga there i don't have a dog suit light jump in the screen anymore so that is really cool hello.
We have people like your saying hi people portugal a lift so mi so kevin tell us if somebody is a new.
End this is the first year they were so excited about come last year in the world their membership over,
i wanna come for the first time this year how did they find what's going on how do how do you find out as a new what to do.

[11:47] No what's the best way to do you know any new years i mean the most amazing things in the world but it's also a lot to take it with thirty plus programming cracks and events around the clock.
Yeah it's a lot so you know what we do at the nubes group that i'm a punk we have a facebook group call dragon newbies,
are something started about ten years ago myself actually back in twenty eleven hit 'em up podcasters have been from any years like a boy attending conan,
can i am always talking the con and foxes asking question so i just said i'm gonna create a group and wild child going that way on i only have dancer those questions blunts and you can learn from there you go
right that was twenty eleven with the handful of people in pissing of snowfall kiss somebody folks want to learn find out if.
When the sun now up to.

[12:41] Five thousand plus members of the group ten years ladder song the other things i like about i'm sorry i didn't mean.
Not only newbies with find the group that first year what a lot of those newbies hang around and stay in the group to help other new bees as they learn little bit because we all say no one knows everything about you.
It's a great way to learn something from a bunch of people who are interested in helping out.
Is it always wonderful and it's a great group of actually seen it on the dragon con official unofficial pages where somebody all say i have a question about,
the first year ann people give him information and that one in that part but then
always be somebody goes hey there is a facebook group so important i mean,
we are you talking about in the first episode about watching the website and watching facebook and things like that with dragon.
Add a group like this also is wonderful.
Set that is right now as a new group one of the things you do as you said is on the facebook page how do you decide what.

[13:56] Is it moderated hurry decide who answers what great things as with all things dragon con has anyone who spend.
Fuck yourself volunteer it happens because of so many other people,
i'm in the new bae group is the same way ever since we got things kinda kicked off myself on the other admins tim mcgraw soul kitchen weather michael falkner,
keep it on the group yeah is the group crown me bad as a moderator so yeah we between us probably close to tanner fifteen people that are overseeing the posts making should we keep things on topic.
All questions and repeat all questions welcome to the country designed is the new big rube yes we probably heard many of these questions hundred times over the years doesn't matter their new to you,
i can't it's not you so we want to try to be here to give me some information and also sometimes its not just an answer to a question.
It's done looking for feedback on hey i'm interested in xyz you know where my be the best place to learn about that in this song folks who go more you know for the.

[15:04] Fan panels some more for the guest some more for the parties some come for the events so this a whole cross-section so you can find out what's good for you we all get a chuckle i think even all of us here.
Podcast but even in the group when someone says i need to know just the few items that are absolute must see,
set a couple flowers and toya ready here we go so you know it depends what's important to you so that's why i just like a lot of things that kansas the community aspect we know the group has been.

[15:36] Run around lotto great info the arena.
Where unofficial like a lot of resources like you folks a lot of other things and the conway's very wonderful back in twenty fourteen to reach out to us.
Do offer us room space to be able to walking tours in on the thursday of conan and duke dumont panels.
So you only do the walking tours on the thursday i'm sorry john.
No thursday yeah that's so we do in nsync,
the first day of conan moving target movies to wednesday right now there still thursday
add anna to mainly because it's just too crazy and crowder by friday to be able to do a walking toiletry to point out locations to a small group of people in their thousands of them around.
Which the hotels in area at this point their just thursday the exact times like a lot of things with this year,
moving target so stay tuned just a little bit no way it's done early afternoon stroll lazy afternoon to available folks command hundreds of oak show up we got.

[16:45] Just amazing volunteers the detour guys i think the first year is so mad five or six thirty or forty of them helping out from the room asking
can old congo is join the newbie group
mentors is such absolutely we have served of the track directors out of focus from the con many folks and their like myself running you open going for
five ten fifteen twenty years in their everyone is welcome absolutely this is incorrect it's thirty-fifth year this year.

[17:19] Which still just kinda hits me like wow.
So thats comical but yeah no metro shit i think it's always great to have it's always forever
add bread walking tour possible so maybe he will figure out what hotels or what
what i bought it i just thinking needs to get a tattoo so many years,
i still don't know where everything is again i don't remember if i don't remember who was if it was if it was,
regina or who but that the only watching over is marriott is in the middle,
m from now i remember because the end of it also i don't know if i saw eric's question earlier but the hamilton polka not talking to eric right now eric will be on my list
eric arty on there so congratulations has not and erick and daughter both on the list,
no kevin that's the other thing you just brought up about and will talk about the app because wonderful absolutely cause i got maps john john maps in the app.

[18:42] Yes hold on let me see if it's update,
play ticking look at the last one but they are home so i was trying about the things like that and you spend you know what should i really go to because i have a first timer who is coming this year
when my son just like what you like you know i don't know where the drums circles are my son found the raven at.
Fourteen it was a two am i had i was like there's a rain,
who is light year and there's like four thirty it doesn't end until like six am so what ever been ever been one thing that says.
This is across the board fifty percent of us which is all you ever gonna get really think you should do bomb.

[19:37] Are there to know the answers no i mean the parade of sir sly up there the specials once you know weather first year early on it's just such a special event two so you know that will be one that gets a lot of otherwise it is very,
read out because of the different nature of the activities account.
Add nfl's great to see it's just too because i learn stuff too original ten years and i'm still figuring some stuff out too so there new,
any new things that are coming up all the time their possibly some tracks there a possibility some new always knew panels areas in new comic book men,
which of a lot of phantoms now which is really cool this is the renaissance of psych thank you something something.

[20:29] On it was really bad i thought it was gonna be about,
square coming out of welkame but it was actually a serious man today was very upset but there's actually.
The octopus volcano it in.
So ok sorry giving up truck yeah people you don't have to go and be in the room,
but always watching the masquerade it'll be replayed you don't have to be right by your tv on sunday when it goes on but it's always a great when they see us costume,
a lot of boston understand to if they had maybe experience at smaller conor one of their city.
No when you end and you know when you have the app or the days of spring osuna you look down there,
you know what is the time slot you might be thirty different things going on how can you possibly do the mall and that's where like you said love the idea of kerching some of the recordings or other events,
right yeah
end there always somebody just said it's like choose your own adventure actually very true this piece from this track from here party.

[21:57] I often look at things and there's like the free for all look at stuff and i'm not gonna be able to do anything is about i mean but,
this is this and then the stars align in this patterns but
i have time i just because,
can walker
that and that's what the one that comes up cuz you know for lion king yolanda run around all five hotels to see something come sunday afternoon in a join some of the parties it comes down to ok what's the closest thing to hear the mavericks name
does someone have been at nine of those thirty-five a little slower pace but that's right yeah
alert also said you do a cuban you have a room to do a cuban
on thursdays how's that normally again
replay the only way is up to the tours are on thursday afternoon be done like a cuban panel early thursday evening friday morning
the names watch a lot of brooks don't come into thursday night friday morning so stupid you know the folks i mentioned earlier myself and smaller folks their.

[23:24] Very much do you know what you wanna know what's the interest to you and i'll try to send them off and getting going on some stuff that helps them get more on a car.
What album a part of this community is welcome,
i still remember that i said that story too i still remember that my very first time icon two thousand five walking into the highest.
Can i go to next to the front of the hill it's the
explain marriott hilton story i was a little lost and still remember a couple of people can tell i had the new beat
gianni balls like what am i gonna do and they would like you looking for and i think this event just like most people in the group.

[24:17] No most expensive king of pain forward for all people have been so open in wilmington help over the years i think to be around on thursday early.
Add saturday can earliest am because you have people that are working downtown on thursday and friday that have this kind of.
Why is there a seven foot rabbit,
ok everybody see in the seventh it's not harvey why is there seven foot rabbit walked in food court it feat also because,
what's opening football weekend so it's always because.

[25:14] Did i really just see what it is.
Do you know who i thought it was yes but i can check what you talk to john powell you talk to kevin and ask him a couple questions so we also understand that you have some duties this year.
You got even step further and become official as a volunteer what are you doing this year.
Yes i'm now this instant track director for call malcolm in the urban fantasy track,
yes can't get enough can you open attending pro doing newby stuff just a chance do we have some looking forward to yes being official on that aspect of it.
Listen the first time i cannot be doing that so many years have just been doing stuff i love it being a part of it,
play get like me talk about panels and the things you help out directors in general synopsis more facial.
So what what made by major go decide to to make that leap to beneficial pointer being official assistant director.

[26:33] What happened friends with carol for many years of down many panels burbank fantasy tennis to be a lot of the stuff i really enjoy lots so we become good friends and knox fortune was there when her second was no longer,
available do that and we talked about it like all things can i love trying new things so this will be my first time at king canada.

[26:55] From that side of a chance to see some more on some things that we have another chance to snow it's fun,
will also part actually yes there is college football in atlanta is the kickoff two thousand twenty one and there's a game saturday at,
thirty pm which is the alabama crimson tide vs the miami hurricanes and then
thanks to play a second game monday at eight pm which is the louisville cardinals vs the mississippi rebels,
so that mercedes benz stadium which is downtown so.
Not that part of which is always great and we often good or impastor years their boston been a lot of people who are having like their in the same hotels and their like will can we buy a day pass for lake.
Today and tomorrow will you go down the street to the shirt,
add an earlier ahead mentioned we have time to look at the video yesterday wanna.
Confirm it's not this but.
According to zayn membership caps are gonna happen was announced at the june twenty sixth town hall meeting.

[28:19] Pass go on sale august first,
so it's possible the cab so we might might not even have the ability to do,
right now so so i can i haven't can i have a hundred percent confirm that should play the video for that answer that i will we will look at that later and confirm.
End of course probably have some senior folks on it so i have seen articles details.

[28:50] I said there is a track directors meeting on sunday information will be given an it also volunteer meetings so information is given then the website,
is it gonna be updated great time to look for the latest and greatest and we will shine but always remember
we are anastacia here fifty days when we share information,
sometimes reginald lee you got that wrong and then will come back in will updated the notebook really
hey add water people yeah the directors sometimes don't have all the information because everything,
add a normal normal world dragon time is in flux in these times that we currently live in.
No it's all over the place i do everything about.

[29:59] Create a list,
play love the crazy looks it's always see who still dont know about the con that are walking around it's always fun because.
I used to work downtown and people will be like those people those people in those jeans,
yes that is my sound family that is my family reunion it's always interesting and so there's that
the other thing but i was trying to bring this up if he said there's always new thangs cabin things.
I in twenty twenty i got barry into movies were the bad guys lose,
i mean like badly lose i wanted them to be miserable so aliens.

[30:56] I want to do that franchise because the movie play the hunger games like really into.

[31:08] Play bad guys losing ninety nine ninety nine point nine plus two i want them to be like flashback i wanted allen richman,
calling from nahko to omi tower embarrassment and terrible terrible losing that's what i wanted so.

[31:30] Rock rogers advices go to a panel universe talk to go to so kevin,
you have something else behind years be talked about i'm so excited about you being with you urban,
that's great in carol and bedroom so awesome you guys have so many phantoms you're so awesome to all of you know i'm like right so this is urban fan this is urban fantasy this is,
hello there you go never really good split.
Play you also have something behind you kevin about wynonna earp which is one of your favorite shows and u2 podcasts so what other podcast.

[32:14] Yeah much like dragon i've been podcasting also since two thousand five i just found a great way to,
no what's like to coin find other passion people covering tv shows kina become my nigga over the years i have to podcast covering.
No all of the different news there but also i'm done specific ones that you said behind my winona help is the current one,
open doing the last several years i do podcast for buffy the vampire slayer,
warrior not again somebody urban fantasy stuff for your love.
What birthdays what the title would be john is one of those rabbit hole take a look at the tribute do a google on the trailer and so it goes the warrior or broadcast or netflix.
how well this one is it is very nice
amen protagonist sci fi three things to come together,
and then you get recommendations like warrior no i also gotta another one for.

[33:35] Current zahn which corazon which was in spanish.
So yeah
i also i love the thing about the podcasting two is because of you said you gotta find you loves and i was loved hearing people i'm walking by going this podcast podcast facebook group
here's where were talking on reddit i mean it's just it's.

[34:06] Is amazing the sinner how interconnected we are without that so that's really good
set a fire kind of ducktales off on the comments we shared here about going to a panel might not of thought of going to medium initially when you look for schedule one of the great things that folks again their new don't realize,
is up a new notice from first experience league.
Will you go into one of these panel rooms this isn't like a san diego where folks a room setting for hours and could care less about what's going on they can't that panel because they are interested in itself.
You got some instant friends you know you lit peanut the outgoing type now here in that room for the topic of whatever is being covered so their body else you can start a conversation have a great debate.

[34:51] See what else my come up see what they recommend like it was saying earlier that's using are some of the great loves commas you like a this person also like save that recommend be which leads to see.
And also your searching to schedule to see if it's been covered akon this year trying to figure out where warrior nine am where's the merchandise and i'm still upset that i can't get lana cat who is gonna,
to me anymore from saga,
yeah i think that is really good i think it's also you're talking about there's main programming and then there's track
programming and main programming again people be attending ago and they go into a hall eight and they are there,
all day long for the panel that will be at seven pm driving time we logged out,
any normal year that's the plan i would.

[35:46] Anticipate that show still be the plan this year because that way you know it people aren't saving seeds their not here not
kevin i think that's great because all of the sun will come in the people who only
turn experiences cc ok so who are these people waiting for
oh no no don't call carpool you know two thousand five hundred album that are in the main ballroom at the marriott and hyatt
do you think about today's hold almost thats so very very big kinda weird
set yeah that's always fun to what have you what fandom did you not,
will you not looking for and then all the sudden found at dragon con.

[36:48] Show my goodness what day is a bonus tracks is the digital media for foxes or podcasters and vendors and some other stuff and hang around some how to panels and that.
Has led learning so much more than this can use for somebody events that i do and the other folks look too recommendations i mean it just comes up.
Sometimes mean a waiting in line to get into a panel about something in australia conversation.
So it's just great to hear the passion sometimes for a show i'm only slightly interested in on my go to panel cause i want to hear people who are passion talk about it to see what maybe i the missing something here it's a different perspective,
i know it's a lot of great discussion really love the dragon panel's.
No folks are looking to sharon idea perspective but it's not an argument it's not folks trying to create.

[37:38] Just force for the psycho female listen to passion talk about it idea and respect everybody else opinion on it.
No drama llama which was you're talking about,
most of the time all the time that's when you gonna have that more,
kinda usually dot people talking at you,
add dragon con there gonna start a panel they gonna talk about some stuff and then there going to.
Do it will go organically from there i think it's great,
sometimes leads to people telling you that the only way should watch the show dark
what is on netflix is in german like i don't speak german i don't care should learn it can watch it yeah
can you have to yeah.

[38:50] Play love control because it's so many passion people a lot of just as you know will wander around much more comfortable hear that i might be to corpus con you know we had a panel a few years ago and in
kelly's track american sci fi about the show killjoys.
No that was the year that santa mcdonough who does the voice of lucy the ship was a cast she's not him the back of the room during the panel.
I'm just listened what's going on happen to be one of folks so leading the panel i saw i didn't call around raining at one point question came out and she started asking a question,
most people are didn't know was hurt so they will i agree with a company is coming from it's just.
That's the kind of stuff you don't plan it just happens the con said the panels some folk snow.
Show crowe i used to host close sci-fi drive in theater the the bad movie night we can panels about those movies we did want about five years ago,
will be throughout the audience to come up mino the sharktopus the giant this movies was it completely crazy is title you can think of.

[39:52] Focus came up a some of the best stop really wish we had a recording cuz folks were just fallin' out their chairs myself include laughing.
Add telling you just happened to cozz.
I wish so excited about this octopus volcano and then what i actually watched it i was broke my heart
we have taught us and sharknado all of these so yeah,
awesome awesome sometimes or just something really awesome about really terrible movies and i love them dearly,
if you have to be a lot of very very old hippie for jr jr to be free tv commercials boy oh boy bad.
Forties fifties sixties.
Where's the the blood would be high or compared to a question for you.

[41:01] What is not really questions get got three fifteen season of supernatural hope there's someone.
Love again loving you said i'll be the first in line for supernatural so there you go.
It's it's gonna be a better soon there will be panels for supernatural,
but not seen some guests announce out ambient roy orbison gas pedal i can't speak for carol she still working on the schedules but i'm.
Supernatural cornerstone a star is born discussion el general pandora for me to sit in the hall chat with people around you know seven pm at some point just but not in the middle in the middle.
Walkway don't stop dancing no shopping and i love her interfering with the traffic now please let traffic moving forward do they have guns ans roses off now.
I'm gonna tell you this early on in this and kevin hart thank you agree anything john gives as advice.
He didn't know where the concert was for ten years.
This a lot of people surprise me not alone kim twice no i in team twice.

[42:25] Actually do not make it in america right.

[42:30] Search john when the app updated in late august you can find them.
Give me an update.
You got you should at this point of night because you're old i think if you say something like that you have to chuck a gallon of water so you'll be up and down.

[42:58] He doesn't like that idea as you can say so style.
No i swear to god.
Time to bluetooth time opportunity john to figure out where i can move around john wick because we have to go to the.
Volunteer sweet for a minute and you were with me and i'm not working no don't will talk about later honey honey,
what is just take a photo right right also look at what look at the hat john has on.

[43:50] Jim is truly outrageous john is huge jumpman.
The actually not just breathing the passion shows that i never heard of people who just live for them and then next part of fun asking people about sex.
Find your.

[44:17] Yes he has a christmas ornament.
Play say that all the sun i'll be walking around.
Forty year old adults talking with seventeen year old and their talking about their favorite my little pony and this is a serious disco people are making fun of each other serious discussion and,
It's pinkie pie start a party gun so ok.
We're gonna play little game here as well as normally do we decided trying corporate jack box game so kevin have a little streaming device or something next year,
john im in atlanta and it is all the sudden.
Gotten amazingly dark and windy and i just thunder and lightning so i'm just,
add me a bunny am i just let you know that i'm gone it's not because i'm trying to get out of
what is there a little bit.
Does that mean in a chat i'll send you a good jack back start tv.

[45:46] Next channel senior year lanco watching.
You can go ahead and also join join the audience by going to chat.

[45:56] Music.

[46:08] Angie sias looking closely at the stainless because john gave it to us right here so.

[46:16] Music.

[46:35] How do you spell welcome to another bout you the game where we learn fun facts about each other for example i got it a voice over work.

[46:49] Three players i think i found the jack chrissy and janet to my mr fairley and anyone else who wants to get in can be in the audience
audience members try to spot the truth and choose their own lives difficult the players my set it.
It works gonna be you device

[47:30] Check your device and answer that question.

[47:33] Music.

[47:58] Oops i meant turnstile the household chore this player would pay cold hard cash to avoid blank tapes your life is now.

[48:13] Music.

[48:28] Will roberto tapia think about me kevin answers question give me some more information about where i can find more information on the movies.

[48:37] Sure if you on facebook to search for dragon nubes or no facebook dot com slash.
Reagan kongos is all one word go to drink on tv taking out the trash.
Washing the cat or dishes.
End this is supposed to be alive right will pick in the trip now ok.

[49:07] Music.

[49:22] No wrong with us that's my life yes watching the cat was my life.

[49:31] This is right back can i see what you true yes i don't even know why though dishes.
No listen up this name would be blank ok.
Delete we in our lives give me some information on where people can go to find out more dragon.
The best place to go is dragon con dot or dragon dot org on the front page you can find out information about updates.
And it also has places where the guests are announced of processor and out bans things like that,
so that's the best place ever look.

[50:31] Hey bot the timer finish quick ok go find the truth so pro wrestler name would be the mighty b eliminator short slammer or cardiac attack.

[50:49] Music.

[50:54] Alright let's see what you guys picked short slammer was a kevin's but that's right.
Which was my pic is the truth small should be mighty
that's sweet got it from don't know how thousand points but yeah.
Where's the question number one blank.

[51:33] Music.

[51:44] I think roxette said that the thing is the consequence at the bottom of the escalate from the lobby.
Mute the current pull smoking area right answer the question information service.
Ok find the truth ok is john's number one money-saving tip to walk instead of drive not.
Sharing netflix passwords i think that might misspelled tomorrow there or buy a new pool.

[52:19] Music.

[52:32] Nobody selected kevin's live was walking stead of dry the audience contact sharing netflix.
No spell straight on yes you did i tell you.

[52:54] No we all know a little bit more about everybody i'd like to for me.
Hey portal open for me everybody is your life.

[53:18] Music.

[53:25] I can't entertainment type so enjoy this music should i get a kick off of youtube.

[53:34] Music.

[54:11] This is better music than yesterday so remember
it's dragon con dragon contact or also remember that you have questions.
Add john will be putting up the phone number that you can call to leave voicemail questions also do you remember our email is.
Days at the unique gifts dot com again that is five days at,
unique always word dot com.
And we do get those emails actually respond facebook page you can find us.

[55:00] Easy to do facebook look for fifty days of dragon cohen.
Who is the hey portal i was talking to the wrong thing you back to go out all done.
This player i messed up.

[55:23] Which statement kevin's true i'm listening on imdb i love the ocean.
Which one is true by actually happened know which one is for here i think.
I know exactly why too any explain the minute.

[55:42] Is that is listed on imdb why are you listening imdb kevin firefly documentary.
True about lee i'm terrified spiders we are about to be minneapolis parents.

[56:05] I do not know what that mean that i should know what.
Cancel what's pause you have a baby as your old amazon
john you want this one spider man three lights.
Thank you alright so what is man like me i don't know that.
Take me home thank you ok so john we're done with this now
dude ok so kevin one more time where's the new bee gees and where could people find anything about your podcasting too.
How short give me.

[57:11] The newest stuff if you could go to a dragon con nubes dot org of got a simple webpage linked a lot of the stuff on facebook search for dragon con nubes.
Lower the dragon facebook dot com slash groups slash dragon podcasting stuff tv dot com,
turning into sci-fi tv.
Hey portal i'm watching latin kind of our so i will say again the best way to get john and i is email at fifty days at the unique dot com.
Enjoy what's the phone number of people wanna call and hopefully you remember to listen to the messages up
play something else on my phone ignore them because i know it's coming from nothing wrong people but it's whatever the command line is a one three three two one,

[58:20] Tag or eight one three three two one zero eight eight four because no one really has those letters on the phone number for their phone doesn't,
i actually have it on my phone apps i love it.
Number one yourself really.

[58:44] I don't wanna telephone i like you a lot well technically what i was just talking about this with my wife which is the.
I actually device able to transfer my phone number basically to google.
Create a phone available device that's it in my inside of the network that route all the calls.
To a regular phone so i have a regular phone because we want everyone frozen house it's still technically landline number play actually actually goes to regular old old-style phones.
But it's actually coming through google when you call it actually goes to google in the bedroom.
I'm t-mobile and i will do this close to my phone and,
hey portal downstairs no one of my deepak it's my keypad it's no good anything that fun it's better this way
online that one three three two one again a one three two zero eight four.
If you watching the video strolling across the bottom also email us at fifty days at the unique dot com.

[1:00:06] It's on the screen right five zero eight y,
create qi dot unique,
dot com i missed the so much last year i meant yourself.
Alright connie's back,
what is only the second one.

[1:00:50] What we have the first one up on david yeah from last year,
and bilal silver one.
It's always difficult every year it's always difficult but this year.
Maybe little bit more and people are kind of pushing it off so that they kind of the head all the information they need is the point outside eighteen days there is a director's meeting that we will get some more information.
Bring bowie can to you at the time and hopefully glasgow have some more directors speaker.

[1:01:36] Play kevin hart.
Are we still playing.
I hope you support recording portal little the sound board babes in the button.

[1:02:05] Trulia i actually think.

[1:02:14] Never broke you know what i'm doing i do too.

[1:02:24] Remind her dress up yes we did.
I just a reminder we are still alive just a so that we know so let's get off this way up until next time.

[1:02:41] Hey portal this is john saying piece.

[1:02:53] This was a production of the unique command line one three three two one zero two u g.
That one three three two one zero eight eight four female dot com fifty days of the unit dot com.
Unique on facebook twitter this podcast is distributed creative commons attribution noncommercial share.

[1:03:20] Music.

[1:03:35] Right yeah bye.

[1:03:49] No.