Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 5 - Newly New News

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No the first one,
yes on your face.

[0:33] Music.

[0:52] Hey portal end join this always is the highly cafe one in the with the purple.
i don't know what i'm not highly caffeinated because i don't yeah i only do very early and only little bit i'm not allowed.
What are my water by del water gap munny right with my class kb stuff i couldn't it.
Which basically just means it's kinda like cool but this one is pineapple it so good so i can do it by the bottle.

[1:38] Instead of bunnicula singles which articles expensive.
Whittle absolutely adore.

[1:51] Yes that sponsorship and i will now do the collide thanks and you put us either on facebook live or something else,
yes of course is we're going every time now no you said we were doing that today i just said that a minute ago no fifty.
How are you doing so working all day.
Yes that's flip my hair is in the ponytail i should not move my next quick no better but john i'm showing more of my fandom crap,
no hey jude working for the weekend or or not understand what i'm ready for the everybody cancel for the weekend.
Go home for the weekend.

[2:52] Play what i'm doing the hell is working on i love you too,
whoever you are who are you compass somebody i'm so i do still love coffee,
i do you still love tea and i drink tea but i have to drink in the morning and very little bit and yeah,
and the cramps exactly is the point water makes me happy,
i can put hazelnut creamer in it so these are things i got i don't even remember where but they're going to be.

[3:38] Lights ahead or dark side yeah right.

[3:46] This is a game with these actually really interesting because they're open a tiny bit like so you could actually like crossfire,
if you wanted to cut you know.
Set a vassy loved the last jedi and then there people that are wrong because that's everything.
I have these never open them i never will open them my son's lake y do you care about fruity flavors home and this one right there come it never do this right,
they have taylor rence helmet storm trooper helmet and then fruity flavored light side ones going back this way,
add a little,
the pretty things the goonies so thats more of my family crap i'm gonna show news,
how much bandhan craft is ride around me a lot of days,
hey portal what are we talking about,
no neither do i have it why did you go.

[5:15] Use my disco more european crafts.

[5:22] Set yourself can you do things that are so problem nice to see you.
Yes call his name of august ninth smarties from canada.
How long will my friends from canada i think we should stay in love birthday were the smarties from canada ok so let's see what you jam.

[5:54] Deadpool.
No alexa stop over that what's the neon colored thing that neon trees everyone has a question doctor strange.
What is it like am it's a not neon but it's black light like when does black lips self control.
Awesome excited timer who's listening audio version sorry and black light because,
add hot topic.

[6:39] Forecast today i saw some really cool mandarin regina was ringing yesterday at the director's meeting mandala leggings.
I might have to go to make hot topics website,
speaking a before we get to the hell yeah right we have,
would it actually did open up the the the command line to see if we have anything there we have to do to listen before,
no pictures working because i don't know if anything works anymore after it's been sitting here dormant for year alright.

[7:33] I can't hear a word john wick just kiddin it.
Yeah i'm hearing it over on this side but it's alright side so so why are we talking to the thing.
Yes i'm not sure anything problem you don't know we never get like really juicy dirty things like that.
No we don't get any inside information and john is a.

[8:14] Well year old and i'm being generous at his entertainer sometimes but so we don't get inside information.
I'm stopping so there will be there vinta town hall there was one about two three weeks go and there's gonna be another one and it's gonna be on seven eight you wanna know about it you join the dragon con.
anything little princess that's why did that i would have done that weather we were people can see its or not but dragon,
facebook page and they will be putting it out then it'll be on facebook live in it's awesome more information.
So beyond there if you really want to hear some stuff and that's gonna be cool will be seven eight.

[9:09] Play there can be only one play can't be saved must be at seven eight seven yes.
What day will figure out there's a town hall join facebook crap down.
Please do the timer.
Probably ok so i will take that but if you wanna know about the town hall and the most up to date information directly from dragon join the dragon con,
important this is official facebook group so you will get that information,
i think a lot of people know this that the five days memberships are out yesterday more information about.
Everything else is there gonna be whatever other numbers and dates you gotta check the website on that i will say there they did reiterate their is gonna be a reduce cat attendance.

[10:17] I don't know whether i said there is gonna be that's all good and gone,
because it would be the question somebody actually they said we're not gonna take it.
It's on seven,
i can't seven twenty two yeah there we go why didn't seven eight seven twenty two later this week's weather this week,
that's what i was like seven eighteen make any sense seven twenty two thank you.

[11:00] Contact kirby tame impala kirby thank you thank you can't kirby seven twenty two,
the only way to get information and get the link is on everything is a dragon official page so there's that
but do you listen to that cuz that's good and the prior townhall is available for listening and my understanding is there's a transcript you gotta not fight for you,
try to stay off facebook a lot now because sometimes i get frustrated rated john do you push it on social media,
yes i avoided the accept for.

[11:38] Check to make sure this stuff is working in lee is pretty good about by the way getting it on the facebook group for amos lee from a the likely italy.
I do think that i have a question steve have a cat,
ok steve your asking ahead of schedule just wait a second see that house smarty those canadians rose is compel.
Who is around servant x service so there is going there are gonna be more chill memberships,
we are gonna be virtual memberships gonna be ten dollars bones for members and non-members and this shows user,
stop not gonna see maybe at the contractually and stuff like that.
Hello other vids or or panels at my event recorded earlier so i got that was one other thing ok so.

[12:43] What's the first rule the dragon con as well known is it's the panel hat.

[12:50] Pandora has a started until it started in your sittin' mary and hardy watching.
I think about dragon con is to be patient talk about this before every person you talk to.
Are volunteers everybody accept for a very few people that work the dragon con office.
Show everybody is a volunteer be patient ok this is gonna be a new year.
In order as i said because the show wants to keep you safe.
They're gonna be new flow there's gonna be new face usage there's gonna be so.
Just understand that might mean that there are,
do you tables somewhere over there are fewer concourse concerts,
are there are beware chairs in a truck right now might have that so just be prepared i don't know what it's gonna be anybody's decided that yet.
Be prepared mvp station and remember everybody wants everybody to be there and we just want you to be safe and keep everybody they're having fun.
How's it be patient you know john you know that twenty twenty.

[14:16] I did notice this is left the whole thing.
What can tell you i haven't no make up on because he said we were not going,
no i know now i know to at least powder my nose so it's not shining.
Don't to derek get back here but be patient but i said twenty twenty was a weirdo.
In twenty twenty one is just kind of starting to get a little more regular with the hotels.

[14:59] The airport if you're doing that patient with everybody you see because you know what a lot of people are new a lot of people that were at the hotel are gonna be new because,
everything went boom.

[15:15] Had enough hotels greatly they were taken people for a while greatly reduce staffing,
people moved on the different jobs people moves different areas of the country or two another country
but there's all of that so just be prepared and just be prepared things are gonna.
Show me these hotels specially the march have had generations done i am really curious to see if the ugly carpet at the marriott with those brown streets and lies delete.
Doesn't look good so.
Everybody wants to have fun nobody's trying to rain on your parade i promise promises promises and so,
steve aoki batdance question did you ever quick robin s madu to common was working,
i'll say it because we try to be a girl but don't be a clown come out the people who are cleaning your room,
yes please.

[16:42] Add other question was just released bear hands fedex john i'm sure he has.

[16:51] I need to see everybody knows that.
Customer service includes making sure customers safe so.
Turn off he has a medical.
Resume the cannot get back to which is why her name no that's not it it's not pretty sure carport is not on there,
i want to see the first person who put a i'm back,
button or sticker on fedex john i can't wait that will be awesome take a picture.
Buy a cookie heart heart is the moody called a voice mail we had her that i did not get,
is this line show longstreet unique this want to say it's fifty days by any new world ending pandemic open on this fifty,
refresh the podcast waiting for your new country.

[17:58] No not sure who that was that was but can't you just see this person when it's fifty days.
Refresh it no it's not the way,
was that announced at the directory all you wanted right now so you can wake up cuz you're man and i know what happens old man when the drink water at night you drink water,
right will i freaking talk about it charity,
add john the charity is big brothers big sisters of atlanta and yeah we got to me
somebody there is a name live taylor yesterday all of it i got a nice ass hang out we are already talk to the lovely charity direct,
who is already ready for us organize set up a time and have her and tera on,
there we go the big brothers big sisters and what is she said that you think,
they are defenders potential that's really big deal for them because.
Take a great numbers which is ninety eight percent of all of their.

[19:16] Littles which is what they called little boys and girls their little ninety eight percent album finish high school ninety eight percent of one don't have a juvenile record,
stay out of juvenile records anything on their own and also program that helps with,
ensuring they get into the can do things for college applications and things like that so amazing thing and they call themselves she said,
call them the defenders of anna wise and i actually circle that.
What is baby are we are we should all be defending the potential this year and think of it as in cap shield but instead of a star in the middle it's a big.
And then all of the circles are green to black.

[20:12] Just like that on that so that's good will still be matching a hundred percent and.
Play r still looking at the possibility of getting a code that you can i can't come or not gonna be able to come or just.
Can't you don't wanna do it this year,
you're so gonna be able to get to the charity we get that last year and the rose working on because somebody,
do we really want to touch dollar bills and put him in a can dragon con is working on away to touch bless donate.

[20:57] We're gonna hold let's go back cross fingers and toes if you can do that it will get there
yes that's what they gonna try to do that people want to touch list and it will be able to do it that sounds awesome so what but yes,
big brothers big sisters of atlanta.
Sending the potential of the children atlanta so that's great things that i can share it wasn't really.

[21:29] It's just its all gonna be awesome do we know anything more about the virtual self.

[21:40] No
is there gonna be main programming things on the virtual side there also going to be some spices on the virtual self,
ok go and so if somebody is not coming to dragon con you can buy the virtual membership in the virtual memberships right now.
Are there i would have to check on the rocks if roxas asking if if they are donations are tax deductible.
Add i will actually we can actually ask that to a charity director beat
forward we records we don't put on the spot with the other it through,
turn it down and caviar is not the hundred percent two hundred thousand set up to a hundred thousand so.
Restart there what look let's just think of it this way and this is how i think about it.

[22:42] Let's just say that only.
No matter how many people are there just divided by a hundred thousand and that's what you should give and if you can't pay it forward paper a second person,
no just figure out your head why are sitting their first panel the first big room your life ok,
i'm gonna get from this room we're at this level of attendence could you know you have a pretty good idea usually after year,
how many people are there.
Answer just think about it and i know people are already asked and this is official this was two thousand eighteen show eighty-five.
End so again there just like a dollar in a quarter would over the hundred thousand for a person so if you decide,
understand sometimes.
Enough you know you really glad that two thousand nineteen memberships got to be real over because again twenty twenty was a trifling.

[23:56] Yeah garden netflix,
add netflix on amazon any other streaming services when i talk to john about sponsoring we will make sure we got it right that's just me,
i barely remember what the guide besides john cause he wrote it down.
And i can also tell you cause i have it up cuz star wars military sci fi.
Gaming both video game for star wars and manus.
Cancel recording time so yeah that's gonna be awesome looking for,
i also somebody today i was looking at facebook today.
End the other really really bright lights i'm in it turn my brightness down cause i as you can tell john is telling me i'm gonna have to play the game again today.

[25:22] I saw them on their with lights for masks for cosplay i mean i wouldn't be a man agents of shield nas,
which is really cool i also have a big booty mask which is really cool and have a dragon con mariachi carpet mask,
so i'll be probably just rotation three those and maybe i don't know maybe,
i don't know who knows where i got a name my husband has an asshole masks he's so excited.
That is not mean that mask are being required by dragon that,
this person did really cool mask with glitter.
And was letting people know about.

[26:16] That's it so they are there is a no control dragon station on that.

[26:25] Add remember,
you'll be on the side and as soon as it's public we will share,
yes please play shuffle alexa which way if anybody's going to dragon con.
That's sugar sugar that should patient black and nice nice,
don't be that guy that girl hold on john i'm trying to get box i know that you want me to do you in this moment wait a minute,
let's listen there.

[27:06] Start the the open door now if anybody wants to join the game will join the game audio but leave to be able to compete you not there yet.
Play or so.

[27:28] Play where to go i'm off now mother ok.

[27:39] Should pick you up apink yes it did anybody else i'll give it a couple of minutes will we will we chat bout some more things and family wants to,
yes wants to join there's a room code right there the big and rich jack box tv dot com and the first,
up to four people will get another,
one minute them all go in the audience if you wish after yes for john you know i love procedural crime drama.
I also do not have a long.

[28:20] Never i have a very short memory and i have a very short attention span see memory and attention span very short now,
so i been watching a lot of not us procedural dramas which has like four six eight episodes during unforgotten,
which is about cold case squad in the uk.
England and it's great show and if you have a just regular on pbs right now it's just come out for season four.
Can on amazon prime watch jesus one thirty three all about four to six episodes.
Season four has just come out episode one and two are out right now and then three and four but chicago quick cuz.
Name of those dramas to their pbs pay site really quick i think they do after life less than a month after things are done so just.
And also we watched in denver during the a lot down what you watch what will you gonna.
I don't know i don't remember this point lost the game.

[29:42] Hey portal try to start it on the screen where the video anymore.

[29:48] Press start done nothing i like that.

[29:57] Buildings history simply as murder hotel.

[30:09] Hotel serious family for several generations until close.

[30:16] News the trivia murder party killer and still,
story steve leave john kennedy phillipa soo temperature.

[30:34] Who sings wake up call for billy joel,
why did you choose a song right girl trivia murder party backwoods you were beautiful magazine wars of faith bury you here,
yes amazon woman is a word ok we gonna be forever,
what is saying or it's like you got more,
use your device to answer the question
i have no idea ok duncan ginger rogers martha graham or anastasia lova lova feat
hey portal play rock,
who got the horses isadora,
follow me the correct answer the door duncan did you get it right now,
i love you can cousin wishes magic props inside the box to hard.

[31:57] When does was yesterday trick shows they're safe cards insides perfect injury but don't worry it goes out so myself jenny and steve are all of on the murder chopping block.

[32:14] Yes so i will waiting room demo show one of those shows on cbs now yes
just getting better you gonna sort through.
I guess magic and bird stabbing.
I cheese steak and steve actually i kill myself.
Yes mcdonald.
Hey portal jennie roxanne young justice game.

[33:14] So israel,
extra dark or energy for her.

[33:35] Right.
No not right,
welcome twenty-seven,
hey portal hundred dollars dollars,
what did you just say what's on facebook.

[34:22] Music.

[34:30] Ok wait i only.
Hey portal open field.
What is the spectre war that's because of jersey shore.
What's your number one.
Yes and abir say hi and dubai.

[35:33] Any word on the progress report will go out this year problem progress.
No is afraid,
i have no idea no wrong,
goodbye that's how you got it play a star is born
lady gaga judy garland barbra streisand our life a milli
yes so according to sarah
there will be a warm place yesterday,
for this one sometimes classic.
Hey portal reports and pellek pick your poison.

[36:51] Let's see.
No what you told you so jenny and fela kuti in france right now.
This is why i love this game so people get poisoned has been killed by poison.
How many times feat opia forward eleanor i'm still ok.

[37:36] Jenny z one oh five right now.

[37:52] Right aguilar sort fight cannonball for the ritual story never said no effect the jenny is still alive.
Hey portal music sophie simmons ivory tower whole wide world.
Call of us got it wrong i did not realize what's forever for the age of the understatement which people strange clouds feat lil wayne crap red sox,
play the question a storm is the classic another weekend of wolves,
i gotta twenty five percent.
Will i think is the title of the book i can't figure out why would i have,
yes rod stewart autrey,
what's your espn typing.
What are the vegetables to anyone matches you you died.

[39:17] What are the vegetables family original band vegetable juice.

[39:25] So jenny is left alive right now world trying to kill her this point it doesn't matter why.
No what's see if there any matches.

[39:44] I'm super song rich boy blue shades,
hey portal celebrate the restless with tomatoes carrots onions one of them beats.
Hey portal,
add new category cool song of storms category.
No no we'll do we try it.
Number four one one space for each correct answer well you wouldn't know closer to be exit if you got any of those right.
Volume here it goes again your life force escape and when the game has everyone's next question ketchup to you,
states with panhandle new jersey michigan and florida georgia.

[41:04] Stop saying it again.

[41:33] Open watching airplanes add roadrunner instead of six.
I don't play overwhelmed i don't played since original release so i only know one of these the other weather.
Ok portal right.
Hey portal what's letters most common english letters l. t. d.

[42:23] Stop.

[42:26] The first one three so still living here,
hey portal power tower to tower of jericho the willis tower or mountain in mount hood.
I don't know.
No jamie scott,
not old man the invaders and nose died keep that's right i'm not sure.
Black mirror episodes not mending batters noises call rob steve.
Crags underground for chronos reggae.

[43:51] Did this when you play call please turn off.
Jennifer georgia,

[44:40] Music.

[44:49] What was the other one after currently what was it,
correct that's what i got more right anyway.
So that was fun,
that we should bedtime no we do not wish to play as it was really fun playing alright i like that let's do that again,
restart the cam we start again later.
Alright i hope you guys have some fun trivia she was the only one that was correct i have to go back to do i don't read about it is so so anxious to track.
Help the door.
What am i trying to do i'm trying to do something i'm looking at the dragon confessional twitter i have no idea what's been on there because i said kind of try my best day away,
from that right now because sometimes you know what i found out john.

[45:58] I'm sexy and i know it you are sexy and you're wide noise,
i also can't find my tweet caster icon that's just prologue there.
Ok talking john just for will heard the demented ok so for anybody that's anybody that's listening in would like to see the video it's gonna be over on the facebook page put it in the,
i'd like to add the posts as well over it unique dot com,
it's over again it's over on the facebook official official unique,
facebook page as well as over on the uniques,
youtube channel which you know really does never get used accept use this year i'm gonna so very big name names dropped just,
four minutes ago this is on twitter.

[46:58] Add dragon christopher cross equinox twenty one tweet billy piper ok,
set doctor who guests dr seuss right now and ninety doctor which is very cool.
Add still looking so says i call in color common line at eight one three three two one zero eight four or three two one eight one three two one.
Zero thug if you wanted or email us at fifty days at the unique dot com that's five zero days at the unique dot com the unique dot com.
Please play dragonaut put out two hours ago three hours ago i don't very confused but actually sorry,
hold on books ok rolling because i just looked at dragon con i did not look at.
Dragon con which is there official tweet line and there's conversation so i am looking at.

[48:22] I just don't know much for dragon con if you search for dragonette anybody have a map dragon on.
No and also dragons said that reason they are not.
Giving the number of significantly reduced number is.
What is a significantly reduced another way i think that's about the parade thing hold on hold on.
Every correct answer i don't believe in love remastered.

[49:08] Set name of any more gently well john show us something finish that they don't know you have it.

[49:19] Go back.

[49:24] Ok this is about this this is about the five day memberships.
Ok yes you have to jump but ok now that people can't hear john and he can't hear me away.
I have that has it doesn't.

[49:45] What's the weather what's the thing is people are saying can't you tell us how many five day memberships are sold and the answer it is a significant but.
It is not being stated because it is the request of public health officials and our government park.
Partner i am having serious problem finding what you said that they said on saturday.
On sunday,
i honestly do not see something that says yes parade,
so i can i mean we can what will you tell you like normally do we are not official dragon channels,
nope certainly the the dragon twitter is,
facebook so those two places you could go look they might have an insta insta,
call so yeah yeah do you remember.

[51:12] Go on eight one and buy one cuz when you're gone there so.
That's no yes.

[51:37] Oh wait sarah did ok dragon come out on the,
they have received their parade for dragon con twenty twenty one from the city of atlanta changes will be coming,
will be on abc in atlanta i didn't know the so down here.
Ok so yeah so i think it's so wonderful.
I think we the people probably so annoying.
Jenny turbo killer come my way out the door forever people.
Still there until next time.

[52:36] For lee and all of our friends at play liar game player game with us today this is john next time.
This was a production of the unique command line one three three two one zero zero.
That one three three two one zero eight eight four female dot com fifty days of the unit dot com.
Unique on facebook twitter this podcast is distributed creative commons attribution noncommercial share license.

[53:16] Music.