Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 7 - Attention On Deck

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No the first one,
yes on your face.

[0:33] Music.

[0:50] Hey.
Hey add fifty days of the podcast.
End sometimes not even early well known see the least try to anyway always is always,
great i'm great are you know what i got some a long sleeve drunk on your love,
where is my dragon concerts this is the hoodie the lightweight fifty which i will tell you is lightweight it's on in the merchandise store it's white and if i have wear something white.
I promise you it will get something on it urgent like right in the middle.
Add my jazz to my ears beyond the break color and i can't hide so tied up purple watching we were having.
Audio promise even build in ten minute buffer their can i still wanna go into it's over isn't it part time the way it is all going on leave also trying to be.

[2:10] Set volume diplomatic about this thing diplomatic about this so we listen
what is extremely helpful why is that i can be helpful,
yes so anyway so anyway some things things news update please.
Update twelve plus one townhall is tomorrow seven twenty two on facebook live,
join the dragon con parentheses vishal and noodles show up and you can watch their just like you you're watching this year from facebook
and also that it was out on twitter so thank you very much
because i don't know what the brady bunch anybody yet.

[3:03] The parade if you have dragon con again look for the dragon parade and join up there,
all of the info is gonna be there i'm sure you gonna get a lot info tomorrow seven twenty two on facebook live during the town hall join,
the dragon parade you'll get that info again,
because maybe somebody can't listen more it for the record the audio version of live,
probably any missed call watch the replay.

[3:41] Create a problem because it was tomorrow as we record this but then see what happens if i twenty-two is.
The town there's some shit the police box are we going to somewhere in the future bowie talking about the past.
Because of who was the future it's time.

[4:05] Ok so again my shirt is on the dragonstone.
Where is getting more specific shirt your shirt is not my how much does it cost to buy lee's shirt.
Well we can talk about it for charity and my husband is laughing so i don't know why but i think it's about the cat headphones on he can't hear john this shirt the dragon concert in white not least.
Is until one organize am there is a dragon con thirty five anniversary varsity ragland.
Search not repeat kickin shit.

[4:50] Set my sister play cookie it's like the softball shirts and their.
Add if you want love for thirty fifty years better going get it now because there's merchandise because we're gonna have
attendance this year and all of that one you want some of this month,
also this is been said and more information would have been in the townhall or an upcoming townhall depending on when you listening to this,
play wine is when single day memberships will go on sale,
really really only can come one day of the con you really really wanna be there on eight one two the actual dragon con site in order to be able to,
make sure you get chores a membership for a wednesday membership.

[5:50] John is outside the sounds good really around by their theyre which mccullough seven day membership right so,
by the dream seven days now i know that was really not yet.
Also have a new gas like a rock mind your something hold on a second no we don't have the rock,
remind because i just said john actually doesn't matter.
Replay somewhere with you ok listening to me,
don't listen to him because you just heard the bands voice don't listen to him when he says remember we are the unofficial.
Fifty blank pages we're not so he says not,
does not anything enough was jerry coming in and saying it was six days again don't listen to him,
so it five days membership and doing that by john also said every time we were gonna be on i was gonna show.
Ok just listening on the podcast,
play action figures in atlanta ever comes again.

[7:19] Because i do love me some military sci-fi john do you like military time,
yes on spotify what is that cover what's my son by covers don't know i don't know everything so,
college i mean is there a backstage or something on cancel the doors yes come here.
Friend karen and james directors of military sci-fi m s.

[8:00] Hey cortona into the room and cst john store command
set waiting for you calling for company.
Except show military side by side military what is that.
What is it in what is it military set five media not just military.
It's whatever you want it to be no actually it is not very syfy media,
it was name switch to destiny's child little bit from the larger properties
which are frequently i'm cooking together military sci fi little truck gonna goes with that if you talking military sci-fi media were talking about tv shows movies things of that nature
end just cuddle bug quick rundown list on i'm gonna hit you with him real quick,
start a belle margaux of babylon five farscape firefly andromeda but rogers starship troopers pandora
the orville moon bay eight in those two
remember that you might not over before pandora and movies eight those were just added this year as properties.

[9:28] Where are those two part of those pandora's on the cw cw and mumbai is timer.
Yes so it's a it's gotta.

[9:48] What's his name is it all the old what does not movies that guy with the other guys that's also another movies.
No i'm talking about nope.
Yes the purple teeth what is sort of a comedy but not tonight,
there's something called imdb school trying to do that feat wrong wrong wrong,
armistead here's to the farmer the guy who is always in wilfred movies.
Is buddy talladega right,
can you look up now and also we will talk about have at the con with some of our new show introductions
turn camera.

[10:58] Anyway ok so that's fifteen jeremy camp we went that was awesome,
but also everybody always ask
what big name gets this year we know that you're so far so far,
there's never any final count of gas until tuesday after dragon con,
can you know so far we actually have a total of five guest of name
add blues gas a particular show that we have an actually had for a while it's been a minute since we really had a chance to revisit this particular property with media guests twenty seventeen was our last week
battlestar galactica so we got some big ps gfy
start up with god michael truckee who plays sam anders james kalusukovalani guys baltazar by favorite cult leader
or call figuratively very much
what's in store for another time jamie bieber's polo but she can't have him without his daddy so we have every james almost and mary mcdonald's we have the spirits.

[12:25] Roslyn and adema stand for big sean guests is that were resign,
exactly exactly what i mean i don't know if i will say big special guests so i can't verify the saint.
Special i want your way of my please please please restart please do not six separation minimum podcast
what's that is one of the edition point-to-point don't smell the guests,
start small against start snowing sorry i'm just like don't smell the guess don't still together i love it because you have,
are things going on because you guys kingdom god merge with some other stuff but the first thing you were was the stargate track.
Yes right and you brought somethings from the stargate track over so,
what are you doing that was always like a big deal for the stargate track this year and is now in msnbc.

[13:33] Big deal thing so we did i bring over the interactive episode panel that we do.
Convert mst three k experience with one of the episodes of a show.
I'm not set just being stargate shows it's expanded to other shows that we could not pull in their some.
Barfly shows we've done that one five so it's expanded a lot since merged with the other properties that we represent.
Set course the biggest thing is probably.

[14:08] Play dynasty davis from world charity auction and still on sundays.
Ok now same time same place work come on ok so memorial charity auction which has been operating in various form since two thousand.
Is mostly two thousand nine is held each year it's been a couple different places but its far as i'm awards gonna be where was last time we were there which would be in the highest,
in hanover cdt,
where they were doing i'm options charity options stuff but that's always been u one of our favorite events of its kind of like the capital of the whole weekend
because we have other events leading up to that but that's the big one on sunday afternoon we have to go special guests sometimes dropping in we have all different kinds of items that are from aller different properties that people have donated or leave source from somewhere so that we can donate all of,
dragon charity this year which is
big brother big sister of metro atlanta i love this dirty option because you're option dog.

[15:29] Michael jackson pants and my understanding is that what for an amazing amount of money so loud.
I just say michael jackson's pants world war two.
We also options off call me gillian welch his mouth,
well kisses from home again leon ok i was like the options series,
interesting at the option sometimes probably probably less mouth this time but definitely lots of charity define lots of fun.
Yes awesome god christopher judge's last t shirts that show as well.
Set microphone spirit crusher judges shirt and his makeup sponge from when the last time he he made up is steel.
Please start specific charity options to ocean alley that's really awesome but also.
What if you are thinking along the clothing lines i mean you know we are signifies wells military i'm just saying.

[16:43] I'm not i'm not going to.
Set up aso again this sunday and thursday wednesday
maybe play thursday monday thursday.
That's my understanding no ok actually on thursday as.

[17:14] First day yesterday on thursday r first big event after we,
set up going to be the one meet and greet mixer and that's kind of something we started doing up please be aware their maybe a casual cat but
play once in a while mixer is,
set a chance for people to come together hangout you can wear a one did not required but it's really love fun and we.

[17:50] Replay games we chat we talk about some of the shows we get to know each other because a lot of aso gonna be in the same room
with each other,
for sometime yoko's you let people kind of tennis shoes are phantom tracks that they stay in most of the weeknd and so you might find a life long friend is also mad passionate farscape fan
find someone else to is totally into firefly and yo yo them for the rest of the weekend
so we got all different kinds of things but at the once party can kind of people hang out we had a massive cardboard
jigga like human size cardboard jigga giantess
card games just also different stuff some music i'm just hanging out something easy to start off the conrad people.

[18:44] Just a slowly starting akon which is probably get idea yourself yourself a little bit seven,
yes seven on thursday and start it.
Add beware that will be in your track ring correct living room which is located in the marvelous for this
share of solitude that is house western so free to come on over the way we were in chastain
end basically arbitrator actually faces out on to peachtree street so when we are in the track room we can actually see the parade starts turn them pass by from my front window,
play that's what's up.
Set a today's dance just if it gets approved we think its approved but if you wanna wear you to the track eighties.
Formal hawkins dance party we would you don't dance clothes where i want to be thursday night and sunday night.
James webber ridin'.

[20:00] Show friday night is big event that we in here it from actually the weeknd track we got firefly and that's the can't stop the signal dance.
So i have some music some fun i believe it's currently a lot of fun actually i love is currently still set for the beat street ballroom in the lesson which is on the eighth floor.
Add technically we're actually on the sixth floor in the world the promise the first level up do you come in off the street from peak street.
So that is on friday and that starts at ten returning again this year.
Help me spending it up for baths fifty four hours.

[20:53] Set the timer.
Turn off iheart two thousands for so bad feat metalcore yeah now,
one black boy and then there's one that matches character colors it's really cool everybody but you average annual together,
are we have a question we have a question from the from the the fox for chatting over here that's my shit are there any clues about the big items for the option this year.
We should have a lot of information yet about the big items are still working on sourcing some things at the moment
things always forever ride of level of purchase so if you don't have the big giant high dollar high roller books that's ok you can come and get some hard to find
add so we don't have those available yet but we made it up i'm testing some of those at some point on facebook when we get a little bit closer weekly sure that
i wanted the things that i know that we got this we have some items from babylon five their kinda difficult define james smith.

[22:15] Are we currently have a the majority of the babylon five novels that are in the series together.
Working on getting the last two books to finish that the maine big series out.
Does rza hard to find and the used go for a lot of money individually online but where can i get the entire set for you.

[22:40] Set that's just a little previous some things are working on and.

[22:46] Keep it updated on the the facebook group wants to yet have some more info.
Can i do anything want thing about this great option to is mimi i don't know how many books were in the series.
The guys remember no the one oh seven five zrz last book for is like that series have a book from trilogy and a book from different reality.
Set a timer for two as the options starter pack
repeat off so there's two three series of jungle you could be by two,
because they're selling of two pac and then you give the one you already got back next year because fans are.

[23:39] Create we have fancy very very supportive i'm leave pad fancy you have donated stargate items that were signed by
multiple cast members and,
they purchased them the item in the name donated back into the auction so that you could be bond by someone else next year so i mean that's
that's kind of amazing and itzy instagram opportunity for
people to have a chance that something they might not have been able to and yet the fan can also donate a little extra that way so we have some really great supporter fans,
it's really wonderful holiday come together to try to contribute for our charitable efforts with dragon con and of course dragon con we're always trying to get to that match dragon has a hundred thousand dollars up two hundred thousand dollars match
any contributions to the charity during the con and so we want to push that on hello we want to see how much weekend
add to that and how much we can then double efforts.

[24:41] Yes i think that option was won the reasons they had to update from a fifty thousand dollars match one hundred dollars.
Like money yeah yeah power bitch.
Big sisters and defend wait was it.

[25:03] Oh john just happened defending birthday definition central defenders of the earth potential that's actually,
comment in there in the group that was a body bill who mentioned that.

[25:23] He has a child is a kid was actually uhm part of big brothers big sisters so.
That's awesome cry cry cry yeah so so you.
Have a blessed like things like the orville another try in the past original version star trek are gonna see it reef break.
No see that track see the panel come back again or.
Restart working on a few things i'm not sure for gonna have it exactly that four four we do still have plenty of panels where we have items up for debate we have some ethics panels that were working on too with your kind of fun,
I don't know if i can say this the title week call it but basically implicit the prime directive is a little and,
yeah so we're gonna kind of be touching on some of those elements will get into that that conversation it is well,
that i will say was a the conversation we had i guess it was not last year but the year prior.

[26:37] Yes a screenshot things that break cause you got me to watch the orville and it is now one of my favorite shows,
every watched three times now.
Really is a good time i just really season three before we can tell them talk about it
i have yet bound one.
Starfleet captain that has a broken the prom directive at least once season yeah.

[27:26] Yeah they the the whole ordeal things like a hole.
Play stargate is basically all about violating every inches the prime directive.
Is there a primarily for strike back contacts restart going through the gate and send more dishes.

[27:51] Yeah yeah yeah so what other fan panels mike we see this year that i know i know you're you're scheduled set up you're gonna have it ready tomorrow,
is there along with the app but.
Take a break.
Add something other ones that will definitely making our year parents are some of the things that we really like to support like for instance are,
ms fm military sci-fi writers and creators panel we want to have outfox who are you working
but all we are going to be a king bring that it that point we have we have original creators within the military
send out,
we also have some other things like what.

[29:07] The measure how it happens after ten because that is how the metropolis do that will be the madlib panel,
i don't know if we were explain to yelle about the madlib panel before.
Sometimes it's more like fight club first world mad libs panel we don't talk about badlands panel the second rule is actually don't feel bad lip spanish madlib panel stays
pretty much so what we do we take some scripts from shows we carefully delete
words such as mike change the interpretation of the lines from those sections of script and then we ask the audience two blind instead of the verve person
up some kind which is why we have to do this after ten pm then we put that into the script we have lives players
meridian series.

[30:27] Yeah,
i guess it again why is after dark yes and also i'm the one who the words into the script so i have
what's everyone's the wild it up we have what we call the table too for nominal
if you were the table to you were,
very creative creative in your output for suggestions.
So we can know that's right shorty and scott hamilton so
is the table to group have to wear gags is got also why ten pm panel because there's no more from you know not for little bit you're too,
right now.

[31:29] Will we just want to make sure everybody understand that it's a lot of fun and that we all just kind of lit young.
We relax that panama is that spice we keep it but it actually is gonna be taking place after our trivia night,
or is it gonna be the next night i have to check we have we have no somewhere
are we have to move a few panels around but it will be the holy during one of the late night section so that we can make sure everybody is appropriately understanding how have that part works but we have plenty of actual
track hunted that is during the day is well what we usually start off with doing at the beginning is are,
introduction panel we have opening panel where we introduce ourselves and we go ahead and
is there will be about who we are different properties that's the chance that kinda sheryl system the events for the weekend
and hozier something that we do to just kiddin kick things off then we also have some.

[32:43] You can you give me the list again please.
Hey took my little the list i know right and then we also have a,
close for cleaning petals let's talk about those who quick yes let's talk about every track is gonna have these folks.
That's actually one those things that we have currently set for four o'clock will be our downtown so we can have everything now divided it's a storm natural warning section for content in afternoon section for concerts
so it works out forest that way other things are working on,
hey family feud style game which will be family appropriate just to be clear,
add kicks versus grunts panel what should be a lot of fun where we kind of go into the,
enable conflicts in shows between the military aspects military leaders and the moses village,
asparagus and especially the puppy heavy discussion about stargate during that time for one so that's gonna be one of the things that we talk about.

[34:05] What was that going on with religion allergy plans on instant in military sci fi we have.
The adversity representation msnbc panel one that were working on kind of right now further military.
Set up just a little bit of everything,
i got some but i'm a good good cause we're not talking about that who's your who's your number three power couple.

[34:39] Number one number two i have to count back down.

[34:47] That's hard case i hope.

[34:52] James day of your favorite in ikea up at the moment that would be captain dillon hunt and rami from andromeda.
Abate third most favorite of mine.

[35:09] I mean iowa a carnival with the whole sam carter and jacksonville thing because honestly their not my top,
are there some others the our kind of love that says delain in sheridan get together,
turn on,
you're talking about you didn't get drunk but also charity tribute used to,
we don't want to know that's actually gonna be one of our events first saturday we have a games and crafts nights portion where you that's a little bit more family audience focus
set the everybody can come on and have a good time of do some stuff recent money's
when we also after that have a trivia section of which is a team trivia styles or pub trivia style where
what teams you can bring your own group fourteen or you can kind of assembly your own avengers on site depending on highway to do it we have a donation,
suggested that point for the charity and we have wrapped around the trivia everybody eats seeds what they can do try to win the and then we have prizes for those who are competing.

[36:28] Yes hey portal prices are always fun.
Chances are harder way no surprises is the hershey park the pressure always fun
remind me about to get better than hershey bar very possibly maybe help now
no more money for those almonds man wow.

[36:59] Turn off all in almonds have nots man's don't because sometimes i feel like it sometimes you just,
go alright so take it.
What have we missed where where can people find more information on your track.
Couple things if your looking for us online one of the place we can find a sitter james msnbc track.

[37:33] Which better add msnbc track.
Now if you looking for us on facebook you can find this add military sci fi media at symbol having can we also have a page
the group is the symbol the page's just a dragon,
it is a join us circular group just so we can make sure everything stays on topic but also means we don't
will we have a very low instances of anything like spammer anything everything stays nice and focus on contents members like to sharon contribute we have posted about podcasts be five podcast,
events happening with stargate people who are working on things in the background,
so also different formation and of course its one of the main areas that we disseminate information about the con is it comes up,
i am i suppose invite to our meeting so that meeting specifically never gonna be doing that way everybody keep in touch.

[38:41] That's nice after conde
keep entire set active discussions going on around this year will also have a presence felt discord working on getting that set back up
no that was kind of
locate the little bit after the con but that will be heading back up too so we have that going on before the conjuring the conners well so everybody can be,
communicate their also in the group,
find somewhere you'll be able to talk to as we around and yes we have another,
tomorrow name but linus and lucy on the back of the chair,
right said that right yes correct.
Yes ok we play a game with able to work.

[39:45] Add jack box this year so we have been able to allow some of our,
number to join so tied up the thing to join but first of course we need to leave hardy make sure that.
Karen and james gang chance to get in before we opened up and see a coat tonight.

[40:14] Ok i'm curious arcadian james playing together or separate i don't know.
I feel like crazy host level decision.

[40:30] Do you did not like we don't have ur phone right the saturdays time to remind everybody about,
Ways to contact us which is a fifty days at the unique dot com center emails there as anti-semitism information,
earlier about the parade of which way appreciate getting that information and we used earlier and we will you some more than information and future podcast as well and.
Still have a person,
also you can call her common live at e's when three three two one zero.
Or eight four fuel don't want to spell talk.

[41:21] Also just like that take a second if i couldn't say hi to some of the people i recognize place in our comments area internal.
Are you able to see barbara and stephen and magic mirrors two.
Do you remember if we things up on facebook watch me all the time because the facebook,
please filter to come out there most common to be answer by me
please feel free to do so john are you not joining in i was going to moderate the answers in the event of thursday problem.
What the script there's always dirtwire was really said that makes me a little nervous john.
Both of you well.

[42:15] Add someone said they do someone has some action items for you so awesome,
i say open the room now or are you too but i don't want to do in there.
Will get the moment brown leave able i think to do one that's why i'm here is the room.
The room code is ry x j john how do i get.
Start the game.
Will it set a thunder name waiting for a few more folks in the meantime some music.

[43:04] Music.

[43:11] I will give me that makes me nervous because that when he says he's gonna have to moderat answers it's a little worried.
No two more spots and will see if they filled with the next major not they're gonna move move along.
What's the outside to read for this one two after read for those still sing the audio version really.

[43:33] Things to do right away is not music not sound like.
Carousel from hell o phone by way of the addams family kind of lil yachty yeah.

[43:50] Ok and then ten nine.
Eight seven six five four.
Turn play start again.

[44:13] I hear the audience can also still join as an audience cover is whiplash three,
i'm schmidt and please make sure you take all your jokes out with you at the end of the game,
if you didn't make it rain get yourself into the audience enter the room code and vote vote vote round one,
i'm gonna flash two proms on your device type something in genius that will stand up against another players response then everyone vote for their fave and one of you will get an eagle boost,
who is our awarded based on the percentage people who went for your answer so make a call,
i wonder doing that got idiot seconds right answer elton the volume down here a little bit of them concentrate.

[45:10] Some other things i do want to mention is far things coming up for our podcast as we said we're gonna try to get around thirty or so podcast this season.
Can you notice there was a.
Something happened i'm not sure what happened last year and still corners going on now and who knows it's gonna happen tomorrow so so that's that's who we are we got married will be reporting with the the gaming folks,
play that against lisa jacobs,
no erase my neighbor.

[45:58] So

[46:14] Today answers are the inside in the gaping.

[46:23] I'm not sure which one yeah i don't like that is outside we have.
Pause way to go to the stargate one answer is roller skates it's real pick your favorite or backwards.
Because way to go to the stargate with roller skates or backwards.
Add roller skates winds rollerskates windows lose lose answer.
The hbo version of farscape the future more more cat but for sexy muppets.
Hbo version of farscape for future split,
you can have both damn mutually exclusive,
no that disney owns properties the fox properties the orville universe will be crossing over into the black universe the finding nemo dori universe or the mickey mouse universe.

[47:43] Casino beach now.

[47:51] University crossing over into finding dory.
Finding dory when you leave.
Ok what's next crazy the orville is more like blank then star trek.
So track the orville more life star trek in star trek.
I guess or more like freddie and startrek.
I would like to point out for those are there watching that was actually let's keep it guests.
Set star trek one.
What monsters purple heart full house cass full house cass queens.

[49:02] Open day takeout uncle jesse first baby.

[49:08] Try a folk pop this album after first round.
The winners are the leaders are she's mine.
Msnbc will twenty five hundred points and then some other people that i couldn't see the forecast next week.
I don't know there any crazier everything but whatever ok you got your device is out and will take photos here we listen to some music
lee isaac want to point out the dark off is very convincing.
And still about it.

[49:57] Music.

[50:05] Hey portal let me know.
How many times running now.

[50:17] Well we wait moderation take a moment to regret your choices.

[50:25] And toys on sunday actually no i still if i got to this moment.
Alright coming up now nine thousand more or less tender profile.
Always looking in the eyes never not listen i'm actually over nine thousand two.
Tinder profiles for hala nine thousand always looking in the eyes never not listen i'm actually overnight thousand twenty five.

[51:11] You annette andy audience vote because i'm actually over nine thousand.

[51:20] Hey portal military sci fi cosplay no when is asking for is sexy alien or zombie bari.
Military sci fi cosplay no one is asking for sexy alien or zombie loan bari.

[51:43] End zombie night bari wins with the audien supreme boi as well that's the power family the proud family congratulations by the family one.

[51:51] My congratulations name the one name of a wine produced at a silent winery.

[52:01] It's red eye or toaster wine red eye or toaster one.
No red eye windsor and audien superbowl that i miss the name.
Name of the official beer of the rivers dressing like your father or viral load suspect this is the one that no name of the official beer of the rivers,
is dressing like your father or viral load chances toaster wine is box wine.
Yes that was completely and utterly the one i was trying to get listening more letters why has before they die.
Buffering ninety nine percent or zero one zero zero.

[53:07] No i'm not calling twista.
Guests put nine point nine percent when that one.
Yeah name of the cocktail that kaleo fried would totally make strawberry milk for arsenal efectivo.

[53:37] Learn strawberry milk work arson i have the doctors kiss is my.
How was the safety of the safe one that's what i said christmas,
where we at and round two is history let's see how i'll be waiting what time is it still winning.
End the power family group december round n round to end all around you apply that needs three separate responses easy stuff.

[54:27] Music.

[54:53] Ok so three features of the buck rogers film directed by zack snyder.
Exploding will not tweetie explodes.
Mother named martha that's why answer the other strings beyond time,
create a zombies and no brains will,
you watch the shape of water anyways sorry i think so little bit it was a little bit.
What the jester beyond today created zombies with no brains watch this anyway.
End the winner goes to exploding woman explosions mother's name martha.
Replay jane come again three things jane cobb put on his disneyland family pack we have vera mom's hat and grenade.

[55:57] Monte mom's hat and the one is a mickey mouse for beauty shorts download sunglasses and lightsaber going jacobs.
Disneyland fanny pack.
I'm actually actually probably second set this problem.
the hacker bible loop and hair gel or toaster strudel chrome polish and your mom.

[56:37] Three things found the side of silence bed packer babel looped hair joell ortiz duster strudel chrome polish and your mom.
Alabaster twelve.
Is exactly supposed to call for twelve family gets the bonus for the audience,
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