Adding Google Accounts To Your Mac

On my Mac, the Messages app is only showing phone numbers, not contact names


I’m going to setup my Google account on my new Mac. I think that in years past people would have to use 3rd party applications to keep these in sync, but now I think that Google and macOS work together much better.

(Note: I had been exclusively a Linux desktop and Android phone user for years, switched to iPhone a short time ago, and just picked up my new Mac.)

On the Mac

  1. Hit Command-Spacebar to open Spotlight
  2. Started typing “Contacts”, and as soon as it auto-filled I hit enter to open it
  3. Selected the radio-button for Google, clicked Continue
  4. Entered my Google account email address, clicked Next
  5. Entered the password, clicked Next

The next screen is “Google – select the apps you want to use with this account:”

I’m leaving only Contacts selected. My thought was that my contacts on the Mac should provide all the information to the Messages app anyway. So I only left Contacts selected.

Clicked Done.

Results – Contacts
And now my Contacts list includes Google. When I click on the “All Google” entry underneath it I see them all. It was a very quick and easy process.

Results – Messages
And now, checking my Messages app on my Mac, all the names are filled in, it’s no longer just showing phone numbers. Great!