40 Days Of DragonCon 2010 (Day 9) – Mary: Young Adult Literature – The Unique Geek


The Unique GeekJon and Leigh sit down together again to interview another of DragonCon’s staff.

For this interview it is our pleasure to welcome Mary of the Young Adult Literature and Whedonverse tracks.

Mary is a six year staff veteran, first serving on what used to be called the Buffy Track (now Whedonverse) and then splitting her time with the Young Adult Literature track (aka the Not-Only-Twilight-And-Potter track or NOTAP for short*) as Bev’s Second; the topic of our discussion.

We learn all sorts of good stuff about Mary and the Young Adult Lit track. Not the least of which is what guests would make her squeal like a fan-girl if they ever came to Con. There is also a story about Lance Henriksen, but I’ll let you listen to find out about that.

Besides DragonCon Track Site, more info on the Young Adult Literature can be found here:
Live Journal
My Space

* Only I call it that… and I only just started now.

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  1. Natalie says

    I just wanted to say that I live in Ohio and I know about 25 different Midwesterners that go to Dragon*Con yearly, so yes, it’s definitely not all Southerners 😉 I also have friends that fly in from Oregon, Washington, and California! And on that note, I know a lot of non-West Coasters who go to SDCC every year…I think that a lot of us have been traveling to various conventions all over the country for years though, so there’s a subset of D*Cers that attend lots of other cons too.

    Though D*C is, of course, the best 😉

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  3. countessmary says

    Thanks so much for the interview. I had fun!!

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