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If you have listened to the podcasts you will know that I can never remember when my first Dragon Con was.

So, I was rooting around the site trying to clean up a few things, when I saw the old photo galleries.

The oldest documented visit to Dragon Con that I have is 2003. I contend I attended Dragon Con at least one time before that, but did not have a camera to document the experience (I hit my head on a pizza oven in 1997 – so things are always a bit foggy). In fact, the camera these photos were taken on I only owned because I got it for my 5 year work anniversary.

Anyway I thought I would share a couple if only to show how DC has grown.


This picture was taken DURING the parade. Note the available seating.

Dragon Con Parade 2003

Here’s Friday night at Dragon Con… it is 5pm, but STILL

Friday Night At The Con


And this one is only because I like it (SIMON COME TO CON!!!!)

The Guys 2003

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