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The good news is we finally have a date for the debut of Joss Wedon’s new series Dollhouse. The bad news is that is the ‘Screw-You-Joss‘ timeslot of Friday February 13 at 9pm.  This was also the timeslot that the nimrods at Fox decided to place Firefly in.

Originally, Dollhouse was scheduled to follow 24, which would have been the best lead-in they could give the show (short of following American Idol). But, the masterminds over at Fox decided instead to move Terminator: TSCC to 8pm on Fridays and to follow it with Dollhouse.

So let me get this straight, you take a series that is failing and move it to a timeslot that will probably kill it off completely. Then, you follow it with a new series that might actually have a chance if it was placed at a time when people are actually at home?  That makes no effing sense! But, I guess this is why I don’t make scheduling decisions for a major television network – I might actually use commonsense.

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  1. stormtrooper costumes says

    Man…poor Joss. He makes great shows, but they dont seem to get the attention they need to make them survive very often. Well, hopefully his fans will support his new show enough to make it last instead of completely ignoring it until its already cancelled as with Firefly.

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