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We talk a lot on the podcast about the listServ, and I encourage you to head over there and join the discussion, but what I thought I would try to do each week is hit some of the highlights from the last week on discussion group. So here is my first attempt at doing just that….

We started the week off with Ron pointing out the the ‘official’ trailer is up on YouTube

James and Ed countered by trying to claim they never liked the A-Team… This only proves that Kid Ed was the same grumpy old man as he is today.  That, or that he had a problem that the A-Team could solve but he couldn’t find them. (James, you get a pass… this time)

Cary (who was very busy on the board this week) brought this nugget to our attention:

Shag replied that  he was worried about what our kids will say about us.. Don’t worry Shag, it can’t be anything worse than what you were called in High School.

Cary also brought us this great link from Neatorama in which we learn what The Big Lebowski would have been like if The Bard had penned it.

Ed posted this little nugget which started the obligatory “I Heart (Heart) Dr. Who / Dr. Who Sucks!’  (full disclosure: I am on the hate side) back and forth between Serv and Shag.

Cary (told you he was busy) started a lawyer hate-fest with a post about this article – eventually the ThUG unofficial in-house lawyer, Ron, was called in to set everyone straight.

Ron also posted his thoughts on Kim Kardashian being sued for tweeting that the cookie diet is unhealthy in this post. For the record: the Cookie Monster disagrees – he has eaten nothing but cookies and hasn’t gained a pound in years.

Cary also did a lot of pontificating on Google and the Nexus One, which was all interesting, but I want to close this post out with a trailer that Serv brought to the table – it is full of awesome.

Be sure to head over to the discussion group for more Geek Goodness.

Until next week…

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