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Since Widge and the crazies over at Need Coffee have wrapped up their month of caffeine appreciation (great work guys); I figured that I should ride their coattails and declare April “Geek Beer Month”. Each day this month we will feature a “geek” beer (or at least a beer we will try to pass off as geek). Really it is just an excuse to drink more beer.

Holy Ale

To kick off April, in the spirit of All Fools Day we have a very special lager…

Beer: Monty Python’s Holy Grail

Bottled By: Black Sheep Brewery (North Yorkshire, England)

APV: 4.7%

What Makes It Geek?: Umm… It is Monty Freaking Python! What else do you need? Hello?

Goes Great With: Raiding French forts, slaying rabbits, gardening shrubberies, and pretzels.

When to Drink: While watching fine, fine British comedy.

  1. Wieleke says

    OMG, Like it 😀
    Where can I order :d;d;d:

  2. Wieleke says

    NO WAY

    ‘We can not ship this item outside of the United Kingdom. ‘

    I live in Holland 🙁
    Can someone send it to me?(A)

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