DragonCon Countdown (9 Days): Text Messages You Will Likely Receive While At DragonCon – The Unique Geek


i M w8N 4 an vator (I am waiting for an elevator)

chek out d brest plate on dat >:-l (Check out the breast plate on that Klingon)

OMG Vader iz doin d 8^ dance (Oh My God Vader is doing the Chicken Dance)

H4ry P073r Z0mb135 FTW (Harry Potter Zombies For the Win!)

gtg c a w00kie abt a btycl (Got to go see a Wookie about a bootycall)

ne1 c d vamp n d nkd jedi @ d hlt0n? (Anyone see the vampire and the naked Jedi at the Hilton)

hu hs r rm key? (Who has our room key?)

Michael B 100% pwnge Shag n d comic trivia contest (Michael Baily totally owned Shag in the comic trivia contest)

Im headd 2 Ntz OTR G0nz0 Sound & Vizn (I am headed to Nuts On The Road: Sound And Vision)

Serv S stalking d Alice chik agn (Serv is staling the Alice chick again)

Im stil w8N 4 an vator!!! (I am still waiting for an elevator!!!)

  1. Serv says

    Fucking Brilliant

  2. The Irredeemable Shag says

    Those were awesome! Except for Michael Bailey beating me in trivia. I mean, c’mon. Let’s be realistic here. 🙂

    The Irredeemable Shag

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