DragonCon Countdown (2 Days): 5 People Who Should Be Avoided – The Unique Geek


Jon's IdentityThe “Shares Entire Life Story With Uninterested Celebrity” Guy: Sometimes I feel bad for these guys – they are lonely and have no one to talk to… but then I see the look on the celeb’s face and I begin to feel bad for Erik Estrada and wish that Shag would just learn when to shut up.

The “Takes LARPing Too Seriously” Guy: If cons have a hell it is filled with Werewolves being played by guys named Milton and Eugene and no matter how many times you say “I am not the one eyed Celtic priest” they still keeps growling at you.

Klingons Or Gamers Anytime After Saturday Evening: Klingons average freshness shelf life is about 36 hours – they are constantly drinking, eating, and killing red shirts (and by Red Shirts I mean drinks mixed with Red Bull, Grain Alcohol, and Kool-aid.)  As far as I can tell, they never have time to bathe or sleep (and the Kling-ettes prefer it that way) so a safe distance is about 10 meters.

As far as the gamers go… you never see them in the wild so if you just stay out of the gamers room you should be fine.

The “Too Hot To Be A Geek” Girl: First, she probably thinks you are only talking to her because she is hot (which you are, of course). Second, given the way she is dressed it is very possible that she has some daddy issues and/or low self-esteem … on second thought, go ahead and give it a shot – at the very least,  will give your friends something to talk about as you crash and burn.

Wookies: ’nuff said.

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